Friday, 1 April 2011

Blimey, They’re Like Buses!

Predatory female sex offenders in jails, that is. They come along in pairs:
Eyebrows were first raised when Carrick dyed her hair, started wearing make-up and lost a significant amount of weight at the jail, which has housed serial killer Dennis Nilsen and Britain’s most notorious paedophile Sidney Cooke.
Oh, I just bet they were…
Colleagues initially thought the change in look was caused by the end of a relationship
Sort of, yes!
… but after a multi-disciplinary meeting rejected her decision to release the patient back into the community, she was left “distressed and crying”.
That was, presumably, a clue that everything wasn’t rosy…
Carrick is accused of forming an inappropriate personal relationship with the patient between February 2006 and August 2007.
She is also charged with allowing Patient B at another hospital to hold confidential information, namely drug cards, relating to other patients.
And she seems to realise she’s been caught bang (ahem!) to rights:
In a letter to the NMC investigatory committee back in August 2008, she stated she was unable to challenge the inquiry due to her physical and mental state.
Heh! Good luck with that one, love!
She said then that she would like all communication in connection with the investigation to cease.
Yeah. I'd like a lottery win. Doubt that’s going to happen, either.

Even the other warders clearly thought she was a wrong ‘un:
Peter Handy, a spokesman for Partnerships In Care, which owns and runs Stockton Hall Hospital, confirmed Jillian Carrick visited an ex-Whitemoor patient there, but the hospital considered she was visiting him as a friend and not as a therapist. “We had certain concerns about the relationship and all the visits were suitably supervised,” he said.
How do these people keep slipping through the net?

As DumbJon says in the comments to the Bulger killer case, "...even in a case where they know they're going to get public scrutiny, the rehab industry can't help but expose itself as a shambles."

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