Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Oh, Really...?

Cllr Patel, who is Muslim, said: "I think he needs to be extremely careful with the words he uses on any platform within social media.
"It was absolutely abhorrent and does not reflect what most people in the country believe."
Gosh! What on earth did he say that was so controversial that a politician hundreds of miles away felt this?
Cllr Patel (@maspatel01) posted: "WoW: Johnson destroyed on BBC Question Time by hijab-wearing Politics teacher!
"'Why do we have a Prime Minister who gets away with inciting hate...who goes against our British values?'"
The Twitter account for the bar and restaurant, Spoken, in Exmouth, (@spokenexmouth) responded: "Want that then go to the Middle East!! Want to live in Britain then accept Britain for what it is!"
Cllr Patel posted in reply: "Want what exactly? And why should she or anyone 'go to the Middle east?'. Do you have a problem with people who dress differently?
"Come on let the hate flood out! You know you want to..."
Spoken responded: "It's not hate, it's not racism. British culture is the same as (say) Indian culture and each should be respected. What 'we' white British rather than immigrants, whether first or fifth generation think is that British culture is first in Britain."
Spoken continued: "Total opposite of a racist just putting a view across. Maybe one day what you think (of) as racists will be a minority that you'll defend (laughing emoji)"
Yes. Clearly, most people in this country won't agree. Or....will they?


Fahrenheit211 said...

Aha! Forest Gate in the once OK and racially mixed area of Newham where people once did their best to get on with one another as is the case in many other port and former port areas. It's now an Islamised crap hole where I would feel extremely unsafe wearing a Kippah on my head in the street.

bloke in Germany said...


Great point. I would love increased diversity around where I live, but it seems the meaning has changed over years to "MOAR Islam".

Anonymous said...

Why is it, that when Muslims blow people up, fly planes into buildings, and rape vulnerable children, these actions are not representative of the Islamic population, yet when some drunken idiot wraps a slice of bacon around the door of a mosque, it proves that all westerners hate Islam?

JuliaM said...

"It's now an Islamised crap hole ..."

Happy to say I've not been there in years. And have no intention to, either!

"...yet when some drunken idiot wraps a slice of bacon around the door of a mosque, it proves that all westerners hate Islam?"

Personally, I think it's a waste of good bacon!