Friday, 23 June 2017

I Guess The Mad Terrorist-Supporting Socialist Wasn't The Biggest Danger In The Recent Election After All... was the desperate-to-cling-to-power wet 'Tory':

Theresa May has promised the Grenfell Tower tragedy will not be used as excuse to carry out immigration checks, after it emerged victims were not seeking help over fears they would be reported to the Home Office.
In statement given to the House of Commons on Thursday, the Prime Minister said the immigration status of those affected by the tragedy or those providing “vital” information would not be investigated.
If there's a more dangerous precedent than telling people who don't obey our laws that a tragic fire could see them home free with a British passport, then I don't know what it is...

Police Farces And Twitter....

...sometimes they're witty, and informative, and sometimes they go as well together as matches and gasoline:

Oh, Inspector Evans, it's awful when your bit of pointless virtuesignalling goes ever so slightly awry, isn't it?

But you're not the first thin-skinned dimwit in blue, and you won't be the last...

I mean, honestly, what are they teaching at Hendon these days?

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Vignettes Of Modern Life

The partner of a woman accused of murdering her newborn baby seconds after she gave birth said he was so engrossed in his X-box game he did not question when she asked for a pair of scissors.
Tunstill, of Wellington Court, Burnley, denies murder after the body of her infant daughter Mia Kelly was found in a kitchen bin with more than 15 stab wounds.
*still speechless*
Mr Kelly told Preston Crown Court he only learned a baby had been born when he returned home from work on Monday January 16 to find police officers searching the bins.
Mr Kelly doesn't seem like the sharpest pair of scissors in the drawer, it must be said...
When she went into the bathroom on January 14, suffering severe stomach pains, he believed it was 'part of the process', he told the court.
In a statement to the police, Mr Kelly, said: “I know it’s difficult to believe but Rachel deals with everything herself.
“She takes all control at all times and I’m better just staying out of the way.
Ah, modern man. Marvel at the sight!
“Every 20 minutes or so I did go and check on her and ask her if she was OK and if she needed anything.
“I asked her if she had thought of ringing a doctor and at one point she did say she might have to. That is all that was said about it.
But never let it be said he's incapable of insight!
“Obviously with hindsight I should have rung an ambulance.”
Ya think..?!?

Putting The 'Dim' In 'Dimmock'...

Susan Dimmock, deputy chief executive of Steps To Work, was found guilty of racially aggravated harassment after a trial.
The charity, which receives funding from the EU and the National Lottery, helps people in the Black Country and Staffordshire get in to work through training and advice.
Hopefully, some of that advice will now be 'Don't be a twat to the chap who's driving you home'...
She denied racially aggravated harassment, but was found guilty by magistrates after a trial last Thursday. She was fined £623 and told to pay a victim surcharge of £30 and court costs of £362.
Andrew Dimmock was also found guilty of two charges in relation to the same incident. Andrew, 50, of the same address, was in the taxi. Following a conversation between the couple and Mr Ali, it was alleged he grabbed the driver’s radio equipment, breaking his bluetooth device. It was said he also ripped the driver’s display licence.
He was convicted of assault and criminal damage by magistrates. He was fined £173 and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £30, £25 compensation and £362 court costs.
What a charming couple. The best you can say is that they deserve each other.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Yet More Evidence That Society Has Changed Irrevocably...

The zoo said on Monday: “After extensive consultation with the staff at the zoo, we have decided not to put down the tiger. This decision has been fully supported by Rosa’s family.
“We are awaiting the findings of the investigation to fully understand what happened before we take further action on this matter. If we receive regulatory or professional guidance to the contrary, we will review our position.”
Andrew Swales should have his license to run a zoo removed immediately if this was even considered as an option. Particularly if the thought was uppermost in his mind that it might be appropriate to consider - much less act on - the feelings of the family in this matter.

But it;'s yet another sign of the 'Dianafication' of society, which now seems to think that exaggeration of grief and open displays of mawkish sentimentality is the norm. Even to the point that destroying a healthy zoo specimen, one moreover from a critically endangered species, might be considered as some grotesque form of 'atonement' for procedural errors.

That Moment When.... realise you've climbed aboard a tiger, and can't figure out how to dismount without getting bitten.
Party sources insisted Mr Corbyn had no plans to attend the rally or speak at the event and in a comment a spokeswoman said: “The Labour Party has no involvement whatsoever in this event.”
Their grubby fingerprints are all over it.
The outraged comments come days after shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said a million people should “take to the streets to force Theresa May from power”.
The police should be investigating him for that comment. But they are overstretched, I suppose, dealing with heinous crimes.

A pox on all of them. If police get hurt during this march, I suddenly realise I don't much care, as they aren't so very different from the marchers themselves...

H/T: Mud in the Blood & WoaR in comments

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Personally, I Thought The Problem Was Getting Them To Shut Up...

Kierran Pearce has set his goals high - he wants every child in the country to have their voice heard.
Christ, I don't!
Helping mainstream and special schools across Essex integrate has never been enough and he is determined to roll his project out on a bigger scale. The Multi Schools Council is the brainchild of the primary school teacher, who works at the Edith Borthwick special school in Braintree. Founded in 2012, the project allows pupils to discuss ideas to bring down barriers for children with special needs.
Ah, I see.
The Multi Schools Council is open to all schools and Kierran wanted to reinforce the point there are still many people who see children with additional needs as different.
Well, yes. They are. They have special needs.
On the scheme’s website, Toby from Doucecroft School echoes the views of Mr Pearce. He says: “I hope me and other people with autism all have the same privileges and pleasures to roam this earth and have the same rights as everyone else.”
You do.
“Please show patience and understanding, because we are all the same inside.”
You aren't. Clearly.

Sounds Like You'll Be Having Some Interviews Without Coffee With The Met Later, Mayor...

...and not just because it's Ramadan, either.
What have our police become? The arrogance and indifference conceal fear, fear that they might be shown up as what they are, impotent in the face of domineering aggression from a favoured minority.

Monday, 19 June 2017

So Just What Are Your 'Institutional Values', Then?

Bosses at Strathclyde University were forced to send a memo to the 400 students and 250 staff asking them to stop with their 'inappropriate' toilet habits.
 Were people taking their mobiles into the loo? God, I hate that and...

The memo, posted on Thursday, was sent by the operations management team of the University's Technology and Innovation Centre.It read: 'Given the incidence of people pooing in bins, showers and the likes, can I please remind all TIC occupants that the toilets have been provided for that specific purpose.
'All bodily fluids, solids and toilet paper must be disposed of down the toilet.
'While I appreciate that the TIC population is multi-cultural and different countries have different practices, here in the UK the accepted practice is to use only the WC.'
Naturally, the university let out a screech of alarm at the thought that the sort of people who can't use a First World toilet properly might feel singled out, and came down like a ton of bricks on the poor sod fed up of scrubbing human excrement off the shower tiles.
The university apologised for offence caused by suggesting that ‘multicultural’ practices may be behind the poo problem. Strathclyde University spokeswoman said: ‘We’ve apologised for any offence caused to colleagues.
‘The email contained sentiments completely contrary to our institutional values and should not have been sent. It was recalled as soon as it came to our attention and we swiftly issued an apology to staff.’
That's a great advert for Strathclyde University, isn't it? "Come and be educated here, where if you want to shit on the floor, you can!!"

Well, As The Mayor Said...'s all just part and parcel of living in a big city, isn't it?
The Muslim Council of Britain condemned the attack as 'the most violent manifestation' yet of Islamophobia and called for extra security around mosques, which the Met has now promised.
But I thought they were overstretched..?
Jamal, 21, told MailOnline: 'I think it's terrible what happened in so many locations I don't know if I'm going to be alive tomorrow, I'm worried what's going to happen tomorrow, it's scary
'It's not safe in London, total, 100 per cent it is not safe, I'm worried to come out of my house right now, it's not safe.'
You'd need a heart of stone, wouldn't you?