Friday, 24 April 2015

Maybe Renaming The ‘Education Village’ Would Help..?

Jack Hunter, from Darlington, fell to his death through the asbestos roof at Darlington Auction Mart in August 1992.
His mother, Christine, said the death of Kyle Hull on Sunday, following his fall last Tuesday, brought back memories of her own bereavement. Mrs Hunter said: "I really feel for the family. I thought something was going to be done after what happened to Jack.
"You can't stop kids being kids, but I did think the market was going to be moved – it was supposedly on the cards when Jack died and it is still being talked about."
And if it was moved, wouldn’t they simply go mess around somewhere else?
Tributes have continued to pour in for 15-year-old Kyle, who was a student at the Education Village.
It clearly wasn’t teaching him much. Of course, the ‘something must be DONE!’ people are mounting their hobby-horses:
Peter Freitag, who is president of the Liberal Democrats in Darlington, also criticised officers at the borough council who he said had attempted to force councillors into a corner having opposed a new cattle mart development on the edge of the town.
“Unfortunately if you put temptations in people’s path they will often take them.
“Other tragedies could happen as well if nothing is done.” He added: “When I moved here in 1965 the cattle mart was an important part of the business of the town, but it isn’t anymore.
“At the moment it is just a bloody nuisance and dangerous.”
It must be nice to be so secure in your political position that you can freely label a business providing much-needed employment ‘a bloody nuisance’, mustn’t it?

Thursday, 23 April 2015


A gay couple have told of their constant struggle with homophobia in Haringey.
Teacher Siobhan Wesley and her partner, charity worker Patricia Macleod, say they are subjected to threatening sexual and homophobic abuse in public on an almost daily basis.
Ms Wesley, 29, said: “All the time this happens, we’re just walking along the street and we get people yelling sexual insults at us, men shouting what they’d like us to do to them and people just screaming ‘lezzers’ at us.”
Old met, short men, fat men, white men? Predominantly one type, or a varied selection?

Surely it’d help to know?
Ms Wesley said : “There’s a really nice community feel in Green Lanes, it’s one of the things we love most about Haringey.
“We feel that more could be done to educate both schoolchildren and adults about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and communities.
“For adults particularly, making them aware that queer people exist in this area, that it’s completely normal and that the comments they make are offensive and against the law is vital.
“We’re grateful for the existing support structures in place but if these things are still happening, this regularly, then more needs to be done.”
Oh, of course. Education, education, education, eh ladies? Sheep-dip the entire population of Haringey…

*Homophobic Mostly Men Of No Appearance

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Oh, Sgt 498, What A Pity No One Flashed You To Warn You About That Tweet…

It would have saved you looking like someone who is happy to catch and fine speeding motorists, but not happy to see them slow down.

Which I’d have thought would have been the opposite of good policing, which declares itself all about prevention…

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Positive Role Models...

Mr Sharratt said McKoy is committed to his family and had been a carer for his mother and grandfather while growing up. His partner gave birth to their son four days after the attack.
"He knows he is going to miss out on the formative years of his son's young life, " said Mr Sharratt, "but is it possible that he could have a sentence that allows him to play a part in his upbringing but that reflects the seriousness of this offence?"
Oh, yes. The usual excuses. Well, maybe he has done wrong, but who’s to say that he can’t be a good influence on his chi…

Sentencing him at Croydon Crown Court today, Judge Warwick McKinnon said he had "no alternative" but life imprisonment. The decision sparked ugly scenes as Zarak's furious father Cavell McKoy confronted the judge, shouting that the outcome had been "set from the beginning" as security staff dragged him from the room.
His son then stood up in the dock and shouted toward the judge "suck your mum, rudeboy" before leaving the court.
Well. So much for that.

Monday, 20 April 2015

There’s No ‘Racist Science’ Or ‘Non-Racist Science’…

…there’s just science:
It angered me that there was a new wave of racist science getting undue and often largely uncritical publicity. I began to explore the arguments and saw that they were based on bad science (or a poor understanding of science). This needed to be exposed.
That’s from the lavish publicity blurb for Gavin Evans’ new book, ‘Black Brain White Brain: Is Intelligence Skin Deep?’ masquerading as a news article in the ‘Haringey Independent’.
I hope to puncture the latest bubble of racist science, and, in the longer terms, I would like the book to be a reference to be used against future race science claims.
Really? And how are you planning on achieving this?
I started with reading the work of race science proponents – people like Satoshi Kanazawa, Richard Lynn, Charles Murray, Nicholas Wade and many others – and then went back to the basics and did extensive secondary research into four areas: archaeology, evolutionary theory, genetics and IQ theory, reading scores of academic papers and books while picking the brains of friends and academic colleagues who were experts in these areas – evolutionary biology, genetics, neurology and psychiatry.
Ah. Right. OK. Rigorous scientific methods, there…

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Just LOOK IN HER SHOES, You Meanies!

God, I love the comments section of local newspapers! The outpouring is over this:
A 25-year-old mum-of-six is pleading with Thurrock Council to move her and her children so she doesn’t have to battle three flights of stairs.
Brace yourself for the amazing crop of chavnames allocated to her litter:
Single mother Belinda Chatterton, of Defoe Parade, Chadwell St Mary, has six children aged three or under – twins Lenny and Levi Chatterton, aged nine months, twin girls Milly and Lilly Bulmer, aged one, Romany Bulmer, two, and Demi Bulmer, three.
There really are no words, are there?

Friday, 17 April 2015

No, I Don't Know Where The UK Police Get Their Reputation For Being Politically Correct Cowards From, Either...

Detective Superintendent Paul Furnell, head of public protection, said: “The way we have gone about this campaign has caused some concern. This was not the intention of our message and for that I apologise.
“We have listened to our partners and we have reached the decision to foreshorten this particular part of the campaign.
“The posters were not intended in any way to blame victims. I understand the concerns that have been raised about the poster and they will be withdrawn. I would like to stress that the posters were well intentioned with the sole aim of preventing people becoming victims of crime.”
Well, it's about time the police realised their error and apologised for these campaigns to shame motorists into believing it's their fault for leaving things in their cars that no-good scrotes then ste...

Wait. What?

OK. Never mind....

Thursday, 16 April 2015

It’s About Time!

A woman accused of bringing Bristol city centre to a halt by staging a protest on top of The Galleries Shopping Centre is to face trial.
Chaos ensued when a woman climbed onto a roof of The Galleries at around 12.30pm, with banners reading "corruption stinks," "being a victim of police corruption" and "with evidence to prove this I stand here on behalf of all victims of corruption".
The protest resulted in a large number of police officers attending the scene, including a negotiator, as well as the fire and ambulance service. There were also road and shop closures. After more than two hours, officers wearing safety gear were finally able to reach the woman from a higher point of The Galleries roof using a ladder and her protest was brought to an end after around ten minutes of negotiations.
A full strength firehose might have done the job quicker...
Earlier at Bristol Magistrates' Court Dadgar-Negad told District Judge Simon Cooper that she was "standing up for victims of corruption". Dadgar-Negad then said she wanted her case heard at Bristol Crown Court, a request District Judge Cooper initially denied, calling her "foolish" and a "waster of time".
But clearly then allowed her to continue to waste the court's time. I wonder why?
Miss Susan Bryant, defending, told Judge Michael Roach: "She said it was a protest. She explained this to officers on numerous occasions."
The judge adjourned the case for a plea and case management hearing on July 6. He set a trial estimated to last up to two days to start from 10am on August 12.
One to watch...