Wednesday, 20 February 2019

When The Chips Are Down…

A school has admitted removing chips from its menu after they become too popular at lunchtimes.
 No, I know what you're thinking. But this isn't another 'obesity' panic.
King Edmund School, in Rochford (Ed: yup, that one!), has confirmed it has temporarily removed the potato snacks from its lunchtime menu due to the high volume of pupils using the canteen during the two 25-minute breaks they receive.
One student who approached the Echo stated that the change to the menu was the result of a “chaos” breaking out in the canteen queue.
How so?
He said: “The school would always sell chicken and chips or fish and chips every Friday which were undoubtedly the canteen’s most popular item. Around 600 to 800 students would pass through the canteen every Friday purchasing chips.
“However, on February 1, within minutes of break time starting, students were grabbing one another, jumping against each other and even shoving each other over just to get to the front.”
That's undoubtedly a behavioural issue, but trying to serve 800 students in 50 minutes? McDonald's would struggle with that!

Why such a short break period?
The spokesman added: “Students currently receive two 25-minute breaks during the school day, during which they can access the canteen and purchase food.
“They are also able to purchase food from the canteen at the end of the school day at 2.10pm.
2.10! Things have changed since my day, that's for sure!

You Broke The Law, We'll Tell You Not To Break It Again...

Catherine Akehurst was killed when she was crossing outside her home in Old Shoreham Road, Hove in September 2017.
The 85-year-old had waited until a safe moment to cross, and had nearly reached the other side, but was hit by “idiot boy racer” Adrian Fasan in a Toyota Celica who was speeding at 45mph in a 30mph zone.  
Yes, It's taken 17 months to bring this case to trial. Truly, the wheels grind slowly in our 'justice system'.

And some may wonder if they are even turning at all.
Fasan, who had previous convictions for drink-driving and speeding, had been at a party the night before the crash, and admitted causing death by dangerous driving. He still had high levels of amphetamine in his system, and traces of cocaine.
He's going down for a long stretch, then?
At Lewes Crown Court the 40-year-old was jailed for five years and banned from driving for the next nine years.
He won't serve five years, nothing like it. And since speeding and drug driving are already illegal, what's the betting he ignore his ban when he is released?

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Some Ministers Have Balls, Then...

The report, from the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) body, said there had been an increase in hate speech and racist violence in Britain between March 2009 and March 2016.
That old canard again?

No, there had been an increase in reports of hate speech and racist violence. And as Tim Newman points out, the rate of hoaxes and false claims is pretty damn high in these cases.
In an audacious move, the report recommends the British media be barred from reporting the Muslim background of terrorists.
And it comes after multiple terror atrocities by Muslim extremists across Paris, Brussels, Munich and other German cities over the last year.
Over the same period, there have been no major terror attacks in Britain.
I admit, I fully expected our useless notTories to fold like a wet paper bag. But no!
...UK ministers firmly rebutted the remarkable demands, telling the body: 'The Government is committed to a free and open press and does not interfere with what the press does and does not publish...
Hurrah! Well done! long as the press abides by the law.'
That better not be a way of saying 'It's OK, we'll soon change the law to make it illegal'!

H/T: Legiron via Twitter

Well, Yes, Yes, We Would, Actually...

In a series of tweets before the show, Dr MacKinnon wrote: 'I will not participate in a discussion panel that takes them seriously and gives them a platform.
'Would you expect a black person to actively 'debate' a KKK member on civil rights? That's analogous to what you're asking me.'
Because how else can this argument go forward, if you fail to argue your case on its merits?

And it's not quite as ridiculous an ask as you seem to think it is:
Daryl Davis, an R&B musician, has spent decades engaging with the Klan and has evidence he's helped turn hearts away from hate. Davis says he has befriended 200 klansmen over the years who have subsequently left the group. More than 40 of them did so with a simple gesture and a powerful symbol: they relinquished their KKK robes to Davis.
If they can do it, when their opponents have actively murdered them, rather than simply pointed out biological reality, why can't you?
The BBC's editorial guidelines say that guests do not have the right to stop other panelists from appearing on shows or in discussions.
Guidelines the BBC clearly feel are made to be broken...
The BBC said Dr William's invitation had not been withdrawn and that she had instead been asked to appear later on the show, according to The Times.
A BBC spokeswoman told newspaper: 'We invited Dr Williams to appear on the programme and after initially agreeing to join us at a later point in the show she subsequently declined. The offer remains open.'
Weasel words. The only sort we are ever likely to see on this 'debate'.

Monday, 18 February 2019

2019's VirtueSignalling Olympics - The Competition Hots Up!

Refugees were left with tales to tell after a walk on the wild side in Hay-on-Wye.
The Hay Theatre Group ensured the visitors enjoyed their trip to the border town's primary school when they put on a play.
There was also face-painting and craft workshops for the guests at the event organised by the Hay, Brecon and Talgarth Sanctuary for Refugees (HBTSR).
I wonder if this is a regular occurrence. Do they normally do this sort of thing for lonely pensioners or families caring for the disabled?
Supporters and the local community were again on hand to provide food and essentials, and visitors left with a boot-load of food and toiletries not only for themselves but also for the other refugees and asylum seekers served by Unity in Diversity and Swansea Asylum Seekers Support groups.
More fakecharities, no doubt!
One of the refugees said he was so amazed by the beauty of the countryside and the warm welcome received that, if it were possible in the future, he would move to Hay.
If they do, one wonders how long it will be before the Hereford Times has more vibrant and diverse news stories to report on than bingo, birdwatching and artisan bakeries...

H/T:@Fahrenheit211 via Gab

No, It's Not The Police Who Failed...

In the six years before Ms Gazzard's death, Maslin was arrested 23 times for a variety of offences, including domestic violence, criminal damage, possession of Class A drugs and theft.
He was also involved in 24 violent incidents - three involving Ms Gazzard, 12 involving one former partner, two involving another ex, three involving his mother and four against other unconnected people.
Police apologised after a homicide review revealed that numerous agencies knew about his violent history but didn't share information.
And would it have made the slightest bit of difference if they had? Because I think the answer's 'No'...
Many of his victims routinely refused to support action against him and this may have masked the number and the seriousness of his harassment, threats and violence towards them.
As long as some women are attracted to these types, like moths to an open flame, this will go on and on and on.

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Getting A Foot In The Door...

Sat in a studio at London College of Fashion, surrounded by faceless mannequins, bent coat-hangers and ripped fabric, Ammar Alsaker grins indefatigably as he recounts his journey from his home of Damascus to these most unlikely of surroundings.
He has a lot to grin about.
After enduring three years of conflict in Syria, he fled Damascus alone for London, a journey that took nine months and saw him negotiate with people-smugglers, pass through Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Belgium, Spain and Scotland, and earn thousands of euro as a translator for the world’s media – all as a teenager.
How heartwarming. If you ignore the fact that he was breaking immigration laws.
Once he was granted refugee status, he continued to strive to realise his dreams, applying to universities and repeatedly turning up at Topshop HQ to demand the attention of its most senior executives so that he might land a role with the retailer.
Now 23, in the second year of his bachelor’s degree and working for Topshop, he is focused on his next challenge – to persuade the UK government to relax restrictive rules so he can reunite with his family – including the two-year-old brother he has never met.
I don't understand, what's stopping him? Have we confiscated his passport?
Alsaker hopes sharing his story might challenge negative stereotypes of asylum seekers and refugees and win support for calls to change immigration rules that only allow adult refugees to apply for their spouses or children under 18 to join them.
Ah. Silly me. He doesn't want to visit them. He wants them to come here. Permanently.
“Some might say ‘well, not all refugees have vision and goals,’” he says. “I just want to say that at the end of the day we are not copies of each other, we are different. People like me came here to be productive and benefit this country.”
By first breaking immigration laws, then demanding that we change our laws to benefit you. So we can get the fashion designers we clearly desperately need in the UK.

I don't see much benefit in that deal for me. Does anyone else?

Do You Have A Good View Up There On That Cross, Cressida?

“The events of that day stay with one; I think about it quite often,” she said. “It was a traumatic period. It was an awful time for so many people, obviously and most of all Jean Charles’s family, the people who were there when it happened, the firearms officers, the surveillance officers,” said Dick, the first woman to be appointed as commissioner of the Metropolitan police.
She added: “I was very conscious it was a hundred million times worse for other people than it was for me, but I was very high profile, quite rightly held to account.”
She was, of course, never once 'held to account'. In fact, the IPCC were specifically instructed not to hold her to account.
In a highly unusual move, the judge, Mr Justice Henriques, allowed the jury to insert a rider, or caveat, into the verdict stating that Cressida Dick, the commander in charge of the operation on the day, should not be held personally culpable for the events.
And that scuppered any chance of anyone else being held to account.
The IPCC said it had considered whether Dick was responsible for planning or management failures that led to the force's conviction, but found the jury's rider "unequivocal".
A spokesman said: "The IPCC cannot foresee any circumstances in which new evidence might emerge which would cause any disciplinary tribunal to disregard the jury's rider.
"The responsibilities of DAC Dick and Silver, Trojan 84 and Trojan 80 were intertwined. The IPCC cannot see how any disciplinary tribunal could conclude that although no personal blame is attached to DAC Dick, it could attach to the other three officers."
Her breathtaking arrogance isn't confined just to that, either.
During the interview, Dick, the first openly gay person to head the Met, said her sexuality was probably the “least interesting” aspect of her and that she was conscious of the fact she may make people view the force in a more progressive light.
Oh, they view the force in a very different light than they used to, you can be sure of that!

Friday, 15 February 2019

Mind How You Go, Sir!

Police sent a letter to a man reminding him to stick to the speed limit this year, despite the fact he is dead.
His daughter, Ruby Whitworth, posted an image of the letter on Twitter and said: “Thanks for your concern but you don’t need to worry about Stephen speeding anymore, he’s dead.”
Sussex Police responded, commenting on her post. A spokesman said: “Hi Ruby, we’d like to offer our sincerest condolences.
“This initiative was intended to keep the roads of Sussex as safe as possible.
“However, we fully realise in some cases this was inappropriate and we apologise for any distress caused by our letter.”
There must have been a few squeaky bums in Sussex Police HQ! Luckily for them, the relatives weren't about to demand their compo.
Ruby saw the funny side of the situation. She said: “Thank you, that’s very kind.
“Unlike some people, my mum and I found it hilarious.
If he was alive it would have been completely appropriate for him.”
Others disagreed that warning people not to commit motoring offences by mailshot is ever appropriate, and as a taxpayer, I'd have to agree.
Dennis Hammond also took to social media to voice his opinion, tagging Sussex Police. He said: “With regards to your letter encouraging me to keep to the speed limit this year. Two things of note.
One, you have not known me long enough to call me Dennis.
“Two, you have spelt licence wrong.

Oh No, Whatever Will We Do?

Dv8 Sussex in Queen Square, Brighton, was given the lowest possible grade by inspectors in November.
College boss Dan Wallman said the report “triggered a process” whereby it has been immediately suspended from taking any more students.
He is now appealing for exstudents (sic) to come forward in support of the college to save it from collapse.
What sort of students?
Mr Wallman said: “We have a long track record of supporting some of the city’s most vulnerable young people to engage and achieve through creative education.
“If Dv8 were not to deliver in Sussex next year, there would be around 200 students having to find an alternative college in September to meet their needs.
“We do not feel that there is any like-for-like provision locally that offers something similar.”
Hmmm. What sort of courses?
Dv8 Sussex provides free training in music, fashion, digital media, event management and games development.
Meh! Future candidates for the 'B Ark'. It can go to the wall.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

I Wonder Why They Are 'That Brazen'..?

PCSO Jude Parr, of the Pembrokeshire Rural Crime Team, said: “People have reported dogs as going missing, some of them have been quite odd circumstances.”
Shockingly, an attempt to steal a whippet in south Pembrokeshire was made while the owners were actually at home.
“We had a call south of the county last week where they actually had their dog, a male leaning over a gate had got a choker lead which he noosed the dog.”
Fortunately, that attempt failed, thanks to the quick-thinking owners and a well-trained dog.
“They [the owners] did a whistle and the dog, which was highly trained, got loose and the male ran off; that has raised concerns again that there is a market for dogs.
“They were in their own property and at home; how quick did that happen?
If they are that brazen, we need to raise concerns.”
Could it possibly be that they are from a demographic which knows only too well that they are untouchable?

Oh Yes There Is!

“There is nothing wrong with the sentence. It remains 18 weeks.”
For one thing, it's far too bloody short!
Kendrick hurled the animal out of a bedroom window in front of his former partner Lucy Lewis and her two children, Mold Crown Court heard.
He then came out of his property and attacked Ms Lewis, almost pushing her in front of an oncoming vehicle.
What a charmer! Only his lawyer could possibly love him.
...his barrister, Matthew Curtis, argued Kendrick had been treated harshly and a community sentence would have been more appropriate.
“These are unpleasant and cruel offences as part of what he says was a ‘bad break-up’.
Having 'a bad break up' usually means solicitor's letters and arguments over who gets the breadmaker and wide screen TV, not pet abuse and assault.
“There were a number of pushes on his former partner, but this was of lower culpability and the starting point is a medium-level community order,” said Mr Curtis, who asked that Kendrick be resentenced for both offences.
Pity the judge didn't say 'Fine. Make it 36 weeks!'
“It was a deliberate action to throw the dog out of the window, but fortunately there is no evidence that the harm was greater.
It's a mitigation now to say that the fall didn't kill it?!
“He (Kendrick) has spent two weeks in custody in Altcourse and HMP Berwyn, but his pre-sentence report identified programmes that would prevent offending of this sort.”
I know what would prevent reoffending. And I doubt it's the same thing Mr Curtis meant.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019


Soaring numbers of children and young people in England are being admitted to hospital with knife wounds, NHS figures reveal.
So, anything to be done?
The increase has prompted NHS England to demand a crackdown on shops that illegally sell knives to under-18s.
“Far too many young people are able to buy knives on the high street and we need councils and retailers to work together to stop this”, said Prof Chris Moran, NHS England’s national director for trauma care.
Well, I suppose it's something. And the public sector loves doing something. Even if it's an utterly futile thing. Like this one.

Because there's not a house in the land that doesn't have knives in the cutlery drawer.

Surely The Real Question Should Be…

Lucy Spears, 22, was studying mental health nursing at Brighton University when she hanged herself.
After being diagnosed with anorexia in October 2017 and being prone to “fluctuating moods” throughout her teenage years, Ms Spears was known to have made several attempts to take her own life in the days leading up to her death.
...why we are training nutters to look after other nutters?

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

It's Always 'White Men'. ALWAYS!!

A scoop for the New Yorker:
The magazine detailed the deceptions of Dan Mallory, who is the author, under the pseudonym AJ Finn, of the bestselling psychological thriller The Woman in the Window.
But his launch into authordom came after a career in publishing in London and New York, during which, the investigation found, Mallory had deceived colleagues, telling them a range of stories including that his mother had died of cancer (she is alive); his brother had killed himself (he is alive); and that he himself had suffered from brain cancer.
Mallory has admitted to some of this, saying that he used the excuse of brain cancer to cover up his shame at his real suffering from mental illness.
Man who invents fiction proves to have....well, invented a lot of fiction. And so?
His account would not explain instances where he inflated his professional experience to smooth his rapid advance up the ranks of publishing. When the immediate thrill of reading the New Yorker’s exposé had passed, many working in the industry reflected on what the story reveals about their profession.
And what's that?
While publishing as a whole is dominated by women, specifically white women, its most powerful positions are still mostly occupied by white men.

Yes. Clearly that's the thing to take from this.

Now Even Foxes Are Using Knives!

Bryony October found Alan, her neighbour’s two-year-old cat, in North Gardens, Brighton, on Monday evening.
The 38-year-old, who had known the cat since he was a kitten, said: “He was lying about a metre from my front door and looked like he was asleep so I shouted his name, but as I got closer I saw the wound and realised he was dead.
“We went to the vet afterwards and an autopsy showed it was a knife wound that had punctured his lung.”
Bryony reported the stabbing to Sussex Police.
A police spokesman said: “The informant was advised there are no further lines of enquiry, however anyone with any information about this, or similar incidents, is asked to email or call 101 quoting Operation Diverge.
“Police are investigating a number of reports of cat deaths and injuries in Brighton, and are reviewing information gained from a number of sources.”
Probably a whole team engaged in trying to find a plausible reason why foxes are now arming themselves like promising footballers and aspiring rappers...

Monday, 11 February 2019

When Did They Become The Bad Taste Police?

This was Cardiff’s first game since it was confirmed that their £15million signing had died in a plane crash and tributes were paid to the player following the tragedy.
Yet sickening footage emerged afterwards showing two men in the stands at St Mary’s, stretching their arms out wide and pretending to be planes towards the away end.
Crass and stupid? Yes. Poor taste? Undoubtedly.

A matter for police? You'd think not. But it's 2019.
Both fans had their details taken by Hampshire Police and will face three-year banning orders from the South Coast club.
I wish I could say I was surprised, but given their general woeful performance, I'm not.

Hey, 'Mail', You Spelled 'Gutless' Wrong...

More than 20 caravans were said to have moved onto the grounds of Sovereign House, in Royal Leamington Spa, Warks., last weekend.
Police were powerless...
Hmmm. Not the word I'd have used. 
Witnesses said they saw gangs of men forming a 'production line' as metal was systematically stripped from the ceilings and walls which could be sold for scrap.
That's theft.
Yobs also smashed windows and human faeces was found smeared on the walls and floors.
That's vandalism and anti-social behaviour. But there's more chance of seeing a unanimously-approved Teresa May Brexit plan than a copper turning up to arrest a member of this 'protected species'...
The owners of the building, which has been unoccupied since last September, say it may now have to be demolished.
The police farce that sat on their hands while all this happened should be forced to pay, but since it's the poor long-suffering taxpayer that'd be on the hook, it's pointless.
Trespassing is currently a civil matter but Home Secretary Sajid Javid is considering making it a criminal offence.
He needs to stop considering and start doing. Or is he just another useless CINO too in thrall to identity politics to act?

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Well, When You Spend All Your Working Life Screwing The Taxpayer...'s not that surprising, is it?
In England and Wales, it is not illegal to buy or sell sex, but it is against the law to operate a brothel. Sandy’s Superstars, just to reiterate, was situated on a busy shopping thoroughfare, not the back alleyways, with ‘house charges of £50 for 30 minutes and £100 for an hour’. Still, police decided to do nothing.
Or, to be more precise, they came to an agreement with Mrs Hankin that she could continue as long she never used underage girls or trafficked women, and her activities weren’t used as a front for other crime; she kept her side of the bargain as far as the authorities were concerned.
Her prostitutes had regular NHS health checks. Her bouncers were accredited by the Home Office-approved Security Industry Authority. Council officials carried out regular checks. Her business even paid tax and was visited by inspectors from tax authority HMRC — in other words, Sandy’s Superstars was really a licensed brothel in all but name.
But this is just an exception, surely?
The pragmatic policy, pursued by Greater Manchester Police, has been quietly adopted across the country.
Indeed, the latest guidance from the National Police Chiefs’ Council states: ‘Brothel closures and raids create a mistrust of all external agencies . . . it is difficult to rebuild trust and ultimately reduces the amount of intelligence submitted to the police and puts sex workers at greater risk.’
Isn't it to be expected that criminals mistrust the law enforcers? Say, perhaps, even encouraged?

What a strange modern world we live in, eh?

"...handsome, confident...known for being very affectionate with the ladies in his life..."

No, not the latest chav on chav killing, though you could be forgiven for thinking that. This is London Zoo's bungled attempt to bring in a new breeding male.
Asim - whose name means 'Protector' in Arabic - had been matched with Melati through the European Endangered Species Programme for Sumatran tigers.
Oh, well, I suppose if the current match wasn't working out, then they had no ch...

Wait, hang on a tick.
The 10-year-old female had had three litters with her former mate, Jae Jae...
Who has now been moved to a French park. Let's hope he fancies his new dates, eh?

And if this wasn't such a horrible and unnecessary situation, I might be tempted to point out yet another European scheme promising to make things so much better, while in reality making them irreparably worse...

Friday, 8 February 2019

Shame, He Sounds Like The Ideal Modern Police Officer...

An investigation is underway after a teenager suffered serious injuries during a lesson at Bradford College.
What sort of lesson?
Imaam Usmin, 18, broke his neck while taking part in...
Ah. Must be rugby.
...a Public Services class.
Wait. What?
During the session, Mr Usmin claims he was asked to wrestle with one of the teachers. He said he was lifted from the ground in a move he claimed ended with the teacher "falling on top of him."
The college has wished the student a "speedy recovery" and immediately reported the incident to the Health and Safety Executive, but the organisation has since said it does not fall into its remit.
Curiouser and curiouser! What's the point of this course of studies, anyway?
Mr Usmin, who was taking the course to further his dream of becoming a police officer, has had to have a metal plate put in his neck.
He claims he refused to wrestle with one of the teachers three times until, he says, they threatened to discipline him for ‘bad behaviour’.
He does know in the police service you are expected to follow orders?
The former Dixons Kings Academy pupil feared he did not stand a chance against his opponent, who he estimated weighed 15 stones.
He does know in the police service this often happens? And there might be more than one person?
Dad Osman Usmin Sharif, 39, said the college should not have allowed the wrestling to go ahead.
“This was a mis-match and they should not have made him wrestle,” he said.
Is he going to call his dad to complain every time someone kicks off in the custody suite?
The college website states that, while studying Public Services, students get the chance to experience police riot training, visit fire stations and attend an annual army camp residential.
The website adds that: "Our courses aim to offer real-world learning and that's why some of our programmes require you to wear a uniform. Public Services careers provide defence, education, emergency response and health & safety services to our country."
Clearly, it's doing this by weeding out the unfit!

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor....What?


Thursday, 7 February 2019

You Get Help When You Deserve It...

Traders say homeless people camping in the city centre are bad for business as more and more tents pitch up.
At least six have been set up on the pavement in Castle Square at the bottom of North Street – yards from the one of the busiest shopping streets.
And the growing encampment is causing concern for businesses, who say antisocial behaviour is on the rise.
Naturally, this being Brighton, the tent-dwellers think this is a problem throwing money at them will solve. Hey, the taxpayer's good for it, surely?
One of the occupants, Suzie Miles, said: “It’s out of order the council are going to move us on again.
“Where else can we go? They don’t like us in doorways.
“About a week ago there were a load of tents round the back of Poundland.
“The council’s thrown them away. We don’t know what’s going to happen. We need to house people. We need help.”
Hmmm, but that 'antisocial behaviour', Suzie?
Indre Dovydaityte, who works at nearby Pret A Manger, said: “The problem is not the tents, it’s the behaviour.
“Every day, people swearing, stealing food from us, begging from our customers.
“One time they urinated on our fire escape.
“For a while we tried to be nice to them, gave them free sandwiches. We have contacted the council multiple times and the police.”
The manager of The White Company, also nearby, said: “It’s not very nice for our customers and people walking by.
“Last week there was a person passed out outside the shop with his trousers down.”
Yes, giving these people free houses will solve that. Won't it?

Makes You Think...

...doesn't it?

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

New Gritty Reboot Of 'The Littlest Hobo' Looks Grim...

Reggie the four-month-old Labrador was lost while out for a walk with his owners in Penllergaer Woods, near Swansea, on January 18.
Pictures of the puppy were shared around social media in an attempt to find him, and the loss was reported to South Wales Police.
Following this, one officer in particular took it upon himself to locate the lost Labrador.
On Friday, January 24, his efforts proved successful as he managed to track the Labrador to Sussex, where he was picked up by Sussex Police.
How on earth did...?
PC Shaughnessy, stationed at Gorseinon Police Station, tracked a car thought to be linked to the dog's disappearance using number plate recognition technology.
The search led him hundreds of miles away to Sussex, where Reggie was found by Sussex Police on Thursday. He was reunited with his owners later that day.
Insp Emma Fox said: "We're very proud and impressed by PC Shaughnessy, who did most of the work in finding Reggie in his own time without being asked and without hesitation.
"He continued to help investigate and search between his shifts, and stayed on late each evening until he was successful in tracing the puppy to Sussex.
"We'd like to thank the public for all their support in helping to find Reggie. We're pleased that the story has a happy ending, and there will be no further action taken."
Of course not. We all know why. And how a four month old pup gets so far away. And who likely took him. Don't we?

Remember 'Education, Education, Education'...?

Well, this is what it looks like, in the right hand placard....

We have 'assaut' (twice!) and 'protocal'. It’s a ‘threefer’!

H/T: Stephen Brown via email

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Who Is More Important?

People with 'learning difficulties'?
Essex County Council created an Easy Read version of its survey asking residents what they think of proposals to close a third of libraries in the next five years.
“This image was specifically chosen to help communicate with people with learning disabilities.”
Or the 'transgender community'?
Save our Libraries Essex campaigner Liz Miles, from Wivenhoe, complained to the council. She said: “The clip art image is discriminatory and deeply offensive.
“It is a shockingly negative and inaccurate image, showing a person who appears to be miserable and confused, but on closer inspection is a man removing a wig.
There's only one way to find out, isn't there? Oh, wait!
“We are sorry for any offence caused. We listened to feedback and the image is being removed.”

What's the Mandarin for 'What On Earth Is This Stuff?' Then..?

Hoteliers in the Scottish Highlands are being urged to learn Mandarin and provide chopsticks to capitalise on growing numbers of Chinese tourists.
The Highlands are becoming increasingly fashionable among China’s burgeoning middle classes and super-rich and the Highland and Islands Enterprise development agency is organising China Ready workshops to help restaurateurs and businesses to cater for them.
Excellent news, we should applaud efforts to..

Wait, what?
Monica Lee-Macpherson, chairwoman of the Scottish Highlands and Islands and Moray Chinese Association, said B&B owners should provide Pot Noodles and disposable chopsticks in rooms and urged restaurants to create picture menus.
Pot Noodles..?!?

H/T: SassyCassy via Twitter

Monday, 4 February 2019

Ah, Another 'Isolated Incident'...

In what the school has described as an "isolated incident", the young boy brought the knife to Westborough Primary School, in McDonald Avenue, Southend, and showed the knife to a fellow student.
Yes, you read that right. A primary school. The child was six years old.
...concerned parents have demanded answers after they claim the incident was "swept under the carpet".
One mother, who was made aware by another worried parent on the playground, said she feels everyone should have been made aware.
That would have been the smart thing to do, since there's no way this would be kept quiet, and to say nothing invites the rumour mill to crank up to top speed.

But whoever said teachers needed to be smart these days..?
Headteacher Tonya Brook said: "This was an isolated incident where a six-year-old brought a small paring knife into school in his book bag.
"He showed it to another child. It did not come out of the bag. A member of Senior Management was on the playground to deal with the issue immediately.
"The child was subsequently removed from the school.
"All relevant parties were informed. "
Clearly, 'relevant' means something quite different to Tonya.

"Siri, Show Me 'An Exercise In Futility'...."

Around 100 people took part in a demonstration to support the people of Sudan. They were protesting against the Sudanese struggle against what they argue is a fascist regime, which has been accused of violently oppressing peaceful protesters.
Sounds a bit dangerous, then, doesn't it?
They gathered at the Old Steine Gardens in Brighton on Saturday calling for President Omar Al Bashir, who has ruled the country for 30 years, to step down.
They held placards displaying various messages.

Yeah. I'm sure that'll do the trick.
Nagwa Ballal, founder of the Sudanese Women and Children Group in Brighton and Hove, said: “This demonstration was about supporting the people who are rising up to the current Al Bashir regime.
“He has driven lots of people into poverty and also the standard of living has been very poor.
“Al Bashir has ruled the country for 30 years and people want the regime to end.
“We’ve had enough. He has killed many innocent protesters, who were only demonstrating peacefully.
I have been in the UK for more than 20 years and I started up the Sudanese Women and Children Group in Sussex in 2004.”
If there's anything less likely to bring about regime change, I've yet to see it!

Sunday, 3 February 2019

The Astonishing Power Of Nature... least, according to the 'Mail', where avalanches can travel all the way through Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.

Or are they just missing a comma?

H/T: Stephen Brown via email

Well Played, Sky News Headline Writer....

...well played indeed!

Sunday Funnies...

In which No 4 reminds us that the weather is better at policing than UK cops...

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Because Ignorance Is Bliss...

...especially when it might upset the Enrichment applecart!
There has been no systematic study or formal data collection exercise.
Well, no. You don't collect evidence when you fear what it'll reveal...
Another community activist, who did not wish to be named, said she was aware of 15-20 recent cases in Croydon alone.
It’s usually done in the UK, not abroad like female genital mutilation (FGM),” she said, describing a practice whereby mothers, aunties or grandmothers use a hot stone to massage across the breast repeatedly in order to “break the tissue” and slow its growth.
Surely this leaves visible marks?
“I was a nurse in the UK for over 10 years and watched the numbers grow,” said Jennifer Miraj, who worked in hospitals in Essex, Glasgow, Birmingham and London until 2015.
Miraj said she came across confirmed cases of breast-ironing in approximately 15 adults and eight girls.
Confirmed by whom?
“I took care of a young 10-year-old girl who had an infection, which had been going on for a few years from ironing,” she said, describing a case from Broomfield hospital in Essex.
Mary Claire, a church minister in Wolverhampton, said she had spoken to four victims in Leeds, originally from west Africa. “You could see the marks,” she said.
So why no prosecutions?
Police say they have fielded no allegations about breast-ironing in the UK, but suspect it is happening.
It is happening. You've just been told.
If I knew it was happening, I would do something about it,” said the Insp Allen Davis from the Met police.
Now you do. What are your plans?

Rise And Fall Of Empires...

I spent a very pleasant few hours last Sunday afternoon reading PC Gamer's lookback at the MMO 'Star Wars Galaxies', and why it's no longer around, unlike other MMOs like 'World of Warcraft'.

I am a great fan of MMOs done right, and stepping into SWG for the first time, with my newbie Creature Handler, trying to get the hang of the controls, and not get too badly injured by the womp rats I was trying to shoot outside Mos Eisley Spaceport, while goggling at all the life going on around me, was just like being in the Star Wars Universe. Getting approached by another (higher level) player character, wondering if 'he' was here to help or hinder, gave you the feeling that you were in a movie.

As it happened, 'he' (could have been a 12 year old schoolgirl or a middle aged bank manager, that's the beauty of MMOs!) helped me out a lot, and showed me all the ropes before bidding me farewell. MMOs are famous time-sinks, and we must have spent ages on that first run around Mos Eisley. I progressed, and loved the game, played it as much as I could. But in the end, my beloved Creature Handler class was eventually removed in the last disastrous rebalancing before the game folded, and none of my pets could accompany me across the galaxy any more, so I moved on to other games.

The main meat of any article, these days, is of course in the comments, and the reminiscing of other fans & players about their experiences. And it was a comment here that directed me to this extraordinary series of blogposts by Raph Koster, who was the driving force behind a game that, ultimately, couldn't handle its ambitions.

If you ever wonder what it must be like to be the creator of a gaming world, this series of articles will tell you all you need, and more. 

Friday, 1 February 2019

Do, Or Do Not. There Is No 'Try'...

Cllr Darren Rodwell spoke out after the council received numerous complaints about overflowing bins and missed collections over the Christmas period.
Residents with missed collections can report the issue to the council and they will try and rectify the issue and Cllr Rodwell said the refuse team was doing the “best it can”.
It's clearly not good enough!
Explaining they had to pick up more than twice the waste it usually does and residents should have some ‘social responsibility’, he said: “I think the refuse workers did an incredible job over Christmas in difficult circumstances.
“They are doing the best they can.
“This week one of the rounds collected 28 tonnes of rubbish. That’s more than twice what they usually take and means several trips back and forth to the dump.
“I took nine bags to the tip myself. If you have a car and your bin is overflowing, instead of having a go at us, have a bit of social responsibility and take it to the dump yourself for free.”
Why? The residents pay the council for a service. They expect that service.

What do you think would happen if, on rocking up at the local train station with a pre-purchased ticket, Rodwell was told 'Sorry, we're a bit too busy, here's a bike, pedal to London instead'..?
“We have a situation in Barking and Dagenham where one in three properties belong to buy to let landlords,” he said.
“These homes produce two and a half times more rubbish than normal households, so our refuge collection system is already collecting the rubbish of a borough twice its size.
“At Christmas households produce three times more rubbish than usual. With the greatest respect there is just no way we can pick it all up in a week, especially when refuse workers need to have their days off as well. We do more collections than many other boroughs to cope.”
It's Christmas. It comes once a year, regular as clockwork. It's not a surprise.

Virtuesignalling Olympics - Selection Opens For 2019

A council has launched an investigation into why parents from five schools in Thurrock chose to remove children from lessons covering Islam.
...and Essex has a strong contender!
Further details were revealed during a meeting on Wednesday when the issue was debated with one mother speaking out to confirm why she decided to take the drastic action.
Heather Rogers, 31, from South Ockendon confirmed she had taken the unusual step but not because she disagreed with the religion.
Perish the thought!
She said: "To me this is not about Islam, it is the fact that my kids came home and called it an 'intensive' study. If they said it was an intensive study on Christianity, I would have done the same.
“An intense study just sounds full-on. Maybe if it was worded better and they just said this week we would do such and such and explained it each week it would have sounded better but instead it’s an intense study.
"When I was growing up we would learn about all religions but I don't agree with an intense study. Schools should teach about all of them equally so that children can decide to be part of a religion if they want to."
Sure, sure, that sounds plausible. But what about the people that do this for other reasons?
While she stressed that she did not take issue with the religion of Islam, some parents who had also removed their children at the same time told her that they had done so because they disagreed with Islam being taught in schools at all. She said:
"Unfortunately, with social media a lot of people only see part of the story and are a bit blinkered to understanding the whole religion. When they think of Islam they think of terrorism and destruction, but that is only extremists. Some parents do have the wrong impression because of all the media hype."
Right. Got it. The media hype. Sure. Not all the hundreds of thousands killed, maimed or ruined?
“If they are pulling their children out for the sake of it being Islam then they need educating to know that although terrorists can be linked, that is extremism not the religion."
Clearly, people who say Essex has no philosophers are wrong.

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Tweet Of The Month

We have a two-way tie this month:

Post Title Of The Month

May the Force be with Tim Newman for his holiday advice to single women...

Quote Of The Month

Mark Wadsworth lays into Sadiq Khan and the hapless Tory Housing Secretary:
“London is in the middle of a desperate housing crisis that has been generations in the making,” Khan said. “I am doing everything in my power to tackle it – including building record numbers of new social homes – but I have long been frustrated by my lack of powers to help private renters.”
That is a straight lie. New construction is even lower under Sadiq than under Johnson, and in such pitiful amounts that it can't possibly have any impact on anything.
The Tories could have scored a few open goals, but decide to make themselves look stupid by playing the Missing Homes Conundrum instead:
The housing secretary, James Brokenshire, has argued that the controls would lead to poorer housing standards with landlords unable to afford to maintain properties and could also have a dramatic effect on housing supply, with landlords choosing to sell up rather than have their rental income reduced.

Post Of The Month

Al Jahom has a shiny new-look blog, and a scathing attack on the arrest of the 'Yellow Vest' protestor.

When You're Desperate For Diversity...

When PC Kasra Rafeian applied to join Essex Police in April 2017 he included a reference purporting to be from his previous employer...
Well, what's so strange about th...
...the French Foreign Legion.
However it was alleged this reference was untruthful...
Imagine my shocked face!
He was also accused of lying in an interview about his application and when asked to provide handwriting samples as part of the investigation the panel found he had made an attempt to disguise his normal handwriting and frustrate that investigation.
A misconduct hearing was held at Chelmsford Civic Centre between from Tuesday to Thursday with a panel led by Independent Legally Qualified chair Neil Dalton.
The panel found all the allegations against PC Rafeian were proven and that he had breached standards of behaviour in relation to ‘honesty and integrity’ and ‘discreditable conduct’.
He was found guilty of gross misconduct and has been dismissed with immediate effect.
Well, he can still do his bit, I guess.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

What A Load Of Bollards!

People who illegally park on their own properties without a dropped kerb are being targeted by Merton Council.
So far, the council’s enforcement officers have put up bollards on the pavement in front of 15 properties across the borough, blocking access for residents who have been illegally mounting the kerb and driving across the pavement to park on the hardstanding in front of their homes.
Merton Council’s cabinet member for regeneration, housing and transport, Martin Whelton, said: “Not only are cars manoeuvring across pavements dangerous for walkers, overhanging vehicles can block the pavement for wheelchair users and parents with pushchairs.”
But....aren't your bollards doing that?

Mark This Name Well...

Judge Maria Lamb, sentencing Welsby to eight years in prison with an extended licence period of five years, said: "You told the probation officer on January 15 that you were 'angry at the world' and stabbed the 'first person you saw'."
She said she believed he had, in fact, waited in a secluded spot for 'prey' – someone vulnerable and alone. She added: "It is a chilling feature that you have behaved throughout the incident with a sophistication and calculation which belies your years."
She pointed to the fact the weapon had never been recovered nor his clothes from the day, and that GPS on his phone had been either turned off or deleted.
She also referenced psychiatric reports that mentioned he experienced 'intrusive thoughts' about 'physical and sexual violence' towards himself and others.'ll be seeing him again in about 5 years time. Probably when he's killed someone after early release.

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

How Did We Ever Win Two World Wars?

A Noise Patrol service was shut down because...
It was successful, and received no more complaints?
...council officers were chased out of buildings.
Wait, what?
The team, who were tasked with dealing with noisy neighbours over weekends, had run the service for more than 20 years.
But it was shut down last year over concerns on (sic) the safety of the staff.
A Brighton and Hove City Council report said: “There had been occasions when behaviour towards Noise Patrol officers has been inappropriate, including incidents where officers have been chased from a building.”
The council said it had been replaced by field officers who are “working to a 24-hour response rate” and following up complaints the next day.
When there's no-one around to chase them? Outstanding tactics!

James Bond Could Tell You A Few Tales, Lynne...

Lynne Clucas, 62, had returned home to Northwood Place after a hospital appointment when walking up her driveway she saw her front door was swinging wide open, with glass scattered on the outside pavement.
She said: "I was walking up the path thinking that we may have been broken into.
"There was glass all over the place and the door was kicked in. I was absolutely astounded."
She soon discovered her home, which she shares with her mentally-ill brother, had become the subject of a thorough police raid.
When she went inside an officer told her police had received intelligence that her address was allegedly once used by a drug dealer in their custody.
Oh dear. Well, it happens.
"I said to him, 'there’s no intelligence, that’s not the word'.
"I had come back in a wheelchair. I find it funny that somebody in a wheelchair and 5ft 2 is apparently some big bad criminal," she said.


Monday, 28 January 2019

If It Wasn't For Double Standards...

...yeah, you all know the rest.
A group of angry mums have launched a protest and petition against their school for introducing a curriculum supporting homosexuality.
Oh boy! Disagreeing with the liberal agenda? You're in trouble now, ladies! Expect a call from the Thought Police!

Oh, wait...
...outraged mum Fatima Shah, who has taken her 10-year-old daughter out of the school, told BirminghamLive: "It's inappropriate, totally wrong.
"Children are being told it's OK to be gay yet 98 per cent of children at this school are Muslim. It's a Muslim community.
"I've taken my daughter out and other parents have too. Enough is enough.
"Sex relationship education is being taught without our consent. We've not been informed about what's being taught.
"Mr Moffat is running what's called CHIPS - challenging homophobia in primary schools - and it's totally against Islamic beliefs.
"My child came home and told me am I OK to be a boy? It's confusing children about sexuality.
"I want my child to learn about English, maths and science.
"I'm keeping my daughter away from the school until something is done. I've been paying £20-an-hour tuition at home instead."
Bit of a dilemma for the boys in blue, this one, eh?

H/T: MelindiScott via Twitter

Good Grief, Woman, You Were Christening A Daughter...

...not building a Jaeger!
Tara Tanham says she was on her way to pick up her daughter, Gypsy-Angel, from after-school club at St Catherine’s Academy last Thursday when she received a call from a teacher to tell here the girl had “absconded”.
But all's well that ends well, even for kids with egregious chavnames:
Gypsy-Angel was found safe shortly afterwards at a park in Waggon Road, but Ms Tanham says the situation left her feeling “physically sick” and has criticised the school for not calling the police and advising her to call 101 after a search.
But how did she come to 'abscond'? Come to think of it, isn't that a rather odd choice of words?
“They’ve tried to put it down to her behaviour but that’s just not right,” she said.
“Her behaviour sometimes can be out of control but even if she was kicking off with them, it’s not acceptable that they have allowed a six-year-old child to leave school.
Ah. That gives us a bit more information about this situation than Tara might perhaps realise, doesn't it?

Sunday, 27 January 2019

"Yes Sir, Would You Like A Grocer's Apostrophe With Those?"

A new shop opened up in Southend High Street just after Christmas. I really hope their cooking is better than their signwriting...

"Daily Mail Screw-Ups, Sir! Thousands Of Them!"

A remarkable collection of Zulu artefacts including shields and weapons used at Rorke's Drift are set to go under the hammer for £50,000.


Sunday Funnies...

These would definitely have made my school history lessons more fun!

Saturday, 26 January 2019

"Stop Doing It, Or....I'll Tell You To Stop Doing It Again."

Keith Holloway of Worcester thrust his exposed genitals against the girl, filmed under the skirts of young women and offered a girl of eight an ice pop, telling her she was 'beautiful' and inviting her to use his new shower.
But the 65-year-old was not sent to jail by Judge Nicholas Cole at Worcester Crown Court because the most recent breach of his sexual harm prevention order was deemed too 'minor' and because his defence barrister argued that prison would be 'crushing'.
Wait, 'most recent'...?
It is the fourth time Holloway has breached the same order since it was imposed in September 15, 2017.
Holloway, who walked with a stick, lowered his head in the dock, covered his face with his hands and at one stage dabbed his eyes with a tissue.
Probably tears of mirth at how easy it is to pull the wool over everyone's eyes...
Jamie Scott, defending, said his client had provided medical evidence that he had been discharged from hospital after a fall, had heart palpitations, suffered from low potassium levels and was on 17 different forms of medication.
They seem to have missed out bromide. Obviously an oversight at the chemist...

The judge bases his decision on the grounds they are 'minor' breaches, something Fahrenheit211 rightly takes issue with. They show a clear pattern.
Judge Cole said Holloway had 'a history of disobedience to court orders' but this latest breach was 'minor' and that, because of the defendant's health issues, it would be 'unjust' to activate the suspended sentence.
It appears you know nothing of what constitutes 'injustice'. Hardly surprising.

H/T: ConstableChaos via Twitter

The Legal Aid Gravy Train Just Derailed...

The mother of one of four suspected Islamic State fighters has lost a legal challenge against the UK's sharing of evidence with the US without seeking assurances he would not be executed.
Ms Elgizouli's lawyers argued that the UK's long-standing opposition to the death penalty was therefore cast aside in the interests of political expediency. But today's judgement underlines that no law has been broken.
Mr Elsheikh is not British - nor is he under UK control - so the obligations on ministers to act on his mother's concerns are limited.
Never mind, love, I don't doubt you've soaked the British taxpayer for all this. World-class left-wing lawyers don't work for peanuts, after all...
Gareth Peirce, of Birnberg Peirce Solicitors, (Ed: Aha!) said that while Ms Elgizouli thinks her son should be prosecuted, she argues that it should take place within accordance of international human rights standards.
Nope, they only apply to humans.

Friday, 25 January 2019

No, Actually, That's On You....

An enormous drug gang member described in court as a 'jolly big man' was jailed alongside his wife and four other accomplices after they were caught with a gun and £3m-worth of cocaine.
Jennifer O'Neill, was jailed alongside her husband Sam. They have five children. The court heard Jennifer has told her husband that their marriage of 13 years is over, and she has taken off her wedding ring.
"You've f****** ruined my life you p****," Sam O'Neill told a police officer in court as he was led away.
Don't think so, big fella. Enjoy prison!

H/T: ConstableChaos via Twitter

Ah, The 'Sheik Al Hilali Defence'....

In mitigation his defence barrister Jayne Wilkinson said that her client, who is homeless, was living in the St Clement's area of Oxford at the time and had a 'legitimate' reason for going inside the sports centre, but that the temptation to steal was too great.
She said: "It is where he can use the washing and the facilities. He is seen to walk in to the sports centre and responsible people have left their bags lying where seating area is.
"This is no criticism of those people but I am sure there are lockers available. Mr Lennon says he goes there and the temptation to pick up one of the bags was too great.
"Then he is back on November 27 and it is exactly the same."
Hmmm, seems like a familiar argument, somehow.
Urging the court to consider another non-custodial option Ms Wilkinson said: "It is right that Mr Lennon has a long history of drug use, it is right that he has a long history of associated offences of dishonesty.
"What is also right is that for the relatively recent past Mr Lennon has been dealt with by way of custodial sentences. When people go into custody for a relatively short period of time there is no therapeutic [programmes] at all.
"There is work that can be done, that the probation service were happy to do with Mr Lennon before these new offences."
Of course they are, it's repeat business keeping them in a job. The people whose belongings he steals? Well, they are only taxpayers...
Despite her pleas presiding magistrate Anne Pappenheim said that in light of the breach of the previous orders a jail term had to be imposed.
It won't do much good. But at least while he's off the streets, he's not stealing.

Thursday, 24 January 2019


British far-Right extremists are broadcasting vile racist programmes on a sickening neo- Nazi radio station – but Government regulators are powerless to shut it down.
Oh noes! What are they saying?
...two years after the station was founded it was still broadcasting its sickening material last night – including disgusting claims that black people 'prefer witchdoctors' over hiring lawyers ...
Hmmmm. One wonders why the 'Mail' finds that so disgusting:
A woman tried to cast black magic spells on police and doctors after carrying out genital mutilation on her three-year-old daughter, a court heard.
The little girl's Ugandan mother, 37, and Ghanaian father, 43, allegedly enlisted a 'witch' to help them carry out the surgery at a filthy flat in east London.

I'm Sensing A Pattern Emerging...

"What's a hate crime, sarge...?"

"It's defined in law, it's acts of violence or hostility directed at people because of who they are or who someone thinks they are."

"So this attack on people outside a gay nightclub was one...?"

Scotland Yard are not currently treating the incident as a homophobic attack.
Detective Sergeant Quinn Cutler said: “This is a particularly vicious and unpleasant incident which has left a number of people with potentially lasting injuries.
“I know that a number of people witnessed this incident and I urge those people to come forward and share their information and/or footage with police.”
Gosh. It's almost as though the police get to decide, not the victim, after all...

But, luckily, in the UK it's the jury that has the final say.

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Don't Blame The Tool....

Sure it did. In the same way Land Rover & Kia are to blame for the Duke of Edinburgh's traffic accident.
Speaking publicly about her death for the first time, Mr Russell said last night: 'I have no doubt that Instagram helped kill my daughter. She had so much to offer and that's gone.'
His criticism of the photo-sharing site, which is owned by Facebook, comes after experts warned Instagram helped to glorify self-harm among vulnerable youngsters.
Last night hundreds of thousands of images depicting people harming themselves and discussing suicide could be viewed on the site, which is hugely popular among teenagers.
And if it wasn't that site, it'd be another.
Instagram's guidelines say posts should not 'glorify self-injury' while searches using suspect words, such as 'self-harm', are met with a warning. But users are easily able to view the pictures by ignoring the offers of help.
People have free will. The alternative is unthinkable.
Instagram said: 'Our thoughts go out to Molly's family and anyone dealing with the issues raised. We do not allow content that promotes or glorifies eating disorders, self-harm or suicide and work hard to remove it.
'However, for many young people, discussing their mental health journey or connecting with others who have battled similar issues, is an important part of their recovery.
'This is why we don't remove certain content and instead offer people looking at, or posting it, support when they might need it most.'
And they are as free to reject that help as to accept it. I can see why Mr Russell doesn't think that's a price worth paying. But that doesn't mean his opinion should overrule everyone else's.

"No, No, It's OK When I Do It!" Part 2837891

*munches popcorn* 

Hey, Hasan, need a little help from your friends?

Yeah. That Kate Osamor. I may just run out of popcorn here!

H/T: RealBlackIrish via Twitter

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

You Need A Dictionary, Love...

A woman with severe disabilities is being told she no longer meets the criteria to keep her electric wheelchair.
Hove resident Belinda Formosa received the shock news in a letter from the Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust which said that, following a review of her medical history, she is no longer eligible for the vehicle.
It's a miracle! Or, more likely, her previous assessments erred on the generous side.
The letter said that “in our consultant’s opinion based on the medical evidence they have available, it should be possible for you to both walk and self-propel a manual chair”.
But despite news that anyone else would be thrilled to hear (Good news, you're not as disabled as you thought!), Belinda is not happy:
But Belinda said that because of several medical conditions, including spinal stenosis, cirrhosis of the liver, a pancreatic divisum, Dupuytren’s disease and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), she would be unable to do so.
She said: “I don’t like using the word disabled, I prefer to use the word adaptable instead.”
You don't seem to be adapting very well, though, do you?

Yeah, Sure, You Keep On Doing This....

Sgt Scott Fitzmaurice said: “We will not tolerate anybody - regardless of whether they are subject of a court order - dealing drugs in our area.
“Operation Raptor will continue to target all those individuals, including members of the C17 gang, intent on committing drug or gang related crime in our county.”
And the 'justice system' will keep on doing what they do best:
He admitted the charges at Basildon Crown Court on Monday January 7 where he was given a six-month jail term suspended for 12-months and was ordered to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work.
What a total waste of time....

Monday, 21 January 2019

Expecting Networks To Give Up Ratings Is Like Expecting Alcoholics To Give Up Booze...

Emily Bell thinks that the US TV networks should have refused to air a speech by The Donald:
The inability of 11 separate network heads to say “no” to Trump caused frustration on a number of levels. It was yet another sign, said some commentators, of the networks not “getting it”, following the normal rules of engagement with a presidency that is abnormal to the point of dysfunction.
Because having a President that screwed the help in the Oval Office wasn't at all 'dysfunctional'..?
Allowing a president noted for his untruthfulness access to their networks arguably put protocol above national interest, or perhaps, more honestly, prioritised ratings over principle.
Funny. I've visited the States, and every TV I saw there had an 'off' switch.

It was ten years ago, though. Perhaps things have changed?
The speech and an accompanying rebuttal by Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were seen by more than 43 million viewers. Trump remains strong box office.
Hard to see why the networks aren't listening to the likes of you, isn't it?

I Guess Now We Find Out If He's Any Good....

Burrell, of Eastcote Grove, Southend had been working as a private sector housing manager for Southend Council.
He diverted taxpayers’ money to developers but insisted his only motivation was to try and get people off the housing waiting list.
On Friday Basildon Crown Court heard he had a breakdown after becoming overwhelmed by Southend’s housing crisis and decided to cut corners.
Another sterling effort by the council to safeguard public money!

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Make Up Your Minds Pt 4927814

'The Guardian': Moving people out of their home areas is wicked!
...when she received a letter from Newham council in 2010 advising that the whole estate was going to be decanted for “refurbishment”, it came as a surprise.
Her fears were quelled when the council confirmed that once the refurbishment was over, residents who wanted to return would be more than welcome to do so (subject to availability). But seven years on, Joyce has not returned...

Also 'The Guardian': Moving people back to their home areas is wicked!
"Councils have given thousands of rough sleepers and homeless people one-way train, bus and flight tickets to leave areas and sometimes even to leave the country in the last four years, a Guardian investigation can reveal.
The tickets were bought through “reconnection policies” that aim to encourage rough sleepers to voluntarily return to areas where they have family and support networks. It has been described as “street cleansing” and an abdication of responsibility by some campaigners and MPs."
Is it me, or...?

Remind Me Again, What Was The Point Of Amending The DDA?

Police have been informed. However, such incidents are usually left to dog wardens.
That's because the lazy bastards need to be held accountable for doing their job. Essex Police have form, yes, but they are far from the only police farce failing in this regard.

Despite the fact they whine about not having the necessary laws to excuse their lack of action, when they are given them (despite not actually needing them), they fail to act again.
"I'd seen three teenage girls with a massive pitbull in St Michael's Road that day," he said.
"It was tall and white and had pointed ears, as if they'd been trimmed.
"I'd actually said, 'There's no way they should be out with that, they can't control it.' You could see it pulling on the lead.
"When my daughter went out with Teddy, the girls were with the dog some way ahead. When it spotted Teddy it just went for him and they couldn't control it."
You'd think the police would look to their own welfare in such issues, wouldn't you?
"My daughter has put out some information on social media, and we've had a big response from that," Mr Woodcock said.
"Lots of people say the owner has a couple of pitbulls and is often seen outside the little shop near here. "
At the moment though, it seems like there's nothing we can do about these dogs."
It's not for you to 'do anything'. We pay people to do that for us. Yet we seemingly have no recourse when they fail to do it.

Friday, 18 January 2019

They Keep Inventing New 'Mental Health Conditions', Damn It!

Kate Bisset, mitigating, said Chambers was sorry for what had happened and had kept her dog muzzled and on a lead since the incident.
Miss Bisset said Chambers had been diagnosed with a mental health condition which led to her being abusive when confronted by others after the incident.
I guess 'Being a typical benefit-scrounging aggressive chav dog owner' is listed in Campbell's Psychiatric Dictionary, now?
Judge Tom Bayliss, QC, said: "You knew the dog in the past had behaved aggressively towards other dogs and you allowed it to just get out of control and attack this woman."
Leading to the pensioner requiring a skin graft. So she'll get the book thrown at her?
Chambers was given a four-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, and ordered to take part in a 20-day rehabilitation programme.
She was also ordered to comply with an order requiring her to keep Bella muzzled and on a lead when out in public, or face having the animal put down.
An order requiring the destruction of the wrong aggressive bitch, then?

It's Not Just Him Who 'Lacks Responsibility', Is It, Judge?

Ayling should not have even been on the road as he had been banned from driving after racking up 12 penalty points, and had not reapplied for his licence.
He had previously been convicted of driving while disqualified in 1998, 2008, 2009 and 2012.
And the inevitable happened, sadly not to any magistrate or other criminal justice system apparatchik, but to an ordinary taxpayer and his wife.
Judge Christine Laing QC, sitting at Lewes Crown Court, told him he had “no sense of responsibility”.
Really? He's not alone in that, is he?
Judge Laing said the case showed the seriousness of drug driving and the impact it can have. She said: “Mrs Littler was a woman who had nothing but a wholly positive effect over many hundreds of people in her career as a teacher trainer and for groups in society she took part in.
“The impact of her death upon her family is immeasurable. You had drugs within your system, which takes away the driver’s ability to appreciate what they are doing. If you had been at an appropriate speed you would have been able to see them and adjust, they would have crossed the road and been beyond you.
“It beggars belief that you took your young son in that car, clearly drugs takes away your sense of responsibility.
“You caused Carol Littler’s death and caused terrible and long lasting injuries to Mr Littler as well.
Your previous driving convictions show you have a complete disregard for driving laws.
And the lack of meaningful enforcement of those laws shows....what? Answers on a postcard.