Saturday, 30 April 2016

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Lynne at 'Counting Cats...' on that Emma Thompson protest:

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Patently Rubbish on professional bodies and politics:
"The EU's involvement in the trade mark registration process has therefore been to devalue a registration and to place a new burden on trade mark owners, while raking in the cash (see my previous post). They could have helped businesses, for example by creating a central registry holding searchable details of all the marks in all the EU countries, allowing us to clear new trade marks easily, cheaply and quickly; that would have been a genuinely valuable resource (but would not have been as profitable for the EU). But instead, they just created another level of complexity for the system.
And I haven't even got onto the real minutiae of class fee structures and specification drafting - two more areas where the EU's influence has again made life more difficult for businesses.
Suffice to say that I shall be disagreeing with the assumption by my professional institutes that we should vote to stay in."

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The inimitable David Thompson finds one that just can't be topped...

But there's always May.

When Did We Become Superstitious Medieval Peasants?

As the chief constable spoke, a Labour MP called for his force to be shut down and reconfigured.
Bassetlaw MP John Mann said: “Nobody should pre-judge ongoing inquiries into the police, but whatever conclusions they reach, the credibility of the institution of South Yorkshire Police has been irreparably damaged.
“It needs a new identity and more importantly a new ethos and ethics. South Yorkshire Police should be disbanded.”
So we are demolishing  perfectly good houses because a murderer lived there, airbrushing DJs and singers out of historical documentaries because unsubstantiated allegations have been made, now this madness?

When do we start demanding no CCTV because it’s ‘stealing our souls’..?

Friday, 29 April 2016

This List Of ‘Uman Rites Is Getting Longer And Longer…

Pressure is mounting for Essex's highways boss to stand down over "arrogant" remarks he made about a streetlights petition.
What did he say? And does he not have the right to say it?
Mother-of-two Traci Beamish launched a campaign calling for the lights to be turned back on overnight after her home in Ghyllgrove, Basildon, was burgled last week.
Despite more than 2,700 people signing the petition, Mr Bass branded the bid "nonsense".
Well, that’s a little impolite. But the overreaction is…well, frankly, bonkers!
Miss Beamish, who has two disabled children, told the Echo how raiders ransacked her garage, which contained medical equipment for her son. She said the insensitive remarks made by Mr Bass rocked her faith in Essex County Council.
She added: “Our police has been cut so we have to police ourselves, but how can we do that if we can’t see at night?
“I know of many cases where people’s houses have been burgled and the police can’t help because the CCTV is too dark.
“He should make an apology to the people who care about this, and he should stand down.
“It is people’s human right to feel safe and it is our right to be listened to without being told we are talking nonsense.”
It’s your right to get up a petition. But it’s not your right to not to be told you’re talking nonsense if that’s indeed what you are doing.
Rochford Council leader Terry Cutmore believes crime is not related to poor lighting, and called on residents to be vigilant. He said: "The way Mr Bass handled the petition is his matter, he clearly has a distinct opinion on the matter.
"Crime is mostly from gangs in London. I don't think street lighting prevents crime, thieves are more likely to operate in the day when they can see."
Mr Cutmore added that resident in fear of being burgled should invest in improved security.
Sound advice.

The Modern 'Typical Young Lad'..

Ian Adlington, Marsden Heights Community College headteacher, said: “Mohammed’s death has very much set the tone for the day.
“There have been a lot of tears.
“Many people are quite distraught.
“It’s come as a huge shock to them.
“He was a very popular lad with an extensive group of friends.
“Mohammed was a typical young lad really. I’m really sad to say this has happened.
“We talk about the dangers that are out there in life generally, but the realisation these things can actually happen without warning comes as a shock to all of us.”
It doesn't really come as a shock to me anymore that a 16 year old has access to a high powered car and drives it into a tree.

One might argue that it shouldn't come as a shock to you either.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

*Crosses 'Go Shopping With Deborah Orr' Off The Bucket List*

This woman – small, cropped hair, all in black, a tiny rucksack almost managing to create the illusion of healthy proportion – was choosing ice-cream in a frenzy of extreme mental distress. She would lean over the huge cabinet, her eyes darting over the plastic tubs in terror, as if one of them – she didn’t know which – had the gun that was going to kill her. Then, she would rotate her head, making sure no one was near, and she’d seize the flavour she had decided on, cradle the carton to her chest and scurry furtively towards the checkout. But, she would change her mind, scurry back to her spot, replace her selection and pace agitatedly away, hugging herself, putting her hands by her sides, hugging herself again. Then pace back. Then pace away. Then pace back and start trying again to decide which – if any – carton of ice-cream to purchase. The poor woman was locked compulsively into making a literally agonising choice.
So...does she need you goggling at her, Debotah?
I knew what was happening. Of course I did.
Of course you did....
Here was a woman in plain view in a public place, in the throes of a savage mental breakdown. The heft of her guilt, shame and self-loathing was obvious, but I didn’t know how to approach her, or whether it would be wise to try at all.
Maybe she just really couldn't decide between salted caramel and Bailey's. I sometimes have the same problem.

Of course, I usually solve it by buying both...
Strangely, no one else seemed to notice this searingly painful psychodrama.
No-one else has your searing insight, Deborah. Not to mention your all-encompassing compassion.
I thought of dialling 999 – this was in the days before 111. But I knew it would be useless.
Well....that's not the word I'd have chosen.
Then – third time lucky – she strode all the way to the checkout, bought the ice-cream and left the supermarket, taking all of her considerable troubles with her. All I could do was hope she had good support from her family and friends who loved her, and access to mental-health services that knew what they were doing. People do recover from eating disorders, mostly. People are also killed by them. Far too often.
*stifles comment*
...maybe it’s just the middle-class circles I move in, but what I notice about young people who fall victim to eating disorders is that they’re very often people who have complex, dazzling choices.
So we should all be restricted to a choice of vanilla ice cream, or nothing. For our own good.

As You Do…

Wilson, 22, of Bingley Road, Saltaire, and Syms, 28, of Ash Tree, New Cross Street, pleaded guilty to unlawfully wounding Mr McCabe on December 14, 2014.
Wilson, who had previous convictions for robbery and battery, was jailed for 32 months.
He brought cannabis into the dock with him for the sentencing hearing.
Maybe the CPS are habitual users too, and that’s why it took over a year to get to court?

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Silly Season Gets Underway Early...

A big cat expert says a black panther could be prowling the Worcestershire wilderness after the grisly discovery of yet another mangled deer carcass.
A big cat expert? Which one? Boone Smith? Billy Arjan Singh?
Researcher Rick Minter, author of 'Big Cats: Facing Britain's Wild Predators'...
Oh. Damn. Him again? Well, he's not the only nutter out there.
...said photographs of the dead deer showed several of the hallmarks of a big cat having been eating the carcass.
The 54-year-old, who has been studying the presence of big cats in Britain for the last decade...
That can't have taken very long...
He argued that big cat sightings were widespread in Worcestershire and were often reported to him at country shows where he performed outreach work.
Is that what he calls it on his tax returns?
However, even the experts do not agree. Bob Lawrence, head of public relations and development at West Midland Safari and Leisure Park, does not believe a leopard was responsible and has visited the site of the kills.
He said: "I visited the Roe deer burial site today. The original Roe buck is largely eaten away but there is also a Roe doe dead close by, probably his companion as they tend to live in pairs/trios.
"There is no evidence to suggest neck injuries consistent with strangulation (the leopards preferred choice of killing) or a broken neck.
"Both carcasses to me clearly seem to originate from the roadside and have been dumped over the hedge probably out of sensitivity and one at least had been there a while as the grass underneath was turning yellow.
"There are clear tramlines to show how both have been dragged into the field (by badgers I suspect as there are badger runs nearby) where they have been eaten - a fox has joined in by the smell of it."
Back to the drawing board, Minter.

Can You 'Brainstorm' Without A Brain?

A new safe space for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to socialise could be created in the borough after people from all walks of life brainstormed ways to tackle intolerance.
Then they all sang 'Kumbayah' and held hands....
Participants looked at questions compiled at the first event and how the police – represented by Barking and Dagenham Acting Sgt Rob Bills – and the council had answered them.
Accusations of “rigid” and “robotic” wording in the authorities’ responses moved to a proactive brainstorming in how LGBTQI communities can work with authorities to move forward.
Broadway Theatre emerged as a “safe social space to go for a laugh, for a date, to watch a film”, summarised CVS chief excutive Erica Jenkins, who has promised to help make a regular meeting happen.
Doesn't meeting at a regular time and place make it easier for the sort of people who'd start trouble to find you?
FlipSide member Petra Brockman, 17, identifies as bigendered. Along with other teenagers from the group, they are looking for ways to transform sex education in schools.
“For me the teaching is currently more static than gender fluidity is,” explained the Barking and Dagenham College student, who aims to produce a new sex education syllabus with other FlipSide members.
*rolls eyes*