Tuesday, 30 September 2014

There’s Another Message, Frank…

..and that’s that you shouldn’t have children you can’t afford:
More than 1.5 million poor children over the age of eight lose out on free school meals because their parents are in work, a leading anti-poverty campaigner reveals today.
They ain’t free. We, the taxpayer, are paying for them. Money spent on this is not available for something else.
Labour MP Frank Field told The Independent that research by his office had uncovered that parents in receipt of working tax credits no longer qualify for free school meals, even if their income is below the eligibility threshold of £16,190 a year.
Which is a given, when you set up a maze of requirements and eligibility criteria for handing someone money back.

Why not simply not tax them so much (or at all) in the first place?
“One and a half million poor children are being punished by the system because their parents are working for their poverty,” said Mr Field.
“As well as trying to cover their rent and utilities, these families are told that they must somehow find huge sums in their budget to make sure their children get a decent meal at lunchtime.
“The clear message given to poor parents is that it doesn’t pay to work – the total opposite to government rhetoric.”
Actually, the message it should be sending is: ‘You breed ‘em, you’ll have to feed ‘em..’

For all families.

Post Title Of The Month

Petunia Winegum at Anna Raccoon has a pithy turn of phrase...

Quote Of The Month

DumbJon on the MSM's sudden and curious lack of interest in Rotherham:
The MSM published millions of words of agonised opinionating over whether or not the police were 'insensitive' to the family of Stephen Lawrence, but now we have a case where, amongst other things, evidence in a rape case was lost and the MSM reports that like it's just one of those things. Could happen to anyone. Probably down the back of the sofa. Let's just draw a line under it and move on.

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MacHeath finds the process of opening a bank account somewhat sub-optimal...

Well, That Was Hardly A Surprise…

A shop owner feels “completely let down” after the yobs who threatened to kill his family had their prison sentences overturned.
Yup, these charmers.
… on Friday, a judge at Basildon Crown Court overturned the sentences, on the grounds they were “excessive” , instead handing them community orders with unpaid work.
However, Speaking after the hearing, Mr Reno, said: “I feel completely let down by the courts.
“I’ve not had justice and I don’t feel the judge has realised the impact this has had on me and my family.
“The courts should be set up to punish people when they commit crime to stop them doing it again.
“A community order is not a deterrent.
“Now I believe it’s just a matter of time until they do this again.
“The courts just seem to be there to protect criminals instead of victims.”
Yes. They do, don't they?

Monday, 29 September 2014

No, No, It’s A Cover Up, All Right…

…and remember, it’s ALWAYS the cover up that does you in, not the original event:
A spokeswoman said: “Two members of our security team approached a small party of guests who were taking photos of our ride staff and guests during the evacuation.
“They were politely asked to delete these images as neither our staff nor the guests in question had given permission for their photos to be taken.”
She said the policy helped the safe evacuation of the ride but insisted that anyone resisting would not have been threatened with removal from the park.
She said: “It’s for safety. It’s not a cover-up.”
*chuckles* Yeah, love, if you say so...
The amusement park said it was following a policy of protecting the privacy of its guests.
How do they manage on a daily basis then? Everyone taking pictures with others in the background would be required to obtain permission!

Pull the other one, it’s got bells on…
News of the move sparked an online backlash against the theme park, which has suffered a number of mechanical breakdowns in recent years.
Mike Burkitt wrote on Facebook: ”Nothing to do with protecting anyone’s privacy and everything to do with protecting the reputation of the business.”
Which, as a result of this heavy-handedness, has now taken yet another nose-dive…

Well, Have You Looked In Syria?

After all, it seems that’s where most of ‘em go:
Ibrahim Kamara, 19, from Newmarket Road, is believed to be the first Briton to die in the attacks against militants along the Syrian/Iraqi border.
Last night his mother Khadijah Kamara, 35, told The Argus she found out about his death on Tuesday afternoon through Facebook.
How very modern! Can we ‘Like’ that?

Rather Unconvincing...

Paul Hartle, 27, said his dog, believed to be a pit bull terrier, is a family pet and not dangerous.
Oh, really?
Officers were called to the house after it fell out with Mr Hartle’s Staffordshire bull terrier, Blitz, four.
So 'not dangerous' that when it has a scrap with another dog, you call the police..?!?

Sunday, 28 September 2014

"When You Absolutely, Positively, Need To Make A Clean Getaway..."

"...accept no substitutes!"

A..a what!? 

Oh. You mean one of these?

A Renault 'Escape'...

*shakes head sadly at Eastern Daily Press*

H/T: Dave Ward via email

"Homophones? They're, Like, People Who Hate Gays, Right?"

I sort of know what they mean, though...

At least - presumably when the phone calls started coming in - they fessed up!

H/T: Dave Ward via email