Saturday, 25 March 2017

Invasive And Unwanted...

...the RSPCA has now called for the sale of tanukis - also known as raccoon dogs - to be banned.
Really? Aren't they already regulated? Don't you need a wild animal licence?

Well, no. DEFRA is unconcerned. So why are the RSPCA getting out of their box?
The charity has confirmed that the creatures, which are native to Japan, Siberia and China, have already escaped into the wild and are posing a threat to British wildlife.
And there are fears that tanukis, which harbour high levels of parasites, could also infect humans, in some cases with lethal results.
RUN! RUN! Godzilla was nothing, here comes the Terrible Tanuki!
Dr Ros Clubb, RSPCA wildlife and exotic specialist, said: “We know that some raccoon dogs are now living wild in Britain, and there is a risk that they could start to breed.
“We want the authorities to ban the sale of these animals as pets. They are simply not suitable, and they are escaping and getting out into the natural environment.”
Yes, not regulate them, ban them. No-one is allowed to have a pet that the RSPCA disapproves of. It's why little old ladies leave them bequests, clearly...
“People might think 'I could just keep them in my living room and keep them as a dog but they're wild animals and need large areas and people just don't know how to look after them,” said Dr Clubb.
“They can be aggressive, some don't like to be handled or touched. They may run away or escape. It's a nightmare trying to re-home them - when we hear one has come in we all just sigh.
Before euthanizing it? Like you do with so many seized animals PETA is probably going to come to you for advice?

But maybe my dislike for this ghastly self-serving fakecharity is colouring my reaction. Maybe we are overrun with cute but deadly raccoon dogs?
The RSPCA last year received 15 complaints about raccoon dogs and rescued three, up from four complaints and two rescues in 2015.
Oh. OK. That's a 'no' then?

Let's cull another invasive & unwanted species, then: Rspca vulgaris.

Hard Cases, Bad Law...

A woman abused by the leader of a child grooming gang in Rotherham is pleading for a royal pardon.
Sammy Woodhouse has revealed her identity to call for a crime amnesty to encourage other grooming victims to come forward.
 Hmmm, why would this be needed?
She wants to see a ‘Sammy’s Law’ believing she could face years behind bars for crimes she was made to commit as a young teenager.
 Ah. Well, only someone with a heart of stone could possibly deny...

Mr Hampton also said Spencer played a key role in the abuse. She was jailed for 12 years in 2014 when she was found guilty of 16 counts of arranging and causing child prostitution in Sheffield.
As her guilty verdict was read out in court, Spencer shouted: 'I'm not f****** going back to the cells.'
Spencer played a key role in the abuse, the court heard.
The court heard she plied one girl with alcohol and threatened violence to force her to have sex.
Bring in this law, and I guarantee you Spencer's lawyers would be using it.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Should Have Gone To Specsavers....

On February 4, a dog veered from the footpath through Dunstable Downs Golf Club and was accidentally shot by a licensed firearms user hunting foxes.
Well, it's understandable, some popular breeds of dogs these days do look quite fox-like, especially in the dark so...

Oh, wait.
German Shepherd Bruno needed an operation to remove pellets from his face but has since recovered.
They must have some humoungous foxes in Dunstable! Or this guy's an idiot who should not have a gun licence.

Which is odd for professional vermin control folk.
Club manager Mr Mutton added: “The club did not employ anyone to shoot on the course, we’ve allowed the licenced firearms user to come and shoot vermin.
Ah. So not a professional, more like an overly-enthusiastic amateur. That way disaster lies.
A Beds Police spokesman said: “We are investigating reports that a dog was shot and injured while in the grounds of the Dunstable Downs golf course on Saturday 4 February.
Investigations are on-going and anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101 quoting reference JD/5233/2017.”
What 'investigation'? You should have all the details you need!

Cougar On The Loose...

Police searched the premises and found Sam Chambers, 24, in the house he shared with Copperthwaite, 41, surrounded by drugs paraphernalia.
This included lottery slips for wrapping cocaine, scales, customer lists, mobile phones and 162 grams of bicarbonate of soda- a mixing agent.
The total amount of cocaine found was 13 grams.
Bang to rights!
Matthew Sorrell-Cameron, prosecuting, said the aggravating factor for all three was the fact Copperthwaite’s 16-year-old daughter also lived at the address.
He said: “She allowed these two men to use her premises as a base for drug dealing, whether to store the drugs, prepare the drugs or sell the drugs.”
Mother of the year, clearly.
Copperthwaite was found guilty of being concerned in the supply of a class drug.
She also admitted answering bail with an offensive weapon in July last year - namely a snooker ball in a sock.
Judge Samantha Leigh jailed Chambers for three years and nine months and Flynn for four years. She handed Copperthwaite a 24 month prison sentence, suspended for 24 months. She must complete 200 hours of unpaid work.
I guess we shouldn't be too surprised, when we see the name of the judge. She's got form, after all. More form than Shergar!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

When Green Plans Run Up Against Reality...

Internet shopping vans could be banned from delivering to office staff in a bid to slash congestion on the capital’s streets.
The radical plan was outlined by Val Shawcross, London’s deputy mayor for transport, in a speech to MPs in which she revealed that light vans now account for a fifth of traffic in the city centre.
It's War on White Van Man!
Councillor Shawcross said that companies should consider banning workers from ordering goods direct to work, and instead promote click-and-collect facilities at transport hubs “so that people can collect their deliveries on the way home”.
I remember when Internet shopping would save us all. The desire to meddle with our lives never leaves these people, does it?

Community Cohesion vs Seperation

You are so right. But we have words too, provided by the usual suspects, as Fahrenheit211 points out.

It's at times like yesterday that people show their true selves, like MP Tobias Elwood who tried desperately to revive the stricken police officer.

And then you have this:

H/T: Pardus_UK via Twitter

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

You Couldn't Make It Up...

...but actually, she did:
Angela Smith, a teacher at the Federation of Greenways Schools, formerly Thorpe Greenways Infant School, in Southchurch, Southend, told bosses her husband had numerous problems- including suggesting that medical staff were considering switching off his life support machine.
They were, as you'd expect, sympathetic:
Compassionate managers reduced her working hours from 8.30am to 4.30pm to 9.30am to 2.30pm, with an agreement that she could leave school during the day if needed.
But not, unfortunately, very suspicious.
In March 2015, Mrs Smith said her husband had returned to work, but he had been suspended after getting into a fight with another member of staff.
That's a great recovery, I have to say!
Due to the nature of these statements and the potential outcome, the school informed the school her husband worked at.
They only checked this out because of the allegation, mind....
Contact was then made with the local authority to share the information. It then became apparent that Mrs Smith’s husband was in good health and was working without any problems.
She resigned on May 31 and admitted all the allegations. The panel found that although Mrs Smith was “dishonest” and guilty of “unacceptable professional conduct” further punishment was not necessary.
*rolls eyes*
It said: “The panel was reassured to hear and see evidence that Mrs Smith has taken active steps to remedy some of the health issues that she was facing.
“These are continuing and seem to be improving her condition.”
Improving it so she can find other employment?
The report then added Mrs Smith has since returned to a teaching role.

"Well, What Can We Say, We're Useless!"

A spokesman for the RSPCA said: “We share people’s concerns for a dog kept in a car in Thamesmead, London and would not recommend these as ideal conditions in which to keep any animal.
“However, while we agree that the situation is not ideal, we have no power to remove a dog.
“The police can only remove the dog once a vet confirms that the animal is suffering or is highly likely to suffer.
“We would like to reassure the public that we will continue to offer advice to the owner and monitor the situation to help ensure this dog’s welfare is not compromised.”
Hmmm, not your usual reticence there. I wonder why..?