Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Political Correctness Costs Lives...

Kyle Lawler, who was 18 at the time, was on duty when a colleague, Mohammed Agha, told him a member of the public had raised concerns about Abedi, who was hanging around outside the Arena at an Ariana Grande concert.
Mr Lawler said he was stood 10 or 15ft away from Abedi, who had been reported to security by a member of the public who thought he looked 'dodgy'.

Why did the other guard not act? Because he was 'guarding a fire door', apparently! 

Which is a shame, because - as a man of the same race as the terrorist - he surely wouldn't have been beset by the same doubts? 

The Showsec security guard, aged 18 at the time of the terror attack, told police in a statement read to the inquiry sitting in Manchester:
'I felt unsure about what to do.
'It's very difficult to define a terrorist. For all I knew he might well be an innocent Asian male.
'I did not want people to think I am stereotyping him because of his race. I was scared of being wrong and being branded a racist if I got it wrong and would have got into trouble.
'It made me hesitant.
'I wanted to get it right and not mess it up by over-reacting or judging someone by their race.'

Do you think, Reader, this will give any of the devotees of identity politics pause? Do you think anyone will stop and say 'Maybe pushing this agenda cost innocent concertgoers their lives?'..?

I wish I thought it would. 

It's Time Sage Got Stuffed!

Dr Yvonne Doyle, medical director of Public Health England, today warned the rising death toll from Covid-19 was likely to 'continue for some time' because of the spike in cases. It can take infected patients several weeks to fall severely ill, meaning the consequences of Britain's spiralling outbreak are only just starting to be seen.
But the number of deaths is still a far-cry away from the peak of the pandemic during the spring, when more than 9,400 patients died in the worst week. And to bring the figures into perspective, Covid-19 was only responsible for one in 16 total deaths in the UK in the most recent week, and flu and pneumonia killed twice as many people.

Enough is enough! I never thought I'd say this but...perhaps we should be more European

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

The 'Guardian' View - Wrong On All Counts...

More than 200 people gathered outside a former military barracks housing asylum seekers near Folkestone, to counter rising far-right activity against migrants.

They aren't asylum seekers, those objecting aren't 'far right' and they've got no quarrel with 'migrants', just with illegal immigrants like these... 

After the welcome event, around 50 protesters brandishing St George’s and the British flags marched while chanting racist messages.

Nice dog-whistle about flags there, but I note that there's no description of the so-called 'racist messages'. Probably because that too is wrong. Surely our oh-so-woke police would have sprung into action if they truly had been? 

The vast majority of people are supportive of migrants, but we don’t always hear their voice, we hear the voice of a very vocal, significant minority,” said Bridget Chapman, from the Kent Refugee Action Network.

It's probably true that the vast majority of people are 'supportive of migrants', yes. But they certainly aren't supporting of freeloaders crossing the Channel to disappear into the black economy... 

Among those supporting asylum seekers was Ross Emans, 43, who came with his son. “This is the first time I’ve been involved with a demonstration to support migrants,” he said, holding a sign that read: “Welcome.”
I used Google to translate “welcome” to Arabic. Hopefully, it’s correct!

Why Arabic, Ross? Are you making a bit of an assumption there? 

Still Rumbling On...

...back in Vange:
South Essex Islamic Trust plans to develop the former Barge Inn, in High Road, Vange, into a culture centre, but Basildon Council is not assured concerns over noise and parking will be dealt with.
But the trust says it has done all it can and handed over more than enough information for the council to make a decision.

The decision should be 'No', then. Will it be? 

Monday, 26 October 2020

They Should All Sue The Police....

A Northumbria Police spokesperson said: 'The dog was seized because it had characteristics similar to that of a Pit Bull Terrier which is a banned breed under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.
'The animal was housed in kennels and assessed by a dog expert. It was acknowledged that it was a cross-breed and had shown no previous signs of aggression, so was therefore returned to the owner on an interim basis.'
Just weeks later, a student walking his dog paid the price

Also the kitchen worker who came to his aid, and then its owner and her father, before armed cops showed up to do what they should have done in the first place.
Judge Tim Gittins sentenced Porteous to eight months imprisonment, suspended for 18 months, with 80 hours unpaid work.

I Thought 'Romance' Meant Hearts And Flowers...

Police have praised the 'true bravery' of a woman who was 'lucky to survive' a knife attack at her home.

Oh no! One of those rare stranger attacks? 

Risman Naitsoka, 40, of Grove Street, Wantage, stabbed his victim in the chest after she refused to have sex with him.

A rapist burglar? 

Speaking after the sentencing hearing investigating officer, Detective Constable Martin Whaley, based at Oxford police station, praised the victim's 'true bravery.' He said: “I am pleased with the sentence the court has passed, and feel it reflects the true gravity of this crime.
“The victim has shown true bravery in seeing this case through, and justice has now rightly been served.
"She is lucky to have survived such an awful assault, and I hope this sentence encourages other victims of such offences to seek help and support themselves.
“The Police and Criminal Justice system are here to fight your corner and to bring offenders to justice.”

Wait, why would someone testifying against an attacker be 'brave' to do so?  

During the case it was revealed that the stabbing took place at an address in Wantage on November 5 last year.
Naitsoka had been in a 'romantic relationship' with his victim which was described as 'tempestuous.'
Naitsoka went to the woman's Wantage home and while there he propositioned the woman for sex, which she declined.


Sunday, 25 October 2020

Daily Express Gobbledegook

This means it is crucial that cars which have not yet been sold do leave the forecourt in time for deadlines.
An analysis from BuyaCar revealed that the biggest saving on the market could be made on an Audi A8 Saloon.
The model had a precious lost piece of £72,310 but was now available for just £42,400.
This equated to a massive 41.36 percent saving or a cash discount of £29,910.

*baffled face* 

H/T: Clive Day via email

Never Forget The Awesome Responsibility Of Local Journalism...

...and how its brave reporters bring you all the most important local issues.

Sunday Funnies...

Sean Connery as Hannibal Lecter? *shudders*

Saturday, 24 October 2020

Caption Competition!

Remember the police union trying to tell us in the last post how 'stretched' the police were? 

Yes, it's South Yorkshire Police taking aim at their own foot again again...
The officers will be sent out when there are reports of the rules being broken after the public requested "targeted action", South Yorkshire Police said.
Now you listen to the public..?
Assistant Ch Con David Hartley said: “We started by focusing our efforts on engagement and education to allow people time to become aware of and understand the rules."

You mean the ones that keep changing? And which are inadequately applied to all? 

"However, we continue to receive reports of blatant and persistent rule-breaking which must be addressed."

Why don't you just file them where you filed the Rotherham reports instead? 

H/T: Fidel via Twitter