Monday, 3 August 2020

A Thumb In The Eye Of Her Colleagues...

A Common Purpose plant in the police speaks:
Speaking after the three killers of PC Andrew Harper were jailed for manslaughter, Janette McCormick, deputy chief constable at the College of Policing, said attention was required to tackle the inequality and job prospects facing Travellers.
“There seems to be a deep-seated and accepted prejudice that demonises people from the community. You wouldn’t call any other ethnicity inherently criminal,” said McCormick, also the National Police Chiefs’ Council lead for Gypsies, Roma and Travellers.
It's time to look more closely at the College of Policing. Because it's proving to be one of the main reasons for the decline in trust in - and respect for - the police. 
McCormick said it was important to note that the broader link between crime and UK Traveller communities was not conclusive.
“There is no evidence to suggest we have a disproportionately high crime rate around Traveller sites,” she said.
Why not ask the people who live around traveller encampments, and see the flytipping, abuse of animals, distraction burglary, roofing scams and blatant shoplifting rates soar?

Mystery Solved!

Two 18-year-old men have been arrested for their suspected involvement in the hit-and-run attack on a black NHS worker.
Avon and Somerset Police said the pair were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after the NHS victim was deliberately struck by a car in Monks Park Avenue in Horfield, Bristol.
The police are treating it as a racially aggravated attack because the two occupants in the car yelled 'f***ing n*****'.

Why isn't this headline news? Why isn't Black Lives Matter marching through Bristol?
The 21-year-old musician, who wishes only to be referred to as K or his stage name Kdogg...
Superintendent Andy Bennett, of Avon and Somerset Police, said: 'We appreciate this incident has caused a significant amount of concern but we'd like to stress there is no intelligence or information to indicate there's a further risk to the public.'
"I do want to ask the public and the media to respect our privacy as a family because this is a really difficult time. We'd ask that any contact is made through SARI.
"We will bounce back as a family, this will make us stronger. We won't let the haters win."

Saturday, 1 August 2020

This Is Not Justice...

Superintendent Stuart Blaik, who led the investigation, said Henry Long, Jessie Cole and Albert Bowers had shown 'not an ounce of remorse' as they were jailed for 16 years and 13 years respectively.
It means two of the three thugs who killed the police constable as they tried to steal a quad bike will be back on the streets in just eight years. The maximum sentence for manslaughter is life with a term of 24 years.
So why didn't they get it?

Simple! The inbuilt discount scheme that immediately knocks off years off the intended sentence if there are 'other factors' in play: 
The judge told getaway driver Henry Long, 19, that he would have received this sentence if he was 'a few years older' but it had been discounted because of his age, and due to his guilty plea. He will now serve 10 years and 8 months before being considered for release.
Albert Bowers and Jessie Cole, both 18, were 'not ringleaders', the judge said, so the starting point for their sentences was 20 years. This was reduced to 13 due to their age and because they both have learning difficulties. This means they could be released in eight years.
Shouldn't their criminal lifestyles and their lack of remorse have offset these? Yes. But of course, they aren't built into the system. As the wretched families of these utter degenerates know full well:
Some supporters of the defendants wept and gasped as the judge announced his decision. Mrs Harper's mother, Julie Beckett, applauded at the conclusion of the hearing.
And incredibly, there are still sections of the police farces set up to laud 'gypsy and traveller culture'.

If this is a culture at all, it's in the sense of what festers in a Petri dish.

Drumming Up Business, Love?

Smith, who had been on duty at Airedale Hospital, was a diabetic who said she checked her blood sugar levels before she set off and they were “totally fine.”
But she began to feel unwell with hyperglycaemia and ignored the clear indications that she should not be driving, Mr Stranex told Bradford Crown Court.
She drove on and off the pavement before the crash and was described as having “a glazed expression.”
Most of the nurses I've seen have that permanently...
She veered in the road and was said to have been going too fast. Mr Stranex told the court her driving record included “bumps” and she had attended a speed awareness course.
Which is rather a weasel way of saying 'was previously caught speeding', isn't it?

As usual, these people never seem to harm themselves, only innocent other drivers or pedestrians:
Mr Ellison, who had enjoyed mountain biking and tennis, spent 20 weeks in hospital and said in his victim personal statement that at times, he wanted to die.
He had been a DIY enthusiast but now couldn’t even change a lightbulb.
“The driver has devastated my life and that of my family,” he said.
No, no, Mr Ellison, you've not understood who is the real victim here....
Tom Gent said in mitigation: “This was a tragic and awful incident.”
Smith had been a nurse for 23 years and driving since 1989. She was racked with guilt and utterly devastated by the dreadful injuries she had caused.
But Mr Gent conceded she had not been attending for specialist diabetic reviews and should have known she was unfit to drive that evening.
Testimonials spoke of her as compassionate and caring and “an extremely kind woman.”
The effect on her was “exceptionally acute” and her mental health problems had been exacerbated. Last November she attempted to take her own life after experiencing nightmares and high levels of anxiety, and being overwhelmed by guilt.
She's a nurse. Surely she's best placed to make a good job of taking her own life?

So why is she still here?
Smith, 47, of East Hill Street, Barnoldswick, was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment, suspended for two years, with 300 hours of unpaid work. She was banned from driving for five years and until she takes an extended retest.
'Keeping death off the road'...for a while.
“You could go to prison for a million years and it wouldn’t change anything,” Judge Rose said.
Smith had made a “deliberate and determined” attempt on own life and he feared for her health if she was sent immediately to prison.
Clearly, she's a lousy nurse as well as a lousy driver, if she couldn't do that right either.