Friday, 28 February 2020

How Can It Be 'A Blight On The Landscape' If It's Underneath It?

A millionaire's plans to build an underground tunnel in his garden have enraged his wealthy neighbours – including the founders of Sweaty Betty and Oliver Bonas.
Who aren't his immediate neighbours. And on whom the tunnel will have no effect whatsoever.
Neighbours say the proposal has been dreamed up because the pensioner is too lazy to take ‘three steps across a public footpath’.
But Mr Chapman claims no one will notice the £10,000 tunnel – which will largely run through his land – and calls the objections ‘bonkers’.
Well, quite!
Mr Hill-Norton has become the face of the campaign opposing the tunnel, with many locals and the parish council backing the fight, claiming it will be a blight on the landscape.
It's underground. That's really the defining feature of a tunnel, isn't it? It's not like he wants to build a bridge!
‘It’s been approved by the Environment Agency, Natural England, and the local planning department, all the professionals,’ he said.
‘Our immediate neighbours have been cool with it. Yet there’s been an ongoing dispute over five years – as a result a certain personal animosity exists between Mr Sweaty Betty and me,’ he added.
So much money, so little common sense...

Thursday, 27 February 2020

Your Conscience Has Consequence...But Not For You

Two men recruited into drug dealing in Bournemouth have been spared a prison term after a judge said such a decision would be akin to a "death sentence".
Morgan Okhiria, 23, and Abdifathi Ibrahim, 18, were arrested in Suffolk Road on October 20 after drawing the attention of two police officers in plain clothes.
Between them, they had packages of crack cocaine and heroin worth more than £2,500 in their pockets.
Neither of the defendants had even visited Bournemouth or been in trouble with the police before, and Ibrahim, who was just 17 at the time of the offence, suffers poor mental health.
That was in 2018. Fast forward, and it seems his 'poor mental health' hasn't improved:
This is the moment a homeless man was drop-kicked and stamped on by a gang of thugs outside McDonald's.
Abdifathi Ibrahim, 20, was among the violent mob who carried out the unprovoked attack in broad daylight in Bristol city centre.Ibrahim was jailed on Thursday for four and a half years by Judge Euan Ambrose at Bristol Crown Court.
Prosecutor James Haskell told the court it was pure luck that the victim was not seriously hurt from the unprovoked attack.
Now, it's entirely possible that this is a different mentally-challenged violent Somali youth of the same age and name. After all, the progressives have enriched our country so much.

But I'm betting it's the same one.
Mark Linehan, mitigating for Ibrahim, said the Somalian-born defendant had suffered "elements of neglect" in his childhood.
Judge Stephen Climie said the defendants were both "fairly classic candidates for a drugs operation", and raised particular concerns for Ibrahim.
"It could be a possible death sentence if I send him to custody - that's my assessment of it," he said.
"I am satisfied in both cases they were being put to work by others. That is quite clear.
"Just watching them, it's apparent that there's fear there."
And now it's everyone else who needs to fear. Well done, judge!
Ibrahim, of Halston Drive, Bristol, was sentenced to a three-year community order with 35 rehabilitation activity requirement days.
Okhiria, of Haredon Close, London, was also sentenced to a three-year community order, but will also carry out 150 hours of unpaid work and be the subject of a two-month curfew.
"I reserve any breaches of this order," Judge Climie said.
"This is an opportunity for you both to live real lives, however difficult life has been to date.
"This is your chance. Take it or don't, but that will be at your peril."
But it wasn't at his peril, was it?

Just What Is The Point?

Jupp said he was “shocked and embarrassed by his behaviour” and “apologetic”, Brighton Magistrates’ Court heard.
Yeah, they all say that. But inactions speak louder than words...
But despite getting a community order for his crimes, Jupp failed to turn up for unpaid work and did not respond to a final warning letter from the probation service.
So now he's where he belongs, behind bars. Right?

Don't be silly....
Jupp, now of Sugden Road, Worthing, was given a new 20-week suspended sentence and was ordered to complete 140 hours of unpaid work, with 20 rehabilitation sessions, or risk being sent to prison.
Yes, and what would you bet me he won't turn up for this, either?

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Oh, That Old Chestnut Again...

*yawns* It's been tried, progressives. It didn't work then.

It's OK, we've got the recipes.

Not Unnatural Causes In Their World...

In January Mr Lena, 20, went on trial at the Old Bailey along with Ramani Boreland and Mohammed Musse, both aged 21.
Mr Narvaez-Jara was stabbed in the chest at a party that Mr Lena had been attending.
Gosh, thanks, enrichment policy!
Another man, 18-year-old Israel Ogunsola, was also accused of involvement in the killing but died before the case came to trial.
Oh. Accident? Illness?
A teenager who "hunted" for an 18-year-old man before stabbing him to death in east London has been jailed for 17 years.
Israel Ogunsola was found wounded in Link Street, Hackney, on 4 April. He later died from his injuries.
Jonathan Abora, 18, was sentenced at the Old Bailey to life imprisonment with a minimum of 17 years and 152 days for the murder.
Police said "Abora did not act alone" and continue to investigate.
Ah. Occupational hazard, then...

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

No, There's No Bias Here...

...that's why we, the main stream media, are focussing on the fact one man wants to shoot a bear.

Rather than the far more newsworthy fact that lots of others apparently don't:
“We get thousands of applications,” Grasser said on Friday. Whether anyone won came down to “pure chance, luck of the draw”.
But in the case of the bear-hunt permit the president’s son won, there was little competition. Twenty-four tags for hunting bears in that region went unclaimed, Grasser said.
So, either bunnyhuggers are buying tags they don't intend to use to stop others bear hunting, or there's no longer much interest in bear hunting.

Isn't either of these far more potentially interesting to an anti-hunting journalist?

Not Loved By Anyone Who Met Him On The Wrong Side Of The Road, I Assume..?

Caroline Beasley-Murray (Ed: yes, her again!), senior coroner recorded the pair died as a result of a road traffic crash.
An avoidable one? Oooh, yes, very much so:
Giving evidence Katherine Burke, from Essex Police’s forensic collision investigation unit, said the car was being driven on the wrong side of the road and hit a tree before landing on a driveway outside a home.
The inquest heard there were also three tyres on the vehicle which were below the legal limit for tread. One tyre was so worn, it was coming off the vehicle’s rim.
And the driver was drunk into the bargain.
The inquest heard Mr Batchelor was over the drink drive limit but no exact reading was given.
Maybe it was off the scale.
During the inquest, Mr Batchelor's family said: "He would never had got in the car if he wasn't fit.
"He hadn't had the car very long and hadn't check it all over."
Right, sure. It's easy to miss, I guess.
Ricky’s family paid their respects to a “kind-hearted and loving man”.
32-year-old Daniel Rowland from East London was the second man to die in the incident.
His wife, Kirsty, said her husband was “loved by everyone who met him”.
Not those who might have done so at speed on their side of the road, love.

Monday, 24 February 2020

I Suppose A Plane Ticket Back To Bulgaria Is Out Of The Question?

Alfiya Musa will be homeless from today after her landlords ordered her to leave her home in Whitmore Way, Basildon.
The 26-year-old gave birth last month three months prematurely as she had to have an emergency C-section.
Now, her son is suffering from poor lungs and she fears he will just get worse with nowhere to stay.
Where is this boon to the British economy from?
Ms Mufa, who is originally from Bulgaria but has lived in Basildon for a year, sill has a job as an agency worker but fears for her son’s welfare.
A job that doesn't pay well enough for her to be here without recourse to the public purse?
She said: “My landlords have been telling me for a while that they did not want a child in the house.
“The house is old and they need to do a lot of work, which involves turning the gas and water off, so a child can’t live there.
“They gave me notice and I was working to find somewhere to go, but I had my son three months early which left me no time to find anywhere.
“I have been to the charities to try and help, but they don’t have capacity.
“When I went to the council, they said I was not eligible for them to re-house me, even though I’m on universal credit.”
Well, thank the Lord for th...

Oh, wait!
A spokesman for the council said: “We have not issued a decision that the housing applicant (Ms. Musa) is ineligible for assistance.
“However, we have been continuing our ongoing enquiries into the matter.
“The applicant has an appointment with our Housing Solutions Team today to discuss her situation further, when we will determine whether we have any ongoing duties towards her.
Can the answer please be 'No'..?

Rue, Britania....

Britania Hunter, 18, of Foxhall Road, Nottingham, was in court for breaching a court order.
Does that name seem familiar? Well, it should.
Dawn Pritchard, in mitigation, urged Judge Gregory Dickinson QC to mark the breach with further rehabilitation activity days. "I urge you to make the minimum amount," said Miss Pritchard at Nottingham Crown Court.
"She is on track. She still has 19 to do."
She's not exactly shifting herself, is she?
She was one of six young women who were sentenced for affray arising from the incident involving Mariam at a bus stop in November 2018.
Hunter's sentence had been a community order for 12 months, 28 rehabilitation activity days and 40 hours of unpaid work.
That's most of them, then....
The judge gave her an extra five rehabilitation activity days "to get on and do this as soon as you can".
"I explained to you that this is not an option, it is not a choice. You must do it. You obviously took that firmly on board when we met last time. You have knuckled down".
She's done very little! What's the point of giving her more? At this rate, they'll still be outstanding when she's drawing an old age pension!