Saturday, 20 October 2018

Liverpool - Twinned With The Nearest Open Sewer...

Lewis Barkley, 11, suffered horrifying injuries when he and a friend, who cannot be named, were attacked in Speke on June 24 this year. Harrowing pictures of terrified Lewis, who suffered 17 bites requiring more than 300 stitches, were released by his family after his ordeal.
Fredrick Farnsworth, 73, of Stapleton Avenue, Speke, admitted two counts of being in charge of a dog which was dangerously out of control. But the two Staffordshire Bull Terriers - which he claims he was walking for a man called 'Mark' - still remain at large and could strike again.
Because he's refused to hand them over. Yes, you read that right.
Judge Gary Woodhall today said the grandad's stance showed "a complete lack of remorse" and told him: "You should hang your head in shame".
Shame is only felt by humans.
Liverpool Crown Court heard Farnsworth denied perverting the course of justice, by allegedly misleading police over the location of the dogs.
He was set to stand trial, but prosecutors were forced to drop the charge after conceding there was not a realistic prospect of a conviction.
Meaning that the jury selection process in Liverpool is incapable of picking those with an IQ over 45..? Or that even their normal human instincts of self-preservation are overrun by misplaced sympathy with the petty criminal?
Farnsworth said he took the dogs home and locked them in his garage before going back to the park, but when he returned with police, they had gone.
Yeah, sure.
He confessed that the dogs had earlier ripped apart a football belonging to some other boys and he had paid them £10, before the second attack.
Farnsworth's 12 previous convictions for 19 offences, the last in 1999, are mostly for dishonesty and driving matters, but also include assaults in the 1960s.
Fine, upstanding citizen, clearly.
He used two crutches in the dock, which Jeremy Rawson, defending, said was the result of a hip replacement in August, and also has arthritis.
Sure, that must be the reason.
Judge Woodhall noted in a pre-sentence report, Farnsworth said he would rather spend time in prison than place his grandson at risk by naming the dogs' owner.
He said: "It seems you're in effect condoning what happened - putting other members of the public at risk of serious injury."
The judge ordered the destruction of the dogs - which he said the owner was hiding from the authorities - and banned Farnsworth from keeping dogs indefinitely.
Unrepentant Farnsworth showed no emotion as he was jailed for 18 months.
If police turned up to these cases and shot the dogs then and there, we wouldn't have this expensive farce.

A Beta Male Speaks...

The words and wisdom of Carl Cederström, associate professor of organisation studies (Ed: nope, not a clue...) at Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University:
The journalist Richard Godwin has described in the Guardian how, in his quest to examine modern manhood, he found groups where men were doing “breathing exercises, talking about their fathers, pretending to be tigers, leaning in on one another, working out which Jungian archetype we vibed with, and trying to articulate why we all felt so defensive and angry and misunderstood so much of the time”.
Men were doing these things, were they? Ordinary, off-the-street, pint-in-the-pub-after-work, men..?

I'm sceptical.
I opted for a quieter approach, following the advice that, to show solidarity with the movement, you could begin by seriously listening to women.
Well, that's probably a better start than some men have managed. But did you plan to listen to ordinary women?

No. Of course not. They might say things you didn't want to hear.
So I decided to spend the month leading up to the first anniversary of the Weinstein revelations reading some feminist classics, which, for inexplicable reasons, I had never got round to.
Oh, I don't think that's so 'inexplicable', really...
...the experience of watching the evening news with my wife and eight-year-old daughter as the welter of #MeToo allegations began. The news anchor read out some of the testimonies that had been shared on social media. Usually, when horrible things are reported, we could, as a well-protected family, who previously lived in Wales, now in Sweden, calm my daughter down by saying that these things hardly ever happen in our neighbourhood. But we couldn’t do that now.
No, you couldn't. I wonder if you told her why...?

Friday, 19 October 2018

They Had Help In That, Didn't They, DCI Pasmore...?

Detective Chief Inspector Martin Pasmore, from Essex Police, said: "These men put an innocent family though a living hell and subjected them to violent threats in their own home - a place many of us consider as a place of safety.
"A woman and two children were forced to watch as a loved one had their hands bound by the men and what appeared to be a firearm put to his head.
"Fearing for his own safety and the safety of his family, he managed to challenge Robertson, who died of his injuries sustained during a struggle.
"Two of the victims have been forced to relive the ordeal in court and bravely gave evidence."
Yes, it must have been absolute hell. He must have thanked his lucky stars when the police arriv...

Mr Wood was arrested on suspicion of murder but later released.
Yes, despite the witnesses and the clear evidence he was assaulted in his own home by thugs, no reason not to compound it by banging up the real victim, eh?

“The Truth? No! I Can’t Handle The Truth!”

Karen Kerridge, headteacher of Appleton School, slammed the ambulance service after Hannah Rowe, 13, was left waiting following a fall at the school during a break time.
Why was she 'left waiting'..?
Sharon Rowe, 47, from Pitsea, is upset the service said her daughter was not a priority as she was conscious and breathing despite the level of pain.
Yup, that's what 'emergency ambulance' means. A dislocated knee is painful, I'm sure, but she's unlikely to die.

Here's a nice man from the emergency services to explain it to you and the headmistress (who should have known better):
A spokesman from the ambulance service said: “We always regret any distress caused when patients have to wait to be assessed and treated.
“At the time of this incident, we were experiencing a very high level of calls.
“More than half of the incidents we respond to every day are to people with serious or life-threatening conditions. We focus on our sickest patients first, and unfortunately at times of high demand that means that people with non-life threatening injuries can experience longer waits for an ambulance.
“When we have high numbers of calls, we will call patients back to check on their welfare and if their condition has changed. We understand that at this incident a nurse was at the scene with the patient who was able to advise us.”
Clear now?

Thursday, 18 October 2018

"Overreach? What Overreach?"

Why not go the whole hog and demand radios are taken out of cars (including police and other emergency vehicles)?

They Can Admit When They Got It Wrong...

It seems common sense has finally prevailed:
The judge who over ruled the original decision said: "It is important that this was not an uncontrolled dog, it was not a prohibited dog or a dog trained to be aggressive.
Precautions had been taken to reduce any potential risk the dog would cause. There's no suggestion the dog had attacked people before - it seems this was an isolated incident.
We do not think there is any evidence that Miss Fletcher is anything other than a fit and proper person to keep dogs and, after having heard the evidence of expert witnesses, we are satisfied the dog does not constitute a danger to public safety."
 Better send the cretins from the original case back to lawyer school, then...
Miss Fletcher must still keep Kye in the rear of her garden, make sure he is muzzled in public and when visitors are at the house, and have him neutered.
He's not the only thing that will soon lack balls.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

"Let The State Do It..." Part 249358

Coroner Catharine Palmer said Miss McKay’s death was unascertained and called the community mental health team’s work “suboptimal”.

That seems to be rather mild criticism, given the circumstances.
Miss McKay was found dead in a chair in her living room by police on January 11. Brighton Coroner’s Court was told she died in the first week of 2018 – though an exact date could not be ascertained.
David Manser, one of the nurses who visited Miss McKay, was asked if her behaviour on December 19 was a cause for concern, but he stood by his actions.
Claire Williams, the community mental health team’s service manager, said her team “should have done more”.
So, you'll be sacking them? No. Of course not.

You Will Be Lectured, Even If You Aren't Doing Anything To Deserve It!

The Essex Police Castle Point and Rochford Team went to Kingston Primary School, Thundersley for the event. The team worked with the school children educating drivers who found (sic) to be speeding outside the school.
During the event 29 vehicles in total were stopped, six for not wearing a seatbelt and two for obstructing police.
So, some people got a bit shirty when being stopped to be lectured by the little 'uns, did they?

Well, no. Actually, they didn't.

Commenters attempted to help PC Risden with his faulty logic, but he wasn't having any of it:

Translation: "How can we stand there in our uniform and hector them in front of the awed kiddiewinks if they obey the speed law, the rotten spoilsports!"

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

The Dark Side Of Positive Discrimination...

Chinyere Inyama, who was Britain’s first black coroner, was suspended on full pay from his £120,000 post as Senior West London Coroner in October 2016 following complaints about his behaviour.
After a 14-month inquiry, he was reinstated in December 2017 by the coroners’ watchdog, the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office (JCIO), and ordered to undergo retraining.
Which hasn't sat well with his colleagues. And seems odd to me too, particularly in light of some other cases where such leniency hasn't been forthcoming....
Five sitting coroners, none of whom are permitted to speak publicly, have told The Mail on Sunday that they believe Mr Inyama’s Nigerian heritage lies behind the decision not to dismiss him.
Well, why not? After all, it was what got him the job in the first place!
‘It’s no secret Inyama got the West London job because of positive discrimination. Others were better suited,’ claimed one.
‘But there was a feeling in the coronial service that more should be done to boost diversity ... Diversity now seems the reason it’s proving impossible to get rid of him.’
Sounds familiar, doesn't it?
Former chief coroner Sir Peter Thornton was said to have been an observer when Inyama was interviewed for the West London post.
‘He knew about Inyama’s past,’ said the source. ‘But neither he nor Inyama mentioned it. There was a reasonable expectation Thornton would be frank about Inyama’s history. He doesn’t seem to have been.’
 That 'past' referred to? Well, it's a murky one, all right.
A council source claimed the Inyama scandal has cost his employer, Hammersmith and Fulham Council, almost £500,000.
Nope, not even close. It's cost the taxpayer. Just as it always does.

"When the early Jesuit fathers preached to Hurons and Choctaws.."

..."They prayed to be delivered from the vengeance of the squaws.":
Chyane Stephenson-Dielhenn (Ed: chavname alert!), 18, and a 16-year-old girl who cannot be named, held the victim hostage in a care home in Dagenham, Essex, for more than eight hours between 4 March and 5 March 2018.
The 16-year-old victim was forced to swallow her own vomit and snort a mixture of salt and tea. The pair also physically attacked the victim: pouring sugar in her ears, burning her with cigarettes, punching her and tying her up.
The horrific ordeal was filmed by the sadistic duo on Snapchat, with the ‘cruel and sickening attacks’ being shown to the jury at Snaresbrook Crown Court.
Whew! At least this enabled horrified readers to call the poli...

Instead of raising the alarm, recipients of the videos sent suggestions about what the girls should do to their victim next.
Why are they not in the dock too?
Prosecutor James Thacker described it as a ‘wicked and despicable attack’, and revealed the 16-year-old perpetrator had eight previous convictions for crimes including criminal damage, battery, robbery and theft.
Well, of course. But remember, we can't know her name, because she's 'vulnerable'...
Stephenson-Dielhenn, of Islington, north London, denied false imprisonment and assault occasioning actual bodily harm but was found guilty following a trial last month. She was jailed for three years.
The 16-year-old admitted false imprisonment and assault occasioning actual bodily harm and was jailed for two-and-a-half years.
Nowhere near long enough. But something's puzzling me - why is a chav from Islington torturing another girl in Dagenham? Still, if she's learned her lesson...


Monday, 15 October 2018

That Long March Through The Institutions Again...

Concluding the reply was this rather odd remark that while article polls were “good for engagement” they were not regarded as a “scientific barometer as evidence of how our audience feels about any particular topic.”
That's from Kipper Central, who wondered why 'Farmer's Weekly' didn't publish the results of a reader poll about non-stun slaughter. And so enquired about it.

But we all know why, don't we?
On the 27th September, 7,829 votes had been cast and 79% of those voted were against the practice.
If 'Farmer's Weekly' has fallen, what hope is there?

H/T: ProActivePatriots via Twitter

Another 'Terribly Rare Case*', Eh?

A mother-of-three has been jailed for falsely accusing a teenage boy of rape after she lured him into public toilets for sex.
Sophie Skinner, 25, was sentenced to 18 months after being found guilty of perverting the course of justice.
Twenty-five going on thirty-five, judging by her pictures...
Mr Osborne was arrested, spent 17 hours in a police cell and had to go through an 'embarrassing' medical examination.
Not as embarrassing as all your pals clocking the state of the older woman you pulled, I expect...
Newport Crown Court heard he was saved by the local council's CCTV system which caught Skinner preying on her young victim.
If not for that, I suspect the #IBelieveHer effect would have seen him sent down.
The court heard Mr Osborne lost his job and reputation while out on bail during the police investigation into Skinner's false claims.
And her excuse? Well, obviously, she doesn't have one.
The court heard 'vulnerable' Skinner, who was taken into care as a child, continued to protest her innocence.
And there's probably a lot of people who believe her. Even now.

H/T: Tim W

Saturday, 13 October 2018

A Judge Says This Is 'Atrocious'...

Nine nurses and a security guard were injured during the incident, which resulted in six staff members having to take sick leave and another resigning.
No, no! Not that. That's just 'part of the job', I guess. No, this bewigged SJW knows what's really terrible:
The 15-year-old, identified as R, was said to have post-traumatic stress disorder from living in a war zone in Iraq for several years.
The girl had been at Alder Hey children’s hospital in Liverpool for several months while the city council tried to find her a long-term care placement.
Did they try looking for one in Iraq? No. Of course not.
The judge, Mr Justice Hayden, was told she came across a shrine to Alfie Evans – the toddler who died at the hospital from a brain disease in April – and it triggered a “breakdown and assault” of Alder Hey staff.
Hayden said the failure to find the girl an appropriate placement was causing her harm (Ed: yes, her!) and “actually preventing sick children from being treated”.
He said R had been subjected to “really profound physical and emotional harm” and “the state, from whom she was entitled to expect care and support, has caused her significant harm”.
“It is difficult to imagine a situation more horrific,” he said.
“The fact is what has been happening here is little short of atrocious. The public have an interest in knowing so and it must never happen again.”
This member of the public fully agrees. We must never again allow a 'child refugee' to assault staff and block beds needed for sick British children.

If she cannot be safely handled, she must be treated as we'd treat a dangerous wild animal. It's not as if the council wasn't doing it's level best to offload her.
A council spokesman said: “Intensive and specialised support and care is needed for this child and it has taken much longer than all parties would have wished to identify a suitable placement to meet her specific needs.
“There has been an extensive UK-wide search for a therapeutic placement, as all of those involved have been extremely concerned about the length of time the child has been in Alder Hey.
“A bespoke placement, which includes specialist training for those who will care for her, is in the process of being created.”
I suggest you'd best look to Chester Zoo to provide that 'specialist training'.

Wales - Where Sheep (And Small Dogs And Cats) Have Even More Reasons To Be Nervous...

Sally Ann Rudge, from Newport, was given an 18-week custodial sentence last month after her pets fatally attacked the other dog in the Bettws area of the city.
Newport magistrates had also ordered that the Staffordshire bull terriers, Ruby and Kia, be destroyed and disqualified her from owning a dog for five years.
You just know there's a 'But...' coming, don't you?
Appearing via video link from Eastwood Park Prison, Rudge, 42, of Lambourne Way, appealed against her sentence at Cardiff Crown Court.
Did she have any actual grounds..?
Prosecutor Leah Pollard said that the defendant had previously been subject to a community protection notice after dogs in her care had killed a number of cats.
I wonder how close Newport is to Merthyr Tydfil..? Perhaps pet owners should be granted the same rights to protect their livestock given to farmers?
She said that when her Staffordshire bull terriers killed Yorkshire terrier Titch while she was walking them on Lambourne Way on May 10, they were on leads but not muzzled – as they were supposed to be.
The court also heard that Rudge had a previous conviction under the Dangerous Dogs Act from 2012.
So, the appeal is bound to fail?
Eugene Egan, representing the defendant, said that his client had given Titch’s owner a “verbal warning” and asked him to pick up his dog.
Wait, what? That's the best thing you can offer? Doesn't that help the prosecution?

Well, clearly not.
The judge, Recorder Simon Foster, sitting with magistrates Christopher Dale and Stephen Withers, quashed the original sentence from last month.
They jailed Rudge for 12 weeks, suspended for one year, ordered that Ruby and Kia, currently under the care of her ex-partner pending the appeal, not be destroyed on condition that they be muzzled and on a lead at all times.
I hope the next pet (or toddler) they savage is one of the judge's or magistrate's.

But then, they don't mingle with people like this, do they? So they have no vested interest in ensuring that the neighbourhood is safe. It's never their neighbourhood.

And so vigilante justice is looking more and more likely.

Friday, 12 October 2018

'Whether these were decent people or criminals you just do not know.'

Oh, I think you do!
The passenger of a Mercedes in Hayes, WestLondon was found to have been killed, after suffering a gunshot wound. Police and paramedics rushed to West Drayton Road after the car he was travelling in swerved into people in the street, on Thursday.
When they arrived at the scene, between the junctions of Morello Avenue and Cherry Grove at around 2.43pm, they found a man had been shot dead.
However, it is believed the drive-by in which he was injured took place on Uxbridge Road around 3km away.
Anyone care to place a bet?

“The Readers Online Looked From Woman To Dog, And From Dog To Woman...”

"...and from woman to dog again; but already it was impossible to say which was which."

Thursday, 11 October 2018

"And Now, A Word From The Famous Crisp Salesman..."

'Whatever the outcome...' *rolls eyes*
One critic named Eisha Action accused the club of "irresponsibly glazing over the situation in the most insensitive way possible."
While Zack Goldman tweeted: "This is very bad and you should delete it, apologise, apologise another time and try again."
Football writer Daniel Storey said: "Don't think it's helpful to offer opinions on serious allegations - particularly on social media - but that Juventus statement in (sic) abhorrent."
If the snowflakes are upset, it's a sign you're doing something right.
Ronaldo's sponsors Nike and video game maker EA Sports have both expressed concern about his alleged conduct.
Doesn't anyone believe in 'innocent until proven guilty' any more..?

I'd Have Thought The Answer To This Is Obvious....

Dramatic video footage captured the moment passengers on a flight from London to Turkey stopped the unnamed man from being deported by demanding he be taken off the plane.
...and it's to remove the complaining passengers from the plane instead!
...a source told MailOnline that the man was being deported from the UK because he is a 'foreign national offender' who has been convicted of serious offences.
Maybe his victims could be invited in to a televised debate with the do-gooders, so they can realise their actions have consequences.
One passenger points out the man being deported says he is going to Mogadishu in Somalia and the officer responds: 'And you believe him?'
In another incident a passenger claims that people die in Mogadishu, the official responds: 'They die in London, sir.'
Nice comeback, but 'Sit down, shut up or you're off this plane!' would work a lot better.

Update: Well, now we know. How do those virtue signallers feel now?

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

I Don't Think It's The Tenancy That Needs To Be Stable....

April Fillingham, 27, from Hindley in Wigan, has been sleeping in the wooden outdoor play house in the garden behind her mother's bungalow for six months. She said: "It's cold and there's a drip from the roof. Sleeping's a nightmare."
Cue 'Why doesn't the State DO SOMETHING!' from the usual suspects.

Turns out they did. Three times.
Wigan Council said her three council tenancies had ended "due to anti-social behaviour" but it was working towards "a more permanent and stable tenancy".
But why can't she live with her mother, you ask?
...her mother's health and lifestyle differences mean she cannot share the bungalow.
*quizzical look*
"I'm 27, I should be able to be living on my own... I'm lucky enough that I'm not in a doorway and I'm grateful for that but there's still a problem.
"I just want somewhere to live - to call my own, where I can go and look after myself and get on with my life," she said.
The problem's not been in the housing stock, has it?

H/T: @simonmount1 via Twitter

In This Story, The Only One I Feel Sorry For Is The Dog...

Kyle Samuels, 29, confronted Sophie Redshaw at Manchester Airport as she walked through the arrivals hall after her flight from Ibiza had landed.
He claimed Miss Redshaw had agreed to look after his pet only to then fly out to the Balearic Islands.
And the natural reaction is to spit in her face.
Samuels, from Sale, Greater Manchester was arrested after being chased by police through a car park.
And the other worthless waste of oxygen?
It is not known whether Miss Redshaw underwent any medical tests following the incident last July 23.
I presume one was a test for brain function. To see how a dim chav could think it was sensible to hook up with another dim chav.
In a statement she said: 'I want him out of my life, he makes it a misery. I am always scared at what he is going to do.'
Which is why you promised to look after his beloved dog then promptly flew off to Chav Disneyland?
In mitigation defence lawyer Jon Mail, said: 'He was contacted by mutual friends and told that his dog was left alone - that's how he found out. The complainant had told him that she wasn't abroad, she was in Salford.
'This was an angry reaction on his behalf that the dog had left alone and he totally accepts that this was wrong of him. He has no intention of getting back the dog, as far as he is concerned the complainant can have it.'
Pity the RSPCA didn't get their hands on the poor animal...

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Well, It's 'Integrated', And That's All That Matters!

A nurse has been suspended after making dangerous errors including giving one patient an insulin overdose.
The 'Echo' image library is right on the money: it?
Friday Aizebamwan was employed as an agency nurse as part of the Basildon Wickford Integrated Community Team.

Spot The Difference...

Smeaton confronted one of the men from the 4x4, who was fighting with a police officer. "I got a kick in," he said. "Other passengers were getting kicks in. The flames were going in two directions ... You know when you're younger, you put a can of Lynx [aftershave] on the fire, and it's like a flame thrower." And: "Me and other folk were just trying to get the boot in and some other guy banjoed him".
A football fan reportedly yelled “F**k you, I’m Millwall” as he single-handedly took on the three knife-wielding London terror attackers armed with nothing more than his fists.
Senior police officer:
The acting Metropolitan Police commissioner locked himself in his car as he watched terrorist Khalid Masood kill one of his colleagues in Westminster because he had "no protective equipment and no radio,” he has told an inquest.
He does have a knighthood now though, I note....

Anyone got Scotland Yard's new address...? 

Monday, 8 October 2018

Apparently, Jean, They Don't Like Them That Much...

The deterioration of the once popular town centre last week prompted Southend Council to hold a summit of organisations, including police, community safety officers and representatives of the Southend Business Improvement District (BID) among those invited to attend.
Southend BID manager Dawn Jeakings attended the summit. Despite recent events she believes the town still has a lot going for it. She said: “We are lucky that we have Southend BID. We have events going on throughout the year. A lot of councils don’t run events because they don’t have the money.
“People come here to go down the pier and to walk along the seafront with its nice views.
There are lots of new restaurants opening in Southend which people like.

Spot the odd one out...

Hmmm. Really, Jean?

See? It Can Be Done!

Mr Graham said the destruction of the dog at the scene was 'instantaneous'.
He added: 'From CCTV footage you can hear gunshots. Police who attended shot the dog there and then, in the house, where it was tethered. '
What a nice change - for the taxpayer!
Jane Foley, defending, said the dog had previously been owned by an abusive alcoholic but was rehomed with Sehman's mother.
The mother of an alcoholic. What could go wr...

Oh, yeah. That.
Miss Foley said the animal 'had a sensitivity' towards drunk people as a result of its past abuse and so Mrs Sehman had told her son to keep himself and others away from it.
The court heard the animal had been kept tethered to a bed in Mrs Sehman's room.
As you do with a 'pet'...
Miss Foley added: 'The dog was in his mother's bedroom. Having attended the property he went to fetch a drink for himself and the complainant.
'She, however, ventured into the mother's bedroom and fell upon the bed. It was at that point that the dog reacted in the way it did and attacked her.'
I feel the animal wasn't the only thing that should have been destroyed that day.

Sunday, 7 October 2018

"Brett Who...?"

It's... it's right there on his nameplate!

H/T: Stephen Brown via email

Don't Fancy Yours Much!

I assume they meant burlesque dancers.

Or, maybe it was a very different sort of cruise?

H/T: Michael Gooding via email

Sunday Funnies...

Well, yes, to be honest, that's not too hard....

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Give Up The Day Job, Love!

Emily Hunt, 39 – who was shocked to see police files that reportedly called her ‘obstructive’ and ‘difficult’ – says officers ‘simply did not like me’.
The strategy consultant says they failed to investigate properly whether she was drugged and attacked and wrote her off as an attention seeker.
That's a terrible thing to say!

But wait. How do we know this, anyway?

Oh. It's from her exclusive interview with the 'Daily Mail', complete with studio portraits.

She later took to Twitter to whine endlessly about how she expected the 'Daily Mail' to be interested in her story, but all they did was 'twist her words'. Imagine!

So this 'strategy consultant' was out-strategised by the 'Mail'. Hmmm.
She was left suicidal in the wake of events at a trendy £200-a-night hotel in Bethnal Green, east London, in May 2015. After a long lunch with her father she met a man in a bar who took her back to a room for sex.
She believes that at some stage she was drugged and can only remember waking alongside the man.
*raises eyebrow*
She raised £27,000 to pay for what would have been the first crowd-funded British private prosecution for rape.
But the Crown Prosecution Service had said there was ‘insufficient evidence’ for a realistic prospect of a guilty verdict, a decision upheld by a further review.
*raises both eyebrows*
Meanwhile, a QC specialising in sex crimes, who was hired with cash from her fighting fund, examined the police dossier and concluded any further legal fight is doomed.
*eyebrows disappear into the back of my head*
Miss Hunt, who is originally from New York, found police did not test tablets held by the man which he claimed were Viagra and LSD. She believes she was given date rape drug GHB.
She said most of the £27,000 she raised has been spent on her legal costs, as well as marketing for her campaigning work.
Does it pay better than strategy consulting then? It can't be because you're better at it, can it?

Use Enough Gun

The Norfolk and Suffolk forces have revealed they have “measures in place in the event of large animals escaping from Banham Zoo or Africa Alive”.
In a joint response to a request under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act, they said: “Suffolk and Norfolk constabularies own a high-powered rifle and suitable ammunition for dispatching large, thick-skinned animals.”
So the police have bought themselves a .375, have they? They don't reveal the make, but since the taxpayer's on the hook for it, I expect it's a top-of-the-range Holland & Holland...

But aren't zoos required, as part of their licence conditions, to have firearms on site? Why can't the police rely on these?
Depending on the level of threat to the public, the zoos would work closely with Norfolk and Suffolk Police, who both share a high-powered rifle with 0.375 calibre ammunition - around a centimetre thick - to shoot large, thick-skinned animals such as white rhinos and Congo buffalo.
Wait, who owns this gun? The zoo, or the local plod?
Insp Nick Russell said the rifle was a relatively new purchase made around three/four years ago and that all rifle officers have specific training for shooting animals
The Yorkshire police farces could not be reached for comment!
“We didn’t have anything sufficient to deal with rhinos,” Insp Russell added.
You could always ask the Labour Party conference chairman what precautions they take should Diane Abbott ever refuse to leave the buffet...

Friday, 5 October 2018

Yes, Clearly, This Is What We Need An Advertising Standards Agency For...

An advert for Costa Coffee has been banned...
 Oh? Was it potentially dangerous? Or inaccurate?
...for urging customers to buy a bacon roll rather than avocados.
Two listeners complained that the ad, which aired in June, discouraged people from opting for fresh fruit.
 Two? Two?! its ruling, the Advertising Standards Authority said consumers would interpret the ad as a comparison between the experience of eating an avocado and a bacon roll or egg muffin.
"We considered that, although the ad was light-hearted, it nevertheless suggested avocados were a poor breakfast choice, and that a bacon roll or egg muffin would be a better alternative, and in doing so discouraged the selection of avocados," the ASA said.
Good grief! Now, either the staff misread their acronym and thought they worked for the Avocado Satisfaction Authority, or this is some bonkers piece of EU legislation that...

All radio and television adverts must comply with the UK Code of Broadcast Advertising (BCAP) which states that comparisons between foods must not discourage fruit and vegetables. The advert now must not be broadcast again, and Costa has been told to make sure its future ads do not "condone or encourage poor nutritional habits".

Maybe The ASA Should Step In..?

After all, they'd be quick to act on false claims from other areas, so why not the justice system?
Constable Neil Doyle was felled by a punch, described by prosecutors as a "piledriver", while enjoying the festive season with colleagues from Merseyside Police in Liverpool city centre.
Now it has emerged those responsible, Andrew Taylor and Timmy Donovan , have recently become free men despite not even serving half the sentences they were handed.
 Who is surprised?
A Prison Service spokesperson said: “This was a tragic death and our thoughts remain with the family and friends of PC Doyle.
“Under the Criminal Justice Act 2003, most prisoners must be automatically released from prison at the halfway point of their sentence to go on probation for the remainder.
“But no one is released from prison without a tough risk-assessment, close monitoring, and strict licence conditions which if breached can lead to more time behind bars.”
Pull the other one, chum. Why can't the ASA do some good for a change?

Well, hold that thought...

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Just That Little Bit Too Wacky...

Bryan Crawford, 37, of Nether Priors, in Basildon, took his children to a Wacky World inflatables session at the Sporting Village in Cranes Farm Road.
At the event, which took place at the weekend, he said his youngest child was trapped inside one of the inflatables after the fan came away from the apparatus, causing it to collapse.
 Oh noes!
Mr Crawford said that only two members of staff were inside the hall watching the children as they used the 11 different inflatables.
So...? Don't they state that it's your responsibility to supervise the kids?
He said: “I have four children so I have to put myself in a position where I could see what all of them were doing at all times.
“My 13-year-old daughter doesn’t need too much supervision but the younger ones I had to keep an eye on.”
 So you saw immediately what happened, and ran to help?
Suddenly Mr Crawford’s youngest son ran to him in tears.
His eldest daughter told him the inflatable had collapsed on top of her brother, and she had to help him get out of the inflatable as it continued to deflate on top of him.
 Hmmm. Guess daddy had something else he was engrossed in. Wonder what it was?
He said: “He was incredibly shaken up and scared after it happened. He’s now terrified of bouncy castles.”
 That'll save you a fair bit then!
“The time it took for my little boy to get out of there and run to me could have been ages.
'Could have been'..? So you don't even know if it was?
I’m angry there was no one there to help.”
There was. His sister. Which was fortunate, as it turned out. Wasn't it?

Oh Dear, How Sad, Never Mind....

A 700% spike in the price of a drug used to wean addicts off heroin has caused alarm among treatment agencies, which warn of a rise in drug-related deaths unless urgent action is taken to make it more affordable.

*nonplussed face*

Isn't it a win/win?

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Yet More Exercises In Futility...

A man has been told he must turn his life around after breaching a court order...
Well, what's so surprising about th...

...for the ninth time.
David Binks, 50, of no fixed address, is a prolific street drinker in Southend and has been handed an additional community order after he admitted breaching the initial court order and behaving threateningly and abusively.
What is the point? Seriously? 'We've told you not to do this, now we're telling you again'?
... on Friday, Southend magistrates heard this latest breach was simply a “misunderstanding” on Binks’ part.
Bethany Brown, mitigating, told the court he had been living at that address prior to serving his time in prison and had left some of his belongings there.
Miss Brown said: “He attended the address to collect his things. He only breached the order because he then sat outside and didn’t know whether anyone was inside.”
He went to a place he was banned from going to. How is that a 'misunderstanding'?
The sentence comes after Southend Council announced plans to adopt a stricter approach to street drinkers and homeless people who are refusing help in a bid to make the town more attractive.
Good luck with that! I think your first course of action, before you round up the beggars and addicts, might be to bar the magistrates from the town!

"He's Only Playing, Really!"

Owner Michael Knowles, of West Shore Road, Walney, appeared at South Cumbria Magistrates’ Court in Barrow on August 30 after a complaint to police about his dog Dozer.
The complaint was made after Dozer, having escaped from the family’s garden, grabbed another dog on May 15.
Sounds familiar.
Prosecutor Harriet Tighe said: “He ran towards the English springer spaniel named Stitch and jumped up towards him.
“Mr Knowles had to come and hit Dozer on the head to stop him because he had begun to pull on the dog and drag him along the street.”
If the other owner is beating his dog, you already know all you need to know about why the animal's a danger...
47-year-old Mr Knowles told magistrates how Dozer, a mastiff was a “big softie” and that he would frequently be taken into a care home for dementia patients.
“I have had dogs all of my life and sometimes they can just be dogs.
He has not mauled him.
“When we were on the beach the other dog’s owner panicked and that was when Dozer grabbed the dog, and the same thing happened in the street.”
Yes, how dare the owner of the much smaller animal panic when your huge brute attacks it?
“He only got out because my lad had left the back gate open and he wandered out. I heard him shout to the owner that Dozer was a big softie but she picked the dog up and panicked. She started swinging him around and Dozer grabbed the dog.
Just as well she didn't have a toddler with her....
“Since then we have tried him with a muzzle but he does not like it. He used to come and wag his tail when we went to get his lead out for walks but now he does not want to go. He has developed eczema because of the stress and he is depressed.”
Well, tough. It's that, or The Big Sleep for Dozer. Choose!
Ms Tighe said: “This order is necessary to prevent any possible future injuries being caused to other animals.
“The first condition of that is for Dozer to be muzzled and that is a priority to prevent bites occurring.
“Having Dozer on a short lead would not be sufficient.”
At least the magistrates aren't falling for it.
Magistrates issued the order, which states Dozer must be kept muzzled at all times in public, must be microchipped, and must not be walked by anyone under the age of 16. He must also be kept in a locked garden when outside in private property.
No criminal charges were brought against Mr Knowles following the complaint.
Because police are lazy and incompetent? Or because they admired Mr Knowles' victim blaming skills?

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

The Future Looks Less Bright Than I'd Hoped...

After Mr Johnstone was cleared today, Chairman of the bench Richard Blake questioned why the case had ever made it to court.
Mr Blake said: 'Judges can say inappropriate things at this point from the bench as to whether the prosecution should be brought.
'I do invite those who brought the prosecution to pause and consider the evidence we had in this case - whether this prosecution would have been brought if this happened in a tea room, at a bus station, and whether it was appropriate to bring this prosecution. I can say no more than that.
'I do invite people to consider the course of events which has led to this case coming before me.'
Which is politely-couched legalese for 'What the bloody hell were you idiots thinking?'
Chief Inspector Andrew Johnstone was acquitted of assault by battery on Metropolitan Police colleague Penny Mills today.
Assault, eh? Did he slap her? Throw a drink in her face?
The court heard Ms Mills did not see the incident, but felt she was jolted from behind as she attended a senior officers' leadership workshop at New Scotland Yard on January 17.
I'd like to bring assault charges against about a hundred thousand London commuters then. And I dare fay a fair few of them will have a case against me.

We'll draw a discreet veil over the New Year sales, lest I find myself in the dock at the Hague.

And in case you think that was the most ridiculous thing in this story...
Ms Mills told the court she was initially unaware a crime had taken place, and was only informed of the culprit when her colleague Detective Chief Inspector Claire Moxon said Mr Johnstone 'appeared to' crash into her deliberately.
So we have 'senior leaders' in the police farces who are unaware exactly what a crime is?
The court heard Ms Mills had already complained to bosses about Mr Johnstone's behaviour when he was their line manager in the Met's roads and transport policing command. But she was overlooked for promotion to the senior role in favour of Mr Johnstone, a chief inspector qualified at superintendent level but without a posting at that rank, prosecutor Philip Stott said.
I think I see the smoking gun there, your honour. And is anyone else surprised at the rapid decline of the police farces, given that these are 'senior leaders?

I know Tim Newman won't be.

You Say 'Justice', I Say 'Get A Better Dictionary'...

Investigating officer PC Charles Quaey said: “I want to thank the victim for being so strong in her resolve to see justice done and to her neighbours for showing such bravery in doing what they did.
“As a result of everyone’s actions and support, Hussain was held accountable and sentenced accordingly.”
 You think...?!? You don't understand the difference between 'consecutive' and 'concurrent' then...
Hussain was jailed for 11 years for each of the causing GBH counts and two months for assaulting the officer, all to run concurrently.
He was also made subject of a three year extended licence.

Monday, 1 October 2018

The Ones That Everyone Ignores..?

The government is to produce the first official guidelines on the maximum amount of time young people should spend on social media, health secretary Matt Hancock says today, amid growing concern about the links between its excessive use and mental health problems among children.
In an interview with the Observer before the Conservatve (sic) party conference, which opens this weekend in Birmingham, Hancock says he has instructed the UK’s chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies, to draw up advice as soon as possible that he hopes will become an accepted “norm in society”, like that on recommended maximum alcohol consumption for adults.
Because that is obeyed so well...
This would, he believes, “empower” parents and teachers as they struggle to enforce sensible limits and explain them to children.
'You have to do this, the government says so!' 'But mummy, you drink far more gin than the government recomm- *slap* Waaaaaaah!'
As a parent you want to be able to say, ‘the rules say you shouldn’t use social media for more than a certain period of time’. This is why we have a chief medical officer: to set a norm in society, make judgments on behalf of society, so that individual schools or individual parents don’t have to decide.”
*bangs head on desk repeatedly*

Stop Bloody Seizing Them!

Two vans, three police cars and a dog unit arrived at her Wood Green home to remove the pitbull.
Police have confirmed the dog was seized under Section One of the Dangerous Dog Act, and the family are calling for the owners to be arrested.
Why haven't they been? They certainly are when it's a police officer who's found himself on the wrong end ... the end with teeth.
"Two people, believed to be the owners of the dogs, have been arrested in connection with the incident.
"The dogs have been seized and police inquiries remain ongoing."
Why are they seized, to then spend god knows how long at taxpayer's expense in kennels until the case comes up (if it ever does)? Just shoot them on the spot.

But make sure the guys that do it have spent a bit of time at the range.

Sunday, 30 September 2018

Tweet Of The Month

Another tie. First up, glorious snark from @SidneyPhlegm:

And then @johnb78 equals it:

Post Title Of The Month

Tim Newman again? Yes.

And I defy anyone not to hum the tune to 'Supercalifragalistic' when they read it:

Quote Of The Month

A three way tie! First up, LegIron skewers the Kavanaugh fiasco:
"I have known, online and in real life, people who were abused sexually. So many that I have wondered if I was the only butt-ugly child it didn’t happen to. A co-worker in Local Shop had to take time off to testify at a trial of his abuser. They all had one thing in common. An absolutely precise memory of what happened and when, and who was there. Some things you do not forget. There are things that happened in my life that I will never forget. None of them, fortunately, involved a trauma such as sexual assault but if it had happened I am sure I’d recall every detail."
Then DumbJon skewers Gina Miller:
"Deeper point: this is what multiculturalism and the open borders lobby have done to this country. If someone had immigrated to the US and become filthy rich they'd call it living the American Dream. Here, we have someone who came here and got rich, but she's still a victim so screw you all. She'll take all the benefits of citizenship, but as long as there's one guy in Sunderland who fails to worship the ground she walks on, forget about her giving anything back to this country. "
And then Longrider skewers the usual suspects at the 'Guardian':
"It’s not an injustice. It never was. We all make our own way in the world and if, by our efforts, we can make life a little better for those who follow, it’s no one else’s business. This is not an injustice and there is nothing wrong with it. Reasonable people can see this. The Guardian cannot because it is so warped and twisted with its politics of spite and envy. It’s nice to see them get a dose of reality for once. They are the ones out of step here."

Post Of The Month

Fahrenheit211 on blasphemy laws by the back door. And Labour treachery.

Sunday Funnies...

But surely a Death Metal Tower Of Skulls should brighten any city..?

Saturday, 29 September 2018

The Only Way To Win, Is Not To Play The Game...

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has defended herself after being criticised...
Oh, what for now?
The Fantastic Beasts series has previously attracted criticism for its largely white cast...
So she's refused to include any non-white characters again?

...casting a Korean actor to play the character of Voldemort’s snake Nagini in the latest Fantastic Beasts film.
There! See? Are you not satisfied?
...while some are excited by Kim’s role in the film, others have raised concerns about a South Korean actor playing the role of Nagini. In the Harry Potter books, the snake is a submissive character that is the property of villain Voldemort, who drinks her milk for strength before he is restored fully to his body.
OK, I can see herpetologists might be incensed at the thought that snakes produce milk. Probably the daft old cow saw a reference to 'snake milking' on a documentary and didn't notice it referred to their venom, but who the hell else is whinging?
One critic wrote to Rowling on Twitter, saying “Listen Joanne, we get it, you didn’t include enough representation when you wrote the books. But suddenly making Nagini into a Korean woman is garbage.”
Rowling responded, writing that Nagini is a Naga, which are “snake-like mythical creatures of Indonesian mythology”, adding that “Indonesia comprises a few hundred ethnic groups, including “Javanese, Chinese and Betawi”.
 Now, now, you should know better than to try to reason with an angry mob. After all, you've done your fare share of leading one...
...many thought Rowling’s response was insufficient. One Twitter user shared translated screenshots of posts from Korean viewers, angry about the casting.
“An Asian woman who was on exhibit in a circus … Gets beheaded later and dies? She ate people as a snake in [Harry Potter]”, wrote one angry viewer.
Another objected to the way race was dealt with in the Harry Potter series. “You can’t be admitted to Hogwarts unless you’re English and we don’t know if there’s any wizarding schools in Asia, home of 4.4 billion people … [and] a homicidal white man traps an Asian woman inside a snake form and brainwashes her.”
Has anyone told her 'fans' that it's all just make believe?

Blind To The Truth

Why is it that this nation seems to care so little for its disabled, sick and elderly?
Really? Why does Ian Birrel think this?
When Iona woke almost five hours later, the carer gave her breakfast, bathed her and dressed her before the day could begin — just as she has done for almost five years working in our home. But this dedicated, supportive woman departs our team this weekend. She is going home to Poland.
Oh noes! What will you do then? Will you look after your daughter yourselves?
So we must resume the nightmare task of searching for replacements. Much of this burden falls on my exhausted wife, who fills any rota shortfalls for the long, waking nights alongside Iona before spending her days desperately seeking carers.
Oh, the poor darling! How terribly exhausting it must be to have to find hired help! Why, almost as exhausting as....errr, doing the work herself? For the fruit of your loins?
One friend told me of a superb care home in Plymouth where her aunt died in May, set in a beautiful former convent. It is profitable, highly rated —but faces closure due to staff shortages.
Oh, goodness me! Other people in Ian's social circle might be in the same boat! How terrible!
It is all very well saying Britons should do these jobs. But what if the right people are not applying to care for someone with complex needs or fail to turn up for interviews, as has happened with us.
You don't seem to understand, Ian. It's not the job of strangers to care for elderly or disabled relatives, whether they come from Latvia or Liverpool.

And it's not beholden on young people today to give up their dreams of law school or veterinary medicine or aerospace design so they can wipe the drool from your disabled daughter's chin so you and your wife won't have to.

Ism't it astonishing how the very people that tell us that the elderly and disabled are vital members of our diverse society who must be cherished are only doing so as long as they can hire someone else to do the hard work for them?

Friday, 28 September 2018

Coming Over Here...

...doing the jobs our drunken vagrants won't do:
Buttner, whose mother had travelled from Poland to attend the hearing in person, was charged with outraging public decency, as well as possession of cannabis and criminal damage after spitting in a police cell and chucking food around the police yard.
The defendant, who required a Polish interpreter, had previously denied the charges but changed his pleas and was sentenced at court this week.
And people wonder why the high street is dying...
Ronald Buttner was given a conditional discharge following claims his actions were as much down to mental health conditions as the quantity of alcohol he had drunk and the cannabis found in his pockets.
Are you nuts? Here's a get out of jail free card!
Ania Grudzinska, mitigating, told the court he did not want to upset anyone and was just trying to get the attention of police.
I'm actually amazed he succeeded!

No Sexual Innuendo, Please, We're Snowflakes! should come as no surprise that people have been justifiably outraged over a beer mat which was included in “Freshers’ Packs” for newly-enrolled students at the University of Sussex.
The front side showed a woman dribbling toothpaste while on the reverse were the words “spit” and “swallow”.
Without going into detail it does not take a rocket scientist to work out what is implied. OK, it is an advertisement for toothpaste, but surely there is a more classy way of getting the message across that they want you to buy their particular brand?
Well, everyone's discussing it. Tell me, 'Argus' opinion editor, what's the point of PR again?
The company behind it, having been challenged over its implied message, has itself branded it as “inappropriate” and “misguided” which it most certainly is.
Of course they have. As they high-fived each other for getting their product in the local paper...
Objectifying women in this way has played a major role in advertising in the past but that has now, thankfully, been eradicated from most sectors of promoting a particular product.
In this case, however, a major misjudgment was made. It was not clever and it is not funny.
'Funny' is in the eye of the beholder, is it not?

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Was Ever A Place So Misnamed As The North Staffordshire Justice Centre?

Dog owner Sharon Fletcher has been left devastated - after her beloved Japanese Akita was handed a death sentence by the courts.
The 36-year-old is planning to appeal against the court ruling after she was also hit with a five-year dog ban.
Well, serves her right, walking the streets with an unsecured dangerous dog and...

Wait, how did someone get attacked, anyway?
It comes after deaf Kye - which was tethered to a wall in the back garden of Sharon's Stanfield home at the time of the incident - scratched and bit a teenage girl who had gone onto their property.
Well, that's a somewhat different turn of events, isn't it?
Sharon admitted a charge of owning a dog which was dangerously out of control and caused an injury when she appeared at North Staffordshire Justice Centre.
Why? She was clearly badly informed. She should never have admitted it.
“If Kye had done this while I was out walking him then I would hold my hands up and take it but this is different. The dog was on a lead on my property.
“If he was dangerous I would not have him anywhere near my children, but he was great with them. Kye has never been vicious or attacked anyone before. I am going to appeal against this because it is not right to do this to an innocent dog.”
If you'd had the sense not to plead guilty, you wouldn't be here now! Was the neighbour a friend?
The court heard a BBQ had been held at a nearby property on the day of the incident.
Two teenagers went into Sharon's garden during the BBQ and one of them needed hospital treatment after being scratched to the face and bitten on the hand. The lead allowed Kye to walk around the patio within the back garden.
Doesn't seem so. So why are the bewigged idiots so determined to come down on the side of the trespassers?

When The Real Story Doesn't Make The Cut...

A father who armed himself with a baseball bat and assaulted a 13-year-old at a shopping centre has avoided jail.
Poppy, 35, of The Chase, Billericay admitted assault by beating, possession of an offensive weapon in public and intent to cause harassment alarm or distress.
It is understood Poppy stormed down to the shopping centre following an altercation between two teenagers.

We aren't given details. But I suspect it wasn't just an argument over football cards or which of the 'Bash Street Kids' is the best...

Naturally, the other parents (mother, not father, note) is OUTRAGED! at the lack of justice for her spawn:
The victim’s mother said: “People are always going on about protecting children but I don’t feel enough has been done in this case.
“He has done this to my son and just walked away.
“I think it is awful.
“It has left a lasting impact on my son and he is very upset following the attack.
“He keeps checking around him to see if the man is coming back again.
“He doesn’t want to leave the house or go to socialise with his friends at all.
“He used to do kickboxing but now he doesn’t want to do it at all.
“I was not told about the court date and I feel as a mother I should have had the chance to look this man in the eye and say how dare you do this to my son.
My poor baby has been disfigured by this man, he has been left with a scar on his mouth.
“He had to have an operation and have his mouth stitched up.
“This man has destroyed any dreams my son has about kickboxing, he was so good at it and could have got so far.”
Well, that's destroyed any street cred this little wannabe might have!
He was sentenced to four months for the assault, four months for the possession of the baseball bat and a month for the intent to cause harassment, alarm or distress.
However all sentences will run at the same time and all were suspended.
And that's just the icing on the cake!

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Something To Bear In Mind When Councils Tell You How Hard Working They Are...

Some Basildon Council employees are to be given ten extra days of (sic) to work as volunteer police officers.
The Employer Supported Policing Scheme sees the council allow their employees who volunteer as police officers to be released for up to ten days across the year from their paid day jobs to give back to their community.
So the council can afford to lose 10 days of 'work' so these people can go and 'work' for the useless Essex Police Farce instead?

Who on earth thinks this is a good idea?
The launch of the scheme was attended by the chief executive of Basildon Council Scott Logan, head of the special constabulary Superintendent Simon Anslow, district commander for Basildon Chief Inspector Sam Smith, Special Constable Gordon Humphries and members of the Special Constabulary.
Ah. The usual suspects.

What's The Point? Part 4829783

The owner of two Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs which must be on a lead and muzzled in public after they attacked a cat and dogs last year has been fined after they went for a small dog again.

Well, it's obvious, isn't it? Because the owner simply ignored the ruling.
Kathy Andrews told another dog walker that she thought her dogs were ‘chasing a cat’ when her Rhodesian Ridgebacks attacked the smaller pet in March this year, Cheltenham Magistrates’ Court was told.
Both of her dogs were off-lead and not muzzled, in breach of an earlier court order.
So now they've been destroyed and she's in jail, right?
Following the recent incident in Eastington this year, Ms Andrews pleaded guilty in court to breaching the previous control orders and was fined £200, with £400 costs, and ordered to pay a £30 victim surcharge.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

A total of 31 ewes were killed on Telscombe Tye between January and November last year. And about 50 lambs were also lost.
Now Lewes District Council is looking at bringing in new rules to protect the livestock from being scared, injured or killed by dogs.
Why do we need new rules?
A report for councillors says: “Loss of ewes and lambs can have a major financial and emotional effect on all concerned.
“The cost of replacing livestock is borne by the town council but ultimately from public funds (Ed: Hmmm). The sight of a dog attack, at the time of the incident and its aftermath, can be very distressing for the farmer and anyone using the Tye.”
The report says the underlying cause of sheep worrying is the failure to keep dogs on leads, which it says is a persistent problem on the Tye.
Hang on, the taxpayer's paying?
The consultation will ask key groups for their opinions, while an online survey will be available for the public.
Well, going by the comment thread, that'll be a revelation!

*gets popcorn*

Yep, Definitely Dim Enough For Essex Police!

Essex Police special constable James Parker is set to be hauled in front of a disciplinary panel next week...
For laziness? Taking bribes?
...over a sexually charged video clip and string of raunchy messages he is said to have sent to a colleague on Snapchat.
The first allegation relates to him sending a picture of his exposed privates while in police uniform and on police premises.
He is then accused of sending messages saying he wanted a colleague to perform a sex act on him underneath a table during a police briefing and he wanted to have a romantic encounter with her in a cupboard at the police station.
Someone's watched too much 'Bodyguard'!
The messages are said to have been sent in October and November last year.
Ah. Or maybe not.

Has this case taken that long to progress, or did the object of James' affections take a while to decide if she was into this?

Monday, 24 September 2018

Just In Time For The TV Movie...

Lawyers acting on behalf of Jeremy Bamber, serving a whole life sentence for one of Britain’s most notorious multiple murders, have sent the Crown Prosecution Service a report by a senior forensics scientist which they claim undermines vital evidence heard at his trial.
And that's just the evidence Essex Police didn't mishandle or refuse to disclose!
Initially, the police and the coroner believed Caffell, a model known as Bambi who had recently been diagnosed with schizophrenia, had shot and killed her family and then turned the weapon on herself. The rifle used was found next to her body. It did not have a silencer attached. But a silencer was found in the gun cupboard in the house.
That would later form a key part of the case against Bamber, who was charged with the five murders and appeared for trial at Chelmsford crown court in October 1986.
And it was found by the relatives who, if Bamber were convicted of murder, stood to inherit the farm. How fortunate!
At the trial, it was accepted that there were only two possible killers: Bamber or Caffell.
Yes we've been here before.
The issue of the silencer was vital in persuading the jury, with the judge instructing them the silencer “could, on its own, lead them to believe that Bamber was guilty”.
 Except .... well, it's possible it wasn't as clear-cut as presented.
A week before Bamber’s trial started, the head of biology at Huntingdon Science Laboratories wrote a letter to Essex Police, seen by the Guardian, saying that the results of the blood tests would show that the blood “could have come from either Sheila Caffell or Robert Boutflour”. Boutflour, now dead, was a relative of Nevill and June Bamber and gave evidence for the prosecution. He was a regular visitor to White House farm and had used the guns kept there for shooting.
Despite the earlier statement, a forensic scientist who had examined the results for Huntingdon Science Laboratories told the jury that only Sheila Caffell’s blood was found in the silencer.
There's even the possibility that it wasn't the right silencer:
Bamber has claimed for many years that evidence was not disclosed to the defence by Essex police showing that two silencers had been examined by forensic scientists. In the new report, the senior forensic scientist and leading firearms expert concluded that separate silencers were being examined by the police at the same time in different departments, based on “serious discrepancies” in how the devices were described and the fact that there was no record of any item being transferred from one section to the other.
If you're thinking 'Hmmm, mishandling of vital evidence, lack of recordkeeping, all sounds a bit like the now-discredited case against Barry George', you're not wrong.
However, Bamber and those supporting him believe the issue of the silencers is a red herring – that Caffell killed the five family members, but no silencer was used.
And it's timed well, as there's going to be an ITV movie next year. Often, the key to finally resolving miscarriages of justice is to keep the case's profile high with new generations.
A spokesperson for the CPS said: “We have received correspondence relating to this case and requested additional material in order to respond to the points raised.”
An Essex Police spokesperson said: “Essex Police has no comment to make on these claims given that Jeremy Bamber’s conviction has been the subject of several appeals and reviews by the Criminal Cases Review Commission and there has never been anything to suggest that he was wrongly convicted.”
Well, there wouldn't be, would there? After all, you destroyed it, in defiance of three court orders...

Trust But Verify...

The saga of Dano The Less-Than-Wonder Dog concluded last week with, as expected, the coroner excoriating the police farces involved.

It certainly exposed them as failing to adhere to the sort of critical thinking they are trained in as part of police procedures.
Under cross examination by Matthew Donkin, for Mrs Collins, Mr Robson added: "If I was a trainer, and a dog had bitten someone to the face, I suspect the dog would be put to sleep immediately."
Cleveland would not have taken Dano "had we known his history," he added.
Mrs Welsh asked if he would have expected to be given Dano's previous record.
"I asked 'Is there anything I need to be concerned about?'.
"I would expect to be informed," he said.
Mrs Welsh asked him: "Would it have been prudent to see that paper work?. He replied: "It would, yes."
I must try that if I'm ever stopped and given a producer...