Monday 21 May 2018

Beg To Differ, Your Honour!

Inquiries found the dog belonged to Suleman Halane, 22, from Hartlepool, and on the day of trial at Teesside Magistrates’ Court he admitted being the owner of a dog dangerously out of control.
He was banned from keeping animals for five years, given a 12-week curfew, a 12-month community order and ordered to pay £620 costs from his benefits.
Yes, it's that case.
Halane, who came to Hartlepool after being homeless in London, intended to breed from this dog and another Caucasian Shepherd called General, the court was told.
That dog has been taken in by the RSPCA but must also be put down due to its demeanour, the court heard.
Jesus wept, who'd buy animals like these?
The judge said the authorities ‘cannot be blamed in the least’ for how the case was handled.

Maybe the police can't, as I suspect they'd have been shooting this thing sooner or later.

But I think the DWP, HMRC & Home Office might be asked how a 22 year old man on benefits can afford to buy and keep two ferocious animals with the intention of turning them into a production line of ferocious animals for sale to....someone who needs ferocious animals.
Halane was said to come from a “troubled background” of gang culture in London but “kept away from it” and abstains from drugs and alcohol.
Probation added he was “extremely ashamed of himself and knows he shouldn’t have done it.”
John Relton, defending, said that Halane, of Baden Street, Hartlepool, had been the subject of some disdain in his local community for what he did.
Which 'local community'..?


James Higham said...

“Some disdain.”

Was the country once called England?

jack ketch said...

According to your the link to whatever local paper in your last post on this one, a Caucasian Shepherd can grow to 'the size of a small tiger'....which might be hyperbole, I'm not up tiger sizes,hell the last tiger i saw was on a cereal packet but the CS probably eat the amount a small tiger does a day. I assume also the things are not cheap to acquire in the first place? How does a single man on benefits afford it? I suspect some secondary income....

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the Police shot the wrong animal.

JuliaM said...

"Was the country once called England?"

Who could recognise it now?

"...which might be hyperbole, I'm not up tiger sizes..."

The Sumatran is the smallest. Males reach about 300-320lbs.

"How does a single man on benefits afford it?"

And yet, they always do, don't they?

"Unfortunately, the Police shot the wrong animal."

No, they shot the right one. They just didn't shoot them all!