Friday, 1 November 2019

There's Nothing 'Baffling' About This At All....

...we all know they look after their own:
Coopey, who lives with his parents in a £1 million house in Ascot, has shown no remorse.
Rather than apologising when he appeared in court earlier this year, he complained about how the crash ‘really has affected my mental well-being’.
Utter, utter scum.
The teenager’s father is a sergeant in the Metropolitan Police and his mother worked for many years as a schools liaison constable working with pupils in London.
Coopey had five previous convictions for drugs offences, robbery and common assault by the time he turned 18 earlier this year.
You'd think they'd hang their heads in shame, but they clearly have no remorse for the actions of their offspring either.
Approached for comment, Coopey’s mother said: ‘We don’t do trial by newspaper.’
You might not, but it's going to happen anyway.
Coopey is due to be sentenced on Tuesday for driving while disqualified and not having insurance in October last year while he was awaiting trial for the drug driving charge connected with the men’s death.
Ironically, he could face jail for ignoring the ban on getting behind the wheel.
If it was getting behind the wheel of his father's car, shouldn't the father also be done as an accessory?

I bet he would be, if he wasn't a cop...


MTG said...

Corruption has deeply inflitrated every orifice of Plod. Like a destructive and resistant syphillis, it is also congenital.

Anonymous said...

Bloody awful parents. Trial by newspaper? Bet the feckers would if the complaint was some OAP who used the N word.

Anonymous said...

I just read the article again. What bloody copper lives in a £1M house and has a £35k sports car?

Answer: one (or two) that have independent sources of income (probably). 'Nuff said.

Ted Treen said...

Funny handshakes and/or Common Purpose class reunions involved probably...

Nemisis said...

A million pound house - not difficult if they bought it 25 years ago with two paychecks to support the mortgage.

Just as well that the father "lent" him the car otherwse it would have been TWOC and driving whilst uninsured as well! More concerning than the value of the house is how they could aford the insurance premium for young Max to drive such a powerful car especially if he had a criminal record.

Pity that the parents didn't teach their child about "responsibility"

Anonymous said...

If the obnoxious sh*thead used his father's car, then the father may have given his son implied permission to use the car, and he should then be charged with aiding and abetting. If the car was taken without his father's permission, then the son should also be charged with unlawful taking of a motor vehicle after the father has made a statement of allegation. If the father refuses to make that statement, then the first option applies.
Perhaps the Police have forgotten, or are ignoring, the 'without fear or favour' part of the Peelian Principles.
The whole situation is disgraceful and I hope the boy goes down for a substantial period and the father be investigated by Complaints and Discipline.

Anonymous said...

Where do I start on this?
Firstly I don't know this couple before I get accused of that.
2) Police and their relatives do not get an easy ride from the courts. Everyone does. You constantly post on here about soft sentences and it annoys me as much as you. Police officers get punished harder than the public due to our jobs.
3) This person is scum I agree and his parents must take some responsibility.
4) Million pound house? Not unusual in London. You are inferring they are corrupt because they have a nice house and car. They could have bought the house years ago and improved it. They could have inherited money. The car may be on HP. If you are accusing them of taking bribes then man up and do it to their faces and see what happens.
5) The son drove whilst disqualified and you are saying the Dad should be prosecuted. Explain how that would happen instead of making knee-jerk accusations. I'm all ears.
Come on down Melvin, your turn to make massive generalisations without any proof.

Anonymous said...

Not certain what your length of service is, but when I became a Police officer, you had to live within 12 miles of your Police station so you could report for the various shifts. Either a Police house was provided for married officers or, if they bought their own house, a rent allowance was paid. Two married officers, living in the same house would each receive the rent allowance. As the Met was/is paid a lot more than county forces, it is reasonable to assume the rent allowance was also higher, thus allowing a more expensive property to be bought.
2) The Police officer is not being prosecuted (yet). His son is/was, so the level of punishment has nothing to do with being a Police officer.
5) Already covered in my comment above. Both as a Police officer and a father, he would have known his son was banned from driving. So, either he allowed a banned driver to use his car and so is complicit in the offence. Or, he did not give his banned son permission to use his car, in which case he is the victim of a taking a vehicle without consent, in which case he must make a victim's statement of allegation. If he fails to do so, he is not only failing to perform his duty as a Police officer but failing to assist the Police in the investigation of a crime.
I have come across situations like this in my service and have prosecuted parents for failing or refusing to report a crime simply because the offender was one of their children. In every case, the courts found against them, leaving more members of the family with a criminal record, and I was more than happy to do that.
You have to agree with those Peelian Principles when you become a Police officer and anyone ignoring those principles is not worthy of holding or retaining that position as an officer of the Crown.

Anonymous said...

Not defending the parents. If they've done wrong they should be dealt with but I was telling the policing experts on here to put up or shut up.
I've been in over 30 years. The rule then was 25 miles as the crow flies from Charing Cross. Now you can live anywhere. A PC on my team a few years ago lived in Malaga and did compressed hours.

PC Watt du Wino said...

I av been saying it for years, our fed should standardise bribes across the country. How can it be fare for Southern coppers to live the life of Riley, charging up to £500 for loosing breatheliser samples wen we as to settle for £50 in Rotherham? It cant be right wen we get more from the Asians for ignoreing rape complaints.

JuliaM said...

"Bloody awful parents. Trial by newspaper? Bet the feckers would if the complaint was some OAP who used the N word."

The more I read about this case, the more disturbing it gets. The little {censored} has now appealed!

"A million pound house - not difficult if they bought it 25 years ago with two paychecks to support the mortgage."

It's a possibility. Nice to see they knew the areas to avoid back then...

"The son drove whilst disqualified and you are saying the Dad should be prosecuted. "

Are you suggesting he didn't know or suspect? How did he think the fruit of his diseased loins was getting around?