Saturday, 21 July 2018

When Your Train Fares Go Up, You'll Have Hayley Peebles To Thank For It..

The coroner stated he will be writing to Network Rail suggesting action be taken to prevent others from dying as Taiyah (Ed: chavname ahoy!) did.
Mrs Peebles said she wants to see railway stations made safer following her daughter's tragic death.
Speaking in tribute to her daughter, Mrs Peebles said: 'She was a law unto herself. She was very bubbly. She loved to be out with her friends. She loved spending time with her sisters and nieces.
'She lived every day of her life like it was the last.'
And when you get pissed - at sixteen! - and fool around on the railway line, it just might be!
While barriers have since been put up at Herne Bay station, Mrs Peebles said this is not enough and she wants stations across the country to be made safer.
She continued: 'I am just flabbergasted at the amount of deaths which have happened on the railway and nothing is done.
'It seems it does not matter how many lives they take; nothing is done.
'They are just another statistic. I am not going to let Taiyah become just another statistic.'
Newsflash, love. She already is.

Just another drunken teenager in the mortuary due to poor parenting, lousy choices and so-called friends who didn't give a monkey's for her safety, probably because they were all drunk too.
'Thousands of people have lost their lives because we still run a live rail; we are one of the only countries that runs a live rail now and other countries have overhead lines.'
And you know what? Frankly, one of the underclass frazzled to a crisp on the live rail is something I'm willing to pay to maintain it that way.

And if you asked most commuters if they were prepared to pay yet more of their hard-earned cash for season tickets so that the railways could all be converted to overhead power, they'd say 'Are you bloody mad, you pierced-lipped old bint? Maybe you should raise your kids to have common sense & not stay out all night on the razzle?'

Trying A Different Tack....

Frustratingly, I had left my blue salbutamol inhaler at home – it was a sunny day and I was travelling light – so had to go home much earlier than I wanted to. In truth, whenever the blowback of a cigarette hits my face, I can expect to wheeze and struggle for the rest of the day. This is the sad reality for many of us asthma sufferers. An attack can be triggered by the slightest stimulus, so we stay wedded to our inhalers because of our condition. clearly don't 'stay wedded' at all. You didn't forget it, you admit you left it at home!
It is my personal belief that smoking while walking on the street should be regulated, and that there should be designated smoking areas in outdoor public spaces, or at least a push to make smoking a stationary activity when done outside.
It's not dawned on you that it doesn't really matter if the smoker remains stationary, the smoke won't?
It may sound a bit extreme...
You're not kidding! That's just one of the words that sprang to mind...
...and will no doubt make me wildly unpopular – as well as seeming deeply unfun – ...
Those weren't quite the words that sprang to mind either!
...but it feels to me a fair policy befitting a city that prides itself on safety and tolerance for everyone.
Tolerance for everyone except smokers?
Just as we would expect a person to give up their seat on the tube to someone who might need it more, so too should a smoker respect that the person they are walking by might have an invisible respiratory condition.
And so we see the anti-smoking loons switch horses to push the notion that smoking is somehow 'disablist'.

Friday, 20 July 2018

Maybe She Needed A Help Dog With More Bite?

Amelia Stephenson, 15, from Benfleet was at Thorney Bay Beach, Canvey, last Saturday night with friends when the gang attacked her, knocking her unconscious at about 9.30pm.
There were about 10 people in the gang and Amelia was punched at least seven times.
Emergency services went to the scene and Amelia was taken to Southend Hospital.
 Hmm, Thorney Bay. A place I wouldn't go in broad daylight without a squad of Marines.
“Amelia also suffers with Asperger Syndrome and has a help dog.”
Sadly, not a Rottweiler!
“She left hospital at about 3am on Sunday morning. It was a completely unproved attack.”
Errr, I think that should have read 'unprovoked'..
Claire said she feels hurt for her daughter following the attack on the island beach. She said: “Another girl complimented her on what she was wearing and while talking to Amelia the others attacked her.
“Amelia was face down on the ground and they were still hitting her.
“When I got to the beach, there were about three police cars and paramedics.
“She suffers with anxiety and this will make it worse.
“Police acted so quickly and made an arrest the same night.”
Really? Amazing.

Wait, one arrest?
Police have arrested a a 14-year-old boy from Canvey on suspicion of wounding without intent and common assault. He has been released on bail until July 25.
What about the other 9?

Good Job, Magistrates...!

...that ought to do it, right?
Emma Wyborn, mitigating, said the offending could be the result of bereavement.
"He was previously brought up by a grandmother from a very early age. Very sadly, the grandmother passed away last February and it was a very difficult year for Mr Hotchkiss and the rest of the family," said Miss Wyborn.
Presumably they aren't all starting fires?
She said that Hotchkiss has passed English and maths exams at Nottingham College where he is regarded as a "hardworking student."
He lives with his mother and has a support worker.
Miss Wyborn said he would welcome working regularly with one probation officer who knows all the details of his case.
"It would be beneficial to have the consistency of a probation officer. The privatised sector of the probation service, particularly with vulnerable people, often don't have that consistency.
"He needs to build up a rapport," added Miss Wyborn.
Yes, most conmen prefer to work on one target at a time, it's so much easier...
A probation report said that Hotchkiss is a "high risk of re-offending from statistical calculations.
"I am not saying we can reduce the risk. What I am saying is we can manage it," the report added.
Too much to hope he sets fire to a probation officer's house next time..?
He was ordered to pay a total of £170 as prosecution costs and a government surcharge. The court heard that fire crews attended each incident, with the cost calculated at £265 an hour.
Well, he's really paying his debt to society, isn't he?

Thursday, 19 July 2018

The Grace And Dignity Of A Liverpudlian Funeral...

A relative contacted the ECHO to complain Merseyside Police had acted too aggressively.
She said: "It was a shambles.
"It was too heavy-handed.
"My daughter, who is 11, was vomiting because she was so scared.
"It was wrong what [police] did - they could at least have waited until the funeral had finished.
"There were wild animal scenes INSIDE the crematorium - everyone was fighting.
"There must have been at least 20 police officers there.
"The trouble even affected another funeral that was taking place after ours."
Ah, Liverpool, don't ever change!
A Merseyside Police spokeswoman added: "It is unfortunate that the man was arrested at a funeral and we acknowledge the upset that this may have caused to those inside.
"Officers were waiting to apprehend him after the service but we believe he may have been alerted to our presence and made an attempt to escape.
"We have a duty to the community to apprehend prolific wanted offenders.
"It should be of comfort that he is off the streets, not a concern."
Well, indeed so! And for any normal people, it would be.
His family admitted his tag had been unlawfully taken off by him.
But the relative added: "He's a 17-year-old kid, he's not a murderer."
Not yet, no.

Who Says The British Don't Know How To Complain..?

Kevin Toomey, mitigating, said: “He wanted to speak to the manager to complain that he had not been allowed to use the toilets.”
“He takes full responsibility - it was absolute madness for a man of his age and his reputation.
Yes, that's a pretty fair assessment!
“He knows the owner of the club because he has done charitable concerts there and he thought he would be allowed to nip in and use the toilets.
“Through pure frustration and embarrassment, he armed himself with his axe because he thought he may come under attack when he went back.”
Of course he did. I mean, anyone would. Right?
Sentencing him, Judge Samantha Leigh (Ed: Oh...) said: “You went home and returned with an axe. What on earth possessed you to do that, I don’t know.”
We'll add that to the hugely long list of 'Things Judge Samantha Leigh Doesn't Know', shall we?
Darby was sentenced to one year and two months in prison suspended for two years. He was given a three month nighttime curfew, must complete 150 hours of unpaid work and pay £1,200 in costs plus a victim surcharge.
The axe will be destroyed.
Boy, I feel safer now. Don't you, reader?

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

It's Like The Punchline To That Old Joke...

...isn't it?
Miss Coleman told the judge: "To acknowledge that shows maturity and shows he is accepting what he has done.
"He doesn't want to let this unfortunate situation define him. He wishes to define himself with what he does now rather than what he has done in the past."
If I was an attempted murderer, so would I!
Miss Coleman said the boy has already spent more than seven weeks without visits from his family, because of administrative problems. The detention had prevented him taking some exams which hampered his prospects of taking A-levels.
Wait, he's the victim, somehow?
The judge ordered that the boy's identity should not be revealed to the public because he is under 18. He is to review that decision on Wednesday.
And since we don't know the name, I suppose he must have reviewed it, and decided he was right.

Suddenly, A Modern Tory Learns About Consequences...

When asked about his future on the council, Councillor Coe told the Burton Mail: 'I will continue to the next election but I am not sure whether I will stand again.
'I am still working tirelessly for the community, helping the community, supporting them and dealing with their issues.'
Their issues being they don't think there's enough men manhanding women around the town?
'I have taken so much abuse. I have been threatened in the street so I am limiting my time in the town centre.
'For example I help run a club in the town centre and one day I went back to my car and broken glass had been placed around my tyres.'
You're lucky. Once upon a time, the husband would have come round for a few words...

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Refugees Drunken Hooligans Welcome..?

Mohammad Haj Hussein and Ibrahim Hij Hussein were enjoying a night out at Vodka Revolution in West Street, Brighton, in July last year.
But the Syrian brothers got into an “altercation” inside the venue with Ghamari Ghalati, and instead of going home, they lingered outside before launching a “vicious” attack. The two refugees appeared in court where they admitted feeling “ashamed” about their drinking, as it goes against their Islamic faith.
They fled the fighting to come here and.... errr....
Mohammad, 25, fled from Syria in 2012 and endured a 27-hour boat crossing from Libya to the Italian island of Lampedusa. He also lived in a camp in Dunkirk before being reunited with his brother Ibrahim four years ago.
Meanwhile Ibrahim, 37, has lived in the UK since 2009 and is currently studying a PhD, and has the prospect of becoming a medical sales manager in the Middle East.
Appearing at Lewes Crown Court, they were given suspended prison sentences and ordered to complete 100 hours of community service each.
And immediately deported? No?

Why not? Don't we have enough home grown scum?

Going Through The Motions....

A passerby helped the couple and took them to the Last Post pub where they waited for police to arrive.
They were taken to hospital where they were treated for cuts and bruises.
Brenan had to have a CT scan and an x-ray due to the severity of his head and hand injuries but both were luckily only left with severe bruising.”
Phoebe and 20-year-old Brenan claim police are no longer investigating due to a lack of evidence so the couple are urgently appealing for the witnesses to come forward.
“The issue is that police have closed the investigation due to lack of evidence,” she claimed.
But there were so many people who saw it and helped. I need them to contact police and give them statements.”
Essex Police have said several lines of enquiry were investigated but if anyone has further information, they should get in touch.
I wonder why Deputy Chief Constable Bernie O’Reilly hasn't popped up to 'reassure' people, like he usually does?