Monday, 4 December 2017

Well, A Change Has Come Now, Sitey....

Mairuf, 19, of South Norwood Hill, racked up thousands of YouTube views with her rendition of Sam Cooke’s classic ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’.
...perhaps it should have been a cover of 'Jailhouse Rock' instead.
...her gang robbed at least 11 victims in a terrifying crime spree, with younger muggers - including a 14-year-old boy - looked up to her as ‘big sister’.
Mairuf’s mother, who wore a black headscarf, wept bitterly as her daughter was jailed for two and a half years at Inner London Crown Court.
Relatives of the boy, now 15, screamed abuse at Judge William Wood, QC, after he jailed him for three and a half years.
Ah, the pussy pass in effect - he gets an extra year for possessing a different set of genitalia, despite the fact that she took a lead role!

Any charges for the contempt of court?
The judge ordered them out of court and said: ‘I do not believe that the public would not approve of a word that I have said, it is appalling to think that the families would not consider this sentence long enough.’
Well, this member of the public approves, wholeheartedly! But why no contempt of court charges for the scum's followers?
While family members of the youths including mothers and sisters wept in the public gallery, teenage friends of the robbers started taking pictures on their phones in court and shouting ‘free the gang, free the team.’
Police were called to the court in south London to quell the disturbance and clear the court.
But not arrest anyone? FFS!
Two 16-year-old boys were also part of the large gang of moped-riding thugs - many of whom are still at large. The four youths were all convicted of conspiracy to rob after a trial.
Nor was that the only little wrinkle in this sorry tale:
One of the 16-year-olds was sentenced to four years and the other had three and a half years added to a six-year stretch he is already serving for manslaughter after killing a man by throwing a flare into his car 'for fun' while he slept inside.
 Yes, if you think that sounds familiar, you'd be right. And once again, the family & friends showed just what sort of 'people' we're dealing with...
Judge Patricia Lynch said the teenagers' actions had been "for fun", and she jailed Hobbs for nine years and the younger co-defendant for six years.
As the 16-year-old's lesser sentence was read out, there was a shout of "f------ soft spot corrupt bitch as far as I'm concerned" and "disgusting" from the family of Hobbs, who were sitting in the public gallery, directed at the judge.
And again, no arrests? 


jack ketch said...

"Judge Patricia Lynch "

If only Nomen were omen (poor bint was set on her career path from birth on, methinks)

Andrew Scarborough said...

Try a dob of mild sarcasm peppered with a yawn and you'll know what constitutes 'contempt'.

JuliaM said...

"If only Nomen were omen (poor bint was set on her career path from birth on, methinks)"


"Try a dob of mild sarcasm peppered with a yawn and you'll know what constitutes 'contempt'."