Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Well, You've Actually Done It, Chuka!

A cross-party Parliamentary panel on social integration (APPG) chaired by Change UK MP Chuka Umunna.
Gosh! What amazing ideas is it - formed to 'bring together people from different generations' - going to come up with, with this intellectual powerhouse at the helm?
Supermarkets are being urged to introduce a new 1p charge to use self-service machines...
The panel... claims £30million could be raised by the scheme to help fund community projects.
The report is called 'Heal the Generational Divide', apparently. Hmm...
The report suggests divisions exist between older and younger people, particularly around Brexit, with research claiming that both the younger and older generations would be happy for the other to suffer if it meant getting their own way.
It also proposed schemes including a 'Take Your Headphones Off Day', tax breaks for care home volunteers and a national post-retirement volunteering scheme to bring together more people of different ages.
It is unclear whether or not Change UK will adopt the proposals as official policy...
Hmm, well. Let''s see what people think.
The corner shop worker, who lives in Dartford, Kent, said: 'On the face of it then it doesn't sound a bad idea. Nobody is going to say they don't want to help the elderly –it's a win-win.
'But I don't think it will go down well with the younger generations. And the idea that could bring people together to help solve Brexit is just ludicrous.
'I don't think that could be done by anybody if I'm honest. I'm not sure charging people for doing something that has become such an ordinary part of everyday life will work.'
Mick Potter, 72, said it was a 'crazy idea' to think it could help bring people together over Brexit.
The pensioner, of Eltham, said: 'The young ones won't like it at all. If you see young people in this day and age they wouldn't give up a seat for an elderly person or help us out – so I don't think they'd support this.
'The idea it could help Brexit as well and bring people together is a farce. We have become the laughing stock of the world.
'I'm not sure I want to vote at the European elections because of what a joke it all is. The idea that charging people to use a self-service checkout is funding projects which in turn brings young and old together over Brexit is madness.
'Nobody can do that. I think the divide is too wide. We had the vote and that's it. People say well it's the younger people that will be the next generation but the vote was carried out three years ago.
'Some people find those machines confusing enough without people having to pay to use them. How would that work? '
People are taxed enough. 'What if the supermarkets wanted to take a cut?'
Luke Pollard, 25, of Gravesend, Kent, was also using the Eltham Sainsbury's and was not impressed with the idea. The student said: 'Isn't that why people pay the government taxes?
'I don't see how that's right. I know it's only 1p but it's more the principle behind it and the logic. Why should Parliament be getting people to pay more all the time?'
Full-time mother Cheryl Toon, 35, said she did not see how the proposals would work. Cheryl, of Dartford, Kent, said: 'I know it's not a lot of money but I don't think it's a good idea. 'It seems like a supermarket tax. I can't imagine the supermarket companies are happy about it.
'Isn't there more important things to be thinking about? Why isn't more focus being put it on actually sorting out Brexit? Rather than charging people because it's not been sorted.
'It's going to be normal members of the public paying for this and it's not normal members of the public who have made a complete mess out of Brexit – it's the politicians.'
Well done, Chuka! You've actually brought the generations together after all!

They are united. In thinking you're a useless waste of oxygen, just like all the rest of the shower of shits in Parliament...

The Eight Inch Serrated Divorce...

She told police following her arrest that her husband was controlling and had subjected her to years of physical and verbal aggression.
Yeah, that's the sort of thing you probably should say when the police burst in to find you standing over your dead husband who has a kitchen knife buried in his chest.

It doesn't usually work, but the #pussypass is in full effect. Despite her history.
Atay had previously been caught drink-driving and had been arrested for biting a nightclub doorman.
Poor, delicate little flower.

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

It's Different When It's Them, I See....

Judge Niclas Parry said: "If a dog can have previous, it's got it (Ed: so has the owner!)," as he raised concerns over the public cost to keep such animals in kennels during proceedings.
Kendrick shook his head in the dock as the judge told him to prepare for a custodial sentence and for his dog to be destroyed.
Wow! More like this judge, please! At least someone's interested in keeping ordinary people safe fr...

Oh. Hang on.
The 36-year-old of Greenfield Road, appeared in court last November after the dog bit a welder repeatedly on the arm at the Grant Works site at Greenfield Road in Holywell where Kendrick worked.
At the time, the court was told there had been a number of other incidents of the dog biting delivery drivers.
And little was done, clearly. Until this:
In September, when police went to the site in the early hours of the morning, an officer was chased by it and bitten on the behind.
Can't have your weapon dog mauling the boys in blue! Delivery drivers and ordinary members of the public, that can be laughed off, clearly...

I'll Save You The Trouble - He Can't.

Ashley Sullivan, 25, of no fixed abode, has been given “one last chance” to prove he can function in society as his sentence for a burglary was deferred.
The prognosis isn't good...
The court heard that concerns have been raised he may fall in to a “cycle of going in and out of prison” if he faced a custodial sentence.
And I guess the geniuses in the criminal justice 'service' figure they can prevent that by him not actually going in!
Sullivan, who has a history of crime and mental health issues, was handed a two-year conditional discharge in August last year after sparking a supermarket evacuation and stand off with police.
He admitted criminal damage and threatening and abusive behaviour following the frenzy at Asda, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Basildon.
But he was involved in a burglary at a home in Basildon just a month later on September 11.
Why not? He's been shown there are no consequences. And he's about to be shown that again.
Sullivan appeared at Basildon Crown Court yesterday for sentencing, although Judge Samantha Leigh (Ed: *groans*) deferred sentencing until September 27, but warned if any offences are committed he will be jailed.
Maybe. If she feels like it. She usually doesn't.
Sullivan has been held on remand, and the court heard that a doctor recommended against a prison sentence due to the “tough time” he had faced behind bars.
But a psychotherapist refused to see Sullivan and make a recommendation until he had proven he could “work with the community”.
At least someone in this sorry tale has realised the futility of continuing the charade...
John Caudle, defending, stated this was impossible while he was on remand, asking the judge to defer sentence leaving Sullivan “effectively at large”.
The court heard that Sullivan is committed to rehabilitation, and has highlighted a number of training courses and job opportunities to look into.
Not to actually do, you understand...
Mr Caudle added: “It will be a brave decision if your honour takes this course of action.
“But society will have benefited no end. It is a risk but he could be in a downward spiral.”
Society would 'benefit no end' if this utter waste of oxygen was taken round the back of the courtyard and a bullet put in its head.

And the same for Ashley.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Hmmm, Who's Reassured? Anyone? Beuller?

Jones was jailed for life, with a minimum term of six years.
Judge Cummings said: "You are now subject to two life sentences. You will serve a minimum of six years before you are eligible for parole. The authorities will then decide if you are eligible for release."
Wait, two life sentences...?
Jones used an illicit mobile to make the calls, which he threw out of the window when guards became suspicious.
Prison officers later recovered the phone. Jones was charged and found guilty of harassment on April 21 2017. He was released from prison on licence on October 16 2017.
What are his chances of being released yet again then, despite his persistent criminality? Pretty high, I'd say.

Should Have Gone Into The Police Force, Doc!

A GP is facing the sack after being accused of discriminating against a Muslim woman after 'asking her to remove her veil' during a consultation.
The patient claimed Dr Keith Wolverson, 52, told her he could not hear her explain what was wrong with her child because she was speaking through her niqab.
The doctor of 23 years then 'asked her to take it off' while all three were sat in a consultation room at Royal Stoke University Hospital.
...because then not only would you be able to demand she remove it, you could fine her when she didn't!
Police set up the camera on a van in east London which matches faces of passers-by with a database of wanted suspects, according to BBC Click.
One man walking past hid his face with his hat and jacket as he spotted the camera in Romford.
He was later handed a fine for disorderly behaviour, the clip shows.
See? If it wasn't for double standards, the State wouldn't have any standards at all.

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Useful Idiots Again...

Jacob Berkson from Brighton Migrant Solidarity, the protesters who clashed with police this afternoon, said: “The protest is about preventing immigration snatching people from our community and putting them indefinitely in detention.
“We are a peaceful resistance to a hostile environment.
“We’re here to support these people so [immigration officers] will think twice before coming back to our town.”
'Your' town? It seems you're determined to make it someone else's town....
The Home Office said the 17 men arrested for immigration offences presented themselves as Albanian, Indian, Ukrainian and Kazakhstani.
In other words, no-one's quite sure what they really are. So, what about those swinging fines for companies employing illegals, then?
A spokeswoman for U&I said: "We are committed to ethical practice and our contracts with construction contractors require that they abide by employment and immigration law and that all site personnel are qualified to come on site.
"We are aware that Home Office officials have visited the site this morning, and we are unable to provide any further details until their investigation is complete.’’
By which time you're hoping it'll be quietly forgotten.

Oh, It's An 'Affront To The Justice System' All Right!

A policeman who let a dangerous 'ticking timebomb' dog off its lead before it attacked an innocent athlete will not be prosecuted.
PC Youll took Ilko to the National Trust park near his home on June 6 and let him off the lead - allegedly against protocol.
Ilko then attacked Mr Taylor and refused to respond to orders from PC Youll.
 Hmmm. There's a lot of this going about lately, isn't there?
Ilko was put down shortly after the attack.
PC Youll was to stand trial this week but a judge has ruled it would be an 'affront to the justice system' if a prosecution was to go ahead after hearing of failings by Cleveland Police and the dog's former owner - West Mercia Police.
Ooh, I think this might turn out to be rather familiar territory, somehow...
The animal carried out a vicious attack while serving for West Mercia Police in 2011 but the force failed to fully share details when it offloaded Ilko to Cleveland Police in a cut-price deal.
Cleveland Police also then failed to properly share details of the dog's background to PC Youll, the judge found.
Well, well, well....
The abuse of process hearing was told how Ilko carried out an unprovoked attack at a training exercise at West Mercia in October 2011.
A police observer was put in hospital after the attack left deep wounds.
Hey, it was just 'unexpectedly detaining' him, wasn't it?
But internal emails from West Mercia confirmed the force knew the animal posed a risk before the sale to Cleveland. West Mercia suspended Ilko's licence and carried out a safety assessment.
The force's emails said: 'If things went wrong again, there would be no backing from the force, especially in the current climate'. The assessment concluded the dog was 'unpredictable in nature and does pose a risk when deployed in certain operational roles'.
It said: 'The dog has shown it can bite without provocation. It would not be appropriate to offer a licence for this dog.'
Ilko was removed from service in October 24, 2011 three days before being sold to Cleveland.
I'm only astonished it wasn't given as a pet to a serving police officer!
West Mercia emails also detailed how the force wanted to recoup its money. They read: 'With the current financial climate we are not in a financial position to simply buy another dog. If we can sell the dog we may be in a position to purchase another.'
PC Youll's barrister Selvaraju Ramasamy said the force had two options, which were also detailed in the emails. The first was to 'see if the breeder would want to take the dog back'.
The second was to 'see if there is anyone interested from the police or prison service, in my mind he would make a good attack dog'.
So knowing they had an unpredictable animal they couldn't fully control, they were prepared to give it back (or sell it back) to a civilian, or to another farce?

Hmmm. I wonder what the law would say were they to knowingly sell a defective police car..?
...merely days after Ilko was deemed a risk, Cleveland Police bought him for the slashed price of £1,200 on October 27, 2011.
'In 2011, PC Youll meets Ilko, because Cleveland Police buys the dog from West Mercia Police,' Mr Ramasamy said. 'They bought the dog for £1,200, which is interesting as West Mercia were after £1,800 to £2,000, so somehow the price has come down, one wonders why that is?'
One does indeed, Mr Ramasamy, one does indeed...
Ilko was put to work in Teesside and was given to PC Youll as a replacement dog, after his original had to be put down for biting him.
It's probably just as well that he didn't take the stand, or we'd no doubt find out he's less a rugged PC Snow type, more a bit like PC Baines...
Responding to the outcome of the latest hearing, a Cleveland Police spokesman said: 'The judgment of the court is welcome and comes at the end of what has been a very upsetting period for the officer involved.
He's the victim, people!
'Throughout this process we have been mindful that whatever the outcome a member of the public was injured by what was at the time a Cleveland Police dog and we would reassure our communities that lessons have been learned.'
Who the hell would be reassured by this, given they seem incapable of it?

Friday, 17 May 2019

"“...there’s a real richness and uniqueness at this school which is not commonplace in Kent.”"

Thus quoth executive head of Pilgrim's Way School Graham Chisnell.
Just 18 months ago, Pilgrims’ Way School was reeling from a damning Ofsted report, which said an “unprecedented” influx of children from a deprived London borough had contributed to its struggle.
But as the school faces a potential new intake from the same council, academy bosses say it has the space and is much better-equipped to cope with its multi-cultural pupils' background.
It'll need to be - they speak 25 different languages. And a third only speak English as a second or third language.

Its chief, meanwhile, speaks pure Common Purpose bollocks:
...he and his staff are embracing the school’s multi-cultural make-up, which he says brings a unique and rewarding learning experience for its children.
“We are now well-versed in supporting children from a variety of cultures,” he said
“To have that social diversity will be a really valuable thing for our children as they grow and learn.”
I bet if you asked him just why Kent needs this 'enriching', he'd struggle to answer...

H/T: Trickybroon via Twitter

I'm Guessing It Wasn't Parsley, Sage, Rosemary And Thyme..?

His mother Rebecca said she is “living a nightmare”.
They said Mr Potter had his troubles with police but was “maturing” and spending time at the gym. He had a passion for picking herbs.
Hmmmm, well, herbal things, anyway.
Gasson had claimed he was acting in self defence as he believed Mr Potter held a knife to his throat while trying to steal his drugs.
But witnesses did not see a knife being used by Mr Potter, who died from his injuries in nearby Watson Close in November last year.
Gasson told police: “I saw red, I had no control. It was all like instinct.”
Aren't humans supposed to rise above animal instinct?
After a three-week trial at Hove Crown Court, a jury found him guilty of murder and of possessing a knife in public.
Gasson separately admitted possessing cocaine with intent to supply.
Judge Jeremy Gold QC jailed him for life, with a minimum term of 15 years.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Warning Colouration

A mother tired of the disapproving glances and barbed comments her five-year-old with autism receives has designed a clothing range to alert people to his behaviour.
Err, doesn't his behaviour itself alert people to that?

What she really means, of course, is 'alert people to the excuse' for his behaviour.
“When we go out, it doesn’t look like there’s anything wrong with him – he looks like a normal run-of-the-mill kid,” the 41-year-old said.
“Oscar does have unpredictable behaviour, though. He gets lots of looks and gets called naughty by adults.
“We’ve had ‘for god’s sake, shut up’ because he can really scream. We have experienced people saying to us before ‘if he were mine, he’d be getting a smack’.
“I’ve also been in meetings where Oscar isn’t referred to by his name and is only talked about when people say ‘what’s wrong with him’. It’s really offensive.”
People out for a quiet shop or walk probably think having their ears assaulted by a screaming child is pretty offensive, love.
The label sells t-shirts for children and adults emblazoned with messages like “be kind I have autism” and “unpredictable and amazing”.
“It’s about informing people in a really gentle way that he may need a wide berth when we’re out,” she explained.
Yes, that's right. She really believes that it's everyone else's responsibility to change their direction and not her's to ensure her child doesn't aggravate other people. Ain't it always the way, latesly?

When Life Hands You Lemons...

...errr, hold on!:
Officers were called to reports of an acid attack in Chequers Lane, Dagenham, at around 2.50pm yesterday (Wednesday).
Emergency services attended and found a 29-year-old woman suffering with a sting to her eye.
Pretty weak acid?
It was later confirmed that a substance was thrown over her and a 38-year-old man, who was not injured.
A Met Police spokeswoman said that the liquid was believed to be a citrus juice.
Curiouser and curiouser.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

"Freeze! Social Media Squad!"

Gloucestershire police has announced they will start to tackle a 'small but vocal' number of people on social media who spout racist and xenophobic statements on their posts.
They have described noticing 'over the past year or so' a minority 'making assumptions' about people based on the colour of their skin or 'name that's not traditional.'
Since when were people unable to make assumptions? That's pretty much what Facebook's for, isn't it?

And 'they've noticed'..? I thought they had to have a complaint before they acted?

But no, this is all to do with their own social media.
The post on the constabulary's Facebook page notes that Gloucestershire police are often 'told to deport' offenders - despite commenters not knowing anything about their citizenship.
They added the team who manages the force's social media will start considering blocking regular commenters who post comments of this nature.
They have a team doing this. A whole team! Devoting taxpayer-paid time to blocking people on Facebook whose opinions they don't like!

Who joins the police to tap away at a keyboard, instead of nicking villains?

And when they've finished tidying up their Facebook page like a self-absorbed teenager, perhaps they'll spare some time to hunt down aggravated burglary suspects or sort out abandoned vehicles a bit quicker?

*Looks Up The Word 'Serious' In The Dictionary*

Kosar Othman Mohammed, 39, of Cranemoor Close, Birmingham, and employee Karwan Kamil Salh, 19, of Livingstone Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, pleaded guilty to charges of sale and possession for sale of illegal and counterfeit tobacco at Europe Quality Food in Brookend Street, Ross-on-Wye.
Trading Standards seized about 31,000 illegal foreign non UK-duty and counterfeit cigarettes.
Magistrates viewed the matter as serious...
Well, yes!
...and handed down community penalties to Mohammed and Salh of 240 and 180 hours unpaid work respectively. Both men were ordered to pay £983 each in costs.
A fraction of the tax they evaded. One wonders what they'd have got if the magistrates didn't view it as 'serious'...?

H/T: Fahrenheit211 via Gab

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Like A Solitary Snowflake In A Coal Cellar....

Bradford. Twinned with Islamabad.

We, The Public, Have Considered Your Proposal...

A public boycott of social media may be the only way to force companies to protect children from abuse, the country’s leading child protection police officer has said.
...and the answer is a hearty "Fuck off!"
Simon Bailey, the National Police Chiefs’ Council lead on child protection, said tech companies had abdicated their duty to safeguard children and were only paying attention due to fear of reputational damage.
Just like the police when they finally get off their lazy backsides and do some real police work you mean?
“We have got to look at how we drive a conversation within our society that says ‘do you know what, we are not going to use that any more, that system or that brand or that site’ because of what they are permitting to be hosted or what they are allowing to take place.”
Bit dangerous, isn't it? We might start to get the idea that we could do the same to other organisations that are not living up to our expectations.

At least Facebook or Twitter don't have their greedy hands in my tax return. Can't really say the same for you.

Monday, 13 May 2019

Now Watch As The Owner Escapes Justice...

Det Insp Steve Hambly from Devon and Cornwall Police said: "The dog involved in the incident was put down last Wednesday with the full consent of his owner, having previously been housed by police since the day of the incident."
Det Insp Hambly told Plymouth Live the decision followed discussions with the dog's owner, taking into account a number of factors including the ongoing welfare of the dog and the nature of the investigation.
I suspect that they are preparing the ground to announce she won't be charged.
The dog had been taken into kennels and specialists were examining exactly what breeds of dog were part of its make-up to determine whether it was legal or not.
It was thought the animal was a bulldog, but it has now been confirmed it was a crossbreed.
I wonder if they've tested the other beast she owns?
It was unclear whether checks were carried out on her other dog.
The ugly mutt is the one on the left... 

That'll be 'No' then. And not surprisingly, since Devon & Cornwall Police Farce seems not to understand the new DDA:
...because the animal is not a banned breed Devon & Cornwall Police say the matter is out of its hands.
It doesn't have to be a banned breed, you useless, lazy, incompetent filth.

Christ, are they so desperate for police officers down there in Scrumpy Land they hire single digit IQ morons who can't read?
A spokesperson for Devon & Cornwall Police told Devon Live: "This incident didn’t involve a banned breed, owners actions not deemed criminal, therefore this is dog versus dog and our powers essentially stop at voluntarily control orders.
"If both parties don’t agree then this will need to go to the magistrates to consider a Dog Control Order which can include action such as muzzling, the magistrates can also consider alternative conditions to be adhered to."
A spokesperson for this blog said: "Melvin's right, you are all useless wastes of oxygen, and I wouldn't stop to assist if I saw any of you getting a kicking."

"Hey Siri, Show Me 'Devaluing'..."

Black students are failing to apply to Cambridge because there is a lack of Afro-Caribbean hairdressers in the city, the university’s pro-vice-Chancellor has said.
I don't know what's dafter, that excuse or the idea of a 'pro-vice-Chancellor'...

But lest you hurt yourself laughing, apparently, this is not just some excuse dreamed up by wackademics:
“We have been doing some quite detailed research, particularly with black students, particularly in London, looking at obstacles to applying to Cambridge and thinking about Cambridge.
And number three on the list was hairdressers,” he said.
I'm almost afraid to ask what numbers 1 and 2 were...
Universities are under pressure from the higher education regulator to admit more students from ethnic minorities and disadvantaged backgrounds.
One of the single most defining choices you'll make in your life, and you worry about getting your hair done? You aren't worthy of university.

But some moron with a degree will make sure you get one, anyway.

Sunday, 12 May 2019

When You Need To Get A Headline In....

...but there's just not enough space, what do you do?

Ah! That's it. Invent a new measure of time!

Back in 10 nutes, folks.

Permission Maligns Malls. Who Knew?

Just how many errors can a 'Daily Mail' story contain? Let's find out!


H/T: Stephen Brown via email

Sunday Funnies...

My take from this? Some people will steal anything...

Saturday, 11 May 2019

What's In A Name?

Met detectives have proposed introducing licences for...
Dogs? Cyclists?
...“Rambo knives” amid concerns that a growing number are being used in stabbings.
But most stabbings are ordinary kitchen knives.
The Offensive Weapons Bill, expected to come into law later this year, will make retailers check the age of anyone purchasing a knife before handing over an online order at a residential address. It will also ban possession of weapons such as zombie knives and knuckledusters.
Wait, so one named type of knife will be banned, and another licenced? Won't they just rename them to get around the licensing?
But officers said there are legitimate reasons for buying a hunting knife and more could be done to stop dangerous blades getting onto the street.
They have discussed the possibility of licences with the Home Office to make them less easy to get hold of.
Like guns.


Hang on. I've detected a flaw.
Detective Inspector Nathan Munson, of the Community Safety Unit based in Newham, said: “The Offensive Weapons Bill will prohibit zombie knives, but they are not the main problem. It is the survival knives.”
Oh, Nathan, ten seconds after this scheme launches, they'll all be  'hunting knives' anyway!
He added that although kitchen knives may be easier to obtain, they are not made to kill — survival knives will cause more damage.
They might not be made to kill, but they are doing pretty well at it.

Here's a thought - rather than wrestle over definitions of the weapons used, why not concentrate on the person wielding that weapon?

H/T: StateControl via Twitter

Science In The Age Of Wokeness....

Ton van Raan, a professor emeritus of quantitative science studies at Leiden University in the Netherlands, first likened the belated discovery of an academic work to the story of the Brothers Grimm fairytale some 15 years ago.
His colourful explanation was picked up by other leading scientists in the intervening years, making it a mainstay of academic discussion of the how crucial academic papers are often only seized upon decades after publication.
That phrase being 'Sleeping Beauty'. But then...
Van Raan said he was amazed when his latest work on medical articles was rejected in an email within hours of submission by the Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology on the grounds that the term “sleeping beauties” was “unacceptable”.
The journal’s managing editor referred Van Raan to a lengthy explanation by editors in which it was claimed that the metaphor did not aid explanation and “the use of any such terms, despite connections to historical roots in the literature, should be avoided”.
The journal further argued that the story of Sleeping Beauty, in which a princess is put to sleep for 100 years until woken by a prince’s kiss, would not be immediately recognisable to academics worldwide.
Really? Even with the ubiquitous presence of the Disney version?
“The use of metaphors is complicated by socio-cultural factors and may not adequately translate across borders,” the journal explained.
 I think you meant 'opined'.
Van Raan said he could understand the discomfort with some uses of the metaphor but that the broad-brush ban was an unfortunate act of “political correctness”.
Of course it is. And - as David Thompson reminds us - the world of academe is nothing if not prone to kow-towing to such ridiculous concepts:
“I was always sober with the metaphor,” Van Raan said. “There was the sleeping beauty, the prince. And that is it. No fantasies.”
He said he had noted that a Belgian colleague had since used the phrase “hibernator” rather than sleeping princess and “awakener” for the role of the prince.
“I wrote to these authors to tell them, ‘You have capitulated’. Hibernator? It is like something out of Stanley Kubrick’s Space Odyssey,” Van Raan said.
“What is amazing is that they said it was culturally discriminatory because not everyone on this planet knows about this fairytale.”
No, what's amazing is that you haven't fallen into line. Yet.

Friday, 10 May 2019

Incapable Of Learning...

A Sheffield councillor needed an operation and plastic surgery after being viciously bitten by a dog while out leafleting.
Former Lord Mayor Denise Fox had reconstructive surgery on her right index finger after a dog attacked her when she put her hand through a letterbox.
The dog owner has been given a warning by police.
Clearly, they realised there was no point warning her! If she didn't heed all the other reports, that is.
Some politicians push leaflets through letterboxes with wooden spoons, sticks or umbrellas to avoid dog bites.
I guess she's just thick.
A few years ago, three political campaigners had the ends of their fingers bitten off by dogs while leafleting during the local elections.
Diana Stimely, Sue Ross and Michael Nicholson all needed operations.
Who'd elect a councillor who can't avoid the totally avoidable?

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize..."

Chief inspector John Charlton of GMP’s Bolton district said: “Those who think they can hide behind a keyboard and disseminate this kind of harmful material should expect to be investigated."
Paedophile material?

Terrorist threats?

More anti-semitism from Labour?
Two videos being shared on Facebook of a man pretending to pray to 'Aladdin' in a Muslim prayer room are being investigated as a hate crime.
Well, John, you're gonna be a busy boy, aren't you? Snap to it, son!
A woman from Halliwell who is visiting the hospital said she recognised the room immediately when she was shown the video.
She said: "It's weird to me that people would do that and share it publicly, like it's something normal, it's not normal."
When it's the art world doing it, it's perfectly normal. Even celebrated.

H/T: KeyserSosse via Twitter

Thursday, 9 May 2019

I Thought Pitbulls Would Be Phased Out...?

Maxine Chapman failed to keep her dog, called Tank, “under proper control” near her home in Craven Road in Brighton.
Brighton and Hove City Council’s animal warden brought a prosecution against her at the magistrates’ court last month.
Wow! A council official doing their job! As rare as a chave with a cocker spaniel, that is...
She has agreed to a court order stating six actions she must take, otherwise Tank could be put down.
He must be muzzled while outside her home, even in a garden. He must be kept on a lead no longer than six feet away, and can only be walked by her, Jack Chapman, or a trained dog behaviour expert.
Chapman must get insurance to cover £5 million of liability, and get Tank microchipped.
The dog must also be castrated if this has not already happened, and proof from the vet must be given to the council.
All things you need to comply with under the DDA to legally own a pitbull or pitbull type dog. I pity the neighbours.

The Commenters Ask The Question, So I Don't Have To...

After watching CCTV footage of the incident caught on camera at a nearby house, Mr Gregory, said: "We are devastated and heartbroken, and my mum is traumatised by what happened.
"I'm surprised she never had a heart attack. It must have been so frightening and shocking to see.
"I could see the dog going berserk before my mum and Jasper came into shot - it was jumping around as it was trying to break free from the owner.
"My mum kept to the inside of the pavement but as the dog tried to bite Jasper, he started barking at the other dog.
"At this point, you could see them both pulling on their leads but the other owner was completely overpowered by her dog, who eventually detached itself from its collar.
"He sunk his teeth into Jasper and was just shaking him around like a ragdoll. It was really difficult to watch.
"My mum was trying to pull him back, but then Jasper detached from his collar too. He bolted down the road and the other dog went after him.
"The dog is not safe to be out without a muzzle, it could attack a child next."
Or a child trying to defend it's own pet.

But if you're wondering why the police aren't involved, you're not alone.

The RSPCA don't miss a trick, though:
The RSPCA Cymru said it is "vital" owners do all they can to ensure their dogs are under "proper control" at all times.
No shit, Sherlock!
A spokesman, said: "Our thoughts are with the injured dog and their owners at this time; and we of course wish the dog a speedy and full recovery from the reported injuries.
"Sadly, dog-on-dog attacks can prove fatal and it is vital owners do all they can to meet their responsibilities, and ensure their dogs are under proper control at all times.
"It is vital owners understand the circumstances likely to lead to their dog being aggressive and also the signs of potential aggressive behaviour in their dogs, and how to respond.
"Keeping dogs on a lead in appropriate places can also reduce the risk of incidents associated with aggressive behaviours.
"We urge anyone concerned that their dog may be aggressive to contact a properly qualified professional behaviourist, with the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience, for help and advice."
And I'm sure the RSPCA would be happy to recommend one. Probably one who works for them!

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

"Neighbours, everybody loves good neighbours..."

The neighbour of a business leader has admitted he was behind the brutal attack that left him in hospital for several weeks.
Shahed Mahmood was rushed to hospital in a critical condition after he was punched by Mohammed Shazad Akram following a row over a parking space.
It's the Religion of Peace, don'tchaknow...
Defending the 28-year-old, Simeon Evans said: “There was an argument – Mr Mahmood had come to the defendant’s house to deal with an issue to do with parking.
“As my client tried to usher Mr Mahmood away, he [Mahmood] made a very hurtful and upsetting comment about his dead brother.
“The two males were standing very closely together and Mr Akram believed that Mr Mahmood was going to move his arm towards him. He then struck one blow to Mr Mahmood’s face.
“I have to accept that there are aggravating features in this case – the location of the offence, the ongoing effects on the victim, and the presence of other people in the area.
“But he has no previous convictions, it was a single blow and he has shown evidence of remorse.”
Hah! As if that'll wor...

Judge Sara Dodd commented on the neighbourly dispute, saying that both involved parties were ‘probably thoroughly good men’.
Akram pleaded guilty to inflicting GBH and was released on conditional bail. He will be sentenced on June 12.

Gavin's Played 'Sim City' Then, And Kevin Hasn't...?

Councillors in Basildon are divided over whether the government should scrap planning rules that allow offices and industrial buildings to be converted into homes without planning permission - known as permitted developments.
What are the issues, then?
Basildon Labour party leader Gavin Callaghan said: “I am of the opinion that reforms are needed to make this work.
In theory permitted developments are a good idea and can expedite the process of getting more homes built and more people onto the property or private rented ladder.
“However, in practice they put huge pressures on local infrastructure. For example, the increased traffic flows around Cherrydown East and Cherrydown West and the bowl car park near the station from the Trafford House development, was never properly accounted for.
“Under the current scheme, we cannot hand on heart say that the road, rail or public service infrastructure will be in place to cope with large scale changes from office blocks to residential housing units. Added to that is a question about what this does to the culture of a community.
“If an area of the town is earmarked for commercial office units but becomes residential housing because that’s more profitable for the landlord, then the foundations of our economic development and commercial offers to business, is immediately undermined.”
Well, well, well. Someone's a gamer! And...someone's not:
Tory deputy council leader Kevin Blake said: “A conversion like Trafford House in Basildon has been very successful and has brought in income to the town centre.
“Providing a conversion is done in a nice way, with a good design I don’t see why we shouldn’t build on these sites.
“I don’t see why there would be an issue relating to this as there are far bigger things to worry about. Developers should of course be ensuring that they look at infrastructure, parking and greenery.
They don't make money on those, so why would they?

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Taking The Credit...

RSPCA animal collection officer Joe White said: “These poor chinchillas are not in a good way, but thankfully it seems they were found just in time and are now getting the treatment they need.
"It’s terrible to think somebody deliberately dumped these 11 little animals, leaving them to fend for themselves. They were really lucky to be found.
"Anything could have happened to them, especially the babies, whoever dumped them was hardly giving them a chance. They were really lucky to be found and we’re so grateful to the people who kept them safe and called us for help."
Oh, hurrah for the RSPCA, who rushed to the scene and...

Hang on.
Karen rang the RSPCA who were unable to help immediately so she took them to the South Essex Wildlife Hospital, in Orsett, for treatment.
She added: “They made sure they got health checks from the vets and then they will be putting them up for adoption to find them a new home.”
Hey, Joe White, I smell smoke. Have you checked your underwear?

Anyone Care For A Little Wager?

A man who was Tasered while carrying a samurai sword faces prison after admitting another offence.
John Gunn had admitted possessing the “katana” Japanese sword at Three Bridges railway station in December.
Hmmm.... Is it me, or does that name ring a bell?
The 27-year-old builder was due to be sentenced at Brighton Crown Court last month by Judge Shani Barnes.
She was angry with Gunn because he missed a meeting with the probation service because he still smelled of alcohol from the night before.
Oh yes! It's coming back to me now.
She agreed to adjourn the sentencing hearing.
But just days later Gunn admitted possessing a lock knife in public near his home in Breydon Walk, Crawley.
Gunn, who has seven convictions for 18 offences, now faces the sentencing hearing tomorrow (May 7).
One wonders why she couldn't see what he was without 'reports'. But some women have trouble spotting a bad 'un, even when it's written all over his face.

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen. What will he get?

Monday, 6 May 2019

Signing His Death Warrant With His Birth Certificate...

Earlier, Tyereece's (Ed: *rolls eyes*) mother paid tribute to her only child in a statement read by coroner Dr Shirley Radcliffe at Inner West London Coroner's Court.
Remember when you 'paid tribute' to someone who'd achieved something in life?

Rather than someone who ended up in a puddle of their own blood on the street when their attempted robbery went wrong?
Samantha Cohen quietly wiped away tears as her statement recalled how her son was a "brilliant" footballer and Chelsea fan, who was also scouted by the Royal Ballet.
Good at maths and spelling...
He'd need to be, just to sign his name!
...he loved to read and was able to "instantly connect" with people he met.
He sure 'instantly connected' with the police car chasing the getaway moped he was riding!
He dreamt of becoming a famous footballer, seeing the vocation as a way of providing for his family, and wanted to get a tattoo reading "Family First" when he turned 18.
Well, 'Safety First' would have been an unfamiliar concept...
She said: "His family brought him so much joy, and I loved that this was the case."
The pair moved to Croydon from north London after she became concerned that he had "fallen into the wrong crowd".
And he just happened to find a new 'wrong crowd' to fall in with in Croyden! Gee, what are the odds..?
She said: "He was wise beyond his years. I was proud that my son made time for other people, listened to their problems and shared advice."
Advice on what to do if pursued by the police? Hmmm. I wouldn't take it, if I were you.
She added: "It's difficult for Tyereece's family to equate the child we knew at home with who he could be in the world outside."
That's because you never cared enough to ask what he was doing when he was outside. Maybe if you had, you'd still have a son.

Who's In Charge?

Ministers had promised to crack down on overseas visitors abusing the NHS by making it a legal requirement for hospitals to charge upfront those not entitled to free care. Under strict rules, patients were to be asked to prove their eligibility by showing a passport and evidence of a permanent UK address.
Pregnant women, thought to account for the majority of health tourism costs, were a particular target.
It's about time! I'm amazed, but delighted, that this useless Tory government is getting something right at last!

Oh. Hang on...
Trials have been discontinued and the Department of Health and Social Care said it has no intention of making the checks mandatory.
Last night, it also indicated its focus had shifted to better collection of unpaid health tourists' bills.
What? Why?
The U-turn follows campaigns by Left-wing activists, including doctors and nurses, opposed to charging migrants.
They claim doing so is 'racist' and have called on hospital workers to stop checks.
If Fred on the assembly floor decides to disobey a management order to reassemble widgets a different way to that done last month, and encourages his fellows to do the same, he'll be dismissed.

Why isn't the NHS run on the same lines? And will we see the police scupper similar moves to get a grip on problems?

These people are public servants, are they not?

Saturday, 4 May 2019

Why The Leniency..?

Curphey jnr, 53, who claimed she had cleaned her mum with tea tree oils and didn't know about the sores, denied gross negligence manslaughter.
However, a jury unanimously found her guilty of the charge today after just two hours of deliberation, following a three-week trial at Liverpool Crown Court.
When the verdict was returned Curphey jnr, also of Lydford Road, yelled out "how could you do this to me?" and "you're lying" at shocked jurors.
Just another day in a Liverpool courtroom, surely?
The defendant, who had been permitted to sit outside of the dock because she has autism, then fled the courtroom, followed by her defence counsel.
Judge Andrew Menary, QC, asked the jury to retire before she was brought back into court, screaming hysterically, and taken into the secure dock.
Wait, how exactly was someone so clearly unfit allowed to care for an elderly woman anyway?
Speaking after the case, Pascale Jones of Mersey Cheshire Crown Prosecution Service said : “This was a challenging case. The circumstances of the death met by Teresa Curphey were tragic.
“Her daughter, over a period of months, had declined offers of help from neighbours, social services and claimed to be the sole carer for her mother.
“She even decided to change her mother’s medication, in the belief she knew better than the doctor. She was the only person in the house to witness the deterioration of her mother’s health."
And if she's incapable of sitting in the dock, how was she judged capable of caring for an elderly woman?

Shouldn't the social services staff be the next ones in the dock?

Entitlement Culture

Rachel Strachan, 35, from Wiston Road in Whitehawk, Brighton, is disabled and has been registered for assisted bin collection for a couple of years.
She has arthritis in her knees and ankles and has been diagnosed with chronic fatigue disorder.
Her pie hand, however, seems to be, well, shall we say 'overactive'..?
“I have to have naps in the day because of my condition and sometimes I don’t hear the bin men coming round so I have tried to make it clear to them that I need the assistance.
“I physically can’t lift the bins on to the road when they are due to be collected because of my health conditions which is why I signed up for help.”
Let me guess, no husb...

Rachel lives with husband Tom, who has a bad back...
Gosh. I wonder why?
...and daughters Abbie, 15 and Paisley, nine.
Can't they do it then?

*grinds teeth*
They have now started putting their recycling in the normal rubbish bin because they say their recycling is not being collected.
Rachel said she has tried to call Cityclean, which runs the recycling collection in Brighton, but struggled to get through to it.
She managed to get through to the 'Argus' ok, though. I bet she has little trouble getting through to Mustafa's Kebabs too...
Rachel said: “It’s ridiculous.
“They want us to recycle to help the planet and go through the effort of telling us what to recycle and what not to recycle.
“But if they can’t help me dispose of it properly then it just has to go into the normal bin which is just really frustrating.
“The regular binmen who take normal waste are really good and understand the assisted collection system, they always help collect the general waste without fail.
“I even bought stickers off Amazon to put on the bin to warn that I need help emptying the bin because of my disability.
No doubt the council will offer a grovelling..

Oh, wait.
A council spokesman said: “Our records show that Ms Strachan has had two missed collections in 12 months, on April 26 last year and on Tuesday of last week, which she contacted us about.
“Our records also show the previous time Ms Strachan contacted us, on March 6 this year, to complain about the collection crew because they would not remove bulky waste she had left beside her bin, which the council doesn’t collect.
“In that email Ms Strachan claimed we had removed ‘half a sofa’ from her neighbour’s house because he ‘works for your company’, both of which are absolutely false.
“She also made a similar complaint to us around 18 months ago, on November 16 2017, when we told her the council does not remove bulky waste and to contact a company called KSD on 01273 608142.”
Well, well, well....

Friday, 3 May 2019

The Only Surprise Is It Wasn't Judge Samantha Leigh...

...unless she's decided to transition, I suppose:
Judge John Lodge sentenced him to two years in prison but then suspended the sentence. Judge Lodge said: “You were in effect the delivery man. It’s often said so far as prison is concerned that there’s a tipping point.
“People go into prison, they operate in the system and then it becomes second nature and the punitive effect ceases to operate.
“It’s your good fortune that no one has given you bail in this case. You’ve learned that prison can do good and give young people opportunities.”
And what was their crime? A bit of petty shoplifting? Handling stolen goods?
Isfahan Khan, 23, of Aerofell Grove, Colchester, and Mohammed Islam, 18, of Folkestone Road, London, were spotted by Essex Police’s Op Raptor team in November. Khan’s grey BMW was pulled over in Long Riding.
The pair were caught with 45 wraps of cocaine and 28 wraps of heroin together with mobile phones linking them to drug deals.

What Don't You Understand?

Rosie Vincent told the hearing: "My brother was not a violent person. He was a father, he was a son, he was a brother. No one deserves to die."
Asked what she wanted to come out of the proceedings, she replied: "Will we ever truly understand?"
Doesn't seem like such a puzzle to me.
He said: "Through the patterned frosted glass I could see a white face. I opened it and it turned out to be a masked man wearing a white grey balaclava with eye holes.
"He pushed the door open pushed me back grabbed hold of my right hand and my right arm and pushed me down and away towards the kitchen.
"The other man behind him ran upstairs to the bedrooms.
"Then he started yelling ‘give me money give me money we know you have got money
"And I said 'we haven’t got any in the house, we are pensioners, we haven’t got any money', he said 'yes I know you have' and he pushed me into the kitchen.
A post-mortem was carried out shortly after the burglar's death on April 4 and was read to the court this morning.
In a statement Dr Simon Poole said: "I concluded from toxicology tests that results are consistent with use of both cocaine and heroin."
There. It's pretty simple to understand. Your parents raised a violent, drug-using criminal who finally ran up against someone who fought back. The coroner understands perfectly.
Mr Harris added: 'There has been a killing.
"I am satisfied that it is not an unlawful killing because of the state of the law and because of the circumstances."
See? It's more like vermin control.

The only sad thing (apart from the fact the poor victim will have to live in hiding for the rest of his life due to the incompetence of the shamelessly non-impartial police) is that he didn't get a chance to rid the world of his equally violent waste of oxygen accomplice.
Rose Lee, Vincent's mother, said: "Why couldn't that gentleman have just stood back like a normal person would have."
Translation: "Why could he have just given in and let my son rob him & his elderly disabled wife?"

Pretty easy to see the rotten apple didn't fall too far from the worm-eaten tree, isn't it?

Thursday, 2 May 2019

It's About Time Part 2876328

A campaign group has voiced fresh concerns over Southend Council’s plan to introduce an order to ban begging, after national figures showed a massive increase in fines issued by local authorities.
The Manifesto Club slammed the council for “heartless penalisation” after reviewing a draft Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO), which could see beggars hit with fines of up to £1,000.
Hurrah! Long overdue.

But who on earth could argue against this, and why?
The Manifesto Club says that a review of the PSPOs that had been introduced show that councils are failing to abide by statutory guidance, which says the orders should not be used to target rough sleeping or restrict the use of public spaces.
Guidance is just that. You don't have to take it.
Josie Appleton, director of Manifesto Club said the order is "firmly targeted at the homeless community", adding: “They would be unable to ask the public for money, which is in many cases the only way they can eat and survive. They cannot put up tents overnight in order to protect themselves from winter cold, nor can they enjoy a quiet drink on a bench.
“They are not allowed to sleep in a public place if others believe that this has a ‘detrimental impact’ on the quality of life of others. The truth is that the real ‘detrimental effect’ will be on the quality of life of homeless people – a community which, more than others, requires our help, rather than such heartless penalisation.”
All Josie cares about is 'the rights' of homeless people - ordinary taxpayers can just pay through the nose for services these parasites mostly scorn.

Well, we've had enough. And we've made it clear to the council.
A council spokesperson said: “The reasons why a PSPO is needed as an additional tool to tackle persistent and unreasonable anti-social behaviour, was outlined when we launched the PSPO consultation in January.
“The consultation ended in March and we are still collating the results, before drafting a report to be compiled and presented to cabinet.”
Southend Council leader John Lamb has also defended the PSPO proposal, stating in a cabinet meeting at the end of last year that it would not curb people’s liberties but ensure they “act in a way where they respect other people’s liberties”.
Your pets aren't welcome on the streets any more, Josie. You want them? House a few yourself.

Targeting That Vital Voting Demographic...

As we head to the polling stations for another round of local elections, Labour have decided to place their bets on....

The Labour Party has selected a candidate who co-founded a campaign against the British Heart Foundation.
Tricky one! What was her beef?
Vegan activist Denise Friend set up the “British Heartless Foundation” targeting the charity’s shops across the country.
Activists stood outside the shops shouting “animal killers” into megaphones and blasting sirens.
Ms Friend has previously demonstrated against Hove’s greyhound stadium and also Zippos Circus.
Brighton, eh? Says it all. 

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Snakey Fakey News!

Someone in Croydon has venomous snakes, and the council has had to fork out more than £600 for inspections before a licence could be issued.
The council didn't. We, the taxpayer, did.

So, as a taxpayer, let's look into this in a little more detail, shall we? Surely there's a fee for the licence?
A Freedom of Information response shows that just one dangerous animal licence has been issued in the borough since 2016. It was for venomous snakes.
And it made the council £198 in 2016/17 and £202 the following year from the licence fee.
So there is a fee.
But to issue the licence the council had to sort out an inspection of the premises the dangerous wild animal would be kept. In this case a private property rather than a business.
The inspections came at a cost of £298 in 2016/17 and £307 the following year.
Right. So the council charges too much for the inspections?

Well, no. They don't set the charges.
A spokeswoman for Croydon Council added: “Like other local authorities, we use the City of London vet service for animal welfare and the fee is set by them.”
So the council's blameless? Well...
The licences are issued under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 and the City of London Corporation is responsible for “ensuring the legislative compliance” for imported animals across the whole of London.
And individual local authorities are responsible for setting the application fee for licences.
The solution seems simple, doesn't it? Charge the appropriate fee to cover the full cost of the inspection. It's really not rocket science.

Nor is journalism, if a 'Oooh, hugely costly process for man to keep snakes!' story can be unravelled so easily.

"But Wait, I'm Special!"

Louise Amery, a chemotherapy nurse at Royal Sussex County Hospital, can only find eight-hour parking spaces for her ten-hour shift.
What’s more, she has to move her car every four hours, meaning she often misses her lunch break.
Louise, 47, said she accepts she has to pay the parking fines she has racked up while on the job, amounting to more than £700...
Well, that's good of her! Should chemotherapy nurses be exempt, then? Or all nurses?
“My debt’s just getting bigger and I am going to get a county court judgement. I am doing a bloody hard job and they’re ticketing me while I’m working.”
Yes. Because you park illegally. That you claim you 'have to' isn't an excuse.
Louise, who lives in West Way, Lancing, said she is left with no choice to be risk the fines as getting the bus or train into work is too expensive.
More expensive than the fines?!?

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Tweet Of The Month

Post Title Of The Month

Also on the topic of Scruton's hammering by the establishment, here's Tim Newman:

Quote Of The Month

Al Jahom on Johnny Mercer's non-apologetic apology:
" would appear I am being criticised here for not being an intellectual scholar. I must again point out that I profess to be none of the above, and neither would I want to be. I would also gently suggest the nation has perhaps got enough MPs from this stock already.
No no… you are not being criticised for not being an intellectual scholar. You are being criticised for being a virtue-signalling halfwit, who leaps to condemn an intellectual giant on the say-so of your thicko mate, and then seeks to spin your arrogant, emotional conclusion-jumping as ‘with the best of intentions’ and therefore somehow morally elevating."

Post Of The Month

A dual turn this month, on the subject of Brexit. First up, North Northwester. Hot on his heels, it's Bucko.

The Useful Idiots Of 'Tell Mama'...

Errr, yes. We've heard of it. But it doesn't sound like you have, if you think they were white....

Ummm, who wants to tell him?

Well done! How's he going to wriggle out of this one?


Well, it makes sense that a liar, rabble rouser and idiot would ignore the facts, shamelessly change tack when called on it and refer to the organisation that gives new meaning to the word 'mendacity'...

Monday, 29 April 2019

This Blog Goes All The Way Up To Eleven!

Eleven years, that is...! Cake for all!

"The cake is a lie!" 

And a day off for me! Normal service will resume on Tuesday.

Saturday, 27 April 2019

It's One Way To Keep Out Undesirables...

Skysea Caravan and Camping Site in Port Eynon, Wales, has banned six breeds - pit bull terriers, Staffordshire terriers, Rottweilers, Dobermann Pinschers, huskies and bull/English mastiffs.
Seems pretty sensible, especially in light of recent events.
The move sparked a massive backlash on social media over the weekend, WalesOnline reports.
Translation: A bunch of bored keyboard warriors and single-braincell-morons decided to comment of Facebook that this was mean to little doggie-woggies...

Wearily, the site's PR manager patiently explained that this was based on cold, hard reality:
A spokesman for Skysea Caravan and Camping Site said: "The ban was put in place because we had three incidents in the last two years involving certain dog breeds - two of those involving incidents with another dog and one incident involving a young person.
"We are not judging dog breeds, it's not a personal attack, we understand that any breed of dog can bite. However, the effects of these particular breeds of dogs if they bite can be catastrophic. We don't restrict any dog breeds from walking through and using the footpath by our site.
"We have had positive feedback from this decision, all of the terms and conditions are fully explained on our website before you book online."
But there's no arguing with dog lovers.
Paul Watson, from Durham, said he had been thinking of staying at the campsite, but wouldn't be going there now.
I imagine the staff are high-fiving each other at this news, Paul!
He said the Skysea Caravan Park rules were "ridiculous" and it should be either dogs, or no dogs at all.
When you have your own caravan site, Paul, you can make your own rules. Until then...
Stuart Walton, from Tamworth in the West Midlands, has a campervan and travels to various campsites in the UK and France with his 14-year-old Staffie and four-year-old French bulldog.
Last year, he travelled to Tenby but is planning a trip to the Gower this summer. He has struck Skysea Caravan Site off his list.
Another sad loss. More than made up for by parents who would like to leave their holiday with as many kids as they arrived with, I'm sure...

You Must Have Had A Lot Of Botox To Say This With A Straight Face, Prof!

Cosmetic clinics will begin assessing patients’ suitability for Botox in an attempt to spot those whose desire to alter their appearance is due to mental health problems.
Well, yeah. There's a lot of it about.
...the NHS’s top doctor claimed that the cosmetic industry was doing too little to stop those with body image obsessions undergoing potentially harmful treatments.
The NHS is struggling with this too.
“Cosmetic firms bringing in tighter controls to protect young people’s mental health is a major step forward,” said Prof Stephen Powis, NHS England’s medical director.
However, he added, the new measures do not go far enough.
They never do, for people like this, do they?
Voluntary steps on their own mean mental health too often will still be left in the hands of providers operating as a law unto themselves.
“Appearance is one of the things that matters most to young people, and the bombardment of idealised images and availability of quick-fix procedures is helping fuel a mental health and anxiety epidemic.”
Yes, it's quite an epidemic, isn't it?

Friday, 26 April 2019

Hey, Teachers, You Do Realise You Can Have More Than One Email Address...?

Constant emails from “aggressive” parents are becoming “unbearable” for some teachers, a survey suggests.
The poll indicates seven in ten teachers have had their email addresses passed on to parents, leading to the unreasonable expectation they are available at all hours.
Of these, 90 per cent said this had been done without their permission.
So, just don't answer them? But no, it seems they are too scared to do that.
One teacher said: “The expectation in the school is that a reply to all emails will take place within a reasonable timeframe, if it is from a parent, and if there isn’t a reply then a senior leader gets involved and there is a reprimand that teachers should reply to parents ASAP.”
The answer to this is simple. If you've been daft enough to give them your real email address, and not a dummy one you've set up for the purpose, then start billing them for the time you've taken when off duty to answer it.

They'll soon stop!
NASUWT general secretary Chris Keates said: “Teachers are not just facing the intrusion of those who manage them into their private lives but there is now an unreasonable expectation that they are available at the convenience of parents.”
Giving teachers a school email address would make it clear they aren't.

I Thought Ignorance Was No Excuse..?

Former Bournside School pupil Millie Bywater, 19 and Golden Labrador Quorn were told they were not welcome at Revolution in Bath on Saturday evening.
She had just arrived at the nightspot with her sister Jade and friend Lauren Clarke when the manager said dogs weren't allowed in the George Street premises.
Quorn is a guide dog.
Her mum Becky phoned the bar and she said the manager apologised, telling her he was going by what his previous boss instructed him.
So the previous management were also clueless?

Seriously, in this day and age, how can anyone be unaware of the laws permitting guide dogs entry?

"Yes, it's enshrined in your legislation, white devil..."

So maybe a few more prosecutions and a few less 'accepting apologies' is in order?

Thursday, 25 April 2019

A Sad Loss To The Painting And Decorating Trade...

On Thursday, the mum-of-three brought work to a halt after attempting to stop BT workers from fitting wire to the 25ft stucture.
But when cops warned she risked being taken into custody, painter and decorator Ms Griffiths was forced to back down.
The Wirral woman says she has had enough and is set to rent out her home so she can go back to live in Egypt.
Gosh! Well...