Friday 1 December 2023

And It's Bred...!

Outrage has greeted the news that 19-year-old TikTok menace Mizzy - a father of one- will be locked up for 18 weeks in a young offenders institution with children rather than an adult prison.
The 'prankster', real name Bacari-Bronze O'Garro, has been jailed for violating court orders which ordered him 'not to upload directly or indirectly, any original video content on social media, without prior documented consent of the people in that content'.
In another ridiculous step for the so-called 'justice system' we have in this country, he qualifies for this soft treatment purely due to the age at which he committed the offence.
...speaking to MailOnline, Ernest Aduwa, Partner at Stokoe Partnership Solicitors explained that Mizzy's containment in the youth system was how the penal system was intended to operate.
He said: 'When deciding which prison a person is sent too (sic), it's not so much determined by any representations made by the defence solicitor at a time of sentence.
'Any mitigation put forward in relation to the offense committed - so any remorse, or any mitigating circumstances personally relating to that offence, and to that offender in particular.
'It won't affect what prison that offender is sent to.
'Young offenders institutions aren't any less of a prison than an adult prison - they're just separated from adults over the age of 21.'

Sure, sure, we all believe that, don't we? 

In mitigation remarks, Barrister Paul Lennon, defending O'Garro, urged the court to consider his young age and his personal circumstances.

None of which will be a surprise: 

'In terms of his family relationships, his relationship with his mother is both good and bad. He has not had any contact with his father since he was two years old.'
'His relationship with the mother of his child is difficult, but he still attempts to have as much time with his child as he can.'

Perhaps, like the well-to-do registering their young offspring for Eton, the mother should be considering which juvenile offenders institute she'd prefer the child to go to in the future?  

Gosh, How Unlucky Can One Man Be..?

A security worker who was cleared of involvement in the £26m 'Burglary of the Century' raid on Tamara Ecclestone's mansion allowed his bank accounts to be used to launder money stolen from a dementia sufferer, a court heard.
Sorin Marcovici, 56, was cleared of the heist at the socialite's 'Billionaires' Row' home in Kensington, London.

More foreign criminal. Don't we have enough of our own home-grown type? 

David Ryan, prosecuting, said:' The loser was duped into handing control of his computer to a third party. 'The money was transferred to two accounts controlled by the defendant.'


Matei Clej, defending Marcovici said: 'He is married and is of previous good character. This was a one-off offence.'
The barrister said Marcovici has been suffering from long Covid.


Passing sentence Judge Alex Gordon said:'Money laundering is an integral part of much criminality.'
But the judge accepted that a long time had passed since the offence, and that he had not committed an offence since.
'This has enabled you to demonstrate that you have not committed any offence between then and now.' He also took Marcovici's health into account.
Marcovici, of Newham, was given a sentence of 16 months suspended for two years.

I note there's no mention of being able to recover the victim's money... 

Marcovici, dubbed 'The Professor', was cleared of conspiracy to burgle by a jury in January 2021 after he denied and knowledge of the plan to carry out high value raids
He told the court: 'Never, I have ever known anything, and if I knew that something happened and felt instinctively something was wrong I would have reported it to the police, because this is my home country.'

That needs to change... 

Thursday 30 November 2023

Tweet Of The Month

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Grandad on the latest 'safety' measures proposed for older people:


Quote Of The Month

DumbJon on great form on the Tories chances with Dodgy Dave back in government: 

"There is no more ludicrous myth in British politics than the idea that it's the right of the Tory Party that hobbles the Party's election chances. For all that the squish side of the Party like to talk about electability, they sure do seem to struggle to actually get elected."

Post Of The Month

Bill Sticker samples country living, where the rush hour crowd is even more bovine and recalcitrant than London...

It'd Prove Hard To Deny, Wouldn't It?

I mean...

A pensioner is facing jail after admitting throwing red paint over the Israeli embassy on Armistice Day.
The 75-year-old was arrested outside the embassy by Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command officers after he launched a tin of paint at the building's front gate, covering himself in the process.

Even the Met Police couldn't fail with this one! 

Wednesday 29 November 2023

Well, Despite What BBC Historical Dramas Would Have Us Believe...

...I doubt there were very many of them

The findings have parallels with the Covid pandemic where, early in the crisis, it emerged Black people were four times more likely to die than white people, mainly because they had a higher risk of infection. Such disparities in mortality decreased as the pandemic wore on. “Medieval England was a diverse population and, like today, issues around people’s heritage [and] wealth have health outcomes,” said Dr Rebecca Redfern, a co-author of the research at the Museum of London.

A 'diverse population', eh? OK, I'm not great with numbers, so...what are the numbers, here? 

Writing in the journal Bioarchaeology International, Redfern and colleagues report how they analysed remains from 145 individuals buried at East Smithfield emergency plague cemetery, St Mary Graces and St Mary Spital in London.

145 out of the hundreds of thousands of plague victims, eh? And how many were black? 

Of these, 49 died from plague and 96 died from other causes.The results reveal nine plague victims appeared to be of African heritage, while 40 seemed to have white European or Asian ancestry.

Nine? Well, I might be no better than Diane Abbott at maths-related stuff, but I know a miniscule percentage when I hear one. 

Dr Onyeka Nubia, a historian at the University of Nottingham and author of Blackamoores, about Africans in Tudor England, said for some, it remains a challenge to accept that people of different ancestries and heritage were an established part of England’s past.

No, it's not a challenge at all, what's a challenge is the attempt to make it sound as if a time traveller to medieval London would find it no different to today in terms of 'cultural enrichment'. 

But, he cautioned, historical evidence must be treated objectively. “We have a responsibility to make sure that this information does not get divided between left and right in a culture war,” he added.

If there's a culture war, who was it who fired the first shot, hmm,,? 

Whose Safety Is He Conscious Of..?

This is the moment a cyclist is flung over in the air after not spotting a closed gate in front of him - the third person to do it in just eight months.
The safety-conscious rider - with a helmet on and lights on his bike - is seen heading down a hill at speed in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.
But the thick metal gate - leading to allotments - which is sometimes open, had been shut.
Because it's not that of any pedestrian who might step out in front of him, is it?

Tuesday 28 November 2023

I'm Sure These Are Aberrations...

Three police forces are investigating suspected antisemitic hate speech at four separate mosques around Britain, it was reported last night. Footage of preachers calling for Jews to be slaughtered and Israel to be destroyed has been handed to detectives at West Midlands Police, Scotland Yard and Northamptonshire Police by reporters from TalkTV.
The broadcaster reported that a preacher at the Redbridge Islamic Centre in Ilford, east London, asked his congregation in Arabic to join him in cursing the Jews and children of Israel.

I'm sure it doesn't go on in more than just these handful of mosques. Aren't you, Reader? 

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said its officers continued to make a number of enquiries after being made aware of the video but there had been no arrests.

Gosh, another surprise! Well, that's the Met for you,

West Midland and Northamptonshire police forces confirmed officers were assessing the contents of a number of videos to determine whether a criminal offence had been committed.

Oh. Police cowardice. Something else that's pretty widespread, then...