Sunday, 21 July 2019

Getting A Bit Informal...

...or is the 'York Press' just hiring anyone off the streets to caption their report now?

Is...Is It Like The 'Spork'..?

Some unholy cross between 'shorts' and 'skirts', perhaps? Enquiring minds want to know, ASDA!

Sunday Funnies...

If technology is the answer, maybe we are asking the wrong question?

Saturday, 20 July 2019

U OK Hun...?

It is believed the cyber criminals got access to the Met's 'MyNewsdesk' application, which automatically pushes messages out across email and their twitter feeds.
You'd have to have a heart of stone, wouldn't you? But wait, it seems outsourcing was the real issue!
In a statement issued some two hours after the hack, Scotland Yard said: 'The Met Police Press Bureau uses an online provider called MyNewsDesk to issue news releases and other content. When a story is published via MyNewsDesk, it appears on the Met’s website and Twitter accounts and generates an email to those who’ve subscribed to receive our news updates.
'While we are still working to establish exactly what happened, we have begun making changes to our access arrangements to MyNewsDesk.
What, you changed it from 'Pa$$word' to something else...?
'At this stage, we are confident the only security issue relates to access to our MyNewsDesk account.
'There has been no "hack" of the Met Police’s own IT infrastructure.
'We are assessing to establish what criminal offences have been committed.'
Don't you know...?

Well, It Shouldn't Have Been...

Assistant Chief Constable Geoff Wessell from West Mercia Police said: "PD Ivy's death was a shock to us all, in particular for those who were with her that day, all of whom remain deeply affected by it."
Why would it be a shock that leaving a dog unattended in a car on a hot day can result in its death? It's not like it hasn't happened before...
"We accept that PD Ivy should not have died as a result of heatstroke and we have learned this very harsh lesson in the worst possible way.
"We have therefore taken on board everything that the review has identified."
What a pity you didn't take on all the other lessons that other forces have leaned the hard way. Or maybe just listen to the advice you arrogantly dish out to the public?

Pity they just churn this stuff out, not actually read it...

Friday, 19 July 2019

Wait, What...?

An IT worker caught in a paedophile hunter sting has been spared jail after a judge heard...
Some pathetic sob story about caring for an elderly parent, I suppose.
...his partner is due to give birth to their child any day.
Denys Terebenets, 27, wept in the dock as he was handed a three year community order and allowed to walk free despite admitting a raft of child sex charges.
FFS! It's not as if he's going to be needed in the child's life, is it? The mother isn't as gullible as m'learned friend:
Ben Knight, defending, told Minshull Street Crown Court ... that Terebenets and his partner are no longer living in the same property, and that 'social services are involved'.
Good for her.
Sentencing, Judge John Edwards said he had been convinced by the mitigation put forward by Terebenets defence team and agreed with a probation report which recommended his risk to society was best managed in the community.
"These organisations deploy decoys to ensnare individuals such as you," he told Terebenets.
"That fact remains indulged yourself with two people whom you believed at some stage were children in the most sickening and perverted conversations.
"I hoe (sic) you appreciate the harm that cases such as these involve - you are feeding a burgeoning market.
"You could have no complaint if I passed a deterrent sentence.
"But Mr Knight has persuaded me that the public is best served if I put you on a rehabilitation course."
The public would be best served if you put him on a plane back to wherever he came from...

Arms Race

A young mother was shot with a Taser in the street in front of shocked schoolchildren.
Bloody trigger happy police...

The disturbance broke out in front of shocked onlookers which included schoolchildren from St Nicholas School and the nearby Hamstel Junior School.
The young woman, who lives in Southend, was allegedly chased by two attackers, who she also claims were armed with a cosh, before they then fired a Taser at her. The incident took place near to the Premier Store at the corner of Sherwood Way.
Lovely! Chavs have Taser now. Superb.
Describing the incident on Facebook, the victim said: “Thankfully it was nothing too serious but there was talk of ammonia too.
“I got off lucky, as did my friends. I was helped so the only thing I have is a burn.
“I was actually petrified - I thought I was being chased with a knife.
“I would rather have an electric shock than a stab wound.
“Fortunately, I just have a couple of marks, some broken sandals and that is all.”
Seems a bit too nonchalant about assault, doesn't she?
Police were called and an investigation was launched to trace those involved. It is claimed the victim and her alleged attackers are known to each other and there is no wider threat to the public.
Officers have since arrested two individuals on firearms offences in connection with the incident.
How curious.

Thursday, 18 July 2019

"Smile, You're On Not-So-Candid Camera..."

A woman was bewildered when a waiter ordered her to take off her sun hat on a blisteringly hot day.
She was sitting in a pub garden on Saturday when she was told by staff that she must remove her hat so she could be seen by CCTV.
I'm assuming he meant only 'briefly', rather than 'for the duration of your stay'..?
Shortly afterwards the perplexed pub-goer messaged Sussex Police to see if the venue was within its rights to do so.
A Sussex Police spokesman said the force has “no policy for asking licensed premises to request that patrons remove headgear and would not involve themselves in enforcement of any such requirement in individual premises”.
But a Wetherspoon spokesman said it was necessary for pub staff to ask customers to remove all hats when visiting any of its UK venues.
They. of course, say that it's to assist the police:
Eddie Gershon, speaking for the pub chain, said: “ We apologise for the inconvenience caused to the lady.
“However, customers are asked to remove their hats in all of our pubs and outside spaces.
“The reason is that if there is an issue in our pubs and we need to hand over CCTV to the police, then they are able to clearly identify people.
“This is not able to be done if people are wearing hats.”
Or burkhas. Luckily, you won't get people wearing those in a pub. Though it might be fun to see what they'd do if someone did walk in with one...
The spokesman also added that if a customer has a specific reason for wanting to keep their hat on, either for religious or health reasons, they are not made to remove it, just asked to look at the camera momentarily.

If The Case Of The Westminster Attack Shows Us Anything...'s that our Immigration Service isn't fit for purpose.
Khater was born in Darfur, Sudan and told immigration officials he had left the country in 2008, travelling to Libya and then to Greece, France and on to Britain where he arrived in July 2010.
He claimed he had been involved with the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) in Sudan and had been detained and tortured by the Sudanese authorities.
He was granted leave to remain on July 26, 2010, and worked as a security guard for Portcullis Security Solutions from late 2016 beginning an accountancy degree at Coventry University the following year.
OK, so far, so usual...
On August 13, the day before the attack, he drove to Peterborough to apply for a passport through the fast-track scheme but was told he was ineligible to use the scheme because it was his first application.
A passport? Where did he want to go?
Three years earlier, his father had passed away and his mother had also become ill and he wanted to go home, he said.
'Home'. Let that sink in. The place he supposedly fled from in fear of his life.

Yet this would have raised no alarm bells, no reconsideration of his claims. No renewed interest in him at all.

Why is everyone piling on the security services, and ignoring the shambles of the Immigration Service?

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Never Listen To What They Say, Look At What They Do...

Councillor Childs told MailOnline: "One of my children currently attends a local independent school.
"My children like all children are entitled to their privacy ... I will not say anything more on this matter other than to say that these decisions should be made by parents and carers taking into consideration each child’s unique skills, abilities and needs.
"My own family’s decisions are made on this basis and are not up for public debate. My views on the privatisation of publicly owned state schools through the academisation of publicly owned schools remain clear and should not be confused with my family’s personal decisions."
Who is this chap, and just why should anyone care where he sends his children?
Councillor Nick Childs is deputy leader of Brighton and Hove City Council, and chairs the Children Young People and Schools committee in charge of education in the city.
He was elected in May as part of a slate of candidates approved by the city's active Momentum campaign group. He regularly shares tweets from Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party, and far-left pressure groups.
And he is leading the fight against plans to turn struggling Moulsecoomb primary school, rated inadequate by Ofsted, into an academy. This would pave the way for the school to accept private finance, and take it out of local authority control.
On Twitter he has slammed what he calls a "fetish for privatisation" at the Department for Education, called schools watchdog Ofsted "an enforcement agent of neoliberalism" and spoken of his "socialist vision" for education in the city. Just last week he tweeted: "Privatisation fetish won't provide our children with good education. Our city will."
Ah. Now it's all clear. Just another hypocrite.

"Whose Side Are They On...?"

"Not yours, taxpayer..."
A spokesman from Nottinghamshire Police said: 'Nottinghamshire Police has been made aware of an unauthorised encampment at a school playing field on Bingham Road in Radcliffe upon Trent.
'The Rushcliffe Neighbourhood Policing Team has been in the area to engage with and respond to any concerns from both the local and travelling communities.'
Yes, they are there to be impartial, and listen to the concerns of the people who are breaking the law.
One person, who did not wish to be named, told Nottinghamshire Live: 'We are at our wits' end and have been sickened by the behaviour.
'The horse was dragged by a rope around the neck and was then kicked in the head. It is heartbreaking.
'We have called the RSPCA and they have opened a case and are taking it seriously but they won't come down without the police.
'We have also seen them swing a dog around by the neck too.'
Funnily enough, when it's a Kent housing estate, the police spring into action and seize the animal immediately.

What's the difference?

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

That's Like Killing Your Parents And Demanding Clemency Because You're An Orphan...

Lucy Daniels, representing the teenage defendant, who is now heavily pregnant, asked for her to be spared a prison sentence.
Ms Daniels said the fact the baby survived the ordeal should be taken into account.

Thankfully, the judge was having none of it this time:
Lady Justice Simler replied: 'It was not because they pulled back. It was more luck than judgement.
'The intended harm was the snuffing out of a life.'
If only she'd wanted to snuff out that life, though, the NHS would have been glad to assist.
Lady Justice Simler jailed Pearson for 11 years and sentenced McKenna to ten years in prison.
The teenage defendant received four years long term detention.
Some moderately decent sentences for once.

This Is Why You Are Despised...

A Guide dog fundraising summer fete has been cancelled after travellers parked up on the field where it was meant to be held.
Caravans arrived at the site more than a week ago and still remain despite mounting pressure to leave from locals.
Jesus wept! Every year its the same. Decent, law-abiding taxpayers are shafted while the state wrings its hands over a 'persecuted minority'...
Their presence has forced officials from the charity Guide Dogs to cancel their annual fundraising event.
The travellers are occupying fields that form part of the organisation’s Atherton Training Centre near Bolton, Greater Manchester.
And when they do leave, the problems still aren't over.
Though the travellers left the private land yesterday, a spokeswoman for the charity said it is too late to reorganize the fair in time for Sunday as volunteers clean up the site.
Why do flytipping laws never, ever apply to these 'people'..?

Monday, 15 July 2019

The Enrichment Spreads...

A man has been charged after an incident involving a machete blade at...
Croydon? Islington? Barking?
...Bury St Edmunds railway station.
Police arrested two men yesterday (Thursday, July 11) after a stop and search, that led to one resisting arrest and running onto the railway tracks. Trains were suspended throughout the altercation.
Aaron Neziri, 18, of no fixed address, has now been charged with possession of a knife/ bladed article.
He was remanded and appeared before Ipswich Magistrates’ Court today (Friday, July 12) - where he pleaded guilty. He has been remanded in custody for sentencing on August 2.
Meanwhile, in Norwich:
Work is due to start on a £1 million mosque and community cafe being created at a former pub site in Aylsham Road in Norwich.
A new mosque is needed to accommodate the East Anglian Islamic Centre's growing congregation of 250 people which is currently based on Rose Lane.
Soon we'll no longer recognise England.

H/T: wiggia via email

So, It Appears, Do Morons....

Graffiti vandals have a “human right” to express themselves...
...says a fledgling city councillor. Recently elected Canterbury Labour member Mel Dawkins made her bold claim during a debate about increasing fines for the offence.
Of course it's Labour. The criminal's friend.
Cllr Dawkins, who represents St Stephen’s ward, was interrupted by community committee chairman Cllr Neil Baker, who retorted: “They don’t have the right to commit criminal damage.”
No doubt muttering under his breath ' stupid woman'.
But she continued: “You can’t stop creativity and I don’t think increasing fines will be a successful deterrent. It’s squishing something that everyone has the right to do.”
Here's the 'lady' in question. Be a shame if anyone defaced this photo and...wait, no it wouldn't. It'd be art!

The bid to increase fines was recommended for approval by the committee by eight votes to four. Another proposal to crack down on fly-tipping was also backed.
Yes, you read that right. There's three more morons as well as her.

Saturday, 13 July 2019

His Parents Must Be So Proud...

Today in her court in Reading assistant coroner Alison McCormick said the killings of Mr Shackley and Mr Imi were not an appropriate case to provide an unlawful killing verdict because she could not be sure, beyond reasonable doubt, that Mr Coopey was speeding at the time of the collision or that the cannabis he had smoked impaired his ability to drive.
Instead, the coroner provided a verdict of 'road traffic collision' in respect of both deaths - and added that she would be sending a report to the Highways Authority to see if future deaths could be prevented on the road.
Well, if parents did some parenting....yes.
Today outside the inquest into the men's deaths Coopey allegedly assaulted a press photographer, swearing and spitting at him before trying to rip the camera from his neck, before going on to tell the court to 'Google it' when claiming the cannabis in his bloodstream would not have impaired his driving.
Who is this yob? What sort of upbringing has he ha...

Oh! His parents are both police officers.
Adrian White, a police collision investigator, told the inquest his reconstruction of the incident led him to the view that the accident could not be avoided.
He was immediately challenged by lawyers for both victims' families who told him his science was wrong, to which Mr White countered 'science isn't wrong.'
The inquest heard Mr White's accident investigation reconstruction report said Mr Shackley would have been walking to the right of Mr Imi and would have been obscured from Mr Coopey's view at the time of the collision - significant because Mr Shackley was wearing a brightly coloured top and so would have been more visible.
Mr Buckett, representing the Shackley family, said: 'You make the assumption that Mr Shackley was to the right of Mr Imi at the time. Why did you make that assumption?'
Mr White replied: 'I have to give the benefit of the doubt to the driver.'
Mr Buckett said: 'Why is that? You're looking at this presumably in an impartial manner, not looking to give the driver any special treatment.'
But was he, we muse...?
Mr White said he had to consider whether a prosecution would follow his report and for the benefit of a theoretical defence team, he had to consider the worst case scenario and he said his report had been peer reviewed when it was suggested it was misleading.
Peer reviewed by other police officers, naturally!
The lawyer told him his accident reconstruction test had been flawed because it involved one police officer wearing dark clothing standing still at the side of the road - whereas in this case there were two people, moving and one of them had light coloured clothing on. He added: 'So, all three variables on the evidence that is now before the coroner, demonstrate that your scientific approach does not fit the facts of this case.'
Heh! I quite like this lawyer. He's outwitted the plod nicely/
Mr White conceded that based on the evidence given by Mr Coopey during the inquest, that was correct but he contested that Mr Coopey's evidence was unlikely to be correct, based on his calculations.
Mr Hinchliffe said to Mr Coopey: 'You asked to borrow your father's car. Your father gave you strict instructions as to when you were to return it.'
Mr Coopey replied: 'Which I don't normally obey.'
Lovely! And yet, knowing that, they still let him drive the car.
The magistrates put Coopey on a new youth rehabilitation order including supervision for 24 months, a 20-day 'thinking skills programme', a safe driving course, 100 hours of unpaid work, and a six month curfew.
I think that's something the whole family needs. And the police farce, too, for employing such hopeless people.

The Jury Delivered A 'No Humans Involved' Verdict...

Yousef's grieving father Ghaleb Makki shouted: 'F*** you! Where's the justice for my son! Where's the justice?' as the jury delivered the verdict today.
Looks like it's right there in front of you:
The stabbing was an 'accident waiting to happen' as all three indulged in 'idiotic fantasies' playing middle class gangsters, the jury heard.
Despite the privileged backgrounds of both defendants, they led 'double lives'.
Calling each other 'Bro' and 'Fam' and the police 'Feds', the defendants and Yousef smoked cannabis, road (sic) around on bikes, 'chilling' and listened to rap or drill music. They would post videos on social media, making threats and posing with 'shanks' or knives.
The court heard how hours before the stabbing, Boy B arranged a £45 cannabis deal and the teenagers planned to rob the drug dealer, a 'soft target'. But the robbery went wrong and Yousef and Boy B fled, leaving Boy A to take a beating.
Boy A then later pushed Yousef who called him a 'p****' and punched him in the face. He told the jury Yousef pulled out a knife and he responded by also taking out a knife and his victim was accidentally stabbed.
Not really a tough one for the jury, was it? And this so-called 'father' should be ashamed of his self-pity when he reads about this case:
The grieving father of a four-year-old who was killed by the driver of a stolen car has slammed the criminal justice system for 'letting his daughter down'.
Violet-Grace Youens's parents are not allowed to read out their full victim impact statement, including details of her horrific injuries, in court in case their daughter's killer is upset by it.
They have legitimate grounds for anguish. 

Friday, 12 July 2019

The Only Time Essex Police Work Fast..!

Essex Police were called shortly after 2.30pm on Friday, but by 3.36pm, the centre had received an email saying no further action would be taken. when they are trying to get out of doing any, clearly.

But maybe I'm being too harsh. Maybe this wasn't a very concerning crime?
Kaira Barnes, 20, was working at Artability - an activity centre in Rayleigh Road, Eastwood, providing support for adults with learning difficulties - when two women entered and stole her phone and purse after attacking her.
Now, the community of Eastwood has raised more than £1,500 to boost security in the area.
Hopefully, by sacking a few lazy blue-clad backsides in the Essex Farce...

But there may be another reason for their lack of enthusiasm about this crime:
Kaira said: “The two women, one of whom was pregnant, walked in and shoved a pen and paper in my face.
“They said ‘post code’ so I got my phone out and brought up maps then called down another member of staff to help the service users.”
Kaira said the women then began looking at the jewellery and other works of art the centre sells before they cornered her in the kitchen.
“One of them started laughing and put a tea cosy over my head as some kind of distraction. It was quite a large one so covered my face and she then grabbed my phone.
“She also made off with my bank cards and my ID.”
Hmmm. They don't sound as if English was their first language, do they?
“It was really frightening. I just froze. I didn’t really know what was going on.
“I had two vulnerable adults with me and they were really upset.
“One of the women barged one of them out of the way on her way out of the centre which was really upsetting for him.”
But I guess Essex Police weighed up the issue of vulnerable learning disabled people and possible Eastern European criminals and decided political correctness and avoiding more people realising what a shithole Essex is becoming won out...
After reports of the incident went viral on social media, former council candidate Kimberly O’Connor launched a Go Fund Me to help improve security.
By installing CCTV. So next time, Essex Farce will have images to ignore as well.

Time To Take Dear Old Auntie To Court...

Via CJ Nerd, news of a crowdfunding project:
Enough is enough. That is why a judicial review process is being launched today. The goal is to push the Corporation towards becoming much more robust, transparent and equitable in meeting its fundamental requirement to be impartial.
Such cases are complex because the law is itself hugely complicated. But the action is cleverly pitched by the barristers who have framed it. The focus is not on the thousands of individual cases of bias that News-watch has exposed – that would be a fool’s errand in the courts. They are, though, part of the supporting evidence. Rather, the attack is on the BBC’s internal processes for ensuring impartiality. Put bluntly, they are simply not fit for purpose.
A very worthy cause.

Thursday, 11 July 2019

The 'Guardian', Where No Idea Is Too Barmy To Print If It Has The Word 'Green' In It...

From burials in pyramids to scattering ashes and even plastination, there has been no shortage of ideas about how to deal with human corpses.
But with graveyards and crematoria almost full in Britain, the conundrum of what to do with the dead has resurfaced with new urgency. Now a leading public health expert has suggested...
Oooh, wait, wait!

*fetches popcorn*

OK, pray continue.
...the sides of motorways, cycle paths and even brownfield or former industrial sites could be transformed to house the dead.
Wait, what?

That's...going to make laying flowers on the grave a touch problematic, isn't it?
“We need to challenge local authorities and county councils and say as part of their greening strategy – which we must do as part of [mitigating] global warming – let’s put the burial situation into the thinking,” said John Ashton, former president of the Faculty of Public Health.
Have you ever been to a cemetery or crematorium, John? They tend to be pretty green places already.
The upshot, he said, would be the creation of new woodlands and green spaces that would aid greening, help the climate, improve access to the countryside and tackle the graveyard crisis in one stroke.
And presumably bring peace in Palestine, solve the energy crisis and cure the common cold too?

Those Are Called 'Consequences'...

A police officer who assaulted his wife, twice, has avoided jail.
Instead Sergeant Daniel Hughes, 40, from Basildon, was ordered to carry out community service - and pay his wife £300 in compensation.
Not a real cop, at least. Just British Transport Police, or rather, he was...
Mitigating, Richard Atchley asked for six months for Hughes to pay the fines.
He said: “He is in a negative financial situation.
“He is unemployed and has no income.
“He has ambition to get back in the saddle and find work.
“His father will pay £50 a month starting in seven days.”
He didn't get the sack, mind you. He resigned before they could sack him.

Wednesday, 10 July 2019


“I believe that this incident is the most stupid act I have ever witnessed in my entire life. You simply could not make this up.”
Really? Strong words. Let's see.
Resident Tana Jackson told The Argus: “I noticed a group of three men, one of whom had a hawk on his arm. Another man was walking on the beach with another hawk on his arm waving it up and down making the bird flap its wings. The seagulls in the near vicinity were extremely distressed and were flying around and squawking in a terrible state.
“He told me he was from Southern Water and that they had hired the men with the birds of prey in order to move the seagulls along from the Heene Road beach as the water was being polluted with bird poop.”
Errr, what's the first thing a frightened creature - particularly a seagull - is likely to do..?
A spokesman for Southern Water said: “We have demonstrable evidence that bird pollution can affect the quality of bathing water. This work is part of our ongoing bathing water enhancement programme, which the public very much supports, and our aim is to tackle all the different pollution sources. The birds of prey used are tethered to a falconer’s arm, and is there to act as a positive visual deterrent.”
And an encouragement to crap some more!

Seagulls do indeed produce a lot of it. Almost as much as Southern Water's PR department:
Last week Southern Water was fined £126 million for failings including polluting the environment with sewage.
Get that sorted first, eh?

It Beggars Belief That This Is Needed...

...until you realise we're dealing with the NHS:
To prevent a repeat in the future, an email was sent to all staff insisting that all babies needing a lumbar puncture must have their name band checked with the results on the neonatal unit, and that this should be documented in the medical notes.
If the email wasn't headed up 'Check you've got THE RIGHT BLOODY PATIENT..' I expect it'll be ignored.

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

And 'The Cheque's In The Mail', 'The Dog Ate My Homework'...

Under the draft rules, internet companies are expected to introduce strict new age checks on their websites or treat all users as if they are children.
Like government departments do, you mean?
Critics have said that the move will 'infantilise' web users and severely limit online advertising, potentially driving local newspapers to collapse and causing serious harm to national titles.
But who knows best?
In response to the criticism, the Information Commission Elizabeth Denham said yesterday that the code would not lead to additional verification requirements for news sites. She said: 'We want to encourage children to find out about the world, we want children to access news sites.
'So the concern about the impact of the code on media and editorial comment and journalism I think is unfounded.'
 You think, eh?
She told the immersive and addictive technologies select committee: 'We don't think there will be an impact on news media sites. They are already regulated and we are not a media regulator.'
I don't think you've thought this through...

"The #CompoTrain Is Now Leaving The Station..."

"...please will all racehustlers, shyster lawyers and local politicians eager to curry favour take their seats."
Anab Ture, Shukri’s aunt, told the Guardian that her sister had brought her children to the UK to escape the civil war in Somalia and find safety.
“She came here for a better life. We want a thorough investigation to be conducted and for the police to work with us.
The police aren't supposed to 'work with' anyone, they are supposed to investigate crimes.
She paid tribute to a “good girl”, who helped look after her four younger siblings and support her mother.
“She wanted to become a doctor, she loved helping people.”
She added: “I want to make sure the family’s voice is heard.”
Family voices are sometimes heard. And sometimes not.
Members of the local community and anti-racist campaigners led chants of “Shukri’s life mattered” and held a banner saying “justice for Shukri Abdi”.
Justice is sometimes hard to find. I don't recall the local Somali community getting up on their hind legs and screeching about 'injustice' when Mariam's bullies walked free, do you?
Greater Manchester police continue to say that they found no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death.
Note that phrasing - they 'continue to say'. It's almost as if the 'Guardian' believes that's somehow in the teeth of evidence to the contrary...
“She had been telling us of the bullying for months. We want the police to listen.”
Maz Saleem, an anti-racist campaigner, vowed that protests would continue until the community felt justice had been done.
Which 'community' is he talking about..?

Monday, 8 July 2019

When The PR Tiger Turns On You...

So, it was Pride Weekend and every company that thought they could get some free publicity was donning rainbows faster than a six year old girl with a new packet of glittery felt tip pens. 

The National Theatre was no exception:

And all went horribly wrong:

This of course attracted the sort of attention the NT didn't want:

Yes, Stephen, you're missing something. Something the inestimable David Thompson likes to call psychodrama.

It's the 'identity group eating itself again'. Or as Monty Python put it, The People's Front Of Judea syndrome. It seems these lesbians are, if you believe Twitter, a secretly US Alt Right funded lobby group. Not just a bunch of women in sensible shoes wanting a drink.

To misquote Henry Kissinger, “The reason that identity group politics is so vicious is because the stakes are so small.”

(Not) The Usual Suspect...

A man has been caught on CCTV writing damning, racist messages about Islam on walls and shop fronts.
Those ghastly white supremacist young yobs!
Images of the suspect, who is believed to be in his 60s or 70s, have been released.
The graffiti, written in several languages including Persian and Arabic...
*looks at CCTV images*

Well I never!

Saturday, 6 July 2019

That 'Long March Through The Institutions' Isn't Stopping...

Richard Clarkson and Ian Pedrick had more than 60 years' of life saving experience behind them when they were fired from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) after the incident in Bolberry Down near Salcombe, Devon.
Oh dear! Were they racist? Sexist? What could possibly have caused such immediate action?
Richard and Ian, who followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather by becoming a member of the coastguard 42 years ago, were part of a team sent to the scene of a runaway car.
But when they got there the crew stood down because the vehicle had stopped further down the slope and no lives were in danger.
The pair decided to change out of their coastguard uniform and used Richard's personal Land Rover and equipment to tow it back from the cliff edge.
But because the coastguard vehicle had not been brought back to the station they were both still on duty and moving the car was not in their remit.
They were deemed to have committed a technical breach even though they has not used the coastguard's Land Rover or any supplied equipment.
If you're thinking this sounds a little familiar, you'd be right. Yet more slavish devotion to 'the rules' rather than a pragmatic approach with people who are, after all, volunteers.

I wonder if the MCA is also now headed by an expensive CEO from the professional charity sector?
'If we had taken the coastguard Land Rover back to the station none of this would have happened.'
Yes, it's that barmy. Or rather, to be expected when the people in charge are no longer hired on the basis of their dedication but rather on how well they parrot the required progressive agenda.
The owner of the car, who has not been named, said he was 'appalled' the two men had been sacked and described the dismissal as a 'total overreaction'.
As will everyone who reads about it.
The MCA said it would be 'inappropriate to comment at this time'.
Translation: "We've got to have time to get our PR Team on this quickly!"

So, Just To Be Clear, Mark...

Hearing nothing, I recently let the RSC know that I feel I must resign as I do not wish to be associated with BP any more than I would with an arms dealer, a tobacco salesman or anyone who wilfully destroys the lives of others alive or unborn. Nor, I believe, would William Shakespeare. do you heat your house? Is it with the waves of smug superiority pouring off you?

And I presume, when you catch an Uber to the RSC, you insist it's electric. Oh, but wait! Where's the electricity come from? Better get on your bike.

You know what I think Shakespeare would have said about fossil fuels? "Gadzooks! No more lighting rushes to see in the dark? Verily, I pray thee, sign me up!"

Friday, 5 July 2019

Careful Wording..?

Police searching a graveyard after reports of a sexual assault say no offence took place at the scene.
"Our officers received an account from a woman and they have reviewed local CCTV.
"Today, Sunday 30 June, we have spoken again to the informant who has confirmed no offences took place at this location. Enquiries are ongoing."
So did anything take place at all? Did it take place somewhere else? 

When Does The Justice System Say 'That's Enough'..?

Zahir Abbas had drunk four bottles of whisky and taken crack cocaine and heroin when he lost control of his car, crashed into another vehicle and hit a wall.
Leeds Crown Court heard an off-duty PCSO went to help after she saw the incident as she made her way to work.
Whereupon he showed the gratitude we've come to expect from his kind:
Abbas swore at at her and tried to get out of the car but she refused to let him leave. He groped the officer on two occasions when she turned away.
Pity she didn't pepper-spray him into a grovelling heap, but they don't have that on them off-duty, I suppose...

The justice system treated this crime as it's wont to do. With indifference. They let him go - on bail.
The incident happened around 3pm on December 1 last year in Horbury, near Wakefield.
Abbas was released on bail but was arrested again on February 9 this year after a police chase through Dewsbury and Heckmondwike.
Abbas was the passenger in a VW Jetta which sped away from police on Willans Road. The vehicle was driven at double the speed limit, went through red lights and mounted a pavement.
Who could have predicted he'd fail to take advantage of their leniency? Well, anyone who can read:
Abbas has 26 previous convictions for 50 offences, including drink driving, failing to provide a breath specimen, being drunk in charge of a vehicle and possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence.
Abbas was jailed for four years and one month.
No. That's what he was sentenced to - anyone really think that's how long this menace will be off the streets?

Thursday, 4 July 2019

How'd You Like That Sauce, Ganders...?

Is it tasty?
Six months following the protest, the chain's sales dropped by more than nine per cent and owners of franchises in predominantly white suburbs began to lose money and sell off their restaurants.
The company’s chief operating officer, Mark Farrelly, said in an interview during the height of the boycott that they were facing right-wing backlash'.
The boycott is the favoured weapon of the Left, isn't it? Protesting in this way is a weapon both sides can use.

I wonder if Spurs sells popcorn?

Some News Items Pose More Questions...

...than answers:
Zornica Dukova had been put under a restraining order in 2017 not to contact Higgidy Pies recruitment staff in Shoreham.
But she sent “numerous offensive and threatening” emails this year.
Dukova, 39, a Bulgarian national of Aymer Road, Hove, admitted the charge before Crawley magistrates. She must pay a £50 fine, £30 surcharge and £85 costs.
Why pies? And why this particular pie company?

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

"The Crown Prosecution Service are deciding whether to prosecute the boy for this attack. "

What on earth is there to decide?
The boy had been convicted of two rapes just days after allegedly attacking the girl in the restroom of a secondary school in spring last year, her father said in a report by The Times.
The girl's father has also expressed his anger at how the school handled the situation and for allowing the boy to be in school without supervision despite his convictions.
And you'll never be allowed to know who this boy is, or even which school this was. Because the State values his 'privacy' above your children's safety.
The girl’s parents also approached Ofsted, who first told the couple they could not help because they inspect schools rather than look into complaints.
The government education watchdog has since apologised in a letter to the family for their insensitivity.
In the letter, Ofsted said that they downgraded the school's safeguarding adding that it was not effective and deemed as inadequate.
Ya think?!?

Oh. I Recognise Him, It's Whatsisname!

Masterful! How can it fail..?
Detective Chief Inspector Mick Norman, who is leading the investigation said: "The release of this footage is the next step in what has been a fast-paced, and extremely challenging investigation.
"We need to identify the man shown in the footage urgently, even if only to eliminate him from our enquiries. I need to hear from anyone who knows who he is. If this is you, it is imperative that you contact my team immediately."
If you can recognise yourself from that, contact Mensa too!

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Wait, What...?

Last night, Basildon councillors agreed the plans for the major road between Fortune of War and the Pound Lane junction.
It comes after pressure from the Government to reduce air pollution.
Hmmm, I wonder what it could be? A diversion away from populated zones? A low-emission only zone?
The debate was wrapped up quickly and voted in favour by 39 with just one abstention.
Well, it must have been a very sensible one, if they all...

Oh, maybe not:
Basildon Council has agreed plans for a 50mph limit along a stretch of the A127 to cut air pollution.
Yes, of course! Obviously, the answer is to increase the amount of time vehicles spend in the zone! It's genius!

The PC PCs Strike Again....

The force said the man detained at the scene was taken to hospital after it is believed he suffered a medical emergency.
I always assumed that a 'medical emergency' was a heart attack, stroke, premature labour. Something of that ilk.

Never in a million years would I have dreamed it would one day mean 'nutcase on the loose with a knife'.
The dog only joined Staffordshire Police in early April, after passing the 13-week training course with handler PC Karl Mander. 
Chief Inspector Donna Harvey, from Staffordshire Police, said: 'Police dogs are our family, not property, and our thoughts are with the dog and his handler at this time.'
The dog showed a lot more courage and dedication to duty than the rest of the 'family'. At least it got stuck in!
New legislation also known as 'Finn's Law' came into force last month, which gives greater protection to all service animals.
The legislation introduced tougher penalties for those convicting of harming police dogs and horses.
Nutters, however, will get away with it...

Monday, 1 July 2019

The Guardian: Reliably Wrong About Everything...

Voice is going to become the chief way that we make our wants known to computers – and when they respond, they will do so with female voices.
This detail may seem trivial, but it goes to the heart of the way in which the spread of digital technologies can amplify and extend social prejudice.
*rolls eyes*
In these instances, the technology adapts to pre-existing stereotypes, and so helps to perpetuate them. This will become increasingly important as children learn from their own interactions with a voice assistant.
But this gendering is not inevitable.In some markets, Britain among them, Google offers a male voice for its assistant, though Alexa and Siri are always female.
Wait, what..? *checks iPhone*

Yup. My Siri is male.

"And Now You're Triple-Super-Banned!"

Jones, from Brecon, admitted two charges of unnecessary cruelty to animals, relating to two dogs that were injured.
He was given a custodial sentence because he was not allowed to keep dogs, having been previously convicted of having a dog dangerously out of control.
A pointless sentence, since no-one ever enforces it. But when all you have is a hammer...
All three defendants were banned from keeping dogs for life.'ll just keep on missing those nails!

Saturday, 29 June 2019

Tweet Of The Month

Two real corkers vying for the top spot this month:

Post Title Of The Month

Look, Tim, just have the award in perpetuity!

Quote Of The Month

DumbJon on the furore surrounding Gove's admission:
"Teachers: stop showing the kids unlikely public information films about how one tab of molly will turn them into a werewolf and just lay it out to them. Ask the kids: seriously, do you want to be as cool as Michael Gove?"

Post Of The Month

LegIron on the fluid political relationships of Chukka Umunna...

The Cringing Is A Signal You've Lost...

My sons (one is almost 6, starting kindergarten in the fall; the youngest turned 3 in February) just started going to a day care center for two days a week (Monday and Friday).My boys seem to like the center so far. The only hiccup has been “the brown guy” that is in their classroom (their words for him … I’ll call him “T”). Let me state that we live in a predominantly white area, and this is my boys’ first exposure to anyone looking different than them.
 As we see, it isn't how this child looks that is the real problem.
I’m treading very carefully here and trying not to sound like a pretentious, entitled white lady. I’m working through some guilty feelings on both fronts there, but I know I am no better than anyone and I’m trying to teach my boys the same thing.
Really? Hmmm. My mother taught me and my brother that to be born an Englishman or woman is to win first prize in the lottery of life...

But back to why this self-hating milksop's children have problems with their classmate:
Both of my sons have complained that T has hit them and generally makes a lot of noise in class. I mentioned this to an employee in their classroom (not the teacher herself, who was tied up at the moment), who told me that T has “boundary issues”...
Which is teacher-speak for 'is an arrogant undisciplined little thug, but I don't want to be called racist'.
Is there anything else I should be doing here? I don’t love the hitting part, and I would be just as upset if it were any other kid in the room doing it. However, I feel concerned that it’s T that my sons have zeroed in on because he is the only “brown guy” in the room.
He appears to be the only disruptive and violent influence. I think you'll find that's why he's singled out. As indeed he should be. But you carry on with your self-doubt.

And the solution offered is....well.... a “brown girl”—of the Black variety, to be exact—I am keenly aware that there are some significant differences in how you and I may communicate, and in how our respective children may communicate, and (you see where I’m going here) in how T may communicate in comparison to your sons or other children in the classroom.
Anyone who 'communicates' with their fists shouldn't be in a classroom with other children. If Little Miss HandWringer doesn't see that, the adults in charge should.
I wonder what his alleged boundary issues might be, as behaviors that may be identified as disruptive, mischievous, or inappropriate in “brown” children are sometimes labeled as free-spirited, easily excited, or tenacious when exhibited by white ones. The pathway to prison often begins for rambunctious Black and Latinx children at this very stage of their lives. Teachers often carry the same preconceived notions about people based on race that we see on tragic display with each viral video of a violent police encounter...
Ah, yes. The chimpout phenomenon, I believe it's referred to.
So, DWtBaS, if this situation weren’t bothersome enough … now you have to think about this child’s future being threatened if he gets suspended from school and how his family might be impacted if they were to lose their child care.
Do you think this chippy little Millennial would try that tack with anyone else? No. Because they'd rightly tell her to shove it.

But even before we get that far, Little Miss Handwringer's missive is one big 'Please, excoriate me!' virtuesignal.

I pity those boys.

Friday, 28 June 2019

This Is Unknown In The History Of Mankind!

A nursery has been told it “requires improvement” by inspectors after a report said...
There were live electrical wires exposed? They'd employed a foreign murderer? Not enough 'diversity'?
...children are "disobedient, throw toys and say inappropriate and unkind things to others".
In other words, 'are children'.
Little Stars Nursery in Devonshire Road, Gravesend, had previously been given an “inadequate” rating and despite improvements since the last Ofsted visit was criticised for failing to “manage children’s challenging behaviour”.
Funny how no-one ever dares criticise the parents, eh?

Reading the report, it's actually clear there's very little wrong with this place:
The report said: “The manager and staff communicate well with parents and keep them involved in their children’s learning.
“Children are allocated a key person who gets to know their individual personalities well and enjoy the company of staff.”
It added that “safeguarding is effective”, and that “the manager ensures that she always deploys staff well”.
So what's the issue?
However, the nursery was criticised for planning “generic” next steps for children, such as reading books, and described their overall behaviour as “poor”.
Wait, I thought encouraging reading was to be cheered as a way to stop us all wearing MAGA hats in the future? I just can't keep up!
To improve, Little Stars was instructed to implement effective behaviour management techniques, and ensure children have “a better range of resources, activities and adult-led learning opportunities”.
Anything else?
It also suggested the nursery creates more opportunities for pupils “to explore and investigate the natural world”.
Some nurseries go a bit too far in this regard...

Oh Dear, How Sad, Never Mind...

A man accused of bringing large amounts of drugs into Gloucestershire has been killed in a driveby shooting in Birmingham last month.
Wait, wait, I know it's here somewhere....

Following his death his family told Birmingham Live : "Our family, friends and all who knew Dante are absolutely broken beyond belief.
"Dante was the epitome of kind, caring and thoughtful.
"The tributes that we have heard are testament of this.
"Dante will be terribly missed. Not only is his murder a huge loss to our family but also a considerable loss to the community."
Oh, I'm sure there are other dealers, love...

Thursday, 27 June 2019

It's Spreading...

We predicted it would.
Councillor Rohit Dasgupta was sent a copy of the flier passed to some parents in Forest Gate last week.
The leaflet attacked the introduction of relationships and sex education (RSE), which will become compulsory in schools from September 2020.
The flier claimed the new curriculum would "pervert the course of natural child development" and promote homosexuality and transgenderism to children.
Hard to disagree.
Cllr Dasgupta, a lecturer at Loughborough University and councillor for Canning Town south, said: "These leaflets are homophobic and transphobic and I don't want anyone in the LGBT community to feel worried or scared to express who they are."
Shouldn't everyone be able to do that, no matter to what 'community' they claim to belong?

I Thought Charity Began At Home..?

Leftover food from Tesco branches in Bow and Barking are being used to feed...
Hard up pensioners? Workers on minimum wage? Struggling single mothers on Universal Credit? The homeless?
...needy refugees and migrants in Newham.
Ruth Bravery, chief executive of The Renewal Programme, said: "Food is so important. The refugees and migrants we work with have no recourse to public funds and so do not have the money to cover their daily living needs."
That's not true, is it?

Free housing, and more money than they'd probably have in their countries of origin!
Tesco's head of community Alec Brown added: "I would invite any group that thinks they could benefit from the scheme to contact FareShare, as we have the capacity to help even more good causes."
I've listed a few above. Why aren't they first in your mind?

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Give Up. It Doesn't Matter What You Do...

The outgoing (hurrah!) PM is busy trying to ingratiate herself to every bonkers activist group going.
Announcing the plan for the permanent monument on Saturday, Theresa May said it would be a “lasting legacy” to the “tremendous contribution” of the Windrush generation as events were due to take place for the first Windrush Day to mark 71 years since the first arrival.
Are they happy? Reader, they are not...
However, Arthur Torrington, the chair of the Windrush Foundation, said the government was behaving “arrogantly” and “treating the Caribbean community like children” by not consulting with key groups, while he noted just 13 Windrush victims have so far been granted emergency support by the government.
What's the one got to do with the other?
He said that the community wanted it to be in Brixton, in Windrush Square, and that Waterloo station had “nothing to do” with Windrush.
“Windrush is about 1948,” he said. “We don’t understand why the government can’t consult more. This monument is being imposed to our disgust.”
So there's no link to Waterloo Station? That'll come as a surprise to....wait, Floella Benjamin?
May established the Windrush Commemoration Committee to consider how best to create a permanent, fitting tribute to the Windrush generation and their descendants.
The committee’s chairwoman, Lady Floella Benjamin, said: “Having a Windrush monument located at Waterloo station where thousands of Windrush pioneers – including children like myself – first arrived in London, will be a symbolic link to our past as we celebrate our future.
“The committee is determined to build a monument of great beauty and emotional impact which will lift the hearts of those who visit when it’s unveiled. I hope it will inspire pride and a sense of belonging to all those associated with the Windrush story.”
Sounds like that's a forlorn ambition.

But, But...Obesity Crisis!

A photograph posted on social media claims to show a child's lunch at Stourport Primary School and has been met with outrage from parents who say they have since complained to the school.
What did it consist of, turkey twizzlers smothered in butter?
...comprising one fish finger and seven chips.
Parents report to pay £2.10 each day for hot lunches. The school's website says its lunches are sourced from local produce and provide "healthy nutritional meals".
Can't do them under the ASA, since it mentions nothing about size of portion or value for money!
Stourport Primary School refused to comment on the complaints.
Sensible. It's a no win situation if you do. 

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

To Be Fair, John, They Don't Have To, Do They?

The story in question being a typical 'person tries to ingratiate himself with the woke community, finds there's always someone even woker' thing that we've seen so often over at the blog of David Thompson (his latest is a peach!).

"Don't Eat That Filth!"

It seems the very essence of illogical behaviour that hospitals across Northern Ireland have vending machines which stock unhealthy drinks and snacks as health experts warn of an obesity crisis in the province.
Almost two thirds of adults here are classified as overweight or obese and treating obesity costs an estimated £460m a year.
"Eat a nice nutritious listeria sandwich instead!"

Monday, 24 June 2019

Send Them All For Anger Management Training!

Passengers and crew pinned the 25-year-old woman to the ground while the aircraft returned to Stansted Airport around 5pm yesterday...
...'Cabin crew grabbed her to stop she starts scratching them hitting them, she then got pinned to the floor by cabin crew and passengers, a passenger even sat on her.
'She kept getting up and running back towards the door, she had six people sitting her we had to fly back to Stansted for the police to get her.'
How dare they manhandle a lady, am I right? And I don't want to see any disturbing levels of support for their actions either!

Which One Gets The Banner Headlines In National Newspapers?

The family of an elderly woman who was hit by a police motorbike in the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s motorcade has revealed the full extent of her injuries.
Irene Mayor, 83, has suffered a broken pelvis, broken arms, a broken leg and bad head wounds after she was hit by the bike in Richmond, west London, on Monday.
Her tearful sister, 89-year-old Joyce Shore, told the Daily Mail that Ms Mayor “may not get through this”.
Deliberate assault:
The 74-year-old was walking his dog on a narrow footpath at the end of Honeysuckle Lane in Worthing at about 5pm on Monday.
A cyclist sped down the lane on his bike and viciously attacked him. The man was taken to Worthing Hospital by his family, where he is still being treated for major bruising to his face and left ribs and a fractured pelvis.
The pensioner told police he had spoken to the cyclist before the incident about his speed.
Anything to put the boot in, eh, MSM?

Saturday, 22 June 2019

They Do Things Differently In Russia...

Tensions between Roma people and Russian villagers in the region of Penza boiled over last week, leading to a deadly brawl, arson attacks, forced evictions and even accusations of a hidden US hand in the violence.
Videos posted from the village of Chemodanovka in the Penza region showed houses owned by Roma families on fire after an ethnic Russian man was stabbed to death during a mass brawl along racial lines.
Four more were admitted to hospital after the street fighting, which was said to have been caused by complaints from Russian villagers against the Roma over sexual harassment.
This, however, isn't the West. There were no immediate recriminations and pledges that people would be arrested and vilified for 'racism'/
Then, suddenly, the Roma were gone, leaving behind 90 empty houses.
The governor’s office said it believed 650 Roma people had left the village of Chemodanovka, as well as the neighbouring village of Lopatka, but not by force.
Mmmm, of course. That happens all the time.
When the region’s governor, Ivan Belozertsev, arrived to try to relieve tensions, he took the unusual tack of blaming the US.
What's unusual about that..?
“America, the west, has poured enormous amounts of money into preparing people here … they’re in every region, including ours, and they don’t want to solve problems, they want to destabilise the situation. They bring fake information here,” he told a crowd of residents on Sunday.
Lots of questions being asked in the progressive media. None of them being 'Why does this keep happening to this ethnic group?'...

They F*** You Up, Your Mum And Dad....

Or in the case of today's modern chavling, the mum. Since dad doesn't seem to be in the picture.
Ocean’s mother Karen Easdown, 51, said: “Ocean was being bullied and she kept getting excluded.
“They excluded her over a nose ring, then over her socks.
“Then they said her eyelashes were too longbut who doesn’t wear false eyelashes?”
Normal schoolgirls, love. Schoolgirls who don't have mothers happy to send them off to the halls of learning looking like....well, like your daughter.

Like someone rejected from 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding; for being too trashy-looking...
“First of all they told her she would be allowed to go to prom as long as she didn’t go to the end-of-year barbecue.
“But now they’ve suddenly changed their mind and told me she can’t go.
“I’ve already spent £155 on her dress.
“Her twin sister is going (Ed: She's called 'Unity', it seems...) and they have always done everything together – but not this.
“They’ve told us if she does turn up she will be arrested.”
Hmmm, just 'changed their minds', eh? For no good reason?
In an email to Ocean’s mother, seen by The Argus, the school said: “I wrote to you earlier in the year to clarify our expectations for Year 11 prom.
“This is by invitation only and the governors and school uphold the right to exclude any student who does not comply with our criteria.
“Unfortunately we have not seen an improvement in Ocean’s behaviour, therefore and with regret, we have decided to exclude Ocean from the prom. Action
“We would appreciate your co-operation in ensuring Ocean does not attempt to enter the premises or the security company will be informed and appropriate action taken.”
So nothing whatsoever to do with her appearance, and everything to do with her behaviour? Colour me shocked. dim do you have to be to show the newspaper reporter the email that blows your story out of the water?

Friday, 21 June 2019

So, Theresa May Wasn't Always Wrong...

Lord Dubs, whose life was saved when he came to the UK on the Kindertransport as a small child, spoke on Tuesday at a rally outside parliament organised by Safe Passage and another charity, Help Refugees.
He appealed to the government to resettle 10,000 child refugees in the next 10 years. He said Theresa May had previously urged him to drop his amendment to the Immigration Act 2016, known as the Dubs amendment, to allow some of the most vulnerable child refugees to come to the UK because she feared “others would follow”.
“We parted without agreement,” said Dubs.
Good. It makes a change to see our useless ex-PM do something sensible for once...

Time To Make Up Your Minds, Ladies...

Is it 'I'm the equal of any man, how dare you treat me differently!'..?

Or is it 'Waaah! You manhandled me, you brute!'..?
Police began looking into the incident on Thursday night after footage seemed to show Mark Field pushing the female Greenpeace activist against a pillar and grabbing her neck.
There were calls for Field to lose his position as a Foreign Office minister.
In the fevered atmosphere and times in which we live, any activist should be considered a potential threat, shouldn't they? And treated accordingly.

No matter that gender they are. 
The Liberal Democrat former cabinet minister, Sir Ed Davey, called on Field to resign from the government.
“No ifs, no buts about this. The sight of some penguin suited Tory minister behaving in a violent way towards a female Greenpeace activist absolutely stinks.”
You male chauvinist pig, Davey! Who needs your white-knighting? Am I right, ladies?

Or are you all just opportunist hypocrites?

Thursday, 20 June 2019

What Does It Take To Get Essex Police To Investigate Properly?

A spokesman for the police said the force have been carrying out house to house inquiries and are reviewing CCTV footage in the area.
An assault? A mugging?
Essex Police are investigating after the stickers, which they described as anti-Muslim, were placed over various bus stops in Long Road, Canvey.
The incident is the second case where anti-muslim posters have been put up in South Essex.
Around May 19, at least a dozen posters, carrying a white supremacist logo, went up on roads in Rayleigh with the message 'Islamists not welcome', and 'stay back or we will kick you back'.
Ah, well, while they are out knocking on doors they might accidentally stumble over clues to the hammer-wielding muggers roaming Canvey with impunity.

Stranger things have happened!

"The night they drove ol' Bicester down...."

A woman from Oxfordshire posted a photo of the flag hoisted up by the van on Facebook this morning, saying today is the third day she has seen it up.
An offensive flag? I wonder what it it? Skull and crossbones? Swastika? ISIS?
The 26-year-old woman, who has asked not to be named, said she reported the van to police at Bicester Police station but they cannot take it down.
She said: "They've spoken to him and explained the meaning behind the flag but he's expressed it was a gift from a friend in the southern states so for that reason they're powerless to get it taken down because no crime is officially being committed but I can speak to the council about it."
What is it about modern life that makes people think they have the right to demand others do as they say simply because they are 'offended'..? 

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Who Could Resist?

Brighton and Hove City Council is hoping the private sector can work with it to provide homes for “some of the world’s most vulnerable refugees”.
The city has already taken 13 Syrian households as part of the national Vulnerable Person’s Resettlement Scheme.
An offer you can't refuse..? I suspect it soon will be.
The Government funds local authorities for refugees arriving here...
I'mma stop you right there! 'The government' doesn't have any money. The taxpayer is on the hook, As always.

"Google..? Nope, Never Heard Of It..."

Iria Suarez-Gonzalez became one of Spain’s most notorious killers after she and a friend were convicted of the savage murder of a schoolgirl in 2000.
Media reports from the time said the stabbing of teenager Clara Garcia was driven by Iria and her friend, who wanted to know 'what it would feel like to kill someone'.
And, when released, obviously wanted to know what it felt like to move to another country and start teaching their kids...
Years later, this newspaper can reveal the 35-year-old of Botley Road, Oxford, went on to become a teaching assistant at West Oxford Primary School.
She was back in court in February this year, facing one count of fraud by false representation for allegedly not disclosing the murder as a previous conviction in her initial job application to the school.
At a hearing at Oxford Crown Court this week, however, the Crown Prosecution Service dropped the case altogether accepting that there was 'no evidence' to convict her.
You mean, she did disclose it?
A spokesperson for the CPS said: "We keep all cases under continuous review so we can consider any new information that comes to light.
"In this instance, it emerged Ms Suarez-Gonzalez’s conviction was spent which resulted in the charges being dropped.”
Under Spanish law, all crimes committed by minors can be expunged after 10 years once the offender reaches the age of 18.
Handy if you feel like getting a job working with children. But Google is forever.
Following the hearing, Oxfordshire County Council – which overseas the school – pointed the finger at the school and said hiring staff was its responsibility.
You all dropped the ball on this one. As usual.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

"I See Your Mice Infestation, And Raise You...Ants!"

Kayley Chapman, 22, and her partner have been living with daughter Ruby, five, and two-month-old baby Scarlett in a one bedroom flat in Whitehawk, Brighton, since February.
She said her daughter’s room is unsuitable, the stairs are impacting on her health, and one ant infestation was so bad, the insects were crawling over her baby’s crib.
Ah, the modern way of pressuring the council to rehouse you - go to the local rag with a sob story Stevie Wonder could see through...
The young mother said: “When we told the temporary accommodation people that this flat was unsuitable they told us that if we didn’t take it we would be homeless.
“And we wouldn’t get any help from the council whatsoever.
“The way we have been treated by the council is utterly disgusting.”
They've put a roof over your head. Yes, that is pretty disgusting, say all the taxpayers working their fingers to the bone so you can outbreed your situation.
Kayley said her daughter Ruby’s room is unsuitable and she has to sleep next to a boiler. Plus there is a false window from the toilet which looks into her bedroom.
Oh noes! Oh, the horror! Peter Rachman was never so callous!
Ms Chapman told a council official that the room was so small that her daughter would not have enough space for a wardrobe.
Ms Chapman said she is asthmatic and is currently recovering from haemorrhaging during pregnancy.
She added that having to fold up her daughter’s buggy to navigate the stairs a number of times each day is making both conditions worse.
Maybe she should have considered that before breeding?
Ms Chapman says the council has ignored her concerns and “have an answer for everything.”
She added: “We just want somewhere inappropriate (sic) and for the council to take into consideration that we have difficulties.”
Which are entirely of your own making. Why should the council care?