Thursday, 18 June 2015

Finally, Something They Won’t Swallow…

Appealing against the sentence on behalf of McLoughlin, Jonathan Dickinson told Judge Peter Davies at Bolton Crown Court: "He describes the sentence of eight months as somewhat excessive. He is asking for a degree of mercy."
Mr Dickinson said McLoughlin, who has been battling a heroin addiction for 10 years, has now moved to Hope Street, Haslingden with his partner in a bid to start a new life
He fears the length of the jail term will result in him losing his accommodation.
"His 16-year-old daughter committed suicide in 2014 and since that time the defendant says he has been trying to put things right in his life," he added.
And how did he do that?
The court heard 41-year-old McLoughlin has a "terrible criminal record" dating back to when he was aged 14 and has accumulated 46 convictions, including a 10 year prison term for robbery.
...the judge was told that on January 9 McLouglin stole washing products worth £100 from B&M Bargains in Bolton and then a week later he took a handbag belonging to a customer at Subway on Manchester Road.
At the time he was already subject to a conditional discharge for stealing lead.
Judge Davies, hearing the appeal with two magistrates, told McLoughlin that his bereavement would have already been taken into account when he received a conditional discharge and he does not believe he is halting his life of crime.
"What is particularly concerning is it never stops," said Judge Davies.
"We take the view that the magistrates were correct in the sentence they imposed."
Should have doubled it just for the cheek…


MTG said...

There are folk who cannot be helped, and with apologies to Fahrenheit, everyone would have benefited had the adolescent McLoughlin's hands been removed, along with penis.

Anonymous said...

Hope Street, Haslingden ? A paradise indeed, a dead daughter from suicide, new partner, BATTLING an addiction? Now if only there was a disability in there it would be Chapter 1 in the defence counsels book of mitigation. tedious.

JuliaM said...

"Now if only there was a disability in there it would be Chapter 1 in the defence counsels book of mitigation. tedious."

Yup, back to defence lawyer school for Mr Dickinson!