Monday, 21 May 2018

Beg To Differ, Your Honour!

Inquiries found the dog belonged to Suleman Halane, 22, from Hartlepool, and on the day of trial at Teesside Magistrates’ Court he admitted being the owner of a dog dangerously out of control.
He was banned from keeping animals for five years, given a 12-week curfew, a 12-month community order and ordered to pay £620 costs from his benefits.
Yes, it's that case.
Halane, who came to Hartlepool after being homeless in London, intended to breed from this dog and another Caucasian Shepherd called General, the court was told.
That dog has been taken in by the RSPCA but must also be put down due to its demeanour, the court heard.
Jesus wept, who'd buy animals like these?
The judge said the authorities ‘cannot be blamed in the least’ for how the case was handled.

Maybe the police can't, as I suspect they'd have been shooting this thing sooner or later.

But I think the DWP, HMRC & Home Office might be asked how a 22 year old man on benefits can afford to buy and keep two ferocious animals with the intention of turning them into a production line of ferocious animals for sale to....someone who needs ferocious animals.
Halane was said to come from a “troubled background” of gang culture in London but “kept away from it” and abstains from drugs and alcohol.
Probation added he was “extremely ashamed of himself and knows he shouldn’t have done it.”
John Relton, defending, said that Halane, of Baden Street, Hartlepool, had been the subject of some disdain in his local community for what he did.
Which 'local community'..?

A Perfect Storm...

Anne Ball, from West Moors, said the man riding the bike did not check to see if she was okay and left her “screaming in pain”.
A cyclist, you say...?
Cycling is not allowed on the main path in the gardens, Bournemouth council said.
Ignoring the rules, you say...?
The cyclist had a dog on a long lead attached to the bike and, as they approached Anne from behind, they passed either side of her.
She became entangled in the dog’s lead and was tripped up, landing “face down on the tarmac”.
With a dog, you say...?
She told the Echo it was only thanks to some “kind passers-by” that an ambulance was called for her.
“Although the man fell off his bike, he got up and pedalled off, leaving me on the ground with a broken ankle,” she said.
 If he's a vegan as well, this will be the perfect storm...
Anne said she had reported Wednesday’s incident to both the police and the council who told her that CCTV in the Lower Gardens would be reviewed.
Ah. Well, they aren't likely to catch him, then. When does this ever work?

Saturday, 19 May 2018

The Wisdom Of A Dick....

Scotland Yard chief Cressida Dick has today called on social media giants to remove so called 'Drill' music videos that she says 'glamourises' violent crime.
Ms Dick, Britain's most senior police officer, said that drill music has 'lyrics which glamourise violence, serious violence, murder, stabbings.'
 Hmmm, really? Is that unusual?
"At break of day when that man drove away I was waiting 
I crossed the street to her house and she opened the door 
She stood there laughing 
I felt the knife in my hand and she laughed no more"
Well! Will you be demanding YouTube removes all Tom Jones material? If not, what's the difference?
'I am working closely with social media companies to work out what they can do about this.'
Don't they have people who can tell them that? People who are, frankly, better educated in the law than you appear to be?
'For us, if its against the law, it's against the law and it ought to be taken down.'
Really? Interesting viewpoint. Where is it hosted? Is it against the law in that country? If not, well, it doesn't matter what you think, does it?
'We are constantly responding to these things. Very often we get out there and try and search the people involved.
'But we need evidence to get these people locked up. What they say on the video may not be sufficient for a criminal charge.'
So it's not against the law after all? Jesus, woman, what sort of wooly-minded bollocks is this, for London's so-called 'top cop'. Are you good for anything?
Asked by a caller if cuts to policing were to blame for the spike in violent crime, Ms Dick said: 'We are definitely seeing an increase and I think there's lots of reasons for it.
'There's a connection ... to the drugs markets and what's going on with those, undoubtedly.
'Obviously, some changes in people's financial and economic circumstances that affect all kinds of things which have a direct or indirect effect on young people.'
Ah. I see you are. Good for pushing sub-Marxist Common Purpose soundbites about how 'poverty causes violence'...

I Guess This Is 'All Part Of Living In A Diverse City' Too, Eh, Mayor Khan...?

A teenager was "kept as a prisoner" in Swansea and forced to hide Class A drugs, including inside her body, after being lured there by London drug dealers, a court has heard.
The 19-year-old told police that she cried every day after arriving in the South Wales city and realising that the men who were holding her would not let her leave.
The men? Yeah, you guessed it:
On Friday Mahad Yusuf, 21, and Fesal Mahamud, 20, were handed nine- and 10-year sentences, respectively, at Swansea Crown Court, for their roles in trafficking the woman and for conspiracy to supply heroin and cocaine as part of a so-called county line operation.
And why Swansea?
Ms Rees said the operation, run by the Enfield-based DA (Dem Africans) gang, involved the supply of Class A drugs into "provincial areas" through a process called "cuckooing".
She said the leading members were based in London while operatives were sent to areas such as Swansea to live in the houses of "vulnerable" drug users, who were at risk of exploitation.
Wheel out the usual excuses!
Neil Baki, defending Mahamud, said his client was "ashamed" of his actions.
Barry Smith, for Yusuf, said his client had little understanding of the scale of the operation and was not involved in sending out the bulk text messages. He said Yusuf was "young and immature" and had shown "genuine" remorse.
Don't they always?
Yusuf was jailed for six years and four months for the drugs offences and two years, eight months for trafficking, a total of nine years.
Mahamud was sentenced to six years and nine months in a young offenders institution (YOI) for the drugs offences and one year three months for the trafficking.
Anyone want to guess what they'll actually serve?

Friday, 18 May 2018

"What is the future of the country with school kids that behave like this."

We look to London, with all its stabbings and shooting, and we can see that, can't we?
Police in Wimbledon can now forcibly remove kids as old as 16 from the town centre following reports of fighting between "rival" schools.
A school dispersal zone was put into place this afternoon (April 25) due to a "rise in youth violence between children from a collection of local schools."
Hmmmm, I wonder what the demographic is here? I wonder if it's the same one that causes daily havoc on the c2c commute?

How can we find out? Well, we could look at the comments:

Ah. The fact some bleeding heart SJW has to leap in and start blathering about 'capitalism' and 'foreign wars' tells you a lot of what you need to know.

As does the immediate bleating about why the behaviour of these feral animals should be excused...

A Real Shaggy Dog Story...

Harry - a banned breed of pit bull - was picked up by a dog warden last August and kept in kennels while his owners lodged an appeal with Sevenoaks Magistrates Court.
Couple Beth Golding and Jake Myers claimed their dog was a gentle animal who had been left stressed by his experience but the court heard he was a banned breed and the onus was on them to prove he was not dangerous.
Which task they were up to, right?

Reader, they were not....
The court heard how Harry the dog, who lived with Miss Golding in a three bedroom maisonette in Cheshire, had been staying with her partner's brother while the family went on holiday last summer.
Representing Miss Golding, Alison Morgan said there was a suggestion the animal had been sold but it was unclear how he ended up in Kent.
As murky as a chav's job prospects!
Miss Golding, 22, said her dog had never posed a risk to her two young children, age one and two and while at home had been obedient and loving.
She said she had owned Harry from the age of four weeks but had bought him believing him to be a Staffordshire bull terrier, a legal breed of dog.
She said since being told Harry was a pit bull after he was picked up last summer she had adapted her home putting up six feet fences around the property and child gates in every room.
She must have a really well paying job, eh?
Kent Police dog handler, Tracy Cook said she visited Harry at kennels at a secret location in the county last October where she assessed him to be "too much for a dog handler to handle"
She said despite the presence of two leads he had nearly pulled over her colleague, PC Nigel Marshall and had a "highly driven prey drive" with "endless resiliance."
Translation: The usual chavdog nightmare threatening everything in its path while the owner is absorbed in Facebook on their mobile... behaviourist, Nickola Engel said she did not consider the dog "presented a risk to anyone" and claimed his anxious behaviour and pulling on the lead could be attributed to the two months he had spent in kennels.
You really can pay any 'expert' to say anything you need them to in court, can't you?
But under questioning she admitted the dog had broken its lead in an attempt to get to some geese, pulling her over during a visit two days before that of the police assessment.
...chairman of the magistrates bench, Anne Lightbody said they could not be sure the dog did not continue to pose a risk to public safety and therefore ordered him to be destroyed.
Thank god! Could the vet do the necessary on the useless mouthbreathing owners too?

Thursday, 17 May 2018

"All Must Have Prizes Ice Lollies!"

A mother of four has accused Hextable Primary School of running a “bullying campaign” against...
It's usually the Education Secretary, isn't it?
...children who have low attendance.
Oh. Well, what's the probl...

Ah. Right.
Rachel Gregory, 46, has a nine-year-old daughter in Year Four at the school, in Rowhill Road. On Friday, April 20, Ms Gregory says her daughter was rounded up with children considered to have poor attendance and “segregated” from other pupils.
She told News Shopper that, at temperatures of 27C, the children with good attendance were treated to ice lollies, allowed to watch a one hour film and given toys to play with.
Meanwhile, the children with poor attendance were denied lollies, given maths board games and were offered limited toys to play with.
Oh noes! The horror, the horror...
Ms Gregory also said her daughter was very upset after she had to watch her classmates – and teachers – eat ice lollies in front of her, while she was not allowed to have one.
“I literally had to drag her into school screaming and crying on Monday,” she said.
At least you've learned that that's what your job as a parent is, to make sure the delicate little flower actually attends the place!
She added that, although she understands attendance is important, she believes the incentive scheme needs “proper guidelines and proper management.”
“What scares me is where this will go in the future,” she told News Shopper.
Oh, haven't you heard, Ms Gregory? Next term, the children with poor attendance will be rounded up, given a 10 minute head start, then the hounds will be released...