Friday, 3 December 2021

One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing!

Hmmm. Perhaps the MoD should concentrate a bit more on flight mechanics and less on 'trans issues'?

Regular contributor i.r.jackson writes:
'...the BBC quotes the MOD stated price of £92M - this was bare bones - i.e. no electronics etc, so is likely 50% low (as usual), ignoring our contribution to the development, but maybe that is why it couldn't keep flying - hand signals only!
You really would think they would be more careful with such rare items (we did have 8). At this rate, we really will be able to call it The aircraft carrier.'


You Know What's Really Cowardly, 'Jenny'...?

Jenny, who says she lied during the trial to protect herself and her children from her controlling boyfriend said: “The justice system is fundamentally unjust. The Crown is ignorant about domestic abuse and I think this decision is cowardly.
“The court is scared of what granting the appeal would mean – it would force them to acknowledge not just my story, but that of countless other victims criminalised as a result of abuse.”
No, it's not failing to grant an appeal to you, whatever you and the other misguided activists supporting you think. 

It's choosing to have a baby with this specimen:
The court of appeal was told how Jenny’s ex-partner had subjected her to regular beatings, had locked her up, deprived her of food, and urinated on her – an experience amounting to torture, according Dr Georgina Clifford, an expert psychologist who submitted evidence to the court.
And then staying with him until the inevitable happened and an innocent child paid the price. 

It's 2021, not 1821. You had options.

Thursday, 2 December 2021

I Hope The Weather Gurus Are Right About The Coming Cold Snap...

Activists have begun a week-long occupation outside Lewisham town hall in protest of the council’s alleged lack of progress on its ten-year plan to address climate change.
Campaigners pitched tents on the green opposite the council's Catford headquarters this morning (November 29), erecting a banner calling on Mayor Damien Egan to “tell the truth”.

...because a good dose of hypothermia would be just the ticket! 

Zaria Greenhill, Catford resident and founder of Climate Action Lewisham, a local residents’ action group working to support and generate initiatives in the borough, said: “Whilst we recognise that funding and pandemic restrictions hamper work to reduce emissions, unfortunately the climate emergency will not wait.
“The council needs to go through a whole-organisation reorientation to put climate higher up the priority list, and insist on challenging developers, protecting remaining trees and pushing forward active travel, using every tool available to put climate at the heart of council operations.
Residents expect it, and without it, Lewisham risks slipping behind other boroughs in local authority engagement."

So is Lewisham Council doing nothing? Reader, of course not. It's doing what all councils are doing, demanding more taxpayer money to futilely battle the sun: 

It has launched a new community energy fund, offering up to £15,000 one-off grants to energy efficiency and carbon reduction projects, such as the installation of solar panels on community buildings.
The council also successfully bid for £2,983,428 under the government’s public sector decarbonisation scheme earlier this year to fund energy efficiency works in council buildings.

But fanatics like these wil never be appeased. So let them feel the 'global warming' for themselves as they shiver in their tents. 

The Dutch Tell It Like It Is...

Dutch military police, who are responsible for security at Schiphol airport, said Lennox was held because of her aggressive behaviour towards an airline official, and for being drunk in public.
“Our unit found a woman full of emotions, that wouldn’t calm down,” spokesman Robert van Kapel said. “That’s why she had to be taken into custody.”

Who is this mad drunk bint? 

Lennox, whose real name is Courtney Shanade Salter, is best known for her 2019 single Shea Butter Baby, which has been streamed almost 114 million times on Spotify.

No, really, who is she? 

“I’m being arrested in Amsterdam for reacting to a woman racially profiling me,” the American R&B singer wrote on Twitter on Monday morning, following a tweet in which she had accused “Amsterdam security” of hating Black people.

Ah. Someone playing the race card as soon as she's subjected to the restrictions other people accept with equanimity.  

Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Musical Interlude - December:"I know, I know. We are Your chosen people. But, once in a while, can't You choose someone else?"

Well, this is the final installment. We'll finish up with what is probably my favourite musical of all time. 

And surprisingly, something about it always says 'Christmas' to me, despite it not being anything about Christmas at all. It's 'Fiddler On The Roof'. An amazing film, with perhaps the perfect casting in all roles. Yes, even Paul Michael Glaser! 

It was harder than any other entry to pick a favourite song from this one, there's not a dud in the bunch. But it has to go to the sublime 'Sunrise, Sunset' montage: 

I had to pass on a few classics - 'Carousel' for one - and there's musicals that haven't been filmed that I'd love to see make it to the silver screen, principally 'Windy City', an 80s version of 'The Front Page' that had a criminally short West End run, or the amazing Tom Jones vehicle, 'Mayador', that had an even shorter run. 

Now, what to do for next year?

You Can't Fix Stupid...

Sharon Archibald, 57, and husband Michael bought the dog called Moose off a 'rescue shelter' on Facebook after falling in love with photos of the golden retriever-collie-Labrador cross breed.

Rather than going to a proper, certified rescue centre, looking at the animal itself,  asking questions about its history, etc, etc... 

But after just four days with the dog, he unleashed a horrific attack on Sharon leaving her with devastating injuries. The pair were in the kitchen washing up on November 3 when Moose came into the kitchen and put his paws on the counter top.
When Sharon firmly told him "no!" he snarled, bared his teeth and lunged at her, taking her chest in his mouth and not letting go. When Michael stood up, the dog attacked Sharon again and bit chunks out of her arm.

Gosh! Who could have predicted that?  🤔

After a ten minute struggle, with the dog was still latched onto Sharon's chest, Moose turned on Michael before he secured him in the crate.

Wait, you're in the kitchen, and you don't grab a knife to defend yourself? You don't leave the house and request armed police assistance? 

The mum-of-two recalls the seller seemed eager to get rid of the dog but he was a perfect match to what they were looking for. After being reassured the hound was a "lovely boy" and good with kids, Sharon and Michael picked Moose up from a car park in Dalwhinnie, Scotland.

Oh, it gets better, doesn't it? 

After they were attacked, the couple decided to have the dog destroyed and an emergency vet was found who put Moose down. During this time, and organiser from the rescue reached out and called Sharon's family "despicable" for having the dog killed, she claims.

I wonder if this mutt came from one of the notorious 'dog rescues' in the former Soviet areas? 

Sharon said: "The most important thing is I want them investigated.
"I want them closed, this isn't a charity they're just making money for themselves. I'm just so thankful I just didn't have any children."
The shelter has been contacted for comment.

I'm thankful you didn't have any children, too. But for quite a different reason... 

Tim Winnifrith Poses A Question We All Should Be Asking...

"When, as a journalist, I have received industrial scale phone harassment or death threats,the Police have refused to do anything.Yet I am meant to celebrate them spending my taxes on this?
Does the Police Force wonder for a second why it is no longer respected by so many of us?"
What is 'this'? Glad you asked, Reader:


Turns out that if you point out that 'celebrating Trans Day of Remembrance' isn't really something the police should be doing, given the lack of people murdered because of their identity vs the number of people murdered because of greed or sheer criminality, the police take umbrage. 

It's almost as if they know they don't have the confidence or respect of the law-abiding members of the public any more. And more to the point, feel they no longer need to care.
H/T: Dave Ward via email

Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Tweet Of The Month

Two beauties this month:

Post Title Of The Month

Thanks to a guest poster, November will forever now be...

Quote Of The Month

Nominated by blog regular Dave Ward, via email, LegIron hits it out of the park:

"There is so much stupidity in the world now. I see people who have had two jabs that were supposed to protect them from Covid, then catching Covid, then worrying about how long it will take to get their third jab to stop them catching something they already caught after the first two jabs didn’t stop them catching it.
Our governments are trying to convince the unvaccinated that the vaccines work so they’ll get it, while simultaneously trying to convince the vaccinated that they haven’t worked so they have to get a booster"