Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Send For Officer Krupke!

People are said to be "terrified" as the gang, known as Dem Africans, have become "kings of the street" on the estate in Bedevere Road and Galahad Road - within 500m of Edmonton police station.
Bilal Ahmed, who visits his partner in Bedevere Road, fears for the safety of people in the area and says people are terrified of the gang.
He said: "They have taken over the area and made themselves kings of the street, they have used the green space for their own. It’s terrifying for people round here.
"When I visit from Golders Green, I am always concerned about the number of people hanging around on the street, like they are ruling the place."
Blimey! It’s not like The Jets and The Sharks, is it?
According police.com figures for the first four months of 2015, there have been 121 reported crimes in the surrounding area including 18 crimes in April in Bedevere Road alone.
A total of 29 of those crimes have been violent, with another 25 being anti-social behaviour.
And what does our fearless police farce have to say?
Detective Inspector Chris Rixon of the Enfield Borough Gangs Unit said: "Gang related violence will not be tolerated. Enfield Borough has an enthusiastic gangs unit, working with partners, who are dedicated to disrupting any criminal activity and bringing offenders to justice."
They don’t seem enthusiastic about wandering the 500m to have a little look for themselves, do they?

Nee Naw, Nee Naw, It's The (Selective) Morality Police!

Officers said it was 'completely unacceptable' after members of the public made offensive remarks as officers tried to help the woman to safety.
Yes, it's another bloody broadside from our moral guardians because someone dared to suggest that maybe they weren't fully behind the police's SoP of 'massively inconvenience all those working stiffs so someone can get some attention'...

Over at Tim Worstall's blog, this prompted the usual suspects to flaunt their sanctimoniousness and heap scorn on the motorists, plus anyone who thought it was a bit overstepping the bounds for a police spokesman to consider morality lectures to be part of her job.

Oddly, this incident got far more coverage than this one, despite the former being both completely understandable and excusable:
In shocking scenes, passers-by who gathered to watch interfered and heckled as the officers' battled to save his life in West Croydon, police said today.
And yet these street scum, who didn't even have the excuse of being inconvenienced in the slightest, drew no such moral condemnation:
Chief Supt Tarrant said: "This was outstanding work in what were extremely difficult circumstances, compounded by the extreme heat.
"Even with a volatile crowd the officers managed to keep their resolve and continue administering first aid to an excellent standard, resulting in the man's life being saved.
"The officers should be very proud of themselves, displaying outstanding professionalism and acting in the best traditions of the Met Police."
'Volatile'..? No moral judgement there, is there? It's almost as if he's afraid to condemn their actions.

Nor here, either:
A spokesman said: 'This man was spoken to by officers with consideration given to relevant legislation and a decision was taken by officers at the time that the man was acting within the law. He was not arrested.'
Hmmm. Seems the police moral compass needs a bit of recalibration.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Fear & Tremble At The Awful Consequences!

Mrs Justice Carr told Jenkins: 'At the time of the attack you were in the grip of psychosis as a result of illegal drug taking on a a daily basis and you deliberately withheld information from your GP.
'Once (sic) can only hope that you understand the consequences of drug taking.'
Yeah. It means you can slash the throats of two children as they sleep and get told by a judge that you won't get sent to prison...
Her lawyer Patrick Harrington QC told the court: 'She vociferously asserts she is living a decent honest life now.
'She has tested negative in every drug test and then indications are she is not taking any substances.'
When are we going to treat drug-induced mental illness as separate from other forms of mental illness? The latter is no-one's fault. The former is most definitely your own fault.

How Do Delivery Drivers Consider Her, That's The Question..!

Gareth Price, defending, said his client had no previous convictions and considered herself a responsible dog owner.
"It will be my client's intention to seek the return of the dogs on the basis they are not a danger to the public," said Mr Price.
Just to pizza delivery men...
She was committed on bail to Preston Crown Court to be sentenced after the magistrates ruled their powers of punishment were insufficient.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

What’s The German For ‘Lock Up Your Daughters’..?

A school in Bavaria has sent a letter home to parents warning them not to let their daughters wear revealing blouses or short skirts
Oh, great – here we go with German school uniform codes! So we…

Wait. What?
… because emergency accommodation for refugees has been set up next to the gym.
… the headteacher recently sent out a letter to parents to give reassurance about extra security measures.
"For the refugees, access to the school gardens and buildings is strictly forbidden. The same goes for the school grounds during the day.
The number of teachers on duty during breaks has been increased," read the letter from headteacher Martin Thalhammer.
That gives you a good idea of the sort of people you’re welcoming into your country, doesn’t it?
The letter goes on to give students instructions on how to deal with the situation: "The Syrian citizens are mainly Muslims and speak Arabic. The refugees are marked by their own culture. Because our school is directly next to where they are staying, modest clothing should be adhered to, in order to avoid discrepancies.
Revealing tops or blouses, short shorts or miniskirts could lead to misunderstandings.
It’s just as well they weren’t settled in Essex then, or the older males might have a stroke…
The letter has not been met favourably by some parents, but a local politician, who did not want to be named, told Die Welt the move was "absolutely necessary".
"When Muslim teenage boys go to open air swimming pools, they are overwhelmed when they see girls in bikinis," he said. "These boys, who come from a culture where for women it is frowned upon to show naked skin, follow girls and bother them without realizing. Obviously this is concerning for us," he continued.
And the thing to do is instruct your ladies to forget about the West’s freedoms, and cover up. Obviously!

What Are They Supposed To Do, Cut Them In Half And Count The Rings?

Oh, no. Wait. That’s trees
Children fleeing the horrors of warzones such as Syria and Afghanistan are being routinely misclassified as over-18 and locked up in adult detention centres in breach of Government policies and legal guidelines, an investigation has discovered.
Mistakes are happening because officers make decisions on age based on teenagers’ appearances.
But this method is particularly unreliable because the early onset of facial hair among many boys from the Middle East can make some look older than their European or east Asian counterparts.
Yes, it’s yet another attempt to bang the drum for Open Borders and shame the UK into taking more Third World refugees.

Well, I’m not buying it. Not when they seem to have as many complaints about their treatment here as they do about the countries they’ve fled from:
Fawad arrived in the UK alone last year after all of his family were killed during the fighting in Iraq. Immigration officials found him in Dover and immediately decided he was over 18. In fact he was just 15.
“The detention centre was a scary place. There were huge grey buildings inside tall metal fences. It was cold. I barely slept. There were so many adults of all ages, speaking so many languages and I felt so alone.”
After three days in the centre he was released and moved to shared accommodation, but once again he was held with adults.
“I did not feel safe,” Fawad recalled. “The place was dirty and dark. I often felt anxious and jumpy. I just wanted to be around people my own age.”
Rauf, 15, fled Syria and was smuggled to the UK after his father was taken by an extremist group. Rauf (not his real name) was found by police and taken to Harmondsworth detention centre, near Heathrow. He told immigration officials he was 15 but they did not believe him.
“I was held in a room with several adults and I was scared to go to sleep,” he said. After two weeks in detention, the Refugee Council’s Children Section managed to get Rauf out while he was being assessed by social services. Finally, his given age was accepted.
“There are no words to describe the horror of detention: it was a prison...” he said.
Yeah, yeah, but no-one was shelling you, or murdering your relatives, or preventing you from getting fed and clothed and educated at someone else’s expense, were they?

So a bit of gratitude wouldn’t come amiss.

Friday, 3 July 2015

This Is What Veganism Does To The Brain…

Animal rights protesters dressed in costumes targeted meat traders in Wickford High Street for the second time in two weeks.
A group of about 12 people gathered outside J Clark and Sons on Tuesday morning, including some dressed as chickens.
Earlier this month, protesters stood outside Iceland supermarket, opposite the butcher’s shop, to voice their opposition to the sale of “exotic” animal meat.
Oooh, yum! I love exotic meat. Must nip to Wickford and…

But staff at J Clark and Sons said they do not sell any such meat.