Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Why Should They Listen, When There Are So Few Consequences?

Megan Palmer, 27, and her husband James were trying for their second child but their plans were interrupted following the medical error at Rochford Medical Practice.
What sort?
Megan visited the practice for a vitamin B12 injection, which helps improve fertility.
Instead she was given Depo-Provera, a powerful birth control shot - despite querying the packaging with the nurse.
The subsequent anxiety as to whether she would ever conceive again led to Megan developing a psychological disorder, which was diagnosed by a consultant psychiatrist.
*sceptical face*
The Palmers decided to make a claim for medical negligence against Rochford Medical Practice and won their case. Megan was subsequently awarded £5,500 in compensation.
Is that all?
She added: “We decided we would make a claim because we felt it was important to show how vital it is that nurses listen to their patients.”
Unless the nurse has to pay it directly out of her own pocket, the chances of that happening are vanishingly small.

Is Vehicular Jihad Coming To An End?

A man has been charged after a video showed two elderly women being rammed by a mobility scooter.
Aaron Ali, of Poplar Place, Thamesmead, has been charged with causing actual bodily harm to the two women who were waiting for a bus in Welling.
Couldn't get hold of a lorry?
While in custody on suspicion of ABH, Ali was also charged with possessing cannabis and criminal damage after he allegedly urinated in two police cells and damaged a laptop during questioning.
Ali, 40, will appear at Bromley Magistrates' Court tomorrow (June 20).
Oh, to be a fly on that wall!

Tuesday, 19 June 2018


After the case, Connor’s mum Michelle Hitchman said: “The death of my son has caused much heartache and self-destruction, not just to myself but to everyone who knew him. Connor was a loveable rogue and a free spirit.
Oh oh!
“He was loving and caring and he would do anything for anyone. Our hearts will forever be broken and I will forever mourn the loss of my son.
“I wish for us to be alone in peace to grieve.”
Hmm, it seems comments have been left open. I wonder if th...


The judge didn't quite put it like that, but he left everyone in no doubt that Ms Hitchman's recollection of her little angel might not quite match with reality:
Judge Gold QC said: “The background to this case amounts to problems between your friends and Connor’s. He and his group were assaulting other boys, recording it on their phones and posting it on social media. Had that behaviour been reported then it could have been dealt with and Connor could well be here today.”
I'm not so sure the outcome would have been that much better if he had.

If You Go Down In The Woods Today...'re sure of a big surprise. The chavshrines have been removed!
A woman and her family have been left distraught after tributes left on her late sister’s grave were cleared away.
'Tributes', eh? I can just imagine...
...the family were shocked to discover that decades worth of trinkets and memorabilia, even a hand-made fence around the perimeter of the plot, had been removed by site staff.
Decades worth. Decades!
Ms Goddard said: “If we, as many families do, remember our family member with decorations and memorabilia, then that is our choice. My parents paid for the plot, and now they are being told that they can’t grieve in the way they have for 20 years? I think that is so wrong.
“Some of the plots have been there for thirty or forty years, and I hate to think that an older person who can only visit their child’s grave once a year might go and discover all those personal items missing.”
So this came out of the blue, did it?
Councillor Andrew Moring, executive councillor of corporate and community support at Southend Council said: “Letters were sent to families with officially adopted memorials in November 2017, and notices have been displayed ever since by the memorabilia, so that anyone who hasn’t had official adopted memorials or left their contact details, could be made aware.
“Please be assured, we are not removing any plots. The greatest care has been taken since this work was began on 8th May 2018. We have started to remove all the informal memorabilia that has badly deteriorated and has not been visited for years.
"We took photos of all the sites and numbered them. We are carefully removing the items, boxing them up and are putting a photo on the box so they can be easily recognised. They will be stored for up to six months for collection by the parents.
“We appreciate that many families want to have memorials by their plots, and we offer a range of official adopted memorials, details of which are available at the cemetery office.
“The council is responsible for the area, but has been working closely with Essex Sands to find ways of creating a more pleasant and appropriate environment for the baby and child memorial area.”
Translation: "Enough is enough! Take your moldy teddy bears and ghastly plastic orchids home!"

Monday, 18 June 2018

Entitlement Wars!

A Blue Badge owner has accused Dartford Heath Retail Park of discrimination after...
Oh boy! *settles in with popcorn*
...the disabled parking spaces in its car park were repainted.
Eh? To a colour that upset the colourblind?
Helen Staniforth, 49, drove to Dunelm at the park on Monday afternoon to do some shopping.
When she arrived, she realised the disabled spaces, which are closer to the shop for easy access, had been changed to also cater for parents and children.
Ah! Now I see the problem.
"It's discrimination against disabled people," she told News Shopper.
The mother-of-three added: "I understand you do need spaces for mothers and babies because you need more space to take the car seat out."
But she said there was "no point" in having disabled bays at all if they were dual-use.
Yes, it's 'My needs are greater than yours!' again.
News Shopper contacted London Metric for an explanation as to why the bays had been changed.
A spokesman for the company said: "It is our intention to reinstate a minimum of two of the bays for disabled use only.
"Thereafter, we will monitor usage and feedback.
"We understand the importance of accessibility for all and apologise for parking problems that this has caused in the meantime."
There you go! I now eagerly await the mums with pushchairs registering their disapproval.

Aristocrats Aren't What They Used To Be....

A cousin of the Duchess of Cornwall has been fined £500 after admitting owning a dog that attacked four people.
Not a Staffie, you'll note...
Camilla Parker Bowles’s cousin shouted “get off my land” as the animal went for a 46-year-old jogger, her 58-year-old husband on a bike and the hikers, who were in their 70s.
He made “no attempt” to leash the animal – a breed engineered in 1955 for use in operations by Czech special forces.
Sounds like an expensive beast, and I thought the landed gentry were all really quite poor?
Edmonstone, 46 – the son of Sir Archibald Edmonstone, the 7th baronet of Duntreath Castle – appeared at Stirling Sheriff Court in cuffs, having been jailed for 21 months in February over £60,000 benefit frauds.
Sheriff William Gilchrist fined Edmonstone but refused to ban him from keeping dogs in the future.
*rolls eyes*
Sundance, bought for £2000, was returned it to its breeder without a refund to Edmonstone.
Well, it did its job, so I guess no refund was forthcoming!

Saturday, 16 June 2018

This Is What Happens When You Appease Lunatics

My hometown became a foodie paradise starting a decade or so ago, when I lived in California. At first it was beautiful. With each visit home, I noticed new food carts selling everything from Korean tacos and Thai-Hainanese chicken and rice to Texas-style pulled pork. Later came breweries, exotic doughnut shops and haute-hipster ice-cream parlors.
But these days politics is ruining the scene.
Just like everything else.
One of the first victims, Sally Krantz, in 2016 opened a bistro, Saffron Colonial, featuring historical recipes from the British Empire. Furious social-justice warriors accused her of racism and glorifying colonialism. Mobs gathered outside the establishment, and detractors swamped its Yelp page with negative reviews and insults. Suppliers boycotted her. Eventually Ms. Krantz gave in and changed the name to British Overseas Restaurant Corporation.
Never ever ever give in. It just emboldens them.
Blood was in the water. In the spring of 2017, Kali Wilgus and Liz Connelly were accused of “stealing” Mexican culture—by selling burritos from a truck. They received death threats and shut down their business and their social-media presence.
Wait, what? It's 'stealing culture' to cook foreign dishes? Has anyone told Delia and Jamie?
Then an anonymous Google spreadsheet began circulating warning about restaurants that served ethnic cuisine: “These white-owned businesses hamper the ability for POC”—people of color—“to run successful businesses of their own . . . by either consuming market share with their attempt at authenticity or by modifying foods to market to white palates.”
Ah, right, so before I buy some egg fried rice I've got to demand the owner's passport, to make sure they are authentically Chinese?

And woe betide him if he tries to offer me some chop suey!
Last month Lillian Green, an “equity director” at the state Education Department, entered Back to Eden, a vegan bakery, a few minutes after closing time. She recorded videos accusing the bakery of refusing to serve her because she was black. Using the hashtag #LivingWhileBlack, Ms. Green—a doctoral student at Lewis and Clark College—took to Facebook to demand that Back to Eden fire the clerks. The bakery obliged, issued a 3,400-word apology, and offered Ms. Green a job training the remaining employees in “racial inclusivity.”
Which is not so much appeasing the crocodile so it eats you last, but throwing yourself into the beast's jaws right away.
“In this situation it doesn’t really matter that the two staff members working are not themselves racist because the call they made to deny Lillian service caused her to feel like she had been discriminated against,” co-owner Joe Blomgren wrote in a now-deleted Facebook statement. “Sometimes impact outweighs intent and when that happens people do need to be held accountable.”
Here's a controversial idea: why not hold people like Lillian responsible, for a change? Why not explain to them that their take on a situation is wrong, and the employees were right, and if she doesn't like it, she can go elsewhere?
Last week the Backyard Social tavern hosted a “Reparations Happy Hour,” during which “Black, Brown, and Indigenous people” were each given $10 and a drink paid for by white donors—who were asked not to attend.
These people are cutting their own throats. And I'd sit back and laugh, were it not so potentially serious.