Monday 31 July 2017

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We have a tie this month. First up, Natalie Solent at 'Samizdata' on everyone's favorite goofball ecofreak:

While we also have toxophily with Leg-Iron

Quote Of The Month

Tom Paine on 'mission creep' in the field of law-making:
"Reading my last copy of the IBA's journal I realised another reason why I was content to let go. The tone of the articles has changed. Lawyers are always in danger of going to the dark side because, good or bad, new laws tend to make them richer. Arguably the worse the laws the more work they generate. Only noble traditions passed on at an individual's age of peak naivety in Law School helped most of us understand that law is at its very best only a (sometimes) necessary evil and that every problem solved even by the best law introduces several new ones.
The capture of academia by Cultural Marxists / post modernism has killed that protection. Every article introducing a new law now seems to bemoan that it did not go further."

Post Of The Month

Batsby on today's ever-present diversity agenda...

Dog Walkers Should Go Armed...

...and not necessarily to use on just the aggressive dog, either:
She added: "People do say once a dog gets a taste of blood it triggers something inside, so it scares me that this owner is still walking his dog in public.
Every dog has a mouth and it is quite a vicious weapon."
She continued: "I was screaming – the only thing the man did was put his hand on his forehead, not a word came out of his mouth.
Elizabeth said Chopper could not be saved and she took him to the vets to be put down.
Perhaps if the owners of these four-legged weapons felt physically at risk themselves, it might go some way to alleviating the problem...
She believed the dog that attacked Chopper should be put down.
"I don't think that man should be allowed to keep a pet," she said.
She also said she has passed on the name of the pet owner to the police after having tracked him down on Facebook.
Might as well whistle in the dark as expect the police to do anything, love.

Sunday 30 July 2017

I Wonder If Emily Wished She Hadn't Gone To Journalism School When She Got This One?

Boy, is this one going to be hard to excuse. But his brief is game!
Ed Fish, defending McTighe, of Bristol Road, Brighton, said that “one thing had simply led to another”.
He said the former carpenter had been suffering from an undiagnosed medical condition causing pins and needles and numbness in his limbs.
He added: “He went shopping with his wife in Asda.
“She went into the shop and he was in the car looking after the dog.
“While there his leg went numb.
“He’s tried to get the circulation back in his leg and it moved on to something else.”
As you do....
Mr Fish said that McTighe had struggled to work because of his health problems and now worked in music production.
He told the court his main income was from tax credits.
So he's a taxpayer-funded wanker...

The comments, as you might expect, are comedy gold!


Why Do I Love Twitter..?

...well, because the opportunity it affords to prick the bubble of SJWs is just too good to pass up!

Sunday Funnies...

Human ingenuity seems at its best in wartime...

Saturday 29 July 2017

Tell It Like It Is...

...but only when you can't be disciplined for saying it:
A former senior Metropolitan Police officer has called for stronger measures to be used against criminals who operate on mopeds, even if it results in their deaths.

But wait! 'Former'..?
Referring to a daylight knife attack using a moped he witnessed on Friday, Mr Videcette told The Independent: “I don’t care how many of them fall off and kill themselves because they’re not wearing a crash helmet. We cannot allow them to behave like this in the capital city.”
He added: “No police officer wants anyone to die. But you should stop when the police indicate you do so. If you continue on, after that point, whatever happens is down to you, not the police.”
“If the choice is these [pursued] criminals falling off and killing themselves, that the choice we’re going to have to make.”
'We'..? You left, remember? That's the only reason you feel free to say this!

Otherwise you'd be toeing the ACPO official line like the rest of your 'brothers in blue'.
But the IPCC rejected accusations of overzealousness, saying guidelines for pursuits were set by the police themselves.
‘Tactical contacts’ – in which rogue riders are knocked off their scooters at lower speeds – are allowed with authorisation.
Whether the top brass ever authorise it is another matter entirely! We've seen how they pussyfoot and prevaricate and fret when 'da comoonity' is involved.
Mr Videcette argued the spate of moped crime was a culmination of criminality which had increased since the death of Henry Hicks, 18, who died after losing control of his scooter during a 2014 chase in north London.
Four officers face a misconduct hearing in October. The death of Mr Hicks – who was in possession of drugs and cash – was described by Mr Videcette as a “watershed moment” in the way police officers who pursued suspects on vehicles were treated.
Anyone who watched the series 'The Met: Policing London' will remember we were treated to a glimpse of the folk who bred Hicks and how they react to any sign of police trying to enforce the law...

And when the police respond to such open displays of contempt and violence by going 'softly softly' and hands off, and trotting out hackneyed phrases about 'understanding the community's anger', they will continue to act like this. Because there are no consequences any more.

The UK Police Farce: Twitter Is Their Krypotonite!

Bedfordshire Police:"How many levels of Common Purpose toadying r u on?" 
Wiltshire Police: "About 5 or 6 my dude..." 
Bedfordshire Police:"You are like little baby.. watch this!"

You really couldn't make it up, could you? To quote Tim Newman, who sums it up far better than I could:
"If you talk to policemen on Twitter, their first line of defence is to say you don’t understand how things work, and ten of them pile in to say that the police don’t make the laws, they only enforce them. Their assumption is that you don’t know this. The point they miss is that much of the public don’t blame the police for enforcing shitty laws, but they detest the way they go about it with such obvious glee and pomposity. If the police adopted an attitude of “Sorry mate, but we have to do this…new laws, y’see” the public might think better of them. But they don’t, they fall over themselves to enforce these appalling laws – and boast about their powers online.
The second line of defence for policemen is to make you out as some sort of crank, way out of tune with the general public. They’ll all reiterate how much the public values them as per the latest polls, and most will talk about what a great job their colleagues are doing. Policemen seem to think their poor public image can be rectified by having policemen praise each other online. Others will say things like “the emergency services do a great job”, hoping the genuine appreciation people have for firemen and paramedics will rub off on hapless Plod. Eventually they’ll dismiss you as being a paranoid outlier and block you. One even said he was glad he was able to protect the public from “people like me”, as if this engineer with a blogging hobby was a danger to anyone. Seemingly not appreciating the police and showing signs of defiance makes you a threat in the eyes of Plod."
If you ask 'the British public' what they want from the police, I very much doubt they'll say 'We want you to crack down of right-wing people being mean on the Internet'. They are most likely to say 'We want to you keep my property and person safe'.

If they can do that, the average person won't much care what else they get up to...

And we've just been treated to a display of how well they do that:

They retreat and leave the streets in the hands of rioters. Just like they did in the London riots.

If it's a middle aged blogger or a spotty teenager 'harassing' someone via Facebook, they are all over it like a rash. But if it's seriously dangerous, then it's 'Ooooh, don't fancy that much!'.

The public are left to get on with it as best they can. Some, to their credit, do:

But where were the police, if this street filth had managed to open the driver's doors and drag him out? Cowering in their cars in case they 'inflamed the situation'?

Or waiting until one of da yoot got hurt so they could arrest him for dangerous driving?

With my cynical hat on, I might say that this utter lack of response is so they can squeal for 'more resources' from the government so many of them despise. And sure enough...

It's NOT about numbers. It's about will and resolve.

Hands up who thinks the crippled British police still possess that, when faced with real threats, and not just people writing things they don't agree with..?

Friday 28 July 2017

Might As Well Command The Sea To Turn Back, Love...

Fears pupils are skipping lunches and obsessively counting calories have forced one leading girls' school to ban Fitbit watches.
The popular health monitor and watch tracks users' steps and calories burnt, urging people to do at least 10,000 steps a day.
But Stroud High School in Gloucestershire has become increasingly concerned about the trendy gadget's impact on students' mental health , which they say has left girls skipping lunches.
And if that doesn't work, what else do you have in mind? Forcefeeding?
Deputy headteacher, Cindi Pride, said: "There have been many reports about how excessive use of social media can have a negative impact on mental health, particularly for girls.
"And the situation is getting worse. It can have a real impact on self-esteem with people comparing themselves to others.
"We are also banning FitBits and smartwatches.
"These monitor the number of calories burned and we found that some girls would monitor the number of steps they had taken and the number of calories they had used.
"If they didn't feel they had taken enough steps in the morning they wouldn't eat lunch."
That's up to them. If they are that stupidly self-obsessed (and let's face it, what teenage girl isn't at that age?) then so what if they skip lunch?

The percentage of girls who develop a serious mental disorder like anorexia is minuscule, despite the shrieking of the progressive press. What's really worrying you, the prospect of being sued?
She added: "We don't need our girls to be counting calories.
"They are young women who are fit and healthy and they do exercise and PE and do not need to be obsessed with steps of calories."
If they are fit & healthy, why are you worrying unnecessarily? It's a teenage fad. They'll grow out of it.

He Shouldn't Be Allowed To Own A Butter Knife...

...never mind a chavdog:
Prosecutors said Walsh had been before the courts for 115 previous offences, including assault, attempted robbery and drugs offences.
Ms Ferrier said he had previously encouraged his dog Otto to bite a victim during an affray.
Depressingly familiar story...
Kevin Seal, defending, said his client had kept dogs all his life and had Otto since he was a puppy. The defendant told police Cassie was not on a lead and stated that both dogs were involved in the fighting.
Walsh stated he had three children, including a newborn baby, and Otto had never bitten a child.
No doubt while muttering under his voice '...yet'.
Recorder Paul Hopkins QC said the court would have to make a destruction order, unless it was satisfied that the dog did not present a danger to public safety.
Mr Seal argued Otto was a much-loved family pet and asked the court to consider other measures.
The judge warned the defendant he was likely to order the dog to be put down, but said he would keep an open mind.
He adjourned the case for Otto to be fully assessed in terms of temperament and obedience.

Let me guess the results; 'Poor temperament and completely disobedient. Like its owner.'
Walsh was granted bail until the next hearing on August 19.
Absolutely pathetic excuse for a 'justice' system.

Thursday 27 July 2017

Oh, If Only There's Been Some Warning Signs...

Her brother, Rick, described the 27-year-old as a 'dedicated mum'.
'I have warned her about this man.'
'Everything I have heard about him isn't good.'
Well, it's a woman's prerogative to choose her beau, no matter whether her family approves.
'Her children are her world. She works part-time at Asda but everything is about her kids.'
Yes, everything. Except maybe keeping them safe from the man she chooses to embark on an affair with, that is:

Looks like a nice boy!
'The police have got a lot of questions to answer over this.'
Wait, what..?

Who does...?

How Do They Tell It Apart From The Smell Of Canvey?

The Echo has previously told how a build up of blue green algae in Smallgains Lake, Canvey, has killed more than 100 fish.
Residents have now spoken out about the distinctive smell coming from the lake - which has been compared to a rotting bin.
Canvey Independent Party councillor, Peter Greig, believes the problem is heightened by pipes around the lake - which appear to be emptying their contents into the water.
The whole place reeks. Time for another flood?

Wednesday 26 July 2017

They Don't Sound 'Brilliant' To Me...

Kids Kingdom, in Garon Park, off Eastern Avenue, Southend, is currently holding a week of free events for children who have got 100 per cent attendance at local schools. An altercation between a group of passing youths and parents broke out on Tuesday night.
A man, aged in his fifties, was assaulted during the incident. Thankfully he was not injured. Eyewitnesses told how one of the gang members had a machete hidden in his trouser leg.
Which must have made walking a bit difficult....
The parent said: “We were queuing up to get in when this group of five or six youths attacked this man.
“Apparently they had sworn at him and he had asked what they were doing.
They were just out looking for a fight.
“Kids Kingdom were amazing and the police were brilliant.
“We were all bundled into the reception area and they barricaded the door.”
Why were the police 'brilliant'..? What did they do?

They certainly don't seem to have arrested anyone!
Essex Police said it was unable to confirm the ages of the youths involved. A spokesman told the Echo a weapon was being carried by the group - but was unable to confirm whether it was a machete.
What are you able to confirm? How about the identities of the attackers? But no, we'll have to go to the local news for that.


No, silly! Not the actual report, the comments, where the real picture emerges!

Essex Police's strange reluctance to act is now thrown into sharp focus.


The Left's latest martyr, and once again, reading between the lines shows you what we have here:
Speaking yesterday, the mother of his daughter Jada, 19 (Ed: not his wife, you'll note...), said: 'He was a really good guy. Obviously everyone has their ups and downs but he was never out to harm anyone. But he was a good guy.
'He was close to all his family and close to all his friends. You trust officers, and that's what they do, they take lives.'
Actually, they try to save them by preventing them from swallowing drugs.
She added that he and his mother had been shot in an attack earlier this year and he had been injured in the leg while his mum had been shot in the head.
Gosh. could happen to anyone, couldn't it?
A friend of Rashan, who came down to the scene said he has two younger sisters and a younger brother.
He said: 'This family has been through so much, and now they have lost him. It's a lot for them to go through.
He also said Rashan had been the 'victim of police harassment' with stop and search.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. The police had no reason to stop him, we are asked to believe.
Having known Rashan nearly all his life, Ms Watkis described him as 'respectful'.
'Like every young man he could be challenging but he was always respectful and showed so much respect to me,' she added.
If only he'd shown as much to the laws of the land, he'd be alive...

Tuesday 25 July 2017

The Nanny State Is Replaced By The Rentseeking State

York has featured on a “top ten” list of places in the UK where people do not drink enough water.
People in the city drink only 846ml of water a day, making it eighth worst in the country, according the the 50 Shades of Yellow Hydration study.
The what? Doesn't sound like a scientific study to me!
The research was commissioned by SodaStream and analysed by Dr Dawn Harper, who has urged people to look at the colour of their urine to check whether they are drinking enough water.
Ah! Now it all makes sense!
The study, released today, also reveals that one in seven Brits confess to not drinking any water, and 38 per cent are turning to high-sugar and less hydrating flavoured fizzy drinks.
How on earth is it 'less hydrating' because it's carbonated?

No, It's Not Impossible At All...

Last week, the high court was the scene of a small but significant victory. North East London Migrant Action (Nelma) and the Public Interest Law Unit were granted permission to seek a judicial review of the Home Office policy of deporting rough sleepers from the European Economic Area, and are now crowdfunding to finance the bid.
Is the 'Public Interest Law Unit' a bit of a misnomer? I'd venture to suggest it is...
The deportations hinge on the fact that homeless people are presumed not to be working, so in breach of treaties that allow free movement. Homelessness has more than doubled since 2010, so it stands to reason that a fair proportion of those sleeping rough will be migrants. The treatment shows a complete lack of empathy, and a rigidity that refuses to consider the complexities of human life.
Those 'complexities' being the huge demand for unskilled migrants that is supposed to exist amongst 'the public'..?
In January Teofil and Marineta, two Romanian nationals, were arrested for sleeping in a tent in Sheffield. The couple, like many in Britain, were struggling to find regular work that paid a living wage. For a while they worked in a bread factory on zero-hours contracts, before Marineta found work as a carer. But the work dries up: zero-hours contracts treat people as disposable labour, and when the woman Marineta cared for died, it became impossible to keep up with the rent. Instead, the couple were forced to sleep rough, still doing occasional shifts and selling the Big Issue when work was scarce.
Gosh, whatever would we do without 'Big Issue' sellers. Why, just imagine!
The couple plan to return to Spain where they lived for 12 years, but want to stop others experiencing the same horrific ordeal. “The Home Office don’t care whether you’re working or not,” Teofil says. “They don’t care whether people live or die, whether they have food to eat. All they care about is their power.” It’s impossible to see what is to be gained from such a policy.
No, it really isn't. In fact, it's very, very clear what's to be gained...

Monday 24 July 2017

What Is It About Sainsbury's..?

I've hung on to this one for a while, waiting for a chance to point out the sort of self-righteous little twat that tends to shop at Sainsbury's and take offence at something no-one else could care less about:

And then - thanks to Wirespy via Twitter - I was suddenly reminded about it:
An angry shopper has accused Sainsbury's of racism after he found £3.80 tins of Jamaican fruit security tagged in a south London store.
Toby Taylor, 31, said he bet the chain 'wouldn't tag hummus' and slammed it as 'corporate racism'.
Toby Taylor, a 'technology director', took umbrage at the fact that a shop might want to prevent theft of popular items and took to Twitter to announce his displeasure, as your average tattooed hipster manchild with bum-fluff covering his weak chin does these days, apparently...
A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: 'We take the decision on which products to tag on an individual store basis to protect high value or frequently stolen items.'
At least they've learned not to engage with these cretins on social media...

We Aren't Told How Many Believed A More Effective Deterrent...

The National Sheep Association's (NSA) annual questionnaire asked members to give details of attacks that their flocks have suffered over the previous year.
A fifth of farmers said they believed the most effect deterrent would be shooting canines carrying out attacks on sight.
...would be 'giving the owners the second barrel'.

Sunday 23 July 2017

Well Played, Well Played Indeed....

When Twitter is good, it's very, very good!

"Fat Cops, Fat Cops, What Ya Gonna Do..."

..."What ya gonna do, when they waddle after you..?"
Supersized uniforms with waists up to 61 inches have been ordered by the Met for overweight officers.
They have bought nine pairs of the giant trousers for officers in the past two years, three 56 inch pairs and similar-sized summer leathers for a motorbike officer.
Blimey! How heavy duty do they need to make the motorbike?
In total, 624 pairs of trousers with at least 40 inch waistbands have been bought this year, on top of 7,796 last year.
"We're the Sweeney, son, and we've had extra portions for dinner..."

Sunday Funnies...

Well, damn, why did I buy so much liquid nitrogen on Amazon Prime Day...

Saturday 22 July 2017

You Can Almost Smell The Baffled Incredulity...

The ordinance didn’t even faze Shirley Miller, an Englishwoman who moved from Essex to be with her American husband. She said her adjustment was easy for the most part.
At this point, one feels the CiF columnist hired to write the usual hoplophobic screed is scratching his or her head. Not fazed by guns? How can this be?
Coming from a small village to the east of London, Great Wakering, she finds small-town England and small-town America mostly alike, except for Nucla’s blazing, dusty summers and, of course, its bounteous guns. That aside, Nucla’s culture is not so different from small English villages, Miller said: the lack of diversity; the mix of open-mindedness and old prejudice among the residents.
Hmmm, why should 'the lack of diversity' be considered as disturbing as a proliferation of firearms?
There have been small adjustments. She imports her Tesco and Yorkshire tea by mail, along with the occasional package of sultanas and Marmite, and each year she lets a friend’s sheep graze in the empty pasture by her house, adding a nice pastoral touch to the property.
Still, our intrepid guide forges on:
She refuses to say a word against the gun ordinance.
“Although I come from a culture where there are no guns, and it’s different here, I don’t see the problem here in Nucla,” she said diplomatically.
“If I were living in the city [these gun laws] would worry me. Here it doesn’t,” she said before adding wryly: “There is no crossfire here.”
Once can only imagine the look on the columnist's face at this point!

Little Tip For The Minnesota Police Department...

...maybe you should run your police officers through the same training we run our police horses...

Killer policeman Mohamed Noor has said he was 'startled' by his victim Justine Damond seconds before he opened fire.
According to Noor's version when they reached the end of the alley, they came across a waiting, panicking figure.
It was dark, and the figure was moving around and approached their vehicle. Noor said he did not know whether the figure who rushed towards their vehicle was the 911 caller or even if it was a man or woman.
He fired his weapon through Harrity's open driver's window hitting his victim once in the abdomen.

There's no closing ranks with this one, either:
The police chief, Janee Harteau, who was on leave at the time of the shooting last week, distanced the police department from the actions of officer Mohamed Noor in her first public comments on the matter.
Her press conference also followed the release a statement by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension [BCA] on the investigation on Thursday.
“Justine didn’t have to die. Based on the publicly released information from the BCA [Bureau of Criminal Apprehension], this should not have happened,” Harteau said.
“On our squad cars you will find the words, ‘To protect with courage and serve with compassion.’ This did not happen. Having the information that is publicly available right now recognising there’s an open BCA investigation.”
Harteau said Noor’s shooting of Lamond, who had called 911 to report a possible sexual assault and was in her pyjamas when she approached the squad car and was shot multiple times, “go against who we are as a department, how we train and the expectations we have for our officers”.
Wow! That's quite unusual. You'll note, too, that there's no riots over this, no #Aussielivesmatter campaign...
Responding to a question from a reporter that it was rare for a police chief to publicly disown an officer under investigation, Harteau acknowledged it was unusual but said “each situation is different, and when information has been made public, I certainly can speak on what the public knows”.
Predictably, the usual suspects are crying 'racism!' because the cops were black and she was white, and that's why the police department aren't offering the usual unqualified support.

As for why the body cameras weren't turned on, it's because, after this incident, even the thickest Minnesota cop must have realised it's not going to help:
The new video, recorded by Mays’ body camera and first obtained by Minneapolis Star Tribune, shows the incident from the officer’s vantage point.
In it, the cop points his drawn service weapon at Ciroc, which comes running towards him but stops short. The dog appears to be calmly pacing around for a few seconds on the grass, with his tail slightly wagging, before the officer fires his gun, striking the dog in the face.
Rocko then makes a dash towards the officer and also gets shot, about 2-3 seconds later. 'I dispatched both of them,' Mays is heard telling his partner after the fact.
In fact, both dogs are still alive. You can't cure stupid, but you can certainly record it!

Friday 21 July 2017

I Wonder Who Decides Which Articles Don't Get Opened For Comment On 'CiF'..?

Last week the latest homeless figures revealed that black and minority ethnic (BME) communities are bearing the brunt of seven years of rising homelessness. The statistics reveal that 36% of people accepted as statutorily homeless by local authorities in England during 2016-17 were from a BME background: close to three times their representation in the population.
Isn't that almost exactly their representation in the justice system too? And I don't mean on the right side of the dock!
What is surprising is how little this disproportionate level of housing need on racial grounds has registered in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire, where the majority of residents were from a BME background.
Oh, it's registered, chum! Believe me, it's registered...
BME households are more likely than white ones to experience housing stress, such as overcrowding, poorer quality housing and fuel poverty, and to be more concentrated in England’s most deprived neighbourhoods.
So what possible conclusion are you coming to? I wonder, I do indeed wonder...
Institutional racism has played a continuing role in perpetuating racial discrimination and disadvantage in housing.
Ah. Of course. There it is!
Residential qualifications have returned to the social housing system through the Localism Act 2011. And choice-based lettings approaches have reduced BME community access to social housingwhere applicants to social housing can choose to compete for a vacant home (usually online), rather than through housing needs-based approaches to allocating homes are also shown to indirectly disadvantages BME communities. We know that policies like these only sustain the persistence of racial discrimination in England’s housing system. If we want to correct this, we need to start talking about institutional racism in our housing system again.
That 'if' in your last sentence is doing a lot of work.

Who Can Fathom Women..?

Not me anymore, clearly.
Paul Brandis, chairman of the bench, said Pitcher’s actions were “distasteful” but accepted he has shown “remorse”.
He said: “It caused suffering to the kitten. This is aggravated by the fact that this was a domestic argument.
“The killing of the kitten was used as a control mechanism against your partner.”
Personally, when the police called, he'd have been lying face down on the kitchen floor, rapidly cooling to ambient temperature with a Sabatier in his ribcage if it had been me.

Well, she's well rid of him, and no mist...

Oh. Hang on.
The court heard the victim has a number of other cats and Mr Pearson said the pair could rekindle the relationship, meaning an animal banning order should be made.
Pitcher was handed a 12 week prison sentence, suspended for 18 months. He was ordered to take part in a relationships course and pay £250 compensation.
Magistrates also made an order banning Pitcher from keeping or being in control of any animal in any way for the next two years.
Because in two years time, he won't be a thick, unemployed brute who the local dimwits see as potential relationship material?

Thursday 20 July 2017

Perhaps It's Just A Touch Too 'Vibrant'..?

Urban music events are being unfairly targeted for closure due to assumptions about the type of people who attend, according to an event organiser...
... whose show was axed due to disorder.
Mr Asare, who has organised around 50 events over the last five years, said: “In the night life industry you are going to get incidents across the board, whether that be house, garage, punk rock.It’s bound to happen sometimes when there’s drink involved.”
I'm pretty sure they sell drink at Glyndebourne, the Royal Opera House, and the Last Night of  the Proms. Yet I can't seem to recall any violence...
He said: “It is pre-assumed because it is an urban event that there is going to be certain demographic there, that is going to be a lot of black people there.”
There's 'a lot of black people' at these huge black church revivalist events, yet again, rarely any violence.

So it's not 'black people' per se, it's the type of 'black people'.
A Metropolitan Police spokesman said council licensing committees hold the power to alter a venue's right to host events.
He added: "Southwark Police applied for a licensing review of The Coronet following an incident of violent disorder outside the venue in the early hours of Sunday, 2 July. Incidents like this are a drain on police resources and have a detrimental impact on local residents in the area.
"Officers have been working with, and will continue to work with, the local council, the venue and other partners to ensure the night-time economy in Southwark remains a vibrant, yet safe environment for all to enjoy."
Maybe if it was less vibrant, it'd be more safe?

Utter Loss Of Sympathy Status: Final

A petition signed by 1,500 people demanded the resignation of the entire council leadership, with resident Eve Wedderburn telling councillors: '"We do not recognise your right to govern our community.'
 That's not how we do things over here, old chap.
Relatives of those killed called for mass resignations, with survivor Mahad Egal telling councillors: ‘You have murdered us. There is manslaughter here... You have committed a crime against all of us here.
 In this country, that's for the police and justice system to decide, not howling demagogues.
The meeting was later adjourned after Ms Jamalvatan collapsed and had to be treated by paramedics.
Earlier she had made an impassioned plea to the council for equal treatment for rich and poor in the affluent borough.
Waving the keys to her former flat in the tower, she said: ‘The UK is accusing other countries about a lack of human rights, but there are lots of people from those counties living in the UK. Why don’t you care about human rights here?
Where have your 'human rights' not been met, here? What sort of treatment do you think you'd have got in your home countries over a fire that burned you out of your home?

That's it. Enough is enough. But if Grenfell Tower has done one positive thing, it's got to be alerting a wider audience to the totally alien culture that's grown up, unnoticed, in our midst.

Sadly, I fear it's much too late to do anything about it.

Wednesday 19 July 2017

This Article Tells Us A Lot About You...

...and not an awful lot about pressure in the A&E:
When I say that I fleetingly think about the drive home, it’s not because I’m counting down the hours until I finish. I’m thinking more along the lines of, “I am knackered. How am I going to drive home without crashing into a tractor or something?” You start to think about your own mortality. It’s not a baseless fear – 57% of doctors in the position have said they’ve had an accident or near-miss. When I first started working in north Wales I lived around 25 minutes away from the hospital, requiring a run home on the A55. It’s full of fast-moving trucks, and negotiating those after a set of nights is possibly one of my most terrifying experiences. All my car windows were open, whatever the weather, the radio was on loud and I was forcing myself to sing along to every single song. I’d crawl at 40mph to the annoyance of everyone, because I didn’t trust myself to stay awake – and if I did crash then at least speed wouldn’t be a factor in the trauma I might suffer or bring to someone else. I’d pull over, try to cat nap – whatever it took to get home intact. I moved closer because the fear of that drive home was mounting and I guessed it would be only a matter of time before there was an accident. The nightshifts were exhausting and as the A&E registrar in charge of the shop floor, the pressure was relentless. By 8am I was a ghost of myself.
You poor thing! You must be exhausted, and have no time to...

I have a dual career – as a doctor and a film-maker/journalist.
You've got time to write columns for 'CiF' and make films for every leftie cause going?
When I am working a late shift within the media I will be entitled to a taxi home. There will be hot food available somewhere in the building and plenty of breakout spaces to grab a rest. The following day, when working a nightshift in A&E, where I’ll be responsible for patients, making life-or-death decisions and possibly not sitting down for 10 hours, I won’t have the same facilities.
Then you know which career suits you best, don't you?
Before training to be a doctor I was an army officer and yet again, facilities existed to ensure comfort after hard work.
You've had a lot of roles in life. Is it because you're eternally dissatisfied with your lot?

Isn't 'Making A Commotion' A Stupid Thing To Do...

...if you claim you're scared of an animal?
In St Clair's defence statement, he said that his friends started to make a commotion because some of them were scared of dogs.
He said that Mr Anderson was racist towards the defendant, who was a sixth former at the time and used terms such as 'monkey' and 'n****r'.
Any witnesses?
'This is a young man with great promise who has a place at university. Someone who is an example of someone who will do the best he can and will live his life as a law abiding person.'
Well, he hasn't managed up until now, has he!
Judge Zoe Smith sentenced St Clair, of Oxford, to four years imprisonment with 112 days of electronic tag deducted.
WTF..? When was he on the tag? Was it when he was on bail for the more serious charge of murder?
The victim's mother Edith Anderson revealed her pain and suffering has left her longing for her son to walk back into her arms with 'the smile he always had on his face'. In a statement read to the court, the pensioner spoke of her distress: "My family will take a long time to get over the loss of their brother and son. My husband and I will never get over it."
So, how did this death occur?
Mr Anderson was cycling along High Street towards The Plain roundabout, while some of the group ran ahead of him, but decided moments later to get off his bike and push it back towards Carfax.
A witness revealed he spotted St Clair, who played for football team Littlemore Youth, then run towards the victim as he attempted to mount his bike at about 11.30pm.
St Clair, of Kestrel Crescent, Oxford, then lunged back on one leg, swinging his other leg around, rotating his body and kicking Mr Anderson. The victim crashed to the ground, thumping his head on the pavement before St Clair fled the scene and jumped onto a bus, prosecutor Matthew Walsh said.
So the victim was clearly avoiding a confrontation when the worthless scum launched his attack? Surely that's worthy of more time in jail?

Tuesday 18 July 2017

Satisfaction Not Guaranteed...

There are multiple versions of events, multiple opposing “truths”. The police say 80 dead. Some residents still say 200, 300, maybe 400. The council says it is offering good quality accommodation, most of it in Kensington and Chelsea. Tenants say they are being pushed out of the borough, fearing rent hikes when the promised period of grace is gone. Again and again, the bereaved say they are being left in the dark. There is no communication. They scream for answers. Yet we are told that every family has a family liaison officer or social worker if they want one. There has been a string of meetings now with myriad authorities but few seem satisfied.
Well, no.

Because when you have people who'd rather believe the most outrageous 'facts' in preference to anything else, they can never, ever be satisfied, as Longrider points out.
As we at Channel 4 have filmed in the area, people have driven by, shouting “parasite” or telling us to “fuck off”. Then, during a recent debate one of the tenants began shouting: “Where is the media? Where has the media been?” And social media offers up powerful stories. A man posts that more than 40 people have been found dead in one of the flats and no one is reporting it.
Because, like the reports of 400 people dead, it's clearly bollocks.

But wait. You're the media. You're professionals! Why are you giving credence to rumours from social media?
We try to stick by the rules – find sources, establish facts. But those rules don’t seem to apply. Our facts look like we’re taking sides. The police statistics and detailed information of how they’ve come to their death toll seem, for now, to add up. The Labour MP David Lammy repeats the story of the flat crowded with bodies on Newsnight. So is it true? Are we missing it? We can find no evidence.
It's David Lammy, FFS! If he announced that the sun was going to come up in the morning, anyone with half a brain would Google it, just to make sure!
Another compelling post says one former resident is being forced to take housing in Preston, Lancashire. It’s categorically denied by the Grenfell Response Team set up to deal with the crisis and we can’t find the tenant or anyone who knows them. Yet Emma Dent Coad, the new MP for Kensington, speaks about it in interviews and it makes headlines in the papers and is dangerous currency on the ground.
Then do your job and start reporting on the way the left-of-centre politicians are seemingly intent on whipping up a mob, instead of publishing endless stories about what someone's cousin from the office saw on Facebook about Grenfell Tower!

It's no wonder people are starting to lose any sympathy they one might have had... one of the many practical mistakes of the relief effort, residents were forced to spend their days traipsing across town to get the help they needed, to get the Oyster cards, and passports that will allow them to start living again. Now they must do the phoning to chase a home or, more chillingly, to get the information about what is left of their loved ones on the ninth, the 15th or the 23rd floor. Still, what are they complaining about?
What, indeed...

If The Father Is This Thick, The School Has Little Chance With The Child...

Simon Muller was appalled when his son Liam, a year seven student at Brighton Aldridge Community Academy (BACA), told him pupils would be put in isolation if they did not wear trousers and a shirt. Last month temperatures reached up to 30 degrees Celsius in Sussex, so Mr Muller felt the need to question his son’s school.
Mr Muller, 34, said: “I get a list of items of clothing that I have to pay for out of my own money each year, and there are school P.E shorts included in it.
If it is part of the uniform, why can’t he wear it to keep himself cool?
Because it's for PE. Not for the classroom.
I could understand if they had a Nike tick on or something, but they don’t.
“I don’t want to wake up to the news one morning that a child has died because of overheating due to a stupid uniform policy.”
Oh, FFS!

Monday 17 July 2017

Here's To The Good People Of Ashby-De-La-Zouch!

And a reminder that when the police whinge that the public don't help them, it's because the lazy bastards will arrest you if you attempt it:
Facebook user Roy Alan wrote: 'You'll forgive me of course if I feel absolutely no pity for this robbing criminal. He is a product of his own making.. There's a lesson to be learned here... don't go out robbing... it's pretty simple.'
Alison Parish wrote on Facebook: 'Feel sorry for the guy doing the citizen arrest on him now.'
Locals have have spoken of their shock - and of their sympathy with the arrested man.
Karen Hughes, 47, said: 'It's sad someone has died, but if he hadn't been trying to rob the shop in the first place he'd still be alive today.
'The lad who restrained him clearly shouldn't be punished. He'll be going through hell now, when all he was trying to do was defend his community.'
Alan Hill, 65, said: 'The chap they've arrested should be released without charge. In my opinion he should be given a medal.
'Apparently the men trying to rob the shop had armed themselves golf clubs and baseball bats, it must have taken real bravery to challenge them.'
James Atkins, 37, said: 'Obviously you don't want people to die, especially when they're young, but it's hard to have much sympathy in this case.
'Hopefully they just arrested the other man as a precaution in all the confusion and he'll find out quickly no further action will be taken against him. I think a lot of people around here will see him as a hero.'
The thieving scum's scummy friends are boo-hooing all over social media, as these types often do.

They have organised a crowdfund for him, but I just can't see any possible way I can piss into this router...
Alex Williams, who is the the mother of Bryant's son, wrote that she was 'absolutely heartbroken' over his death, and the thought that their son no longer has a father.
Hint, love: He never had much of one when the thieving scum was alive.
A crowdfunding page has been set up for Shane by friend Serina Larvin who wrote on the site: 'As you all no a much loved friend of our community got taken away in unexpected circumstances.... 'He left behind two small children and a absolutely heartbroken family.... i thought it would be nice to raise some money to give to his children and help support the family in any way possible..... 'Any little donation im sure would be much appreciated..... just a little something to show our love and support.'
Remember when people were ashamed to be known as friends with scum? I do.

The Beautiful Game...

...appears to have exceedingly ugly fans:
The wife of a football fan left with permanant brain injuries was abused outside court today after 11 men were found guilty of offences related to the assault.
The video is at the link.
Mr Dobbin's wife Nicole emerged from Basildon Crown Court to speak to reporters and said: "Justice for Dobbo!" But within seconds friends and family of some of the defendants began hurling abuse at the 46-year-old.
One man said: “Your old man was the most violent out of all of them.” Adding cruelly: “He’ll always be like that.”
Another woman shouted: “He went and smashed up 20-year-old boys.”
There is no evidence to suggest this is true.
One man doesn't usually attack 11 others.
Eight police cars arrived to disperse the mob, after which Nicole gave a calm and dignified statement to the media.
Just to disperse them? No arrests?
Speaking after the hearing, Det Chief Insp Martin Passmore addressed the disgraceful scenes outside court.
He said: “I want to make it absolutely clear that there is no information and no evidence that remotely suggests that Simon Dobbin is anything other than a thoroughly decent, upstanding man and he had done absolutely wrong (sic) on that day.
“He was a totally innocent victim of a pre-planned attack.”
Which should mean harsher sentences for the knuckledraggers, shouldn't it?
The men will be sentenced on Monday.
Let's hope Essex Police turn up when the relatives are coming out of court and make a few more arrests...

Saturday 15 July 2017

A Tale Of Two (Inner) Cities

Being the Bishop of Kensington, I have been closely involved with the communities around the Lancaster West estate over the past fortnight and beyond, and have watched and listened to the growing frustration of residents, the anger directed towards the Council, the Government, in fact anyone in authority.
You mean, you've noticed how unreasonable their attitude is too?
A feeling has been growing among many residents, rightly or wrongly, that there were others who felt their presence was a nuisance, that it would be better if their blocks and homes were run down so that fancy expensive housing could be erected to be sold off for a greater profit to foreign investors.
There'd be fewer illegal immigrants that way.
People in the smart streets of South Kensington struggle to understand the visceral anger felt by their neighbours in North Kensington. From the perspective of the south of the Royal Borough, RBKC felt like a reasonably well run Council that did a good job of keeping the schools running and the streets clean.
Which is what a council should do.
When the name of the Judge of the Public Inquiry was announced, the fact that he had several years ago made a judgment that had relocated a woman well away from her home was evidence to suggest he would not bring justice to those who wanted it.
Then maybe what they wanted wasn't actually 'justice', but something else?
The fact that it is not his job to adjudicate on matters of housing relocation during the Inquiry is beside the point.
No. It's really not, and don't you have some duty to explain that to these people, rather than encourage them in their endless whinging?
As lives, families, and the community in the Lancaster West estate are rebuilt, unless a serious attempt to rebuild trust is made, suspicion will continue to reign and destroy the small shoots of progress. If trust can slowly but surely be established, then this community has a hope and a future.
It isn't a community. And continually calling it one is to disparage the efforts of the law abiding other community who don't illegally sublet to their illegal immigrant relatives.


Seventeen-year-old Kyefer (Ed: *rolls eyes*) spends 23-and-a-half hours a day between the four walls of a small cell. In the room is a bed, a shower and a desk. He lies on his bed and does nothing. A meal is delivered three times a day through a slot in the door, which he eats alone. He has no television, and only a few books to keep himself occupied. Since he was referred to Cookham Wood Offenders Institution's Segregation Unit several months ago, the teenager has been receiving no form of regular education. The only stint of daily exercise he gets in the Kent jail is at around 8:30am, when inmates on his wing are allowed half an hour outside.
Gosh! Seems like a while since I've needed this:

Lucky I just got it restringed...

What's he in for, anyway?
Kyefer was sentenced to life at the age of 14 on a joint enterprise conviction for a murder and has been at Cookham Wood since January.
Any normal mother would keep quiet, out of shame at having produced such a monster. But not one from Liverpool.
His mother, Sheena Evelyn, says she was told by his psychologist that his mental state is declining due to the trauma of being separated from his family at a young age and then locked up with no human contact.
If he behaves like a human, he'll be treated like one. Otherwise, he'll be treated like a dangerous animal. Fed, watered, given medical care, but strictly no contact.
“Kyefer has always been an energetic child. Now he always disengaged and depressed. Even when I visit him with his younger siblings, he isn't engaging as well as he used to. This prison is breaking him," says Ms Evelyn. “He’s threatened to take his own life on multiple occasions. Staff have ignored his pleas. It’s falling on deaf ears. Has there got to be a death of one of these boys before something happens?"
There already has been a death, love. Did you forget the actual victim here?

Friday 14 July 2017

At Least She Didn’t Put Her On The Liverpool Care Pathway…

An NHS hospital manager assaulted her disabled neighbour in a foul-mouthed spat over the noise she was making while walking up the stairs, a court heard.
Jamie Peterson, 39, flew into a rage when she heard management consultant Sarah Kinsella enter their shared building in Hornton Street, Kensington.
She dashed from her flat with her trusted pet dog, a Dachshund called Herman, to confront Ms Kinsella, angry that she was using a trolley to take heavy shopping up to her first floor home.
Peterson accused her neighbour of being “f***ing fat and lazy” for using the trolley, despite knowing Ms Kinsella was unable to lift heavy objects because of a hip disability.
Peterson said “don’t be so loud”, referred to her neighbour as “it” rather than “she”, then shoved the trolley into Ms Kinsella as she climbed the stairs.
Charming! No wonder the staff are brutal and callous, if that's the kind of 'leadership' they see every day...
Peterson, who has held senior posts at Barts and The London and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trusts, denied attacking her neighbour but was found guilty by magistrates following a short trial.
Her lawyer, Hesham Puri, said the conviction means she faces losing her current job and being evicted from the Kensington flat.
I bet it doesn't.
She was given a two-year conditional discharge by magistrates, who ordered her to pay £620 in court costs.
Given the salary she no doubt gets, that's, what, a couple of hours work?

You Never Did 'Deal With Them'…

A spokesman for Basildon Council said: “The council is aware of the encampment at Rushley Park and the Essex Countywide Traveller Unit have been notified.
Basildon Council doesn’t deal with these kinds of incursions anymore.”
When did you ever..?
My children used to go to the pond, but they can’t now.
“This is the fourth time this year there have been travellers on the park.
“A neighbour had to call the fire service because they were setting lit (sic) to tyres.”
She added that residents were already concerned about the amount of mess that was going to be left.
She said: “There was a large truck that arrived which was full of rubbish.
“It is now empty and there is a pile of rubbish by the pond.”
Maybe if it contains some cigarette butts, the council might use all the awesome powers they boast about in other boroughs?
The mum added: “People have moved round her (sic) because it is quiet and secluded.
“They don’t need the travellers here.
I pay £100 council tax a month - for what?
That's a damn good question. Isn't it?

Thursday 13 July 2017

Damn, My Tiny Violin Needs Restringing... must be all the use it's been getting:
Darren Smith and his partner Louise Pettett, of Storrington Close, Hangleton, have been trying to force through a move with Brighton and Hove City Council and fear they may have to move to another part of the city.
The couple are sleeping on a sofa bed in the living room with their one-year-old baby in a cot next to them, while four children aged from four to 11 share a bedroom and the eldest has her own room.
That's at least one 'problem' you appear to have brought on yourselves...
Mr Smith, a lorry driver who works six days a week, said: “You can’t do normal family things because there is no space, and none of us get any privacy.
“It is unlivable. The mould means the young kids are always ill, but we can’t leave the windows open because they sleep under them and it would be too cold for them during the day and night.”
Give them extra blankets. Job done!
Mr Smith, 42, also suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and he said the mould has made his breathing problems worse.
So he's a sick lorry driver? Wow! Just as well his partner is healthy, th...

Miss Pettett has lived in the flat for 15 years and has fallen out of love with her family home. The 38-year-old suffers with depression and claustrophobia, and feels she needs to stay in Hangleton.
So, one low-paid job between the two of them. That's just the sort of couple who should be breeding like rabbits!
In response to what the family told The Argus, a council spokeswoman said: “The council has very few four and five bedroom properties which rarely become available.
“Tenants need to be as flexible as possible to maximise their chances.
“If the situation is so overcrowded, or conditions so bad that the family are effectively homeless, then they are offered help in finding alternative private rented accommodation. This gives families more choice over the area they live in. Unfortunately not all households want this type of assistance.”
No. Indeed not. They want the rest of us to pay.

I'm Confused, Don't Police Have Human Rights Too?

Like, the human right to be protected at work?
A decision to extend a trial use of spit hoods to all police custody centres across London has been labelled “primitive” and “extreme” by a human rights charity.
And 'It's about bloody time' by everyone else.
The force said it consulted with “partner organisations, community representatives, independent groups and magistrates” before taking the decision.
But human rights charity Liberty accused the police of trying to “quietly” implement the hood “with no public debate and no published evaluation”.
The public don't care, frankly. They don't like getting spat at, so they totally understand the need for the police to protect themselves.
The mesh hoods are put over the heads of detainees who are considered at risk of spitting at officers and possible passing on contagious infections.
See..? It's that 'elf & safety, Liberty, innit? What are you gonna do?
Martha Spurrier, Director of Liberty, said: “The police do an important job, which is why they are able to use necessary and proportionate force.
“Spit hoods are neither – they are primitive, cruel and dangerous.
“There have been far too many cases of their use against children and disabled adults, causing huge fear, humiliation and even suffocation...”
Who, in the UK, has ever suffocated in one of these things?

Wednesday 12 July 2017

Gosh, That's Good News, Isn't It?

Have you ever craved a doughnut but couldn’t find one that was certifiably vegan and gluten free?
I think the answer has to be 'No'...
Ryan Panchoo is the owner of the doughnut bakery Borough 22, which he started because he was tired of being unable to find doughnuts for his family.
Oh, what a time to be alive!

Yeah, That's Maybe Not The Reason...

University of East London (UEL) students have helped to organise a protest against the so-called war on drugs.
Holding up banners and posters, the students engaged one-on-one with members of the public to criticise the government’s punitive approach to drug use and to promote more compassion and support.
Student Daniel Hay said the response from the public on Monday was positive.
He said: “The day was brilliant – lots of very receptive people who were genuinely interested and supportive of the campaign.
“I found virtually no resistance to the movement from the people I spoke to.”
He added: “I think changing the location of the campaign from Westminster [last year] to Stratford was a great move, as people who so often feel alone and neglected were able to see that there’s people out there fighting for them.”
Ah. Not because they're all stoned, then?

Tuesday 11 July 2017

Stop Patting Yourselves On The Back...

After an attack lasting 40 minutes, she pretended to be dead and waited until she thought it was safe to move then managed to get into a nearby barn.
Nijamul Islam arrived in a car but was too scared to get out, so Ms Obuchowski had to drag herself to the vehicle.
What a prince!
Mr Hardy said when Islam found out what had happened he said: 'Why have you called an ambulance, now I am going to have a big problem.'
He told Ms Obuchowski: 'Remember, tell the police you were attacked on the road.'
And I thought my estimation couldn't get any lower. I was wrong. How does a person like this managed to be trusted to produce four-legged weapons?
At St Albans Crown Court today Nijamul Islam, who ran the compound, was jailed for two and half years after pleading guilty to two charges of being in charge of a dog which was dangerously out of control.
Islam, of Farm Road in Edgware, north London, also admitted being in breach of an order disqualifying him from keeping dogs and four charges of causing unnecessary suffering to dogs.
He was banned in 2012 from keeping any animals for 10 years by magistrates in Bedford because of his ill treatment of dogs in a similar operation. He had also been given a five month sentence suspended for two years.
Wasn't anyone checking?
Islam also had a conviction for keeping a brothel dating back to 2007 when he appeared at Southwark Crown Court. The court heard the father-of-three was now working as a cab controller earning £600 per week.
His barrister, Mr Joe Sidhu QC, asked that he be given credit for his guilty pleas on the day of his trial and he had spared the victim from having to give evidence.
Well, you can't say he isn't trying his best for his client, I suppose...
Judge John Plumstead was told several people worked at the farm, where dogs to be used in the security industry were allegedly trained. After the attack, police found 101 animals on the site. The judge was told the conditions for the animals were 'appalling' with filthy cages covered in urine and faeces.
Mr Hardy said a veterinary surgeon who visited the farm after the attack at the request of the RSPCA was shocked by what she found. The court heard 40 dogs had to be put down because of their temperaments and the two dogs which attacked Beata were later destroyed.
Don't these sort of premises require some kind of inspection?
East Herts Chief Inspector Gerry McDonald said: 'Islam had a total disregard for the welfare of his employee, who had only been working there for a few days when the incident occurred.
'The significant sentence handed down to Islam today reflects the seriousness of his crimes and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the police officers, in particular, the officer in the case DC Jan Hollis, and RSPCA inspectors who worked hard to bring this case to court.'
I'd be a bit happier about your self-congratulation if there was some evidence you'd done something before a kennel maid wound up being used as a chew toy...

Sparing No Expense...

...for some families. Though not for others:
Their comments came as Robert Trigg was yesterday jailed for life for their daughter’s murder in 2011 and the manslaughter of Caroline Devlin in 2006.
Neither death was thought suspicious by police at the time, who were described as treating the killer like a bereaved lover rather than a suspect. He was not questioned by police until November after Ms Nicholson’s parents spent six years and thousands of pounds investigating the deaths themselves.
Compare this with the oceans of public funding spent on the Lawrences and the McCanns.

What a pity their daughter didn't mysteriously die in Portugal, it might have been holiday season...
Judge Simler praised Ms Nicholson’s family for fighting “doggedly and continuously” for justice. Mr Skelton, 83, of Goring, claimed he and his wife Elizabeth, 81, were not taken seriously by a string of public bodies.He called for a public inquiry, for investigations and conclusions on other deaths in similar circumstances to be reviewed, and said he was considering taking legal action against the force.
Mrs Skelton, who had a heart attack during their campaign, said: “The fight still goes on. We still seek answers to unexplained questions. Why is it the police were unable to bring this case to court when we, Susan’s parents in our eighties, managed to?”
Why indeed? It seems to have come down to resources:
Sussex Police apologised for the delay in getting justice for the families and referred how they handled the original investigations to the Independent Police Complaints Commission. The court heard there was a row over money when the coroner told police a more thorough post-mortem on Ms Devlin should be carried out.
Probably cost a fraction of the police budget that went on kitting out their cars in rainbow colours to support 'Pride'...

Monday 10 July 2017

Unfit For Purpose...

The IPCC report is finally out:
Investigators found a “frequent and persistent failure" of officers to record the crimes being committed against him, despite his "polite and ultimately futile persistence” in requesting their help.
There was also a “consistent systematic failure” by call handlers, who breached standards on recording crimes, identifying hate offences and repeat victims.
It was likely “that the perpetrators of the offences against Mr Ebrahimi, came to believe that they could act with impunity towards Mr Ebrahimi”, the IPCC report stated.
Of course they did. They were cruel and coarse and violent but they weren't stupid. Unlike the officers (now dismissed) and the Chief Con (now 'retired').

It's 'Clear' To Everyone Except The Judicial System...

Emma Jones, representing Day, asked the judge to lift a restriction which effectively prevents Day from using Westcliff train station.
She said although Southend East is technically closer to his home, he was “concerned” about going there because of a recent incident. The judge said that if Day experienced problems he should “call the police”.
At this point Day, who was allowed to sit in the public gallery (Ed: ?) for the hearing, jumped to his feet and began shouting and swearing. He said: “They put a gun to my Mrs’ belly!”
He then attempted to leave the court and brushed past a security guard, causing the judge to shout: “Arrest that man!”
At which point the police should have said 'You allowed this habitual criminal to leave the dock, where he should have been. You go arrest him!'

Who was the idiot judge, anyway?

In 2013, the Echo reported how a judge told Day “the picture is depressingly clear” after he admitted four counts of shoplifting.
His most recent conviction was for assault and using threatening behaviour towards three charity workers.
Judge Owen-Jones said: “I do see how he loses his temper in the twinkling of an eye. Even a judge making a comment produces the type of outburst that we have seen.
My view is that it should be for an indefinite period.
His jail term, yes?

The community seems to know all they need to know about this waste of skin. But all the 'reports' in the world don't seem to have clued in the judicial system.

Saturday 8 July 2017

Third World Inhabitants, Third World Attitudes...

Relatives were concerned about the overall death toll and the time it was taking to identify the dead.
The answers are not being given. People are asking the questions, but we are being told, ‘We still don’t know,’” Choucair said earlier. He is still uncertain about what happened to his mother, Sirria Choucair; his brother-in-law, Bassem Choukair; his sister Nadia Choucair; and their three children: Mierna, 13; Fatima, 11; and Zainab, three.
That's because they still don't know. It's not some vast conspiracy to prevent people from knowing.
His family has been allocated a family liaison officer by the police, but still had no confirmation about the fate of the missing relatives. Police have not formally told them that the family are missing, presumed dead. “We are praying for the best,” he said. “It is killing us more than anything, not being told what we should know. It is very unfair and very inhumane. We have to sit by, every day and wonder what is happening. I can’t express how we all feel.”
It is what it is. Good grief, in most of the Third World areas these people hail from, the 'authorities' would have bulldozed the tower already after a cursory search!
Police have told the family that the top three floors, where his relatives lived in two flats, remain very unsafe. “It is very unstable, very insecure,” he said. “They say it may take days, months, years to search. How can you tell a parent, loved ones, a family, ‘Just hang on in there, hold on, one day we will know’? That’s not right. It’s not fair. Things should be done more quickly.
Which part of 'unsafe' are you unclear on, exactly? It's going as fast as it can reasonably go, in a country with H&S laws.
Sid-ali Atmani lived with his wife, daughter and stepson on the 15th floor of the tower.
He said they were offered a two-bedroom flat in the nearby borough of Westminster, but he was holding out for something the right size and near his children’s school, adding that residents were “not asking for the moon, they are asking for dignity”.
Jesus wept! Where's the dignity in living off the taxpayer and demanding more and more as if you were entitled to it?
There was also a widespread demand for detailed answers on the process of DNA testing and the recovery of bodies. Anna Thwaites, a Bindmans solicitor, said: “Families want information about why the identification process is taking so long.”
They've been given that information. They don't seem to be listening, or comprehending. Shouldn't it be your job to tell them that?

"I'm Sorry, Madam, Your Get Out Of Jail Free Card Has Been Declined."

A mother-of-two caught smuggling drugs to prisoners was today starting a jail sentence after top judges ruled that parenthood cannot be a “trump card” for criminals.
Prison officer Safak Sinem Bozkurt, 28, sneaked £11,700 of cannabis in her bra, plus mobile phones and SIM cards, past security at the young offender institution where she worked.
She was given a two-year suspended sentence at Southwark crown court after pleading with the judge not to jail her because she is a mother. However, following a challenge by Solicitor General Robert Buckland QC, Court of Appeal judges have ruled the sentence was too lenient and Bozkurt should be jailed for two years and eight months.
Heh! Why did dhe do it, anyway?
Bozkurt, from Islington, was caught out during a staff search at Isis young offender institution in Thamesmead in July last year. She was found to have 117g of cannabis in her bra, as well as mobile phones, SIM cards and charging cables stuffed into her waistband.
She had been offered £1,000 per consignment of smuggled goods, and agreed because she needed to clear debts and pay for the criminology masters degree she was studying.
Bozkurt was allowed to go home after the hearing last Thursday week and told to report to jail today to start her sentence.
I wonder if she actually turned up?