Thursday, 21 August 2014

But I Thought His Catchphrase Was ‘Who Loves Ya, Baby’..?

A paranoid schizophrenic knifeman who tried to murder two women in Catford and Plumstead Common has been detained indefinitely in a mental hospital.
Archibald Reverent Foster had been hearing the voice of Kojak actor Telly Savalas telling him to kill people so he could be the next black president of the USA when he struck twice last year.
Errr, right…
Ms Nguyen was left with injuries to her hand, arm and leg. In a witness statement she said the trauma meant she sometimes still feels scared of walking alone.
A 51-year-old man was arrested in connection with the incident on August 22, but was subsequently released without charge.
So the police had Foster and let him go? Well, no. This was someone completely innocent. Who now has an arrest on his record.

One wonders just how and why he came to the police’s attention…
But Foster was not arrested and was free to strike again weeks later, this time attacking Stratford careworker Ms Kun, who was enjoying a sunny walk to work in Plumstead.
/golfclap for the Met there…
A jury took just under an hour to decide that Foster - whose mental state meant he was not fit to plead - did attempt to murder the two women.
Judge Michael Topolski sentenced Foster, who has been diagnosed as insane, to an unlimited time in a mental health institution.
I wonder if he has a record of these sort of attacks? It wouldn’t surprise me one bit.
Investigating officer Acting Detective Sergeant Stephanie Chance said: “I would like to thank the two victims for their courage and the support they’ve given to the investigation throughout. This was a horrific, unprovoked attack on them both and I wish them the very best for the future.
"I would also like to commend the bravery of each of the witnesses who went to the aid of both victims. Without their courage and intervention these attacks could well have been fatal. "I am very pleased with the sentence, a very dangerous man is now off the streets and is receiving the care and treatment that he requires.
"I would also like to thank DC Shukeil Mandala from Lewisham for his assistance in this investigation, leading to the conviction of Mr Foster."
And just what did officer Mandala do? Point out you had the wrong man? Point you to the right one?

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Just Another Grandstanding Coroner, Or..?

A coroner has called for an internal police probe into the investigation of a mental health patient’s unexpected death.
Caroline Beasley-Murray complained to Essex Police’s professional standards department after an inquest into the death of Lee Usselman, 55, who was found dead at his Canvey home.
It seems the police didn’t see any suspicious circumstances, and Ms Beasley-Murray thinks they didn’t look very hard (which, to give her her due, they do have a bit of form for, after all).
Mrs Beasley-Murray recorded an open verdict, saying there was not enough evidence that Mr Usselman of Harvest Road took his own life, or that he died following an accidental overdose. She was critical of Essex Police’s investigation of the death.
It seems Ms Beasley-Murray might have watched one too many courtroom dramas.
Mrs Beasley-Murray heard PC Rachel Moss had single-handedly investigated the death, before deciding there were no suspicious circumstances. Cross examining the officer, she asked: “You were on you’re (sic) own, you did not inform an inspector?”
PC Moss said she did not because “there were no suspicious circumstances”. Mrs Beasley-Murray added: “You should have,” but the PC insisted it was policy not to inform an inspector unless there were suspicious circumstances.
The coroner added: “Did you not want confirmation from the inspector? Did you take any photos or request any other police attend? You had no back-up from anyone else?
“You keep quoting force policy, but I know the force policy too.”
PC Moss replied: “No there were no photos and no back up.”
That must have been almost as entertaining as the classic scene in ‘A Few Good Men’.
Mrs Beasley-Murray said: “Were there any empty blister packs? Did you photograph them? Anything else noteworthy? You have not got a photographic record.”
PC Moss said: “I spoke to Susan Usselman, his wife.
“He had been in hospital and depressed and had previously tried to overdose. He was on restricted medication.
“I checked his pocket. There was no note. In his wallet was a piece of paper, but it was not significant.
“There was an empty beer bottle by the bed. There was nothing at the time to suggest suspicious circumstances.”
Medical records show Mr Usselman had a history of selfharm and taking overdoses, depression and alcohol problems.
It would seem that it wouldn’t take Columbo to solve this one. So…why the fuss?
Mrs Beasley-Murray said: “I am not sure he formed the intention and took a deliberate act to take his own life.
“The court has also considered if it was an accident, that he took the tablets and drink deliberately and did not expect it to turn out like that, but there is also not sufficient evidence to record it as an accident.
“I am going to record an open verdict.”
Which seems rather perverse, though I can appreciate the natural desire to do all one can for the surviving family.

"I once talked a guy out of blowing up the Sears Tower but I can't talk my wife out of the bedroom or my kid off the phone."

The Roundhill Tunnels near Folkestone were closed last night because police were worried about a man who was spotted in the road, a spokesman revealed this morning.
The London-bound carriageway of the tunnel on the A20 was shut from 10.45pm to just after 1am leaving queues of traffic trapped inside.
This is becoming a typical response to these incidents.
Police officers and Highways Agency employees turned the vehicles around while a trained negotiator spoke to the pedestrian and eventually persuaded him to accept medical assistance from paramedics in a waiting ambulance.
Which probably explains this:

Can't have the public expressing their displeasure at the police actions, can we?

H/T: anon in comments

Cocking A Snook At Justice…

Gemma Snook, 24, was with a pal when they held up Martins Newsagents, in Clay Hill Road, Basildon, on June 8.
The pair started a row with a female shop assistant about the Post Office being closed on a Sunday. They then jabbed a knife at her face and ordered her to hand over about £50 from the till.
Snook, who has 21 previous convictions dating back to when she was 15-years-old, was handed an 18-month prison sentence, suspended for two years.
Matthew Bone, mitigating, said Snook had turned to drugs and a life of crime after a difficult childhood.
Oh, wait, I know it’s here somewhere…

Recorder Elroy Claxton said: “I understand from your pre-sentence report, that if given some assistance you may be able to lead a life free of drugs and crime.
“If you breach this suspended sentence order you will come back here and I will have absolutely no choice but to send you to jail.”
Funny, I don’t seem to need any ‘assistance’ to stop me from threatening behaviour & robbery. Nor do so many others.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Call Of The Migratory Summer Chav: “Com..Pen..Say…Shun!”

A girl has had her family holiday ruined after breaking her ankle at Chalkwell Fair.
Tiegan Jackson, seven, landed badly on a ball while bouncing on the trampoline in one of the enclosures on the first day of the fair, at Chalkwell Park.
In immense pain and unable to put weight on her foot, she was taken by mum Kelly Ilett, 31..
Wait, what? Different surnames? Oh, I see where this is going…
Before leaving, Miss Ilett
… of Denton Avenue, Westcliff, said: “She’s in a lot of pain and, if you’re flying within 48 hours of having a cast fitted, you need a doctor’s certificate.
“So we’re hoping we’re not going to have to cancel it, because it’s been booked since last April and has cost a lot money.
“Even if we do go, it’s ruined for her – she’s not going to be able to do anything.
“We’ve been looking forward to this and it’s our other daughter’s 12th birthday while we’re away, but Tiegan is going to have to just watch her sisters have fun – it’s going to be so boring for her.”
Not if she can find the pie shop, judging by the picture of her the paper printed!
A spokesman for Southend Carnivals said the incident was not reported to staff at the time, but that procedures were in place for dealing with such accidents to ensure a safe environment.
And no doubt their insurers have procedures for dealing with the likes of the Ilett-Jacksons of this world…

"All the police have said is I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but I don’t think that’s what they would have said if it had been my dog."

And that 'wrong place'..? Just walking home on a public street.

Asking for it, wasn't he?
Craig said: “It’s just not something you expect to happen.
“The police told my partner it was on a lead but was too far out for the officer to control it, and if that’s the case they should have it on a shorter lead.
“You don’t want somebody who’s got nothing to do with a police incident getting involved in a chase.”
He said the police knew instantly the dog had caught the wrong person as the suspect they were looking for was wearing shorts.
I guess the dog didn't read the BOLO...
A spokesman for GMP admitted a man had been bitten by a police dog during the response to reports of the fight, which was treated as a grade one incident, receiving scratches on his arms and puncture wounds on the thigh.
At least they didn't kill this one...

I Beg To Differ…

They made unlikely jihadis; Amal el-Wahabi was described by her own barrister as a "foul-mouthed, phone-addicted, weed-smoking kaffir", Nawal Msaad a glamorous university student who had to be warned by the judge for associating with a male defendant in another court.
Actually, they sound like just the sort of dim-witted airheads who would fall for something like this…
Wahabi was held in the sway of her husband who had swapped drug-dealing and criminality in the UK for jihad in Syria, while her old schoolfriend Msaad was accused of being an unquestioning mule who was drawn by the promise of €1,000 (£800) to carry money to Turkey.
Their appearance in court reveals just how wide the net is being cast by anti-terrorist officers to deter those who are lured to fight in Syria and those who might choose to support them back home. Sources confirm that these two women were not extremists; and were not a threat in any way to this country.
Oh, I don't think you need to be a card-carrying jihadi fighter or supporter to be that, do you? Being enough of an airhead or petty criminal that you can be duped into this sort of thing makes you a threat too.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Too Late – You’ve Already Started Down That Slippery Slope…

Drunk people coming to A&E have made emergency departments “a hostile environment” for many patients – but charging people who have been drinking is not the answer to overcrowding, doctors have said.
Hmm, I wonder what the answer is then?

Could it be ‘paying doctors more’, or ‘hiring more of them’..?
Dr Tom Black, chair of the BMA’s Northern Ireland General Practitioners Committee said that, while drink and drugs were causing major problems on A&E, charging patients would backfire.
“In A&E at the moment we have a situation where demand from drinkers and drug-addled people is blocking off other patients in need,” he said.
“Some patients now regard A&E as a hostile environment which they’ll only go to as a last resort – that’s not good enough. We have to find a way to discriminate between needs and demands.”
However, asking for payment at hospital would harm the doctor-patient relationship, he said. “But from a doctor’s point of view, why would you want to put your hand out before you see someone? If you’re at a barbecue, have a few beers too many and somebody hits a cricket ball that knocks you on the head, do you turn up at A&E and get fined because you’ve got a few beers in you? it doesn’t seem reasonable and it would cause such value judgements to be introduced that I can’t see doctors wanting it.”
Woah, hold on there! You already have made value judgements.

You decided that the elderly could safely be starved and dehydrated to death, you decided (for decades) that FGM was a ‘cultural thing’ that you shouldn’t concern yourselves with, you decided that people who used a perfectly legal recreational substance were beyond the pale, and you decided that a woman’s demands are sacrosanct, so what the hell do the laws of the land really mean…

So…what’s one more value judgement?

It’s Like A Choice Between Being Shot Or Poisoned…

Southend’s councillors hold the key to the future of a disused studio building at the centre of rival bids to turn it into an “alternative school”, or an Islamic centre.
Ye gods! Hippy kids or Islamowhackjobs? What a choice…
One of the bidders is the Muslim charity which ran an Islamic centre in a Westcliff bungalow for four years without planning permission.
The other group wants to reopen the building as the One Love Centre, housing an Epic Quest “alternative school”, which would share music and dance facilities with the public outside lesson times.
Southend Council will consider both applications in the coming months, and could approve one, both or neither.
Might I suggest a fourth option? There’s still the Dale Farm hangers-on to house, after all…

*evil grin*

I’ve No Doubt, But The Only One Who Could Answer Them Is Dead…

Keith Barrett, a partner at the firm, said: "Mrs Maudsley’s family are devastated by her death and have been left with many questions about whether the collision could have been prevented."
Well, yes. She could have not run out into the road from behind a bus. She was 51 years old, after all, not a toddler.