Saturday, 9 November 2019

Compare And Contrast...

Chief Scout Bear Grylls, who lent his support to the Foundation, said Jodie was 'one of our brightest and best'.
Grylls wrote: 'She put everything into life and her dedication to her friends, her family, to Scouts and her community was incredible.
'When she represented us at the Royal Albert Hall at the Annual Festival of Remembrance, we could not have hoped for a better ambassador for the movement. Now's it's our turn to remember her.'
A worthy member of society. Robbed of her young life by utter filth:
Ong-a-Kwie, whose mother is from Suriname in South America and whose father is Belgian, revelled in his 'tough guy' image, using social media to publicly feud with rivals coming onto his turf in Romford, East London.
The other defendant convicted of Jodie's murder had a difficult upbringing too. He was taken into care at a young age after his mother suffered from mental illness and was unable to cope.
The unnamed youth told his Old Bailey trial he did not know his own date of birth or the identity of his father.
Whatever their sentence, it won't be enough. We need the death penalty back. We should not be forced to tolerate these 'people' any longer...


Anonymous said...

And the two other scumbags involved in this joint enterprise.

The main perpetrator didn't look much like my mental picture of a Brit.

Anonymous said...

If he doesn't know his date of convenient that he's 17. He will get a much shorter sentence than the other scum. Like all the other "children " that sneak in here with full beards. And that's just the women!

Ted Treen said...

"he did not know...the identity of his father."

A common denominator amongst these lowlifes.