Saturday, 6 March 2021

And So It Should...

The findings may suggest widespread support for the “levelling up” agenda espoused by the government as the country attempts to rebound after Covid, the authors said.
But it will also raise questions about the popularity of anti-inequality policies focusing on ethnic minorities and women.

Good! It's about time the people pushing this agenda learned what real people thought of it. 

Nearly half of people believe those who lost their job during the pandemic were likely to have been underperforming, a survey has found.
In findings that will raise fears over inequalities in Britain, a study of attitudes by researchers at Kings College London showed a significant minority thought a widening post-Covid income gap between white people and BAME groups would not be a problem.

I don't believe it's a problem. I believe it's a teachable moment for those black or ethnic parents to point to them and say to their children 'This is how you don't approach life'..  

In one of the starkest findings, one in eight Britons (13%) said they think black people are more likely to be unemployed and have lower incomes because they “lack motivation or willpower”.

Looking at the parade of black and ethnic criminals before the courts each day, who could doubt it? 

They aren't there because they worked too hard, but because they sought quick returns, often by dealing illegal substances, or ignoring safety laws. 

The authors said the overall findings showed “meritocratic and individualistic tendencies” are likely to temper calls for action on inequality.
“There is a strong belief in meritocracy in Britain – that hard work and ambition remain key drivers of success, and this colours views, even during a pandemic,” the report said.

That this reports says this as if it were something to be scorned tells you all you need to know... 

No, Actually, I Think Not...

In fact, never in my life.

Friday, 5 March 2021

Blimey, They Must Be Using Punt Guns!

Hundreds of people have signed a petition to stop a clay pigeon shoot saying it would mean neighbours being forced to put up with the 'sound of a jet engine taking off around 20 times a day'.

Good lord! That must be an error, surely? 

Ruth Galloway has launched a petition calling for the Forest of Dean District Council to reject the plans put forward by Tom Shayle, who says Covid-19 restrictions mean people are looking for outdoor hobbies.
She says as well as making life miserable for local residents, the gunshots will disturb wildlife and spook horses, walkers and cyclists using the Newent Loop and other popular country routes,
"The noise of one shotgun being fired is 120-150 decibels, the same as a jet engine taking off at 100ft, this application seeks to have up to 20 of these for 10 hours a day," she says.

Ah, I suspect this is true only for the people standing right next to it (which is why they wear ear defenders) and not for Tamara Chumley-Warner out hacking on her pony 800 yards away... 

Within days of being launched 774 people had signed the petition objecting to plans to create an outdoor shooting and archery centre at Mount Oliver’s Meadow, Blackwells End, Hartpury.

I bet you'd get more signing a petition to repair the clock tower... 

...objectors also claim increasing use it could have international repercussions, because the field is across the road from the National Perry Pear Centre. The centre is responsible for making sure rare varieties of the fruit once found in abundance across the county do not become extinct.

What are they worried about, stray shot hitting the pears? 

Something Here Is 'A Ridiculous Enterprise', Judge...

Two men who robbed a vape shop brandishing a knife and screwdriver were spared jail because of their learning difficulties.

...but I'm not so sure it's the robbery. That seems to have been carried out like a lot of robberies committed by non-retarded people: 

A woman who was a customer in the shop at the time was terrified and in tears. Shopkeeper Lee Silver at first asked the men if it was a “wind up” then asked if it was worth it.
The men responded by demanding cash and goods from the shop be put into a bag.
Don’t come near me or I will shank you,” one of the men said.

But maybe they didn't manage to get away with anything? 

They took about £1,750 worth of equipment from the vape shop, including £250 from the till.


Ross Talbott, defending, said both men “apologised to the victims of their offences”. They both have issues with cognitive functions and require care. Tucker has developmental issues, autism, tourettes and attention, deficit and hyperactive disorder (ADHD). Sutherland suffered a brain injury and suffers issues with memory loss and epilepsy.

Doesn't seem to be holding them back much, does it? 

Judge Jeremy Gold QC said: “You have both committed a serious offence that caused a great deal of fear, not only to the proprietor but also to a customer.
In normal circumstances, people who commit offences of this kind go straight to prison. But your case is exceptional. You both have significant medical difficulties. It would be disproportionate to send you both to prison.”


“But I am concerned that both of you clearly understand that there comes a time when even people with disabilities have to be sentenced to prison for the safety of the public.
“In this case I’m prepared to accept that this was a ridiculous enterprise. But if it were to happen again, no judge would have any choice but to send you both to prison.”

Wanna bet? 

Thursday, 4 March 2021

Time To Start Killing Them In The Streets...

Many people rushed to the scene on Finch Lane, last Friday at 6.30pm, and one man used a pole to try and fend off the animals.
Kathy's partner, had returned Tesco to make another purchase but once he came out he struggled to break the bulldogs' grip on Kimba.
Witnesses said they had no collars, were not on leads and the owner was not close by.

...not just uselessly fending them off.  

The owner has since come forward after the incident was circulated on social media.

Oh, I'd hoped he'd have been tracked down by police. Silly me.  

Police are now investigating the attack and have taken a statement from 48-year-old Kathy.

But nothing from the owner of the dangerous mutts..? 


In mitigation defence barrister Peter Du Feu called his client a ‘sad individual’ who had ‘let himself down.’
He said: “His response to this is shame, embarrassment, huge remorse.

At getting caught.  

Sentencing, Judge Maria Lamb jailed Mezzone for a total of five years and said he will sign the sex offenders register for life.

It's not long enough by far. But...wait. 

But on Wednesday last week, at the Court of Appeal, Lady Justice Macur, Mr Justice Lavender and Sir Alan Wilkie granted his request and reduced his jail time to four years.

Why? What possible mitigation could have been offered? We don't know. The fearless journalists tasked with covering this story don't appear to have bothered to find out... 

Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Musical Interlude - March:"Well, this is new, respect for Caesar! 'Till now, this has been noticeably lacking! "

 A little bit of Israeli sunshine to brighten March, and this month it's Norman Jewison's bizarre adaptation of the Rice/Lloyd-Webber musical 'Jesus Christ Superstar'. 

It's safe to say this version, filmed 'on location', of sorts, and not really in costume, has mixed reviews. Ted Neeley, the original Broadway Jesus, received a Golden Turkey for his rather wooden portrayal of the title character.

The show has many great memorable numbers, but this is my personal favorite, though not the most well-known number by the incomparable Yvonne Elliman:

Over Christmas, Sky Arts showed a special 'Live in concert' version with John Legend and Alice Cooper that's well worth catching.

Doomed To Failure...

The proposals were released following a climbdown by the commission this month over its call for new laws criminalising hate speech.
It has withdrawn a proposal that it should become a crime for anyone to stir up hatred in their own homes.

They'd have got away with it if not for you meddling kids freedom campaigners! 

But they don't give up, they just switch tactics...

Laws on upskirting introduced two years ago make it illegal to take a mobile image from under a woman's clothing. However, they do not extend to pictures taken from above, down a female's top to capture an image of her bra, cleavage or breasts.
The commission called for sweeping new rules which would outlaw a range of attempts to take intrusive pictures. It would also outlaw efforts to humiliate someone by posting faked pornographic pictures of them.

Who knew this was even an issue worthy of the time? How many cases can there possibly be, anyway? 

Professor Penney Lewis, of the Law Commission, said: 'For victims, having their intimate images taken or shared without consent can be an incredibly damaging and humiliating experience. However, the law does not adequately protect victims from this behaviour.
'Our proposals would reform the existing law and ensure that victims are given the protection they need.'

Assuming victimhood seems to be everyone's goal these days. Now it can be gained because someone took an image of you? 

Its new law would not only give victims of 'intimate image abuse' lifelong anonymity but would remove the need for prosecutors to prove that whoever took the picture intended to cause distress.
The commission said: 'We have heard from many victims that requiring proof of a specific motive has led to no prosecution taking place.'

It's utter madness. We have people being stabbed to death in the street because they were in the 'wrong' postcode, and here's a bunch of well-fed civil servants fretting over who cropped a picture out of the paper and superimposed it over a still from 'Debbie Does Dallas'.. 

Why Wasn't He Handed A Plane Ticket Back To Albania?

Following the police raid, it was estimated the street value of the drugs was anywhere between £88,000 and £266,000.
Hoxhaj made full admissions to the police and said he had been at the property for around two months prior to the raid. He admitted one count of producing cannabis.

Bang to rights! 

Mitigating, Shazia Malik highlighted that there had been a delay in the raid and court appearance but he had not offended again and had found himself stable accommodation. Ms Malik said there was an “element of exploitation” and he previously worked 14 hours a day in the car wash, earning just £13.
She added: “He is unable to return to Albania due to fears of the reprisals of the debts.”

Any actual proof of this? Did the court request any? 

Hoxhaj was handed a suspended 16 month sentence, 200 hours unpaid work and 30 days rehabilitation.

*sighs* What sort of idiot judge wou...

Oh. Of course: 

Judge Samantha Leigh told Hoxhaj: “You were working in a car wash in dismal conditions, you were offered an opportunity to earn more and have somewhere to stay.
“You were also receiving threats back in Albania made to your family to pay off a debt.”

Was he, Samantha? Was he really? 

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Our Infallible Prime Minister, Folks!

The Prime Minister said he expects commuters to head back to the office “in a few short months”.
He told an audience at a rail industry conference that he did not expect to see a permanent shift towards working from home.


Barclays is poised to jettison the Docklands home of its investment bank with the company “open to offers” for the space, The Sunday Telegraph understands....
HSBC will nearly halve its office space in the coming years in one of the most radical calls on working trends in the wake of the global pandemic.

He is, of course, only telling his audience what they want to hear - that their captive audience will have to come crawling back - because at heart, he's a coward, and can't face telling them that their business plans need to change, because life has changed. 

And who changed it? He did. Lockdown forced companies - often previously resistant to working from home - to change. And there's no putting the toothpaste back in the tube now.