Saturday, 13 February 2016

Yeah, Yeah. Get Back To Me When They Pass A Law That Forces People To Eat It…

Michelle Madsen on the Meatball Culture War:
The meatballs in question are frikadeller - moreish slightly burned miniature patties made out of pork, a Danish staple. You’ll find them on your open sandwiches, served up with potatoes and red cabbage or heated up, incongruously, on any traditional cold table. You’ll be seeing a lot more of them if you live in the central Danish town of Randers where the local council has just voted to make it compulsory for public institutions to have pork on the menu.
That's all. Just have it there.

And while you might think this is control freakery to the nth degree (and I'd agree with you), you'd think they'd passed a law that made consuming it compulsory, from the angst pouring out of this idiot...
This is the latest chapter in a debate over cultural mores, identity and pigs, which kicked off over two years ago after a number of day care centres in the country stopped offering pork at lunchtimes so people wouldn’t have to queue in different lines at lunchtime. The ‘meatball war’ (frikadellekrigen) super-sized in the summer of 2013, when front pages across Denmark were dominated by arguments about whether public institutions should take pork off their menus to cater for Muslim children. The Danish anti-immigration party even agreed to abandon a mayoral campaign in the town of Hvidovre near Copenhagen in 2013, on the agreement that the current mayor promised to put more traditional food, including frikadeller, on public menus.
How does removing something from a menu 'cater to' people who weren't going to eat it anyway?
The Danish pork debate has become an emotive symbol of the Islamophobia and fear of a cultural invasion which is gripping Europe.
*rolls eyes*
In Denmark, it’s not just pork that’s being used in this cultural battle against what the country’s anti-immigrant politicians deem ‘invasive food and customs’. A new Danish bill will see asylum seekers who arrive with more than 10,000 kroner in cash (just over £1000) forced to to use the surplus to pay for their stay.
And what's wrong with that?

If these are genuine asylum seekers, fleeing for their lives, they'll be happy to contribute to a country that gives them safe haven. Won't they?
Though Denmark only accepted 20,000 asylum seekers in 2015, its government is working hard to deter more people coming in by scaring people away and making life as hard as possible for those already in the country, including alienating Muslims with this public pork drive.
How is offering a food source that the country is known for alienating people who don't eat it? I don't eat jellied eels or doner kebabs, but having shops selling them doesn't 'alienate me'. I just walk past!
My Danish grandmother used to smugly comment in the 1970’s that Denmark didn’t have any ‘race problems’. This is because pretty much everyone in Denmark was Danish then. The great challenge for Denmark, the UK and countries across Europe where cultures will continue to collide will be to look past the fear-mongering and find a common humanity with those people that are in need on their doorsteps. Invite them in, break bread with them, and eat.
Just...don't do it on New Year's Eve, OK?

Justice At Last!

It took a while, but finally they faced – and received – justice for their criminal incompetence:
A police constable and a community support officer who failed in their duty to protect a disabled refugee before he was murdered by a misguided vigilante have been sent to prison.
PC Kevin Duffy was sentenced to 10 months at Bristol crown court on Tuesday, while PCSO Andrew Passmore was jailed for four months.
The pair were convicted of misconduct in a public office after a jury decided they had made criminally serious errors over the case of Bijan Ebrahimi.
The police Twitter accounts that I follow were curiously silent on this case. You’d think the removal of ‘a few bad apples’ would be met with rejoicing from those accounts that constantly bemoan the state of modern policing, wouldn’t you?

The judge was rather too sympathetic to the guilty parties for my liking:
The judge said: “I cannot go behind the jury’s verdicts and it is with a heavy heart that in each of your cases I take the view that only a custodial sentence is appropriate.
“It doesn’t seem to me a proper consequence of your wrongdoing that the sentences need be long. You have already suffered greatly. You have already lost your careers and in each of your cases there is genuine justification for mercy.
“You must not bear the responsibilities for the wider failings in the police which were beyond your control.”
The loss of their careers are inevitable, so why this ‘more in sorrow than in anger’ attitude? And, nice as it would be to see Gargan in the dock for the force failings, it’s unlikely to happen.

So they are, quite rightly, only being asked to face the consequences of their own actions or in one case, lack of action (followed by lying about said actions).
Members of Duffy’s and Passmore’s families gasped and exclaimed “Jesus Christ” as the sentences were passed.
Yes, I thought they were quite lenient too…

It’s with a certain amount of glee that I read the excuses proffered by the defence:
Ian Stern QC, representing Duffy, told the court his client’s action had “no consequences” in Ebrahimi’s death.
He said: “You are dealing with someone who has given dedicated public service over many years. He has lost his good character, his employment and a significant financial sum for him and his family.
“He is a broken man and he will not work obviously in the areas in which he has hitherto worked and the public will be all the more poorer for that.”
No, I think the public will actually be much better served by a police force without him in it.
Michael Borrelli QC, for Passmore, said his client was the carer for his elderly mother and stepfather and suffered from low IQ and memory recall.
I… what? How on earth did he ever become a PCSO, then?
He said: “Whatever he has done by writing that statement that he signed he didn’t act either in a deliberate or reckless disregard to a vulnerable member of the community that he served.
“He is someone who has demonstrated that at his core he is a good man who has spent time serving others.”
Has he really just spent a few minutes, though, and he’s claiming a whole career …?

Friday, 12 February 2016

To Paraphrase, It Seems You Can’t Handle The Truth…

The family of a father-of-two found dead in a river months after he disappeared vowed “not to stop until we have the truth” after his seven-day inquest concluded with an open verdict today.
Yeah, you and OJ...
At North London Coroners Court today Mr Walker concluded: “I will record an open conclusion in this inquest, I do not know the sequence of events that led to and caused Mr Ball’s death.”
Mr Ball’s mother, Ruth Lovell, shouted to the court that her son had been killed in The Fox.
On hearing Mr Walker’s conclusion, she said: “I’m not going to stop until I get the truth. I’m not going to end it there.”
She claimed people had lied and their lies had been believed.
Well, I suppose a vast conspiracy is slightly more comforting than the thought your loved one got high on booze & coke (and probably weed), crashed his car and then fell in a canal and drowned...
Mr Walker said CCTV evidence and witness testimony had shown Mr Ball was drunk and high on cocaine, but not at the levels required to kill him.
It could have been possible that Mr Ball had left the wrecked car, stumbled towards the river and fallen in.
More than possible. I'd put it at probable!
Mr Walker extended his sympathies to the family and praised their efforts to find out what really happened to Mr Ball.
He said: “I’m not immune to how difficult this process has been for you. You have come here each and every day and listened to evidence about someone obviously so dear to all members of the family.
“And I would like to offer my profound thanks. We are here in this position because of all the hard work members of the family have put in.
“Your relentless determination to get to the truth and to not allow yourselves to be diverted in anyway or by any person is a courageous position to adopt and one I admire.”
You get praised now for shouting in a coroner's court an d calling it a farce? Good grief!

It’s Their Culture, Part 587924

Three teenage yobs, two of them just 13 years old, caused mayhem on a commuter train on the East Lancashire Line. Blackburn magistrates heard the youths were aggressive and threatening to other passengers and refused to pay their fare. The train was eventually stopped at Rishton until British Transport Police arrived.
But because of the delay, the train,which should have travelled to Blackpool South, had to terminate at Preston causing difficulties for many passengers.
Bah, they are only fare-paying passengers. Who cares about them?
Scott Ainge, prosecuting, said the boys had been harassing other passengers and had approached two girls and asked them if they were lesbians. Other passengers were annoyed and the conductor was asked to intervene. He asked for their tickets and they said they didn’t have any.
“He asked them for the fare and they made it clear they weren’t going to pay,” said Mr Ainge.
“One of them called the conductor names and when they were asked to leave the train at Rishton they refused.”
Mr Ainge said another passenger became involved and there was a scuffle. The guard called the police and while the train was waiting at Rishton there was further trouble between the boys and male passengers who wanted them to get off. When police arrived they removed the boys from the train but they all gave false details.
*rolls eyes*
The teenagers, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to unacceptable behaviour on the railway, travelling without paying the fare and obstructing a police officer acting in the execution of his duty. They were made subject to six-month referral orders and their parents ordered to pay £85 costs, £50 compensation to the train guard, £15 victim surcharge and £1.65 compensation to cover the fare.
Well, that was pretty lenient. Who were these yobs anyway?
Gareth Price, defending, said his clients, who were from the travelling community, all accepted there had been some misbehaviour on the train. He said none of them had been in any kind of trouble before.
Oh, stop! My sides! I just can't take any more!

Thursday, 11 February 2016

There Must Be Some Sort Of Social Worker Kryptonite…

…that causes them to suddenly lose the draconian powers they are happy to wield against others:
Eight-year-old Dylan Seabridge, who was home-educated, was rushed to hospital after collapsing at his home in Eglwyswrw, Pembrokeshire, in December 2011. His parents, Julie Seabridge, 47, and her husband Glynn, 48, were charged with child neglect but the Crown Prosecution Service later dropped proceedings against them. Now it has emerged that concerns about his welfare had been raised more than a year before his death, and while education officials visited the Seabridges, they had no power to see Dylan.
And of course, they are now demanding 'something must be done!'. Not about abusive parents, or hopelessly incompetent officials, but about homeschooling.

I'm sure it's just a coincidence that this is a target the State has had in its sights for some time...
A draft serious case review report leaked to BBC Wales said Dylan was effectively “invisible” to the authorities and concluded that rules on home education needed to be strengthened as a matter of urgency.
Yes, of course they do. Did they perhaps have this draft waiting for just the right case to come along?
District crown prosecutor Iwan Jenkins said: “It is our view that Julie Seabridge is unfit to face criminal charges on health grounds.
“In relation to Glynn Seabridge, our conclusion is that it is not in the public interest to pursue a prosecution against him … these are related to concerns about his health and the likely effect of a prosecution on him, as well as the nature of the case and the likely penalty that a court would impose in the event of a conviction.”
So the real criminals go unpunished, while thousands of parents who homeschool their children find the State turning its beady eye on them.

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me..?!

The council believes taking control of the site will help secure Barking’s reputation as a cultural hub.
Barking's what?!?
A council spokesman said: “We are also developing our cultural offering and Barking is being increasingly recognised as the new hub for the creative arts in east London.”
*stunned disbelief*

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

England Are Never Going To Win The World Cup…

…not at the rate all our ‘talented young footballers’ are being relegated by the Grim Reaper!
Talented young footballer Lewis Johnson, 18, hit a van at a busy junction near Clapton Common shortly before noon yesterday.
Scotland Yard said they launched a pursuit after the teenager failed to stop for officers investigating reports of a theft in Dalston 30 minutes earlier.
At least no innocent bystanders were mown down. My sympathies are with the van driver and the police, who’ll now face a grilling from the IPCC.

For those who regard this as heartless, because ‘he couldn’t be expected to know the dangers of police evasion on a moped, well…
His death sparked an outpouring of grief among friends and family, many of whom last night gathered at an event to mark what would have been the 20th birthday of Henry Hicks, 18.
Henry, from Islington, died when he crashed his moped into a parked car while being pursued by two unmarked police cars in December 2014.
I guess some people are just incapable of learning…
Other friends flooded social media with tributes the popular teenager, one wrote: “Feels weird to know I’ll never bump into him again on the late-night shop runs or catch him riding through the end on pedals.”
Two wheels weren’t his forte, obviously!
Another said: “So many people from my area dying from either stabbings or moped crashes, RIP Lighty.”
They seem to regard these hazards as unavoidable acts of nature, like lightning strikes or meteorites. In fact, they are simple consequences of their lifestyle.