Saturday, 6 June 2020

Doing Wonders For The Community...

...the environment and wildlife? Eh, not so much:

Lucky you're in Hartlepool and not Wales, or you'd have to arrest yourselves...

I've never understood the impulse that makes someone think 'I'll memorialise my lost loved one by choking some farmer's cattle' myself, but I know the underclass seem to love it.

And the police, particularly the 'Neighbourhood' type police, seem to love to cozy up to the underclass, don't they?

So much so they are prepared to ignore their commitments...

I'll Decide What I Need To Know, Love...

"We are not there to simply, blankly, read the news. That isn’t our job.
We are judging what viewers need to know..."
Says who? Says overpaid, arrogant autocue reader Naga Munchetty.Who clearly can't read her own job description, or perhaps didn't understand it...
"We are impartial but we’re not idiots."
The idiots are your BBC employers, who think licence payers (a dwidndling pool, and with no wonder) will put up with this forever...
Last year the 45-year-old was embroiled in a race row after she condemned President Donald Trump for telling some female politicians to ‘go back’ to where they came from.
She was found to have breached editorial guidelines by the corporation’s complaints unit, but the ruling was reversed after an outcry.
Did the country rise up as one, then? Or did her fellow progressives organise a sociial media campaign to force a craven BBC to back down?
BBC director general Tony Hall said: 'The Executive Complaints Unit ruling has sparked an important debate about racism and its interpretation.
'Racism is racism and the BBC is not impartial on the topic. There was never a finding against Naga for what she said about the President's tweet.'
Yes there was. But you cowered in the face of a whipped up mob and overturned it.

No wonder this walking mouthpiece is so arrogant. She knows she holds the Race Card, and at the BBC, that's never declined, is it?

Friday, 5 June 2020

It's A Small Price To Pay, I Suppose...

Cornwall Council rented 45 caravans on the Monkey Tree Holiday Park near Newquay when the government told local authorities to house the homeless.
Gosh, what could go wr...

Oh. Right,
A shop has had several thefts, a worker had ribs broken in an alleged assault and police have also responded to numerous incidents at the holiday park.
But the caravan park said the temporary stability had helped many people.
While the (hopefully temporary) instability had harmed many. Including your own paying customers.
Pitch holders at the holiday park have reported having items including water sports kit and computer equipment stolen from their caravans and advertised for sale on local social media pages.
So, holiday park owners, was your virtuesignalling greed worth it?

Well, yes. After all, you can just take the money and wash your hands of the consequences:
A spokesman for the holiday park said: "The supervision of the occupants is solely the responsibility of Cornwall Council. We are aware of some anti-social behaviour in the Goonhavern area, but unfortunately the council or ourselves do not have any jurisdiction over the behaviour of people when they are not on the park."
How handy! All of the reward, none of the responsibility...

What about our representatives in local politics? Surely they will stick up for the hard working taxpayer?
Cornwall councillor Andrew Mitchell said: "Where laws are being broken and somebody is being physically attacked, that needs to be urgently addressed. We don't want to put up with actions like that, and smaller communities certainly shouldn't."
Some have been threatened with eviction, but Mr Mitchell said: "If they are evicted where will they go? Probably back on to the streets and at this time with covid-19 we really need to make sure everybody is protected."
By making sure some aren't.

A necessary sacrifice, Andrew? Still, I'm sure you live far enough away you know full well it's not going to affect you.

H/T: Peter Ward via email

We're All Outlaws Now...

From 15 June, bus and train commuters in England could be refused travel if they fail to comply with the measures - or face a fine.
But according to the BMA, this...
Utter nonsense, because there is 'some evidence of a benefit, but it remains fairly weak'..?
...should be extended to all areas where social distancing is not possible.
BMA council chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul also questioned why the introduction of these measures has been delayed - adding that the risk posed by coronavirus would be "much less" if the public starts wearing face coverings immediately.
Do you think we've all forgotten that when this started the medical establishment were advocating that there was no evidence of any benefit to it?
Announcing the plans, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps had said "we need to ensure every precaution is taken" as England relaxes the lockdown further, and passenger numbers start to increase once again.
The government says face coverings are "marginally beneficial as a precautionary measure".
And that's a reason to change our entire way of life and render CCTV on public transport useless?

Thursday, 4 June 2020

Newspaper Scoops Ain't What They Used To Be...

'Revealed'..? Was it a secret he was previously a professional hunter, then?

The 'journalists at the 'Mail' seem to think so:
The TV presenter and safari guide had been instrumental in one of history’s ‘biggest recovery projects’ that had seen dozens of big cats relocated to an area of Mozambique ravaged by poachers.
But The Mail on Sunday has unearthed an earlier video of Carter revelling in the slaughter of elephants and lions, and eulogising about the merits of a powerful double-shot rifle.
I 'unearth' videos all the time on YouTube. By using the search function.
According to records kept by Safari Club International, a US-based organisation dedicated to protecting the right to hunt, Mr Carter has helped clients to shoot some of the world’s biggest animals. Yet quotes attributed to Mr Carter on the ICWCA’s website say: ‘I have been truly shocked to find how precarious the future of our wildlife is.’
Well, yes. But not because of trophy hunting. That saves more species than wildlife tourism.
The claims are revealed in a new book called Trophy Hunters Exposed: Inside The Big Game Industry.Its author Eduardo Goncalves, who founded the Campaign To Ban Trophy Hunting, questioned the assertion that hunting aids conservation.
So you basically read a book and then decided to look him up on YouTube. Gosh. At least Carter's job is exciting. Imagine being a 'journalist'...
Defending the shooting of big-game animals, Mr Carter said: ‘If you are killing an animal when it’s old and when its genes have already been passed on, there’s no impact to the remaining population of wildlife. That animal can be used to generate revenue and protein for the local community.
‘We need to consider the most likely way for this ecosystem to support itself. I am very pro a sustainable non-hunting method, but other times the hunting model is the only one that can work.’
He said the video was his last for Heym because of the ‘emotional reaction that precludes people from being able to understand the conservation that happens behind it’.
Which the 'Mail' has just proven exists in spades.

The Worst Really Are 'Full Of Passionate Intensity', Aren't They?

Particularly when it comes from the Met Police's social media account:

I guess the nauseating spectacle of some of their officers kneeling in supplication before jeering protestors in Downing Street wasn't enough.

And then one of their hapless fools checked the calendar and followed that up with this:

It beggars belief that anyone could bring themselves to type that guff. But I guess a job is a job, right?

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

"We've Tried Nothing And We're All Out Of Ideas!" Pt 2879254

Groups of up to 80 teenagers have been drinking, smoking and playing football on Hove Lawns this week, angering residents who have branded them “stupid little idiots”.
Labour councillor for the area Chris Henry said police and the city council are “powerless” to tackle the groups, who have been meeting amid coronavirus restrictions.
Why are they 'powerless'? Even Essex Police have managed to get off their lazy backsides and halt gatherings.

And the Met show a hell of a lot of power when they are demanding people stop singing in public, after all.

What makes Hove police so meek?
On Thursday, he said: “Today I had a conference call with the chief executive of the council and executive officers. I asked specifically about Hove Lawns and the startling and sudden increase in young people congregating together. Unfortunately the police and council are powerless to stop this.
“The council had considered marshals patrolling the area but felt they would be ignored and would merely inflame the situation. I asked that high visibility signs be erected to at least warn and remind the groups why social distancing is important.”
So....basically, they aren't prepared to do the job they are paid for?

If my windowcleaner turns up on Tuesday and announces he'll only do the ground floor windows, but expects to be paid the same, he'll get short shrift. In what way is this different?
The representative for Westbourne Ward has appealed to residents to help with ideas to tackle the issue.
I'm not a resident, but I've got a few. Think he'd like to hear them?
Speaking about the youths, he said: “I sympathise with them, they’ve been cooped up for 12 weeks with no school.
“The sun has come out and they have been told they’re low risk. We should not demonise the children, it’s understandable.
“I’m asking the community how do we allow them to get fresh air and exercise?”
How about a few months on a chain gang?

Predictions Coming True With Frightening Speed....



Any questions?

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Who Are Herefordshire Council Really Working For..?

Herefordshire Council will discuss the potential resettling of least 125 refugees in Herefordshire over a period of five years when it’s (sis) cabinet meets next week.
Because it's not really the voters of Herefordshire, is it?
The council and its partners have successfully resettled 95 refugees in Hereford between 2016 and 2019.
The families have been welcomed by local people and have made a positive contribution to their local communities in a variety of ways.
None are mentioned, strangely... Wouldn't you have thought they'd have examples?

Are there any clues as to what these nebulous 'positive contributions are? Well, yes, actually. They are buried in the alternative options.
1. Not to make any further commitment to the refugee resettlement scheme at this time.
This option is not recommended as participating in the scheme broadens Herefordshire’s diversity, supporting economic and community growth and resettlement has been successful, suggesting little reason not to extend further.
There you have it. That's the 'positive contribution' they make, according to the good burghers of Herefordshire. They aren't those awful white Christian voters....

Well, voters of Herefordshire, you know what to do, don't you?

H/T: Fahrenheit211 via email

Who Makes You Feel Safer?

Political diversity hire police chief:
Real police sheriff:
Any questions?