Thursday, 19 May 2022

I Know The Answer, Mark...

I made a mistake and because of it, on Wednesday 18 May, I will be put on a Home Office deportation flight to the country of my birth and torn apart from my five British children and my family.

Gosh, what sort of 'mistake'..? 

Did you tick the wrong box on a government form? I mean, yes, those things can be tricky... 

I came to the UK in 2000 at the age of 21. In 2017, I received a four-year sentence for growing cannabis plants.

Oh. You're a drug dealer.  

I hold my hands up, I did something wrong, I served two years of that sentence, and would never do anything like that again. I have not committed any further offences. But this government does not accept that people like me deserve a second chance. One mistake and my life and my future have been shattered for ever.

Welp, those are the rules! Why should we keep you here when we don't have to? 

I’m a parent; my two youngest children are eight and 10.

And the other three? You claim to have started growing cannabis because of a 'financial crisis' - I'm betting it wasn't child support!

If I am forced on to the plane I know my life will be at risk in the country of my birth. I will be looking over my shoulder 24/7.

Just like natives of this country have to do in certain areas, eh, Mark? 

Another Test For The Hants PCC?

Dozens of travellers have set up camp on a village green ahead of the Wickham Horse Fair.
A group of around 20 caravans appeared at Shedfield Common near Wickham yesterday afternoon. Residents said the travellers ripped up wooden posts in order to gain access to the field.
Ooh, let me guess, the cops on the ground will claim there's no evidence the travellers did it? Well, what will you do now, Donna?
Officers attended the encampment at around 4.45pm to "assess" the situation and said they are working we (sic) the landowner to find a suitable solution.

Will that include booting them off by force? Checking every caravan and car is taxed and MOT'd? Checking the welfare of every animal and ensuring all horses are numbered? 

After organisers reached an agreement with the Hampshire Constabulary, a ‘small symbolic event’ was authorised to take place last year in lieu of the cancellation.
However, residents and business owners were left frustrated as scores of travellers and their horses descended on the Hampshire village - forcing police to close multiple roads.

So, you reach an agreement, one side then blatently disregards it try and reach another? What's the definition of insanity again? 

Despite the disruption, the fair has received the go-ahead for a full return, with organisers confirming it will take place on Friday, May 20 this year.

Watch this space! 

H/T: i.r.jackson via email

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

How Can They Sleep At Night?

Greater Manchester Police's Professional Standards Branch has referred the incident for review by the Independent Office for Police Conduct, due to previous contact.
Yes, this is the case of the three year old boy tragically mauled to death by out of control dogs...which were already known to the police.
Hairdresser Kia Walker, who was just 17 at the time, said dogs ran out of a house and charged at her.
Ms Walker, now 19, told MailOnline: 'I didn't drop the investigation. I was told there wasn't enough evidence. 'I asked if there was anything else they could do and they said no because there wasn't enough evidence.'

The image of her wound is so horrific it has to be blurred out...but it's apparently not 'evidence'.

A relative added: 'The dogs have charged towards her and ripped her arm. She used to go walking all the time but now she doesn't. It was taken to court but then for some reason it got dropped and nothing was ever done with it.
'The incident happened on April 10 last year and another woman posted online she too had been set upon in the same spot.
She said: 'Absolutely heartbreaking. I knew this would happen one day. 'The police are useless. I was attacked by one of this man's dogs. I couldn't walk for over a month. 'The police did nothing. No further action letter I got. There were numerous times people have been bitten off different dogs up there. That poor little boy.'

Why would police not take action, or begin to take action and then drop it? 

Inside they discovered around £50,000 worth of farm and building machinery, which officers believed to be stolen, as well as two dogs that have been taken into care by the RSPCA.

Ah. I think we all know what we're dealing with here, don't we? 

GMP Assistant Chief Constable Scott Green said: 'It goes without saying that this news will have had an impact on the community. I can reassure members of the public...


...that any criminal offences identified by our enquiries in relation to this incident will be dealt with accordingly by ourselves and our criminal justice partners.

You didn't last time. Why should we believe you now

'We are aware of speculation on social media and ask that members of the public and the media refrain from engaging in speculation at this time until our investigation is complete and any subsequent criminal proceedings have concluded.'

Well, I'm speculating all I want. I'm speculating that there's some officers with very uncomfortable times ahead, and I hope they suffer a little of the blind panic that the victims of these mutts felt as they charged towards them. 

And I'll bet you anything you like that this house was marked on the police computer systems as a known dangerous spot (it was reported initial responders turn up with riot shields for protection - how would they know to do that?) yet no action was taken.

And a three year old child is now on the conscience of everyone who allowed it to be a danger for years... 

Oh, Well, If He's Sorry....

Police swooped on a car in Birmingham after the driver was heard talking on the phone about having a gun. And when Jerome Powell was arrested he had a loaded revolver around his neck.


Where was he going, to rob a bank? Shoot a rival? 

Fiona Cortese, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said that on February 16 this year police were made aware that the defendant was on his way to a probation appointment in Selly Oak.

/double facepalm 

Theresa Hunt, defending, said: "It was within a bag and the defendant was cooperative with police."

Well, yes, when they are pointing a Heckler and Koch in your face, who wouldn't be? 

She said Powell had it as a deterrent in the event there was any conflict but he did not intend to use the weapon.

Sure, sure... 

Miss Hunt said he was immature but had shown signs of maturity and was trying to live a responsible and constructive lifestyle.
"He made a terrible mistake and is extremely sorry."


Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Give Them Enough Rope...

Humans are not naturally male or female, an executive from LGBT rights group Stonewall has declared.
Stonewall's Kirrin Medcalf, 24, made the comments during a discrimination case brought by a lesbian barrister against her chambers and the charity.

Yes, this case is exposing the deeply disturbing aspects of Stonewall's takeover by transgender activism. It's certainly more entertaining than the Vardey-Rooney match.

And all that had to be done was shine the light on them and let them be themselves, as they say they really want: 

Mr Medcalf caused another stir at Miss Bailey's tribunal earlier this week. It was paused to put in place his request for his mother, a 'support person' and a dog to be present while he gave evidence.
The Stonewall executive had failed to tell the court he required the special arrangements, including periodic breaks.

Of course! He (she? them?) has become used to a culture where unreasonable and laughable demands are met without question. That's the reason for the overreach here. 

Stephanie Davies-Arai, founder of Transgender Trend, a parents' group worried about the sharp rise in children wanting to change gender, said: 'We are glad Stonewall's ideas have finally been publicly exposed in court.
'We have known for a long time that this is being taught to children in schools.
'Anti-science ideas of this kind have no place in education.
'Schools involved with Stonewall, of which there are many, should end their association with the organisation now.'

They should indeed. But will they? 

Leading A Charmed Life...

Yup, it's him yet again, escaping any justice once more...
Max Coopey, 20, from Ascot, Berkshire, stood before District Judge Samuel Goozee at Reading Magistrates Court on Friday after a police search of his home address on 31 July 2019 found more than 120g of herbal cannabis and two grams of cannabis resin in his bedroom at his parents' £1million home.
A lawyer defending him said Coopey had used the drugs to 'self-medicate' in the wake of the double-fatal crash in 2018, where he hit and killed two pedestrians while driving his father's sports car.
It's 2022. How on earth has it taken so long to come to court?

Monday, 16 May 2022

No, You're Wrong There, Hackney Police...

...they actually showed the arrogance and entitlement of a certain section of the ‘community’ very accurately.

Some social media accounts appear to urge people to go to the area to protest an 'immigration raid'.
Alex Marshall, president of the Independent Workers of Great Britain, wrote on Twitter: 'IMMIGRATION RAID HAPPENING NOW IN HACKNEY KINGSLAND RD/ASHWIN ST JUNCTION.
'Three people have been detained and crowds gathering to resist. If you are nearby please get down. We need people! SHARE SHARE SHARE'
Do this twat for incitement, instead of reflexively cringing in the face of manufactured outrage from the usual suspects.

Social Media Eating The MSM's Lunch Again...

A three-year-old boy has died after police believe he was attacked by a dog in Rochdale. Paramedics rushed to the scene at Carr Lane, Milnrow, shortly after 1pm on Sunday to reports the youngster had been injured.
No arrests have been made at this stage and enquiries are ongoing to establish the circumstances.

Images of the location look rather like a nice farmhouse. Not the sort of run-down urban environment where these things usually happen... 

Detective Superintendent Jamie Daniels, of GMP's Public Protection and Serious Crime Division, said: 'This is a tragic, devastating incident and our thoughts are with the family at this horrendous time. We are investigating the incident and previous incidents involving dogs at this address. '

Ah! Is that a clue? What does social media have?

Odd comment. What does this mean?

Well, well, well....