Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Chickens Are Food, Not Friends*...

'Guardian' opinion on animal charities:
Although animal charities receive less money than charities that help humans, animal causes are clearly important to many people. So if you want to help animals, what should you do? As the Charities Aid Foundation survey shows, most people find it difficult to know which charities to give to when there are so many charities out there, and they also want to know that their money is actually helping. This is where effective giving comes in. When we give effectively, we give to those charities that we have the best evidence are making the biggest difference in a given cause area.
Something I always point out!
If we want to donate to charities that make the biggest difference to animals, it’s important for us to realise that...
...the RSPCA and WWF are going to hose our money on PR flim-flam & lavish HQs?
...animal suffering and death don’t just affect domestic animals such as dogs and cats.
Ah. Good point. Must think of the hamsters, snakes, rabbits and...

Wait. What?
In fact, Animal Charity Evaluators – an organisation that researches the effectiveness of different animal charities – points out that for every individual dog or cat euthanised in shelters in the US, about 360 farm animals were killed. In the UK alone, about 90 million chickens are slaughtered every month.
Errrr.... Well, yes. That's what they are bred for!

*With apologies to S Weasel, for whom they are most definitely the latter!

Time For The Nanoviolin Again...

Mr Nawaz handed the judge, Recorder Peter Pimm, a sheaf of references from Butt's family and teachers.
"He is a bright, capable, pleasant, kind young man who is deeply remorseful. His case shows that no one is immune from the cancer in our society of drug dealing," Mr Nawaz said.
Oh, so he's a poor drug addict who has turned to crime to feed his fam...

Butt, described in court yesterday as a bright and capable student, who is the son of a well-respected local businessman, pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply heroin and crack cocaine on January 2 and dangerous driving the same day.
He further admitted supplying heroin and crack cocaine to Stephen Geoffrey Ellerton on July 1.
And he didn't come quietly....
Prosecutor Allan Armbrister told the court that the first set of offences were detected when police on patrol saw a suspected street drug deal involving Butt, the sole occupant of a white Audi A3.
When approached, Butt put a package in his mouth and started to drink, Mr Armbrister said. When an officer smashed the car window and lent in to grab him, Butt reversed at speed, narrowly missing parked vehicles. After he was blocked in, Butt tried to climb out of the car window to escape. The drugs package he put in his mouth was recovered and he had £436 in cash on him. The drugs comprised 12 wraps of crack cocaine and fourteen wraps of heroin, the court heard.
Mr Armbrister said one officer sustained grazing to his arm, side and knee and his colleague suffered less serious grazing. While on bail, Butt was seen selling heroin and crack cocaine in the street to Stephen Ellerton. He was re-arrested and remanded in custody.
Send him dow...

Recorder Pimm sentenced Butt to a total of 40 months in a young offender institution. He was banned from driving for 18 months.

Monday, 30 November 2015

Post Title Of The Month

Cunning linguist Petunia at 'Anna Raccoon' on the Gayle Newland case:

Quote Of The Month

Clarissa on the clamouring for more State power in the wake of the Paris attacks:
The brutal truth, although you might not like it very much, is that the price of living in a liberal democracy is that occasionally we will be the victims of an outrage such as we saw in Paris on Friday night. No, that doesn’t mean I want to see people murdered in cold blood. Nor does it mean that I disapprove of sensible precautionary measures that may prevent incidents (such as not allowing those with mental health issues to have access to firearms**). What it does mean is that I am an intelligent, grown-up human being who accepts the possibility of it occurring rather than someone who is so scared that something bad might happen to me that I wish to sacrifice my freedom in order to be swaddled in the dubious comfort blanket of the police state.

Post Of The Month

DumbJohn on Corbyn. Nailed it.

Why Is This Ignored By The MSM?

Two young men were believed to have been mown down in Charles Street, Ravensthorpe, last night after a man in a suspicious car was confronted by residents.
The man, at the wheel of a Vauxhall Insignia Estate, sped off down the narrow, one-way residential street, veering onto the pavement, striking two youths and smashing down the side of an Audi.
The driver then jumped out of the car and fled across the Ravensthorpe Gyratory and onto the Ravensthorpe Shopping Park.
Chased by a group of locals he sprinted into the Subway store and locked himself in the toilet.
Staff called police and three officers were left fearing for their own safety trying to keep an angry crowd at bay outside.
A baying mob? Vigilantes threatening police officers? Accusations that the police aren't doing their job, and residents are taking the law into their own hands?

This should be headlines, surely?

Why isn't it?
Residents told the Examiner that the Asian community felt under siege because of robbers targeting homes in Dewsbury, Savile Town and Batley.
Ah. OK. Never mind.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

‘Racism’ Has Now Lost Its Meaning…

Afua Hirsch witters on with yet more inanities:
Ethnic minorities are under-represented in almost all professions – in the City, the media and FTSE 100 companies, and across the board at every management level. That’s compared, like for like, to white counterparts with the same level of education and attainment.

As Tim Worstall points out, this is one of the least racist countries of the world. What on earth are you whinging about?
That’s not to say there isn’t a growing ethnic minority workforce, and today a survey of over 24,000 people found that for them, racial bullying is on the rise. Some 30% of employees in the UK have witnessed or experienced racial harassment in the workplace firsthand in the last year.
No, they claim they have.
It certainly sounds right to me.
Of course it would, sweetie. Of course it would.
A Muslim friend was asked whether, since she was getting married, she was about to go all “whoo” (the person speaking then made a karate-like gesture in front of her eyes, as if to indicate a burkha). A British-born, British-raised, British-citizen-who-has-never-even-lived-abroad friend with dark skin was told that, no, she couldn’t be the face of video diary her company were commissioning, because they needed someone “more obviously British” . And every single non-white person I have talked to about this who has a job – any job – gets confused with other completely non-similar looking but also non-white colleagues, no matter how long we or our alleged doppelganger have been working there.
Those are ‘racism’? They seem mere rudeness or ignorance.

But of course, that’s indeed what they are, so the definition has to stretch a little.

It has to stretch, in fact, like Dawn French’s leggings on Christmas evening:
These may be anecdotal examples, but what’s most relevant about them is that they’re not the vile racist attacks usually associated with “racial discrimination”. Often they are said or done by generally well-meaning colleagues – something judges struggle with, dismissing claims because they didn’t think the perpetrator was a “racist”. But that’s not the point.
Of course not. Keeping the racism career carousel going for you and all the other race hustlers is the point.