Saturday, 8 July 2017

"I'm Sorry, Madam, Your Get Out Of Jail Free Card Has Been Declined."

A mother-of-two caught smuggling drugs to prisoners was today starting a jail sentence after top judges ruled that parenthood cannot be a “trump card” for criminals.
Prison officer Safak Sinem Bozkurt, 28, sneaked £11,700 of cannabis in her bra, plus mobile phones and SIM cards, past security at the young offender institution where she worked.
She was given a two-year suspended sentence at Southwark crown court after pleading with the judge not to jail her because she is a mother. However, following a challenge by Solicitor General Robert Buckland QC, Court of Appeal judges have ruled the sentence was too lenient and Bozkurt should be jailed for two years and eight months.
Heh! Why did dhe do it, anyway?
Bozkurt, from Islington, was caught out during a staff search at Isis young offender institution in Thamesmead in July last year. She was found to have 117g of cannabis in her bra, as well as mobile phones, SIM cards and charging cables stuffed into her waistband.
She had been offered £1,000 per consignment of smuggled goods, and agreed because she needed to clear debts and pay for the criminology masters degree she was studying.
Bozkurt was allowed to go home after the hearing last Thursday week and told to report to jail today to start her sentence.
I wonder if she actually turned up?


Ted Treen said...

Become a criminal to pay for a degree in criminology? I'm just surprised she didn't claim it was the practical exercise of the course.

Ted Treen said...

Is it the edition for East European 'newcomers'?

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