Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Are You Sure About That, Mrs Wright?

Wright's mother added that she wants Potter to be held accountable for 'everything she's taken from us'.
What's the going rate for a worthless wastrel son, with no apparent prospects other than petty gangsterism, who is prepared to resist arrest to avoid answering charges and has a warrant out for his arrest on attempted aggravated robbery charges after allegedly holding a woman at gunpoint for $820 in December 2019?
Wright's bail was originally set at $100,000 with orders that he should not contact the victim or any witnesses, refrain from drugs and alcohol and not have any weapons. A bond bailsman paid $40,000 for his release.
But his bail was revoked in July last year due to his 'failure to not possess a firearm or ammunition' and not keeping in touch with his probation officer, court papers show. At that time a judge issued a warrant for his arrest, that was still outstanding on the day he died.

I can't believe that even in America, it'd be all that much.  

An Expensive Farce...

Abedi, who conspired with his brother Salman over the bomb attack in 2017, entered a not guilty plea to assaulting Paul Edwards at Belmarsh prison in south-east London.
He also denied a charge of assaulting a second member of staff named Nick Barnett, during the 15-minute hearing.

You'd think this would be a bit difficult, given the plethora of recording devices in prisons, wouldn't you? Well, read on! 

Asked to enter a plea to the first charge on Thursday, Abedi, wearing a black, green and white zip-up jacket and with his hair grown out, told Westminster Magistrates' Court: 'I did assault that filthy pig, but I don't see any harm in doing that.'
Appearing on his 24th birthday via video link from HMP Frankland in County Durham, he added: 'This is my plea.'

Truly, a man who represents himself has a fool for a client! 

Asked to enter a plea on the second charge, Abedi said: 'Same as before. I don't see any wrongdoing.'
Chief magistrate Paul Goldspring formally recorded not guilty pleas.

Wait, what? Why are we even wasting time and taxpayer money on this?! 

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

"And bad mistakes, I've made a few..."

We've all been there; just the other day, serving up sushi, I reached for the bottle of soy sauce and so very nearly poured out Worcestershire sauce into the dipping bowl.

And now the usual suspects have a new BabySeal™ to demand justice riot and steal trainers and HD TVs over...

How could the police do this to an innocent young man!


And now the usual suspects are once again making this all about race, because of course Officer Karen wouldn't have pulled the wrong weapon if it had been a white or Mexican or Hindu man with open warrants resisting arrest and trying to flee in his deadly wheeled weapon...

Looks like it's time for this again:


"Don't Say We Aren't Doing Anything, We've Given Her A Crime Number..."

"The dog owner made no attempt to help, offered no apology and left my pensioner mum partially-conscious on the floor with the body of her dear little dog beside her.
"My poor elderly mum had to carry Roxy back to her house in a distraught state."
"My mum was taken to the hospital for treatment for concussion. She is still traumatised and suffering from flashbacks."

Typical breed attacker, typical breed owner.   

Heartbroken Ms Martin is appealing for anyone who was in the area at the time who has a dashcam, Ring doorbell or CCTV, or who knows the man, to contact the police, quoting reference 24/02/32.

Wait, why is she having to appeal for this? What are all the people employed by Kent Police to run their media doing? Why aren't they publicising a dangerous dog attack?

Monday, 12 April 2021

Blame The Programmer, Not The Software...

A software mistake caused a Tui flight to take off heavier than expected as female passengers using the title “Miss” were classified as children, an investigation has found.

It's enough to make you laugh, isn't it? How could the aircraft industry allow such a thing to happen? 

The departure from Birmingham airport to Majorca with 187 passengers on board was described as a “serious incident” by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB).
An update to the airline’s reservation system while its planes were grounded due to the coronavirus pandemic led to 38 passengers on the flight being allocated a child’s “standard weight” of 35kg as opposed to the adult figure of 69kg.

Well, amazingly, it turns out that going with the cheapest bidder isn't always the wisest idea. Who could have imagined that?

Investigators described the glitch as “a simple flaw” in an IT system. It was programmed in an unnamed foreign country where the title “Miss” is used for a child and “Ms” for an adult female.

And did no-one from the UK get hired to oversee what Sanjay and his brother were doing in their little hut in the Punjab? 


Gunned down while resisting arrest? RIOT!

Gunned down while upholding the law? *crickets*

Uncanny, isn't it, how the responses can be predicted..?

Sunday, 11 April 2021

"I'll Have What She's Having!"

Now updated for the modern IoT era:


Naturally, you're wondering how it works.

Err, sure, yes, yes, of course... 

"Here at CamSoda we figured we’d combine these popular activities and produce a technology that gets people off while their food delivery order is being prepared and ultimately delivered. With Grubuzz, not only will your mouth be watering while your order is being processed, but so too will your private parts. What better way to eat some of your favorite food from Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Outback Steakhouse or P.F. Chang’s than after you’ve orgasmed?!”

I don't think it'll come to the UK, KFC and Wimpy don't really have the same cachet, do they?  

H/T: I Jackson via email

Make Up Your Minds! (Again)

Well, which is it?

H/T: Stephen Brown via email

Sunday Funnies...

I just knew Australia would feature in this..!

Saturday, 10 April 2021

Something's Been Hijacked, If Not The Nave Andromeda...

Remember this incident?
...16 members of the elite Navy force, the Special Boat Service, based only a few miles away in Poole, Dorset, were hailed as heroes for bringing the incident to a swift conclusion after they fast roped down on to the deck of the ship from helicopters while snipers in another helicopter patrolled above.

Well, we can't let that stand, can we? Our armed forces, heroes? Good grief!  

Politicians and human rights campaigners have called for an inquiry into the incident.

Of course they have! But, dear Reader, it's not into how a bunch of illegal immigrants got close to our shores, oh, dear me, no...

One of the stowaways, John*, who has now claimed asylum, said that on the day of the SBS raid he and the six other stowaways were locked in a cabin, as they had been for the previous 12 days since being discovered while tying themselves to the exterior of the ship. “Everything was very quiet on the ship. We thought maybe the crew had left because the ship was sinking and they were leaving us to drown. We shouted but nobody came. We waited for many hours and then broke down the cabin door and went up on deck,” said the 27-year-old.


All seven had tied themselves to the exterior of the ship using strong ropes in the early hours of 5 October when the vessel was docked in Lagos, Nigeria.

Wait, if they were discovered in Nigeria, why weren't they thrown ashore? This doesn't add up. 

They were not discovered until the ship docked in Spain where they were taken on board the ship by the captain.

So they weren't discovered in Nigeria? And why did the captain not offload them in Spain? 

He said all seven of the stowaways were shocked when the SBS arrived. “They came down from the chopper like they were going to war. They had guns and they couldn’t let us look into their faces. They told us to lie belly down on the deck. There’s nobody on the planet who wouldn’t have been frightened about that.”

I wouldn't. But then I'm not attempting to break the law of their country... 

John’s claim for asylum and as a victim of trafficking is under consideration. He said: “If they take me back to Nigeria my life will be in critical danger. I will lose my life. I am a strong Christian. ”

Now, I'm not a believer in anything, but isn't there something in the Bible about 'bearing false witness'? And obeying the laws of the country you find yourself in? I'm pretty sure there is. 

James Wilson, acting director of the charity Detention Action, which provided support for John while he was detained, said: “This debacle raises serious questions that the government now needs to answer. The lack of a credible or verified threat is deeply concerning and the situation appears to have been badly mishandled. The public and our military deserve an urgent inquiry into how and why the home secretary took a decision to deploy elite forces against vulnerable asylum seekers to stop a hijack that never happened.”

The only 'serious questions' it raises is just who funds the likes of you, and your 'charity', James...