Saturday 25 May 2024

Will We See The Return Of The Vesta Meal?

Or will modern ramen noodles take over? 

Families will today be urged to stockpile three days' worth of food and water to help build national 'resilience'.
Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden will advise people to make contingency plans for dealing with potential emergencies such as prolonged power cuts, cyber attacks and floods.

Blimey, that's a bit of a mixed bag! Luckily, I don't live in a flood area... 

Last year, Mr Dowden said people should stock up on 'analogue capabilities', such as candles, torches and wind-up radios, to boost their 'personal resilience'.

Thanks, 'Green' energy!  

Today he will go further by encouraging people to stock up with enough food and water to survive for three days without leaving their homes.

The next pandemic panic is going to be pretty short, then?  

Whitehall sources insisted that the plan was not designed to create a nation of US-style survivalists. One said Mr Dowden's intervention was not meant to be 'alarmist' and was simply 'common sense' advice.

Common really ain't so common anymore.  

There Was Once A Time...

...when hearing a man with a double-narrelled name had been shot, one would assume a tragic safari accident, or perhaps storming an enemy encampment at the head of an army brigade.

No longer:

Detectives have arrested a man on suspicion of murder after Jazmel Patterson-Low was gunned down in Lambeth. A 25-year-old man has been detained in south London after Jazmel Patterson-Low, 26, was shot on the Westbury Estate around 2am on Saturday and died in hospital. The suspect has been remanded in custody, Metropolitan Police said on Tuesday. Mr Patterson-Low suffered a single gunshot wound in Rule Street and was dropped at Thomas’s Hospital in a private car, but later died.

By fellow thugs, no doubt. Nice of them to spare the paramedics a trip. 

Detective Inspector Martin Thorpe, Specialist Crime, leads the investigation and said:“We know there was a group of around 40 people gathered in and around St Rule Street on Friday evening and the early hours of Saturday morning.

A group of people with no discernable appearance?  

Several people have come forward to provide information and I am extremely grateful to them. “However, I am certain there are other people who will know what happened in St Rule Street and who was responsible for the shooting.

 Well, undoubtedly! 

I urge them to come forward and share that information.

Dream on, Marty old boy.  

Friday 24 May 2024

Impose All The 'Special Conduct Requirements' You Want... won't stop its behaviour:
A transgender sex offender was caught with three vulnerable children locked in a house, a court heard yesterday. Police had to break down Ryan Scott's door after neighbours reported seeing three youngsters enter his home. By the time they got in, he had engaged in sexual activity with a girl aged 14.

Reader, that should perhaps read 'another girl', for it could be that she is a girl, though it's always hard to know with these stories... 

Scott, 21, was convicted of a similar offence as a female called Coral Scott last year. At those proceedings, the accused was understood to be identifying as female in prison.

Ah. Clarification. Identifying as one since that's exactly what she was born as, and always will be.  

Yesterday, at Dundee Sheriff Court, Scott admitted engaging in sexual activity with a 14-year-old girl on April 9 last year. Sheriff Paul Brown imposed two special 'conduct requirements' prohibiting contact with under-16s without permission and 'reporting any intimate relationship to the supervising officer'.

An exercise in total futility since it's already shown no intention to co-operate. 

One month before the latest offence took place, Coral Scott was banned at the same court from starting any new relationship without special permission.She was banned from having unsupervised contact with any child under the age of 16, but was allowed to walk free from court after a sheriff said the time spent on remand would count as the punishment.

The authorities cannot deal with 'ordinary' male peadophiles, so why they think they can ever handle this bag of crazy, god only knows.  

Scott, who was most recently being held in Polmont, was placed on the sex offenders' register and under social work supervision for three years.During that case, the court heard Scott lured a schoolgirl to a flat to engage in sexual activity on Valentine's Day, despite knowing she was 14. Scott, who was born female, then tried to pervert the course of justice by issuing death threats to the schoolgirl.

Of course, why not? Break one law and get away with it, and you might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb. But because of the trans cult aspects of this, even the victims can't avoid playing into the warped fantasy of the perpetrator:

The victim's mother, 33, said: 'It broke our hearts to see what this monster had done to our little girl. It destroyed our beautiful daughter. She was a child and whether he was a man or a woman, this was an adult preying on a child.'

She was a woman. That's clear.  

The Jesuits Were Right...

A nursery in Petts Wood has received its second 'Outstanding' rating from Ofsted, with the watchdog praising it as a place where children can "celebrate their uniqueness".
Inspectors found that the Petts Wood nursery staff teach children about diversity in "inspirational ways", with cultural, physical, and social differences being a daily part of learning.

How else to ensure your ideology flourishes, but to target the kiddies?  And when you've got them, make sure you keep them: 

Varndean College in Surrenden Road, Brighton, was praised by inspectors for its "vibrant and highly inclusive culture" which helps "students flourish".Inspectors also found that the students are respectful towards each other and "embrace diversity".

Until real life intervenes to teach them otherwise.  

Thursday 23 May 2024

I'm Moving To Nottinghamshire When I Retire!

Because the place must be a crime-free paradise!
A retired teacher was threatened with criminal action after fallen leaves were allegedly blown onto her neighbour's drive. Lorraine Perro, 66, was visited by officers from Nottinghamshire Police who said her garden waste constituted antisocial behaviour and handed her a Community Protection Warning. Ms Perro was left so intimidated by the warning she erected netting on her property to catch any fallen leaves and bark.

Well, it seems harsh, but if her trees are causing a nuis...


She claimed the source of the waste is fallen leaves from trees on nearby parkland that she doesn't own.

And so she's rightly annoyed.  

Ms Perro accused Nottinghamshire Police of overstepping their powers, adding it had infringed on her liberties.
She said: 'I have no convictions and this has caused me major distress.
'We have a park area where the trees blow on to my drive and my neighbours' drives. But I'm told by the police that I am responsible.
'I asked why the police didn't give warnings to the squirrels and birds as well – the wind blows the leaves around.
'I have had to put a net up to prevent leaves being blown about. I feel terribly intimidated by this.
'My rights and freedoms are affected, as it ignores my right to have my garden the way that I want it.
'You are treated as a culprit, as if you have done something wrong and not given a chance to respond or defend yourself.
'I am sure the public would like to see a better use of police time and resources in preventing serious crime.'

Yes indeed, particularly fare dodging. But stroppy urban chip-on-shoulder customers on buses put up more of a fight than retired old ladies.  

Nottinghamshire Police have denied fallen leaves could be covered by the warning.

And now the neighbours who complained to bring about this have waded in to say this isn't about leaves at all

The squabbling neighbours live in near identical red brick detached homes in the leafy Nottinghamshire suburb of Eastwood. Neither the lone householder nor the couple are allowed to talk to one another or communicate in any way after signing police 'keep the peace' orders.But matters have escalated in recent weeks after the Amos's accused their neighbour - through their local community officer - of keeping an untidy front and garden with leaves and bark chippings blowing onto their drive and over their rear lawn. They also claimed her 'inconsiderate parking' meant their own car was blocked in their small drive.

Another case of people who don't get on escalating things, then? But is this really a job for police action? 

Mr Amos, 74, a retired classic car sales manager, said: 'She deserves that warning. She is the neighbour from hell.
'We've lived here for 47 years and she has made our lives hell for the past 23 years.
'She's crazy and she continues to invade our privacy and doing annoying things which are driving us mad.'
His wife, a retired customer services advisor for an insurance company, fumed: 'She's a nasty, horrible woman and we just want her to leave us alone.
'We want a quiet life, and we don't need the hassle, but we can't with her next door. She's a total nutter and I just ignore her.
'I'm glad police have given her that a warning, they had every right and it's about time, but I doubt it will stop her carryings on.'

This isn't a job for the police, this is something only an estate agent can solve. If these people can't live together one of them should move. But it's yet another indication of how the police are happy to wade in on things like this, but run a mile when confronted with organised pushback that could be considered 'racially charged'. 

Yesterday's Unexpected But Very Welcome News...

So there I was yesterday afternoon, having caught up with work as court wasn't sitting, relaxing and browsing Twitter, when some monumental news, long awaited but never sure if it would ever happen, suddenly dropped to gladden the heart of your host...

What? No! Not that news!

This news! 

Finally, an Indian map, and the chance to hunt the biggest of big game. 

I know how Kier Starmer must feel this morning...

Wednesday 22 May 2024

"And When 'Just Stop Oil' Nutters Target It..."

 "'s red paint proof!" 

I think it's hideous. You, Reader? 

"A reasonable teenager would know this behavior is unacceptable..."

 "...but this is Florida!"

A Florida man who was attempting to become a cop wound up in jail himself due to his admission during the hiring process - where he revealed he had committed sexual assaults against a nine-year-old girl.

Not for nothing is the term 'Florida man' a byword for idiocy on the grandest scale possible... 

Stephen Roland Bodley, 26, seriously incriminated himself during a 2021 interview with the Apopka Police Department, in which he admitted to behavior that led to a felony conviction at trial in Orange County, Florida last week.
Bodley was convicted of committing sexual battery of a child under the age of 12 when the defendant was not yet 18.

I alway say 'the police only catch the dumb ones' but even I never envisaged this scenario!  

Tuesday 21 May 2024

I Knew I'd Be Wrong...

As someone who has been hard of hearing since I was a teenager, I read with great interest about the case of Opal Sandy – the 18-month-old British toddler who has recently had her hearing “restored” in a pioneering medical trial.
I tweeted about this story when the news first broke.

Of course, I was proved wrong
It’s fantastic news that this little girl can now hear. She will no longer have to go through the negative situations that people with hearing loss often face. She won’t experience being self-conscious about her hearing, as I did as an adolescent, nor the difficulties of meeting new people, such as having to ask them to repeat themselves again and again. She won’t miss out on job progression because of her hearing loss. What is often required to get on in a company – overt participation in meetings, receiving verbal instructions and engaging with clients – are all affected by hearing loss. The impact that this will have on her life is tremendous.

So, it is an unalloyed good thing?  

Opal’s case is something to be celebrated. But it doesn’t have the profound ramifications for all deaf people that some hearing people might assume. It’s important to note that every case is different, and hers is very specific. This treatment is only applicable to a particular and rare type of deafness, meaning that its implications are not as widespread as some headlines might suggest.

So your objection is because this won't help enough deaf people? Oh no, Reader, we've come up against this phenomenon before, haven't we? It's the 'deaf culture' nonsense again...

But what might worry deaf people more is the discussion around Opal’s treatment. Prof Manohar Bance, the chief investigator for the trial, has used words such as “normal” and “cure”. There has been talk of deaf people being “given hope”. For some in the deaf community, words like these can be insulting. They suggest that people with hearing loss are hopelessly and aimlessly wandering through life, waiting for a magic wand that will cure them. Word choices like this make deaf people feel endangered.

Imagine feeling 'endangered' by a medical procedure that no-one will force you to take. That you can opt to 'spare' your disabled child from and no-one will find that surprising or demand that you rethink. 

Because make no mistake, being deaf IS a disability. Humans are meant to have five working senses, just as they are meant to have four working limbs.  

They don’t acknowledge that deafness is not a disease or that deaf people are not abnormal – we are most often happy, successful and thriving individuals, and make up a community with a language and culture we’re proud of. None of that needs to be “cured”.

Isn't it strange that there doesn't appear to exist a similar 'blind culture'? I wonder why. 

And I Predict It Won't Be The Last...

The incident is thought to be the first fatal attack involving registered XL Bully dogs since fresh restrictions on the breed came into force on February 1.
Waking up to this news this morning, that was my first thought. 

My second being 'Hornchurch!' because I know the area well, and though like any East London area, there are nicer roads and what can be described as less-nice roads, most areas there are definitely in the former camp. And this area was close to Emerson Park, where houses over £1m are often on the market. 

It's not the sort of place where you'd expect to find the sort of people who normally own these breeds living...
One person told The Mirror that police had not killed the dogs involved, and had instead 'taken them away'.

That's utterly mindboggling. Why? 

Speaking about today's incident, a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said: 'A woman in her 50s has died after an incident inside a house in Hornchurch. 'Police were called to Cornwall Close around 1.12pm on Monday, May 20, to reports of a woman attacked by a dog.
'The woman was treated by medics from London Ambulance Service, but sadly she was pronounced dead at the scene.
'Due to the threat posed, armed officers attended. After assessing the situation, officers were able to safely seize two dogs.
'These were registered XL Bully dogs and prior to officers' arrival had been contained inside a room in the house. They did not leave the house at any time during the incident.
'The family of the woman, who was the owner of the dogs, are being supported by officers.'

What evidential value do live dogs have to the investigation? When set against the threat they pose to the vet techs, kennel workers and police that will have to handle them until a judge hands down a destruction order?