Saturday, 11 July 2020

Maybe The Female Of The Species Is More At Risk Than The Male?

Shocked Zoo Zurich visitors have witnessed a woman being attacked and mauled to death by a Siberian tiger.
Swiss authorities are investigating why the zookeeper and the tiger were inside the enclosure at the same time.
Another zookeeper death, and it struck me that all of the last ones I can remember were women.

Rosa King, Stacey Konwiser, Samantha Kudeweh, unknown Spanish keeperKristen Hayden-Ortega - all women. All killed by tigers.

The rare exception that I could find being Akira Furusho.

A statistical blip, or is there something more to it?

And For Once, It's Not Racism!

Ace needs a kidney transplant. He's been on the waiting list for two years. But that's not that unusual for a black man.
In fact according to the NHS, black and Asian people have to wait, on average, a year longer than white people for a kidney transplant in England.
Typical, the state's institutions are riddled with institutional racism and...

Oh. Wait!
"I always tell the story of when I was filling out my driver's licence," says 1Xtra's DJ Ace.
"I was 17. I was like, 'Mum, do I fill out this donor bit?' And she was like, 'no, we don't do that'.
"I just took that as gospel. My mum said we don't do it. So we don't do it. I never even questioned why. I don't think it's something that the black community do."
Wait, wait! *gets popcorn* Pray, continue...
In May, Ace's hopes were given a boost. A law change meant every adult in England automatically became a donor, unless they specifically said otherwise.
Do you feel a 'But...' coming on, Reader? I do.
But people are opting out and a lot of them are black and Asian.
Ooh, need more popcorn.
Kinzah is a 24-year-old Muslim and said she removed herself from the organ donation list because of the way she interprets her religion.
Note the phrasing here - the only time the BBC will ever dare to attempt to tell a Muslim they are wrong.
Harpreet Matharu is an organ donation specialist nurse from Birmingham. "I just feel like they've got maybe the wrong message.
"A lot of people are thinking the government are taking control of peoples' organs. That is absolutely not the case."
Oh, it absolutely is the case, Harpreet, no matter how much you stamp your little foot and try to deny reality.

But back to Ace. Has he learned something?
Although Ace admits he hasn't really spoken properly to many of his friends about how they could potentially help him, he is feeling more confident of getting a donor.
That'll be 'no' then.

Friday, 10 July 2020

You Allowed, Nay, Encouraged, Them To Take An Inch...

...why the surprise when they come back for the mile?
A woman was left 'dumbstruck' after a pharmacy assistant told her she couldn't buy a pregnancy test because it is 'not an essential item' and she 'shouldn't be trying to conceive' amid the coronavirus pandemic.
What did you think would happen when you demanded they start meddling in things like this? Did you think they'd stop at telling people to stub out those fags?
In a later post, the woman, who decided to order a pregnancy test from Amazon, went on to say how she had since called the pharmacy to complain.
However, she believed it was the same assistant who answered the phone due to the 'sound of her voice'.
And when the customer asked to speak to the manager, the staff member said he wasn't there and they were unable to call her back.
Gosh, and I thought they were all supposed to be 'community-focussed' now...

Who Says Lightning Doesn't Strike Twice?

A man has died after a serious assault at a care home in Wickford this evening. Police were called shortly before 7pm, with reports that a man in his 60s had been assaulted at a residential care home on Swan Lane.
Despite the efforts of paramedics, the man sadly died. A 43-year-old man from Wickford has been arrested on suspicion of murder.
Swan Lane? Residential care home? Gosh. It's deja vu all over again...
A man was stabbed inside a Wickford care home on New Year’s Eve. Emergency services rushed to Swan Lane at roughly 1pm on Tuesday after reports a man had been injured inside.
A man in his 40s was found inside the home with a stab wound to his back, while a 68-year-old woman from Wickford has been arrested on suspicion of assault occasioning grievous bodily harm.
The care home is believed to be Longcroft Residential Care Home, although the home declined to comment when contacted by the Echo.
What sort of 'care home' is this, anyway?
Longcroft Residential Care Home specialises in caring for adults under 65-years-old, caring for people with mental health conditions and offering support to people with substance misuse problems.
Ah. I believe that's what we call 'a clue'.

Thursday, 9 July 2020

It's Not 'An Injustice' To Protect Our Borders... cities, another huge issue is now inescapable. As the pandemic has ground on, attention has belatedly been paid to the million or so people in Britain who have what officialspeak terms “no recourse to public funds”, or NRPF: that means no access to benefits, notwithstanding the right to live here at least temporarily.
In other words, people who came here and didn't take up citizenship, or illegal immigrants. So, yes, of course they have no recourse to public funds.

People like this:
I also spoke to Maruf and Tasnova, a couple who volunteer at the food bank. They are unable to get work, barred from benefits, and living with their six-year-old son and three-month-old daughter in a single room. Food is at the heart of their family’s plight – not just because they have so little of it, but also in the way their anxiety is playing out in the daily rituals of mealtimes. Their son has been so unsettled – by lockdown, the suspension of school and his family’s awful circumstances – that he often refuses to eat.
Wait, I thought you didn't have any food? Now you have so much your children can choose not to eat it?

Can't you people get your story straight?
There are ways out of these injustices that are not nearly as inconceivable as some people would have you believe: a minimum income guarantee or universal basic income, an end to the immigration rules that mean so many people live in a state of constant panic, and the long-overdue abandonment of the thinking whereby people are threatened with destitution as a matter of policy.
Yes, we'll just change our whole society for the benefit of people who come here to mooch off us. That seems sensible...

Dangerous Bitches On The Loose...

Rebecca Tantrum (Ed: Appropriate name!), 28, and her partner Chantelle Bennett, 30, attacked Paul Sutton in Commercial Street on July 5 last year after their dog approached the victim and his partner Louise Elliott who had been out walking their pug.
After the defendants' dog bit Mr Sutton on the arm and appeared to be trying to get to his pug he led the dog away by its chain which caused Bennett to shout at him. She tried to hit Ms Elliott with a glass bottle so Mr Sutton pushed her to the ground. Bennett then hit him over the head with the bottle, which didn't break.
Following this Tantrum left the nearby home she shares with her co-defendant armed with a wooden-handled claw hammer and proceeded to attack Mr Sutton with it until the police arrived...
Whew! Just in the nick of ti...
...and mistakenly arrested the victim.
Wait, what?!?
Both defendants, of Commercial Street, were interviewed and both pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Tantrum also pleaded guilty to possession of an offensive weapon and possession of a controlled Class B drug.
Lovely fragrant flowers of femininity, clearly...
The judge said he would have sent both defendants straight to prison had it not been for the delay in the case, which had not been their fault.
He said: "This case highlights how the court's hands are tied. Cases like these are taking far too long to get to the doors of the court."
Tantrum was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment suspended for 12 months and Bennett was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment suspended for 12 months.

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

If Only Those Cops Had Been Better Shots...

According to the newspaper, Adebowale has refused to comply with medical treatment while in Wakefield jail leaving officials no choice.
No choice but to throw him into that cozy £250,000 luxury accommodation briar patch he wants. Good grief, who's the mad one here?
The 50-year-old, told the Sun: “I’ve said before that Adebowale deserves to be in a tough prison for what he did to my Lee.
“I get the impression this whole situation is going to yo-yo back and forth for years because the authorities clearly don’t know how to deal with him.
“I need to be reassured that the right punishment is being handed down to the man who took my son’s life.”
If a couple of ARV cops had done a bit more practice at the range before that fateful morning, it might have been...
A category A prison reportedly costs £50,000-per-year to house inmates – five times less than the cost of Broadmoor where prisoners reportedly have access to email, TVs, DVD players and extra visiting hours.

Whatever It Is, It's Not An Apology...

...criticism of the tweets have prompted a climb down from the chief inspector, who all but apologised on behalf of his force.
That 'all but' is doing a lot of work there. Here's what he actually said:
Chief Inspector Hodder said in a statement: 'We are aware that the tweet posted by the Roads Policing Unit in relation to this collision has attracted some criticism.
'It was certainly not our intention to cause any offence or belittle the severity of the incident.
'The team continually balances the need to raise awareness of road safety messages whilst being innovative in our messaging on social media.
'I am fully supportive of officers highlighting road safety matters and engaging with the public on social media, which continues to be an important channel of communication.'
If you think that's an apology, you're an idiot.

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

"It's Everyone Else's Fault, 'cos I Is Black!"

Jordan Walker-Brown fell from a wall while being pursued by two officers. A Metropolitan Police officer is under criminal investigation by the police watchdog over the incident in London.
It will examine what role ethnicity played in decisions that day amid concerns about the disproportionate use of Tasers on black men.
So this young black chap was just innocently walking down the road when the police decided to arrest him for no reason?
"I do not pretend to be anyone other than myself," Mr Walker-Brown told the BBC from hospital in a statement released through his lawyer.
"I ran from the police because I had a small amount of cannabis in my possession for personal use - and I had fresh in my mind the memory of a similar encounter with TSG [Territorial Support Group] officers only the previous day when I was mistreated, arrested and charged for possession of a similar amount of cannabis."
Ah. Well, I guess that explains that!
He said he believed he was targeted by police because he is black.
"I know that I would not have been the subject of police attention, on either day, if I had not been a young black man," he added in the statement.
You don't think the 'being caught with cannabis earlier' had anything to do with it then? Oh, and being a known criminal?
Jordan Walker-Brown has previously served time in prison.
We aren't told what for. Maybe that would spoil the picture the BBC - our state broadcaster, remember - is trying to present of this poor innocent lamb?

And as for 'disproportionate use of taser on black men', perhaps they should look to the many YouTube videos of the attitudes to police questions that they display?

The Blood Is Once Again On The Hands Of The Usual Suspects...

A man has admitted killing a bus driver and injuring seven other people in a crash last Halloween in Orpington, south east London.
Kenneth Matcham, 60, died on Sevenoaks Road after Dorjan Cera's car collided with two single-decker buses on 31 October.
Cera, 20, pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey on Friday to causing Mr Matcham's death by dangerous driving. Judge Wendy Joseph adjourned sentencing until 6 August at the same court.
Nor was dangerous driving his only offence:
Cera, of Hillingdon, also admitted seven further counts of causing injury by dangerous driving, being unlicensed and uninsured and possession of an identity document with improper intent.
Judge Joseph said everybody who had been affected by the crash "must be utterly devastated" by what happened.
They will be when they hear it could have been prevented. Just two years ago:
An 18-year-old has been jailed for two years after he was caught with 26 wraps of cocaine in Hersham . When he was stopped by police on June 28 this year, Dorjan Cera showed police officers a photograph of a Lithuanian driving licence in another name which he had used to hire the car he was driving, Guildford Crown Court heard.
Naomi Edwards, for the prosecution, said Cera had told police officers that he found the drugs in the Audi Q3 and had intended to hand them into the authorities. He was arrested and a further false Portuguese driving licence was later found at his home address during a police search.
Well, well, well.

So...why was he still here, driving like a manic and killing innocent people two years later?
Mr Ingle suggested Recorder Whitehouse should suspend his client's sentence because Cera, who arrived in the UK from Albania when he was 16, is seeking asylum and a custodial sentence could potentially jeopardise this.
We must be mad to keep putting up with this, mustn't we..?