Friday, 15 November 2019

The Wisdom Of Fashionistas...

PR guru Lynne Franks, 71 on the news that Harvey Nicholls will still stock real fur:
'Consumer trends are going to go more into natural clothes, natural fibers, as people become more aware of what's going on in the world.
'That trend is going to increase and that includes money to spend.
'I think Harvey Nichols will actually alienate a lot of their potential customers by selling fur. It's not the way the market is going, it's not the way the trends are going.'
What, exactly, does she think fur is, if not a natural, biodegradable, sustainable resource?

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes...

Graeme “Taff” Williams...was a long-standing “sudden death co-ordinator” in east London, helping to catalogue belongings and find family members of deceased residents.
He continued in the role as a volunteer after his retirement.
And maybe that's when alarm bells should have started ringing....
Williams, whom police bosses “trusted implicitly”, stands accused of stealing cash from two estates, and taking expensive furniture, electrical goods and artwork from a third home when the grieving family believed it was heading to a homeless charity.
Hmmm. So when they aren't ordering porn on your TV, they are eyeing up the TV itself!
Williams, of Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, denies three charges of theft and one of fraud. The trial continues.
Definitely one to watch!

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Intestinal Fortitude...

I wonder what 'this' is?

The death of a loved one? Being told you have incurable cancer? Losing your life savings?

Having called the takeaway to complain, Miss Baxter said she was "disgusted" by the response. "I rang and there was just no remorse, no apology. He said to me three times 'come back and I'll make you another curry', but that wasn't the point.
"The whole experience was completely devastating and I was in tears all night. My 12-year-old daughter's not a vegetarian but was so upset she didn't eat her own dinner."
Good grief! Snowflake mother, snowflake daughter!
Responding to Miss Baxter's claims, Rakib Imam from Melton Spice said: "Someone called to say they had chicken in their vegetarian curry and we have refunded them.
"If there is a mistake, we have to see the curry first and then we can investigate what has happened. The lady said it had chicken in it, but refused to bring it back to us."
I wonder why..?

H/T: Dave Ward via email

Fatal Attraction...

Janet D'Aleo died Wednesday after being rushed to Baystate Medical Center. The dog lived at 584 Thrall Avenue, which is the home of former state Rep. Annie Hornish, an animal rights activist.
D'Aleo had been visiting Hornish's mother, Agnes Wosko, when the pit bull attacked her, causing "substantial and severe injuries," Chief Richard Brown said.
What is it with these creatures, that people still think they can be rehabilitated?
Hornish has now been quoted as blaming her mother's home health aid who struck the dog with a metal stool after the dog jumped on D'Aleo, who uses a walker.
"It seems as if the dog got excited and it was overexuberant," Hornish said. "[The dog] jumped on a friend with a walker and she fell backward and we believe that's what killed her."
Luckily, the coroner isn't fooled.
By Friday evening, it was reported that the medical examiner's office determined the 95-year old's death was caused by the dog bite.
Were there no other warning signs (as if 'being a pit bull' wasn't enough)?
Dexter had six different owners by the age of 4 when he reaches Hornish.
QED, I think!

H/T: DogsBiteOrg via Twitter

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Chief Amongst Them Being Their Parentage...

Philip Tully, defending, said his client's benefits were reduced and she was "struggling to make ends meet and provide for her five children".
He said some of Rooney's children had difficulties and she "experienced a very difficult childhood and was a victim of crime herself".
Victim, perpetrator, what's the difference, eh, Phil?
Judge Murray told Rooney: "You committed very serious offences and caused misery to a number of elderly and vulnerable people.
"You've got a terrible record and for these offences, immediate imprisonment is richly deserved."
Yeah. There's a 'But...' coming. You knew that, right?
"On the other hand, you're a single parent with responsibility for five children and you've been out of trouble for six years.
"The author of the pre-sentence report says you're a good prospect for rehabilitation. At this stage, I'm just not sure about that."
But you're going to take the chance anyway. It's unlikely to be your elderly relatives targeted, after all.

I doubt they live in the sort of areas preyed on by this useless waste of oxygen, after all...
"Although you've been out of trouble for six years, this was a three-month period of planned and sustained activity, targeting vulnerable people."
The judge said in order to contemplate sparing Rooney jail, he needed more evidence, so deferred passing sentence.
If you don't already have enough, I'm not sure what more would help...

H/T: SmallThunderdog via Twitter

Oh, Really...?

Cllr Patel, who is Muslim, said: "I think he needs to be extremely careful with the words he uses on any platform within social media.
"It was absolutely abhorrent and does not reflect what most people in the country believe."
Gosh! What on earth did he say that was so controversial that a politician hundreds of miles away felt this?
Cllr Patel (@maspatel01) posted: "WoW: Johnson destroyed on BBC Question Time by hijab-wearing Politics teacher!
"'Why do we have a Prime Minister who gets away with inciting hate...who goes against our British values?'"
The Twitter account for the bar and restaurant, Spoken, in Exmouth, (@spokenexmouth) responded: "Want that then go to the Middle East!! Want to live in Britain then accept Britain for what it is!"
Cllr Patel posted in reply: "Want what exactly? And why should she or anyone 'go to the Middle east?'. Do you have a problem with people who dress differently?
"Come on let the hate flood out! You know you want to..."
Spoken responded: "It's not hate, it's not racism. British culture is the same as (say) Indian culture and each should be respected. What 'we' white British rather than immigrants, whether first or fifth generation think is that British culture is first in Britain."
Spoken continued: "Total opposite of a racist just putting a view across. Maybe one day what you think (of) as racists will be a minority that you'll defend (laughing emoji)"
Yes. Clearly, most people in this country won't agree. Or....will they?

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Sob Stories...

The couple’s ordeal began last year when Roxanne suffered from serious post-natal depression and other mental health issues following the birth of her youngest child, Aimee.
Roxanne and Craig lived in Cornwall, where Craig worked long hours as a chef.
Roxanne’s illness meant he kept having to take time off work to care for her and his children, and so he lost his job, and the couple fell into rent arrears on their council house in Camborne.
They were eventually evicted by Cornwall Council on May 1 this year, and have not had a permanent home since.
Hmmm, sure, it can happen to anyone. Right?
Craig met Roxanne, started a family and his mum Lou was a huge help as the couple - at that point - had three children, Catelynn, Freddie and Harry.
Freddie, particularly, needed more help - he has a range of special needs, including cerebral palsy, and has to have his legs rubbed vigorously after any exercise.
But three years ago, Lou ‘retired’ back to her native South Bristol, moving into an over-55s flat in Stockwood, and when Aimee arrived last year, Craig and Roxanne struggled on their own.
Wait, so a chef and his partner unable to support the existing children decide to have another? Despite the fact one child already has issues?

What did they think would happen?
Cornwall Council told them their efforts to find them a home had failed, and hit them with another bombshell.
“They told us we had made ourselves intentionally homeless, because we left the day before the bailiffs came,” Roxanne said, as she fought back the tears.
“They told us that there was nothing more they could do, and we would have to find our own privately rented accommodation, and pay for it with our housing benefit.
“I spent weeks searching for somewhere to live. It was impossible. We didn’t have a guarantor. There is absolutely nowhere in Cornwall that will take a family of six on benefits in private rented accommodation,” she said.
You can't blame them. Landlords want people who have some common sense and sense of personal responsibility. It's patently clear you lack either...

This Is Why Local Newspaper Comments Should Always Be Open....

Because they can find the humour in even the most depressing news:
Foul tenants are throwing used sanitary towels from their tower block home windows, it is claimed.
The issue has forced angry tenants to put up a notice in a communal area of the Malvern flats, Malvern, Southend.
The notice, seen by the Echo, states: “To whoever keeps throwing dirty sanitary towels out of their window please stop.
“Thank you in advance, all Malvern residents.”
Take it away, 'Echo' commentariat!


Monday, 11 November 2019

Modern Irony...

A boy aged 18 was stabbed to death in a fight while attending a knife awareness course in the town hall of the Prime Minister's constituency.
Hakim Sillah died as youths clashed 'in the blink of an eye' after a blade was brought into a Youth Offending Service office.
I thought these courses were pure theory, I hadn't realised they had a practical!
Yesterday it emerged that those attending the event were not searched for weapons despite council staff raising concerns about blades being smuggled into the building previously.
Staff said they had called for knife arches to be installed but nothing had been done.
Can't, can they? It'd be racist...
Friends of Hakim reacted with anger yesterday. Selina Clarke, 18, who went to school with him, said: 'I am more angry it happened in a knife crime meeting and they were so careless not to check.
'You would think they would do security checks, especially given the people involved in it. They cannot have been searched properly otherwise they would have seen the knife. It is so simple to put checks in place like a pat-down or a metal detector that could have stopped it.'
Make up your minds, folks. Is that 'discrimination' or isn't it?

H/T: Stephen Brown brings us this great homophone blunder too:


You're Not Wrong, You're Just A Little Early....

After being found guilty at Cardiff Crown Court earlier this week Higgins turned to family and friends in the public gallery and said: 'Can you believe that? It's absolutely disgusting.'
Because being found guilty is an outrage. Almost as big an outrage as this:
An 'immature' learner driver who deliberately mowed down a shopper at a Sainsbury's supermarket was today jailed for five years.
Judge Rees also banned Higgins from driving for four-and-a-half years.
Five years for taking a man's life. That's disgusting....

Sunday, 10 November 2019

We Will Remember Them...

What passing bells for these who die as cattle? 
Only the monstrous anger of the guns. 
Only the stuttering rifles' rapid rattle 
Can patter out their hasty orisons. 
No mockeries now for them; no prayers nor bells; 
Nor any voice of mourning save the choirs, 
The shrill, demented choirs of wailing shells; 

Wilfred Owen

Saturday, 9 November 2019

You Say That As If His Own Actions Didn't Play Any Part...

'When I see that space where my friend should be sitting, I feel empty and completely lost,' says Yaseen, who is now 18.
'Yousef wanted to be a surgeon; he wanted to save lives and help people, but because of the actions of someone else, he bled to death on the street.'
It takes two to tango, Yaseen, doesn't it? Play silly games, win silly prizes...

Compare And Contrast...

Chief Scout Bear Grylls, who lent his support to the Foundation, said Jodie was 'one of our brightest and best'.
Grylls wrote: 'She put everything into life and her dedication to her friends, her family, to Scouts and her community was incredible.
'When she represented us at the Royal Albert Hall at the Annual Festival of Remembrance, we could not have hoped for a better ambassador for the movement. Now's it's our turn to remember her.'
A worthy member of society. Robbed of her young life by utter filth:
Ong-a-Kwie, whose mother is from Suriname in South America and whose father is Belgian, revelled in his 'tough guy' image, using social media to publicly feud with rivals coming onto his turf in Romford, East London.
The other defendant convicted of Jodie's murder had a difficult upbringing too. He was taken into care at a young age after his mother suffered from mental illness and was unable to cope.
The unnamed youth told his Old Bailey trial he did not know his own date of birth or the identity of his father.
Whatever their sentence, it won't be enough. We need the death penalty back. We should not be forced to tolerate these 'people' any longer...

Friday, 8 November 2019

Don't We All Keep Our Kitchenware In Our Handbags..?

A Bulgarian mother has feared for her ability to remain in the UK post-Brexit...
Here we go, another whinge about paperwork and the Home Office and...

...after being found with a plastic-covered knife at a shopping centre, a court has heard.
Silviya Pavlova had been arrested for an unrelated matter at TJ Hughes in The Mall, Maidstone, on December 18 when the small purple kitchen knife, with a 3.35in blade, was found inside her handbag.
The 53-year-old told officers she wasn't from England and wasn't aware that carrying such an item was illegal, claiming it was "only a thin, small knife, not a butcher's knife".
Really? She missed all the news reports about knife crime, then?
Geoff Playford, defending, told the court the blade had been bought a week or two before the offence for kitchen use, but Pavolva then forgot it was in her bag when she grabbed it to go shopping on December 18.
A likely story...
"She came in 2017 to join her husband and son who were already here.
"As a result of the shenanigans of Brexit, she's got to apply for residence status to remain, and her case can’t be dealt with until this matter is resolved."
Pavlova, of Melford Avenue, Barking, Essex, pleaded guilty through a translator, to possessing a blade in a public place. She was then given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay costs of £105.
District judge Paul Goldspring told her: "I accept it is probably not an offence in these circumstances in Bulgaria and nobody is suggesting you have done anything other than cut vegetables with this knife."
And then put it back in your handbag?

At Last, A Judge With Sense!

Judge Peter Veits heard how Barnes had failed to honour a community resolution with the police to re-home, meaning the case was sent to court.
I bet the excuse was good!
Roger Lowther, defending, said Barnes had been looking after the dog for his son for the past 18 months and the dog would be returned to him in the course of time adding that Barnes did not ignore the community agreement but could not find anyone to take the dog.
Did he tell anyone that? I bet he didn't...
He also said the dog had build a fence to stop the dog getting out again.
However Judge Veits said Staffordshire Terriers are "by nature nasty and dangerous dogs" and it was "clearly out of control on that day".
He also said the fence was "not good enough" because the dog could easily jump over it.
I'm amazed he hasn't had to have police protection from fanatic Kennel Club activists!
Barnes was given a two-year conditional discharge and ordered to pay £100 compensation to Mrs Day and £106 in costs and charges. He also issued a contingent destruction order for the dog, stating that it must be muzzled at any time it is out in the garden or in public and must always be on a lead when it is in public. He also ordered Barnes to improve the fence within a month so that was six feet high, warning him that if he didn't do any of these things, the dog would be put to sleep.
Pity the owners can't be under a similar order...

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Move Over, Leigh, There's Another 'Sob Story Samantha' In Town!

Laura Hope was emotionless in the dock at court when she received her sentence for causing the death of John Hevey, 61, in a horrific crash on Eastern Avenue in Southend on May 21 last year.
The 28-year-old was driving her partner’s BMW along the road. She had 2.9 micrograms of cannabis in her system at the time – over the legal drug driving limit – when she approached a roundabout.
She pulled out into the roundabout but failed to check for oncoming vehicles and ended up hitting Mr Hevey as he drove around.
An utterly avoidable death.
In a victim impact statement, his daughter Yasmine Hevey said her father had been “robbed” of his life, and that he will “leave a hole that no one will be able to fill”.
Her brief tried the 'plead her belly' trick:
Mitigating for Hope, Michael Rawlinson said she was remorseful for her actions and that she “will live with them for the rest of her life” and argued that her sentence should be suspended due to the fact that she has a six month old daughter to which she is the sole carer for, and that an immediate prison sentence would do serious damage to her upbringing.
But at least she wasn't up before Judge 'Lenient' Leigh. This was another Samantha.
Sentencing Hope, of Coleman Street, Southend, Judge Samantha Cohen said that Mr Hevey’s death had a “devastating” impact on his family but chose to suspend her sentence due to the effects it would have on her daughter.
Hope received 18 months in prison suspended for two years, 300 hours unpaid work, and a curfew for four months meaning she cannot leave her home between 8pm and 6am.

Still, if she had a clean reco..

A woman viciously assaulted her ex-partner and his new girlfriend, a court heard. Laura Hope, 27, of Dolphins, Westcliff, launched a prolonged attack on the couple who were forced to seek refuge in a shop where the attack continued.
Hope denied two counts of assault, but was later found guilty after a trial at Basildon Crown Court and appeared at the same court to be sentenced, despite insisting she was not guilty.
Judge Graham handed her a 12-month community order. The order requires her to complete 20 days of a rehabilitation activity requirement with probation and 60 hours of unpaid work.
There's no hope for justice any more, is there?

On The Buses!

This mangled 'Echo' headline brought out the wags in the comments:


Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Just What More Do You Need To Know, Judge?

Joseph Holden appeared before Oxford Crown Court yesterday after pleading guilty to a string of offences in Headington and Cowley Road.
The 25-year-old, of no fixed abode, was caught on April 8 this year and charged with aggravated vehicle theft, driving while disqualified, handling stolen goods and driving with no insurance.
He has been in prison on remand ever since and was due to be sentenced by Judge Peter Ross after formally admitting the crimes on September 21.
Instead proceedings were brought to a halt by the judge. He criticised the probation service's pre-sentence report, which is carried out to provide courts with more information about the background of the offender and looks at treatment options for any mental health or addiction issues they may have.
Judge Ross said: "It seems to me the probation officer failed to even grasp the need to include the mental health issues."
Whose 'mental issues'? The defendant? Or yours..?
It is not the first time Holden has been before the courts for driving offences, having led police on a 100mph chase in his mother's stolen hire car when he was aged 17, eventually crashing after Heyford Hill Roundabout.
While still on bail for that theft he went on to steal a £32,000 Mercedes and he was finally jailed in 2013 after he drove the wrong way on the A34 during a police chase in a stolen Ford Fiesta.
Holden was at that time sentenced to 15 months in prison for dangerous driving, a further three months for refusing to provide a specimen and four months to run at the same time for driving while disqualified.
He's a serial car thief and absconder. There. What more do you need?
The judge said he was minded to pass a deferred sentence for Holden but only if he was sure plans were in place to deal with the young man's mental health problems. He said otherwise he feared it would simply be a 'revolving door' to him appearing before the court again on similar charges.
Well, unless you sentence him to what he deserves....then yes.

Don't Fancy This New Heston Blumenthal Recipe...

Lewis Parchment and Amelia Jenner, from Ursa Court in Lewes Road, Brighton, fear for the health of their two-year-old daughter and say they are “livid” with their housing association for “neglecting them”.
Lewis described the family’s disgust after finding “rat wee dripping right outside our front door”.
He said on one occasion they found their bin leaking with tinned spaghetti. He said: “A rat had obviously got in and smeared spaghetti hoops all over the back. This was in our actual kitchen. It was disgusting.”
Yes. Spaghetti hoops are disgusting. No wonder the rat didn't eat them!

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

It's Not Down To The Police To Keep Your Son Safe...

...especially when a trawl through his social media gives the lie to your description of him:

Anyone wonder if that heart is covering up a gang sign..?
Elton Gashaj, 15, was murdered during a pre-arranged confrontation between two groups of lads on Saturday night.
For 'lads' read 'street thugs'...
His mum, Vera Gashaj, said she had warned police that her son, who had a brother, Redon, 20, had been attacked previously after mixing with “bad people”.
She said: “I told the police my son was not safe. Two or three times he was in a fight. He had a broken arm. He told me he fell off his bike. He said he was OK. He got into the wrong crowd. He kept saying he was going to change.”
People who keep saying that, rather than actually changing, never will...

Only In Liverpool....

No, not to the dead guy, that'd be stupid!
He said he told their mutual friend Kevin Riley "sorry", after unintentionally shooting Mr Atkins in the stomach , at around 2am.
Asked how he showed his remorse, he said: "What do you want me to do? Buy him a box of Milk Tray to say I'm sorry?"
Loverbale scallies, all!
Under questioning by Nicholas Johnson, QC, defending, Ball accepted he was a heroin, cocaine and alcohol addict.
His criminal record - starting at the age of 12 - includes assault, thefts, going equipped for burglary, robbery and drug offences.
Ball said he was with Mr Riley on May 5 and took around 10 Pregabalin painkillers, prescribed for nerve damage after he was hit by a car.
He said he also had up to 50 of Mr Riley's diazepam tablets, before they were joined by Mr Atkins, and CCTV showed them shoplifting.
I feel there's no loss of human life her at all...

Monday, 4 November 2019

Lost: Sense Of Proportion. If Found, Return To Hysterical Luvvie...

Peter Egan and Ricky Gervais are well known animal rights campaigners, with a large following. So it wasn't lot before the mob were in full cry: 

So, what atrocity had got them all riled up? Genuine animal cruelty? Or are they just whining about grouse shooting or trophy hunting? And if...

Wait a minute. Graham and Green? Aren't they an interior design company? What could they poss...


They are rather cute. And thanks for directing my attention to their webpage, loons. They've got some really nice sheepskins too!

Only 'Could'...?

A teenage drug dealer has admitted carrying cannabis just five months after dodging jail when he was caught with £38,000 worth of crack cocaine and heroin.
Dealer Tyrese Terry appeared dressed in a grey hoodie and trousers at Basildon Crown Court, to admit his latest offence, which could activate a two-year suspended sentence handed to him in May.
Why isn't it automatic? Why should it be left to the judge?
Addressing him in court on Friday, Judge Samantha Cohen (Ed: Whew! Not Samantha Leigh...this time!) said: “Your legal team are making arrangements on whether the much more serious matter should be tried. This will be heard on December 16.”
One to watch...

Saturday, 2 November 2019

More CPS Success!

Burnley fan Stewart Higgins, 53, was accused of using the N-word and the term 'black b******' in a racist tirade towards Brighton striker Gaetan Bong.
He and his son Nathan, 19, were also alleged to have used a homophobic slur to shout at Brighton fans in the stands at the Amex Stadium on February 9.
 String 'em up! No mercy! Hate crime!
But the pair walked free this afternoon after the Crown Prosecution Service failed to produce vital bodycam footage from police officers at the match.
Maria Higgins, defending, said that without the vital evidence it would be impossible for the case to proceed as the pair would not get a fair trial.
 Another CPS cock up. eh?
Dominic Dudkowski, prosecuting, apologised for the failure to produce the bodycam footage and said it was a serious oversight though he insisted the Crown Prosecution Service had not tried to manipulate the evidence.
During the trial it emerged that police bodycam footage of the pair which was thought to have been destroyed earlier was actually available.
Dominic Dudkowski, prosecuting, said a DVD of the footage was available but said the case would have to be adjourned as it could not be brought to the court immediately.
But the footage had neither been disclosed to the prosecution or the defence and as a result the case was stayed.
 The chair was clearly unimpressed with yet another example of the haplessness of the CPS:
Chair of the bench, Chris Bell, said: 'There are serious failing in bringing the evidence in this case.
'We're not prepared to adjourn this trial . We find, in the round, given these failings, the defendants would not receive a fair trial. We take the exceptional steps therefore in staying these proceedings.'
Now consider this: the CPS would be expected to bring their A game to one of their beloved hate crime show trials. Why, then, do they make such basic errors?

And what sort of errors do they routinely make in lesser offences, like assault and murder?

Let The Punishment Fit The Crime...

Susan Chiswell was in her mid-50s when her father’s death sent her into a downward spiral and led to a nervous breakdown.
Her heartless daughter, Joanne, put her in a residential home and took control of her mother’s finances.
Joanne sold her home in Glenfield and disposed of all the contents including her mother’s jewellery and photographs - spending the proceeds on shopping and meals out, as well as paying off her debts.
And so to the justice system, to deliver....well, 'justice', I suppose:
After pleading guilty, judges decided to spare bankrupt Joanne jail, and ordered her to pay back just £1 - with the judge saying that "shame" would be the greatest punishment she would face.
Do they really think that someone capable of this, is capable of shame..?

This statement from the victim broke my heart:
Speaking from her small, one-bedroom flat in Gretton Court, a sheltered housing block in Melton, Susan, now 68, said she could barely believe everything that had happened to her in the past decade.
She said: “Because she’s spent all the money I don’t know if I’ll ever leave here – I’m only 68 and I’d love to be able to live in a house or a bungalow where I could have a cat but I can’t do much with £1 so I suppose I will have to stay here forever.
“I’m going to put the £1 towards my donation to the Poppy Appeal this year.”
And this one made me rage at the world:
She said she hoped Joanne would lose her job with the NHS after the way she had defrauded her own mother.
You mean, she hasn't already?

What sort of a world are we living in?

H/T: Commenter SteveA over at 'Orphans'

Friday, 1 November 2019

'We' Do...?

The boys (and now men) - all from south Essex - have worked hard since their triumph, notching up world wide tours and concerts.
Last year when they headlined the pantomime at the Cliffs Pavilion they literally smashed box office records with their sell-out performances and it seems they are set to do the same this year as they star in the festive offering, Robin Hood.
I'll leave it to the readers to burst your bubble, Emma:


There's Nothing 'Baffling' About This At All....

...we all know they look after their own:
Coopey, who lives with his parents in a £1 million house in Ascot, has shown no remorse.
Rather than apologising when he appeared in court earlier this year, he complained about how the crash ‘really has affected my mental well-being’.
Utter, utter scum.
The teenager’s father is a sergeant in the Metropolitan Police and his mother worked for many years as a schools liaison constable working with pupils in London.
Coopey had five previous convictions for drugs offences, robbery and common assault by the time he turned 18 earlier this year.
You'd think they'd hang their heads in shame, but they clearly have no remorse for the actions of their offspring either.
Approached for comment, Coopey’s mother said: ‘We don’t do trial by newspaper.’
You might not, but it's going to happen anyway.
Coopey is due to be sentenced on Tuesday for driving while disqualified and not having insurance in October last year while he was awaiting trial for the drug driving charge connected with the men’s death.
Ironically, he could face jail for ignoring the ban on getting behind the wheel.
If it was getting behind the wheel of his father's car, shouldn't the father also be done as an accessory?

I bet he would be, if he wasn't a cop...

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Tweet Of The Month

October brought Christmas carols early...

...and a blast from the past!

Post Title Of The Month

Tim Newman back on form and effortlessly taking pole position...

Quote Of The Month

Bill Sticker on Boris:
"One note about Boris Johnson. This man has hidden strengths. Anyone who watched the old news parody show ‘Have I got news for you’ when he took over the hot seat will be in no doubt as to how thick his skin can be. Both sides of the fashionably lefty panellists used to rip into him something cruel, yet he maintained an air of self deprecating buffoonery and good nature against the cruellest barbs that could be thrown his way.
I notice these things. I think a few more people do as well."

Post Of The Month

Farenheit211 on the increasing ridiculousness of the police.

Scum Killing Scum...

A driver who “used his car as a weapon” to plough down a Brent Council worker has been jailed for 15 years for murder.
Did he have a dispute with the council, then?
Camisan Emanuvel, 36, of Ilford, struck 27-year-old Gopinath Kasivisuwanathan with his Audi A3 in Alperton in the early hours of April 16.
The attack stemmed from a dispute between two groups who had arrived in the area brandishing weapons including poles, sticks and bottles.
Ah, so the council worker was just caught up in the melee then?
Sarah Dale, from the CPS, said: “This death stemmed from planned violence between two groups of men who had driven to Alperton intent on a violent confrontation.
Nope, guess not! He was one of the opposing thugs!
Ms Dale said: “Our thoughts remain with the family and friends of Mr Kasivisuwanathan.
“I hope this conviction provides some comfort to them.”
Why should we do that? If they'd raised him right, he'd have been somewhere else that night.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

You're Having A Laugh!

An inquiry by the government’s equality watchdog has condemned universities for being oblivious to the scale of racism on their campuses.
Being oblivious? They never stop fretting about it, surely, as David Thompson's blog constantly reminds us....
The Equality and Human Rights Commission’s report, has been widely welcomed for highlighting universities’ complacency on tackling racism.
'Widely welcomed' by the usual suspects, I presume? But what are they actually complaining about?
But the body has also been criticised by leading academics of colour and student leaders for examining what it describes as the racial harassment of white British students and staff alongside the racism suffered by their black, Asian and minority ethnic peers.

So let's all be lectured by these preening racehustlers, shall we? First up:
Heidi Mirza, visiting professor of race, faith and culture at Goldsmiths, University of London says "Everyone wants to feel a victim in some way and this is the discourse around race that’s emerging at the moment. That it’s all about name calling and how it’s offended you, so that’s the focus of this report."
Because that's reality. That's what your ideology has led to...
Priyamvada Gopal, a reader at the faculty of English at Cambridge University says "I was struck that the report refused to use the word ‘racism’, plumping instead for the rather more specific ‘racial harassment’. It’s deeply inadequate and almost wilfully evasive. It is perfectly possible to experience racism without experiencing direct harassment. It is also perfectly possible for institutions to have widespread culture of racism without it always taking the form of racial harassment."
"Just because no-one's discriminating against us doesn't mean we don't feel discriminated against, bigots!"
Nicola Rollock, a reader in equity and education at Goldsmiths, University of London says "If, following the definition in the Macpherson inquiry into the murder of Stephen Lawrence, we understand institutional racism as a “collective failure to provide an appropriate and professional service to people because of their colour, culture or ethnic origins”, then one would be hard-pressed to understand how the EHRC’s findings can be defined as anything other than institutional racism."
That 'if' is doing far too much work fort my liking...

Three women who have ridden the tiger of identity politics to positions of power now lecturing everyone, like Humpty Dumpty, on what words mean.

I Just Rolled My Eyes So Hard They Nearly Fell Out Of My Head...

In a moving statement, she said: "My family have told me they believe Hudson will kill me one day.
"I've told them should that happen I'm not in any pain and I'm at peace.
"I've made my decision to stay with Hudson and I pray that he will change."
Who are you praying to, I wonder?
Hudson, of Fairy Cove Terrace, Hartlepool , initially denied the assault to police saying the allegations were lies. He said he would never hit her, "loved her to bits" and she was the "love of his life".
He later admitted assault causing actual bodily harm, with a 2014 assault on a partner among his 32 offences.
They deserve one another.
Matthew Collins, defending, said ... Hudson's behaviour could be "corrected before it descends into an irretrievable character trait".
Newsflash, Matthew. It already has. Long, long ago.
The judge, Recorder Patrick Palmer, told Hudson: "Surprisingly... she wishes to maintain her relationship with you.
"I've considered whether or not I can suspend your sentence. I cannot. You deliberately stamped on this woman when she was on the ground."
Hudson burst into tears on a prison video link as he was jailed for 18 months.
Like all violent bullies, the only genuine emotion they ever feel is self-pity.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

There Is Some Hope...

Another day, another reminder that the police farce in the UK is hopelessly compromised:
...chiefs at one force are warning officers that they may be upset by ‘swearing’ and ‘offensive language’ in training exercises – and that they should contact their supervisor if they find it all too much.
No, I know what you're thinking, but it's not April 1st!
The move – part of a trend for so-called trigger warnings normally associated with ‘snowflake’ university students – has been met with derision from hard- bitten cops.
One officer joked on Twitter: ‘If this language is not acceptable to you please go directly to the safe space where the duty inspector will bring you a nice snuggle blanket and a cup of tea ... after that hand in your warrant card as you’re no ******* good to us.’
I do hope that officer was anonymous, or it'll be them out on their ear!

But which farce are we talking about here?
The language warning comes as part of an online exercise devised by Hampshire Police and aimed at both officers and civilian staff.
Ah. That explains things!
It is understood the warning was issued following a complaint by a distressed junior officer.
Who, hopefully, did not pass probation.
Hampshire police were approached for comment but did not reply.
Probably too distressed and upset by the reporter's question....

It's To Be Expected...

A former east London councillor has been warned he could face jail for a decade-long housing fraud that was uncovered while he was in office.
The place...? Where else? Tower Hamlets.

Boy, were you ever wrong, Ben...
Muhammad Harun, 49, remained on the Tower Hamlets social housing list while owning a property within the borough and another in neighbouring Barking.
Harun, a solicitor, cost the council about £125,000 which could have been spent on housing vulnerable families for the duration of the con.
And look at his associations:

Judge English (Ed: *chuckles*) warned him he faces jail because of the length of time the fraud went on for and the number of housing claims he made.
One to watch...

H/T: PresumingEd via Twitter

Monday, 28 October 2019

Vital That You Reach The Answers You Want, You Mean...

Hmmm, OK. I'll bite. Go on...
Our immediate reaction is usually shock, and a desire to prevent things like this from happening again. A kneejerk response is to demand tougher controls: more security infrastructure at the borders; tougher punishments for the people who try to make these journeys and those who facilitate them.
Well, errr, yes. What else should we demand?
Yet such disasters do not happen because of a lack of border control – they are the price of it.
And it seems most people - certainly far, far more than the tiny coterie of Open Borders advocates - are happy to pay it. Can't say I'm surprised. I'm happy to pay it, too.

These people aren't refugees - they are illegal immigrants desperate to come here to make as much money out of the country as they can. They know full well that what they are doing is breaking the law, and they just....don'!

So why should I?
The illusion our politicians perpetuate, or buy into, is that migration can be switched on and off like a tap, according to the wishes of voters or the demands of the economy.
But it can. If we control our borders.
Britain did not experience a “refugee crisis” in the way that other parts of Europe did: in 2015, as asylum applications rose across Europe as a whole, the UK’s share of applications actually fell.
It fell because they decided it was better to try to get here illegally. They don't care about the risks, as they willingly admit:
A major new study by the United Nations development programme illustrates how complex the answers can be: in interviews with nearly 2,000 people from Africa who travelled to Europe for work, via some of the world’s deadliest migration routes, more than 90% said they would do it again. In the most part, they were not suffering abject poverty, but had experienced inequality and injustice, and wanted more from their lives.
And were happy to break the law to do it. Are these the sort of people you want to see us take in more of?
By asking these questions, we recognise that the people who suffer at our borders are not simply passive victims, but individuals making decisions and trying to retain control of their lives. Only then will we stop treating this issue as a problem to be ignored or suppressed, and start to talk about how we might reorganise our system around people’s needs.
Why on earth would we organise our whole system around some law-breaking stranger's 'needs'..?

It's suicide!

The Better Question: Are The Majority Of Labour Politicians Morons?

It is the latest policy question to split the upper ranks of Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party – are the majority of male giraffes gay?
The bizarre row started after Dawn Butler, Labour's Shadow Secretary for Women and Equalities, gave a rambling after-dinner speech defending the teaching of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues in schools, in which she told the audience that an overwhelming majority of giraffes are sexually attracted to their own gender.
Good grief! Did they promote this moron simply to make Diane Abbott look smart by comparison?
This drew an angry response from Lachlan Stuart, Mr Corbyn's senior adviser on domestic policy, who used Twitter to cite several scientific papers that challenge Ms Butler's claim.
He could have just pointed out that giraffes are quite plentiful instead, surely?

Sunday, 27 October 2019

No Laughing Matter - Please Read

Good morning all readers. Those of you expecting the normal light hearted Sunday fare will be disappointed. Today will not feature typos and headline mishaps from the media.

Today will just feature this.

Please read. And then tell me if you too think that a UK Police 'service' that indulges in these practices, more reminiscent of the corrupt old Soviet Union, or some backwater African country run by some despot, is the police force you were brought up to regard as the envy of the world..?

And if you think 'Ah, it's just the bloggers getting stirred up about this stuff, no-one else cares, or takes it seriously', it's not. Others are waking up to the state of our police and criminal justice system, others who reach far more people than this little blog:
There is no country in the world more tolerant than this one. Yet time and again in the past 20 years – and never more so than since the referendum – we have been slandered and smeared.
Political campaigners have used bogus statistics to push their own political and sectarian interests. It is time that people named and shamed the smear-merchants.
Sadly, Douglas, to do so is now to invite arrest and harassment by the State.

If the police and criminal justice system actually wanted to foment hatred and contempt for minorities, then do tell me what they'd be doing that's different from what they are doing...

Saturday, 26 October 2019

What's The Point Of Sussex Police?

Tyler Strudwick was taken to hospital with concussion after being attacked by another pupil at Portslade Aldridge Community Academy last Monday.
Eleven-year-old Tyler’s parents claim the school did not inform them he had been attacked – instead saying he had bumped his head.
Typical. Still, at least there's always the police to rely o...

When Tyler, of Fishersgate, reported the incident to the police he was told it was not a police matter.
Assault isn't? Really? I knew they'd become lazy box-tickers, but I didn't think it had gone this far!
Sussex Police said in their response to Tyler: “Due to this occurring on school premises in school hours this needs to be taken up with and dealt with by the school. Unfortunately this is not a matter for the police.”
If he'd misgendered someone, though... whoa, nelly! Blue lights, sirens, and 'GO GO GO!'...
Sussex Police confirmed they would not investigate matters at schools.
So even when the press shines a light on them, they still stick to their guns?
PACA head Mark Poston said: “We have investigated thoroughly. We want all students to move on and make better choices.
“Out (sic) agenda is always to help students reflect and learn.”
But not to protect them against physical assault? Or to demand that the police do their job?

Seems like a school to avoid, then.

A Rare Victory!

A former poster girl for Scotland Yard who lost 33 race claims against the police watchdog is now facing trial for ‘recklessly’ disclosing information about victims.
Yup, it's her again!
It is said that she ‘knowingly or recklessly’ broke data protection rules by downloading sensitive files relating to victims and witnesses from the watchdog which is now known as The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).
The case brought by the Information Commissioner is due to go to trial in February.
But that's not the victory of which I speak (though hopefully it'll be another win against this race-hustler).
Separately, this week an employment judge ordered the former detective to pay £5,000 in costs for her ‘misguided’ claims against the IPCC, which wasted £50,000 of taxpayers’ money.
The lawyers who represented her have also agreed to pay £40,000 in costs and apologise for pursuing what was described as an ‘exceptional waste of time’.
How refreshing!
In her judgment published this week, the judge noted that Miss Howard was broke and said she was suffering from ‘severe anxiety’.

Friday, 25 October 2019

"It's Only Taxpayers Money..." Pt 48932574

West Sussex County Council bought it in February last year for £20,850 with the intention of surveying buildings, claiming it was one of the first authorities in the country to do so.
It also planned to lend it to firefighters to scout out countryside blazes and use its thermal camera at night to respond to fires more quickly. At the time, the then council leader Louise Goldsmith said investing in the drone would “save lives”.
Fifteen members of West Sussex Fire and Rescue have been trained to fly the drone, costing the council £12,353. An additional £2,753 was spent on insurance, a grand total of £35,956.
 Well, money well spent if it saves one life, right?
...a council spokeswoman admitted it had not been used since it was bought.
“We acknowledge there has been a delay in using the drone,” she said.
“We have faced a number of difficulties mainly around licensing and, as a result, we are reviewing its future use.”
*grinds teeth*

Rights For Dogs On Canvey..?

Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, has weighed in on the debate ahead of a council meeting next week – where councillors are recommended to approve an order to keep dogs on leads on beaches between April 1 and September 30.
It's a growing concern.
Last time only 11 per cent out of 731 people who responded backed a ban.
This time more were in favour of a ban or use of leads than not – although responses were down to 285.
The ones who didn't respond were probably fed up with the council's lack of action...
The charity’s letter read: “...the Dogs Trust would urge the council to consider the Animal Welfare Act 2006, that include the dog’s need to exhibit normal behaviour patters (sic) – this includes the need for sufficient exercise, including the need to run off lead.
With phone calls often being made to the RSPCA and police alterting (sic) to dogs being left in hot cars in coastal areas, we would urge you to consider the danger animals may be put in, and the difficult desicions (sic, again) owners have to make, by not being allowed to take their dogs onto the beach. Dogs Trust would encourage looking into a compromise between beach goers and dog owners, e.g allowing dogs onto the beach in the evenings or early mornings.”
What sort of country puts the 'rights' of animals above the rights of its taxpayers?

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Well, This Is Refreshing!

To many in an older generation, the rise of esports rings alarm bells. Reports of children spending an unhealthy amount of time and money on games have become commonplace. Even Prince Harry offered rare public criticism earlier this year. “That game [Fornite] shouldn’t be allowed,” he said. “It’s created to addict, an addiction to keep you in front of a computer for as long as possible. It’s so irresponsible.”
Oh, great! Another demonising of gaming coming up, courtesy of the dear old Grauniad...

But wait!
Yet while fears around the rise of esports abound, in bedrooms and internet cafes around the world games such as League of Legends, Dota 2 and Fortnite have become a cultural phenomenon, bringing young people from different regions and religions together and bridging divides. Slang, inside jokes and dance moves flow out of them as if they were a proto-society.
Their popularity may be about to eclipse traditional sports, but they actually perform a surprisingly similar function, for a younger age group, to the one fulfilled by football terraces for their parents and grandparents. Because what draws us to these games isn’t the need to feed a compulsion. In most cases, it’s kinship – a very ancient and tribal desire to be part of a group, and one that forms the basis of any team sport.
Well, well, well!

There are detractors, usually of the 'waah! big corporations!' type, but mostly, it's overall a positive article. I guess every blind squirrel does find an acorn...

Beware The Wrath Of The Pensioners!

An 85-year-old woman who was threatened with police at a Croydon Council meeting has spoken out about the upsetting experience.
“When the councillors voted to approve the flats I stood up and said ‘excuse me I am the 85-year-old lady that lives there’ and when Toni Letts said ‘sit down madam’, I said ‘no I won’t, because I have no-one to speak for me so I am going to say my piece’.
“I think I got angry when she said ‘I am getting angry now’.
“I thought, ‘you’re angry? I am angry, it’s my home’.”
Of course it's your home. It's never going to be Toni's, is it?
On Tuesday (October 1) Paul wrote to complain to the council on behalf of his mother and says that since then he has been told the incident would be referred to the council’s ethics committee.
I expect the commentariat is rather unsympathetic, as they often tend to be.

But wait!

Still, could be worse

This could get interesting!

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

This Is Why There's Widespread Contempt For The Justice System

At the age of 12, Lewis Graham entered a woman’s house in Westcliff and threw paint over her carpet, causing £400 worth of damage, and spelt out his first name with the paint.
He left the paint pot he used in the woman’s kitchen. However, police did not pick up Graham until this year - a full decade after he caused the damage.
Well, those wheels of justice might grind slowly, but they do grind after all...
Graham, now 22, was asked by police to come in for a voluntary interview earlier this year, which he accepted, and during the interview admitted to causing the damage.
Police issued him with a caution and instructed him to go on a victim awareness course and pay £80 in costs.
Paltry. But this little swine thought even that was too harsh!
However, yesterday, Southend Magistrates’ Court heard Graham believed this to be “stupid”, because the offence was so long ago, and chose not to attend the course, resulting in police then officially charging him with criminal damage to property valued under £5,000.
Penny Simons, mitigating, said: “The defendant told police that he did carry out this damage when he was 12, he could just about remember it. He said it was a stupid, idiotic and childish thing to do.
“But he thought the whole thing was stupid and made the decision not to do the course, as this had been left and left for so many years.”
Ms Simons argued that Graham should have a complete discharge of the crime due to the amount of time it has taken to reach court.
Surely that won't...?

The magistrates bench chose to give Graham a conditional discharge for six months, meaning if he commits a crime during that time he will be punished for that and the carpet damage.
This means he received a lesser sentence than he originally got from the police.

Well, The Trouble Is, There's A Lot That Would!

The Royal Parks has issued a warning to parents asking them to stop putting children in harm’s way by posing with deer during rutting season.
In 2018, a girl took a picture next to a rutting stag and was injured in Bushy Park and in 2017, someone was injured and hospitalised after suffering injuries from a male deer in Richmond Park.
Adam Curtis, the Assistant Park Manager for Richmond Park said: “These incidents almost exclusively happen when people ignore our 50-metre rule and get too close.
“You wouldn’t go on safari and take a selfie with a lion - the same logic should apply here.”
I think you show a touching faith in the ability of people like this to use logic that's just not borne out by the facts!
“My advice is to be inconspicuous, and if you want to see rutting deer in action then take binoculars.”
Don't be silly, Adam, you can't get a selfie with binoculars!

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

We Should Start By Calling It What It Is...

...not 'bullying'. Assault:

Jake was out of school for three months and the bullies were expelled after the two attacks which happened on consecutive days.
Just expelled? Where was the police action? Why are they not facing criminal charges?

Answer: because calling it 'bullying' conjures up pictures of childish petty squabbles. What this child suffered was Actual Bodily Harm.

And it should have been treated as such, not dismissed with bureaucratic waffle:
A spokesman for the de Ferrers Academy, where Jake was a pupil at the time of the attack, said: 'The academy has a range of strategies in place to minimise bullying and clear procedures to address it should it occur.
'We operate an entirely non-teaching support and guidance structure to ensure that pastoral staff are always available should a student need to report an issue.
'This is supplemented by inclusion centres on each campus and staff who provide counselling, should the need arise.
'As part of our safeguarding review with the local authority, we have also introduced an email student helpline for bullying which guarantees a response within the day.
'All bullying incidents are recorded and reported to the local governing body.'
Such a lot of meaningless guff, amounting to 'Yes, well, we've ticked all the boxes, what more do you expect?'...

Trolling Level: Expert!

Well done, Southend Council!

On the day designated to draw attention to the needs of homeless people and ways those in need of help can be supported locally Southend Council left notes on belongings giving a deadline for them to be moved or they would be thrown out.
Because of another of the plethora of 'named days' that plague us now, all normal action should stop?

Who could possibly...

Oh. Right.
Zoey Smith, 35, co-founder of One Love Soup Kitchen in Southend said: “I think what the council is doing is disgusting and makes me so angry.”
*rolls eyes*
“These people need help and support.
“Two hours is not long enough for people to move their items and is completely inappropriate.”
So offer them space to put their stuff in your soup kitchen, Zoe.
“I know last year we had reports the council was removing tents and we made a fuss and the council started treating homeless people better.
Our volunteers are also very angry about what has happened.”
Not as angry as shoppers who now have to sidestep even more of these drunk & drug-addicted parasites that seem to infest every square mile of Southend, thanks to do-gooders like you and HARP...
A spokesman for Southend Council said: “It is probably most important to stress that we work very hard to prevent people from becoming homeless in the first instance, and once homeless do all we can to provide accommodation.
“Unattended items being left in public areas has been an issue for the borough for some time and needed addressing, for a number of reasons, including safety and security.
“We keep smaller items, including bags and personal belongings for 72 hours, giving the owners time to collect them. We unfortunately cannot store larger items.”
Over to you then, Zoe, and your army of volunteers. Let's see you doing something useful, for once.

Monday, 21 October 2019

Sounds About Right...

Also the fitness of Andy Ford and the impeccable morals of Fiona Onasanya...
The wife of former England footballer Wayne Rooney claimed someone using Rebekah Vardy's Instagram account had been leaking stories about her.
She shared how she came to find out about the scheme on social media.
In a tweet, Essex Police suggested those with similar abilities consider joining its fast-track detective scheme.
Social media is the most deadly threat the police face. By which I mean, letting any of them get their hands on a Twitter account!

Mistakes Happen, Yes...

..but what's the real reason for this?
The force said it would not be issuing an apology.
Hmmm, for what, exactly?
Jamie Cole-McCue, 44 spoke of his “total shock” when officers surrounded his car and levelled what he thought were machine guns at him and his girlfriend.
He said the armed response officers forced him to the ground yesterday morning outside the supermarket in Arundel Road, Brighton, believing he had a firearm in his car.
“About four officers armed with guns charged out and surrounded the car on either side. They pointed the guns at our heads and screamed ‘stop the car or we’ll shoot’.
“They pulled me out of the car, knocked me to the floor so my belly was on the ground and cuffed me. All the time their guns were pointed at my head. I’d done nothing wrong. I’m still in total shock.”
Mr Cole-McCue, who lives in Brighton, said the officers searched the car for guns – but found only the couple’s two poodles in the back.
Anyone else find it a bit odd that the police are adamant they won't issue an apology?

Sunday, 20 October 2019

"Have you tried rebooting the system..?"

No MSM or local newspaper mishaps or misspellings this week, but have a video instead:


Normal service will hopefully be resumed next week.

Sunday Funnies...

To be fair, they all sound improbable...

Saturday, 19 October 2019

It's Schrödinger's Suspect!

He's either dead or alive, depending on whether you open Gwent Police files or not!
A police force which wrongly assumed the prime suspect in one of Britain’s greatest political scandals was dead has made the same blunder again.
Gwent Police first declared two years ago that Andrew Newton was ‘deceased’ following an investigation into the plot to kill Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe’s ex-lover, Norman Scott.
But they faced embarrassment when The Mail on Sunday discovered Newton, 72, living under an alias in Surrey. Detectives were forced to admit their error and rushed to the house, only to find he had vanished.

Gwent Police hot on the trail... 

OOps! Still, they are keen to 'learn lessons' in these instances, aren't they?
Now, in response to a formal complaint from a former Cabinet Minister about their ‘inept’ handling of the case, police have repeated their astonishing mistake.
After a six-month probe, Gwent’s Professional Standards Department rejected the complaint, saying in a letter: ‘Many key individuals are now deceased, including Andrew Newton.’
But laughing off the claim, Newton’s former girlfriend Patsy Frankham insisted yesterday: ‘He is alive and well.’
And last night, Mr Scott, 79, said: ‘How can I have any confidence that this investigation has been taken seriously? It’s as though justice is some kind of game.’
If it is a game, Gwent Police are playing without any dice or a board...

They Always Turn On You....

...even when you grovel, abase yourself and award them undeserved honours and titles:
Personally, I wouldn't piss on Doreen Lawrence (she's no lady) if she was on fire.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

A Statistic....

...I have now become one. A crime statistic, that is.

Last night, I decided, coming out of my local Tube, as a bus was just pulling in, to take the short ride one stop closer to my house. Why not? It was raining, and it wouldn't cost me anything.

And in the heaving queue, I felt something bump my bag. I reflexively checked it - all OK, and got on the bug. In the instant between getting my pass out to flash at the driver and putting it back, another bump. This time when I went to put my pass away, I thought something felt wrong. Stupidly, I saw 'Where's my phone!?' And a man standing by the bus door said 'That Romanian kid took it' and pointed (to what? I could see nothing..) and before I could do or say anything else, the bus driver - who would have heard all this, and said and did nothing, shut the doors and drove off.

So, passwords all changed, crime report made (Oooh, I have a crime number!), service provider aware, new SIM on the way, new phone to buy and set up, and that's that. Just another story of London crime. No biggie, right? Just move on. It's not like it had sentimental value, right?

But now I'll never feel quite the same about crowds and bus queues again. I'll regard anyone standing too close with suspicion.

And I thought I loathed and despised crime and criminals before this. Now, there's nothing so violent, so abhorrent, that I'd consider it too extreme a punishment. Sharia law? BRING...IT....ON!

Blogging and Tweeting will be light for a few days.

Monday, 14 October 2019

He's Seen One Person A Lot, Though....

A man was found with a gas-powered gun, cannabis and £9,000 cash in bags after he was spotted getting into a car by police.
Jamie Cunningham was seen getting into a Vauxhall Astra after leaving a house belonging to a 'Mr Holden' in Blackburn that drugs officers were keeping a close eye on.
Isobel Thomas, defending, said her client had a lesser role in the overall operation. She said her client had mental health problems and described himself as an 'emotional wreck'.
She said: "The main thing that keeps him going is his four-year-old daughter, she lives in Ireland, she spends time with him in the holidays.
"He does not go out much or see many people, he lives fairly isolated existence."
Really? I wonder wh...

Ah! Clearly, the one person he does see a lot of is the local tattooist!
Recorder Killeen said: "You took the bag away for him (Mr Holden), intending to make sure any police did not get it.
"There was no evidence of drug texting on your phone, no evidence to say you were dealing.
"I have taken the view that there is significant mitigation and a serious prospect of rehabilitation."
You've got to be kidding!