Saturday 2 December 2023

"And Now We Go Over To Lord Of The Flies High For A Report..."

Striking teachers who walked out of a Kent academy in a row with authorities over pupil behaviour have been slammed by some locals who say they're 'bowing down' to the anti-social children they're supposed to be teaching.

I'm not normally in favour of strikes, but it must feel to these teachers as if they genuinely have no other recourse... 

The troubled school was rated inadequate by Ofsted in August 2022 due to concerns over 'bullying, racism, homophobia, vandalism and pupils' understanding of sexual consent'.
Around 20 staff formed a picket line between 7.30am and 10am today holding up placards including some saying: 'I Come to work to teach not to be abused'and 'NOT ready, not respectful not safe.'
The school, which is one of only two on the Isle, has denied repeated calls for 10-day suspensions to be handed out to students if they abuse teachers.

Then they can't really be surprised when their workers take matters into their own hands, can they? 

Deb, a nurse who moved to the Isle two years ago, ... disagreed with the strikes and says that teachers should get back to work.
'The discipline is down to the law as far as I am concerned. Just as we have to bow down to our patients, they have to bow down to their pupils.'

Anyone aware of the NHS 'bowing down' to anybody? Anyone? Bueller? 

'I'm really old fashioned. It doesn't matter what school a child is in - if they want to learn they will learn.'
'There's always been issues with pupils. And unfortunately, the issue starts with a lot of the teachers are frightened of the parents because they can be very challenging.'

If the parents are 'challenging', you can imagine how the children behave... 

The trainee, who has been there for 18 months, said: 'Students verbally abuse teachers – arguments about phones are constant as well as the use of the iPads which we loan them. 'I've seen a chair thrown at a teacher. I've seen a gang of four students chase a teacher into the staff room.
'Those who criticise us striking are wrong – regardless of what the children have said or what they've done we still go back every day and give them a clean slate.
'But if we have an incident in class and we need a student removed and we send a call out, no one comes. That's 20 minutes of learning time lost in a 50 minute session'.

Those children who are, like Deb insists, 'there to learn' are being let down. Why does no-one consider that

Ms Kahan and her family live in a large detached house on the same road as the Minster-on-Sea site – and have had to deal with students kicking down their fences four times since she has lived there. The multi-generational family have been left to shell out hundreds of pounds to replace the panels which stands next to a busy bus stop.
She said: 'Me and my husband have come out to speak to them so many times. These things are expensive, we've had to fix it four or five times.
'But they just give it back to us. They 100 per cent need to be disciplined more'.

Yes, they certainly do, but it appears no-one wants to, so nothing will change. 

Why Should Anyone Care About His 'Emotional Stress'..?

He's not the victim here, he's the perpetrator of it!

The now 41-year-old killer was granted a private hearing after the Parole Board ruled that a public one would cause 'disproportionate emotional stress' to Venables, but he still didn't show up.
The source told the Sun: 'It makes a mockery of it all. He's been a coward to the end. He probably didn't want to hear the impact statements so took the easy option.'

No doubt the useless Tories will try to have him dragged in chains to the hearing in a desperate attempt to stop the hemorrhaging voter base now... 

Denise Fergus, 54, James's mother, said she endured 'three decades of hell' after Venables killed her son and urged the board to 'keep people safe from this monster' by denying his parole.

Ah, if only that was actually in their job description. 

Friday 1 December 2023

And It's Bred...!

Outrage has greeted the news that 19-year-old TikTok menace Mizzy - a father of one- will be locked up for 18 weeks in a young offenders institution with children rather than an adult prison.
The 'prankster', real name Bacari-Bronze O'Garro, has been jailed for violating court orders which ordered him 'not to upload directly or indirectly, any original video content on social media, without prior documented consent of the people in that content'.
In another ridiculous step for the so-called 'justice system' we have in this country, he qualifies for this soft treatment purely due to the age at which he committed the offence.
...speaking to MailOnline, Ernest Aduwa, Partner at Stokoe Partnership Solicitors explained that Mizzy's containment in the youth system was how the penal system was intended to operate.
He said: 'When deciding which prison a person is sent too (sic), it's not so much determined by any representations made by the defence solicitor at a time of sentence.
'Any mitigation put forward in relation to the offense committed - so any remorse, or any mitigating circumstances personally relating to that offence, and to that offender in particular.
'It won't affect what prison that offender is sent to.
'Young offenders institutions aren't any less of a prison than an adult prison - they're just separated from adults over the age of 21.'

Sure, sure, we all believe that, don't we? 

In mitigation remarks, Barrister Paul Lennon, defending O'Garro, urged the court to consider his young age and his personal circumstances.

None of which will be a surprise: 

'In terms of his family relationships, his relationship with his mother is both good and bad. He has not had any contact with his father since he was two years old.'
'His relationship with the mother of his child is difficult, but he still attempts to have as much time with his child as he can.'

Perhaps, like the well-to-do registering their young offspring for Eton, the mother should be considering which juvenile offenders institute she'd prefer the child to go to in the future?  

Gosh, How Unlucky Can One Man Be..?

A security worker who was cleared of involvement in the £26m 'Burglary of the Century' raid on Tamara Ecclestone's mansion allowed his bank accounts to be used to launder money stolen from a dementia sufferer, a court heard.
Sorin Marcovici, 56, was cleared of the heist at the socialite's 'Billionaires' Row' home in Kensington, London.

More foreign criminal. Don't we have enough of our own home-grown type? 

David Ryan, prosecuting, said:' The loser was duped into handing control of his computer to a third party. 'The money was transferred to two accounts controlled by the defendant.'


Matei Clej, defending Marcovici said: 'He is married and is of previous good character. This was a one-off offence.'
The barrister said Marcovici has been suffering from long Covid.


Passing sentence Judge Alex Gordon said:'Money laundering is an integral part of much criminality.'
But the judge accepted that a long time had passed since the offence, and that he had not committed an offence since.
'This has enabled you to demonstrate that you have not committed any offence between then and now.' He also took Marcovici's health into account.
Marcovici, of Newham, was given a sentence of 16 months suspended for two years.

I note there's no mention of being able to recover the victim's money... 

Marcovici, dubbed 'The Professor', was cleared of conspiracy to burgle by a jury in January 2021 after he denied and knowledge of the plan to carry out high value raids
He told the court: 'Never, I have ever known anything, and if I knew that something happened and felt instinctively something was wrong I would have reported it to the police, because this is my home country.'

That needs to change... 

Thursday 30 November 2023

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Grandad on the latest 'safety' measures proposed for older people:


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DumbJon on great form on the Tories chances with Dodgy Dave back in government: 

"There is no more ludicrous myth in British politics than the idea that it's the right of the Tory Party that hobbles the Party's election chances. For all that the squish side of the Party like to talk about electability, they sure do seem to struggle to actually get elected."