Friday, 8 November 2019

At Last, A Judge With Sense!

Judge Peter Veits heard how Barnes had failed to honour a community resolution with the police to re-home, meaning the case was sent to court.
I bet the excuse was good!
Roger Lowther, defending, said Barnes had been looking after the dog for his son for the past 18 months and the dog would be returned to him in the course of time adding that Barnes did not ignore the community agreement but could not find anyone to take the dog.
Did he tell anyone that? I bet he didn't...
He also said the dog had build a fence to stop the dog getting out again.
However Judge Veits said Staffordshire Terriers are "by nature nasty and dangerous dogs" and it was "clearly out of control on that day".
He also said the fence was "not good enough" because the dog could easily jump over it.
I'm amazed he hasn't had to have police protection from fanatic Kennel Club activists!
Barnes was given a two-year conditional discharge and ordered to pay £100 compensation to Mrs Day and £106 in costs and charges. He also issued a contingent destruction order for the dog, stating that it must be muzzled at any time it is out in the garden or in public and must always be on a lead when it is in public. He also ordered Barnes to improve the fence within a month so that was six feet high, warning him that if he didn't do any of these things, the dog would be put to sleep.
Pity the owners can't be under a similar order...


Anonymous said...

In other news:

"At last. A Plod Charged With Murder!"

JuliaM said...

For, I suspect, all the wrong reasons. But we'll see...