Wednesday, 8 February 2023

Not Helping To Keep Death Off The Roads, Judge...

“[The victim] was on her way to school in the morning as she got to the junction and needed to cross that road,” prosecutor Nicholas Jones said.
“She waited at the lights, the pedestrian lights turned to green and she, along with other pedestrians, crossed the road.
“She was struck by this defendant who had gone through a red light."
The coward then fled the scene, despite himself being a victim of a hit and run as a child.
Handing down 12-months custody suspended for two years...

Wait, what..?!? 

...Judge Simon James told Potts: “[You] collided with a 12-year-old girl, knocking her over and breaking her leg in two places.
“You claimed not to have seen the traffic light because the visor of your helmet steamed up.”
“You drove away from the scene. Although I accept your conscience got the better of you. You presented yourself to the police and made full and frank admissions.”
He told Potts he was prepared to give him a “last, final chance” and acknowledged he had since become a “productive citizen”.

Are we really that desperate for broadband installers? 

High Risk Low Reward...

That seems....unwise!

The man is described as wearing dark clothing and a black crash helmet during all the incidents and riding a dark colored motorbike or moped.
Seems to me he's protecting the wrong body part!

Tuesday, 7 February 2023

I Guess Sophie Ellis Bextor Is Now Public Enemy No 1..?

For that 'incident' on the dance floor...

Which 'Animal'..?

Oh! What sort, I wonder? Mad cow..? British 'big cat'..? 

The woman was walking her dog when another dog, described as a grey Staffordshire/bull terrier, pinned the woman's dog down and attacked it.

Ah. *rolls eyes*  

The offending dog was being walked by another woman who failed to exchange details and left the scene.

Of course! What else to expect?

Anyone that witnessed the incident or has any information should contact police at either 101 or online at, quoting crime reference number 37/1616/23.

Well, at least the police aren't shuffling it off to the local council like so many other farces... 

H/T: Dave Ward via email 

Saturday, 4 February 2023

A Headline From Clown World

If someone has a penis and testicles, they are a man. Unless they keep them in a jar, of course. 

No, 'Mail', even if you put them in inverted commas, that doesn't help...