Thursday, 28 November 2019

I Thought Labour Were Against Hunting..?

Yet here they are, attempting to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds...
Labour has said that it will preserve women-only spaces where such treatment “is justified”, amid an internal rift over its policy towards trans people.
The clarification from the party came after women’s rights activists accused the party of backsliding on its manifesto commitment to retaining “single-sex-based exemptions”. They said the exemptions were necessary to ensure that services such as refuges, prisons and changing rooms would not have to be open to people who self-identify as female, as well as those born female.
Confusion emerged after Labour’s equalities spokeswoman, Dawn Butler, attacked what she described as outdated legal measures designed to protect single-sex facilities. She said there was “no way [that] spaces will be permitted to discriminate against trans people”.
I guess she didn't get the memo. Or, like her fellow MP, is too thick to understand it.

Me, I'm ordering more popcorn!


Ted Treen said...

Oh boy: The delight in watching the left kow-towing to its favoured minorities, then being so tied up because some of these minorities are viscerally and diametrically opposed to each other cannot be underestimated. Schadenfreude in spades! Keep it coming, Jeremy.

JuliaM said...

I know! I'm fast running out of popcorn!