Friday, 31 October 2014

Sorry, Mrs Moy, But 'Stronger Legislation' Won't Make A Blind Bit Of Difference...

After Mrs Moy’s wound had been dressed, she contacted police to report the dog attack.
Officers discovered the animal had escaped from a nearby house and had warned the owners to keep it under control.
 That's it? That's all..?
But Mrs Moy believes tougher action should have been taken.
“This dog was very strong and vicious,” she said. “What if it attacks a child next time it gets out on to the street?
“I really think there should be stronger legislation, so that dogs which have proved themselves to be dangerous should be taken away from their owners.”
Yeah, that'd be nice, wouldn't it? But all the evidence seems to say it ain't gonna happen until the relevant authorities have to bear the consequences of inaction, and not the public.

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Well, I defy anyone to top David's offering:

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DumbJon nails the modern Tory Party:
"Yep, the Tory face cards all claim to abhor Big Government but they really do think the man in the street is a knuckle-dragging moron who needs to be watched like a hawk. Strangely however, it always turns out to be members of Cast Iron Dave's Nu Elite who get caught coming out with deranged anti-Semitic conspiracy theories."

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Battsby gives us all a maths lesson...

Gosh, My Tiny Violin’s Getting A Good Workout Lately…

A Midland prison has been criticised for taking 50 MINUTES to call in medics after two brutal inmates strangled a child killer in his cell.
Oh dear, the tears, I can’t see the screen…

The report also revealed that the two killers, who were already serving life sentences for murders committed in the 1980s and 1990s, had both taken hostages during earlier, but separate, prison sieges in 2007 and 2011.
The report, from the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman, added that the pair were only moved onto the vulnerable prisoner wing because they owed prison drug debts.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Avon & Somerset Police: “Urban Legend? What’s That?”

Dangling from telephone wires, shoes can be found suspended by their laces above terraced roads everywhere from St George to St Andrew's. To some, they are simply an eyesore.
But for police there is a more sinister explanation for their presence – they believe they reveal the locations where illegal drugs can be bought. Officers have now hired a cherry picker to remove shoes hanging from wires in St Paul's and St Werburgh's.
Remember, police are whinging constantly about ‘terrible Toreee cutz’. Bear this in mind, always…
In a post on the Avon & Somerset police website, PC Simon Humphrey, neighbourhood beat manager for Montpelier and St Werburgh's, said officers had been helping "keep the community safe" by working with Brandon Hire to "remove shoes and trainers from telephone wires that indicate the areas where you can buy illegal drugs".
Now, I've never heard of this one. So I did what any normal person would do – I went to Snopes, and discovered, in about 20 seconds, that it was unmitigated bullshit.

Not that the cops are aware of this, though I suspect smarter ones than PC Humphrey have an inkling:
Paul Bunt, Avon & Somerset police's drugs strategy manager, said shoes are found on wires in Bristol for a wide variety of reasons.
He said: "There's nothing to say that if you see them there is drug dealing going on, but that's not to say it isn't."
*chuckles* If you say so, Paul…
Maggie Telfer, chief executive of the Bristol Drugs Project, dismissed the practise of using shoes hanging from wires as a means of attracting drug users.
She said: "It's a bit of an urban myth and more of an American thing. Anyone seeking to buy substances on a regular basis wouldn't need a pair of trainers on a telephone wire to know where to go. If they are using substances, they will go to friends or people they know. We are not going to have people walking the streets looking for pairs of shoes.
"We haven't been made aware of police removing shoes."
You have now. I bet it gave you a few laughs.

Until you realise you’re paying the salaries of morons.

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John Galt at 'Counting Cats...' nails it:

Quote Of The Month - Special UKIP Edition

From Tim Worstall:                                                      
"You only need a little bit of variance around those sorts of levels at a GE to win at least some of those Labour northern strongholds. That’s rather ore of a game changer than the Clacton win really."

Post Of The Month - Special UKIP Edition

It's been awhile since we had a special, so, to commemorate UKIP's success & the Lab/Lib/Con's discomfiture, here's one.

Take it away, MacHeath! And apologies for the resultant earworm... ;)

And What ‘Local Connection’ Did You Have To England In 1998?

A single mother-of-five who was made homeless after resisting Westminster Council’s attempt to move the family 50 miles from the capital is applying to the Supreme Court to review her case.
Why not? We’re no doubt paying her court costs…
The family came to Britain from the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1998 and claimed asylum. Ms Nzolameso now has British citizenship. She separated from her children’s father in 2007 but they still have contact with him, although this too would be harder if they moved to Milton Keynes
I wonder if he’s supporting the children, or if we are?
If she were to leave the capital, Ms Nzolameso is also concerned about losing the network of friends that support her and help out when she is unwell. She suffers from depression, diabetes and high blood pressure (Ed: This article’s doing nothing for my blood pressure…).
So I guess she’s not working and we’re paying for her dole too?
“It’s wrong what they’re doing,” Ms Nzolameso said. “London is our home and my children don’t want to move to Milton Keynes. It would disrupt their education.”
“It would either mean a two-hour commute to get my children to school in Westminster, or they would need to be uprooted to new schools in Milton Keynes, an area I have no local connection to whatsoever. ”
You presumably had ‘no connection’ to the UK back in 1998, but you somehow managed, eh?

In fact, you seem to have done pretty well for yourself! I rather doubt the benefits are so generous back in the DRC…
Rejecting the case last Wednesday, Justice Moore-Bick said: “I accept that the court should be astute to ensure that local housing not merely apply policies which lead to accommodation being provided outside their own districts in a routine and unthinking manner. On the other hand, many authorities, of which Westminster is one, are under great pressure to discharge their statutory obligations and should not be prevented from making sensible use in an orderly way of the housing stock available to them, whether within or outside their own districts.”
So suck it up, Ms Nzolameso, and either move to Milton Keynes to alleviate the pressure on the public purse, or take yourself, your ailments and your sulky-faced brood back to the DRC.

For us long-suffering taxpayers, it’ll be win/win no matter what…