Saturday, 18 May 2019

Useful Idiots Again...

Jacob Berkson from Brighton Migrant Solidarity, the protesters who clashed with police this afternoon, said: “The protest is about preventing immigration snatching people from our community and putting them indefinitely in detention.
“We are a peaceful resistance to a hostile environment.
“We’re here to support these people so [immigration officers] will think twice before coming back to our town.”
'Your' town? It seems you're determined to make it someone else's town....
The Home Office said the 17 men arrested for immigration offences presented themselves as Albanian, Indian, Ukrainian and Kazakhstani.
In other words, no-one's quite sure what they really are. So, what about those swinging fines for companies employing illegals, then?
A spokeswoman for U&I said: "We are committed to ethical practice and our contracts with construction contractors require that they abide by employment and immigration law and that all site personnel are qualified to come on site.
"We are aware that Home Office officials have visited the site this morning, and we are unable to provide any further details until their investigation is complete.’’
By which time you're hoping it'll be quietly forgotten.

Oh, It's An 'Affront To The Justice System' All Right!

A policeman who let a dangerous 'ticking timebomb' dog off its lead before it attacked an innocent athlete will not be prosecuted.
PC Youll took Ilko to the National Trust park near his home on June 6 and let him off the lead - allegedly against protocol.
Ilko then attacked Mr Taylor and refused to respond to orders from PC Youll.
 Hmmm. There's a lot of this going about lately, isn't there?
Ilko was put down shortly after the attack.
PC Youll was to stand trial this week but a judge has ruled it would be an 'affront to the justice system' if a prosecution was to go ahead after hearing of failings by Cleveland Police and the dog's former owner - West Mercia Police.
Ooh, I think this might turn out to be rather familiar territory, somehow...
The animal carried out a vicious attack while serving for West Mercia Police in 2011 but the force failed to fully share details when it offloaded Ilko to Cleveland Police in a cut-price deal.
Cleveland Police also then failed to properly share details of the dog's background to PC Youll, the judge found.
Well, well, well....
The abuse of process hearing was told how Ilko carried out an unprovoked attack at a training exercise at West Mercia in October 2011.
A police observer was put in hospital after the attack left deep wounds.
Hey, it was just 'unexpectedly detaining' him, wasn't it?
But internal emails from West Mercia confirmed the force knew the animal posed a risk before the sale to Cleveland. West Mercia suspended Ilko's licence and carried out a safety assessment.
The force's emails said: 'If things went wrong again, there would be no backing from the force, especially in the current climate'. The assessment concluded the dog was 'unpredictable in nature and does pose a risk when deployed in certain operational roles'.
It said: 'The dog has shown it can bite without provocation. It would not be appropriate to offer a licence for this dog.'
Ilko was removed from service in October 24, 2011 three days before being sold to Cleveland.
I'm only astonished it wasn't given as a pet to a serving police officer!
West Mercia emails also detailed how the force wanted to recoup its money. They read: 'With the current financial climate we are not in a financial position to simply buy another dog. If we can sell the dog we may be in a position to purchase another.'
PC Youll's barrister Selvaraju Ramasamy said the force had two options, which were also detailed in the emails. The first was to 'see if the breeder would want to take the dog back'.
The second was to 'see if there is anyone interested from the police or prison service, in my mind he would make a good attack dog'.
So knowing they had an unpredictable animal they couldn't fully control, they were prepared to give it back (or sell it back) to a civilian, or to another farce?

Hmmm. I wonder what the law would say were they to knowingly sell a defective police car..?
...merely days after Ilko was deemed a risk, Cleveland Police bought him for the slashed price of £1,200 on October 27, 2011.
'In 2011, PC Youll meets Ilko, because Cleveland Police buys the dog from West Mercia Police,' Mr Ramasamy said. 'They bought the dog for £1,200, which is interesting as West Mercia were after £1,800 to £2,000, so somehow the price has come down, one wonders why that is?'
One does indeed, Mr Ramasamy, one does indeed...
Ilko was put to work in Teesside and was given to PC Youll as a replacement dog, after his original had to be put down for biting him.
It's probably just as well that he didn't take the stand, or we'd no doubt find out he's less a rugged PC Snow type, more a bit like PC Baines...
Responding to the outcome of the latest hearing, a Cleveland Police spokesman said: 'The judgment of the court is welcome and comes at the end of what has been a very upsetting period for the officer involved.
He's the victim, people!
'Throughout this process we have been mindful that whatever the outcome a member of the public was injured by what was at the time a Cleveland Police dog and we would reassure our communities that lessons have been learned.'
Who the hell would be reassured by this, given they seem incapable of it?

Friday, 17 May 2019

"“...there’s a real richness and uniqueness at this school which is not commonplace in Kent.”"

Thus quoth executive head of Pilgrim's Way School Graham Chisnell.
Just 18 months ago, Pilgrims’ Way School was reeling from a damning Ofsted report, which said an “unprecedented” influx of children from a deprived London borough had contributed to its struggle.
But as the school faces a potential new intake from the same council, academy bosses say it has the space and is much better-equipped to cope with its multi-cultural pupils' background.
It'll need to be - they speak 25 different languages. And a third only speak English as a second or third language.

Its chief, meanwhile, speaks pure Common Purpose bollocks:
...he and his staff are embracing the school’s multi-cultural make-up, which he says brings a unique and rewarding learning experience for its children.
“We are now well-versed in supporting children from a variety of cultures,” he said
“To have that social diversity will be a really valuable thing for our children as they grow and learn.”
I bet if you asked him just why Kent needs this 'enriching', he'd struggle to answer...

H/T: Trickybroon via Twitter

I'm Guessing It Wasn't Parsley, Sage, Rosemary And Thyme..?

His mother Rebecca said she is “living a nightmare”.
They said Mr Potter had his troubles with police but was “maturing” and spending time at the gym. He had a passion for picking herbs.
Hmmmm, well, herbal things, anyway.
Gasson had claimed he was acting in self defence as he believed Mr Potter held a knife to his throat while trying to steal his drugs.
But witnesses did not see a knife being used by Mr Potter, who died from his injuries in nearby Watson Close in November last year.
Gasson told police: “I saw red, I had no control. It was all like instinct.”
Aren't humans supposed to rise above animal instinct?
After a three-week trial at Hove Crown Court, a jury found him guilty of murder and of possessing a knife in public.
Gasson separately admitted possessing cocaine with intent to supply.
Judge Jeremy Gold QC jailed him for life, with a minimum term of 15 years.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Warning Colouration

A mother tired of the disapproving glances and barbed comments her five-year-old with autism receives has designed a clothing range to alert people to his behaviour.
Err, doesn't his behaviour itself alert people to that?

What she really means, of course, is 'alert people to the excuse' for his behaviour.
“When we go out, it doesn’t look like there’s anything wrong with him – he looks like a normal run-of-the-mill kid,” the 41-year-old said.
“Oscar does have unpredictable behaviour, though. He gets lots of looks and gets called naughty by adults.
“We’ve had ‘for god’s sake, shut up’ because he can really scream. We have experienced people saying to us before ‘if he were mine, he’d be getting a smack’.
“I’ve also been in meetings where Oscar isn’t referred to by his name and is only talked about when people say ‘what’s wrong with him’. It’s really offensive.”
People out for a quiet shop or walk probably think having their ears assaulted by a screaming child is pretty offensive, love.
The label sells t-shirts for children and adults emblazoned with messages like “be kind I have autism” and “unpredictable and amazing”.
“It’s about informing people in a really gentle way that he may need a wide berth when we’re out,” she explained.
Yes, that's right. She really believes that it's everyone else's responsibility to change their direction and not her's to ensure her child doesn't aggravate other people. Ain't it always the way, latesly?

When Life Hands You Lemons...

...errr, hold on!:
Officers were called to reports of an acid attack in Chequers Lane, Dagenham, at around 2.50pm yesterday (Wednesday).
Emergency services attended and found a 29-year-old woman suffering with a sting to her eye.
Pretty weak acid?
It was later confirmed that a substance was thrown over her and a 38-year-old man, who was not injured.
A Met Police spokeswoman said that the liquid was believed to be a citrus juice.
Curiouser and curiouser.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

"Freeze! Social Media Squad!"

Gloucestershire police has announced they will start to tackle a 'small but vocal' number of people on social media who spout racist and xenophobic statements on their posts.
They have described noticing 'over the past year or so' a minority 'making assumptions' about people based on the colour of their skin or 'name that's not traditional.'
Since when were people unable to make assumptions? That's pretty much what Facebook's for, isn't it?

And 'they've noticed'..? I thought they had to have a complaint before they acted?

But no, this is all to do with their own social media.
The post on the constabulary's Facebook page notes that Gloucestershire police are often 'told to deport' offenders - despite commenters not knowing anything about their citizenship.
They added the team who manages the force's social media will start considering blocking regular commenters who post comments of this nature.
They have a team doing this. A whole team! Devoting taxpayer-paid time to blocking people on Facebook whose opinions they don't like!

Who joins the police to tap away at a keyboard, instead of nicking villains?

And when they've finished tidying up their Facebook page like a self-absorbed teenager, perhaps they'll spare some time to hunt down aggravated burglary suspects or sort out abandoned vehicles a bit quicker?