Thursday, 24 April 2014

Commendation? They Deserve Condemnation!

Judge Stokes said Penny presented a “significant risk” to the public.
“You overreact to events that most people would simply shrug off,” the judge said. The judge publicly commended Pc Gary Dickinson, whose hunch led him to believe Penny was responsible for the attack.
And why did a 'hunch' make him suspect Penny? Well, it wasn't that much of a hunch, really...
Penny was previously cautioned for an incident which involved punching children in the face and throwing them into a canal, the court heard.
His convictions include common assault, involving an argument with a man in the same park and threatening him with a Swiss Army knife, in 2010.
So, basically, it was a case of PC Dickson thinking 'Hmmm, might it be that explosive nutcase we previously did sod-all about...?'
In mitigation, Walter Bealby, said psychiatric reports indicated Penny was of “limited intellect”.
Almost as limited as the authorities that allow such people to remain at large, maybe?
He said: “When Penny observed him leaving a gate open, that’s a breach of the countryside code and to Penny, with the way he thinks, it was a much more serious matter than it would be for someone else.
“He comes from a good family and his mother, a midwife, is in court. She’s a devoted mother and is distraught about the situation her son is in.”
A bit of remorse about the situation his victim's in wouldn't come amiss...

I Look Forward To The Met Police Campaign To Close McDonalds…

Police were called to the scene following reports of six men smoking drugs outside the betting shop. A large crowd began to assemble in the area which meant there was a significant police presence, a spokesman for Scotland Yard said.
*sighs* That’s Brixton for you
A witness, who did not want to be named, said: "The side entrance to Brixton McDonald's was cordoned off and at the main entrance people were shouting. There was just a general mess. That is the second time in the last month that I have seen something happen on that corner. It is fairly regular."
Ooh, sounds like it’s a recurring problem in the community. Better start cracking down on the licensing and opening hours, eh?
No arrests have been made.
What a shocker!

Ah, Brighton, What A Rich Seam Of Blog Material…

Parents living in the Hurstwood block of flats in Findon Road, Whitehawk, Brighton, discovered the needles hanging inside their letterboxes on Saturday.
Never let it be said the authorities don’t know just how to deal with this situation!
A Brighton and Hove City Council spokesman said: “We were sorry to hear of this incident and took swift action to board up Ms Macdonald’s letterbox as soon as she made us aware of the situation. ”
That’ll stop drug addicts committing anti-social behaviour! (And also the complainant receiving any letters, but still…)
“We know who it is but the council and the police shrug it off. I want the council to move me somewhere else and they just don’t want to know. No one will even come down and speak to me. I’m scared to live in my own home.”
The cynic in me wonders…

…but honestly, the way councils are today, the idea that they’d be keen to protect the poor unfortunate drug addicts real victims isn't so far-fetched, is it?

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Well, Worry Not, Teachers – There’s A Solution!

A survey by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) of their members reports that 90% said their school or college asks for contributions towards school trips related directly to the curriculum.
More than one in ten said contributions were requested for musical equipment used in lessons and 13% said parents were asked for cash towards pens and paper.
Just say no. Simples!
A primary teacher in a Surrey state school said: “When contributions aren’t made it means we always make a loss on trips or incoming theatre groups, and pressure is growing to not do them.”
Really? I bet it’s not growing to cut back on the nonsensical Green schemes and other unnecessary politically-correct events you run, is it?
A head of department in a secondary school in Cornwall told the ATL: “We have cancelled a trip, which was linked to the curriculum, because the contributions meant there was a significant shortfall.
We’ve also found that in the past four years or so, far fewer students come on expensive trips, eg to a museum in London, when travel costs are high.”
It makes a mockery of state education if activities that support the curriculum end up not happening because there is no cash, depriving kids of a full learning experience.
When that ‘full learning experience’ leaves us with children unable to read or write to a high enough standard to be employed, while giving them an unshakable sense of entitlement, I think I’ll be less than concerned that they didn’t get to see ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ performed by wheelchair-bound transgender activists in London.

Put It Down Now, It’s Got The Taste For Blood

What? No, no, not the Akita
A young mother has been jailed for four years for savagely biting a chunk off a woman’s ear in a row over…
Oh, this’ll be great! It always is, when the term ‘young mother’ plays a part…
… the choice of music at a pub disco

And where did she get the impression that this sort of overreaction was acceptable?

Why, from the usual place, of course:
Prosecutor Andrew Kershaw said Blackburn had a conviction for battery and a reprimand for assault occasioning actual bodily harm.
A reprimand..!? It’s a wonder they didn’t make her write out 100 times ‘I must not commit assault’, isn’t it?
In mitigation, Blackburn’s barrister, Tina Landale, said it was a spontaneous assault in drink and her client was shocked by the consequences.
Well, yes. She probably expected to get let off. Again.

A Very British Murder...

Frenchman Soufiane Essabri, of Rathmore Road, stabbed and battered 30-year-old Latvian Andrejs Ivanovs during "an extraordinarily violent outburst" in December 2012.
It's not really one for Miss Marple or Sherlock Holmes, is it?

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

More Of That Wonderful Diversity...

Chairman of the bench Oliver Haywood heard today the pair knew each other and unemployed Safi had been overheard shouting at the woman by a team of netball players using the park nearby.
Prosecutor Trude Scott said: "The witness said children were around there looking at the couple because it was loud.
"She saw Mr Safi shouting at a lady and she sat down. "He lifted his arm up and hit her on the face.
"She screamed and seemed quite scared."
Mr Haywood heard how the woman had a red mark to her face but refused to make any allegations against Safi.
Defending Safi, John Middlehurst said the victim’s cultural background meant she is regarded as her parents’ possession and it was up to them who she did and did not see.
Mr Middlehurst requested the court did not write to the victim to let her know the outcome of the case.
He said: "If they get a letter referring to this it will create very difficult problems for her - far worse than the problems of this case so far."
The court heard Safi had two previous convictions for affray and the possession of an offensive weapon in 2009.
He was sentenced to a 12 month supervision order and made to pay £85 in costs and £60 in a victim surcharge. The costs were reduced from £350 because of credit given to him for admitting the offence.
Can't we put it towards a one-way ticket back to Afghanistan?

Your Staff Are Being Racially Abused? Stop Calling Us! You’re A Nuisance!

A town centre takeaway has been warned that it could be shut down following a catalogue of police call-outs after closing time.
Food Factory in Bradshawgate was brought before Bolton Council’s licensing sub-committee because of police concerns about behaviour there.
No, it’s not a case of the staff chasing customers out of the place with cleavers, but a case where they are being abused:
The incidents included staying open after hours, violence and racial abuse aimed at staff from revellers.
I look forward to the police closing the Tube network or the Croydon tram line the next time someone racially abuses the staff or other passengers then...

Still, could have been worse for them; at least they didn't sell someone a dodgy takeaway. The police arrest for this now?

Question: How Can You Tell UKIP Is Scaring The Right People?

Answer: Look for their usual fallback position:

Or as I like to say: What if my auntie had balls, then she'd be my uncle!

That was one of the Great Thinkers Of Our Time reacting to the new poster campaign.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Well, There’s ‘Scrutiny’, And Then There’s Scrutiny

As Quiet Man notes, it’s take awhile. But the expected backlash has begun. And John Ware comes out fighting:
Lutfur Rahman is Britain's first directly elected Asian mayor.
He’s not, of course, Chinese. Or Thai. This is the BBC’s version of ‘Asian’…
On 22 May, he seeks re-election. He says he aspires to the highest standards of transparency and probity and that he welcomes scrutiny. Two weeks ago, on Panorama, we scrutinised the way he's run this most diverse of boroughs.
Heh! Extra large box of popcorn all round.

Though I’m finding myself unable to root for either side in this.
Instead of welcoming this, the mayor employed a major City law firm and a PR company at huge public expense to try to get the programme stopped.
While the BBC fought back with their lawyers at their viewer’s expense. That’s somehow different, I take it?
I often think how I would feel were I a Muslim in post-9/11 Britain. I suspect that I, too, would feel a sense of victimhood, for Muslims have been under a relentless spotlight.
Hmm, sympathy for the BBC is dimming somewhat…
But that should never stop the BBC from raising valid questions about the way a council is run and public money spent. The idea that any BBC programme would be motivated to do this by racism or Islamophobia is unthinkable, as anyone who has worked for the BBC knows.
Oh, perish the thought! I’m sure you should, like Caesar’s wife, be considered beyond reproach in that! 

OK, I’ve made up my mind. Can they both lose..?