Monday, 3 July 2017

Why, Since They Didn't Learn From The First One?

A dog which bit a three-year-old girl at a beach resort has been reprieved from a death sentence. The Staffordshire bull terrier named Reggie had already bitten another toddler and should have been muzzled when he attacked the little girl at Woolacombe, North Devon.
But wasn't. And with a contingent destruction order, there's only one outcome.

Or rather, there should be...
Magistrates in North Devon ordered the dog should be destroyed but owner Terence Gibson appealed to Exeter Crown Court where a judge lifted the death sentence.
If (when!) it bites another child, I hope that kid's father tracks down the idiot judge and punches him.
He ruled that Mr Gibson and his wife had learned their lesson from this incident and could be relied upon to keep Reggie muzzled at all times in the future. He imposed a further contingent destruction order.
What an incredible conclusion to draw from the fact that they clearly didn't heed the last one!
The bite broke her skin and the girl's mother said the dog had hung on for up to ten seconds before being pulled away by Mr Gibson, who offered to pay compensation immediately and asked her not to call the police.
The actions of a guilty man who knows full well that his carelessness has got him into trouble once more.
Mr Gibson had the muzzle with him but told officers he had taken it off so Reggie could have a drink.
Which can be done with a muzzle on.
An expert report commissioned by the defence said Reggie was a placid and friendly dog who may have acted out of character because he had an ear infection and an injured leg.
So this moron took the muzzle of an already-established dangerous dog that was known to be unwell, in public? Time for Clarkson's Law.

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