Wednesday, 25 May 2016

SJWs - Here To Ruin All Our Pleasures....

There’s a question at the heart of the Uncharted games that the latest title, released to great acclaim this month, tackles most directly: is the dashing lead protagonist, Nathan Drake, a hero or a thief?

Can't he be both? Raffles could!
What’s interesting is that these characters continue to flourish in a culture that is becoming increasingly sceptical towards the idea of acquiring and retaining cultural artefacts from overseas. This is a time in which the British Museum is under constant pressure from Greece’s culture minister to return the Parthenon marbles to their country of origin. This debate has raged for decades, with the name “Lord Elgin” is now all but synonymous with idea of cultural imperialism.
What on earth this has to do with games is anyone's guess. It seems that the SLWs are determined you can't even pretend to be non-politically correct in your leisure time.
Many of us are sensitive to the case put forward by countries that have seen their treasures dispersed around the globe; but while playing Uncharted or Tomb Raider, we’ll spend hours of our free time engaged in the process of removing valuable cultural artefacts from their native homes.
Yes. Because it's just a bloody game.
...Drake’s sticky fingered approach to archaeology is something of an ethical quandary. The word “loot” is widely used in video games to mean any collectible item, but few of us stop and consider its connotations.
Perhaps Lara Croft’s reinvention as a thoughtful explorer and the ending of the Uncharted series will mark a new era for this thorny archetype; maybe we will see a new generation of video game adventurers more attuned to the politicised interests of this generation.
Dear god, games made by and for progressives: the horror, the horror..!
...what’s clear is that there’s a growing determination to expose and neutralise the cultural hangovers of colonialism and imperialism – whether they’re exhibited in the appropriation of ideas or objects. For good or ill, it is difficult to imagine that a generation who believe that Rhodes Must Fall will allow the adventuring archaeologist figure to stand uncontested.
What do they plan instead, I wonder?


Police called to deal with a fight ended up in a nine hour operation, halting trains and leaving an officer hospitalised.
Officers were called to a fight outside Muchos Nachos, in Whyke Road, Chichester, at 10.20pm on Saturday.
When one man was believed to have run away across the railway line trains had to be stopped.
Officers then found a man in Wyke Road and sprayed him with captor spray - but he ran away again.
Another officer traced him to a industrial estate in Gravel Lane, but he assaulted the officer leaving him unconscious.
Another officer Tasered the suspect but he got away again. Eventually the man was traced to an address in Bognor Road, Merston at 4.30am.
Firearms officers and negotiators then spent almost three hours on the scene, before tasering the suspect again and arresting him at 7.20am.
What I wouldn't give to see footage of this epic battle...

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

A Clash Of Titans..

It's the NHS vs the cycling lobby. Yet another 'Can't they both lose..?' moment:
A top London hospital today sparked an angry row with cycling campaigners after launching an unprecedented campaign against a proposed bike lane on Westminster bridge.
Bosses at St Thomas’s hospital fear the design of the segregated lane - placing it between bus stops and the route to the hospital’s main entrance - will put patients at risk of colliding with cyclists.
 Ooh, the popcorn's going to be coming out for this one!
Similar “floating” bus stops have already caused a major headache at Elephant & Castle, where Transport for London officials have been patrolling daily to prevent passengers stepping into the path of cyclists.
What a fabulous job creation scheme!
But cycle campaigners say the “floating” designs are being used safely on the CS2 cycle superhighway near the Royal London hospital in Whitechapel, and avoid forcing cyclists to divert into moving traffic to pass bus stops.
So why aren't they having the same issue at Elephant & Castle? It's a puzzle.

And the big beasts are starting to get involved.
MP Kate Hoey, whose Vauxhall constituency includes the hospital, called on Mr Khan to intervene. She said: “TfL’s plans for so-called ‘floating’ bus stops are potentially dangerous.
"Every day thousands of patients – many of them elderly, pregnant or with sick children – use the bus stop outside St Thomas’. The present plans ignore this vulnerable population and I do not believe that adequate thought has been given to their needs.”
*munches popcorn* How will the cyclists respond?

Funny Sort Of 'Respect'...

...that thinks forbidding a man to do as he pleases with his own property, property he has literally shed blood for, is the correct course of action.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Beware! Liar!

The court heard the teenager had a history of speaking to men online and arranging to meet then, before confronting them.
Judge Christoper Ball QC said some of her evidence in court was "plainly untrue" and her validity as a witness in any future court case must be considered.
He said: "The prosecution must give careful consideration before relying on the evidence of this witness in any pending case if they are putting her forward as a witness of truth.
"Her account of her movements and conduct in this matter falls seriously short of the truth.
"Her denials of knowledge of the use of a knife were plainly untrue."
That being the case, your honour (and this is quite an extraordinary statement, isn't it?), perhaps the general public ought to be entitled to know who she is?

Sssh, Brian! You're Ruining The Narrative!

A friend of the victim, Brian Markintosh, said that Mr Woods was 6ft 6in tall but said: “He’s such a gentle giant. He’s the kindest person you could imagine.
“This geezer broke his jaw with a knuckleduster. He was filming the young gay guys.
“And when he was attacking him he was shouting all this Muslim stuff but no one wants to hear that.
Gosh! Not just homophobia, but a religion-based hate crime!
Sussex Police said that it was not aware of any racial or religious element to the assault.
Apart from the accused's behaviour and the eyewitness accounts, that is...

Sussex Police recruitment poster
H/T: WoaR in comments

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Never Give Up On Your Dreams....

...after all, Rochford doesn't!

But Not At The 'Mail'....

...where they have to label the animal pictured for their readers.

Even more surprising is that it's correctly labelled (this time)...

Sunday Funnies...

And Hollywood'll get right on it, once they've run out of classic films to remake...

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Want To Bet Those 'Terribly Overworked' Teachers Find Time For This?

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development aims to analyse pupils’ attitudes towards ‘cultural diversity’ for the first time.
Fifteen-year-olds will be asked about their understanding of global issues such as migration alongside separate tests in reading, maths and science.
Gosh! How will teachers cope with more work?
The ‘global competence’ assessments are proposed for the 2018 round of PISA (the Programme for International Student Assessment), which is run by the OECD.
Children from about 80 countries including England are expected to participate.
 Ah. My bet is they'll find time for it after all...
Pupils completing the PISA questionnaires will be asked about topics such as immigration and whether they enjoy unfamiliar food.
Under the plans, they will be asked whether their teachers ‘talk in a respectful way’ and are ‘open to personal contact’ with people from ‘all cultural or ethnic groups’.
Other potential questions focus on whether staff ‘have lower academic expectations’ for students from some ethnic groups and ‘apply the same criteria’ to grading and disciplining children ‘irrespective of their cultural origin or ethnic group’.
 Oh, yes. This is propaganda, plain and simple.
Andreas Schleicher, director for education and skills at the OECD, said it was vital to measure pupils’ perceptions of their teachers’ attitudes to different cultures and ethnicities.
He told the Times Educational Supplement: ‘We are looking at what students perceive to be teachers’ attitudes.
‘We believe that perception will shape and will frame the way in which students learn about global competencies.
‘For example, if you have a teacher who says: “The textbook says I have to teach you about the diversity of cultures, but I think it’s complete nonsense” – in an environment like this a student is not going to engage themselves. But imagine a teacher who confronts them with the difficulties refugees face in England in getting integrated, and then I think you would probably get a very different stance from pupils.’
And the teachers will lap it up....