Saturday, 16 January 2021

The Rise And Fall Of The Mask Bullies...

Most of the big supermarkets are clamping down (often incorrectly) on groups shopping (tough luck, mum with no relatives to leave the kids with!) and people not wearing their BorisMuzzles. 

None have gone quite this far, though:

This garnered approval from the usual crop of #CovidKarens:

Who are - as usual - as wrong as they are smugly self-righteous:

A disabled woman assisted by Kester Disability Rights has been paid £7,000 in compensation by a service provider who refused her access to a service because she was unable to wear a face mask. The pay-out was achieved through negotiation as there was no dispute that access had been denied, or that the Claimant had a disability exemption. The only thing to be agreed was the amount of compensation, not whether it was due or not.
Refusing access to people unable to wear face coverings due to disability is direct discimination - no different to denying access to a black or gay person for example.

I hope that Budgens store has had a rethink, or it could prove very costly... 

H/T: Sheri Copeland via Twitter

Well, She Sure Is Now...

...and frankly, I can't see it as anything but a good thing:  

Lawyers for the 'womb raider' killer Lisa Montgomery - the first female federal death row inmate to be executed in nearly 70 years - have said she was 'disconnected from reality'...
They are, of course, pinning their hopes on the Eighth Amendment, which - bizzarely - states the government is banned from executing an inmate if the individual cannot rationally understand why it is happening to them. 

Which is strange, because surely it only matters what she thought and believed at the time of the crime?
Aside from arguing the federal government executed a mentally ill woman, Harwell also blasted Montgomery's treatment in the moments leading up to her death.
She told the Huffington Post Montgomery was denied her right to have her spiritual adviser John Francisco present in the chamber where he was going to sing to her as she was put to death.
'It was a needless indignity, and a deprivation of really her basic humanity,' said Harwell.

Frankly, most people will think she gave up any right to insist on basic humanity when she strangled a pregnant woman and cut her unborn child out of her... 

Friday, 15 January 2021

Is There Any Left To Halt, Then?


Guidelines issued to GPs say most surgeries should pause non-urgent appointments such as health checks, routine blood tests and medication reviews.
My mother's local GP hasn't been doing these since Lockdown One...
Those in areas with highest infection levels must continue with the most urgent appointments. Childhood vaccination, smear tests and treatment such as palliative care should all continue, whatever the infection level, it states.
But doctors should stop offering health checks, designed to spot early signs of stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes or dementia.

So we'll be free of Covid, but people will die of these instead. Is it me, or...? 

We'd Have All Been Better Off If He'd Fallen Off The Roof....

Cooper and his partner, Rebecca Worthington, were both intoxicated when police arrived at their home on Phethean Street, Farnworth, at 10am on June 11. Cooper climbed into the attic and on to the roof of the house before walking across the rooftops to the end of the street towards Cawdor Street.
During the incident he threw roof-tiles, damaging police cars and other vehicles and made various threats before he climbed down. Cooper told one office he had covid-19 and blew in his face twice.
He was on bail at the time of the incident as, two months earlier, on April 26, he was driving a VW Golf at 4.43am on George Street, Farnworth and refused to stop for police. During a seven-minute chase he drove at speeds of up to 65 mph in residential streets and through a red traffic light before he and his passengers abandoned the car in Hacken Bridge Road, Bolton.
He was found hiding in brambles a short distance away and had drunk more than double the legal level of alcohol for driving.

Surely with a record like that he won't be walking free? a sentencing hearing at Bolton Crown Court, the Honorary Recorder of Bolton, Judge Martin Walsh, said he was willing to give the 29-year-old a chance and imposed a two-year suspended sentence.

Oh. Well, let's hope next time he's speeding drunk and goes through a red light, the idiot magistrate is going the other way... 

Rebecca Filletta, defending, said a psychiatric assessment revealed Cooper had a lower-than-average IQ and a mistrust of authority figures.
She said he had been an inmate since June and had “not coped well in custody” where he had been bullied and assaulted.

Good! At least someone's handing out some punishment. 

Thursday, 14 January 2021

The Sort Of People We Are Recruiting For The Police Farces...

Carol Richards, 68, and husband David, 66, of Bridgend travelled 10 miles to visit dementia sufferer Decima Minhinnick at Picton Court Care Home. They were reprimanded by police on the way back despite having received permission to see Ms Minhinnick and handed a £60 penalty.

Jesus! Imagine that conversation in the police canteen: 

"Any good jobs today?"

"Yes, caught a burglar red-handed, just booked him in at custody."

"Me and my dog tracked down a lost missing disabled child in the woods, we're just back from the hospital."

"I stopped a couple visiting their dementia hit mother at her care home and gave them a fine."

*stunned silence* 

So...what sort of hairy-arsed dinosaur of an unreconstructed police officer was so stupid? I mean, it must have been one of those uncaring hard-nosed blokes, right?

Mrs Richards had described the incident as 'dystopian', adding: 'A police lady flagged us down and I thought 'Oh right, they're policing the area, that's fine'.


'So I explained to her that we were going home, we'd been to Picton Court visiting my mother but she said this was a non-essential visit.
She said 'We'd all like to knock on our mother's window to see them but you can't do that'.'
'I was totally gobsmacked. I was angry. She just would not listen to any protestations and so she said 'You're going to be issued with a £60 fixed penalty fine'.'

Remember this, the next time they start to say how 'feminising' the police would be a good thing... 

The couple said they do not believe they breached lockdown rules and have complained to the Police Complaints Commissioner.

And the police are scrambling to get out ahead of the oncoming critiscism... 

South Wales Police have now rescinded the fine after reviewing the incident, following a public backlash to the growing war on shutdown flouters.

But it shouldn't stop the complaint. Because the real issue here is this: 

According to Welsh Government guidelines, outdoor visits to care homes are allowed for 'compassionate reasons'.

Why did the police officer not know this? Why did she feel confident in issuing the fine? And...which number checkout will she eventually be working at Lidl when they do what they should do, and fire her useless arse? 

It's The Commenters That Do The Reporting Now...

Ian Bryan attacked a 17-year-old boy who was carrying out engineering works next door to his home in St Margaret's Road, St Leonards, on April 22.
The teen and his 32-year-old colleague were staying at the property while they completed the work.
But Bryan believed they should not be there due to coronavirus restrictions, and later attacked the men with knives after reporting them to police.
The 17 year old is lucky to be alive, having been stabbed in the throat.
Police and paramedics rushed to the scene and found Bryan to be in possession of two knives.
The 58-year-old would not co-operate with officers commands and refused to drop the blades.
Eventually he was Tasered and arrested.

And now his trial has concluded. Will justice be soft, as it often is these days?  

He appeared at Brighton Crown Court as part of a week-long trial which concluded yesterday. A unanimous jury found him not guilty of attempted murder, but guilty of wounding with intent and attempted wounding with intent.
As a result, he has been jailed for 14 years

Oh, it seems not. That's strange. Could there be a reason? 

 Funny how the 'journalists' don't see fit to inform their (dwindling) readership, eh?

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

You Fully Deserve Any 'Abuse' You Get...

The scheme, which saw the TVs showing coronavirus rules, was announced via Facebook on Tuesday, but officials deleted the post just two days later.
The council claimed comments 'crossed the line into abuse of people who are working hard to help residents and workers in Bradford District stay safe and stop the spread of the virus'.
The authority has defended the move claiming the scheme has been 'well received generally by members of the public'. hasn't! 

Locals were left stunned by the initiative and slammed the authority for frittering away taxpayers' cash.

Well, quite.