Tuesday, 15 October 2019

A Statistic....

...I have now become one. A crime statistic, that is.

Last night, I decided, coming out of my local Tube, as a bus was just pulling in, to take the short ride one stop closer to my house. Why not? It was raining, and it wouldn't cost me anything.

And in the heaving queue, I felt something bump my bag. I reflexively checked it - all OK, and got on the bug. In the instant between getting my pass out to flash at the driver and putting it back, another bump. This time when I went to put my pass away, I thought something felt wrong. Stupidly, I saw 'Where's my phone!?' And a man standing by the bus door said 'That Romanian kid took it' and pointed (to what? I could see nothing..) and before I could do or say anything else, the bus driver - who would have heard all this, and said and did nothing, shut the doors and drove off.

So, passwords all changed, crime report made (Oooh, I have a crime number!), service provider aware, new SIM on the way, new phone to buy and set up, and that's that. Just another story of London crime. No biggie, right? Just move on. It's not like it had sentimental value, right?

But now I'll never feel quite the same about crowds and bus queues again. I'll regard anyone standing too close with suspicion.

And I thought I loathed and despised crime and criminals before this. Now, there's nothing so violent, so abhorrent, that I'd consider it too extreme a punishment. Sharia law? BRING...IT....ON!

Blogging and Tweeting will be light for a few days.

Monday, 14 October 2019

He's Seen One Person A Lot, Though....

A man was found with a gas-powered gun, cannabis and £9,000 cash in bags after he was spotted getting into a car by police.
Jamie Cunningham was seen getting into a Vauxhall Astra after leaving a house belonging to a 'Mr Holden' in Blackburn that drugs officers were keeping a close eye on.
Isobel Thomas, defending, said her client had a lesser role in the overall operation. She said her client had mental health problems and described himself as an 'emotional wreck'.
She said: "The main thing that keeps him going is his four-year-old daughter, she lives in Ireland, she spends time with him in the holidays.
"He does not go out much or see many people, he lives fairly isolated existence."
Really? I wonder wh...

Ah! Clearly, the one person he does see a lot of is the local tattooist!
Recorder Killeen said: "You took the bag away for him (Mr Holden), intending to make sure any police did not get it.
"There was no evidence of drug texting on your phone, no evidence to say you were dealing.
"I have taken the view that there is significant mitigation and a serious prospect of rehabilitation."
You've got to be kidding!

No, Love, Your Life Isn't Over...

A dog owner says her life "is over" after her beloved pet was ordered to wear a muzzle in public purely because of its breed.
...well, not until this sort of thing happens. So get a bloody grip!
"She is not an aggressive dog", Anita added tearfully. "But because of her breed, she's automatically deemed a danger.
"You can get aggressive Labradors or German Shepherds, it's almost like racism."
Bloody hell, now even dogs are using the RaceCard!

Saturday, 12 October 2019

So, You're Retiring, Eh?

Here's your signed card from the office, a little gift, ands...oh, would you like a last opportunity to make a statement you didn't have the guts for when you just started in the job?

You would? Splendid!
Food should be banned from public transport to stop people snacking on the go, the Government's outgoing chief medical officer has said in her final report.
One hopes the incoming chief medical officer has noted the scorn poured on this by so many commenters and newspapers...
Dame Sally Davies, nicknamed the nation's 'nanny-in-chief' for her bold public health interventions, today delivers her most radical proposals to date.
When no one needs listen to her any more. Fine. I certainly won't!
'We know that snacking is a cause of excess calories in children and adults,' Dame Sally said. 'Years ago we didn't snack - we sat down and ate. I would stop all food and drink except water on urban public transport.'
Yes, she'll allow you water. How munificent! But who is going to enforce this?
She said it would be up to the Government how this would enforced, but added: 'We are a law abiding nation. The vast majority of people would observe it, as they did the smoking ban.'
That might once have been true. Back when 'no-one snacked on trains' (almost certainly at a time when there were smoking carriages, but never mind...). But if she thinks it's true now, she's lost more than a few marbles.
Boris Johnson is opposed to introducing more levies on items high in salt, fat and sugar. In his Tory leadership campaign he said he would review what he called 'stealth sin taxes'.
We'll see. 

Should've Gone To Specsavers, Officers...

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “The officers also used the red dot function of their Taser due to the initial perceived threat the item the man was carrying may have presented.
“Once he had been detained it was established the item he was carrying was a pair of shears and he had been trimming some hedges.”

Hundreds of CCTV clips showing her praying were sent to police, who decided to charge her with harassment.
But when Mrs Jacklin, 53, appeared before Hastings magistrates, the court took less than 15 minutes to throw the case out, to the relief of the mother-of-two and her children.
Sussex Police said: 'The prosecution had been authorised by the CPS. We are not in a position to comment further.'
Remember when our police were admired the world over? I do.

Friday, 11 October 2019

"I'm Willing To Take The Chance This Will Happen To Someone Else..."

James Sexton, the owner of the Rottweilers, was accused of being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control causing injury.
The 40-year-old, of Sycamore Street, Ashington, pleaded guilty to the offence at South East Northumberland Magistrates' Court. His pet could have been put to sleep as a result of the incident, however a plea from the victim not to put it down persuaded magistrates to spare its life.
Well, the 'victim' couldn't plead anything, being dead.

But its apparently brain-dead owner could...
In a statement to the court, Archie's owner, who had him for around eight years, said the incident terrified her and she was devastated by the loss of her pet. However she did not want the Rottweiler to be put down.
She added: "I love animals and never want to see any animal suffer or put down.
"It's my wish that this dog is not put down." She instead said its owner should ensure it was kept in control, especially in public.
So you're quite sanguine about someone else's pet being mauled to death when - as is inevitable - he doesn't?

Some 'animal lover'...

Not Much Of A Mystery, Really...

Mr Rosser added that it was “a mystery” that Tuppein had evaded the courts for so long.
Mitigating, Gareth Hughes said that Tuppein had fallen into drug dealing as he was a user too.
He added: “For the racial harassment, the defendant was in a hospital bed, he was in pain and said things he wouldn’t have said normally.
“Due to the warrant for his arrest he couldn’t find proper work or apply for benefits.”
Another example from the legal system of killing your parents and demanding clemency because you're now an orphan!
Tuppein, of Octavia Road, Isleworth, appeared at court via video link where he was still using crutches due to his injury when trying to escape.
Caused when a member of the public threw an object at him when he trespassed in his garden.
Judge Ian Graham sentenced Tuppein to six years in prison, saying jail time was “the only way” for him to pay for his crimes.
Well, well, well! He won't serve it all, of course. But here's at least one judge who's no fool.

Thursday, 10 October 2019


Plans have been revealed to convert a historic pub, believed to be up to 400 years old, into a religious culture centre.
Yeah, we all know just which religion, don't we?
South Essex Islamic Trust has purchased the former Barge Inn, High Road, Vange and is now fundraising for £250,000 to cover the full cost of the site.
The charity refused to comment on the plans but posted about it on its website.
Because it seems their ambitions outstrip their resources, so they are forced to beg for the balance.
“The purchase was £450,000 plus VAT of £90,000 and stamp duty of £12,000 which equals £552,000.
“South Essex Islamic Trust has already collected funds of up to £300,000
“A deposit of £45,000 has been paid by the trust to secure the purchase, which we could lose if the remaining amount is not paid.
“We need your support to raise £250,000 by October 4.”
But it's done quite a done deal, even if they do raise the balance.
Aidan McGurran, Labour councillor for Vange said: “Whoever has bought or ends up buying the Barge site will have to submit plans for consideration – it is not necessarily a case of delivering whatever the landowner wants.
“It seems there is some doubt still over whether the successful bidder will be able to raise the required funds in time – it is a very tight timescale – so we will have to see what happens.”
Another one to watch.

Are You Hoping For A Bulk Discount Then..?

A Premier League star who has admitted doing 89 miles per hour in a 40mph zone now faces two more speeding charges.
Crystal Palace striker Christian Benteke, 28, has already pleaded guilty to speeding in his £130,000 black Bentley Bentayga in Putney.
The Congo-born Belgian international, was due to be sentenced at Lavender Hill Magistrates Court on September 27.
But Quentin Hunt, representing Benteke, applied to adjourn the hearing to link it with two other speeding allegations, one with Thames Valley Police and the other with the Met.
Wait, what could he hope to gain by this?
The hearing was adjourned until November.
Maybe we'll find out then.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Shame They Don't Teach Personal Responsibility...

Parents were shocked to get a text from their children’s school saying their bad parking had caused a near miss during the morning drop-off.
The text said two pupils were almost hit by a car outside the school gates on Thursday morning.
School-run motorists are the worst, there's no question.
The school run is a heated topic at Seahaven Academy in Newhaven, where there are building works, and teachers have tried to stop parents from dropping their children outside the gates.
But parent Daniele Clark, 47, blamed the school for the poor parking situation and criticised the “inconsiderate” text.
She said: “You get that text and you’re wondering if it’s your child.
“I don’t think a text is appropriate. It’s inconsiderate.
“I hope the kids’ parents at least got a call.
“There will soon be hundreds more students and hundreds more cars with the new junior school.”
God forbid any of them walk, or get the bus...
Grandmother Tarina Breeds, who lives in the same road as the school, said those driving their children in were at fault.
She said: “It puts my heart in my mouth when I am crossing the road with my grandchildren, it has become so, so dangerous, with double parking, speeding, and parking on the roundabout – because they insist on driving the kids to school.
The kids that will no doubt be learning all about 'man made climate change' in class, and never seeing the irony...

I Wonder What He'd Have Got If He'd Hit A Magistrate's Child...?

Claire Dunn’s son, Jack, 13, was cycling to school in January when he was hit by Andrew Lancaster, 22, who overtook traffic as Jack used a zebra crossing at Hobleythick Lane, Westcliff.
The Southend High School for Boys pupil smashed his face open on the ground and was knocked out.
At Colchester Magistrates’ Court, Lancaster admitted driving a vehicle on a road without due care and attention.
Is that all he was charged with? Another example of CPS laziness, I guess...
Lancaster, of Brightwell Avenue, Westcliff received a fine of £166 and was ordered to pay court costs of £90. He also got five penalty points.
And no compensation order for the injury or damage to the bike? No wonder the mother is furious:
Claire, 41, said: “I cannot begin to say how disappointed I am with the magistrate. Five points and a fine does not reflect the circumstances or the physical and psychological injury inflicted upon my 13-year-old son.
“Had Jack not have been wearing his helmet, the outcome could have been fatal. To run into a child who is crossing a zebra crossing should result in an instant disqualification.
It’s disgraceful to think this man continues to use our roads.”
Yes. It's also disgraceful to think the magistrate continues to sit on the bench.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Well, Boris, How About It..?

Basildon Council leader Gavin Callaghan confirmed the cost to clear up the mess at Queen, Elizabeth Park, Billericay - following the illegal site on August 26- was £1,052.
When you add up the cost of police and council staff time, that's probably a very - ahem - 'conservative' estimate...
Kerry Smith, deputy leader of Basildon Council, understands residents’ concerns when it comes to using taxpayers’ money to clear up the mess.
The councillor for Nethermayne Ward, said: “It’s taxpayers’ money.
“No one wants to pay for people who don’t want to keep the area tidy.
Flytipping costs the council £70,000 a year.
“Those responsible need the book thrown at them.”
They do indeed. And we all know why they don't get it.
Councillor David Harrison, chairman of the neighbourhoods and public spaces committee, added; “We would urge them to clear up after themselves.
“When travellers come onto public land, the council have to clear up after them.
“There’s no getting away from that.
“People would complain if we didn’t get rid of it.”
No-one's suggesting you don't, are they? They are merely suggesting that some way of recouping the costs of doing so from the culprits needs to be found.
Mark Francois, MP for Rayleigh and Wickford, is hopeful incidents like this could be prevented by what is called the Irish Option.
This involves criminalising trespass - currently a civil offence - which would mean extra powers for authorities and police to move illegal sites on.
The MP, in a letter to Lib Dem councillor for Rayleigh James Newport, claimed this could become part of the Queen’s Speech - which details a list of bills proposed for the next Government.
Here's one for you, then, Boris. Will you step up?

Why Should He? He Won't Pay It...

Three-year-old Leon Bulner and dad Karsten visited a Londis store with two-year-old dog Fern but said they were told the animal was not allowed in after two ‘disgusting’ exchanges.
When Mr Bulner tried to explain that his son has moderate to severe autism, he said the cashier at the store in Hampshire village Weyhill, near Andover, told him ‘no dogs, end of’.
After going back the following day to explain the situation to the manager, he added that he was ‘basically thrown out’ and told that only dogs for blind or deaf people were allowed.
He retorted that the shop wasn’t following the law, but Mr Bulner said the staff member replied that it was ‘Londis law’ and that he ‘didn’t care’ about a potential fine.
The company will be fined, not him personally. So of course he doesn't care.
The store’s parent company has since apologised and said they will update their policies.
They need to sack the culprit and retrain all their staff.

Monday, 7 October 2019

This Never Happens At Glyndebourne, Does It..?

BBC Radio 1Xtra's live show has had to be dramatically called off after violence erupted in the Birmingham venue. Police had to treat a man for a slash wound after an altercation backstage on Saturday night at the show...
I wonder what sort of music..?
...where Wizkid, Aitch and DaniLeigh were part of the lineup scheduled to perform.
Nope, never heard of them! I guess Google will have to tell me what I suspect.


Ah, yes. Suspicions confirmed!

Then Treat Them Accordingly...

A senior Scotland Yard officer warned that XR protesters were putting a bigger strain on police resources than the terrorist attacks of 2017.
If you adopt the tactics of terrorists, then that is how you should be treated:
Activists have been told to buy ‘burner’ SIM cards for their mobile phones so they cannot be traced.
They have been armed with detailed instructions on how to encrypt phones and laptops and hide all forms of communication from police.
This includes replacing traditional messaging apps such as WhatsApp with others including Signal and Wire, with ‘the potential for increased anonymity’.
They are telling anyone arrested during the protests to refuse bail in a bid to fill up all of London’s police cells. Police will then find it extremely difficult to arrest any more rebels during the fortnight of disruption because they will be forced to send them to cells outside London – draining them of vital resources.
The group claims to have 4,442 people who are prepared to be arrested, while there are just 683 police cells in London across 27 custody suites, according to 2017 Metropolitan Police data.
It's direct defiance of the law.

The police should have cracked down hard in the first place, rather than embolden these domestic terrorists. Now they, and the public, are paying the price:
XR is also planning to converge on London City Airport, blockade Smithfield meat market, target transport routes into the City of London, and project images on to the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.
It's going to be an interesting fortnight.

Saturday, 5 October 2019

'A Parallel Life' Indeed, Bonnie....

A BBC Question Time audience member clashed with author Bonnie Greer last night after she claimed it is 'bad being a foreigner' in Britain at the moment.
She didn't mean herself. She meant 'a friend', as they always do.
The American-British playwright claimed her Polish friend could no longer speak to her daughter in her native tongue on public transport because people abuse her.
Hmmm, really?

I rarely hear English spoken on my early morning commute. And yet, no-one turns a hair. Most have their heads buried in a copy of the 'Metro' or their smartphones and Kindles.

But the man in the audience in Wallasey, Merseyside, criticised the allegation during the debate, saying she was 'labelling the whole country as being racist'.
Well, of course she is. It's all she's famous for, after all. And once upon a time, she'd never have been challenged on it.

Times have changed, Bonnie.

Surely You Already Know The Answer..?

It's because his boss got away with killing an innocent Brazilian electrician and was promoted to the highest rank possible.

After that, anything goes in the thoroughly discredited Met, clearly...
In 2016, retired High Court judge Sir Richard Henriques produced an excoriating report on the failings of the inquiry in general, but vital sections (43 in all), including the shortcomings of individual detectives, were redacted.
Yesterday, the largely uncensored version was published, and it could not have been more critical of former DAC Rodhouse – of his judgment, of his decision-making and of his professionalism, which ultimately resulted in £2.5million of public money – and 16 months – being spent on the say-so of a single ‘source’, the now convicted fantasist Carl Beech, aka Nick.
He's the fall guy, and deservedly so, but the rest of his team hardly cover themselves in glory:
One crucial lead was a ‘corroborating’ witness called Fred. ‘The DAC,’ said Sir Richard, ‘reiterated the need to explore all options regarding Fred.’ Yet data that could have established his whereabouts and identity was never examined.
‘This is a classic demonstration,’ said the judge, ‘of the difference between investigating and believing an allegation.’
It turned out after Operation Midland was closed in 2016 without any arrests that Fred was Nick using another email address.
Basic investigative policy thrown overboard due to the prevailing climate at the time. So why isn't some criticism falling on those who spread the policy of always believing the victim? 

People like Kier Starmer and Alison Saunders, who steamrollered this policy through, ensured it spread throughout all branches of our so-called 'justice system' and who never faced any consequences either.

They are just as culpable. As are the politicians that saw them into their roles and never uttered a peep. I'm looking at you, Cameron and May.

Friday, 4 October 2019

"It's The Council's Fault, Innit..?"

A furious home owner is demanding the council installs CCTV in his street after thieves broke into his home and stole his car.
Hmmm, well, better CCTV would certainly help with identifying burglars after the fact, but is it really a deterrent?
The resident, who asked to remain anonymous, said he and his partner were asleep at the time when crooks raided their home in Westcliff Parade, Westcliff.
The thieves soon sped off in the man’s Audi A4, also taking with them a laptop and Amazon Kindle tablet.
Perhaps if the council did put up CCTV, people could rest safe in the certainty that, once they'd done their bit by locking up their hou...

The victim said: “We had a little window open in one of the rooms and they crawled through and took a laptop, car keys, the car and my kindle.
“We are now more aware of making sure everything is locked up and safe and we’ve to change all the locks on the doors too.”

How Could Anyone 'Compromise' Such A Useless Legal Process..?

Remember this story and Police Scotland's demand to let the legal system handle it?
Animal campaigners say justice has not been served for a Dundee puppy believed to have died in mysterious circumstances after a man convicted of its theft appeared in court.
Andrew Alexander, 35, was fined £250 this week after being convicted of stealing the dog from a property in Park Avenue.
 If that's how the legal system 'handles it', no wonder people would rather serve their own justice...
The little dog was last seen safe on July 16 at the home of family friend Kelly Deuchar, 36, who had been looking after her.
She left the animal in the care of Alexander, who was her flatmate, and went out to do some shopping.When she returned, the dog was gone.
Nor does this scumbag confine his crimes to animals:
Alexander, who now lives in London, denied stealing the dog but was found guilty of the offence on Friday at Dundee Sheriff Court.
He was also found guilty of assaulting Ms Deuchars on a separate occasion by seizing her on the body, placing her in a headlock and spraying an unknown irritant in her face.
He got another £250 fine for that.

Thursday, 3 October 2019

Avoiding The Obvious...

Coroner’s officer Kirsty Roberts told the court Mr Gardiner had a medical history of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and self harm. She said: “He was reported as missing to the police and officers found him hanged on May 6.
“A postmortem examination on May 16 at Basildon Hospital gave a cause of death of hanging.
“Toxicology reports showed he was under the influence of cannabis and also found therapeutic levels of morphine, codeine and clonazepam and death was confirmed at the scene.”
Seems pretty cut and dried then. What do the experts say?
Temporary Inspector Darren Beer attended the scene and gave evidence at the inquest.
He said: “I got the call about Jack, who I knew through previous roles.
“I put him as a risk missing person, meaning there’s a risk of harm to himself or others.
“Based on the information I was given at the time there was nothing to suggest any third party involved or any suspicious circumstances, and I stand by that.”
Open and shut case of suicide, then, surely?
Caroline Beasley-Murray, senior coroner (Ed: Oh oh..!), recorded an open conclusion for the inquest.
She said: “We just don’t quite know what was going through his mind.”

The Usual Suspects Pt 8735941

The images of five suspects who are wanted over an 'abhorrent' homophobic attack in a KFC restaurant have been issued by police.
Tattooed skinhead right wingers, surely? After all, we are constantly told they are the great threat.
The first suspect is described as black, wearing a black beanie, grey tracksuit, with dark elbow patches and a gilet-type jacket.
The second suspect was a light-skinned black male with a 'chin strap' beard and of a tall muscular build.
The third male was black, wearing a hoodie with white scribbles on it.
Another suspect was seen wearing a dark navy tracksuit with multiple white stripes on the legs.
The fifth suspect was of larger build than the other men, with curly, short hair, green tracksuit trousers and a black puffa-style jacket.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Burying The Lede...

Jeannette Carroll, 51, was near Flatts Lane County Park in Middlesbrough with five dogs when she was brutally attacked by the random assailant.
She initially tried to calm the man down after he shouted at her, but he launched a savage punch to the face - knocking her unconscious for 20 seconds, she claims. A park ranger tried to intervene before he was also allegedly punched by the man.
Ms Carroll said: "It was totally unexpected.
"I had gone over to reassure him, if people are nervous I will put the dogs on a lead.
"I didn't see the punch coming - when I woke up I was covered in blood."
 Hmm, shouldn't they be on a lead and under your control anyway?
She said she has to keep walking dogs to earn a living but is now afraid to do so.
Ah! I think we can see how this went. And guess why the gent was so irate.

Had his own animal mauled by one of her charges, or stepped in something unpleasant left by one, perhaps?

Does it excuse violence to a woman? Maybe not. But it possibly explains it....

Despite contacting police around half a dozen times, she claims an officer still hasn't been out to see her and take a statement about the serious assault. She claims that an officer was rude to her on the phone and "a letdown to the police".

Even they are fed up with people's mouths writing checks their body can't cash, it seems.

Sometimes, It's The Best Question You Can Ask...

Lifting the curtain on what it is like working with Mr Cummings at the heart of government, the minister told MailOnline: 'In meetings, it's a lot like having a small child in the corner - ''Why? Why? Why?''
'Things we all take for granted, he wants to take to pieces and start again.'
 How have those 'things' been serving the country so far? Maybe it needs changing...

And despite this unnamed minister claiming to 'lift the curtain' on Cummings, what he actually shows  us is himself.
'He's not in the bubble like the rest of us, he doesn't know anyone - like an ordinary person.'
Heh! I bet the 'Mail' reporter could barely restrain a laugh at that!
'I suppose it's a good thing in many ways. You look at things with fresh eyes. He is always very polite, doesn't interrupt and then just makes his point.
'There's no shouting or anything.'
Can't even manage a bitter hatchet job with a friendly press, can you? Doesn't that just sum up the nonentities Boris has in his cabinet?

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

"Siri, Please Define 'First World Problems'.."

Isn't AI wonderful...?

The Only Surprise Is That It's Not Judge Samantha Leigh...

Due to the prolonged and dangerous nature of his driving, the force control room discontinued the pursuit only for officers to be alerted that he had crashed near Chalkwell Park minutes later.
Witnesses described Turner as being distraught and asking his girlfriend to get out of the car before fleeing the scene and hiding in a nearby bush where he was later found and arrested.
Recorder Caudle added: “You shouted at her to get out but she couldn’t because she was trapped. You then abandoned her when police arrived and fled the scene.”
His girlfriend, who witnesses say could be heard sobbing, suffered serious injuries including a cut to her head and a broken pelvis and was trapped in the car for more than an hour. Once she had been freed, she was rushed to Southend Hospital. Medics felt there was sufficient concern about her injuries, which were initially considered life-threatening, to transfer to a specialist unit at the Royal London Hospital.
Turner, of Ness Road, Shoebury, admitted eight offences of causing serious injury by dangerous driving, driving under the influence of drugs, possession of cocaine and cannabis, failing to stop and report and no insurance or licence.
This chap'll not see daylight for a long time, surely?
He was sentenced to two years in a young offenders’ institute suspended for two years.
He was also banned from driving for two years, made subject of a four-month curfew and must complete 120 hours of unpaid work and 40 days of a rehabilitation activity.

Monday, 30 September 2019

Tweet Of The Month

September was a bumper harvest indeed!

Post Title Of The Month

Fahrenheit211's take on the Trudeau faux-pas:


Reigning champion Tim rallies, but doesn't quite get it over the net:

Quote Of The Month

DumbJon rips into the modern 'Conservatives':
As bad as the Supreme Court's Screw Brexit decision is - pretty bad considering it appears to be based on the well known legal doctrine of 'because we say so' - it's almost as bad listening to Professional Conservatives claiming to be shocked, shocked, to find that the courts are a lawless, politicised mess. Yes, indeed, who could have seen that coming?
Just a thought, but if you keep demonstrating a proven inability to predict outbreaks of heavy drinking on December 31st, you might want to rethink your claim to be super smart. As it is, real conservatives have spent years calling the shot and the pocket, while the genius set have called them crazed conspiracy nuts. Now Brenda Hale has done the legal equivalent of gobbling down a live mouse on TV while addressing the public as 'you warm bloods' then ripping the flesh off her face to reveal the scales underneath, I think we may have to look again at what definition of genius we're using here.

Post Of The Month

Longrider on St Greta and the impossible demands of children...

And Yet She Could Afford The Air Fare...

Non-British patients who do not have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) are charged for the care they receive in this country because they are not contributing to the UK through tax.
Yes. And...?
But for some, like Nigerian grandmother Grace Umoru, the price of this care can be a huge and unexpected burden.
No doubt. But what's her story?
Mrs Umoru came to Bolton in June to see her son-in-law Jamal Ohiobugie and her granddaughter after being treated by doctors in her home of Edo State for a recurring wound to her leg.
However, once arriving in the UK, Mr Ohiobugie realised that his mother’s injury was much worse than previously thought and she was rushed to the Royal Bolton Hospital for urgent treatment.
Doctors were able to save the limb and the 59-year-old is now recovering but the family have received a bill for £3,500 which they cannot afford.
However, for Mr Ohiobugie and his family, there is no question of not paying this bill despite their fincanicl (sic) troubles.
No question, haters! This family doesn't live off the generosity of others!
He has now turned to campaigning site GoFundMe in the hope that charitable individuals will donate to help with his mother’s cause.
*rolls eyes*

H/T: BannedCow via Twitter

Saturday, 28 September 2019

Perhaps It's Time They Were..?

Whew! That makes everything OK, then. Just ignore the fact a woman was savaged to death in her own house by her own 'pets' who even the authorities struggled to contain at the scene...
Mum-of-three Elayne Stanley, 44, died after being attacked by two American Bulldogs at the house in Graham Road, Widnes, Cheshire, on Tuesday evening.
One dog was shot at the scene and, on Friday, police confirmed the second dog had also been destroyed.
Why were both not shot then and there on the scene? Why even attempt to tranquilise the other?
Inquiries are ongoing into the woman's death but no arrests have been made, police have said. Ms Stanley's family are currently being supported by specialist officers.
If a woman chooses to keep two large, potentially-killer dogs, and the inevitable happens, why should we lavish State care on her relatives? Will it continue after the inevitable #chavshrine send off?

And why have no arrests been made?
Now, Paul Leigh, Elayne's former partner, who used to own the dogs, said they had never been aggressive in his experience with them."
Ah. That's handy, isn't it? Otherwise, if you admitted ownership, you might be getting your collar felt. 


All Britain's 11million cats would have to be microchipped under Government plans.
The modern Tory Party will safeguard your pussy, citizen! Whether you like it or not...

Now, don't get me wrong, I have three indoor-only cats and one occasionally-outdoor cat, and they are all chipped. Because why not? It provides peace of mind.

But to enforce it on everyone? Madness! Nor is it the only whacky bunny-hugger idea: 
The plan is one of a range of animal welfare measures to be put forward at the Conservative Party conference today.
A ban on keeping monkeys as pets and stopping live exports of farm animals for slaughter are also on the cards.
Hunters will be banned from importing endangered animals shot overseas – a measure promoted by Boris Johnson's girlfriend, Carrie Symonds.
See, the modern Tory Party will even safeguard dead animals! How about that!
David Bowles of the RSPCA said mandatory microchipping was a positive step, even if enforcement could be difficult.
Horses should be all microchipped and tattooed - why not start with them, before moving on to cats. Is it because you know damned well where all the unchipped ones are?

But you'll be turning up mob-handed at 89 year old Mrs Smith's door to make sure her little tabby complies with government regulations, I'll bet...

At this stage, as DumbJon nevers tires of pointing out, just what makes this Conservative Party in any way, shape or form conservative..?

Friday, 27 September 2019

No, Judge, That's Not What You Should Be Concerned With...

A judge told a man "you are going to get yourself killed" after hearing how he drove dangerously through Huthwaite.
...you should be concerned with the innocent people that might be hurt or killed by this menace.
Judge Sally Hancox addressed Jack Askew as she sentenced him for dangerous driving, driving whilst disqualified, having no insurance, failing to stop and handling stolen goods.
She told him: "The reality of this case is, yet again, you are behind the wheel of a car when you shouldn't be and you are driving like an idiot".
So you've done your duty and made the streets safe from this menace, yes?
She gave him a total of 21 months in prison, suspended for two years, and a two-year driving ban.
He must attend a "thinking skills programme" and complete 20 rehabilitation activity days.

No, They Never Have, Have They?

The child needed five stitches in A&E after the bloodshed at Stockwood Nature Reserve, southeast Bristol.
After the attack, Rosie shouted at the owner: "Put your dog on a lead."
He reportedly replied: "He's never done anything like this before."
Ugh. That old chestnut.
But nevertheless, police are investigating the mauling.

Thursday, 26 September 2019

'Let The State Look After You' Pt12875639

The 61-year-old man, known in the report only as SU, was largely bedbound and paralysed down his left side and required 24-hour care. He died at his home in New Malden in October 2016.
A review into the incident last year found that there was an “inadequate” response by the agencies involved in SU’s care, particularly around fire safety advice.
How so...?
The London Fire Brigade confirmed in the report that SU was at risk of fire because he could not rescue himself and liked to smoke hand-rolled cigarettes and cannabis in bed.
So...where did he get the cannabis? And why did no-one report it to the police?
His carers also used a paraffin-based product on his skin.
The review said that while an NHS report from 2007 warned about a fire hazard with paraffin-based skin products on dressings and clothing, none of the agencies involved in SU’s care were aware of this at the time of the incident.
The report concluded that “while it was SU’s choice to smoke in bed, there should have been an awareness of this risk across agencies.
“Clear information on the risk he was taking should have been relayed to and discussed with him and incorporated in assessment, care and treatment planning. The Adult Social Care and Caremark care plans did not refer to a smoking risk or the need for supervision whilst smoking in bed.
The Mental Health Recovery Support Team records do not refer to a fire risk in the household and the GP surgery had not recognised a fire risk.”
All those expensive 'professionals' and no-one with the common sense of an earthworm...

"And The Oscar For Best Performance Goes To...."

Mr Becker said Gelling regretted the crass comments made in the police interview about not caring for Mr Marginov's welfare.
He said: "The defendant is extremely remorseful. He regrets and is ashamed of the comments he made to the police and was distressed when he learned the life support machine had been switched off."
Yes, of course he is. That's why he had to be handcuffed to a security guard after attempting to escape the court.
After pleading guilty to the crime, Gelling was jailed for six years, with an extended four years on licence.
This type of sentence means he will serve a minimum of two thirds of the prison term - four years - behind bars, before a parole board will consider whether it is safe to release him.
What are the odds..?

H/T: Chris Hobbs via Twitter

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

It's The Perfect Excuse!

Bus Stop, a Barbadian restaurant in North Road, Brighton, has closed its doors and called in the liquidators after suffering months of uncertainty as the country prepares to leave the EU.
Owners Danny O’Shea and Dominique Osoria said customers became wary of spending money on nights out with the looming split fuelling ongoing questions over the country’s financial stability.
Funny, looking around I can see plenty of restaurants still in business. Why aren't they similarly affected?

Were these owners people with a solid business plan and a good knowledge of the market?
Dominique and Danny ran restaurants in Barbados for more than 20 years before starting Bus Stop in Brighton.
Ah. Well, Brighton isn't quite Barbados yet.
They said Brighton and Hove businesses faced a number of challenges including high rents and rates, combined with high parking and train prices deterring customers from making the journey into the city.
All things that have been around a hell of a lot longer than Brexit. And so could have been factored in.
“The city council is always talking about how great it is to have all these independent businesses but when you work in the Lanes and North Laine and see how many are regularly changing hands it shows just how hard it is.
“The council wants these businesses but they need to do more to help them.
Deliveroo is also having a big impact. They are great for the big chains, but for small businesses it makes it almost impossible to compete.
“We invested a lot into the business and have ended up having to go into liquidation.
“There wasn’t an easy way out.”
Some might say you're just looking to find an excuse...

But You'll Face It For What You Really Did....

An outspoken vegan activist says she should not have faced arrest for protesting against “fascism and animal exploitation”.
So, was that why she was arrested? Because protesting isn't a crime...
Dylan Roffey, 24, was convicted of criminal damage after smearing fake blood during a protest at McDonald’s in London Road, Brighton.
Two weeks earlier, she was found guilty of confronting a woman at Brighton railway station and spitting in the woman’s face in a row over a fur coat.
Ah. Those are. As she found out.
She was found guilty of assault, and then guilty of criminal damage by District Judge Amanda Kelly.
...Roffey has been sentenced to 210 hours of unpaid community service. She must also pay a total of £750 court costs, £200 in compensation, and £170 for victim surcharges.
Out of her well-paying job as....errr....hmmm....

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Perhaps We Should Replace The Expression 'Putting A Fox In Charge Of A Henhouse'...

...with 'Putting a Nigerian in charge of an expense account':
Details from a Freedom of Information by FE Week request show her extensive spending over the course of four years included two days in London, during which time she spent almost £1,100.
That included a stay at the £280-a-night Hilton Hotel in Bloomsbury, paying an extra £33.25 for room service at the four-star venue, and a night at the five-star Conrad St James hotel in Westminster at a cost of £369 for the room and £16 for an 'accommodation supplement'.
Using the credit card with a £20,000 limit, she also splashed out on a lavish meal at Michelin-starred restaurant Quilon, where the night ended with a £356 bill at 11.22pm, which included £111 drinks.
This despite her warning that the 2019/20 budget would be the 'hardest for many years', because 'There was a very limited safety net if cash ran out.'

Perhaps that should have been 'when the cash ran out'!
Receipts, released following the FoI request by FE Week, revealed Ms Mbubaegbu also spent £434.86 on Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H8 headphones and £302 on books including one about financial management.
Well, at least she has a sense of humour, then!
...the college has been forced to axe its A-Level department, with 20 jobs lost as it focused on practical courses such as bricklaying.
It is also embroiled in legal battle with the Nigerian state after it sunk £1.4million into an education project, during her tenure, which did not work out.
I know, I'm shocked too!

'We Must Have Diversity In The Police Force...'

'Nuff said.

Monday, 23 September 2019

You Must Know Who Has A Shotgun License In The Area....

An officer from Derbyshire police said Dom's brother had described the man as being in his late teens or early 20s. He wore a fleece.
The force is appealing for witnesses to come forward.
I mean, isn't this the sort of thing you hold those details for? So you can immediately remove the guns from the hands of morons who shouldn't own them?

Need Any More Proof Of The MSM Bias..?

So, on Friday on my way into work, this was the 'Metro' headline and editorial spin on citizens doing the job the authorities are woefully mishandling:

 And on Sunday, this was their spin on the RNLI story:

No, I don't think we need any more proof at all.

Saturday, 21 September 2019

Failing Upwards Again...

A police chief found guilty of ‘bullying’ colleagues has been appointed head of professional standards at Scotland Yard – and will oversee the release of the Nick report into the public domain.
Surely not?
Despite being found guilty of three counts of misconduct last year, Mr Horne was controversially allowed to keep his job and has now rejoined the Met, his former force, as Deputy Assistant Commissioner (DAC) for ‘Professionalism’.
Well, if the Commissioner of the Met can get away with ordering an innocent man shot to death on a packed Tube train, I guess, why not..?

Enough's Enough....

Liam and Michael McLoughlin knew the female American Bulldog had previously attacked another child.
Michael was hit with a dog control order earlier this year and warned how to manage the two-year-old, called Lola.
But she struck again when a girl knocked on the door of their home in Stoneridge Court, Beechwood, Wirral on May 5.
If the police had dealt with this properly the first time, there's wouldn't have been a next time. But it's a very familiar story.

At least this time, the second - totally unnecessary - victim isn't dead, just scarred for life...
The girl is now "incredibly fearful of dogs" and her family described the ordeal as very upsetting.
They later learned the McLoughlins contacted police that day and contributed to a fee to have Lola put down.
'Contributed to'..? FFS! Who paid the rest? I bet I know...

The mutt should have been despatched by firearms officers then and there at the house.
Michael admitted failing to have Lola insured - one of the requirements of the order - for financial reasons.
And because no-one ever checks that court conditions are adhered to. Because they simply mark it 'job done' once the conditions are passed, and then move on to the next criminal chav case...
Michael has four convictions for 12 offences, all related to drug and driving matters. Liam has seven convictions for 13 offences, including assault and alcohol-linked offences.
Of course they do. These types always do. And they always have a hired mouthpiece to sing their sob stories for the judge...
Ms Griffin said Liam had a job and a flat of his own, but would lose both if he was jailed. She said Michael had three children and was "extremely concerned" about the impact of him being jail upon them.
Ms Griffin said Michael suffered from gastric issues and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. She said he had been let go from two jobs because of his health issues and was on benefits.
Ms Griffin said neither of the brothers intended to keep dogs ever again.
Strapped for cash, ill, 'unable to work' yet able to keep and feed large powerful dogs. And neither of them looks like they've missed any meals themselves...
Judge Robert Warnock said the consequences of their actions were "graphically" illustrated.
The judge said: "It must have been a terrifying experience for that girl.
"It came about in my view because of the respective irresponsibility of each of you and selfish disregard to the control order and the obvious dangerous nature of that dog."
So it's bang to rights, straight to jail?
He said if they had been convicted after a trial he would have jailed them, but their guilty pleas, remorse and behaviour since made it possible for him to spare them prison.
Judge Warnock gave them 16 months in jail, suspended for two years, a 15-day Rehabilitation Activity Requirement and 200 hours of unpaid work.
He banned the brothers from owning a dog for life and told them each to pay £500 in compensation to their victim.
What the hell was the point of the police whining and pleading and excusing their lack of action on these menaces because the Dangerous Dogs Act didn't give them enough powers?

It was amended, to give them more powers. Yet they still aren't using them.

At what point do we admit the problem isn't with chavs and their mutts, but with the authorities who prove unable to protect us?

Friday, 20 September 2019

And A Greedy PR Manager Bagged Himself A Free Advert...

A greedy seagull bagged itself a free meal after spying an unattended pile of breakfast food outside a cafe.
The scavenger seized the opportunity with both wings, jumping onto an outdoor table and guzzling down the remains of the unfinished meal.
'Bird eats unattended food' is now a headline? Really? Have local newspapers sunk so low?

Well....not quite!
This follows revelations from Irish bookmakers Paddy Power that Brighton and Worthing are some of the favourite places to announce a seagull cull.
Odds on the cull have tumbled recently with Brighton sitting as fourth favourites at 10/1 while Worthing are deemed the second most likely to introduce it with odds of 8/1.
The betting company’s owner, Paddy Power, said: “There are a lot of things in the news to be frightened of at the moment – from Trump offering to fire nukes at hurricanes, to seagulls taking over Britain.
“We believe it’s a matter of time until towns announce that they are having a seagull cull of their own – though our odds of nationwide cuts have fallen yet again.”
Nicely played, PR wonk, nicely played...

Normal For Eastwood

And always will be, so long as idiots like this are tolerated:
Councillor Paul Collins added: “Moving forward we need to try and understand why these people feel they need to carry a knife, and then eliminate that. That’s half the problem.”
What do Essex Police Farce say?
“We searched the area but were unable to find the people described. Enquiries are ongoing.”
Sounds about right.

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Fine, I Sentence Her To Live Next Door To You For Two Years...

Gerard Kinch, mitigating for Ms Lester, said: "I accept yes this was annoying but I do not see this so bad that it warrants a custodial sentence.
"I don't set out to minimise the behaviour but I would not say it was the worst behaviour of its kind.
"Ms Lester has a problem with alcohol. Fearing the prospect of losing her flat prompted her to consume too much alcohol."
The usual excuses. The usual bluster and empty threat from the magistrate:
Magistrate Timothy Harrison said: "These are persistent and wilful breaches of court orders.
"On 9 January, you were given a order by this court. And yet on the 15 January you were again creating a disturbance.
"The order would have been very fresh and you would have been warned.
"For each of the breaches, this does pass the custody threshold."
Great! So, she's going inside?
Lester was handed a six months prison sentence, suspended for 12 months.
Mr Harrison added: "Let me be clear. If you create a disturbance and are brought back to court, the prison sentence will be activated and you will go inside."
Well, what's the likelihood of th..

Lester, wearing a black and white printed top and a mid-length mini skirt, yelled "But I am not a violent person!" as she received her sentence.
Does that not count as 'a disturbance'? Apparently not.

But why should Timothy worry, since he probably isn't her neighbour?

Those Wheels Of Justice Have Ground...To A Halt

Natalie Lorimer assaulted the woman, who The Argus has chosen not to name, in Brighton. The attack inflicted actual bodily harm.
At Brighton Magistrates’ Court Lorimer was found guilty in her absence of the attack.
Magistrate Chris Bell was told the attack happened in March 2017.
 Two years...?
He imposed an 18-week suspended sentence on Lorimer, of South Coast Road, Peacehaven.
Well, what's the point of that, when she's not even present in court?

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

These 'Freak Accidents' Seem To Happen A Lot...

...and always to the same type of person. How queer!
Mrs Roy - who owns ELEVEN dogs - revealed that Mika has since been put down.
She said: "What needed to be done has been done and I can't do anything more.
"No amount of apology is going to bring that dog back.
"It's just a freak accident and there's nothing anyone can do about it, or will do about it, because it's nature."
For someone who claims to revere nature, she hasn't half spent a lot of money on not looking as nature intended...
Eleven dogs and a fortune on tattoos - she must have a very well-paying job, eh?

What are the people charged with protecting the public against morons like these doing?
Hampshire Constabulary confirmed a ‘number of enquiries’ were made at the time of the attack involving Dior on August 3.
A Portsmouth City Council spokeswoman added: "There was a joint visit to [Ms Roy's] property by the police, kennels staff and RSPCA where all the dogs were assessed and checked for microchips and work to resolve the situation is ongoing."
Ah. I think that's code for 'sod all'.

But You've Never Actually Worked....

Sonny Green announced he would stand as the Labour candidate for Southend Council’s Prittlewell ward in May and hopes his working-class background can make politics more accessible.
So he has a working class job? Is he a dustman, coal miner, builder..?
It comes as critics have hit out at offensive tweets the rapper posted on social media.
Speaking with the Echo Sonny, who has since apologised, said his background is what will make him the ideal candidate.
He said: “I’ve always been politically inclined, even in my music. I am passionate about injustice and when things go wrong, it’s important to find out why.
“I joined Labour because their policies about investing in the NHS and social housing are inline with what’s important to me.”
Not to mention the dole, for when rapping no longer brings in the cash (if it ever did).

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

I Thought It Was An Offence To Lie To The Court..?

Oh, I forgot. It's OK when it's on your job description.
Brophy's defence lawyer, Michael Balmer, described the attack an 'unforeseeable offence.'
He told the court: "Genuine remorse has been evidenced by this defendant.
“Mr Brophy is a man of good character and he is in employment as an engineer and is studying to progress further in his career.
“He comes across as a genuine, hard working and likeable man who has found himself in a very difficult position.”
Which is why he immediately had the dog put to sleep, and compensated the injured woman in full?

Oh. Right.
The dog, which Brophy claimed had 'escaped' through a garden fence following the attack, has never been found.
*rolls eyes*
Greater Manchester Police said they did not have the powers under the Dangerous Dogs Act to force entry without a court order.
And they didn't think to get one?
Brophy was slapped with a community order and 120 hours of unpaid work, after admitting being the owner of a dog dangerously out of control.
He was also ordered to pay £2,000 compensation to Miss Cringle at a rate of £100 a month.
FFS! Yes, she was an idiot to put her hand in the letterbox. But the actions of the owner immediately afterwards show he's not a fit person to own a dog.

Isn't This The Wrong Way Round?

A dealer who targeted communities (Ed: no, just junkies...) in Southend will be deported after serving jail time for selling Class A drugs.
Aurel Elmazi tried to convince police officers he was a victim of modern slavery and was being exploited when he was caught with 58 wraps of drugs.
Heh! An excuse so daft even Judge Samantha Leigh wouldn't buy it...
The courts ordered the drugs to be destroyed and that Elmazi be deported to Albania once he serves his sentence.
Wouldn't it have been better to destroy Elmazi, and send the drugs to Albania?

Monday, 16 September 2019

Let's Make Them Live With Their Decisions, Not The Public....

Danny Lee cut Yasiira Senyonjo in the neck, causing blood to gush over his clothes in East Street, Brighton. Lee was on the run after failing to comply with the terms of his release from prison. He was previously convicted of knifing a man on the bus and threatening his own mother with a blade. The 31-year-old had been deemed safe to return into the public, so long as he took his medication.
But he did not...
Gosh! How unprecedented!
At Brighton Crown Court, Lee was sent back to prison for four more years.
Or half that, if he can persuade another bored State employee that he's all better now.
Lee was wanted on recall to prison at the time of the attack, having previously been sentenced to six years for inflicting grievous bodily harm in 2013.
He was put under stricter controls because of his “dangerousness” to the public.
Those 'stricter controls' did a bang up job, didn't they?
Jeffrey Lamb, defending, said Lee is described as a pleasant man, as long as he is taking his medication. He wants to move to Dublin in Ireland to resume a relationship, so Mr Lamb asked the judge not to make the sentence too long.
Because Border Control will make sure he doesn't come back, right?

Well said. It's a joke.

It's OK, I'm Sure Muggers Can't Read...

Oh. Wait...
C2C has decided to increase the number of guards at Southend Central but Southend East and Thorpe Bay stations will be among those who will lose permanent cover and be served by a mobile unit instead.
C2C will still have the same number of guards but with a greater presence at the biggest station.

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Fill In The Blank...

Is it 'funding'? Is it 'discipline'?

Well, look who is writing the column for a clue.
...school means choices, and there are competing ideas about what school is for. The position firmly in place now in England, thanks largely to the influence of Michael Gove during his time as education secretary, is that our schools should focus their attention on producing units of sellable labour power (school leavers), and these units should be seen as being more or less able to compete in what ministers call the global labour market; there is an agreed amount of knowledge that needs to be transferred from teachers to pupils so that they can become these competitive units.
Yes, yes, it's all about producing obedient drones for the communist mach... excuse me, for the capitalist machine, isn't it?

Well, what would you have them learn instead..?
I might soon arrive at a school and do a poetry workshop with some younger teenagers. It could well go like this. They make it clear that they don’t like poetry. I tell them poetry comes in hundreds of different shapes, sizes, rhythms and moods; one way we can make poems is in a group and without writing anything down. For example, the people who are in charge of us in life have ways of showing they are fed up with us, angry with us, or through which they try to control us; punish us, even. What do such people say? I suggest they go into pairs and say these kinds of things to each other – in role, as parents, teachers, carers. We select the best lines. Then I say, can we create this into a scene? They suggest that all the lines should be said to just one of them sitting in a chair; the rest stand in a semicircle around him, and as they each say their line they point at the boy in the chair and then step back, while the semicircle repeats a chosen chorus.
We have made a snapshot of one aspect of their lives. It has rhythm, structure, solo and chorus, movement and mimesis. Later they can perform it for others, write a transcript of it and “publish” it on a school blog. We can talk about what we have made: what worked? Was it like any other poems or plays? This is the arts in action.
If so, you can keep it, Michael.

Because what you're doing is not 'art'. What you are doing is focussing young minds on their grievances, with no thought given to why these parents, teachers and carers are saying what they are saying to these children.

But then, how else can you ensure a steady stream of future Labour voters?

I Don't Think The Code Duello Applies In This Case, Amjad...

A man shot a knife-wielding boy at close range without warning following a chase on a Tube, a court has heard.
How rude!
Bienvenu Vangu allegedly shot the teenager, who is from Newham but cannot be named for legal reasons, as the Hammersmith and City line train was arriving at Barking station on February 20.
Ah, such vibrant diversity! I wonder again just why it is Billy Bragg won't live here?
Amjad Malik QC, prosecuting, said: "Mr Vangu chose not to pull the emergency alarm. He wasn't going to use that gun to threaten him.
"He wasn't going to say to him, 'Stay back or I'll shoot you'.
He didn't even shoot in the air to give him warning not to come any closer.
"He didn't even shoot him in his arm or leg to disable him to stop him. He was going to shoot him so he would not miss, in the most vulnerable part of his body.
"[Mr Vangu] used a gun he was carrying to shoot deliberately, at close range, in order to kill."
Well, so would I, if my partner in crime turned on me with a knife...
In eyewitness statements, one woman described the boy as "almost stalking or hunting" the man through the carriages.
Are we not enriched..?

Friday, 13 September 2019

It's Always Fun When The 'Guardian' Goes Walkabout...

...and meets with the sort of people they despise:
Talk of coups and warnings about threats to democracy were given short shrift by high-street shoppers enjoying the midday sun in the Thames estuary town of Grays on Thursday.
“It’s fearmongering. I’ll tell you what’s undemocratic: not finally delivering on what the people voted for back in 2016,” said Maureen Fowler as she paused from a shoe shopping expedition in the largest town in the Essex district of Thurrock, where 72% of voters backed leave in the EU referendum.
Heh! Our intrepid explorer forges on, questioning people who are trying to make a living:
Selling toy bubble-blowing guns (“£4.99 and it comes with two bottles of mixture”) from a stall halfway along the high street, Zoe Scarrott shrugged her shoulders and shook her head when asked if she shared the concerns of others elsewhere that the prorogation of parliament might be profoundly undemocratic.
“I think that they, the MPs, need to deliver what the people voted for and if he [Boris Johnson] thinks that he can do it this way then people are not really going to care,” she said.
Ouch! Not going well so far, eh?

Ah, well. There's always the 'Look, they are racists!' subtext to fall back on:
Like the others, the restoration of lost sovereignty was a priority but there was also a personal motivation, as she saw it, for wanting to see Brexit realised.
“My little boy is six and is extremely bright but he’s being held back because the school he goes to is one where there has been a massive influx of Romanians, Poles and other people, and the teacher’s time is being taken up with teaching their children how to speak English in the first place,” said Scarrott, who noted that most of her customers spoke in accents that appeared to be from overseas.
And with that, our guide to the wilds scurries back to the safety of Islington, where the nannies and gardeners and doulas have learned to hide their accents.

If At First You Don't Succeed...

...try, try again!
Her case comes six months after Britain's first transgender hate crime prosecution was halted by a judge who declared: 'There is no case and never was a case.'
Miranda Yardley, 51, said she was put through ten months of hell after being accused of harassing a transgender activist on Twitter.
But District Judge John Woollard dismissed the case after a one-day hearing at Basildon Magistrates' Court in Essex, saying there was no evidence of a crime.
What's the evidence this time then?
Mrs Scottow, 38, will face magistrates on charges of making malicious communications over social media comments about trans campaigner Stephanie Hayden (Ed: yeah, that one...).
The Crown Prosecution Service said she had been charged over 'persistent' messages designed to cause 'annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety' to another person between September 2018 and May 2019.
She is due to appear at Stevenage Magistrates' Court on September 18.
Let's see if whoever gets this case is also disinclined to use the bully pulpit of the law to resolve an online spat between single-issue nutters, like his honour was...