Tuesday 30 June 2015

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Who else, but Petunia Winegum at Anna Raccoon, celebrating that special anniversary:

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Johm Galt at 'Countimg Cats' on the Rachel Dolezal story:
"Colour me somewhat unsurprised really, given the nature of positive discrimination in the United States. Economics 101 says “incentives matter”. She was unlikely to get this cushy role with a black advocacy group given her WASP background so, bit of frizzy hairstyle and a darker shade of fake tan and voila! an instant ethnic – the worlds first race transplant.
I suppose it shows the progress of the civil rights movement, less than a century ago “race deception” was all the other way and solely to avoid discrimination."

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The incomparable Anna Raccoon, on a subject dear to my own heart.

Always The Bridesmaid Victim, Never The Bride Perpetrator…

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown gets it spectacularly wrong yet again:
It was a bad Friday. The attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France shocked and scared British Muslims, as much if not more than those outside the faith.
Did they really?
There have been so many acts of Islamicist violence, the faith itself is now seen as toxic. “There is no such thing as peaceful Islam,” according to Edward R, who sent a hastily written letter to me this week.
“You are the enemy. You want to destroy us, democracy, breed like rabbits and take over.”
I am grateful to him for putting down on paper what many fellow citizens feel and think.
Err, you mean, like you just did when you claimed to know what ‘British Muslims’ were thinking?
The accusations are unfair and unwarranted, but after every such attack, it becomes harder to answer them. It is very hard to be a Muslim these days.
Yup, a family lost three generations on that beach in Tunisia, but pity poor Yasmin! It’s so damn hard to be Muslim! *sob*
The tragedy is that today, most Europeans believe all Muslims are hate-filled aliens who will never belong. Avowals and marches by Muslims will not shift that perception. What we need is a vast coalition of black, white, brown, religious, atheist, politically diverse, poor and rich, gay and straight people. As we did when Bush and Blair declared war on Iraq. We understood then what was right and what was terribly wrong. That same unequivocal, worldwide opposition needs to build up against the Taliban, al-Qaeda and Isis. Imagine millions marching from Cairo to Cape Town, Perth to Helsinki, Lima to Karachi, all rejecting Islamicist ideologies and utopian fantasies, reclaiming their common humanity. It can be done.
And it won’t be. Why not..?

Monday 29 June 2015

Always Victims Of 'The West', Aren't They..?

Deeyah Khan on the phenomenon of 'jihadi brides':
Exposure to traumatising online propaganda materials, such as scenes of the murder and massacre of Muslims, induces anxiety and arousal, burning these perceptions deep into the psyche. Very real injustices and outrages against Muslims become amplified...
Funny, it never seems to register with them how many of those are perpetrated by other Muslims.

Only 'the West' gets the blame.

So, Clearly, She Has Some Standards..?

Her lawyer Amanda Johnson said Corris - who has previous convictions for fly tipping and violence - didn't abuse alcohol, take drugs or even smoke.
Oh, wait. Maybe not:
She told the court they preyed on the fact she lived alone after leaving her parents' home in the Cheshire suburb of Bowdon, near Altrincham.
In a statement she said: 'I challenged them and I was told in no uncertain terms that the farm was staying.
'I accept matters progressed to the extent that the owners of the farm told me to feed the plants and control the lighting and I did so.
'It was never suggested I would receive any gain if it was successful.'
Hahahahaha! That's the most feeble excuse I've ever heard! Who's going to believe that?
Corris was given an eight month prison sentence suspended for 12 months and was ordered to carry out 180 hours of unpaid work.
Judge Andrew Lowcock told her she had come 'very close' to going straight to prison.
He said: 'Your basis of plea is you were coerced into allowing this by threats against your family and didn't receive any financial benefit. Drugs are a curse and people who grow cannabis and help can frequently end up in prison.
'You have an explanation of apparent vulnerability but you should choose the people you associate with more carefully in the future.'
*stunned silence*

Saturday 27 June 2015

I, For One, Welcome (And Worship) Our New Cat-Dragon Overlord…

…because she’s true art:

True art provokes an emotional, visceral, appropriate response:

While bad art, well, let Anish Kapoor sob on your shoulder as he tells you:
The vicious voice of the few has commanded too much of the debate, and has resulted in an act of vandalism to the work. I am left with the question about how I should react. Should the paint that has been thrown all over the sculpture be removed? Or should it remain and be part of the work? Does the political violence of the vandalism make Dirty Corner “dirtier”? Does this dirty political act reflect the dirty politics of exclusion, marginalisation, elitism, racism, Islamophobia?
Nope, none of the above. It’s just shit art, mate, that’s all.

Next BBC Production: ‘A. A. Milne’s Winnie The...’ Oh. Err….

When BBC Films announced it was to remake Swallows and Amazons, it stressed that the production would stay true to Arthur Ransome’s classic.
The film would remain a period piece set before the days of health and safety hysteria, with the young characters allowed the freedom to mess about in boats and set up camp on their island adventure.
Hurrah! But wait!
There will be one major change, however. The pluckiest of the Walker children has been renamed after it was decided a character called Titty would provoke too many sniggers.
*rolls eyes*
Titty was played in the 1974 version by Sophie Neville, who was then 12 years old. “I’ve been Titty for the past 42 years,” she laughed on Wednesday. “I didn’t get any stick at all over the name in those days. But if they have to change it I think Tatty is a good choice, because Mavis Altounyan and her elder sister were known as Titty and Tatty when they sailed so there is a real-life basis for it.
“I’m thrilled that they’re changing it, really, because it makes the new film a bit different.”
Maybe something ‘a bit different’ isn’t what’s needed? Still, I suppose we should be grateful that they didn’t make one of the characters black

Friday 26 June 2015


The rider, who wished to remain anonymous, later told the Standard the driver had not in fact been on the phone.
But he added: "I'll quite often raise my phone and film phone drivers when I'm out walking. It's a deadly scourge."
Gosh. I don't know why we get this idea that cycling advocates are unhinged cretins, do you?


There's a 'deadly scourge' all right...

Are You Going To Issue Body Armour And Tasers First..?

A street pastor wants to be on hand outside schools to help children tackle problems such as bullying.
‘Street pastors’..? Aren’t they the people that…
Traditionally, street pastors are on hand in high streets to help late night revellers who may have had too much to drink.
Ah. Yes, it seems they are. Why the need to branch out?
Phil Norton, 50, the coordinator of street pastors in Billericay, wants to be on hand outside school gates across the town to help youngsters deal with certain issues. He pointed to a similar scheme in Kent, where street pastors have been used outside schools.
Mr Norton, who is a former policeman, said: “It’s all about helping people wherever and however we can. If we can help schoolchildren with whatever issues they have, then that’s great.
“The town council and police have given us their support and think it’s a good idea. Initially we will be patrolling the streets during school time, but we will be looking at going into the schools for lunch times and sessions to show the children what we do.”
Sooner you than me, chum! Today’s ‘children’ seem like threats, rather than victims…

Thursday 25 June 2015

You Know What Else Is 'Unacceptable'? Blackmail.

Cllr Mulla, a former Blackburn with Darwen Mayor, phoned Nando’s head of customer engagement, David Manly to warn him the London-based Halal Food Authority accreditation used by the company’s suppliers was unacceptable to the LCM.
The HFA allows the stunning of chickens before slaughter, which Cllr Mulla and his organisation believe fails to meet the strict criteria of Islamic law.
The LCM insist on accreditation and inspection by the Leicester-based Halal Monitoring Committee which forbids it.
So? Don't eat there, Mulla.
Cllr Mulla said: “I have been in touch by phone with Mr Manly and told him unless their chicken meets our guidelines, we will not consider it to be Halal.
“In that case we shall urge all East Lancashire Muslims to boycott it which will make it very difficult for the new Blackburn restaurant to trade successfully.
No young Muslims will go there.”
Wanna bet..?
“The HFA permits stunning before slaughter which we believe is un-Islamic. Only restaurants and suppliers certified by the Halal Monitoring Committee are currently acceptable to the LCM.
“I hope they will take account of our views and follow our guidelines for certification if they decide to open the restaurant as halal.”
Look in a dictionary sometime. See what the word 'guidelines' means. Here's a hint: it's not the same as a rule!
But 29-year-old Bastwell shopkeeper Mr Khan, who worships at Randall Street Mosque, said few young Muslims would follow Mr Mulla’’s advice.
He said: “If Nando’s and the HFA say it is Halal, that’s fine by me and I would go in and have a burger or some chicken.
“If Nando’s Blackburn restaurant is accredited by the HFA, I think most young Muslims will eat there. I think the LCM and HMC are over the top on their interpretation of what is and is not Halal.”
Heh! Gosh, once again, we see the squeaky wheel determined to get all the (halal-certified) grease. While everyone else rolls their eyes at the nutter, and gets on with their lives.

Do You Think That Tipper Truck Was Just Sightseeing Then, Charlie?

I mean, it clearly wasn’t driving through central London for business-related reasons, in your book?
Charlie Lloyd, spokesman for the London Cycling Campaign, described the junction as "frightening" as he called for it to be completely pedestrianised.
He said: "I think everyone coming through that junction knows it is horrendous. This junction is at the heart of the city. It would make a fantastic pedestrianised space. There is no need for road traffic. It should be made wonderful and not frightening."
Want to bet Charlie would be screaming blue murder should his organic hand-mixed muesli not be available at his local deli because no lorries can’t get in to the high street to deliver supplies?

Wednesday 24 June 2015

This Is Why We Have A Nation Of Wimps...

Jayne Grange, 40, said her son, Adam Jobson, had been constantly reminded of his bad luck in the weeks leading up to the trip. She said: “Another thing that upset him was that the teachers and the kids were all talking about it in lessons.
“It felt like they were rubbing it in their faces.”
What, no-one can mention this trip to avoid upsetting your precious little darling? Well, maybe the disappointment is a bit too raw, so soo...

Oh, FFS!
The affected families were told in November their children would not be going on the trip, after paying for the outing in October.
I think he ought to have got over it by now, love!
Mrs Smith said she then had a meeting with the headteacher in the hope of sorting the issue. She said: “I didn’t want these children's last memory of the school to be of deep disappointment but sadly it was to no avail.
Jesus Christ, they've told him a school trip is over subscribed, not shot his granny in front of him!
“I also pointed out how heartless it seemed to tell the children that day and not at least to have had the decency to let parents know first in order that they could be there to offer a shoulder to the children involved.”
And when he gets sacked from a job (should he get one), will you demand that his boss lets you onto the premises to comfort him first?

The school must wonder why they even bother...
Ms Mellor said that other activities were being put on for the children this week at school including Bikeability and swimming. She said: “We had a parents evening back in November where we made it perfectly clear that there was only a certain number of places and if it was oversubscribed then there would be a process to go through, which is a standard policy used in schools.
In fact, there's a certain amount of (well deserved) exasperation in their statement:
“It needs to be said that these residential trips would not be able to go ahead if it wasn’t for the commitment and dedication of the members of staff.”
Quite! And we wonder why today's generation seem so utterly incapable of coping with any little setback. Philip Larkin was right.

It Must Have Been Quite A Large Side Door…

Unusually, Jenns was allowed to enter the crown court through a side door rather than the public entrance after an application from her lawyers.
And why..? Well, you see, she’s a victim, innit?
Despite using Jenns' weight as mitigation, Mr Bridge told the court on Monday that she had been subjected to "the modern-day equivalent of the stocks".
He said some online reports of the hearing two weeks ago had attracted more than 2,500 comments "many of which were vile".
The barrister claimed that one of Jenns' relatives had to be taken out of school after allegations of bullying after her conviction.
Yes, those are consequences of being a careless killer behind the wheel of a vehicle who then employs a legal defence that seeks to blame the real victim for crossing the road and then pleads her weight in mitigation when it fails to work...

Tuesday 23 June 2015

Hang On, Surely It’s ‘Poverty’ And ‘Racism’..?

Pensioner Beryl Noden, 81, of Northumberland Park, said: “At my age I’m used to this sort of thing, it happens all the time, it’s dreadful.
When will they ever learn? God knows there’s enough violence and people killing each other in the world.
“The police have a really tough job around here but they do a wonderful job let me tell you.”
Gosh! That’s something you don’t hear every day, isn’t it?
A man who did not wish to be named said: “Kids these days are too trigger happy, there is a problem with guidance, role models and structure for young people in Tottenham.
“This is a societal problem that needs addressing sooner rather than later. In my day things were settled with fists but nowadays its guns and knives which means young people die, it’s an awful shame.”
Well, Man Who Will Not Be Named, you’ll never make it as a CiF columnist with that attitude!

Try It In A Mosque, Love....

Martin Collins from Pavee Point told TheJournal.ie that he believes the priest overreacted: It seems to be a bit extreme for a parish priest to be refusing any person, regardless of their ethnic background, from a church because of a dress code. It’s bad enough any day but on Holy Communion day in particular.
Hmmmm, really? If someone showed up in a bikini..?

Comments are not in favour of travellers.

H/T: Wiggia via email

Monday 22 June 2015

Only ‘Might’..?

A dog breeder will be sentenced next month after admitting new charges arising from an attack by his American Bulldogs on a 63-year-old man.
Stephen Potts, who had an arm amputated after himself being attacked by two of his other dogs only a month before, may now face restrictions on his dog ownership.
The fate of six of his dogs is now in doubt as the prosecution may seek destruction orders on those which played a part in the incident, in Low Pittington, near Durham, on October 21 last year.
Yes, it’s this story from last year finally reaching a (sort of) conclusion. The CPS seem to have decided to let him answer to lesser charges, as usual.

Will the judge at least see sense and order the humane destruction of the dangerous beasts?

And have the dogs put down as well?

Don’t Order The ‘Special Sauce’, Whatever You Do…

The manager of a sports shop was shocked to see a man pleasuring himself among the menswear rails.
Blackburn magistrates heard Shueyb Yusf turned towards the female manager and walked towards her still masturbating.
"She quickly walked round the corner and called security," said Catherine Allan, prosecuting.
Miss Allan said Yusuf had a previous caution for indecent exposure.
Angela Rossi, defending, said there were mental health issues for her client.
"He is due to start work in a takeaway which his father is opening in a few weeks time," said Miss Rossi.
Sadly, they don’t name it. Shouldn’t Public Health know..?

Update: And I think I'll go topless...

Sunday 21 June 2015

It's Not Just The 'Daily Mail' Or 'Telegraph'...

...local newspapers get it just as wrong:

That's no robin chick. It's a tit, like the photo editor.

H/T: Dave Ward via email

Make Up Your Mind, 'Mail'!

Lioness, or bear? You spelled it correctly in the headline, for God's sake...

Sunday Funnies...

When being an archaeologist is like being a character in a SyFy movie of the week,,,

Saturday 20 June 2015

Welcome News, But…

Horror specialist Eli Roth looks set to direct Meg, the tale of a gigantic prehistoric shark which has been in development for two decades, reports Variety.
Based on the 1997 New York Times bestseller Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror by Steve Alten, the film centres on a female megalodon shark which emerges from the Mariana Trench to wreak havoc more than 2.6m years after it was thought to have become extinct.
Not that I’m averse to any giant prehistoric monster movie, and the ‘Meg’ series is decent enough airport paperback fodder, but there’s a much, much better book that could have been optioned – Robin Brown’s ‘Megalodon!’.

I read this in my local library (remember them? Before Kindle?) and managed to get a copy on Amazon. It's a cracking read, with a much, much better plot than 'Meg'.

I'd have thought its sub-theme of 'Man is the worst monster' would have resonated well with modern movie audiences too.

Newsflash, Pal – You Aren’t The ‘Customer’…

I remember very clearly going to see my father in prison for the very first time. There were many things about it that were terrible – how broken he seemed, how slowly the time passed even though there was so much to say. But there was one thing that struck me and has fundamentally influenced all my political views since then – how little the prison and its staff cared about either him or me.
On reflection over many years, the reason this jarred with me was because I am middle class, educated and used to being treated with decency and respect in my daily interactions with people and institutions.
We aren’t told what dear ol’ dad did to get sent to the slammer (I wonder why..?), but I suspect it was probably a bit more than not treating someone with decency and respect
Over the weeks and months as I continued my visits, I became increasingly frustrated by the inefficiencies and unfairness of the system and the hardship that this caused both prisoners and families alike. Like my sister and I spending four hours trying to get through on a booking phone line to make visits. Or having no buses from the local train station to the prison on visit days and having to spend£15 each way on a taxi. Or the difficulty of getting phone credit to make calls.
Gosh, isn’t it terrible? Truly, it’s #firstworldproblems all over again. Why, how dare the state not lay on a chauffeur-driven limo so you can chat to your family jailbird?
What made me most angry is that there was an acceptance that this was the way things operated and it was unlikely to change any time soon. It was difficult to work out who I might even contact if I wanted to change any of these things.
This is what made me realise that some public sector organisations can get away with operating in a monopolistic vacuum with limited accountability.
*shocked face* You don’t say?!?
We are blinded by the idea that they operate for our public interest because they are publicly operated and not tainted by the evil hand of private-sector capitalism. Well, I can tell you that the public sector can treat the public pretty badly too. And in many cases you cannot do anything about it because there is no alternative or you cannot exercise any element of choice.
Well, I never…
This doesn’t mean that I want to privatise everything, nor that I believe the private sector will necessarily provide better services. It is that I think, wherever possible, you should always have the choice to look for an alternative that is actually different. Not just transfer to an organisation that has the same ways of working and is effectively a replica of what you have moved from.
I suppose pointing out that you do indeed have a choice – one to not commit a crime in the first place - would be pointless?
I know this because if someone had told me that my father could move to a different, non-public sector prison that treated us like humans, made it easier to book family visits and arranged a bus from the station on visiting days, I would have said “yes, please”. I don’t think I would be alone.
So, in a way I am a bit perplexed about why we continue to be so hung up on sectors: a conversation essentially about who pays the staff. Surely it should now be about moving the debate on to how to provide better services to the public.
Ah, I see where you’re going wrong now! The ‘service to the public’ is banging up your dad. It’s been performed.

That it means upset and difficulty for you, well, so what? That isn’t a problem. That’s consequences.

Friday 19 June 2015

You Really Couldn’t Make It Up!

Julia Flanagan, in mitigation for Farooq, said he had done "a great deal of growing up" since he committed his crimes.
She added: "It is an old matter now and it is assessed that Mr Farooq's regret is genuine.
"He really is feeling the disgrace, the shame, that he is in court and has lived the last years of his life in and out of Croydon Crown Court with his case.
"For someone that thought he was a big man, he has fallen very low."
Farooq had managed to find work while on bail and had got involved in politics.
Really..?!? What sort of politics would attract a serial liar who colluded with his UKBA girlfriend to swindle immigrants out of their money for non-existent help with their visa applications?
His lawyer said: "He has worked volunteering for the Labour Party, of whom he is an enthusiastic supporter."
Ahahahahahahahahahahaha..!!! Delicious!

He’s Your Son, Not A Meal Ticket…

A young, homeless mum has been left "depressed" after three weeks of uncertainty about where she and her son will sleep each night.
*rummages* Where’d I leave that tiny violin?

But wait! I shouldn’t be so cold, so hard-hearted! Maybe her misfortunes are not her own?
The mum to six-year-old Dillion has been homeless since leaving a temporary living situation, sleeping on her mum’s sofa, in January.
She was 'kicked out' of emergency council accommodation in Dartford on May 11 after failing to keep up with the rent.
Oh. OK. Forget I spoke.
She said: "I am running out of options. I have nowhere to go.
"The council is telling me to go private, but all they have offered me is a bond.
"Everyone wants a first month’s rent and a deposit and a home owner guarantor.
"I am trying to look for work but it’s hard when you’re looking for a home too."
That’s why you breed when you have a stable job and life, not before.

Get the sire to pay. I’m not going to. The days of irresponsible breeding with the taxpayer left paying the bills are over.

You too, love.

Thursday 18 June 2015

*Tunes Up Nano-Violin*

Islamic terrorists feel they are being bullied by staff at Thamesmead’s Belmarsh prison, according to inspectors.
Gosh, really? Well, I can hardly type this for the tears in my eyes…
According to the report, prisoners are also 'very dissatisfied' with the food at the prison.
Shame! They should be dining on the finest halal fillet steak! What’s the world coming to?
HM chief inspector of prisons, Nick Hardwick reported these issues may have been linked to gang and terrorism-related offences but the prison needed to do more to understand and address this.
His report states: "Too many prisoners reported feeling unsafe.
"Many felt victimised by other prisoners and a significant proportion of prisoners from black and ethnic minority backgrounds and muslim prisoners told us they had been intimidated by the staff."
You know who doesn’t feel ‘unsafe’, Nick ol’ boy? Us law-abiding people.
Belmarsh has recently begun to hold remanded young adults who would previously have been held in a Young Offenders Institute.
Mr Hardwick's report states: "Levels of violence have increased since the arrival of young adults.
"The prison had not taken appropriate action to monitor or address effectively the issues presented by these prisoners."
Let ‘em kill each other. Better them, than us.

Finally, Something They Won’t Swallow…

Appealing against the sentence on behalf of McLoughlin, Jonathan Dickinson told Judge Peter Davies at Bolton Crown Court: "He describes the sentence of eight months as somewhat excessive. He is asking for a degree of mercy."
Mr Dickinson said McLoughlin, who has been battling a heroin addiction for 10 years, has now moved to Hope Street, Haslingden with his partner in a bid to start a new life
He fears the length of the jail term will result in him losing his accommodation.
"His 16-year-old daughter committed suicide in 2014 and since that time the defendant says he has been trying to put things right in his life," he added.
And how did he do that?
The court heard 41-year-old McLoughlin has a "terrible criminal record" dating back to when he was aged 14 and has accumulated 46 convictions, including a 10 year prison term for robbery.
...the judge was told that on January 9 McLouglin stole washing products worth £100 from B&M Bargains in Bolton and then a week later he took a handbag belonging to a customer at Subway on Manchester Road.
At the time he was already subject to a conditional discharge for stealing lead.
Judge Davies, hearing the appeal with two magistrates, told McLoughlin that his bereavement would have already been taken into account when he received a conditional discharge and he does not believe he is halting his life of crime.
"What is particularly concerning is it never stops," said Judge Davies.
"We take the view that the magistrates were correct in the sentence they imposed."
Should have doubled it just for the cheek…

Wednesday 17 June 2015

Yet Another Failed Attempt To Make Me Care…

Thousands of children – many of whom are British citizens – are subsisting on as little as £1 a day because…
Ooh, ooh, let me guess…’Tory cuts’?
… their parents are migrants with no recourse to public funds.
Oh. *shrug*

That ‘many of whom are British citizens’ is disingenuous, too. It’s less than a quarter:
In almost a quarter of the families affected at least one child is a British citizen, researchers from Oxford’s Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) found.
Typically, the screaming headlines don’t match up to the report, once you dig deeper.

But they’ll have served their purpose for the typical ‘Indy’ reader who’ll tut over their muesli at the awful Brits who want to make this a non-diverse country…
Most of the families affected are here legally but awaiting a Home Office decision on their immigration case. Almost three-quarters (71 per cent) of the families helped by local authorities in 2012/13 had a decision on their immigration status pending.
Forbidden from working or receiving welfare, the only money many migrant parents can find to feed their children is a child poverty payout from social services, which can be as low as £5 a week for a family.
Which is presumably a decision they take, knowing that they will get even less – or maybe nothing – in Nigeria or Jamaica…
Experts believe the Government needs to step in and provide funding to protect children’s welfare in this situation. Mr Reed said: “It is critical that these families get the help they need and that the Government provides the funds necessary so local authorities can protect these children’s welfare. Children must be treated first and foremost as children — not as immigration statistics.”
They shouldn’t be treated as a fast-track ticket to citizenship, either!
A Home Office spokeswoman said: “We welcome those who wish to make a life in the UK with their family, work hard and make a contribution. But family life must not be established here at the taxpayer's expense.”
Untypically robust statement there. Let’s hope actions match the words.

Who’s Reassured? Anyone? Bueller?

Community leaders (Ed: Wha..? In Southend!?) have called for calm after the latest shocking attack in Southend.
The murder in Park Lane, Westcliff, on Tuesday, is the third serious incident to happen in the area in the last 18 months.
And jostles for police attention amongst the 700 other crimes recorded for this area!

But don’t panic, a councillor who lives in Leigh will tell you it’s perfectly safe!
Julian Ware-Lane, Labour councillor for the Milton Ward, said the incidents were not related and hopes Southend is not turning into a haven for violent crime.
“I walk along Park Lane quite regularly and it is a large alleyway and we had a streetlight put in there a couple of years ago, but I do not feel unsafe.”
Do you walk there at night? I bet you don’t!
Chief Insp Simon Anslow, Southend district commander, said: “It is not a street we would identify as being a particular problem street.
“I think the three incidents are completely unrelated to each other in type and are only joined together by locality.
“I would be very hesitant to start drawing inferences about the location and any wider risk to residents.
“It is too early to tell with this case, but we are talking about incidents related only to the individuals involved, not people walking down the street and being attacked.”
Immensely reassuring, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Tuesday 16 June 2015

Changing Faces Of Britain…

Farewell to another pub:
Office manager Julie Delaney, 46, formerly of Canberra Crescent, used to visit the tavern with her father and family.
“It used to be a really nice pub, you’d take your kids and enjoy a day with your family.
“I know pub culture’s changed but it’s sad to see community places go, whether they’re being replaced with Tesco, M&S or whatever.”
In this case, it’s definitely ‘whatever’…
Stella’s Groceries and Vegetables opened earlier this month, selling a range of African and Caribbean produce.
Manager Stella Osunbol, 55, from Forest Hill, Lewisham, has run her own shops for the past 18 years and fell in love with the building when she first saw it.
“It’s a really nice building in a good area,” she said.
“A really good place for my business.
“It’s obvious not everyone wanted to go to the pub for drinking because it closed.
“These days people go to the supermarket and drink at home. Not everyone wants to drink, but everyone wants to eat so we see the change as a good thing. Pubs aren’t always good things – there can be a lot of unpleasant situations.”
I suppose African food shops are always good things, in Stella’s world?
The Bull is the second pub to change its use in three months, despite Barking and Dagenham Council’s “Last Orders? Preserving Public Houses” supplementary planning order. Adopted in June 2014, the order only allows pubs to change use after a 12-month marketing period, if “no interest in the free or leasehold as a pub” is expressed in that time.
In February, councillors overturned recommendations to allow the Farmhouse Tavern, in Dagenham Road, to reopen as a licensed function venue and restaurant.
Catering for up to 200 guests at special events, such as weddings, caterer Gulzar Chowdhury bought the pub in 2011.
No wonder Dagenham is changing fast. For the better?

There's No Failure...

...because this is a free country, and your sibling was over 16:
Evans’s brother expressed concerns that his sibling was able to travel to Egypt. “For him to go to the airport a few months later and get on a plane to Egypt, no questions asked, it just seems like there is a failure somewhere,” he said.
There may well be. But I don't think it's where you're pointing your finger, is it?

Monday 15 June 2015

Yes, True Accountability Would Help…

Her family said yesterday they are “absolutely disgusted” that he was released to kill again and said the parole board should be held accountable.
Her father Peter Croft, from Hastings, said: “As far as I am concerned I hold the parole board responsible for the attack on the lady.”
Yup! And if they were told that, should a parolee commit a further offence, they themselves would be sacked, it might concentrate minds…
Mitigating at yesterday’s sentencing, Rebecca Trowler QC said his mental health problems reduced his culpability.
She added he was suicidal at the time of the attack.
He didn’t stab himself though, did he?

What Are Police Able To Say, Then?

Police were last night unable to say whether the man was arrested, and whether the chase and stand-off were linked.
But the police were, as usual, able to inconvenience everyone while they went ‘softly softly’ with the idiot!
Police and community support officers blocked off neighbouring streets with their vehicles and kept their distance as the man talked to members of his family on the ground.
He remained on the roof until around 6.30pm, when he came down and was driven off in a waiting car.
A waiting police car..?
… local resident Stephanie Dewhurst said: “He was shouting something about seeing his kids or calling his girlfriend but I don’t know for sure what he was saying.
“All the neighbours were out and his family members were there too.
“The police had four streets sealed off.
Ms Dewhurst said a black Fiat Punto belonging to a neighbour, plus a police car, were among the three badly damaged in the police chase.
So surely he’s been arrested..?
Former councillor Nick Collingridge, who lives in Sparth Road, said he had spotted the police helicopter circling overhead, and said he was surprised at the events that had unfolded.
“This is certainly out of the ordinary because you don’t get police chases everyday. You would not expect something like this, especially on a Sunday,” he said.
“One thing that is positive about Clayton is over the last five years crime has been down.
“We have seen good policing efforts recently from our local bobby [PC Paul Pountain] and we have a new inspector and she seems to be putting a lot of effort it.
“But my gripe is, because of the cuts, we have lost quite a number of officers.”
Got plenty when they want to seal off four streets, though…

Saturday 13 June 2015

Another ‘B’ Ark Graduate…

A campaigner and artist has launched a new site that hopes to make Google’s image search results more diverse.
At the moment, a search for most generic body parts — like “cute baby” or “arm” — shows people and bodies that are almost entirely white.
But as part of a project named World White Web, Johanna Burai hopes to change that.
Because accuracy – if you want a picture of an arm, would you care what colour it was? – is irrelevant, when someone has an axe to grind, clearly…
The almost entirely white results are part of the way that the internet and culture think of whiteness as neutral or the norm, Burai told the Fader. “This is a crystal clear example of how the norm of whiteness manifests itself—the white body is neutral,” she said.
“The search result is just one example of how being white is a norm in society. A lot of people choose to turn a blind eye to the privileges you get simply by being white, as well as to the systematic racism experienced by people of color in their everyday lives.”
*rolls eyes* Good lord, can this tired old boilerplate be assigned to just about anything?

And shouldn’t the daft mare be hounded for referring to ‘people of colour’, like Benedict Cumberbatch, or the founder of Molton Brown?

She'd get away with it if she was one herself!

The Inarticulate Generation...

Commenter TDK at David Thompson's blog passes on this little gem about the weird and wonderful Kafka-exceeding goings-on at Amherst College.

It's not a fun read, mainly because the story is so depressing and now becoming so familiar, and also because... well, this passage stands our:
Once the hearing began, AS repeatedly presented herself as too traumatized to articulate her thoughts verbally. (She had no such problem, according to Kurker’s report, when the investigator asked her questions.) Asked whether the two went to her room voluntarily to hook up, AS replied, “Yes. Well—although in would like to say that I did feel some—I did like well feel like well some—I did . . . I did like well feel like well some like . . . well . . . some like . . . like . . . some like well pressure to do so.
Panel member Hamako wondered about this “pressure,” which AS hadn’t previously mentioned, yielding this response: “So as we were making out in the common room, so some of the students there, so I think, so I think, so I think, [another student] included, were just like, well, chanting like well, things about me. Like, like, like, like, I mean, like, like, I mean, like, I mean like this, I mean like, I mean like, I mean like slut, and like that kind of thing. And they also like told us, get a room, so, yeah.” How that reaction (even if accurate) could be held against Doe was left unclear, since Hamako didn’t follow up.
I'm not so sure it's a put-on, though. We do seem to be educating a generation that cannot express themselves verbally.

And I wonder if that's not more frightening than what's being done to the rule of law!

Friday 12 June 2015

Union Members: Dumber Than Tree Stumps

The industrial walk-outs, which started back in March, were effectively brought to an end today, with 76 of the 106 GMB members agreeing terms to return to work.
Yup, this strike is finally over. Not a total surrender, but close enough.
Although the latter two unions agreed terms including a one-off £500 payment for each worker at the end of April, GMB members continued strike action which had been due to end at the end of this week.
While 30 drivers are yet to return, Cllr Dominic Twomey insists the borough’s waste and refuse services are “fully operational” once more, though it will take two weeks to catch up with the back-log.
And has it been worth it? Reader, it has not…
Although other council staff had been recruited to deliver the borough’s green garden waste collection service during the disruption, Cllr Twomey also revealed a further six drivers had been hired on short-term contracts last week.
While the newly-returned GMB drivers have accepted the same terms as agreed by Unison and Unite workers five weeks ago, the borough’s finance member believes staff were brought around by the recent lack of earnings.
“I am sure they realised it’s a fair deal,” he added. “Unfortunately some of the drivers have lost quite a lot of income.
“While the GBM members have been striking it’s actually cost them more than they could have gained.”

Oh, Don't Make Me Laugh...!

A single mum could face prison...
 Ahahahaha! Stop, you're killing me!
...after her dog ‘dangerously’ attacked a neighbour.
 Amazing how those 'savage Tory benefit cuts' are biting, eh?
Major will be sentenced on July 17. Recorder Ian Harris said: “All sentencing options are open to the court, the fact that you do not have any previous convictions is in your favour.”
Major also pleaded guilty to a Bail Act offence as she failed to appear at court for the original trial date on June 8.
The mum was later arrested at her home address where she was found ‘sunbathing’.
 *grinds teeth*
...residents blasted her for locking herself in her home during the chaos, and refusing to come out as onlookers screamed at her, 'Sort your dog out!'
 Well of course! Mind you, there's quite an IQ deficiency in this area:
Another neighbour Wade Rushton, 18, said: “The dog is usually dead friendly but it was just proper going, and would not stop.
I came out with a knife because I was going to stab it, but people were saying, ‘no’, so I threw a brick instead.”
 *stunned disbelief*
At Burnley Crown Court, Major's lawyer, Tim Brennand, said: “The defendant is a good character, she is a single mother of her eight year-old daughter and this has taken an emotional toll on her.''
Oh, poor dear! She's the real victim! And nice attempt to pin the blame on the lady savaged by this thing:
He claimed Mrs Degg had a stick with her, but the judge Mr Recorder Ian Harris said: ''If Mrs Degg had a stick, whatever the reason, it’s perfectly fine. The dog was dangerously out of control.”
The police should have shot the useless mutt. And the dog.

Thursday 11 June 2015

"It’s OK, He’s A White Dude!"

The shooting of Mr Fischer, 35, has sparked widespread controversy and concern and accusations about the behaviour of the officers.
Not, of course, that it’s the sort of ‘controversy’ that provokes anguished CiF columns and statements from the President of the US. Guess why…?
At a press conference, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol released footage showing two men – brothers Nehemiah Fischer and Brandon - wading throw (sic) a flooded area towards two officers. The footage apparently shows Nehemiah Fischer grabbing an officer and throwing him to be the ground. He is then shot.
Well, that’s hardly surprising then. Just as these five cases that the ‘Guardian’ expects us all to shed a tear for are hardly surprising. Point a gun (or a gun-like object) at an armed cop, expect to get shot.
Mr Fischer’s father, JR Fischer, told the AP that the behaviour did not sound like that of his son, who was an assistant pastor at a Tulsa church and who studied the bible daily.
It never does, does it?
Mr Fischer’s brother, Brandon, 41, was arrested on complaints of assaulting a police officer and public intoxication. “If my son would have known that this was an officer, he would have never assaulted him,” said the father.
So if he’d thought he was someone else, he’d be ok about assaulting him?

“It’s OK, We’ve Held A Case Review And Cleared Ourselves!”

The report concluded there were “a number of missed opportunities and where practice could have been better” but that on the basis of known information, professionals involved could not have prevented Jai’s death.
It said Jai was being cared for by at least four adults – his mother, father, maternal grandmother and paternal grandparents – and was known by two different names, and the impact of these circumstances on him was “not sufficiently recognised by agencies outside of the formal legal process”.
“Whew! Dodged another bullet. Pass the biscuits.”

Wednesday 10 June 2015

Gaming 1995: "The Dig" (Dell 486)

And so to Lucasart's 'The Dig'. Probably the last true ‘point & click’ game I ever played, it was an engrossing game, with a great score and some memorable voice actors.

The puzzles weren't too difficult ('Myst' drove me insane!) and the storyline, while a bit cliched, kept you hooked. I even bought the novelisation, though that was after I'd played the game, and mostly on the strength of the author's reputation...

This is another that is overdue for re-release on Steam or some other platform.

Yes, Integration’s Going So Well, Eh?

Martin Kolberg, 34, manager of Magic Touch hair salon, also in Ripple Road, is worried the illegal development will impact upon his business.
“There was no warning of anything happening, no one came round to see us, we just saw the building work start up one day so I wasn’t too happy about that,” he said.
“Having lots of people on the street outside will discourage customers, especially if they’re going to be washing their feet outside.
“It’s not very hygienic next to a hair salon.”
That probably won’t even be noticed in Barking, mind you…
Manager of nearby Ripple Road restaurant Portvgalia, Julie Csador, 52, is also concerned.
“Last week was really, really bad,” she said. “The pavement was really dirty because of the building work.
“If I don’t clean the pavement outside my cafe the council would fine me.
“I have nothing against the religion but they shouldn’t be building there.
“The parking is already bad for residents but it will just get even crazier.”
She's not likely to be wrong about the parking, as Fahrenheit211 points out...

And the culprits? Well, they fall back on the ‘Why are you pickin’ on me? Boo hoo!’ tactic:
But courier Ali Khan, 35, from Redbridge, who worships at the current mosque on occasions, insists there is a great need for the building among the local community.
“It’s not going to be used every day, just for Friday prayers, but it’s absolutely necessary,” he said. “Like people going to church on a Sunday.
“It’s really unfair from the council, it’s just going to be open for about half an hour a week.”
It’s not ‘unfair’, it’s the way things are done here.
Chairman of the Ripple Road mosque Mohammud Islam, 46, said: “The current building is being redeveloped so we need somewhere to go.
“Whatever the council want us to do we will do.”
They want you to abide by the rules and regulations of the country. Just like everyone else.
A council spokesman said: “They have been informed that whether or not it is a temporary structure, they will still require permission as both planning and building regulations need to be complied with.
“In addition, they have been given 28 days in which to submit a planning application for temporary use of the site and 14 days in to submit a regularisation application in relation to Building Control regulations.
“Failure to comply with these deadlines will see the council take formal action and issue appropriate notices.”
Bulldoze the place.

So, How’s That Diversity Drive Working Out, Met Police?

Not so good, eh?
Pc Taiyab Darr, who serves in Newham, had denied common assault but was found guilty on Thursday.
Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard how Pc Darr, 36, had assaulted the 24-year-old on April 7, 2014.
A report of wrongdoing was made by his colleagues and following an investigation by the directorate of professional standards, Pc Darr was charged with the assault.
He was fined £1,000 and ordered to pay costs of £500 and a £100 surcharge.
Dep Ass Comm Fiona Taylor, from the directorate of professional standards, said: “We are naturally disappointed that an MPS officer has been convicted of an assault.
“His behaviour clearly fell well below the high standards we expect of our officers and is it right that he was held to account in the criminal courts.”
Pc Darr will now be subject to a misconduct review.
And will be out on his ear, right? Not let off because he ticks a box?

Tuesday 9 June 2015

But If You're Able Bodied, And The Dog's A Pet...?

Cumbria Constabulary have signed a new service level agreement (SLA) with the charity Guide Dogs in relation to investigating attacks on assistance dogs.
The force has worked closely with the charity in order to ensure that the correct processes are in place and a consistent approach is undertaken across the county.
The SLA follows a legislation introduced in May 2014 which offers greater protection to assistance dogs and their owners. The legislation states that it is an offence to be in charge of a dog that attacks an assistance dog, which is defined as any dog specially trained to assist a blind, deaf or disabled person.
Hmmm. So, since you're now getting a poorer service from the police, can you claim a reduction in your taxes?

If not...why not? Is it because there's no SLA for you to demand?
Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Steve Johnson said: “An attack on a guide dog can have long lasting effects on both the dog itself and its owner. The Constabulary is committed to supporting victims of crime, especially those who are vulnerable.
Aren't we all vulnerable to crime..?
Mark Burnett, Guide Dogs Mobility Team Manager North East and Cumbria, said: "Guide dog owners are less able to protect themselves. A sighted person will see potential danger and take evasive action, but a blind person is unable to do this."
So is an elderly person. Or a wheelchair user. Or a small child. Where's their protection?

Are they too second class citizens for Cumbria Police?
Police & Crime Commissioner Richard Rhodes said: “I welcome the introduction of this agreement, and the fact that assistance dogs and their owners are to receive greater protection.
This is an important step for those that rely on their dogs to go about their daily lives, and who would be greatly affected if any harm were to come to their dog.”
All you able-bodied grieving owners can just shut up - no SLA for you!

This stinks.

A Sad Loss To….Whom?

Today brother Mason Sawyer paid tribute to the 20-year-old from Colchester, who was also known as Devon Sawyer, writing: “Gone but never forgotten. Rest in peace my beautiful big brother. I love you so much.”
Friend Lewis Routledge described him as “wonderful, clever and talented” .
And how did this wonderful talented man meet his maker? Well…
Devante Keane died running across a main commuter route in Willesden following a 40-minute chase. Dozens of police accompanied by dog teams and a helicopter tracked him as he dodged across gardens and vaulted fences backing onto the railway.
Police said he had been stopped on suspicion of possessing drugs and was “pursued and observed from a distance” before he ran onto lines near Dartmouth Road on Tuesday.
Scotland Yard said that after an assessment, the Independent Police Complaints Commission had decided not to investigate. An inquiry will be carried out by the Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards.
No doubt the relatives will be demanding compo regardless…

Monday 8 June 2015

Yes, It Was Indeed ‘Naïve And Inappropriate’…

Llama Bar management responded to the petition on Facebook, saying the event had been organised without their prior knowledge or permission and the person involved had been disciplined.
“We acknowledge that the use of a petting zoo was not appropriate and we have made sure that nothing of this nature will happen in the future,” it said in a statement. Akuna Club, an external promoter that hosts events at the club, also responded and took responsibility for the event.
“After the Akuna Club page blew up last night with a lot of negativity and angry, impassioned animal activists we decided to hold off til this morning to let things cool down before attempting to offer a simple run of the facts,” Akuna Club said on Facebook.
“This was set up outside the back of the venue, and attended by roughly 20 patrons.
“There was no loud music playing at any stage over the course of this two hours, nor was there any alcohol in the vicinity of the fenced-off animal enclosure.
“And at no point were any animals taken outside of their enclosure, let alone into the venue, contrary to the petition floating around.
“At 9pm the petting zoo was packed up and the animals taken away from the venue, at which point music inside the club began playing.
“The animals were under strict supervision for the full two hours.
“The venue does not condone live animals being inside clubs or bars, and were not involved in the organising of the event, contrary to the petition.”
The statement continued: “It’s so important in situations like this to gather factual information and not just make assumptions before you start harassing anyone involved in the photos, or the Petting Zoo company themselves.
“To personally attack people who had photos taken of them while engaging in a service that was provided for them in much the same way it’s provided for children and people of all ages on a daily basis goes against your supposed moral code of trying to look after all living creatures. ”
…that is, naïve to assume that vocal animal rights loons have a moral code that encompasses all living creatures (it excludes humans, for the most part).

And also that they care about the facts!

H/T: Matt Hayden via Twitter

The Sort Of ‘Enrichment’ Billy Bragg Fled To Dorset To Avoid…

…it won’t be his daughters paying the price of his love of progressivism and multiculturalism, will it?
A serial rapist who preyed on women as they walked through parks late at night has been found unanimously guilty.
Daniel Elliott screamed at one of his victim's family "what are you looking at, yeah, what are you looking at me for?" after the verdicts had been announced.
The Sutton Guardian can now report that Elliott, 24, of Rosewell Close, Anerley, had only recently been released from a young offender institution for raping an exchange student in 2010.
The soft justice so beloved of the progressives means this – more innocent victims. Never forget that.
Sentencing is set to take place on Friday, June 19.
Why the delay? Is it because even the usual suspects are going to find it hard to come up with mitigation for this one?

Saturday 6 June 2015

How Dare You Profile The People That Are Committing Crimes!

No, no, wait, it’s not what you think…
Avon and Somerset Police have said they are receiving more and more complaints of cyclists riding irresponsibly on the city's roads. The force has released a new leaflet warning cyclists of the penalties for riding dangerously – which can include fines of up to £2,500 and in the most serious cases, a prison sentence.
Hurrah, right? Wrong!
But the leaflet has caused a Twitter storm amongst cyclists, who say they believe it to be unfair and single them out from other road users.
Ummm…but the specific complaints are about them, specifically. How else can the police do this?
Bristol-based cycling magazine Boneshaker posted the leaflet on Twitter, along with the caption "£2.5k fine! Hope @ASPolice will be handing a motoring equivalent of this to every mobile-using driver, too #cycling"
If the police catch someone using their mobile while driving, I hope they do fine them. At least we both agree on that.
One user, @Beztweets, said: "@boneshakermag @ASPolice Nice of them to illustrate it with a massive "no cycles" sign. Really sets the tone."
Well, they pretty much have to, since that’s the very sign that complaints say is being ignored
@Defy_Rider said: "@AlternativeDfT @boneshakermag odd, as a motorist I've never been given a leaflet telling me to drive properly."
Well, as a motorist, you are tested and licensed and ….

Ah. I see.
@cycleoptic said: "@StopKillingCycl @boneshakermag @David_on_a_bike is it up to @ASPolice to give "advice", why not just #enforce the road laws to all?
Yup, that’s exactly what they should do. I’m all for them enforcing all road laws for all users, which is exactly what they are doing by targeting those who behave as if they don’t apply to them.

So suck it up!


A leading child protection charity has demanded Facebook and other social networks be held to account following a clash over a "disturbing" video.
The NSPCC says the video shows a "terrified, sobbing baby" being dunked repeatedly in a bucket of water and wants the UK government to intervene.
And FaceBook has looked at it and (despite referring it to authorities themselves, and placing a warning on it) established that it doesn’t breach its rules.

The UK government isn’t responsible for FaceBook, which is based in the US. So what more can they do?
The charity wants the government to create a new organisation "armed with the legal powers to ensure internet companies are transparent and accountable".
Aha! In other words, a nice little tame quango that will need to ‘liaise and consult’ with…well, with the NSPCC of course!

But how much of an issue is this wretched video anyway?
… the clip has since become "unavailable" - perhaps because the woman who posted it has deleted it.
Facebook has acknowledged that more than one copy of the video has been shared on its site, and that it only adds warning messages after being alerted to an instance by its users. It is therefore unknown at this stage how many times the clip has been watched.
*sigh* Storm in a teacup, purely designed to increase pressure on the freedom of the Internet and assist charities in their incessant lobbying.

Friday 5 June 2015

Jessica Valenti Doesn’t Half Talk Some Utter Bollocks…

Here she is ignoring inconvenient facts again:
How do you explain that the leading cause of death of women aged 15 to 19, worldwide, is suicide? An internationally recognized expert on global mental health and suicide said in an interview with the Telegraph: “The most probable reason is gender discrimination.”
In other words, misogyny kills.
Really, Jessica? The ONS begs to differ:
The highest UK suicide rate in 2013 by broad age group was among men aged 45 to 59, at 25.1 deaths per 100,000, the highest for that age group since 1981.
So, where does this come from?
It was Dr Suzanne Petroni, the senior director for gender, population and development at the International Center for Research on Women, who first realized the chilling statistic as she was going through a WHO special report on adolescents.
A doctor, eh? That explains why she’s a tiny bit less quick to jump to conclusions than our Jessica:
“We need more research and evidence to tell us if it is actually happening for the reason we hypothesize it is – which is that gender norms and inequality have a significant link for suicide vulnerability”, Petroni said.
Or maybe she just wants the gig? It’ll be sweet moolah, and no getting your hands dirty with all that unpleasant ‘treating people’ stuff…
Frett told me that, to move forward, “we must put girls at the center of development and public policies, recognizing them as subjects of rights.”
Petroni also offered some tangible solutions: “We need more data, we need to make sure that national health surveys monitor suicide attempts and that hospital systems improve their data”, she says.
Perhaps what we need most of all is the hardest thing to come by: equality.
Yup, ignore the high death rate for men, it’s all about the wimminz! It always is, for Jessica and her coven.

Well, Churchill Didn’t Get Everything Right…

…sometimes you just can’t rely on ‘jaw jaw’:
Disputes with travellers can be resolved if people talk to them instead of “digging trenches” , the new leader of the Greens has said.
I suppose ‘Get orf moi land!’ isn’t the sort of ‘talking to’ he means?
Travellers were an ongoing issue for the past Green administration, who were criticised for taking a soft touch on illegal encampments.
Their actions have even been cited by one of their councillors as one the reasons for their defeat in the council elections.

Sadly, that seems to be the only one of the Greens capable of learning anything…
Councillor Mac Cafferty said: “I can try to understand where these frustrations come from. I have had travellers who have arrived in my own ward – on Brunswick Terrace.
“I think the key thing whenever these issues arise is to carry on talking to people.
“The first thing I did whenever I was on the understanding travellers have arrived I went and spoke to them immediately, I went and spoke to the MP for Hove, I made sure our traveller team knew about the travellers and made sure the welfare of the travellers was okay.”
Yes, I can see why the taxpayers are a little bit aggrieved…
“I made sure that everyone knew what the other was thinking and saying.
“I think a lot of this is people have dug trenches and have stopped talking and I think like the resolution to so many problems, actually when communication is kept strong people began to understand. ”
Oh, I’m all in favour of ‘strong communication’ in these instances, but I suspect it’s not what you mean by the term!

Thursday 4 June 2015

‘The Guardian’ Reaches Peak ‘Do As I Say, Not As I Do’…

Julie Bindel on her love of…rap music?!?
The truth is that, if feminists – especially those of us who prioritise the campaign to end male violence against women – restricted themselves to entertainment that was perfectly non-sexist, perfectly pure, we would be pretty miserable (Ed: Nope, I’m not going there..!), and have very little to watch or listen to. No football, because of the machismo and sexist chants. A ban on books and TV programmes that are based on violence against women. I would need to throw away all my crime novels, and never watch The Killing again.
Translation: “Principles are boring! I wantz ma tunes*! And never to be criticised!”
As a feminist, under the system of patriarchy, to live a life without contradiction means I would have to wall myself off from the wider world of music, film and literature, something I’m not prepared to do. Life as an activist could be unremittingly hard if you chose to forego such genuine pleasures.
You want us all to forego them, though…
I deflect my guilt by telling myself that I prioritise effecting real and sustainable change for women, because while I may occasionally listen to a sexist song, or watch a film which is miles from passing the Bechdel test, as a feminist activist I never, ever take time off.
You tell yourself whatever you feel you have to, sweetie…

*If rap could be said to be tuneful

Well, Have It Your Way, Officer…

Oh, was that not what you meant..?

*innocent face*

Wednesday 3 June 2015

It’s Time A Stand Was Taken…

The Rockinghorse children’s charity called off the fundraising event at Hove Greyhound Stadium – after greyhound activists waged a vicious social media campaign.
Activists sent a series of aggressive messages to the charity’s staff on social media – including making a vile joke about going to the hospital “to bet on the children’s lives”.
Several other supporters “liked” the comment.
We’re going to see more and more of this. Why? Because it works

And part of the reason it works is because there’s a general lack of backbone:
Rockinghorse chief executive officer Ryan Heal branded their comments “despicable” .
He said he had no choice but to cancel the event – which was being held to raise money to buy a vital cardiac monitor for the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital.
No, he had a choice. He could have simply ignored them. Internet blowhards are ten-a-penny, but rarely do more than bitch and whine electronically. This chap should have realised this.
“When we received messages, including that the activists should go to the baby unit and bet on which baby ‘would and would not make it’ (by way of a comparison to greyhound race betting), we knew we were dealing with dangerous individuals and felt enough was enough.
“As we don’t know how far their abuse will go, we feel it best to cancel the event and have them deal with the fallout of their ‘campaign’ that has resulted in approximately £5,000 not being raised for our cause, which would have purchased a cardiac monitor for the children’s emergency department at the Royal Alex.”
Nonsense! If you really thought they were ‘dangerous people’, why didn’t you report them to the police? You claim to have considered it, after all:
The charity even consulted Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne over whether to report the matter to police – but decided against it.
*sighs* And so they get to claim a victory. Just like the loons targeting Caffé Nero.

It’s time people threatened by these idiots grew a spine and started pushing back.

H/T: @splendjoel via Twitter

Maybe If You Did Your Job And Arrested Them On The Spot…

…you wouldn’t now be ‘hunting them’:
The 44-year-old victim found himself surrounded by a group of protesters outside St James’s Park London Underground station at 6pm on May 27.
He was approached by the rowdy group as he made his way to a nearby bus stop.
Police said the protesters encircled the man, preventing him from returning to the tube station or getting to the bus stop.
Officers had to help the man move safely away from the group and he was escorted to a police vehicle, which a number of people attempted to prevent him from leaving.
The man was driven a short distance away from the group.
Christ! Why are we paying these numpties again?

If there were enough officers to escort him, there were enough to make some arrests!

No doubt the usual excuse – ‘we didn’t want to inflame the situation’ – will be trotted out…

Tuesday 2 June 2015

Ah, Government By (Foreign) Committee..!

The NHS will be forced to discriminate against the over 70s to meet ‘highly unethical’ UN health targets which seek to reduce premature deaths in younger people, senior medics have warned.
That’s a surprise, isn’t it? That the NHS is being forced, I mean. Usually they are pretty happy to do it of their own free will!
Under the proposed Sustainable Development Goals, UN member states must cut the number of deaths from diseases like cancer, stroke, diabetes and dementia by one third by 2030.
However because many are age-related illnesses people who succumb to those diseases from the age of 70 are not deemed to have died prematurely and so are not included in the target.
Prof Peter Lloyd-Sherlock, professor of social policy and international development at the University of East Anglia, and lead author of the letter, said: “This premature mortality target is highly unethical, since it unjustifiably discriminates against older people.
“We already know that there is age discrimination in cancer care and surgery and these targets give that the stamp of approval.
“The targets are not quite set in stone yet, so we have a final opportunity to impress upon the UN the need to alter this explicitly ageist health target.
“If this doesn’t happen, people aged 70 and over will become second-class citizens as far as health policy is concerned.”
I guess the trick will be to notice any discernable difference from current practice…
Although the guidelines are not binding, health experts warn that the UN is likely to take a dim view of countries who fail to comply.
Indeed? Gosh. Does that mean a sternly-worded letter to the DoH?
In 2013, the Government introduced age discrimination laws which mean patients should not be denied procedures on grounds of age. Doctors are supposed to assess patients based on their fitness for an operation, and likely benefit from it.
A spokesman for the Department of health said: “It is wrong to deny people treatment just because of their age, which is why we made it illegal.
“Decisions on care should only ever be based on clinical need.”
Yeah. And I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

”Beat the clock, you gotta beat the clock…”

Notorious spots used for sexual encounters on the A40 could have restrictions imposed to limit parking to 30 minutes.
The measures for two laybys at Forest Hill, between Oxford and Wheatley, have been proposed by Oxfordshire County Council in cooperation with Thames Valley Police.
That sounds more than enough time to me..!
But there are concerns it could prevent lorry drivers using the stops legitimately for breaks.
Under European Union rules, drivers must take a break, or multiple breaks, amounting to 45 minutes after no more than four hours and 30 minutes on the road.
In his report to county council transport boss David Nimmo Smith, Mr Kemp said he had listened to the parish council’s concerns but still recommended the 30-minute limit.
He added: “While the regulations covering drivers’ hours do require a break of 45 minutes, this does not have to be in a single block.”
Maybe not, but why on earth should the people not causing a problem be further inconvenienced?
Mr Bingham, the FTA’s head of roads policy, said: “There is a limit on how long lorry drivers can be on the road before they are required to take a break, so it is not reasonable to keep shunting people along to other stops.
“It seems like someone has created a rule here that is going to punish people who have not committed a sin.”
Well, yeah. Ain’t it always the way? All because no-one wants to do the job of identifying and summonsing these people.

Say…if they can’t be arsed to do that, how are they going to find the time to enforce the new limit?
The county council report said that the new parking rules would be enforced by Thames Valley Police. But force spokeswoman Charlotte Redman declined to comment further.
Ah. Thought so.

Monday 1 June 2015

Adding Insult To Injury…

The court heard Haroon was studying for an NVQ in car repairs.
Judge Timothy Mort jailed Haroon for six years. He will serve half his sentence at a young offenders’ institute before being released on licence.
So three years of soft justice before early release? Not much for a life needlessly snuffed out, is it?
The white Audi was hired using another man’s driving licence, which was reported stolen.
Manchester Crown Court at Minshull Street was told Haroon - who only had a provisional licence - tried to flee the scene in a taxi after the smash.
He repeatedly denied to police that he was at the wheel - even though he boasted to friends in text messages that he expected to serve only one year behind bars.
Haroon also bragged in another message: “I was unlucky with those lights.”
We were all unlucky. Unlucky it wasn’t you lying dead in the wreckage, instead of the innocent motorist.

Tough On Mooning, Tough On The Causes Of Mooning...

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. It is - technically - a distraction to other drivers, but... come on! Don't they have anything better to do?