Saturday, 18 November 2017

Yes, It Works, But....

The Met Police has scrapped a controversial risk assessment form for live music events after it sparked a race row.
Top DJs, promoters and venues held talks with Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, who asked the police force to look again at “form 696” amid concerns it was being used to unfairly target grime and R&B artists.
Yes, well, as has been pointed out, there's no corresponding link with violence at Seventies Disco Night events or Glyndebourne, is there?
The form was originally introduced in 2005 following several shootings at promoted club nights across London.
In 2009, two questions asking for the ethnic make-up of the audience and music genre were scrapped from the form following complaints of racism.
*rolls eyes*
The Met said that while “there is no doubt that over the last decade a number of serious incidents have been prevented” because of the form process, they recognise the recent concerns.
Translation: "We're terrified of the 'r' word, so bugger safety of the public.."
Superintendent Roy Smith, said: “It is clear that in recent years the landscape of the night time economy in London has changed and thankfully we have seen a reduction in serious incidents at promoted music events, particularly those involving firearms. We have also been working in close partnership with the music industry and others to raise standards of safety in venues and at events.
“We have taken the decision to remove the Form 696 and instead develop a new voluntary partnership approach for venues and promoters across London. This will provide an excellent opportunity to share information at a local level and work to identify any enhanced risk to ensure the safety of the public.”
That'll be worth the paper it won't be written on then...
Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “Developing a night-time economy that works for everyone is a key priority of mine but it’s also vital that live music events in London take place safely. I called for a review of Form 696 earlier this year because of concerns raised by promoters and artists in the capital that this process was unfairly affecting specific communities and music genres.
“By bringing together the Met and representatives from across the city’s legendary grassroots music industry, we have shown why having a Night Czar is so important for London. ”

The Mayor pictured with his Night Czar, shortly before she ate him

Cutting The Mutineers Adrift...

The RNLI has shut the St Helier lifeboat station after a breakdown in the relationship between the charity and crew.
It follows the sacking and subsequent reinstatement of the Jersey station's coxswain Andy Hibbs earlier this year after all the crew walked out.
In other words, the charity lost tried to bully one of the crew, then lost big time. RNLI crews are volunteers; treat them badly, and they'll walk.
It means there will not be an all weather lifeboat crew in Jersey until a replacement can be trained.
So much for safety. I guess putting in charge a woman with no qualifications to do anything but shill for a charity doesn't work out so well. Who'dathunkit?
The 26-strong crew had previously asked the charity if they could run an independent lifeboat service on their own.
Leesa Harwood, the RNLI's director of community lifesaving and fundraising, said once the crew had made it clear they wanted to go alone the charity could not maintain the station.
She said: "I no longer have confidence that the station can be run without constant challenges and without constant threat of crew resignation."
Just another charity that's got too big for its' boots...
Andy Hibbs, former St Helier lifeboat coxswain said the move by the RNLI left him disgusted.
He said: "Everything that has gone on with the RNLI over this last year has been a disgrace, their management, everything they've done, the way they've handled this whole scenario."
As the RSPCA, so goes the RNLI. My list of worthy charities diminishes steadily.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Wait, How Can He Afford Cigarettes Then...?

In 2012, the asylum seeker fled Daraa in Syria, where he had been working as a cook in a restaurant. Anti-government protests in Daraa are said to have triggered the beginning of the Syrian uprising in 2011. Both his parents were killed in the conflict.
After escaping from Syria, he embarked on a dangerous journey through Jordan, Egypt, Libya, sailed on a dinghy to Italy, then travelled to France, finally reaching the UK last year and claiming asylum. He is in Home Office accommodation in east London and is given £36.95 per week to live on. Asylum seekers are not allowed to work.
So, basically, he entered the country illegally. He should be grateful he wasn't simply put on the next plane home.
The man thought he was safe when he reached the UK – but when he dropped the cigarette butt outside North Acton station on 27 October he unwittingly jeopardised his asylum claim. As soon as he stubbed out his cigarette he was approached by an officer from private security company Kingdom Security and issued with an on-the-spot £80 fixed penalty notice (FPN) from Ealing council. He speaks only a few words of English and was bewildered by the fine as he had no idea he had committed an offence. He was distraught as he had no means of paying it within the 14-day deadline. “Even if I starved for two weeks and used all the money I get from the Home Office for food to pay this fine I would still be £6.10 short of paying it off,” he said...
I thought you lived hand to mouth on a pittance...?

So Good Bad They Named Him Twice!

An A&E specialist doctor who had extreme porn on his computer and laptop has escaped a prison sentence.
Dr Ray Gautam Ray, 52, from Plumpton Green near Lewes, was told the videos and images were so serious he could be jailed.
But instead magistrates gave him a six-month suspended sentence.
It seems a display of humility did the trick for him:
Rod Hayler, defending,said the father of two had resigned from his job after his arrest.
He said: “He resigned from his job. He accepted all trust in him would be lost.
“He stepped away from a career 27 years in the making and a significant salary which provided for his family.
“He took up a job emptying bins, picking up litter and maintaining gardens almost to demonstrate his sense of shame to the world.”
Or to the court. Let's see if he continues this transformation past his court date, eh?
A spokesman for Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs the Princess Royal, said: “As soon as Dr Ray was arrested, he was suspended and he no longer works for us.”
The General Medical Council also suspended the University of London graduate’s licence to practise medicine.
An interim order was made on October 17 and the GMC will now pursue an investigation following the end of criminal proceedings.
Hopefully, banning him from practicing for good.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Will This Finally Put Paid To The Hysterics And Conspiraloons?

Seventy people and a stillborn baby died as a result of the Grenfell Tower fire, police have said.
All those who died in the blaze in west London five months ago have been recovered and formally identified, the Metropolitan Police believe.
Every flat and communal area in the building has been "thoroughly and meticulously searched" and the search operation is now entering its final stage.
Reader, I fear it will not....

Update: I guess I was right!

H/T: DavidVance via Twitter

Ronald Reagan Was Wrong...'s actually ten most terrifying words in the English language: "I'm from the local council and I'm here to help.
"In a statement late on Sunday, the council said Lillith was "not afraid of humans" and had entered a populated area, and the shooting had been approved by the police, Welsh government and chief veterinary officer for Wales.
A council spokeswoman said: "It was not possible to assess the condition or temperament of the lynx but there were concerns about its likely behavioural response if it was startled or inadvertently confronted by a member of the public, especially by a young child."
Well, yes, sad, but animals are unpredictable, and no-one had any reason to thi...

Oh. Hang on:
"When we got there the caravan was boarded in on three sides with decking and all we had to do was sling a net across the back and we would have had her trapped," a park spokesman said on Saturday.
"Unfortunately, one of the officials insisted that he needed to photograph her and make a positive ID before we were allowed close.
"He slipped and fell going up the bank which startled her, causing her to run past him and off across the fields."
Perhaps she realised public sector employees are bitter & foul-tasting, unlike plump Welsh kiddiewinks?

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

"No, No, Tarquin, 'Acid Attack' Is Too Harsh A Phrase..."

"...oh, yes, that's much better!"

Any news on the types of people who do these sorts of things?
A 16 year-old boy from Romford and a 17 year-old boy from Dagenham have been arrested on suspicion of violent disorder and are currently in custody.
Ah, yes. Of course. 'Boys'.
Inspector Rob Brettell said: “I understand this incident may have caused concern but we believe it was a targeted and isolated incident and there is no risk to the wider public.”
No risk from thugs spraying corrosive liquid around in a public place, hmmm..?

Then, Surely, There Could Also Be One...

Bedfordshire police and crime commissioner Kathryn Holloway said there 'could be an argument' that people should not be leaving valuables in vehicles.
...that young women should not get so hog-whimperingly drunk that they sleep with men they don't fancy and then cry 'rape!' the morning after?

Or if that's too politically incorrect for you to stomach, maybe get your Twitter Warriors out on the streets instead.

One thing's for certain - you don't deserve a penny more of taxpayer cash.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Remind Me Why We Pay Their Wages Again, Redux

A prolific shoplifter with 62 previous offences has been given one final opportunity to turn his life around by a judge after his most recent crime spree.
George McPherson, 35, of St Mary’s Crescent, Basildon, appeared at Basildon Crown Court via videolink to be sentenced for thefts totalling £2,060 earlier this year.
Sentencing McPherson, Judge David Pugh said: “When you appeared before me previously, I adjourned the matter to order a pre-sentence report. I did so because you made it clear that you wanted an opportunity to change your lifestyle. I am going to give you that opportunity. I’ve taken into account that you pleaded guilty but more importantly, I’ve taken into account your eagerness to change your life around.”
Of course he's eager. They are all eager, when they are standing in the dock!
McPherson, who wishes to move to Kent for a fresh start, thanked the judge and was due to be released from prison yesterday.
Look out Kent shopkeepers!

Remind Me Why We Pay Their Wages Again?

“We reported it to police. They said they needed more information on the woman before they can carry out further investigations.”
What sort of 'more information'?
Mr Cohen’s wife, Jenny-Lee, 33, said she was alarmed to find her husband coming home with his hands covered in blood.
She said: “My husband was banging on the window of the house. He couldn’t get the keys out of his pocket.
“My husband was very shaken up. What’s disturbing was the woman didn’t do anything to help. Some dogs are aggressive, so that’s why owners should be more responsible for them.”
And that's why it's the responsibility of the police to use the Dangerous Dogs Act to ensure compliance. When they can be bothered.
An Essex Police spokesman confirmed they received a report of a woman entering the field behind St Christopher’s Close with her dog which then approached the victim’s dog and attacked it.
They said: “When the victim intervened he was bitten causing injuries to his hands. If you have any information about this incident please contact Essex Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.”
What do you want, it all laid out for you? What on earth are you doing with all the money & resources at your disposal?

Monday, 13 November 2017

Whew, That Crackdown On Knife Crime Is Savage!

A knife-wielding man who threatened a Tube worker after they asked him to step back from the edge of the platform has been sentenced.
Oh boy, he's in trouble now!
Last Monday, he was sentenced to six weeks in prison at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court, suspended for 12 months.
*baffled face*

H/T: CJ Nerd via email

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

Ah, ‘tis the season! The purveyors of festive meat of indeterminate origin have arrived in Southend high street!

It'll make a nice change from dodging the increasing number of 'homeless' beggars that the high street seems plagued with lately.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

We Will Remember Them...

In Flanders fields the poppies blow 
Between the crosses, row on row, 
That mark our place; and in the sky 
The larks, still bravely singing, fly 

Lt.-Col. John McCrae

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Who's The Child Here?

A mother has decided to take her 15-year-old daughter out of school rather than make her remove her nose piercing.
Well, that's sensible. Not!
Shannon, who lives with her mother in Greater Leys, Oxford, got the piercing on Saturday as an early present for her 16th birthday in December.
Ah, what every chav wants to mark a significant birthday!
Although she knew there were rules against facial piercings, she claimed other girls in Year 11 got away with wearing small studs.
Ms McNamara has claimed Oxford Academy can resolve the situation by giving Shannon her school work to take home.
No, love, you don't get to make demands here. There are rules. Follow them, or face the consequences.
Oxford Academy deputy head teacher Sally Elliott said: 'Ms Mcnamara asked us to send Shannon home with eight weeks' worth of work and we wouldn't authorise a student being off for that period of time, so we said "we expect her in school".
'If she is unable to take the stud out she will be isolated from the rest of the school but she'll be able to do her work.
'Anyone we spot with unauthorised piercings will be dealt with in the same way.
'It helps students not get distracted from their education and helps them learn that there are rules in life.
'Shannon has been here five years...we've never allowed nasal piercings before and we're not going to allow them now.'
Like mother, like daughter. I hope future potential employers are reading this.

He Plays The System Like He Plays His Music...

Pengilly, wearing a polo shirt and tracksuit bottoms, was flustered in court, pointing to the sky and flailing his arms while in the dock.
He shouted “I’ve got ADHD and anxiety and a personality disorder” and consistently spoke over District Judge Tessa Szagun.
The rough sleeper was listening to music with his headphones in as the judge spoke to him.
Isn't that contempt of court? Doesn't that matter any more?
Pengilly’s frustration worsened in court as he claimed to have lost his wallet, telling the judge he was “p***** off”.
He then stood with his arms over the dock and burst into tears, shouting and refusing help from probation officers.
He said: “Nobody f****** helps.
“What’s going to change if you send me to prison?
“I would come out and do the same thing because I have not been helped.
“Don’t keep kicking me while I’m down.”
You can afford two large dogs, and drugs. We aren't 'kicking you', we are enabling you!

The welfare state that the shopkeeper's taxes pay for is helping you make his life a misery, with the collusion of toothless judges.
Pengilly begged the judge not to send him to prison while in a flood of tears.
When Judge Szagun ordered the destruction of Pengilly’s cannabis, he replied: “Give it here, I’ll smoke it.”
Good grief"
Pengilly, who has previous convictions for shoplifting and battery in 2012, was given an eight-week prison sentence for the offences, suspended for a year.
*grinds teeth*
Judge Szagun said the victim surcharge and compensation was £115 but issued a day’s detention instead.
Well, at least the shopkeepers & shoppers get a day off from h...

Oh, you're kidding me!
She said Pengilly’s time spent in court was enough to be considered one day’s detention.
The State is failing us.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Great Timing, Steptoe!

Just days before "Seni's Law" passed the first hurdle, Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn posted a video on Twitter backing the bill.
"Seni Lewis from Croydon, was only 23 when he died in a seclusion unit whilst held down on the ground," he said.
"Too many mental health patients have died after being physically restrained with unacceptable levels of force and violence.
"Seni’s Law will open up the mental health services to the scrutiny and accountability that’s needed to save lives."


Whew! Aren't we lucky he wasn't restrained?

Finally, A Judge Who Knows His Job!

Luke Lanham, 19, chose to ignore a suspended sentence order imposed at Bradford Crown Court in October last year that disqualified him from driving for 18 months.
Lanham, of Cavendish Road, Thorpe Edge, Bradford, was spotted by the police driving a Daewoo Matiz in Eccleshill on August 25, prosecutor Paul Nicholson said yesterday.
Not the car your average self-respecting lawbreaker would choose, I'm sure....
The teenager admitted driving while disqualified and without insurance in breach of a 12 month custodial sentence, suspended for two years.
His barrister, Mark Brookes, said Lanham was a vulnerable young man with learning difficulties.
Judge Jonathan Rose conceded that Lanham had ADHD but told him: “You chose to drive in breach of a court order.”
Lanham was sent to a young offender institution for a total of 12 months. Ten months of the suspended sentence was activated, because he had successfully completed a six month curfew order and a rehabilitation activity requirement, but two months were added consecutively for the new offence of driving while disqualified.
I know, it's only two, but still...
Judge Rose told him then: “This city is rife with people like you who should not be driving at all. People who buy cars cheaply with no insurance, licence, or ability. They drive like lunatics through our streets, putting people at risk of serious injury or death.”
I doubt he'll have learned his lesson. We can but hope he hits a wall instead of a person next time.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Disposable Society...

A Derby mum says she has been left heartbroken after her former family dog was put to sleep weeks after it was re-homed by a charity.
Oh boy! Is there a whiff of compo in the air?
Thelina Tillotson, from Chaddesden, says she handed her dog Brooke over to Leicestershire Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue (LSBTR) – a charity that specialises in the re-homing of Staffordshire Bull Terriers – around two months ago.
That was because she had recently had a baby and was worried about behavioural problems the dog had.
Nice of you to let some other family take the chance with the animal, love!
The 33-year-old claims she was told Brooke had attacked a carrier bag that a member of the public had been carrying in the street.
Good grief!
Thelina, who has three children (Ed: two are called Breanna and Meah-J, apparently...), said Brooke was a "brilliant dog".
She said: "I had two children grow up around her and she was fine with them.
"She was always the type of dog that she would attack carrier bags or if she heard a noise she would bark but she was not an aggressive dog.
"When I had my baby she started barking when she cried. I thought it would be the best thing to do to have Brooke rehomed. I rang the charity and they didn't say anything about putting dogs down."
What, you thought they'd live forever? The charity was no doubt mindful of the ticking time bomb they'd been left with, and acted appropriately.
A spokesperson from the charity said that the decision to put Brooke to sleep was as a result of her "deteriorating health" and claimed that Thelina had not been in touch.
The spokesperson said: "Brooke's previous owners were contacted by a volunteer of the rescue in order to inform them that due to Brooks deteriorating health, which in the opinion of her veterinary surgeon related to a neurological condition, that her life was not sustainable.
"As the previous owners had not been in contact to enquire about Brooke's welfare, the volunteer took it upon themselves to contact them to try to alleviate the conscience and their rationale for her re-homing due to the dog’s reaction to their new born child.
"Apart from the initial first few days with letting them know the dog had settled, there had been no further enquiries from the previous owner."
If there was any lingering doubt about what sort of people we were dealing with here, it's removed in the comments:

Indeed so.

OK, What Am I Missing Here?

Sentencing Dixon the judge said "This was a completely unprovoked attack on the streets of Cheltenham. You took part in a sustained and repeated assault. You joined in the initial attack.
"I accept that you did not use the boot, but you were there to support your friends, and when a member of the public tried to stop a vicious attack, you attacked him.
"There were nasty injuries to the victim. In my judgement it is so serious only prison is justified. You have a bad record for someone aged 26."
Wow, wonder how long he's going to give h...

"The only question is whether I can suspend the sentence. I am prepared to suspend the sentence, just.
"Don't get involved in violence again."
Dixon was ordered to pay £290 in court costs and surcharges. The judge chose not to order that Dixon pay compensation to Mr Mahovo, despite an application from the prosecution.
*beyond speechless*

I can see no reason for leniency in the sentence. Even less for denying the innocent victim compensation.

Perhaps that's why I'm not a judge?

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Wait, I'm Confused, Who Is The Victim Here?

Joe Stone QC, defending, told the jury Mr Eley had been acting in self-defence as he believed Mr Moore had threatened to attack or rape him and his son.
Mr Stone said: "He thought he was going to be raped. He thought his son was going to be raped.
"Even someone with the reserves of a Zen Buddhist monk, if they were threatened with rape or their child were threatened with rape, they would have difficulty remaining calm.
"If you believed that was going to happen, wouldn't it be reasonable to take that action?"
Errr, no. Not really. Boy, the prosecution will have a field day with such....

Ryan Richter, prosecuting, told the jury in his closing argument at Guildford Crown Court: "This is an undoubtedly sad case.
"Sad for Mr Eley, because it is clear he was significantly mentally unwell at the time. Sad too for Mr Moore and Mr Mortimer, who had done nothing wrong and yet left that shop badly injured."
That's a pretty strange priority list there, isn't it? Most people would think the poor bloody innocent victims attacked by a madman should be your first consideration!

It took the jury three more hours than it should do to render the inevitable verdict.

H/T: jack ketch in comments

What Kid Indeed...?

"Her throat hurt for a while after that, but I think she'll still eat nuggets. What kid doesn't like nuggets."
Ahhh, modern parenting!
"She's only four-years-old, it was properly scary."

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Your Son Was A Car Thief Who Couldn't Drive...

There. Fixed that for you.
A mother has spoken of the “heartbreaking” failure of her eight-year search for the truth about her son’s death in a police chase...
Some 'mother' she turned out to be. She raised a car thief.
Liam Albert, 17, died a week after crashing a stolen Mazda in Surrey in 2009 following a high-speed pursuit that began in south-west London.
That's all the explanation anyone not as thick as two short planks should need.
Ms John said: “What we were looking for were answers to how he died, how did the collision happen, what were the events leading up to [it]. Which will not bring my son back but at least gives us some idea.
It's pretty obvious how he died, the coroner will have explained that. The collision happened because he lost control. The events leading up to it were that he stole a car and decided to not stop when the police indicated he do so.
“There’s so many questions that haven’t been answered, that, deliberately, to us it looks like, they have skimmed past. They’ve just humoured us from the beginning, I believe.
Now, you've quite right here, I agree. They shouldn't have humoured you at all. They should have told you to get lost.
We look to the police for guidance, for help, for confidence, for protection. That’s just knocked me for six.
Their guidance states 'do not steal cars', they help us by chasing car thieves, we have confidence that they'll catch car thieves, they protect us against car thieves.
Emotionally it’s not going to leave us, we’re not going to get a closure.”
You spelled 'compensation' wrong.

"It's like we were seen as easy prey."

An 80-year-old woman has been jailed for 12 months after her son's dog attacked a five-year-old girl, leaving her with facial injuries.
Pitbull? American bulldog?
Theresa Graves, of March, Cambridgeshire, held the animal up for Skyla Boldan to kiss it in June this year, according to the girl's family. But it bit her, causing deep cuts to her lip.
The dog, a Jack Russell called Deefa, had to be destroyed.
Det Con Mark Yendley, of Cambridgeshire Police, said: "This case shows how important it is to keep dogs under control in public places and how seriously the courts treat incidents of this nature."
Oh, the courts and police are very, very keen to get on top of this new 'dangerous dog' menace striking fear into the land:
Linda and Keith have been told that if Tilly is spotted out in public without a muzzle on, she is at risk of being put down under the Dangerous Dogs Act.
Meanwhile, chavs walk four-legged engines of destruction unmolested by the filth...

H/T: CJ Nerd via email

Monday, 6 November 2017

Without The Welfare State, We May Not Have People Like This...

The judge said he accepted the defendant did not intend to kill or seriously harm Carter, but he noted she had a lengthy criminal record with 65 convictions including for violent offences.
“The reality is that, though what you did was not unprovoked, it was completely unnecessary and it was aggressive,” he said.
The court heard that Brown-Wellington had a personality disorder which resulted in acts of “impulsive violence”.
But she can wander the streets unconcerned, of course. And somehow afford the drink & drugs that puts her in an agressive mood.
A judge at Manchester Crown Court said she presented a ‘real risk to other people’ as it was revealed she has been convicted of 17 violent offences over the past 20 years.
She's 31...

And on the very same day, this appears:

Thanks for ensuring that creatures like Brown-Wellington aren't starving, Welfare State.

You Know What They Say About 'No Good Deed', Glenn....

Glenn Tamplin has said he feels "kicked in the teeth" after the two homeless people he gave jobs at Billericay Town Football Club stole and took drugs.
If only it could have been predicted...
Speaking to the Echo, he said: "I'm gutted.
"We caught Ray taking drugs and sent him to rehab in Southend.
"Richard was given a job.
"We bought him clothes, fed him every day, paid him £80 per day wages and he decided he was going to steal the sound system from the changing rooms which was worth about £5,000 as well as anything else he could get his hands on.
"It is not going to stop me trying to help the homeless.
"My purpose is to help those less fortunate.
"The club and community will only grow stronger from this."
I guess it's true, there really is such a thing as 'no bad publicity'.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Sentimental Gestures Are Easy, When.... are spending other people's money:
In a symbol of solidarity with the McCanns, De Lisle College in Loughborough — the secondary school Madeleine, who would now be 14, would have attended — continues to reserve a place for her. This year, she would have started her GCSE course.
If you're a parent who wanted their child to get in to this place, and was told there was no room, I bet you're feeling pretty aggrieved right now.

And once more, I'm astonished at the hold this couple seem to have over influential people in the State apparatus.

"Oh shut up, silly woman," said the reptile with a grin, "you knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in.."

The Ministry of Justice has apologised to the mother of a five-year-old boy who was murdered after probation services failed to warn her that her partner had a string of convictions for violent offences against women and children.
I'm sure that came as a hell of a shock.
After Iheanacho was found guilty of murder, Breha, 30, was horrified to hear that he had a string of previous convictions for violent offences against women and children.
“It took them 15 minutes to read out all his previous offences. My mouth literally dropped open and I felt so sick,” said Breha.
How terrible, to think the man you thought you knew was...

Wait, hang on. How did she meet him?
While Breha knew that Iheanacho had recently come out of prison, she was unaware of the terms of his licence relating to children and new relationships with women.
“If anyone had told me about Marvyn’s violent history I would have run a mile from him and would never have allowed him to be anywhere near my child,” said Breha.
Breha said she first met Iheanacho when he was in prison.
“A neighbour suggested I write to him,” she said. “I wasn’t looking for a relationship but when I met him he was super-shy and super-polite. He seemed really nice and I felt sorry for him. I didn’t know what he had been in prison for, he just told me he had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. I thought, ‘well, anyone can make a mistake’.
You sure made one, didn't you? Nice to know you have standards; a jailbird's perfectly fine, but a violent one, well, 'someone should have told me!'
“I sat by his hospital bedside singing Ukrainian songs to him. When the doctors said they couldn’t do anything more for him I literally dropped to the floor,” said Breha.
“How could Marvyn have done this to a little boy who had no chance to defend himself against this big guy? Each day it gets harder and harder and I miss him more. The worst thing is to wake up every morning knowing that your son is dead.”
I'd have thought the worst thing was realising you're to blame, because you valued a screw with a 'bad boy' more than you did your own child's life.
After the death of her British-born son, Liliya Breha was warned she could be deported because she no longer has a family tie to the UK.
Good. We have enough home-grown women who love the bad boys like this, we've no need to import more.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Shuffling Deckchairs On The Titanic...

Police have arrested a wanted man who was found temporarily living on the roof of a shop in Southend town centre.
I'm glad they qualified it with 'temporarily'....
Southend’s community policing team have been targeting areas in the High Street which are prone to attracting antisocial behaviour and rough sleepers.
Not before time. The last few months has seen an influx in the 'homeless' (mostly street drinkers & the mentally ill) and walking down the high street in the early morning is not pleasant.
They said that one particular spot, the doorway of the old Post Office, which has closed down, has become a favoured place for drinking and begging.
Two weeks ago, PC Brewer moved on rough sleepers from outside the doorway.
'Moved them on'. To where?

That's not even a hundred yards...

Naturally, even these parasites have parasites:
But Gill Garwood, chief executive of homeless charity Harp, said rough sleepers should not be stereotyped as drug addicts - and she wants to see more done to help.
To help the bums, that is. Not the people who have to put up with human excrement in their shop doorway, or see takings drop as customers (understandably) go elsewhere:.
“At Harp, we are here to support people with any issues that might have led to their homelessness situation, including work to prevent people from having to move to the streets in the first place.
“People become homeless for a whole host of reasons.
“We believe that rough sleepers should not be criminalised for being homeless and that is why we are working with agencies in the town, including Southend Council and Southend Police, to try to help people access support that can help them turn their lives around.
“For the past five years, through our Restart Programme, we have encouraged people experiencing problems with addiction to seek treatment with Southend Treatment And Recovery Service, and attend group therapy with Narcotics Anonymous. We encourage residents to volunteer to assist with our services.”
Where can I volunteer with someone who wants to run the bums out of town? Along with this 'charity'?

‘We find the facts bizarre.’

‘We find the facts bizarre,’ said Judge Russell Finch when sentencing the pair.
Errr, yes. Yes, me too....
Disgruntled customers of drug dealer Linda Danga began making violent threats when they discovered that what she had sold them was not cannabis, but rabbit food.
The threats became so bad the 21-year-old went to the police to complain.
That led to her appearance in the Royal Court along with her supplier, Ben Jackson, 25.

H/T: CJNerd via email

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Chavs & Dogs - A Dangerous Combination...

A teenage girl who was walking a dog which attacked a small child leaving her with horrific injuries, did so for payment in cannabis, a youth court heard.
The girl, who is from Chatham, but can't be named because of her age, was charged with being in charge of a dog which was dangerously out of control, after an incident in Jenkins Dale, in Chatham, in April.
The dog, which belonged to two other people she had befriended, mauled the little girl's face before clamping its jaws around her head in front of other children, who tried to fight it off.
The police turned up & gunned the thing down. The dog, not the teenage chav, sadly.
The court also heard the teenager, who had never been in trouble with the law before, blamed herself for what happened.
Well, yes. Probably the one true moment of self-reflection she's ever had!
Luke Mayer defending, said: "This was a horrendous incident for all parties. She clearly blames herself.
"She is not the owner of the dog. She did have problems at home and she looked up to Hayley and Michael.
"They were older than her and she had a misplaced respect. She thought it was an honour to walk the dog.
"She had only walked it twice before that night. She was smoking cannabis with them sometimes in their flat."
"They are the adults. It was difficult for her to control the power of the dog. She couldn't control it.
"She is on sleeping tablets and has nightmares. She put her hands in the dog's mouth and there was blood everywhere.
"She is perhaps a victim herself, she's trying to address her issues and is taking everything offered to her.
"She is one of the most remorseful people I have come across."
And you must come across a hell of a lot. Like all the other defence mouthpieces.
Magistrates decided to order supervision on the girl for 12 months and ordered she carry out 150 hours of unpaid work.
Doing what? And what about the owners of the hellbeast?
Thornton and Eldridge, both from Chatham, denied being the owner of a dog which caused injury to the child while dangerously out of control in a public place when they appeared at Maidstone Crown Court last week.
The court heard Thornton, of Ryde Close, and Eldridge, of Gorse Avenue, had only owned the dog for a week and believed it to be a lawful Staffordshire bull terrier cross-breed.
Thornton and Eldridge were granted conditional bail until their trial set for August 13 next year.
Those long, slow wheels of justice are barely moving at this point....

Which Part..?

O'Connor conceded that people would be disgusted by his actions, and recognised "part of it was wrong".
He will appear in court for sentencing on 21 November.
I hope it's not 'getting caught'....

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

The Idea That The Modern Police Service Knows What Is 'Practical' Is Laughable

A senior police officer has said it is “not practical” for officers to investigate crimes such as shoplifting and criminal damage as his force bids to save £400 million.
But it's totally practical to chase decades-old abuse cases and Tweets that offend people?
Deputy assistant commissioner Mark Simmons said the force had to work with fewer officers and less money, with the Crime Assessment Policy introduced to help prioritise resources.
He said: “Clearly this is not about letting criminals get away with crime, or not investigating the cases we are solving at the moment, if we thought it was, we simply would not do this.”
If you were capable of thought, you wouldn't do half the things you currently do!

Are you sure you couldn't save a few pennies by abolishing the Rapid Reaction Twitter Force?
“We need our officers to be focused on serious crime and cases where there is a realistic chance that we will be able to solve it.”
Really? Or is that only when it's in nice sunny countries?
Ex-Met detective chief inspector Mick Neville told the Sun: “This is justice dreamed up by bean counters in shiny suit land.
“No consideration is being given to victims. The new principles will focus police attention on easy crimes where there is a known suspect.
“Few professional criminals target people who know them, so the worst villains will evade justice. Not investigating high volume crimes like shoplifting with a loss of under £50 will give junkies a green light to thieve.”
Notice it's always ex-detectives that say this?

H/T: CJ Nerd via email

The Qualities Of A Leader....

England 30/10/2017:

The US, just two days later:

Offered without comment.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Tweet Of The Month

A new feature, and first honours go to Obnoxio:

Post Title Of The Month

Mark Wadsworth reads the weather:

Quote Of The Month

DumbJon makes a welcome return with this little gem on policing and the Conservative voter:
Meanwhile, is there anyone who works more than five miles from Westminister who doesn't think kicking PC Nailpolish back out onto the streets would be a vote winner? To put it the other way: who exactly is this guy who is going to vote Tory but only as long as they make cops walk round in high heels? Someone track this guy down!

Post Of The Month

A two-way tie this month, as Tim Newman lifts the curtain on the ways of the hotel industry, while Bill Sticker ponders the future of transport.

But Wait, What About Those 'Cuts'..?

King's College London has been criticised over a "deeply problematic" policy to hire £12-an-hour "safe space marshals" to patrol events checking there is no offensive content.
I thought universities were struggling?
Job ads on KCL Student Union's website offers £11.89 per hour - £13.32 if holiday pay is included - to monitor student groups' talks "which have been risk assessed as having potential for a Safe Space breech [sic]".
I guess they don't teach English anymore....
The monitors are expected to put up "Safe Space posters" and take "immediate appropriate action" if the safe space policy is breached.
What, fisticuffs?
The marshals have the power to eject attendees - including speakers - from events if they do not comply.
They might have the power, but who knows if they have the ability....
A King's College London spokesman told the MailOnline: "Universities have a unique challenge to create environments in which open and uncensored debate from all sides on issues of political, scientific, moral, ethical and religious significance can take place without fear of intimidation and within the framework of the law.
"We are proud of our diverse community and are absolutely committed to academic freedom and free, peaceful and respectful dialogue where people have conflicting views."
Blah, blah, blah...

Monday, 30 October 2017

Should Have Been Their Throats....

A couple who tried to cover up their baby's death by staging the discovery of her body on a bus in east London have had their sentences cut.
Please don't tell me it's because they thought this crime wasn't so bad? Or because the two subhumans have 'shown remorse'?
Announcing the decision, Mr Justice Jay said: "This is a case with numerous aggravating features. Imani was defenceless and extremely vulnerable.
"Both appellants were in a position of trust towards her which they grossly abused."
A pre-sentence report on Wiltshire "stated that he was continuing to distance himself entirely from any culpability", while a report on Baker, said the judge, "stated that she minimised her responsibility for the offence and placed most of the blame on Wiltshire".
In the court's judgement, the sentencing judge "gave insufficient weight to his finding that this was a case of constructive knowledge, albeit one which... was at the upper end of the spectrum of gravity applicable to such cases".
Mr Justice Jay added: "We are accordingly persuaded that the sentences he imposed were manifestly excessive."

Good Electric Fences Make Good Neighbours....

Marina Bolton, 57, of Newington Avenue, Southend, admitted assault and criminal damage after leaving victim Jo Bates with a number of nasty bruises to her face and body.
Mrs Bates, 50, a nurse and charity worker who runs the Southend Homeless Hub, told how the attack took place on April 9 in front of grandsons Matthew, four, and Bradley, seven.
She said there was bad blood between the pair because Bolton had planted “huge” eucalyptus trees in her garden and allowed her Great Dane to damage the fence. She also said Bolton’s CCTV cameras point into her garden.
She said: “When I moved in 12 years ago there were no problems but she has turned into a nightmare neighbour.
“I had my grandchildren here so I went to the shops and bought the boys some water pistols. I put some music on and they were playing in the garden.
“Matthew decided to water the roses and some of the water went over the fence. He is only four years old. There was just the most horrendous shouting and screaming.
“The next thing I knew she was in my house. I was kicked and punched for ten minutes.
“I managed to get to the phone and dial 999. I couldn’t speak to the operator but they heard the tail end of the assault.”
Beating up a woman in front of children, after invading her home? She's going down, for sur....

Bolton admitted assault by beating and causing £550 of damage to a wooden side gate, a speaker and an internal door. She was handed a four-week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, at Southend Magistrates’ Court.
Bolton was also told to pay £1,220 compensation.
I bet the excuses were just too good?
In mitigation, Bolton, a self-employed cleaner, argued that she had poor mental health and was provoked by the child’s use of the water pistol.
Speaking after the hearing, she said Mrs Bates was the problem neighbour and a “green-eyed monster”.
She said: “I have nice cars and I have spent a lot of money on my house. She just wants her pound of flesh.
“At the end of the day I was in her house and I pleaded guilty. All she sustained were some bruises.”
What a lovely woman.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

If She'd Acted With Half This Amount Of Passion & Apparent Sincerity...

...maybe she'd still have a career in showbiz:
'I called my attorney & said I want to get my script back, but before I could, #2 @amazonstudios called to say my show was dead,' claimed McGowan.
That move meant that she was no longer able to take her screenplay to another studio or network in an attempt to develop her work elsewhere, and that Amazon would forever hold the rights.
'I am calling on you to stop funding rapists, alleged pedos and sexual harassers. I love @amazonstudios but there is rot in Hollywood.'
She closed out by stating: 'Be the change you want to see in the world. Stand with truth. #ROSEARMY #Amazon.'
Nuttier than my Christmas fruitcake. If only there'd been some sort of warning that...

McGowan revealed that she had sold her show to Amazon last September, with the series supposedly an account of her youth growing up as a member of the Children of God.
The alarm bells should really have been ringing a lot earlier, shouldn't they?

"Is That A Pistol On Your Facebook Page, Or Are You Just Pleased To See Me?!

A man was prosecuted for posting a picture of himself on Facebook posing with...
...airsoft equipment.
Christopher Turnbull, of Grangemouth, Scotland, was charged with a criminal offence for posting the picture, which was seen by a Stuart Brodie of Police Scotland.
No surprise there, I guess!
The 45-year-old was eventually cleared at Falkirk Sheriff Court (magistrates' court) on August 31 – but his pleas for prosecutors and the legal system to see common sense before the trial went unheard.
Oh, bless him! He thinks there's common sense in the legal system! I wonder if he believes in fairies & unicorns too?
Turnbull was charged with posting pictures and videos that were "grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing manner, in that they depicted [Turnbull] in possession of a cache of firearms and explosives".
I'm amazed Police Scotland haven't made utter fools of themselves before this, raiding 'Blockbusters'...

"Jings ma boab, sarge, there's thousands of offences..!"
In a vain attempt to make procurator fiscal (Crown prosecutor) Jennifer Harrower do the right thing and drop the case, Turnbull's solicitor, William McIntyre, wrote: "My client's concern is that he wonders why he has been singled out for prosecution from the fifty thousand or so other members of the United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association who regularly post these types of images on social media. I am not sure if you are aware of the fact that Airsoft is an extremely popular leisure pursuit all over the world, as well as within Central Scotland where there are skirmish sites in both Grangemouth and Bonnybridge."
He added that around 300 pictures had been posted in July alone on the airsoft group where Police Scotland's Stuart Brodie had copied the pictures for the prosecution.
Indeed! One wonders just what it was that poor Turnbull did to provoke the ire of Police Scotland. And least you think that the justice system up there finally came to its senses...
We understand a break in the chain of evidence rendered the prosecution's evidence legally worthless.
Which could be a hurried attempt to back out with less egg on their faces, or could be that they are incompetent as well as wasteful and authoritarian.
El Reg understands that the comments contained numerous unmistakable references to airsoft games.
And it was the removal of these that apparently scuppered the case. So can't they be done for tampering with evidence?

H/T: Ivan Turner via email

Friday, 27 October 2017

The Lives Of Others...

Sixteen-year-old Ciara Witt witnessed her close friend Jack Gudge, 17, get hit during a fight with a group of men outside a Tesco Express store and cradled him in her arms as he died.
An inquest heard she had taken his death very badly, with one friend describing it as the 'last straw' in her troubled life.
It's an unedifying story....
Ciara disappeared on November 4 last year - the day after the funeral - and was later in the garage of her home in Bournemouth, Dorset.
Police had been called at 11.30pm on the day she went missing and officers arrived at her house at about 4am on November 5 but failed to look in the garage at that time.
It wasn't until 9.30pm that night that Ciara's body was found by a 15-year-old family friend.
Not the loft, this time? Well, I suppose that's progress.
The mistake was later compounded after investigating officers failed to remove vital evidence of the method used by Ciara to take her own life.
Ciara's grandmother Lesley Hartwell told the inquest how police left behind a section of the device the youngster used to end her life.
'I had to go in to remove it and I want to know why that wasn't done. It's disgusting.'
Sometimes, the lengths newspapers have to go to to avoid 'revealing the method of suicides' are ridiculous!
Dorset coroner Rachael Griffin said: 'I am very sorry that you had to experience that. It is unacceptable. You should not have had to do that.'
Addressing the police officers at the inquest Mrs Griffin added: 'That concerns me that you forgot to search the garage. How can you reassure me that won't happen again?'
Well, she can't hang herself twice, can she?
The hearing heard Ciara had some problems with her mood and had previously self-harmed and had been referred to CAMS (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service).
But she became very low following Jack's death in July last year.
And how did her dear childhood friend come to shuffle off this mortal coil?
Jack died after falling to the ground and suffered brain injuries before going into cardiac arrest. Three men aged 27, 24 and 23 and a 15-year-old boy were initially arrested on suspicion of murder but police later confirmed no one will face criminal charges.
Ah! We can all read between those lines, can't we?
Hundreds of mourners attended Jack's funeral on November 3, where he was buried in a bright blue coffin designed to look like an Adidas shoebox. He had a flower arrangement spelling his favourite word 'Chav'.
Yup! We can see why there was no prosecution, but let's get the official record:
John Montague, senior district crown prosecutor for Crown Prosecution Service Wessex, said: "In order for the case to progress there has to be an unlawful act, I am of the view that we cannot prove that the actions of the 24-year-old man were unlawful. The decision was taken in accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors."
Translation: 'It was self defence, the little scrote's mouth wrote a cheque his body couldn't cash'.

Pass The Parcel....

In response to a query from Cornwall Live, the police said dog-on-dog attacks were a matter for Cornwall Council’s dog warden team. However, the council said any dog that was deemed to be dangerous was the responsibility of the police.
A spokeswoman for Cornwall Council said: “Dangerous dog issues fall under the police’s jurisdiction. While Cornwall Council’s Public Protection team will collect stray dogs that have been secured by the public, matters of dogs behaving in a dangerous manner are dealt with by the police.”
And round and round it goes on the public sector Magic Roundabout....

Thursday, 26 October 2017

And Darwin Is Foiled Again...

Thinking his find might be a fish’s bladder, art dealer Mr Bennett picked the animal up with his bare hands, took it back to his home just minutes from the beach and popped it in the fridge.
It was only when the avid beachcomber, who has an interest in marine life, decided to research what the strange blue coloured sac was that he discovered how dangerous it can be.

Devaluing Hell....

Ms Attala, 43, of Old Shoreham Road, Portslade, said she and her daughter Isabella, 12, had been held hostage in their own home by the noise.
She said: “They started major, loud works, which included industrial machines and floodlights, right next to my house from 10pm on Thursday to 2.30am the following morning.
“These included disc cutters for the metal pipes, a generator and crew of five to six men chatting and whistling through the night.
“I had to get up for work at 6am and my daughter had to go to school.
“We had hardly any sleep at all and it was a living hell with my daughter and I crying and trying to sleep at 2am.”
So, basically, you were kept awake for 4 and a half hours, while the vital work to keep you supplied with water went on? And that's 'a night of hell'..?

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

"...all policies and procedures were completely followed..."

The letter, a copy of which was shown to the Echo, read: “Dear parents/carers, there was an incident at lunchtime today in which the police were called to the site.
“This was an innocent event and at no point were any children at risk.
“The safety of the school site was not compromised at any moment, and all policies and procedures were completely followed.
“Please help us to help your child by reassuring them that there was no risk at anytime.”
No risk of....errrr, what, exactly?
A police spokesman confirmed they had been called to the school.
They added: “Police received report of a man acting suspiciously in Point Road, Canvey, at about 12.30pm on Thursday, October 12.
“Officers attended the scene and spoke to the man.
“Following further investigation, police established that no offence had been committed.”
How was he 'acting suspiciously'? Well, maybe we'll never know.
One mum, who asked not to be identified, said: “The parents are furious at the way the school handled it. There was queues of people trying to get information on the ‘incident’ and the teachers were just categorically refusing to give any information out. When I asked if it was a legal reason, they said yes. But clearly if the police have told the Echo what happened, there’s no reason they couldn’t have told us.
“When you are given just enough information to make you worry, your mind runs away.
“It was just handled appallingly. God knows how you’re meant to reassure a child of their safety if you don’t know what about!”
Quite! But so long as 'all policies and procedures were completely followed', that's the main thing. Right?

They Do Things Differently In The Country...

A quiet street in a market town erupted into violence as two gangs armed with garden equipment and a chainsaw clashed.
I presume they mean a petrol driven chainsaw? Or they had a very long lead!
The fight erupted shortly before 3.30pm on Friday on the small residential street of Fleeters Hill in Hingham.
It is understood the incident was the result of a long-running neighbourhood dispute, which had boiled over.
One woman, who did not wish to be named, said she was watching TV in bed when she heard commotion outside.
“I saw all the men running in different directions, and it was just fists to begin with,” she said. “But then all of a sudden a chainsaw came out, then loads of other garden tools.
“One boy was threatening to wrap a spade around an older bloke’s head.
“The chainsaw was running and a young lad got cut by it across his chest. He was bleeding quite a bit.”
“It was initially between two males, but they had gangs on each side.
“This all boils down to someone reporting the others to the council for having fires, and them accusing someone as being the ones who reported them.”
It's all so very different from London.

H/T: jack ketch in comments

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

"Dictionary For Mr Denison, Please!"

Mr Denison said: “This case is about a minor argument between two families’ children fighting. It suddenly and inexplicably erupted into violence on Easter Sunday.”
Yes, it's totally inexplicable. I mean, who'd have thought travellers would be prone to this sort of violence?
Esther says that Sherri-Ann came straight to her and hit her on the head with a blue double-edged knife. She grabbed the knife to protect herself and she was hit again in her right shoulder and her hand.”
The prosecution said that Esther was dragged into the hallway and then the kitchen where Draper appeared with another long knife and took Esther back outside while “chopping her and causing deep cuts as she tried to protect herself.
Mr Denison said: “Hugh had seen what was happening and had run back to get John Cooper. John was the first to get there and saw Esther lying on the ground covered in blood.
“He saw Draper holding something long which at the time he thought was a piece of wood in his hand. In fact, it was a shotgun.
“Hugh Doherty appeared and Levi Draper raised the gun and shot him in the chest.”
Usually, they save it for the wake! Talk about getting ahead of yourselves....

Oh, Is It That Time Of Year Again?

Poppy Day parades to honour Britain’s war dead are facing the axe because police chiefs across the country are refusing to send officers to block off roads.
Yes, it's the time of year when the police top brass get to use the nation's war dead as a stick to beat the government with...
Jock Bryson, 82, who runs the town’s Royal British Legion poppy appeal, said: ‘I feel disgusted that people went to war and gave their lives and now, all of a sudden, the police are saying they are not going to help us this year.’
You notice, Jock, they never say they won't help the Notting Hill Carnival? I do...
Frank Mullen, 80, who served in the Royal Signals, said: ‘It is ridiculous. It is going to be cancelled because the police can’t be there and we can’t by law stop traffic.
'We are one of the richest countries and they can’t even afford three or four police officers for an hour’s work.’
They can afford to make fools of themselves on social media all the day long, though....

Monday, 23 October 2017

Hard Cases Making Bad Law?

The Solicitor General said: 'Having considered the application, I have given consent to the family of Carole Myers to apply to the High Court for a new inquest into her death.
'I am satisfied that it is in the interests of justice for the application for a new inquest to be heard by the High Court.'
Really? Wouldn't you have to first change the law?
Mr Felstead said that by not ruling that these memories were false the court left 'a lingering doubt, a lingering suspicion that these things are true, and our position is that they are categorically not'.
'There was a 15-month investigation and it concluded that she was not abused, she was not sexually assaulted. It was a myth,' he said.
'Carol went to the doctor with a persistent headache.
'There was nothing wrong with Carol before she had therapy.
'All of her problems came from her having therapy.'
You're asking the coroner to do something I don't think they are able to do. They've certainly done as much as they possibly can within the limits of their remit:
During the previous inquest in 2015, Mr Felstead told Westminster Coroner's Court, which was sitting at the Royal Courts of Justice, that her family 'fiercely' contest the allegations.
Addressing the court, Mr Felstead said: 'I just want to ask that the court acknowledges that Carol developed false memories.
'She had treatment and memories that were false and demonstrably not true.'
Coroner Fiona Wilcox said she could not rule that Ms Myers suffered from false memories, but acknowledged that the 'extreme allegations that were made of satanic sexual abuse and murder were investigated and found to be absolutely unsubstantiated'.
She added: 'I wish to be clear that the family absolutely protest claims that Carol was abused sexually, and that the allegations of satanic sexual abuse and murder that she made in life were investigated by police and found to be unsubstantiated.'
I have nothing but sympathy with the family, but what they are asking for is not possible, and they have been told that.

Compare and contrast this with the easy allegations that are made over historical sex abuse. It's a bugger's muddle, and no mistake.

"I See No Ships Gang Of 30 Rowdy Youths..."

Chief Inspector Chris Veale said officers were dispatched to intercept the group but searched and could not find them.
He said a possible link between the report and the window being smashed was being explored although there was no current evidence to connect the two.
He added: “We do not currently have evidence of a general problem of antisocial behaviour in this area of Kemp town. However, we are always keen to hear from residents and would encourage anyone experiencing anti-social behaviour to report it.”

There really are no words, are there?

Another Giant Falls....

Author Julian May has died, her agent Russell Galen announced. Ms. May was 86 years old.
Very sad news. One of my favourite series, and one I'd definitely want on a desert island. I must have re-read them 4 or 5 times, and discovered something new each time.
At the time of her death she was working on a television adaption of her popular Saga of Pliocene Exile series.
There is hope!

Saturday, 21 October 2017

The Right Result...

Four Met Police officers have been cleared of gross misconduct following the death of 18-year-old Henry Hicks who died after he failed to stop his moped in Islington, north London in December 2014.
Hmmm, well, technically, he didn't 'fail to stop his moped', it was stopped for him, by the parked car he careered headlong into!
The teenager, who had been described as a talented footballer was carrying several bags of cannabis at the time of his death.
Given the family, it's hardly surprising he was suspected of being lowlife, drug-dealing scum.
The suspected low level drug dealer had been stopped and searched 89 times between the age of 14 and 17, though had never been charged with any criminal offence.
Perhaps if he had been, he'd have learnt a lesson?
A disciplinary panel said the officers, who were given anonymity during the inquest into the teenager's death - were investigated over claims they had breached professional behaviour standards.
However, this afternoon, the panel, led by an independent chair, announced that all four officers had been cleared. The panel said that none of the officers had breached professional standards or had been engaged in pursuing the teenager.
No doubt there's already a few CiF 'journalists' fishing in the veg drawer for an onion, ready to pen a polemic about how awful it is....

Just Incompetent, Or Actively Sabotaging The Case...?

A woman beaten up in a savage late-night assault says she is doing the police's job for them by issuing crystal-clear pictures of her alleged attacker.
Micha Birgitta, 31, had her nose smashed in the brutal attack while the thug knocked out her male friend in London's East End.
Police hunting the crazed brute - thought to be high on drugs or drunk - put out blurred and grainy CCTV images of him that 'could have been anybody'.
But now Ms Birgitta has sent dramatic stills from footage shot on her friend's mobile straight to her local paper the Hackney Gazette in an attempt to catch him.
Clearly, she's realised relying on the police is an utter waste of time.

And yes, she DID make the photo available to them:
Ms Birgitta said she's 'scared of her own shadow' knowing her attacker is still at large and justice has not been done.
And she can't believe that a high-quality video taken on her friend's phone was never released by officers targeting the attacker.
'The CCTV is terrible quality,' insisted Ms Birgitta, who's still struggling to see properly.
So are the cops, love. They just can't see past the need to keep a tight lid on the amount of diverse, enriched crime that goes on in London. It's not like they aren't simply following precedent, either.

But now that she's gone to the papers, they have to respond:
Scotland Yard said they were only made aware of the new photographs yesterday. A spokesman said: “We will always use the best images we have to appeal for those wanted for questioning by police.
“In our initial appeal on this case, we used the only image we had available.
“On Wednesday we were made aware of better and clearer images which we are working to release asap once we have spoken with the victims in this case.”
Someone's lying. Once, I would have naturally assumed it was the complainant.

But that was long ago...

Friday, 20 October 2017

"Well this is a song about a travellin' man who knows just what he wants."

A traveller has complained he has been stuck on a patch of land for a week after it was blocked off by the council.
Richard Brannan set up home at the 39 Acres site off Ditchling Road, Brighton, four weeks ago, and says he has been living peacefully on his own.
However, last Friday, he noticed he was unable to leave because the area was blocked off at the entrance and exit.
Really? Without warning?
He said: “The council warned me on the Wednesday they would be blocking the area off but I was waiting for the car to be looked at.
“Then on Friday it was blocked.”
Hmmmm, I have just the thing....

He said the predicament was also costing him money as he cannot get to work.
Ahahahahahaha! Stop! You're killing me!
But he claims this is not the only thing making it hard for him a financially. He said: “I usually shop at Lidl, which is really cheap.
“But I am having to shop at Asda now.
“I get some things at Lidl for 30p, for example, but in Asda it is £1.20.”
*wipes away tears of mirth*

Well, there's a good advertising slogan for Asda: "We're just expensive enough to keep out the riff-raff!"
A council spokesman said: “We have not purposely blocked Mr Brannan, who is actually trespassing, on to the land at 39 Acres.
“He fully knew we were blocking this entrance to the site to stop other trespassers and he had told the council he did not need to move his van until we served him with a court order, which will take place as soon as possible.
“Mr Brannan has also told us he can come and go easily from the site as he has both a push bike and a car that he parks outside the land.
“Mr Brannan is well known to the council and has our phone number so if he now wants to leave the site we will arrange for the entrance to be unblocked. We will however block the site again to stop other trespassers.”
You can almost imagine the weary tone of voice they used, can't you?