Thursday, 17 June 2021

What 'Urgent Work' Means To Local Government...

Travellers who moved onto an open space in Medway have claimed to council officials they have Covid-19.

Well, of course they have! But surely that won't fool our dedicated 

Cllr Adrian Gulvin (Con) ...

So often these days, descriptive of more than simple party allegience. 

...who represents Walderslade, explained Medway Council and police had visited the encampment to complete welfare checks.

The travellers' welfare, that is! 

He added: "Officials were told a couple of them have Covid. The ward councillors have been in contact with the Director of Public Health to arrange for testing and inoculations for them.
"Until it is proven they haven't got the virus we cannot move them on, where it could be spread throughout different locations. That would be totally irresponsible.
"The first stage of the legal process on eviction is the welfare checks, but everything has to go on hold until we can determine the Covid status. That's why urgent work is happening with the public health department."

Really? You seem to have a very different view of what, exactly, constitutes urgency. 

But one resident claims to have seen some people at the site continue to come and go and raised fears that this could still potentially spread any Covid-19.
The resident, who asked not to be named, added: "I haven't seen much evidence of social isolation. It surely must be easy to get lateral flow tests delivered as soon as possible as we're worried about the risks to health of people nearby."

Given the government has been foisting them on absolutely everyone it can, you'd think so, wouldn't you? 

He added: "We've experienced noise with people arguing among themselves and local dog walkers who use the field for recreational purposes.
"Their dog is attacking local dogs and the field is no longer available to use without feeling intimidated. We are concerned more will join them, making even more noise and mess."

Post an armed officer near the park, and if the traveller's dog starts a fight, shoot it.  

Vile Dangerous Beasts...

And their dogs...
A blind family dog has died after it was ‘mauled by illegal Pit Bull Terriers’ in a park attack that left a dad injured and a mum and child traumatised.
Sonia Faleiro was allegedly told ‘get over it mate’ after her beloved Jack Russell Terrier Zoey was left covered in blood with her ear hanging off in the attack in Norwood Park, south London.
Her husband Ulrik was also bit (sic) by one of the three unmuzzled dogs when he tried to help Zoey and their four-year-old daughter was chased.

Typical dogs, typical owners... 

Sonia asked the owners to wait as she called 999 – but was told to ‘get over it mate’ by one, while another told the family ‘it was their fault for being in the park’.
The owners allegedly fled the scene, despite Sonia’s efforts to make them stay.

Typical situation too... 

After posting about her horrifying experience online, Sonia claims to have been contacted by locals who say they and their dogs have suffered non-serious injuries after being attacked by the same animals in the past.

And what are the people who are supposed to keep us safe doing about it? 

A statement from the Met Police said: ‘Police were called at 5.30pm on Monday, 7 June to Norwood Park SE27 after a woman reported that her dog had been attacked by two other dogs.
‘The dogs were then allegedly placed on leads by a man who left the scene with a woman and two children.
‘The woman’s dog later died. There have been no arrests at this time. Enquiries continue.’

Thought so. Ignoring the fact a person was injured, so they can continue their policy of lying that 'we can't do anything about dog on dog attacks'... 

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Well, Remember Brandon, It's 'Along', Not 'Across'...

A homophobic man who beat a gay couple unconscious has a 'compassionate' side and has become 'suicidal' in jail, says his advocate.

...and make sure you cut deep enough. 

Brandon Taylor, previously of Newtown Road, Worcester, was detained in a Young Offender Institution for nine and a half years at Worcester Crown Court last Friday. This followed a spate of violence which rendered the couple unconscious, one suffering a broken nose and the other a broken jaw and with an open gash on his temple.
Both victims ended up in a trauma unit following the attack in Malvern on September 20.

It's another example of the violence that plagues our streets at night, of course: 

Even when one of the victims got down on his knees and begged the gang to stop, telling them they were pacifists, Taylor and others carried on with the attack.

And he has quite the record, at such a young age: 

The 19-year-old was jailed for grievous bodily harm with intent, wounding, three counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, robbery, common assault, breaches of a criminal behaviour order, assaulting an emergency worker and three thefts.

It makes sickening reading: 

During his campaign of violence he threw a pool ball in a man's face in the Horn and Trumpet pub in Worcester, punched and bit a man in McDonald's, robbed someone of a skateboard, swung a punch at an Asda security guard in the city, stole beer, flouted a criminal behaviour order and bit a city police officer. As previously reported, Taylor was jailed for seven and a half years for the attack on the gay couple but must serve this consecutively to a two year sentence for all other matters.

But his hired mouthpiece isn't going to let that stop her! 

Elizabeth Power, defending, said her client's most powerful mitigation was his guilty pleas to all matters.

Given he's made no attempt to hide any of it, in the teeth of forensic, CCTV and eyewitness evidence, what other choice did he really have? 

Ms Power added: "This is a young man who suffers, and has suffered for some considerable period of time, with depression. He was rendered homeless at the age of 13. He is someone who has been in a crowd now for a number of years taking illicit substances."

None of that should be mitigation, it should be aggravating circumstances... 

The barrister told the judge most of the offences were committed in drink or under the influence of drugs.


"This is somebody who does have empathy and compassion", she told the court. She added: "This is not a man who is devoid of empathy or care and compassion for others."

He hides it pretty well, then. 

But Your Assumption Is Correct...

“My assumption had always been that this would have been covered under the Dangerous Dog Act as they are dangerous and have irresponsible owners however this isn’t the case it is not illegal.
“The owners and dogs have walked away from the attack scot-free – not even a fine! And are free to do it again and yet our poor little boy died because of their actions.
“This has to change. We all know once they’ve done it once they’ll do it again and god forbid it happens to a child!”
...the problem here is that the police are too lazy or incompetent to do their jobs properly with the new laws they whined and whinged about for ages.

The woman was covered in blood. The lazy cops will try to say that it was her dog's blood. 

But please tell me how a person wouldn't be 'worried that it might injure them' while she tries to rescue her pet? 

See this here? 'a court could prosecute if a person believes they would have been injured if they tried to stop a dog attacking their animal.'

They could, but unfortunately until the police do their job right and put it in front of a court, nothing will happen to the irresponsible owner. 

My fondest wish, though, is that the cops who failed to deal with this incident properly have to go serve a warrant on the owner of these dangerous beasts one day. 

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Is It As Much Of An Embarrassment As The Fact Most Of The Fines Are Overturned?

Up to 10 off-duty police officers were caught at a party that breached coronavirus social distancing rules and were suspended while the police standards office investigates them.
The off-duty officers were discovered breaking the law when their on-duty colleagues from Sussex Police turned up at a large house party in Hove on the evening of May 15th, two days before lockdown restrictions were relaxed.


A police source speaking to The Telegraph called the incident a “major embarrassment”, especially since the force “have been handing out these draconian £10,000 fines to Covid rule-breakers”.

Yes, they have, but hopefully if they do issue one to their colleagues, they'll actually get it right this time

H/T: ir.jackson via email

When You Can't Even Convince 'Sob Story Samantha'...

Reilly had given evidence in court hearings when on trial for attempted murder in Southend, trying to claim she did not try to kill the man.
She went along with this, despite the CCTV clearly showing her arriving and throwing petrol over the victim in Southchurch Avenue.


Her brilliant plan? Feign blindness! 

Reilly told the court that she could not see the monitor showing the footage in the court room, and that she couldn’t see the judge acting out what it showed.
Judge Samantha Leigh said the performance was “worthy of an Oscar, but it was dishonest”.
She said: “She was the worst witness I have ever seen.
“She said she couldn’t see the screen.
“I gave her a demonstration, she said she couldn’t see that.”

Blimey, when you can't even convince Leigh...! 

Judge Leigh added: "In my view I have seen no remorse from either of you at all. He was a friend, and he was repaid by being set alight."
The duo were jailed for 24 years each. Reilly showed no emotion, while Archer bowed his head as he was taken down.

Perhaps she was just feigning deafness as well? 

Monday, 14 June 2021

Tear Down This (Stone)Wall..

Ms Truss, the Equalities Minister, has told friends that she thinks Whitehall should pull out of the charity’s Diversity Champions scheme, under which employers pay Stonewall for advice on how to implement equality laws and policies. She voiced her opinion after Nancy Kelley, Stonewall’s chief executive, recently likened ‘gender critical’ beliefs to antisemitism.

And it's not just politicians who have sensed which way the winds of change are blowing: 

A former hospital boss has accused the NHS of putting patients at risk by signing up to Stonewall’s controversial Diversity Champions scheme. 
Ms Grimes accused Stonewall of ‘undermining’ the NHS’s ability to keep patients safe, ‘stifling’ free speech and creating a ‘culture of fear’ among some NHS staff. And she warned some advice risked ‘opening up NHS organisations to litigation and reputational damage’.

And not just the NHS either: 

Embattled diversity charity Stonewall is making hundreds of thousands of pounds by enrolling schools on to a programme of transgender guidance that critics have branded ‘dangerous’.
Legal experts and campaigners last night criticised the material. Naomi Cunningham, a barrister specialising in discrimination law, said: ‘The advice being given to schools by Stonewall is dangerous and unlawful. There is legislation that requires schools to provide separate toilets for girls and boys. So if a school allows a boy who identifies as female to use the girls’ toilets, it is in breach of the law.’

This organisation has long since outstayed its welcome and, as all organisations do when they get too big and the money's too good to give up at the top, sought to expand into ever more ridiculous 'causes'. 

Enough's enough. 

Don't You Think We've Been Patient Enough?

The Prime Minister will confirm that the June 21 Freedom Day has been delayed until July 19 in 'one last heave' of restrictions following a sharp rise in cases of the Indian variant, Westminster sources said last night. Ignoring a mounting revolt by Tory MPs and dire warnings from the hospitality and theatre industries, Mr Johnson will argue that scrapping all restrictions now is likely to fuel the surge – and the public needs to be 'patient' so the country does not go into reverse.

Funny how none of the G7 attendees seemed to stick to the rules they tell us are so important to prevent covid, eh? I guess no one told them about the Indiant variant...  

A surge in the next few weeks would damage the NHS, as emergency departments have warned they are struggling with significant demand at the moment, The Guardian reports.

Probably people who can't get into their GP, since they seem to be ignoring the government's advice that everyone else is still obeying... 

It comes after Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said at the weekend that he could not give an 'absolute guarantee' that social distancing measures would be lifted by the end of August – prompting fears restrictions could roll on into the autumn.

Even if these people do magnanimously lift restrictions on July 19, what's the betting they impose them again in autumn when 'normal' flu season rolls in?

Once you realise you can control people, you are never ever going to relinquish that power.