Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Make Up Your Minds! Part 2864785

Sharon Chapman, one of the residents who has organised the petition, said she was concerned that the council would eventually be creating a 'mini forest'.
Aren't people usually happy about this?
She said: "It is mad. It is meant to be an open space for children to play and for dogs to run and they are just going to plant some trees instead.
"It won't be like a park anymore."
Errr, well, actually, yes it will. One expects parks to have trees. Otherwise, they are just fields!
"Many of us bought houses with a view of the park and the lakes, and this is a mental amount of trees for such a small area.
"It will put people of (sic) that part of the park. People won't want to wander past the trees and the bushes at the night time. It just doesn't seem right."
Ah, I see! It's property values that are the concern!
A spokeswoman for the council said: "The new native species being planted, which include Field Maple, Common Crab apple, Mountain Ash and Bird Cherry, are of the ‘small garden variety’. They are being planted to replace a collection of Poplars which previously stood at around 28m high.
"The young whips are currently unbranched stems, which measure no more than one metre tall and will take in excess of 10 years to reach full maturity. Even then the trees are not expected to grow larger than 8m in height due to the nature of the heavy clay soil at Danson Park."
Wait, you're planting trees where the conditions aren't ideal?
The council also said that not all the trees will survive, with an expected failure rate of 40 per cent in the first two years.
Hmm, seems like the waste of taxpayer money should be the real concern here, doesn't it?

"Are We Absolutely Sure This Is A Job For The ARV, Sarge...?"

"...I mean, it is Hartlepool. Did Albert Pierrepoint retire..?"
Cleveland Police launched an appeal to find the owner of the German Shepherd, which officers described as "increasingly aggressive as time went on", after it was discovered in Hartlepool over the weekend.
It's good to know that the police have abandoned their usual tactic of letting aggressive dogs sit in kennels for months, eating their way through taxpayer funds, though if some poor sod has to tie them to a telegraph pole first, well, it might not save much money.

But at least it means even the most hapless 'marksman' shouldn't be able to miss this time.

And it's not a German Shepherd, it's thought to be a Caucasian Shepherd. A pretty distinctive breed, so you might think the local cops would have had an idea who it belonged to. Until you realise it's hard to judge dog breeds when you never leave the patrol car!

The RSPCA are, for once, rather quick to spot the PR disaster looming, and very adroit at getting out of its way:
A spokesman for the RSPCA told The Independent: “This was a difficult and distressing police-led incident with an outcome which no one wanted."
Translation: "Don't blame us! We wanted to give it love & cuddles but the big gruff policeman said no! Please keep giving us money!"

Monday, 22 January 2018

No Longer A Nation Of Animal Lovers?

Britain is becoming so unfriendly to dogs that owners are spending more holidays abroad, the head of the Kennel Club has said.
Hmmm, really? What's to blame for this?
The organisation says many pubs misunderstand food hygiene rules and bar dogs from the whole of a pub, when the rules simply state that they shouldn't be allowed in food preparation areas.
I think she must mean city pubs, not those in the country. Don't think I've ever visited one without a dog or cat, as @PubCurmudgeon can attest!
Ms Kisko says she "regularly" travels to France with her own dog, knowing that she will receive a warmer welcome there than she does in the UK. And she warned that other families with dogs could be doing the same - meaning British businesses are losing out.
I can't quite put my finger on it, but it feels like there may be another reason for this reported 'unfriendliness'...?

Been Watching Too Much US TV, Officer?

“The Police asked my traumatised father-in-law and his poorly elderly wife if they wanted to press charges and go to court.
“They said no - they have neither the strength, or money, nor the ability to face a trial.
“So the Police gave the owner of this dangerous, out of control dog, a warning and told them to keep it in a cage.”
We don't 'press charges' in this country. The state presses them for us. How bloody thick do you have to be to not realise this?
Dr Heley said she believes the dog which attacked Tiny Tim should have been destroyed after it showed such aggression towards another creature.
No doubt people will say 'But it's in its nature!'. You know, like sloth & indolence seems to be in the modern cop's nature...
Cleveland Police were contacted but were unavailable for comment.
How prudent. Luckily, we have other sources of information:

No-one trusts or relies on the police any more. Why would they?

Saturday, 20 January 2018

"Police arrived and Mr Turner was in tears, but it was Miss Winder who was arrested."

Miss Winder, who is 5ft 3in, said he began abusing her from his car and beeping at her at the station in Crowhurst Road, Hollingbury, after she paid for fuel. Mr Turner, a teacher, then approached her and began aggressively making obscene gestures.
The bounder! The cad!
But Miss Winder used a secret weapon to defend herself from the abuse. She said: “I studied jiu jitsu from 2015 to 2017 and then did a women’s self-defence course which specialises in situations like that.
“It teaches you how to analyse the situation you’re in with aggressive men. He was a prime example of the type of people you get in these kinds of situations.”
But he didn't physically attack you, did he? You attacked him! Which seems unwise in the circumstances.
Miss Winder, 23, scuffled with Mr Turner, punching him in the face before he grappled her on to the bonnet of his car. He had to be dragged off by an onlooker.
A male onlooker, I suspect, after Miss Winder's sense of grievance wrote a check her 5ft3" body couldn't actually cash....
On the first day of the trial in November, Mr Turner said he was frustrated by the length of time Miss Winder took paying in the station, which is why he beeped the horn.
When Ed Fish, defending, asked if this was a reasonable response, Mr Turner said: “I don’t know. If swearing and shouting is aggressive, then I was aggressive.
Whereupon the prosecution started to weep quietly..!
The case against Miss Winder, of Taunton Road, Bevendean, was dropped at Brighton Magistrates’ Court yesterday after new evidence came to light which made for an unfair trial.
Magistrate Peter Sutton told her: “Your case has been dropped because of evidence which was available which the Crown has not disclosed.”
 Hmmm, lot of that going around lately, isn't there?
But Miss Winder, an aspiring child psychologist, says she should never have been in this position in the first place, and it has merely added to months of hell for her.
Sounds a bit like you brought it on yourself. And equally, sounds like you're not too unhappy at doing so, either:
She also had a message for other women who have been subjected to such abuse at the hands of men.
“I feel like it’s something that needs to be addressed,” she said. “There are a lot of women going through this sort of thing.
There are men that can be quite bullish.”
“They need to stay strong.”
So to sum up, a man shouts abuse, you get handy, it all goes wrong for you, and only the legendary incompetence of the state gets you out of the hole you've dug?

Another triumph for modern feminism, I think you'll agree.

Compensation Should Be Paid By The Police....

Maidstone Crown Court was told the dog had four months earlier attacked a Jack Russell and its owner.
And no-one did a thing. As usual. Pity it wasn't a cop knocking on the door this time.
Medway housing officer Theresa Lamb was visiting a grandmother’s home in Chatham when two-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier Rome clamped its jaw on her right arm.
The dog - described by a judge as “highly aggressive and highly strung” - sank its teeth in right down to the bone.
The useless chav 'looking after' the suburban hellhound proved to be as ineffective and unconcerned as you'd expect from her breed...
Despite Wendy Hooper trying to beat off the pet with a broom, it went for the victim twice more.
As well suffering wounds to her arm, Mrs Lamb’s hand was bitten. She only managed to escape by jumping over a garden fence. She suffered permanent disfigurement and is still having treatment.
Hooper, who was looking after Rome while the owner was at work, later told police it was simply “doing its job” protecting the house.
From the council. Let that sink in.
Hooper was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment suspended for two years after admitting being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control, causing injury.
She was ordered to complete 180 hours unpaid work and banned from owning or caring for a dog for three years.
She should have served the whole sentence and been banned for life. What was the reason for this (utterly characteristic) leniency?
Judge Julian Smith said the 42-year-old had shown genuine remorse and she was the carer for her registered blind daughter, aged 21.
Oh, for...!
But he added: “There is a history here of which you would have been aware and it is worrying in the extreme. You chose to have that dog in the house and it is perfectly clear it was an animal that could change at any time.”
The judge ordered Rome’s destruction.
Pity it wasn't shot on sight. How much has it cost to have the creature in police kennels?
Judge Smith declined to make a compensation order after hearing Hooper was on benefits.
They always are, yet no judge ever says 'Wait, hang on, you can afford a dog?', do they?
It will, however, be sought in the civil courts by Mrs Lamb.
Good! I hope she leaves this cretin the clothes she stands up in, and nothing else. But it's incumbent on me to point out that if the police had acted after the first attack, this woman wouldn't have been injured.

So maybe they should be on the hook too?

Friday, 19 January 2018

Someone Can't Count...

John Barker, defending, said ... 'The defendant had an appalling childhood, but has since done the best she can to help herself.
'Today she is asking for a second chance.'
 Well, it's no surprise maths isn't a strong point, since clearly, neither is biology!
Previous breaches were for failing to register a change of address and twice being in possession of a mobile phone with Internet access.
The judge can count, luckily:
Judge James O'Mahony accepted that Laws had an 'awful childhood' during which she had been 'exposed to extreme sexual behaviour by others'.
He said: 'This is your fourth breach. If it is understood that people can continuously breach court orders without consequence, they will lose their effect.'
Whew! So, what's the punishm....

Laws admitted the breach and the suspended sentence. She was ordered to do 20 days rehab and 100 hours unpaid work.
Well, that'll teach him. And clearly, 'consequence' means something rather different to O'Mahoney than it does to the rest of us....

I Think The DWP Will Want To Have A Word Too....

Kirby’s barrister Felicity Hemlin told York Crown Court he had had to give up his apprenticeship because of medical complications caused by cystic fibrosis.
Oh, poor chap, he must find it so terribly hard to get abou...

David Wain, prosecuting, said Kirby and his friends had surrounded two victims in the early hours of May 1. The victims had retreated down the street. Judge Andrew Stubbs QC said Kirby and about ten of his friends had gone looking for one of the two and chased him down an alleyway off Castlegate.
He said: “You and that pack of friends of yours then set about the two complainants in this case who weren’t looking for trouble." Kirby would have continued the assault but for some of his “more sensible” friends restraining him.
“It took three of them to stop you assaulting that person,” said the judge. “It was disgusting and disgraceful behaviour, the type of behaviour that will always result in a custodial sentence.”
Well, indeed! How long did he get?
He gave Kirby an eight-month prison sentence but suspended it for 12 months with a requirement he does a nightly curfew from 8pm to 7pm for the next six months.
*baffled face*

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Council Incompetence Part 579214558

Brighton and Hove City Council said the tree was blocking the pavement and ordered Mrs Hasler to take action within 14 days.
Marcia Hasler, 76, received the letter on the day she returned from two weeks in hospital for emergency heart surgery.
Well, if her tree is at fault, then...

Wait! Is it her tree?
It later apologised after discovering it was a council tree – but a month later it has still not pruned it.

Still, a mistake anyone could make?
The letter, signed by highway enforcement officer Gail Barnett, begins: “It has been brought to our attention that vegetation that appears to be coming from your property is now growing over the public highway causing problems for pedestrians.”
On the reverse of the letter is a photograph of the tree, clearly showing it is planted in the pavement, four feet from the edge of the pensioner’s house on Chelston Avenue, Hove.
Ah. Yes. A mistake any incompetent, slapdash council worker with no fear of the sack could make...
After the Haslers complained, the council apologised in writing.
Let's see the letter! I bet they got something else wrong!
Brighton and Hove City Council did not respond to The Argus’s request for a comment.
Probably wise...

The Continuing Saga Of The Untouchables...

A Surrey Police spokesman said: "We had two separate incidents yesterday morning (November 27) of a small dog biting members of the public as they walked along Goldsworth Road.
Why don't you turn up and seize it then?
"Officers will be attending the location today (November 28) to speak to those on the site about the need to control their dogs."
 Ha ha ha! Yes, I'm sure they'll stick around for that!
The group have now left the site after the owner of the land posted a notice on Tuesday (November 28) stating it had applied to Guildford County Court for a possession order.
Photographs show rubbish left behind, including plastic bags, food waste and a single shoe.
Well, you know who they are, you know where they went - why is no-one prepared to do anything about them?

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Maybe Your Family Had The Solution All Along?

A dad has demanded for CCTV cameras to be introduced to Church House Gardens park after claiming his son and three friends were robbed there last night.
Cameras, eh? Well, that's a good idea!
Dad of one of the boys, Colin Welling, told News Shopper: "Yesterday (December 28) they stayed longer than normal. They don't usually stay after dark.
"They were approached by lads wearing balaclavas."
Oh. Maybe not.
"One of my son's mates saw it and ran off at speed. He wasn't chased and he rang the police straight away.
"My son had the presence of mind to stick his phone down the back of his trousers.
"They were pushed against the fence, they took a phone off one boy and said 'you're lucky we weren't shanked tonight'. They took another phone and smashed it on the floor."
Lovely! Still, it's one of those modern things, you just never know when an areas will become a no-go area and...

Oh. Wait!
"The council need to put CCTV there," Colin said. "It is almost secluded, it is amazing that there is no CCTV. There never has been. My oldest son is 30 and he said he was mugged there in the same way years ago.
"My daughter who is 29 also said she knows people who say it happens a lot there."
Errr.... Maybe this is a known place to avoid then?

If only your son & his friends had listened to the wisdom of his elders, eh?
"This has been shocking for everybody. You can't have anything in this world anymore without someone taking it."
Well, yes, sadly true. 'Twas ever thus, though. Avoiding the opportunity for others to take it would be a start, though.

Pecking Order....

Michael O’Byrne, 52, was given a £600 fine yesterday for using racially aggravated threatening, abusive or insulting words towards a rival fan on November 28 before the match kicked off at the Amex Stadium.
The plasterer, of Farncombe Road, East Worthing, was heard by a police officer shouting “**** off you black ****” at the Palace fan, before he was arrested.
*gasps* Oh noes! Racism!
Brighton magistrates heard the comment was made after the Eagles fan said to O’Byrne: “get out the way you gay boy.”
Oh. Anti-gay slurs. *shrugs*
Before he was sentenced, O’Byrne, who said he has been watching football matches for 42 years, said: “all Brighton fans have had enough of homophobic attacks.
“I am sick of people saying to fans things like ‘I hope you die of Aids’.
“I am not a racist. I was approached by him and his first words to me were ‘Alright gay boy’.
I still don’t know if he was arrested.
You clearly have a losing hand in Victimhood Poker,chum. On this occasion at least.

On others, the police officer's hearing hasn't proven so deficient.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Yay For Gender Equality!

Several men and women, aged 18 to 35, were assaulted near Burger King in North Street, Brighton.
Disgraceful! You can't go anywhere these days without risking attack by gangs of testosterone-filled youths and their aggression...

Or, maybe not.
Sussex Police said the victims were in the area of Burger King when the assault by a group of young women took place between just after midnight and 1.10am on Friday, December 15.
Lovely! Still, progressives will be happy they are now equally as scummy as their male counterparts.
A 21-year-old woman from Hove was arrested on suspicion of assault and later released under investigation.

Remember when that used to be such a genteel area?

The Ineffectual Blue Line....

Police were pelted with stones - and one officer hit in the eye with a drinks can - as 50 yobs gathered to watch teenage girls fight.
The two schoolgirls arranged to meet in Limeside in Oldham on Tuesday night, with huge numbers of teens taking to the streets to watch.
Residents near to Limeside Road contacted police after seeing youths gathering near their homes. GMP said 10 officers attended and attempted to disperse the group before being subjected to a tirade of vile abuse. Sergeant Paul Archer said the culprits are being sought.
...facing the inevitable result of the indulgence of the No Consequences Generation.
One youth was arrested and charged with a public order offence.
One. Out of 50. Even those educated under Blair's mantra of 'education, education, education' can easily see those odds are in their favour.

Expect more, much, much more, of this in 2018.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Island Life...

A 17-year-old boy suffered a suspected stab wound to the head and seven others were attacked after a mass brawl erupted in a street.
Oh, which street? Where?
Police were called to a chaotic fight involving a large group of people, reportedly up to 30, on Runnymede Road, Canvey.
Oh. Say no more....
In total, seven people told police they had been assaulted, with one 17-year-old boy claiming that he had been hit with a motorbike crash helmet. A woman, 19, had been struck with a belt.
Police attended the scene but did not to (sic) make any arrests.
Why not? Are they allergic to them?
The community policing team increased patrols across the island following the brawl.
What for, if you're not going to make any arrests?

Forgiveness, Thy Name Is Woman...

The girlfriend of a designer stabbed in the head as he walked his puppy in a south London park today said a “sense of justice” had been served as his attacker was jailed for 13 years.
Really? I'd want the bastard hanged.
She said: “This sad chapter in our lives is closed now and we can all carry on focusing on the most important thing which is Sinuhe’s recovery. The sentence brought closure and a sense of justice. The sentence is severe.
“I’m not glad about this. Someone will spend part of their life in prison and I would not wish that on anyone.
I wonder what the actual victim thought?
But when I told Sinuhe about the sentence, he just said ‘good’.”
Thought so.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Unexpected Fox

In the grey and damp New Year, I took a trip to Romford to do some shopping, and chanced upon this stunning piece of art, no less amazing for being that dreaded scourge of property maintenance people, graffiti:

I can't begin to explain why my spirits rose on happening upon it, but it was, perhaps, the sudden appearance of something beautiful amid the damp, grey temples to conspicuous consumption all around.

Now, I've expressed admiration for graffiti 'artists' before, and there's no doubt that some are immensely talented. It's just rather sad that their outlet for their talent is someone else's property.

No doubt this will soon be removed, it's chance to brighten someone else's day flowing into the drain under the high-pressure house of some minimum wage employee. That will be a sad day.

It's Not Often A 'Guardian' Article Shows This Level Of Cluelessness....

...but I guess one needs to consider the source:

Simon Bailey (the National Police Chiefs’ Council lead on child protection) seems to think that if you use a PC or smartphone in the UK, it grants you nationality! I wonder if all those false asylum seekers are aware of this odd wrinkle?
He added that most offenders across all categories of child sexual abuse were white, despite the considerable attention that has been paid in some parts of the media to so-called Asian street-grooming gangs.
Incredible! You can tell someone's race via their IP address! I didn't know that!
Some 20% of new imagery is self-generated and is often taken by other children. But Bailey said he did not regard those who viewed sexual images of children under the age of 16 as harmless under any circumstances.
Even when they are other children....?
On the emerging issue of live streaming, Bailey urged tech companies to do more. “Software providers have a critical role in policing the environment they create,” he said. “They have a social and moral responsibility to make their platforms safe for children to use.”
No doubt he'll want the Post Office to open all letters and parcels too, to make sure those using the 'postal environment' are doing nothing illegal...

Friday, 12 January 2018

It's Schrödinger's Stabbing!

Kane Ellis, 24, whose father is Basildon Ukip councillor Mark Ellis, was somehow injured at Unit 7 in Basildon’s Festival Leisure Park.
He needed 18 stitches on his lower back, but the club have insisted CCTV shows he simply fell on a set of stairs.
A spokesman for Unit 7 said: “The safety and enjoyment of our customers is always our main priority and we operate a stringent door policy, which includes searching all customers on entry and re-entry to the venue.
Right, right. Sure. Prisons have an even stricter policy, yet weapons still get in!
“Further to discussions with the police and an environmental health officer, we do not believe there is evidence that the customer was stabbed in the club.
“The customer couldn’t recall what happened on the night, but having reviewed CCTV footage, it appears that he fell on the stairs, which resulted in him sustaining an injury.
What the hell are your stairs made from!?
“When we were made aware of the injury, we did everything we could to support and care for him, including our head doorman taking him to hospital to get his wound treated.”
Wouldn't an ambulance have been advisable? Still, I guess if you say it's not a stabbing, who could disagree with y...

An Essex Police spokesman said: “We are investigating a report that a man was stabbed in in the back with an unknown item, at a club in Basildon on December 17.”
Gosh! So, which is it?

"Mr Smith hasn’t been able to give me a coherent explanation to what led him to do such a thing."

He said Smith had two horses that he would sell straightaway, and added that his client usually worked as a handyman, but had not had a job since his arrest. He said: "Word has got around the area."
Ummm, yes. Yes, one supposes it has.
Smith, who had first pleaded guilty to the offence of sex with a living animal at Hinckley Magistrates’ Court earlier this year, was given a four-week jail sentence, suspended for 12 months, and ordered to carry out 120 hours of unpaid work. He was given a 10-year ban from contact with animals, or acquiring children’s clothes or nappies.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

It's No Surprise The Police Are Screwing Up Sexual Assault Cases...

Pc Roscoe, who had been working for Rochdale division, was found to have committed gross misconduct at a Greater Manchester Police disciplinary hearing, following an investigation by police watchdog the IPCC.
He was given a final written warning and remains a police constable.
WTAF..? This was no simple flirtation that was misconstrued by a humourless feminista, either:
The officer was in the Heywood area responding to reports of a domestic disturbance in the early hours of October 15 last year. He ended up parked outside the home of the woman who would go on to report him.
He beckoned her over and asked for a cup of tea, before following her inside, where he told her she was ‘absolutely gorgeous’, asked if he could pick her up because of her petite frame, placed her on the kitchen worktop and tried to kiss her.
Which is assault.
The woman, who rebuffed his advances before reporting them, said: “Since it happened I am still worried that he will come back to my property.
“It is despicable and he doesn’t deserve the honour of wearing the uniform. He should have been dismissed - you can’t go round doing things like that. He twice asked if he could come back.”
So what's the reason for this undue leniency?
At a GMP disciplinary hearing following the investigation a panel found that Pc Roscoe had behaved ‘opportunistically’, shown no remorse and had abused the trust placed in him. It also concluded the woman had suffered some psychological impact - although no serious harm - and that Pc Roscoe’s actions will have hurt the reputation of the police force.
However, the complainant insists that no one should hold the force itself responsible - and has thanked GMP and the IPCC for their support.
She's far more generous than I am then. They enable his behaviour, when they fail to dismiss him from the farce. It's not like he's even come clean!
Pc Roscoe denied he acted inappropriately towards the woman in any way. But the panel upheld the misconduct case and said that Pc Roscoe kept his job because of ‘mitigating factors’. These included the incident being ‘brief in duration’ and that he had backed off when his advances were rebuffed.
Those are the lamest excuses I've heard, and I've heard plenty. I guess the motto of the disciplinary board is 'If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!'.

But it doesn't seem to extend to other cops:
Two police officers who went to a petrol station to get coffee to avoid confronting a group of men hunting hares have been sacked for gross misconduct. Constables Robert Ashcroft and Ataul Ahmad, from Slough, Berkshire, were dismissed by Thames Valley Police following a misconduct hearing which found they breached standards of professional behaviour. A spokesman for the force said the case was brought following three separate incidents between January and March this year.
So perhaps they are just waiting for Roscoe to assault two more women, then he'll feel their wrath?

Put Them Down, Then....

...on hearing the circumstances of the case, District Judge Kristina Harrison told the trio: “I don’t understand anybody who goes on a public beach with that type of dog not under control. What a recipe for disaster. It’s not the dogs’ fault, it’s the owners’ fault.”
So punish the owners. Harshly.
Saying she was bound by sentencing guidelines, Judge Harrison said that based on their incomes, Coverdale would be fined £200, Blythe £178 and Lukins £230. Each must also pay £200 compensation to Mr Cuthbert, £175 to Mr Cuthbert’s partner, Lorraine Mekin, and £75 to Margaret Wade, plus £40 costs.
Meaning they were all dolescum, yet able to keep and feed three huge trophy dogs. Still, I'm sure the compensation will help the bereaved owner. If she ever sees a bloody penny of it...
They must also keep their dogs muzzled and on a fixed length lead when in public.
They should have been shot right there and then on the beach.
Mr Cuthbert said he called the police at the time and the people with the other dogs were spoken to at the scene.
Useless bastards.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Funny Sort Of 'Privilege', Gaby...

Gaby Hinsliff in 'CiF' decides she was wrong to sneer at people who used the phrase 'check your privilege':
If you can read this, you’re privileged compared to the 15% of Britons who aren’t functionally literate, and so should think twice before making snotty assumptions about people who don’t follow the news.
I mean, one that can easily be overcome for free, by simple learning....

The NHS, In All Its Glory....

Kyra Warrell faces a lifetime of disability if £58,000 cannot be raised to pay for specialist treatment abroad in February.
The six-year-old was born with a rare condition which means her left leg is deformed and will not grow properly.
She has to wear a bulky and heavy prosthetic to help her walk which gives her a lot of pain.
How sad. But why does she have to go abroad?
Surgery that would lengthen the leg is available but only at a specialist clinic in Israel.
Note: not Palestine, or Saudi Arabia. Israel. The little Middle Eastern country that could.

And what of the amazing, wonderful NHS that the progressives think is so wonderful?
Doctors in the UK have so far offered only to amputate Kyra’s lower leg so she can wear a prosthetic limb more easily.
Yet they don't tell fat benefit sponges with mental health conditions or self-inflicted injuries to go abroad, do they?

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

I Don't Think It's A Dog That This Family Needs...

Eight-year-old Riley Whitehouse has autism, ADHD, anxiety, and is becoming increasingly unmanageable in the Redbourn family setting.
His conditions made him aggressive, impatient, impulsive, and rude. He sometimes lashes out at his siblings, such as pushing them at the top of the stairs.
Sounds very much like an accident waiting to happen. Who is ensuring the safety and welfare of the other children? Anyone?
Autism Life Dogs could help Riley because they are specially trained to react to their particular owners needs and develop physical, cognitive, life and social skills. However, the helper puppies cost £20,000, of which mum of four Shelley, 30, needs to contribute £9,500.
Wait, that's the answer? A dog? No matter how well trained, it'd have to be a combination of Lassie and Rin Tin Tin to prevent disaster!
Shelley is also juggling caring for 16-month-old Mikey, who has severe allergies and is fed through a tube, six-year-old Brooke and four-year-old Skyla-Louise.
Nice crop of disabilities there, as well as chavnames!
She said: “Life is miserable and this dog is the only light at the end of our tunnel right now. We cannot cope. Well definitely not for much longer.”
So the answer is to go begging for money in the newspaper, instead of facing up to the issue? Wonderful! Welcome to modern 'parenting'...

Stress Ball - Yr Usin' It Wrong!

A document released by the force ahead of the process alleges that Mr Horne threw the rubber stress ball 'for no apparent reason' while in his office with two colleagues.
'Suddenly, and for no apparent reason, you threw a rubber 'stress ball' at (a junior colleague), which hit him in the throat and left a red mark,' the document alleges.
 Blimey! I thought you were just supposed to squeeze the things. Might buy one now!
The incident is said to have happened on an unknown date between October 2015 and May 2016.
Eh...? Well, I suppose it is Essex Police, after all.
Mr Horne is further accused of pushing the junior colleague 'with two hands, causing him to fall on to a desk', and it is alleged that this happened 'during a conversation about policing matters, and for no apparent reason'.
There being am instance where physically assaulting a work colleague is ever reasonable..?
Mr Horne is also accused of repeatedly swearing at a second colleague during a confrontation in a car park outside the force's control room. He allegedly 'stood with clenched fists, leaning in towards' the colleague and said he 'had to leave before (he) punched something'.
They should put this guy on the beat! Which might actually be an option.
He faces a misconduct hearing in Chelmsford on January 15.
*orders popcorn*

H/T: Ted Treen via email

Monday, 8 January 2018

Not Even Trying, Are You, Benjamin?

In mitigation defending, Benjamin Hargreaves, told the court: "His explanation is that he had been on a combination of drugs and alcohol and had been on a bender. He needed more money, and the shop was one of the first places he'd pass on his way home."
Back to Defence Lawyer Excuse School for you, mate!
Judge Kemp said the robbery demonstrated the "appalling effects of drinks and drugs on otherwise perfectly decent men".
Oh, judge! Honestly! 'In vino veritas'. Thought you were all good at Latin?
Horsted, dad to a four-month-old girl, was sentenced to three years in jail for the robbery to run concurrently with nine months for breaching suspended sentence.
Hardly a 'perfectly decent man' if he's already got a suspended hanging over him, is he?

Still, in the face of justice system failure, at least we can keep our sense of humour:


Better Late Than Never...

Miroslaw, 48, and his wife, Mariola Zieba, 37, who are from Poland but live in York Road, Southend, said they went to the police after they were attacked in their home.
According to Mrs Zieba, their landlord walked into the flat they were renting with two other men, all wearing balaclavas, and forced the couple out after threatening them with a kitchen knife and a baseball bat.
Wow, rent negotiation is hardcore in Essex!
However, when the couple reported the attack to the police, they questioned the couple about their immigration status and handed Miroslaw Zieba over to immigration officials.
It'd take a heart of stone, wouldn't it?
A spokesman for Essex Police added: “The way we investigate crimes is not determined by who has reported the crime – it makes no difference if they are a UK national or a foreign national and to suggest otherwise is wrong.
“As part of our enquiries into reported crimes we check the Police National Computer (PNC) as a matter of standard procedure.
“When someone is shown as being wanted on the PNC, it is our responsibility to act on that information and the public would not expect anything less from us.
Speaking as 'the public', I heartily agree!
Zieba is an EU national who was legally working in the UK until he was arrested and detained. He has criminal convictions in Poland for a series of crimes, including robbery and neglecting his military duties. He served prison time for those offences and, under its own rules, the Home Office cannot deport solely on the basis of previous convictions that have already been punished. But the Home Office insist that Zieba was already wanted due to a police incident in this country in 2016.
Not an insignificant one, either:
A spokesman for the Home Office said: “Mr Zieba came to our attention because of a criminal offence he committed in June 2016 in the UK where he was cautioned by police for being in possession of a blade in a public place.
“Subsequent checks showed Mr Zieba had committed a string of serious offences in Poland which he served prison sentences for. As a result we began deportation action.
“We’ll always seek to deport foreign national offenders with a history of serious or persistent convictions overseas.”
Good. More please, faster!

Saturday, 6 January 2018

It's Not 'Austerity' Making Alex Sicker, Is It, Frances?

The 44-year-old – who has multiple complex disabilities and mental health problems – is in many ways living proof of beating the system. After four years of living in inaccessible social housing, Alex has a bit of dignity and safety. But I can’t help but think for a so-called civilised 21st century nation, there isn’t much to celebrate. In Alex’s words: “It feels like I’m still not living. Still trapped, made sicker by austerity.
Alex’s story starts seven months ago in a cramped top-floor flat in Islington, north London. It’s the sort of story that could be happening to your neighbour right now – and embodies the pointless cruelty meted out in recent years by politicians to citizens who dare to be disabled.
Yes, clearly, the current government is hell-bent on making lives like Alex's far worse. For no other reason than shits n' giggles, apparently.

Say, what's wrong with Alex, anyway?
A spinal and head injury, degenerative hands and feet and chronic fatigue mean Alex needs both a wheelchair and a hoist to move safely around their home. (Alex wishes to be referred to as “they”.)
*blinks* Ummm, right. Clearly, this isn't going to be fixed any time soon, even if the council do get their finger out.

The council? I thought we were railing against the heartless Tories? Well, Frances is, because that's all Frances does, ever!

But it's actually the council that's screwing up here. You know, the ones the progressives always want to throw more money at.
Even when the council found a ground-floor flat for Alex in the spring, after three months the adaptations still hadn’t been completed for them to move in.
No doubt 'austerity' will be to blame for this, not the legendary sloth and incompetence of local government.
Even when Alex moved in to the new flat, the council still hadn’t put in a video intercom, non-fluorescent lighting and anti-slip flooring – seemingly minor things that for Alex mean vomiting, debilitating migraines and losing consciousness.
Alex, I'm afraid, seems to be too sick to live in the normal world. But thanks to progressive mental health policy, fortunes must be spent to help her do so:
As the new year approaches, Alex can’t help but think of the battles still ahead. Sitting in the new flat, Alex has calculated that universal credit will see their benefits cut by up to £80 a week. At the same time, like thousands of other disabled people, Alex will have to go through an assessment for personal independence payment – something that’s simply ”terrifying”.
“I thought moving in, this fight was over,” Alex tells me. “But because of austerity, you have to fight for everything.
You have to 'fight for everything' regardless, and always will, because of your complex issues. Issues that would be better off in a controlled environment like a mental hospital.

But that was blown out of the water by progressives like Frances, who demand that people unable to live in the real world should be allowed, nay, encouraged to do so.

"Wait, It's Still Breaking The Law If We Do It For A 'Good Cause'..?"

Yup! Welcome to reality. Hurts, doesn't it?

Friday, 5 January 2018

At Last, Someone Understands!

Ms Horton said that environmental health officers went to check out complaints from neighbours about the barking of Davies’s dog.
“The officers heard prolonged barking," she continued. "It could be heard from inside a nearby shop.
“On another occasion, the barking could be heard from the first floor of a property in another street through the windows.”
Ms Horton said council officers tried to work with Davies but he kept breaching noise abatement orders.
She added: “This had a detrimental impact on the local community and the daily lives of residents.”
And what did the tattooed miscreant have to say for himself?
Davies, who represented himself in court. said: “My dog barks. I do accept that.
What I don’t accept is that it was a nuisance. Other dogs in the neighbourhood barked.
“I feel I am being victimised. I didn’t feel comfortable in my own home due to this.
“I moved about eight weeks ago and have had no complaints about my dog.”
Ah. Predictably, he's the victim!
Jane Morton-Humphries, chair of the bench, fined Davies £576 and ordered him to pay £620 costs and a £57 victim surcharge. She ordered him to pay the £1,253 total at £50 a month.
Davies said he was already paying £50 a month for other court matters.
“I can't pay £100 a month," he said. "I just can’t.
“If I’m forced into bankruptcy, I’m forced into bankruptcy.”
He whines more than his mutt. But for once, the magistrate wasn't having any!
Ms Morton-Humphries said: “This is a fine. It is a punishment.
“It is not to fit to your circumstances.
“I am saying you have to pay this fine.
"You earn £2,500 a month and that is well above the benefit limit.
“If the fine is not paid then there are other methods that can be used.”
Excellent! If he can afford the tattoos, moving house & a large noisy dog, he can afford to pay his fines. And if he won't, over to the bailiffs!

Actually, Mr Stephenson Had The Greater Part In It....

The prosecution alleges that Norman did not check it was safe to drive over what was in the road, or he was not keeping a good enough look out.
'We say that his driving was therefore careless and he therefore caused the death of Mr Stephenson,' added Mr Waley.
And was Mr Stevenson crossing the road on a pedestrian crossing when he was mown down?

Reader, he was not...
It took 105 minutes for a jury to unanimously acquit Mr Norman after he was charged with death by careless driving after he struck the student on March 26, 2016.
That long, huh? The biscuits must have been good.

And I wonder what bearing this will have on this recent case?

H/T: Pcar via comments

Thursday, 4 January 2018

No Humans Involved....

Mr Chambers, who was 30, died after being stabbed in the heart with a large combat knife after arranging to meet someone to sell them drugs at the back of a block of flats on June 13.
He was attacked by a 15-year-old boy, who was seen laughing and walking away from the scene with Felou Abadja, 19, the Old Bailey heard.
One dead dealer, two incarcerated street rats. Not for long enough, mind you:
The pair of teenagers were cleared of murder but convicted of manslaughter and having a blade, and have been remanded in custody to be sentenced on February 2.
Yes, clearly, who knew if you stabbed someone in the heart with a combat knife, they'd die? Just an accident. Innit, blud?
Giving evidence, the 16-year-old told jurors he had stabbed Mr Chambers in self-defence with the victim's own knife.
Predictably, the 'victim's' friends turn up in the comments to spew their illiterate tributes to a good man who wasn't doing nuffin', innit?

Google Translate's not much help...

But it's when the purported relatives turn up that things get really salty:

That's a rather interesting take on drug dealing, you'll have to agree...

Must Have Been A Strange Experience For The Police...

A 29-year-old man helping police with inquiries into an alleged assault threatened to set two Alsatian dogs on them after they allowed him to go back into his home to collect some belongings.
...as it's usually the other way around!
An officer told Smith if the dogs attacked they would be tasered.
Which implies they had tasers with them. So this was no routine visit. Clearly, the chap has form for violence.
He was given a conditional discharge for four months and ordered to pay £85 costs and £20 victim surcharge.
What?! What was the excuse?
Gareth Price, defending, said his client had mental health difficulties and the two other men in the house acted as his carers.

H/T: Bucko via email

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

The Dog Presumably Did It For Free...

Josh Scouller, prosecuting, said Sheila Smith had stopped to speak to some people close to her Chippenham home in September last year when she was attacked. After seeing the brown dog she said something like 'hello there', he said, and leaned slightly forward, though did not bend over, and held out her right hand.
"All of a sudden the dog jumped up and bit her twice to the area of the mouth," he said. A lad called Kyle, who was about 19 or 20, shouted at the animal and took him inside and a few moments later Davidson got back.
And that's when the fun started!
She said the dog was not allowed out the front of the house until he was castrated adding "I have told them time and again: why do think my back garden is fenced off?", he said. Although she later denied saying that, giving evidence she accepted she had but that she meant she was worried the dog would run off, something it had never done.
Davidson then took Mrs Smith to the RUH in Bath where she had numerous stitches and injections to her badly cut lips. As a result of the bite the victim said she was in a great deal of pain and could not eat properly for a long time after.
She said she was particularly upset as Davidson's daughter Hayleigh, who was also there, told her 'You are only bleeding so much because you are old'.
What a lovely family!
Pamela Rose, defending, said the dog had now been castrated and had never attacked before or since. Debbie Connolly, an animal behaviourist who was a trainer BBC3 show Dog Borstal, said she had assessed the dog and said it showed no aggression. While she could not say any dog would never bite again, and it was a bit boisterous, a muzzle and lead would counter any risk he presented.
And the risk of chavs running free? What counters that?
Judge Robert Pawson, sitting with two magistrates, said "We have got real concerns about this dog but we are just persuaded, just persuaded, that the dog should not be destroyed immediately.
"There should be a contingency destruction order on the following basis: firstly Hugo is to be muzzled and on a lead at all times when he is outside the address to which the appellant lives, other than in the back garden.
Second he is not to be, when in public he should be under the supervision of someone aged 16 years or over."
They also reduced the suspended sentence from four months to two, retained the 160 hours of unpaid work and upped the compensation from £1,500 to £2,000.
Perhaps Pamela & Robert should have been made to house this 'safe' animal for a couple of weeks each?

Wait, How Many Do You Need,,?

I mean, two at the maximum, surely?

Or is it because of something you don't want to admit? Something about the demographic you need to target, and the way they react to anyone challenging them?

But no, far easier to whine about 'cuts', isn't it?

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

So, Where's The Weapon?

Aydin Eldeniz, 28, was found by dog walkers in Northlands Park, Pitsea, with a stab wound to the chest at about 5.20pm on Monday, December 18.
Despite paramedics best efforts, he was pronounced dead at the scene and police launched an investigation.
A murder investigation?

Well, yes. At first.
Essex Police initially launched a murder investigation but also said that they were considering the possibility that Mr Eldeniz stabbed himself.
So where's the weapon? If it's suicide, it'll still be in the victim, or at least, nearby.

What does the pathologist say?
Speaking to the Echo, his sister Ayla Kaygusuz said the family are desperate to find answers and paid tribute to the “gentle giant”.
She said: “We are disappointed as the police cannot make a decision regarding Aydin’s death.
“The pathology report was inconclusive and showed a 50/50 chance of murder or suicide. The body now hangs in limbo awaiting a second post mortem.
“He told me and other family members that “they” were after him and that he didn’t have much time left. Those were his exact words. He wouldn’t say any more because he said that it would put me and my baby in danger.”
Ayla added: “Aydin had never had any mental health issues. He had never been on any medication. He had no gambling problems and no drug problems either.
“He was making plans for the future. He wanted to book a holiday for the summer and told me three weeks ago he wanted to teach my son how to drive when he grew up. Aydin was not suicidal.
“He was always smiling and was full of life. He loved cars and music. He was an amazing uncle to my son. He was my baby brother and he was everything to me. I loved him like he was my own and I miss hearing his voice.
“We are desperately seeking justice for what happened.”
If you weren't relying on the competence of Essex Police, you might just stand a chance...
Police have confirmed they are keeping an open mind and investigating a number of lines of enquiry.
One to watch.

Well, I Guess It Wouldn't Be Pie & Mash Or Jellied Eels...

A Brockley artist has created a unique fashion range that pays tribute to...
The Navel* College at Greenwich? The Royal Observatory? The historic parks?
...south London's love of the chicken shop.
Chicken Shop Clothing features T-shirts, sweaters and hoodies that are "a homage to fried chicken and growing up and living in London – the capital of the chicken shop.”
The garments are each emblazoned with the name of a town in a design inspired by chicken shops and their logos.
 How things have changed, indeed!
This is a great Christmas present to give someone this year - who wouldn't want to look stylish in chicken shop attire?
Who indeed..? Have you thought of making them out of Kevlar?

* D'oh! 'Naval' *shakes fist at autocorrect*