Tuesday, 4 July 2017

I Thought This Generation Was Tougher Than This...

Bob Wood, 79, was playing golf at Queens Park in Bournemouth with some friends when the “completely out of control” dog attacked him.
The dog, which is said to have been a breed of pitbull, was wearing no collar or lead and Mr Wood was forced to fend it away with his golf club.
You have in your hands a heavy club. You have friends with you, also with heavy clubs. And the best you can do is 'fend it off'?

When are we going to stop waiting for 'the authorities' to sort it out?
The course is owned by Bournemouth Borough Council, but they declined to comment as the dog warden did not attend the incident.
Police were called to the incident at 11.50am on Thursday and say they have contacted Mr Wood to arrange an interview. A spokesperson for Dorset Police told the Echo that the investigation is ongoing and so far, no arrests have been made.
And probably never will be, since the beast got away...


MTG said...

What do you expect Mr Plod to do? It's not like anyone was exceeding the speed limit by 1 mph. Get a sense of proportion, woman.

Anonymous said...

What would you do then MTG, the policing expert?
ID parade? Forensics?
Pray tell me

John M said...

If someone's aggressive, uncollared dog tried to attack me & had a golf club they'd soon be recovering it's broken body from the 17th fairway...

Unfortunately whilst Queens Park is a nice district, it is surrounded by estates of horrid chavs with trophy dogs.+

Mark Moncrieff said...


The man was 79 years of age not 29!

Mark Moncrieff
Upon Hope Blog - A Traditional Conservative Future

DCBain said...

If that mutt had sent a nasty tweet or "attacked" someone on farcebox it would be in chains by now.

staybryte said...

My old man is 77 now. I recall him saying a few years back when the Russell Brand/Andrew Sachs farrago was occurring that if he'd made a remark like that about one of his granddaughters he'd find out where he lived and burn his house down. He meant it as well.

JuliaM said...

"Unfortunately whilst Queens Park is a nice district, it is surrounded by estates of horrid chavs with trophy dogs."

One fewer would improve the area a bit then!

"The man was 79 years of age not 29!"

So? There were three of them, they were armed and there was only one dog. One good blow, and it's game over for Fido.

So long as they observe course safety & shout 'Fore!'...

"He meant it as well."

Good for him!