Friday, 22 May 2015

The Long, Long List Of Things ‘Traumatic’ To Special Snowflakes Has An Addition…

Courtesy of notorious drama llama and perennial CiF whinger, Jane Fae:

If you’re gobsmacked by that, you ain’t alone! It seems what’s upset the applecart this time is the process of changing your name:
According to the law, you may call yourself whatever you wish: it is not for any organisation to dictate what name or title you may use, unless they suspect you are doing so for fraudulent purposes. However, panicked over money-laundering and terror, the UK government has threatened sanctions against banks and financial institutions, who take refuge in making demands for pointless documentation.
If it’s needed to fend off the increasingly belligerent arms of the state, I fail to see how you can label it ‘pointless’.
Trans people tend to change their name once in their lifetime. Non-binary people, too.
Last year, the cabinet came up with a new system for registering to vote, requiring disclosure of previous name. They were shocked to learn, in the course of meetings with myself and Helen Belcher, secretary of the Parliamentary Forum on Gender Identity, that a significant portion of the trans community would prefer to disenfranchise itself – to not vote at all – than disclose their previous name.
Frankly, if they didn’t yell ‘YES!!!’ and start high-fiving each other, they should be ashamed of themselves – the fewer kooks & single-issue nutcases like Jane Fae who opt out of the electoral system, the better for the rest of us…
Thankfully, following further consultation, a new approach is taking shape.
Which I suspect means more hoops to jump through for everyone else, and a big fat Victimhood Pass for the transgender identity group…
Yet even when name change is “just” for reasons of marriage or divorce, there can be cost and hassle, as different organisations demand different standards of “proof”. For instance, many banks now reject marriage or divorce certificates if they are more than six months past. The current processes disproportionately drain the time and money of two groups: trans people and women. That, as any equality lawyer will tell you, is prima facie a definition of indirect discrimination.
Great! Let’s further enrich lawyers. That’ll help everything.
Name change processes are a constant source of friction. They slow down your ability to live your life and, when the jobsworths get it wrong, are a source of significant upset. Organisations need to find more respectful ways to deal with individuals. Or, like my bank, they’ll find themselves on the end of not just public embarrassment, but court action for unlawful discrimination.
Hopefully one that’ll bankrupt you.

Oh, but wait. It’s never your money you activists take the gamble with, is it?

Well, Of Course You ‘Never Thought About Consequences’…

…there really weren’t any from the justice system, were there?
An airline pilot who drowned his neighbour’s dog in a moment of madness to stop its barking has been handed a 12-week suspended prison sentence. He was ordered to pay costs of £2,400 and a victim surcharge of £180.
This is the case I said I’d be keeping an eye on. Turns out worse than I suspected:
In mitigation Sara-Lise Howe said that Woodhouse had become distressed by the dog’s barking, and had suffered a heart attack a year earlier.
“He had no idea how it happened,” she said. “He just lost his wits. He just wanted the dog to stop it.
“It is clear that it was a momentary lack of sanity because there was no animosity between the families.”
Really? I bet there is now!

Strange there’s no council staff called to verify his claims of multiple complaints, eh?

But…just a moment of madness? Bloody long ‘moment’!
Woodhouse had attempted to dump the body of the dog on three occasions afterwards. He had first intended to dispose of the animal by a hedge row in Long Buckby Wharf and later considered areas around Birmingham airport and Ashby St Ledgers.
But realising the dog may have been microchipped, he did not go through with it. He instead made attempts to remove the chip with a knife, with no success.
That’s not a moment of madness, that’s planning, albeit incompetent.
Miss Howe said the incident had ‘divided’ the village of Long Buckby and added that the last year had been a ‘living hell’ for the pilot.
She also said Woodhouse had since been pronounced as fit to work following psychiatric assessments.
But after the recent Germanwings disaster, thankfully Flybe have suspended him.

Well, would you get in a plane flown by such an unhinged whackjob?

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Sweetie, You’re Part Of The Problem, Stop Demanding A Solution!

Lori Horvitz is baffled that her petard is about to blow up in her face:
Do we, as citizens of this uncomfortable and unpredictable world, have the luxury and privilege of receiving “trigger warnings” before being exposed to disturbing material about subjects like the Holocaust, lynching, murder and rape?
I’m assuming that’s a rhetorical question? Sadly, Lori’s invested a lot of her career in encouraging that very attitude.
I taught courses in literature, creative writing and gender studies at the university level for 18 years without being asked for trigger warnings. But, during the past two years, more and more students have asked for them.
Well, yes. It’s a fad, and we know that these days, you’re nothing if you haven’t got an ‘ism’ or are a ‘victim’. It spreads quickly through the hothouse world of academe, as we know from David Thompson’s blog.

And one day, she slipped up. As anyone would. And a book she hadn’t read all the way through (fatal error!) contained the unmentioned ‘triggering’ material:
One student, in an anonymous teacher evaluation, wrote: “Not providing trigger warnings is not only detrimental to a students’ emotional well-being … but it also represents further invalidation/insult of rape survivors. Providing trigger warnings, honestly, is less of a request and more of a student’s demand for this professor if she intends to teach this class again.”
Wow! Just savour the entitlement, the arrogant self-regard, the – dare I say it? - privilege of the modern day student!
It is statements like these that make me want to opt out of teaching this material all together.
It’s statements like those that’d make me want to run amok with a chainsaw. But then, I wouldn’t be spending my days catering to such babies, and…well, you have.
I want to scream: “I care! This is why I have chosen to teach difficult material, about the oppression of women and minorities, in the first place.” I worry that, by giving in to requests for trigger warnings, professors are telling this new generation of students that they need to be coddled.
Yup! That’s exactly what you’ve done! You’re now reaping that whirlwind. And you can’t seem to see that you’ve sown it.
I’m trying to understand. I’ve led workshops and conference panels about trigger warnings. In my Queer Literature course, I gave out a survey asking: would you want trigger warnings for every potentially triggering reading?
You mean, you appeased and pandered and you wonder why it didn’t work?
As a courtesy, I have begun providing a blanket content warning on my syllabi. Of course, there is no way to know which issues will be triggering for which students. On the first day of class I ask students to be aware of the possibility of triggers throughout the semester and to take care of themselves if they feel triggered — to seek counseling, to step out of the room, to talk with me.
Maybe you should try something a bit blunter? Maybe you should tell them what you’re telling the CiF audience?
I want to tell my students: sometimes I might not warn you. Not out of malice, but because I care. Because the outside world is full of triggers. Because any number of things, at any point of any day – the first few notes of a pop song, or the smell of french fries, or looking into the eyes of the man behind you at the bank – can trigger you. And you need to be ready and strong. You need to be prepared.
Exactly! But why tell us? We already know that. Start telling them.

Because if you don’t, that rod you’ve made for your own back will just get gradually more inflexible…

*Giggles Uncontrollably*

A man has been charged with stealing his own barrister's mobile phone during an appearance at Bexley Magistrates' Court.
Bobby Heath, 25, of Simnel Road, Lee, allegedly took the phone at the court on May 1.
Heath was appearing in court to plead guilty to charges of possession of cannabis and driving without insurance.
I wonder who’ll represent him? Someone with a 10 year old Nokia?

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

These People Are Deranged…

Another uncontrollable American Bulldog turns on its owner:
Officers contained the animal in a garden in Lannett Road at about 1.50pm after the dog attacked the owner after he tried to put his collar back on, a Gloucestershire Police spokesman said.
Police failed to stun the dog, an American bulldog, with a taser and were forced to kill it.
And are the public thankful that another dangerous dog has been dealt with by the police?

Reader, they are not…
Writing on The Citizen's Facebook page, Shelley Kaminsky said: "Poor dog he looks beautiful and such a horrible way to go poor thing must have been terrified.
"I have owed big dogs all my life eg great Danes and Rottweiler s and can't see any reasonable reason why if was a family dog for ten years would turn on his owner a grown adult especially.
"All I can say is thought s with owner as can't be nice for him must be distraught as dogs are family."
If my brother turns on me and starts ripping my arm to shreds, Shelley, I'd rather like the police to shoot him. Family or not!
Annabel Bennett wrote: "Really sad whatever happened.... it must be heartbreaking to have your dog shot in front of you."
Not when it's severing your brachial artery, love...
Dan Evans wrote: "Are we going to be in a situation where we have to hide our dogs?
"Why the hell would the police have needed to kill the poor thing, worries me as to how the onus is always on the dog.
"There is no such thing as a bad dog, they are products of their environment (behaviourally speaking). If you're nice and responsible with your dog, then all is good, if you abuse the poor thing (God knows why anyone would abuse dogs) then they will not react well to 'normal' situations."
Once more, I’m reminded that so many self-professed ‘animal lovers’ are merely human haters…

I’ve Got No Such Difficulty…

Richard Taylor, defending, said Khan had difficulties making sense of his motivation for his offending and wanted to apologise.
…it’s because he’s a vile scumbag.
The 36-year-old, of Ennismore Street, Burnley, is now starting a two-year jail sentence after he admitted sexual assault and breaching a sexual offences prevention order
Khan was convicted last year of another sexual assault, where he had offered a woman a lift home then attempted to kiss her during the journey, the court heard.
Khan was also given a sexual harm prevention order and sexual offender notification requirement, each for 10 years.
Fantastic! It’s not like he’ll breach this one, having already breached the other one, is it?

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The More I Read About The Garden Bridge…

…the more determined I am that the Left won’t stop it:
The Southwark-based horticulturist told the Standard the £175 million bridge will be a “magical place in the centre of London” divided into five zones reflecting the centuries-long history of the city’s green spaces.
The publication of the designs meant the gardens could now take centre stage following months of debate about the location, structure and cost of Thomas Heatherwick’s bridge.
Oh, the ‘debate’ (or rather, the sniping and whinging) will rage on in the pages of the increasingly-irrelevant left-learning press. But the architects and builders will simply get on with their jobs.
From south to north, the five landscape areas start with a nod to the species once common on the former marshes of the South Bank, where Samuel Pepys spoke of walking through water meadows and willow beds to get to Greenwich.
This will be followed by the South Glade, a woodland featuring plants known for spring blossom and autumn fruit. The area over the central span will be known as the Scarp and is designed to create an environment similar to a cliff top landscape.
The North Glade will be a second woodland area “drawing inspiration from the parks and gardens of old London.”
The final North Bank landscape will echo nearby Temple Gardens with scented late winter and early spring flowering shrubs. They will reflect the former gardens in the area, which were populated with olives and figs and roses brought back by the Knights Templar in the 12th century and cultivated until Victorian times.
It sounds utterly enchanting – roll on 2018!

No, Judge David Owen-Jones, You Aren’t Thinking At All…

Margaret Allgood, 35, admitted using her van to force a people carrier into the oncoming lane of Somnes Avenue, Canvey, while three times over the drink-drive limit.
Judge David Owen-Jones warned Allgood he thought she should go to prison, but said he would give her four weeks to attend an antibinge drinking course for the sake of her children.
Actually, drink was the least of her issues..!
Allgood, who had been drinking vodka and lager through the day, started swerving and flashing her lights, so Mr Bradbry slowed to 30mph.
She pulled alongside, then swerved towards Mr Bradbry’s vehicle twice, forcing him on to the verge to avoid a crash. Mr Bradbry accelerated in a bid to get away, but she caught him at the Waterside Farm roundabout, sped up the filter lane and swerved towards him again, as he entered Somnes Avenue, forcing him into the oncoming lane. He slowed, in a bid to let Allgood pass, but she slowed too, to prevent him turning in.
Allgood rammed Mr Bradbry’s Galaxy, pushing the side of the car for three or four seconds. Mr Bradbry, scared he would be forced off the road, pulled up and confronted Allgood, who punched his arm and kicked his vehicle.
A man who acted in this fashion would be picking his teeth up from the floor. But no doubt Allgood relied on general reluctance to hit a woman to get away with this behaviour.
Allgood, who admitted at Basildon Crown Court driving with excess alcohol, dangerous driving and common assault, is due to be sentenced on May 29.
It’ll be another soft sentence for someone using the fact they've procreated as a ‘get out of jail free’ card…

Monday, 18 May 2015

If Nappies Do ‘Evolve Into Semi-Simian Creatures’…

…maybe we can hire them as science teachers?
Dagenham Park science teacher Martin Blake uploaded a recital of Dustbin Strikes to Youtube. In it, the bespectacled wordsmith rails against pig heads left in bin bags across the borough and calls for the council to grant GMB’s demands before residents are left “swimming” in municipal waste.
Clearly, they couldn’t do a worse job…
Writing it is in everyone’s interests to pay bin workers a “fair wage” , he tells the council to end the “appalling state of affairs” so discarded nappies stop “learning to evolve into semi-simian creatures”, which he claims they have mastered in the “millennia since the last bin collection”.
How about simply suggesting that the bin workers get back to work, Martin?
He told the Post strikers deserve admiration.
“I’m absolutely in support of the strikers,” he said. “I appreciate that at this time the government are making cuts but I don’t think you should cut rubbish bin services.
“They do a job none of us are willing to do and I’m in absolute admiration of what they do – the council are being tight with their money.”
I almost wish the council would say ‘You’re right! We’ll give in. The extra money will come from the schools budget…’, don’t you?
Cllr Dominic Twomey, cabinet member for finance, says giving in would be financially irresponsible when making savings is essential.
“There is no way we will let the GMB hold us or our residents to ransom,” he said.
I drove through some of the area last weekend, and couldn’t help but think that all the rubbish and rotting food strewn around the streets was simply helping to make the growing Somali population feel more at home…

Now, That’s What I Call Justice..!

A 24-year-old who attacked and sexually assaulted a teenager in an alleyway has had his testicles removed
… after he was diagnosed with cancer while in custody.
Ah. Oh, well.