Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Chief Amongst Them Being Their Parentage...

Philip Tully, defending, said his client's benefits were reduced and she was "struggling to make ends meet and provide for her five children".
He said some of Rooney's children had difficulties and she "experienced a very difficult childhood and was a victim of crime herself".
Victim, perpetrator, what's the difference, eh, Phil?
Judge Murray told Rooney: "You committed very serious offences and caused misery to a number of elderly and vulnerable people.
"You've got a terrible record and for these offences, immediate imprisonment is richly deserved."
Yeah. There's a 'But...' coming. You knew that, right?
"On the other hand, you're a single parent with responsibility for five children and you've been out of trouble for six years.
"The author of the pre-sentence report says you're a good prospect for rehabilitation. At this stage, I'm just not sure about that."
But you're going to take the chance anyway. It's unlikely to be your elderly relatives targeted, after all.

I doubt they live in the sort of areas preyed on by this useless waste of oxygen, after all...
"Although you've been out of trouble for six years, this was a three-month period of planned and sustained activity, targeting vulnerable people."
The judge said in order to contemplate sparing Rooney jail, he needed more evidence, so deferred passing sentence.
If you don't already have enough, I'm not sure what more would help...

H/T: SmallThunderdog via Twitter


MTG1 said...

'42 previous convictions for 101 offences, including 62 matters of theft.'

Doing nothing, the State is again proved negligent by leaving more elderly to the mercy of this lawless animal and five children to its 'care' and example.

At least five more clones will boost the joint income...but who am I to judge?

Just Trevor said...

'42 previous convictions for 101 offences', which will obviously be just a fraction of the crime she has actually committed. But she has a well-used uterus, so she gets a pass.

Ted Treen said...

"'ve been out of trouble for six years..." - i.e. you've had a six-year run of not getting caught.

JuliaM said...

"Doing nothing, the State is again proved negligent..."

For once, I'm in agreement.

"...just a fraction of the crime she has actually committed."

Yes, sadly.