Tuesday, 10 December 2019

I Suppose Small Children Thrown Off High Buildings Are A Small Price To Pay...

No, not wheelchair users or the blind:
Patients with learning disabilities and autism have been detained for more than a decade while the number of children kept in hospitals is rising.
Naturally, this is an OUTRAGE!
Rhidian Hughes, the VODG chief executive, said: “It is hard to imagine any other circumstances in which a British citizen could be detained indefinitely by the state, without trial.
“A rate that only halves the population of people living in long-stay units after 20 years is simply not good enough. Secluded institutionalised care is fundamentally wrong and exposes some of the most vulnerable citizens to serious risk of harm and risks damaging their wellbeing.”
We've seen what releasing them into the population does to others' wellbeing, though, haven't we?
As well as having an autistic spectrum disorder, Bravery has an obsessive compulsive disorder and is likely to have a personality disorder. He has been held at Broadmoor hospital since mid-October.
He told the police he had to prove a point “to every idiot” who said he had no mental health problems, asking police if the incident was going to be on the news. He said: “I wanted to be on the news, who I am and why I did it, so when it is official no one can say anything else.”
I'd rather the State erred on the side of caution.

Is That Wise...?

Stress balls, lip balm and sunglasses worth thousands of pounds have been bought by cash-strapped police chiefs, despite claims of a crisis in funding for frontline services.
Stress balls, eh? Bit dangerous! But as it turns out, the headline's a bit misleading:
Branded merchandise such as selfie frames, furry policemen and even Tardis-style police box models are among £250,000 worth of goods purchased by Police and Crime Commissioners to boost awareness of their roles – despite frequent demands by PCCs for more government funding.
So, not 'police chiefs' at all. Just the much-vaunted extra layer of bureaucrats that were supposed to bring the actual police to heel. That worked well, eh?
PCCs say their merchandise helps to build community relations. Mrs Mountstevens’s office said: ‘Using items branded with our contact details or information about what we do and how the public can have a say is an effective way of engaging people.’
What's the point, when you ignore them just as much as the police themselves?

Monday, 9 December 2019

I Know Who I'd Rather Hear From...

Boris Johnson:
"But I still think it's wrong that someone like Usman Khan who was sentenced 21 years or 16 years plus five on licence should have been out automatically in eight years.”
Father of Jack Merritt:
“We don’t know all the fact about this case yet, and we won’t know for some time – the inquest could take up to 2 years.
We don’t know why Khan killed, or what, if anything could have been done differently to prevent it. Let’s have an enquiry, not a witch hunt.”
So...to sum up, we don't know all the facts and shouldn't rush to judgement, unless it's about Boris? Have I got that right?

But Can They Read, Write And Add Up...?

...or isn't that important any more?
Thrive trains teachers to make pupils feel safe and secure, as well as empowering them to meet their emotional and social needs.
It encourages pupils to be creative, so they can better understand and manage their emotions whilst developing their emotional literacy skills.
As a Thrive ambassador school, Thomas Arnold will share good practice with other schools, which will involve hosting workshops and awareness sessions for headteachers in the area.
I guess it isn't...

Saturday, 7 December 2019

Twitter's Naughty Step...

I'm on it for 6 days.

Apparently, suggesting the police should shoot motorcycle thieves they've just knocked off their bike in some South American country is beyond the pale.

Well, I've learned my lesson. Next time, I'll just mock them as paedophiles, that's apparently just fine and dandy!

You can catch me on Gab in the meantime. And I'll see you in 6 days, Twitter followers!

And They Will Strike Down Upon Thee With Great Vengeance And Furious Anger...

Frustrated passengers have reported they, and others, are so angry at the almost-constant queues and problems at c2c train stations that nasty incidents could erupt.
There could be tutting! And shaking of heads!
There have been increasing problems at c2c stations, including the failure of the ticketing software, Smart card and Flexi ticket issues, while the Echo has reported on customers being charged five weeks’ worth of ticket payments all at once.
These issues have caused almost daily queues which snake out of some stations’ entrance doors, causing customers being delayed several hours in rush hours.
That all sounds a lot like normal service from c2c, to me!
A c2c spokesman said: “We know our new ticket retailing system has endured some instability in recent weeks.
“We have been working hard with our suppliers IBM to resolve these technical issues, and we thank our customers for their ongoing patience while we ensure c2c has the modern ticketing systems they expect from us.
“We are very proud of the hard work of all our staff and will not tolerate any threats against anyone who works for c2c.
“If any threats like this are made, we will report them to the British Transport Police and initiate legal proceedings to ban offenders from travelling on the c2c network.”
It's not like they can travel anywhere on it, lately, is it..?

Friday, 6 December 2019

What's A Report Going To Tell You That Common Sense Isn't?

Joseph Holden appeared at Oxford Crown Court on Friday after pleading guilty to a string of motoring offences in Headington and Cowley Road.
The 25-year-old was caught on April 8 this year and charged with aggravated vehicle theft, driving while disqualified, handling stolen goods and driving with no insurance.
An open and shut case, surely?
An earlier sentencing hearing was adjourned after presiding Judge Peter Ross criticised the 'very poor' quality of a report from the National Probation Service.
Yesterday the same court judge slammed another 'useless' report by the probation service.
We aren't told what, exactly, is wrong with the report. Nor why the judge's dissatisfaction with the probation service should mean that a prolific offender is set free to wreak more havoc...
He ordered that Holden be made subject to a three-month period of deferment before final sentencing is passed.
I expect the judge's car has a good alarm system.

They Really Do (Get Mutilated To) Look Like Their Owners...

A Blackpool man had his dog’s ears mutilated in an illegal operation to make him look more intimidating – after telling a friend ‘a dog with big floppy ears... is not the kind of dog I want’.
Simon Broscombe, 35, had his six-month-old American pit bull cross’s floppy ears cut back to short points to give the pup a more ‘street cred’ look.
And does the owner mutilate himself to improve his 'street cred'?

Reader, he does:

Facial tattoos. How charming...
RSPCA prosecutor Paul Ridehalgh said: “This dog is a cross between an American pit bull and American staffie.
“The investigators found pictures of Tyson with his ears intact and the defendant knew that ear cropping in the UK is illegal.
“Owners want cropped ears because it makes the animal more intimidating.
“These ears were mutilated and [Broscombe] would not say who did it which obstructed the RSPCA investigating.”
Then bang him up until he names the culprit!
Trevor Colebourne, defending,said: ”My client bought the dog via a breeder thinking it had had his ears cropped in Holland before being brought into the UK.
“He would not name the person who carried out the procedure as he had been given a threat to keep his mouth shut and not be a grass.”
The dog was destined for illegal fighting, I'll be bound...
Broscombe was banned from keeping or being involved in the keeping of any animal for seven years. He was given a 12 week jail term, suspended for 18 months. He must do 200 hours of unpaid work for the community and must pay £715 in court costs.
It should have been a lifetime ban.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Where's The Equality?

A woman who posted naked pictures of her ex-boyfriend in an online 'revenge porn' attack has had her jail term suspended after an appeal.
Was that all she did? Reader, it was not...
...she left key marks in his car, included the inscription of one particularly offensive expletive.
Ashraf also sent an abusive e-mail to the man's employer calling him 'absolutely disgusting' and saying he had 'assaulted many girls.'
Police were contacted and when she was interviewed she claimed her victim had in fact taken intimate pictures of her without her consent and sent them to friends.
It's amazing that the police didn't immediately turn around and begin investigating him.
In mitigation Peter Du Feu said his client, a university student, had spent four days of her sentence behind bars.
He added that she had hopes of a placement at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and that was now in jeopardy.
Well, yes. Why would the US want someone with a criminal record?

But that's not mitigation, it's what we call 'consequences'...
Sentencing, Judge Nigel Daly called Ashraf's behaviour 'particularly nasty' and said while the jail length was 'appropriate,' it could be suspended.
She was jailed for 18 weeks suspended for two years and must complete 15 rehabilitation days and pay compensation.
Why? Where's the justice?

Makes A Nice Change...

The mother of a man who beat his puppy to death cheered as her son was jailed after joining animal rights protesters in court.
Usually, the underclass parents are there to whinge at how 'unfair' it is. So this is refreshing!
Jon-Luc McLoughlin, 26, savagely punched 11-month-old Alsatian Lexi to death before dumping her body near some trees, which traumatised children later found.
His sentencing hearing was attended by around 25 animal rights campaigners and among them was the defendant’s mother and half-brother.
McLoughlin, from Poole, Dorset, was jailed for 16 weeks but his sibling, Alec Mackay said the sentence wasn’t long enough.
It wasn't.
James Moore, mitigating, said that the defendant was a ‘deeply troubled individual’ and asked for him to be offered rehabilitation.
He said: ‘We are a nation of animal lovers and this has caused a lot of anger in the whole community.
‘He lost control and acted in blind rage. We all to some extent sometimes lose control and regret it.
‘Mr McLoughlin has done that in a significant way and will have to live with that. However, he has not done it because he is depraved, he has done it because he is a deeply troubled individual.’
Let's hope he's 'deeply troubled' in jail. By animal lovers who won't confine their displeasure to a few harsh words...

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

No! We Can't Handle The Truth! Pt248624

Police have been accused of hanging “victim-blaming“ baubles on a Christmas tree in a church.
Yeah. You all know where this is going, right? And why?
“Don’t drink to excess” and “being drunk makes you vulnerable” are printed messages serving as decorations for Suffolk Constabulary’s festive tree, according to images posted on social media.
Amy Roch, from Suffolk Rape Crisis centre, told The Independent the messages are "totally wrong" as they are "focussing attention in the wrong place".
God forbid women take responsibility...
Charles Jenkin, the vicar for the church holding the Christmas tree festival, said: "St Mary-le-Tower church welcomes the 'Suffolk Police Safety at Christmas' tree in our festival.
"It is full of sensible advice, although taken altogether it is a rather sad reflection of how careful people have to be these days to stay safe."
How long do you give it until he - and Suffolk Police - are forced into a climbdown, and have to remove the tree?

Pity It Wasn't His Neck...

A young thug who threatened to kill a woman in a terrifying robbery tried to escape police by jumping over a garden wall - only to fall 50 feet down a railway embankment and break his wrist in the process.

Gareth Bellis, defending, said Rawlings was still a young man and had not used a weapon or attempted to physically harm the victim during the robbery.
Even the brief was phoning it in for this scum!

H/T: LivEchoCourt via Twitter

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Ladies And Gentlemen, Meet The New Brendan Cox!

'Don't use my son's death for political propaganda!' says Jack Merritt, as he uses his access to the 'Guardian' to do exactly that...
What Jack would want from this is for all of us to walk through the door he has booted down, in his black Doc Martens.
That door opens up a world where we do not lock up and throw away the key. Where we do not give indeterminate sentences, or convict people on joint enterprise. Where we do not slash prison budgets, and where we focus on rehabilitation not revenge. Where we do not consistently undermine our public services, the lifeline of our nation. Jack believed in the inherent goodness of humanity, and felt a deep social responsibility to protect that.
That belief got him killed. I'd rather it didn't get any future innocents killed.

So that door can stay firmly closed, with the Islamist terrorists firmly on the other side of it.

The Female Of The Species....

A spokesman for Essex Police said: "We were called by colleagues at the ambulance service around 3.15pm with reports a girl had been stabbed at a school on Delaware Road, Shoebury.
"The girl was taken to hospital with injuries not believed to be serious.
"Officers arrived and arrested a 12-year-old girl on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm.
"Enquiries are ongoing."
What a lovely place England is becoming....

Monday, 2 December 2019

"We don't need another hero..."

I don't know about that.

I do know we don't need another Sean O'Grady, who - while everyone was praising the courage of the men who took on a terrorist with a fire extinguisher and narwhal tusk - was wringing his hands and pleading 'Leave it to the police..':
...is it entirely right for the public to react in this way? Usually the authorities tell people to leave dangerous criminals alone, and leave it to the authorities. On this occasion the suicide vest was false – but what, actually, if it was real? What if the very acts of selfless heroism by those who took the man down actually triggered a bomb that might otherwise not have exploded? Or had done so with still more deaths and casualties than if everyone had fled the scene instead? Or what if someone panicked and an innocent was attacked by a mob?
I looked up the term 'beta male'  in the dictionary, Sean. There wasn't a definition, though. There was just a photo of you.
...the authorities, if they want to preserve our safety, should give us a clearer more consistent advice in the event that we are caught up in such events. It is by no means clear what the right “right thing to do” actually is.
It was crystal clear to those people, one of whom was a convicted murderer.

No 'Community', No 'Shock'...

A community has been left in shock after a man was shot outside a convenience store in Southend in what police are calling a “targeted” attack.
Oh noes! Where?
Officers conducted a thorough search of the area following the incident, outside The York Superstore, in York Road, at about 9.20pm on Tuesday.
Ah. Yes, it would be, wouldn't it...?
Carrie-Ann Wilcox, 26, lives near to where the shooting took place. She said: “I know this isn’t the best road in Southend but I can’t believe someone has been shot near on our doorstep.”
Heh! Keep that sense of humour, Carrie-Ann, love...