Saturday 30 October 2021

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Ooh, triple treat this month: 

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Mark Wadsworth on journalistic comprehension failure: 

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Longrider on bringing sense to the nonsensical:
"I’m aware that there is this new thing that we are supposed to put aside our sexual attractions to accommodate trans people. Owen Jones (he of Grauniad fame) has penned articles accusing us of being transphobic (there’s no such thing, Ed) if we declined. He has also regaled us for not wanting to date black people although if we do, that’s appropriation or something. Either way, whichever way you jump you are racist, but that’s another story. This is just the next step, I suppose. A lesbian is what would best be described as super gay in that she is attracted to women – that is, biological women, not women with penises and not women with inverted penises. You cannot legislate for sexual preference. And that preference is hard wired."
And LegIron on being fair to...Alec Baldwin?!
"So while I don’t think Alec Baldwin should get off scot free – he did kill someone, after all – I can see mitigating circumstances around the case. He was an idiot to point his gun at someone even though he thought it only contained blanks, but he was acting on a film set and had no reason to believe the gun contained anything but blanks. He is anti-gun so it’s reasonable to assume he has no real idea about gun safety. He’s an actor so probably has little idea about the real world at all."

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A double header this month! 

Al Jahom finds shenanigans going on at Norton. And Longrider finds some of our intellectually-challenged folk...

How Many People Have Rude Words Killed, Brendan?

Brendan Cox on the Sir David Amess murder:
...terrorists and hostile states aren’t the only threat to democracy. In fact, they probably aren’t even the most potent. Polarisation, the dehumanisation of our opponents and less social contact between people with different views and backgrounds undermine democracy even more.

He doesn't seem to be in agreement with the rest of the 'An Islamic terrorist killed an MP, so let's ban anonymity on the Internet' crowd. But he's got a hard row to hoe: 

We may not be able to stop extremists from committing horrific acts, but can we strengthen our democratic culture in other ways? I think the answer to this is yes. And not only that, I think those of us on the left have a particular responsibility.
The first thing we can do is to try to see our opponent’s arguments in their best light.


Second, we should stop dehumanising and assuming the worst of our opponents.


None of this will stop attacks like the one on Friday. But they are things that we on the left can do to help build a stronger democratic culture.

Looking at the Left that you're demanding this from, all I can say is 'Good luck'!... 

Friday 29 October 2021

"We are aware of video footage relating to this incident circulating on social media and ask..."

"...that this footage is not shared further to avoid us becoming even more of a laughing stock than we are already."
Video being shared online shows a female officer screaming after she is hit by a black 4x4 Range Rover chasing down robbery suspects in Mitcham at 10am on Tuesday. She yells in pain as she is wedged between the back of another police car and an oncoming vehicle as it comes to a stop.

The oncoming vehicle being driven of her colleagues!  

A Met spokesman said: “During the operation a police officer was injured in a traffic collision involving a police vehicle. The injured officer was taken to hospital for treatment to injuries that are not life threatening.
“We are aware of video footage relating to this incident circulating on social media and ask that this footage is not shared further to avoid compromising the ongoing investigation.”

Yeah, I'm sure that's your primary concern... 

Does This Sound Like Someone Who Should Have A Driving Licence?

John Nixon, in mitigation, said the defendant had some learning difficulties and needed the support of his family to help him with the Probation Service.
Judge Smith said: "You appear to have a problem with people in authority, you are very close to receiving a prison sentence."

Not bloody close enough, clearly! 

"I need some more information about you and I need to see whether or not you can be given a suspended sentence for this offence. I am deferring sentence in your case, I am putting it off until January."

Wouldn't it be terrible if his next victim is a judge? 

Thursday 28 October 2021

It's Become A Political Organisation, So Why Is This A Surprise?

Oxfam, which campaigns to end poverty and improve women’s rights, told The Mail on Sunday last night it had cleared the game from its shelves after transgender staff complained it was ‘offensive’.
It added: ‘We took the decision to remove the game from sale following concerns raised by trans and non-binary colleagues who told us it didn’t live up to our commitment to respect people of all genders.’


Women criticised the decision, including Labour MP Rosie Duffield MP, who decided not to attend her party conference last month after receiving threats from trans activists for insisting that ‘only women have a cervix’.
‘I am disappointed Oxfam considers taking a political view of gender identity politics more important than raising as much money as possible for those most in need,’ she said.
‘The track record of some charities with regards to women’s rights has been far from good, and discriminating against some women due to their beliefs will do nothing to repair that.’

'Their beliefs' being in basic human biology. 

Ms Bindel also suspects Oxfam feared a backlash because Canadian actor Elliot Page, who now identifies as a ‘transgender guy’, is pictured in the game as Ellen Page, having been born a girl.

And remaining a girl, no matter what surgery is carried out, or what laws are passed to provide bits of paper claiming otherwise. 

Certificates, Eh?

Remember this

Three shops in Barking and Dagenham failed test purchases after signing up to a scheme encouraging retailers to sell knives responsibly.
Several businesses in Barking and Dagenham have been given certificates to show that they have agreed to abide by the terms of the agreement, including Freshco Cash and Carry in Chadwell Heath.

Worthless bit of paper. Hard to believe that didn't keep people safe... 

Wednesday 27 October 2021

Maybe Keir Could Pull Some Strings...

...and get her a part in an Alec Baldwin movie before she drags the Labour name even further through the mud?
A former Labour MP facing jail for threatening to throw acid over a suspected love rival reportedly told her supporters: 'I am a black woman in a white court.'

/facepalm a message apparently sent to her supporters before the verdict, the MP – who denied the harassment claims – said: 'I am a black woman in a white court, facing a white system and white prosecutors.
'I have been deliberately targeted because I am vulnerable.'
It continued: 'I know first-hand the sexism and racism institutions and media use to vilify black women.'
Ms Webbe, who plans to appeal against her conviction, declined to comment yesterday.
There's not enough popcorn in the world...


Fighting Back...

Lisa Keogh, 29, was investigated by Abertay University in Dundee after classmates complained that she made 'inappropriate comments' during a seminar which 'could be construed as discriminatory'.
What awful thing did she say? Simply biological fact: women have vaginas.
But after a two-month probe, which took place while the mother of two underwent her final year exams this year, the university's disciplinary board decided not to uphold the misconduct charge against her after finding there was no evidence that she had discriminated against anyone.

And - at last! - she's not content to leave it there. She's taking the fight back to the wokesters. 

In a series of tweets today, the mature student announced that she is now seeking compensation from Abertay University for the 'stress caused at the most crucial part of my university career'.
MailOnline can also reveal that Miss Keogh's legal team, MML Legal Dundee, believe that the university is in breach of the Equality Act 2010 by pursuing her for 'expressing her gender critical beliefs'.


Tuesday 26 October 2021

When You Start To Meddle With The Stats, The Government Doesn't Like It...

...because they consider it their job:
Home Secretary Priti Patel has ordered ‘woke’ police forces to stop recording offences by trans women in female crime statistics.
Home Office officials are working with police forces on a new procedure for officers to record the sex of criminals to ensure crime statistics are ‘more accurate’.

Nice timing, Priti! You've headed a potential scandal off at the pass:

City firms have been wrapped up in an equality row after it was revealed diversity proposals will allow companies to include transgender women in their gender roll calls.
Equality targets will require more than a thousand of Britain's biggest companies to close the gender pay gap.
But the proposals define a woman the same way as LGBTQ campaign group Stonewall rather than the way gender is usually recognised under UK law.

Stonewall again! They seem to be the ones peering back every time a corner of the rug is lifted, lately... 

...concerns have also been raised about the role of FCA executive director Sheldon Mills, a solicitor from Cardiff, who helped draft the policy.
Mr Mills also acts as chairman of trustees at Stonewall and helped draft the diversity targets in the Listing Rules, which require companies to record the percentage of female staff in senior board positions based on their self-identification rather than legal sex.

And this is why. Because they are everywhere.  


This Has To Stop...

Michelle has reported the incident to Greater Manchester Police but was told that because the dog attacked another animal it will not be treated as a criminal offence.
In a message, police told her: "Thank you for your report and I'm sorry that you had to go through that.
"Unfortunately dog v dog attacks are not considered a crime in the UK at this present time.
"However, I asked the neighbourhood policing team to have a look into this due to the owners not having the dog on a lead in a public place where children may be."


I think when a young girl is curled up in a fetal position on the floor due to her fear and distress at the attack, that qualifies, doesn't it?

When are they going to start taking this seriously and doing the job they are paid to do, using the new beefed-up laws that they demanded?


Monday 25 October 2021

It Reads Like The Plot Of The Latest Autumn TV Drama Show...

...but it's not:
The grieving mother of a gifted teenage footballer knocked down and killed by a driver has accused police of a cover-up after turning detective and discovering the motorist had links to the force that investigated her son's death.

Jesus wept! How can this not be a conflict of interest?

Before his trial, Ms Milligan heard rumours that Harwood was a director and shareholder of HB Panelcraft, a major vehicle repair company in Preston, and that the firm had a £280,000 contract to repair Lancashire Police vehicles.
Ms Milligan says a police family liaison officer denied there was any connection between the force and Mr Harwood and suggested the stress of her son's death was causing her to believe 'tittle-tattle' and that she should seek medical help.

I believe the term for that is 'gaslighting'. But that only works if the evidence isn't publically available to all... 

She took photographs of Lancashire Police vehicles on the forecourt of HB Panelcraft's repair shop and videos of them on the back of the firm's breakdown trucks.
Ms Milligan says she confronted the family liaison officer with her evidence, who accepted the force did indeed have a contract with the company.

So, they lied. Isn't that misconduct in public office? 

Last month an inquest into Dylan's death was halted after a coroner referred the case back to the Director of Public Prosecutions to consider prosecuting Harwood for manslaughter by gross negligence.

There's more than just Harwood should be in the dock, isn't there? 

If It's Necessary, Why Don't You Give It?

The magistrate deemed a prison sentence was necessary due to previous convictions and the ‘element of planning’ that had gone into the theft.

Right, so that means he's finally going to chokey? 

Lawrence, of West Road, was handed an eight-week prison sentence, suspended for 18 months when appearing at Southend Magistrates Court last week.


Saturday 23 October 2021

Too Chicken To Make It 'Consecutive', Judge Poulet?

Judge Rebecca Poulet QC jailed Hand for life with a minimum term of 30 years. She told him: “Both of your victims were known to you but your terrible actions remain motiveless and unexplained.
“This court knows nothing of what triggered your conduct save only that you have been addicted to heroin for the last 11 years.”

Like that's not a cause... 

“This terrible offence took place just one month after you had been released on bail as you awaited trial in respect of a brutal attack on Graeme Bennett, a man who had been your good friend after 24 years.”
She sentenced Hand to a further 22 years for attempted murder and one year for having an axe, all to run concurrently with the life term.

Why? Did she not have the option of ordering them to run consecutively? 

Or is this just another example of the excessive leniency shown to recidivist criminals all day and every day? 

Mr Bennett, 43, who had invited Hand to help him hang some pictures, was struck twice to the head, fracturing his skull, and once on the left wrist.
Mr Cray said: “This was a vicious attack by the defendant that Mr Bennett was lucky to have survived.” Despite incriminating forensic evidence, the defendant again denied being responsible.
Hand was arrested and charged on January 30 and remanded into custody. But he was released on bail after a hearing at the Old Bailey on July 22 2020.

I note they haven't given us the name of the judge who let him go free... 

Report To The Star Chamber Immediately!

While DeKnight stopped short of calling Cebulski racist, he tweeted it did show a 'deep lack of ethics' for the top editors at Marvel Comics.
The 57-year-old offered up a suggestion to his now-former boss, saying Cebulski should reach out to the Asian community and have a 'truly honest discussion' about the controversy.
'At the very least, I think Cebulski needs to sit down with representatives from the Asian community and have a truly honest discussion about his actions,' he tweeted.
His actions? He used a Japanese pseudonym twenty years ago

And I bet a lot of people are saying 'So what?' (OK, maybe not Spanish feminists, but who cares what they say anyway?).
Marvel did provide the outlet a statement from 2017 when the initial controversy first took place.
'I'm truly sorry for the pain, anger, and disappointment I caused over my poor choice of pseudonym,' Cebulski said. 'That was never my intention. Throughout my career in anime, manga, and comics, I’ve made it a point to listen and learn from my mistakes, which is exactly what I’ve been trying to do with this misstep.'
However, DeKnight was dismissive of Cebulski's apology, claiming the issue is far more complex than just him adopting a Japanese pseudonym.
'Personally, I’m not looking to destroy the guy's life. But I also don’t think he's fit to be the editor-in-chief, either,' he added on Twitter.
I wonder if all those trans nutters will use this as another reason to attack their hated enemy Robert Galbraith..?

Friday 22 October 2021

'We Demand More Representation Of Ethnic Minorities!'

"No, not like that!" 

A police force has apologised for using an image of a black person dealing drugs on a campaign leaflet.
On Saturday, Cumbria police issued the following statement, saying their choice of image was 'poor'.
To be fair, in Cumbia, it probably isn't reflective of the situation! London, Liverpool, Birmingham, however...

Perhaps Stevenage Should Twin With Tehran?

A police officer Tasered an 'old' shoplifter twice before leaving him a bloodied mess by 'stamping' on his back yesterday.
Hertfordshire Police said he was treated for a 'minor cut' and later discharged with no serious injuries. The force added that 'a physical altercation occurred and the man reportedly took the PC’s body worn video camera and damaged it by throwing it to the floor'.
The man was arrested on suspicion of assault on a police officer and criminal damage. He remains in custody.

Cue predictable outrage from passers by: 

Mr Symonds, a car transporter, called the response 'disgusting'. He said: 'The bloke clearly wasn't a strong old man. There was no active violence from him whatsoever.'

He was clearly failing to obey their instructions and they'd already tried PAVA spray - should they have waded in with batons instead?

Or...there's another option: 

The footage, taken at an unknown location in Tehran, shows the woman - with her head exposed - being wrangled by security officers into the side of a van.
One female officer, who is fully veiled, can be seen grabbing the woman's hair while another holds her arm and a third drags her using what appears to be a dog snare.
The woman is then bundled into the van, hitting her head against the roof in the process, before the door is shut and the vehicle moves away.

It'll be a bit hard to put them on the utility belt, but who could object? 

Thursday 21 October 2021

Once Is Happenstance, Twice Is Coincidence...

The horrified driver tried to stop the truck as he chased it down Borron Street in Port Dundas, around one mile north of Glasgow's city centre. Footage shows him frantically opening the door to try to climb inside and clinging on until he is thrown to the ground.
No one was hurt in the accident but five cars were damaged, including one which was written off.
What is it with bin lorries in Glasgow? How do they even get insurance?!?

Oh, Irony, How I Love You...

A bus worker said: “The driver sent out a message saying there was a person injured and that they feared for the safety of themselves and other passengers. They weren’t injured themselves but that help was needed. Armed police came as well as British Transport Police with dogs. It was a scene of carnage.”
Officers attended and found a 34-year-old man suffering from stab injuries.

All part and parcel, eh, Mayor Khan? But wait, there's more! 

The bus is a specially commissioned double decker which has the ‘Spirit of London’ written on it in memory of the passengers killed on a bus in the 7/7 terror attacks.
Local resident Anton Marshall, 52, said: “It’s a sad irony I’m afraid.”

Isn't it just? 

Wednesday 20 October 2021

It's Not 'The Fans', Though, Is It?

Wasps have asked the Rugby Football Union (RFU) and Premiership Rugby to review the wearing of Native American headdresses by Exeter Chief fans, describing it as ‘cultural appropriation’.
The Coventry-based club, which will host Exeter Chiefs this weekend, was responding to an open letter from its own fan club when it raised the issue on its website.

Well, if the fans don't like it, they could always not turn up for the match?  

Headdresses have been worn by Exeter fans since the club first rebranded as the Chiefs in 1999.
In a statement released yesterday Wasps said the practice 'doesn't align with our values'.

Who cares? Maybe it aligns with your opponent's values? But I can understand if it truly is the entire fan base that's objecting. 

It is, isn't it? 

An open letter from Wasps supporter and Alex Chinery called for action on ‘one of rugby’s most prominent examples of cultural appropriation’.

Ah. No. Of course not. It's just one chippy little virtue signaller who can be safely ignored. And as Fahrenheit211 points out, should be ignored, for the good of society.

Well, Why Not, There's Plenty Of Free Time In The Teaching Curriculum...

Children need to be taught how to treat illnesses themselves in an effort to ease GP workloads, NHS bosses say.
One includes the 'Dr Me' programme, which sees children given an hour lesson by medical students on self-care techniques and 'appropriate use of NHS services' for problems such as vomiting and diarrhoea.
And if that hour has to be taken away from teaching them to write properly, well, they can always be doctors when they grow up!

Tuesday 19 October 2021

Open Defiance

Doctors have launched a revolt against Sajid Javid's orders for them to see more patients face to face, with hundreds of GPs told to 'ignore' the guidelines.
Who's telling them this?
A letter from the head of the local medical committee (LMC) which represents the area's GPs, said it 'advises all practices not to participate in any aspect of these proposals'.
It claimed the Government's £250million support package aimed at helping patients was 'politically motivated' and 'panders to popular campaigns in sections of the Press'.
I said at the time that the right way to do this was not to offer the greedy bastards more money, it was to cut the money of those refusing to do what they are paid for. 

I was right. 
Last night patient campaigners condemned the 'arrogant' move and said the Government 'cannot allow this sort of anarchy to prevail'.
It can't. So what are you going to do, Sajid? Are you man, or mouse?

The Courage Of Her Convictions...

In the 18-minute call, which was played in full to the jury, Jackson can be heard calmly telling the operator her husband is “moaning on the kitchen floor”, adding: “He’s got some holes in him.”
She went on: “He deserves everything he getsI’ll accept everything that’s coming my way”.

Will you?  

Christopher Quinlan QC, prosecuting, said Jackson claimed her husband was “abusive, coercive and controlling.” Quinlan told the jury they would hear about difficulties in the Jacksons’ relationship.
Jackson denies murder. The trial, which is expected to last three weeks, continues.

Guess not! 

Monday 18 October 2021

Apart From The Axe, You Mean..?

...and his refusal to drop it and surrender after four Taser shots had no effect?

She said: “It has been incredibly difficult for us to hear and see all the evidence. There was nothing to suggest that Lewis was aggressive or dangerous on that day,” she said.

What the hell were the police supposed to do when summoned by 999 calls about a man with an axe in the street? 

Humberside police said it was “disappointed” with the jury’s conclusion and described the incident as a “split-second decision to protect the public”.

And I commend them for it. Some jury decisions are just perverse. If even the rabid IOPC couldn't find that the officers had acted unlawfully, how could they have reached this conclusion? 

"In light of the IOPC's full and independent investigation, which came to very different conclusions to those of the jury, in that, they found that no police officers had either committed a criminal offence or behaved in a manner which would justify disciplinary proceedings, we now await further directions from the IOPC."

It's a baffling verdict. God forbid it makes the next armed officer facing a danger to the public hesitate. 

But if it does, I really hope the danger in question is headed straight for a relative of one of the jury members...

Why Did It Go To Trial In The First Place?

A Metropolitan Police officer has been cleared of causing the death by dangerous driving of an 18-year-old man during a high-speed chase.
He had this hanging over him for five years. The jury must have had a long deliberation to m... 

The jury returned its not guilty verdict after deliberating for one hour and 20 minutes.

Why did it ever go to trial? The police have been here before, after all.  

Saturday 16 October 2021

If It Wasn't For Double Standards, He Wouldn't Have Any At All...

London's inclusive Mayor:
London's famous riverside New Year's Eve fireworks display has been cancelled for a second year because of "uncertainties caused by Covid".
Explaining why this year's event was also being cancelled, a spokesperson for the mayor said: "Due to the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, our world-famous New Year's Eve display will not be held on the banks of the Thames this year.
"Last year's successful show took place in a slightly different way due to the pandemic, and this year a number of exciting new options are being considered as part of our New Year's Eve celebrations in London."
Also London's inclusive Mayor:


Muggers And Junkies Were Bad Enough, Now I Might Have To Worry About Springheel Jack!

Young people may be nudged into carrying knives by the police, research has found, as a new count showed the Metropolitan police circulated more than 2,100 images of seized knives on Twitter in a year.

God, I hope that's just another useless bit of 'research' by some bunch of wacademics. Because.... 

Plenty pointed out this was incapable of being fired, but being the Internet, the mocking was swift, savage and merciless:

But this just reinforces my long held belief that for the modern police farce, Twitter is Kryptonite...

Friday 15 October 2021

‘I had been under the impression that criticism of politicians was allowed in a democracy.’

I know how you feel, sweetie. 

I'd been under the impression that Cambridge academics were learned people worthy of respect, not chippy little racists who scream like stuck pigs when the methods they employ are used against them...
Last night Professor Gopal (Ed: yes, this one!) appealed to Michelle Donelan, the universities minister, saying her free speech had been curtailed. The request appeared to reference the Government’s new free speech bill, which will stop ‘no- platforming’ at universities.
She asked the minister on Twitter: ‘I’ve had a routine speaking engagement cancelled at short notice following pressure from a partisan campaign group. I know and deeply believe you to care about such gross infringements of academic freedom. Please help?’

Oh boy, and there's a HGV shortage too...

 I think this needs to be on permanent duty...

The wonder isn't, of course, that's she's been hastily disinvited; it's that she was invited in the first place, since she's notorious and has been for years...

Or perhaps to the civil servant who put her name forward, that was the whole point?

In Our Topsy Turvey World, Would Anyone Bet They Wouldn't Win?

Claire Vickers, 46, and her friend Barry Douglas, 44, were stuck on a slide for two hours after breaking into Aldershot Lido when it was closed.
Claire shattered her ankle and Barry broke both of his ankles and fibular, reports the Mirror.
Gran Claire also had her shin bone poking out of her leg after the pair got drunk, broke into the lido and decided to go down the slide, nor realising there was a metal barrier placed at the exit.

And let that be a lesson to you, eh? 

But wait! What's the lesson again? 

While no police action was taken against either Claire or Barry, he suggested that there should have been "better security" at the waterpark.
He also said that it was "too easy to get into" and warned that they may be taking "legal action" against the Lido.

Ah, yes. 'Where there's blame, there's a claim'... 

H/T: Peter W via email

Thursday 14 October 2021

Well, Here's An Answer To Our Impending 'Promising Footballer' Shortage...

After all, we'll soon run out if this keeps up...
Dozens of Afghan girl footballers and their families have been told they will be resettled in the UK.
The group of 135 girls and young women, their families and coaches, are in Lahore after they were helped by a British aid group to escape the Taliban, who threatened to kill them for playing sport.

Though I'm not sure it's much of an improvement... 

Sui-Anne Marie Gill, CEO of the ROKiT Foundation who supported their escape from Afghanistan, welcomed the news.
“These young sportswomen and their families are so thrilled to have been given a second chance in life, here in the home of football. The next step is to settle them into their new home. We will do all we can to support them in this process, and the communities that welcome them.”

What about the communities that don't 'welcome them', Sui-Anne? 

Not that you'll be living in those communities, perish the thought... 

Oh, What A Tangled Webbe We Weave...

...when first we practice to deceive

Warning her that she could face jail when she is sentenced next month, chief magistrate Paul Goldspring told the court that her convoluted explanations ‘didn’t bear a ring or note of truth’.
'In short, I found Ms Webbe to be vague, inconsistent and at times illogical in her account. It was shaped around the overwhelming evidence against her. She could not honestly answer and ultimately I found her to be untruthful.’

And that's despite glowing references from, errr, Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Diane Abbott. 

 Order me two!

Wednesday 13 October 2021

A Breath Of Fresh Air...?

Targets and quotas have been relied upon too much to help people from poorer backgrounds instead of promoting 'equality of opportunity', Liz Truss says.

Good lord, she actually sounds like a real Conservative! How did that happen? 

Foreign Secretary and equalities minister Ms Truss is aiming to 'refocus the Government's social mobility work' on tackling the gaps in 'education, employment and enterprise' between the South East of England and rest of the UK. She has now tasked the conservative headteacher Katharine Birbalsingh, who leads the Michaela Community School in north London, with tackling the 'soft bigotry of low expectations', The Telegraph reports.

And we know she's on a winner, because this headteacher is upsetting all the right people: 

Earlier this year, Ms Birbalsingh took a swipe at at 'woke culture' for 'mercilessly attacking' black conservatives who 'dare to think for themselves'.
She said: 'It is always acceptable in our woke culture of 2021 to mercilessly attack black conservatives.
'They have 'betrayed' their leftist masters by daring to think for themselves, when they should be grateful.
'THAT is institutionalised/cultural racism. And it is everywhere.'

Hear hear!  

Finally, The Courts Get Tough...

A dog owner has slammed an order to destroy his two French bulldogs after they bit a woman passing his home.
Roxy and Kilo, who belong to John Gizzi, were ordered to be destroyed by a judge at Llandudno Magistrates Court on Monday.
But Gizzi, a convicted former gangster, called the destruction order "barbaric" and “ridiculously harsh” and said he will appeal.

Hmmm, is his former 'occupation' the reason why are the courts are taking such a tough line, when they usually err on the side of excessive leniency? 

Gizzi insisted that the electric gates at his home in St Asaph where the woman was bitten are always closed when not in use, but said some bars have been bent by would-be intruders.
He said the £3,000 compensation was excessive because the wounds were minor, according to his lawyer in court.

What a charmer... 

Since the court case, a petition to save the animals has been set up by supporters. It received 100 signatures in 16 minutes, said Gizzi.

From Mr M Maus and Mr D Duk, I expect... 

Tuesday 12 October 2021

Maybe We Should Get The Taxpayer's View On 'Cheating'..?

A 24-year-old care-leaver who has been stuck in mouse-infested, damp-ridden temporary accommodation for three years feels she has been “cheated out of the system.”

She's 24? When did she leave care? And what has she done with her life since? 

Bianca Littlejohn was moved by Lewisham Council to a multiple occupancy property with her seven-year-old daughter on Inchmery Road, Catford, in 2018 after being evicted from a housing association flat for failure to pay arrears in 2018.

Ah. Of course. Breed on the taxpayer's dime.  

As a care-leaver under 25, she received guidance from a personal advisor, who instructed her to apply for housing directly through the council. Ms Littlejohn believes she was improperly advised, and could have instead applied for housing through social services, which would have meant her status as a care-leaver was taken into account.

If she's aware of the rules, why does she need an adviser? 

"I know other people who've been given as second chance under social services," Ms Littlejohn said. "I should have been, and I haven’t."

One might say that your second chance has come and gone. You squandered it when you failed to pay your rent. 


What's 'Beyond Understanding' Isn't The Attack...

Judge Christine Laing QC told Rouf she had no doubt he was a danger to women before sending him to prison on an extended sentence of 15 years.
Rouf knew better than most the effect sulphuric acid would have on the body, the judge said, adding that the attack was beyond understanding.

It's that you think that after 15 years he won't still be a danger to women... 

Monday 11 October 2021

This Is Why Lazy, Irresponsible Police Farces Need To Take Dog-On-Dog Attacks Seriously...

...the attack continued despite his desperate efforts, and he suffered severe bite wounds to his hands and arms trying to fend them off.
Izzy’s cries were heard by residents, one of whom hit the dogs with a stick to try and stop the attack but with no effect.

Pity no-one in the area had an axe.  

Police officers quickly arrived and managed to the get the dogs off, and a dog handler was able to contain them.

An ARV would have 'contained them' a hell of a lot better... 

Izzy’s owner received first aid by paramedics before being taken to hospital for treatment.
An officer rushed Izzy to a vets, she was then taken to a specialist vets, but died the next day from her severe injuries.

At least arrests were made, this time...

The English bull terriers had escaped from an insecure garden in Alfreton Road. Tomasz and Magdalena Adamowicz, aged 41 and 38, pleaded guilty to two counts of being the owner/person in charge of a dog dangerously out of control causing injury.

And what punishment do the owners get? Sod all: 

Appearing at Nottingham Crown Court on Thursday, September, 30, they were both given eight-month prison sentences, suspended for 18 months, and ordered to pay £4,700 compensation. The court ordered the dogs to be destroyed.
The attack happened on October 3. Unless there's been an error, or British courts are capable of time travel, these useless mutts have been languishing at Her Majesty's pleasure for over a year...
Police Constable Ryan Lewis, from Nottinghamshire Police, said: “This was an extremely distressing incident for all those involved and who saw this attack which resulted in a dog dying from its injuries and her brave owner suffering severe injuries.”

Well, PC Lewis, I guess no-one could have forese...


“The owners of these dogs were previously issued with a community protection warning in June 2020 following a report of a dog-on-dog attack involving their dogs.
“They were warned to keep their dogs under control, muzzled and within the boundaries of their garden but both accepted their garden had not been properly secured since this previous incident.”

Because when owners of known vicious dogs are issued with conditions, no one checks

So stop issuing conditions, go straight to destriuction orders and then maybe elderly men can walk their labradors in peace, and not wind up in hospital. 

We're Going To Run Out Of Promising Footballers At This Rate!

The fatal crash occurred as Pc Paul Summerson, 44, pursued former youth footballer Lewis Johnson, 18, and his pillion passenger Louis Kyriacou, 18, through Stoke Newington on the morning of February 9 2016.

Five years ago...? 

The court heard police believed that Mr Johnson and Mr Kyriacou were involved in a "smash and grab" theft in the area.

Ah, well, if they'd stopped and explained themselves, he'd still be alive now... 

As he fled from the police car, Mr Johnson also drove in between traffic and even on to a footpath, the jury heard. Summerson's BMW had its flashing lights and a siren on during the pursuit, the court was told.

No excuses. That the cop is being prosecuted for this is inexcusable.  

The chase moved from Stoke Newington through Stamford Hill and on to Clapton Common road, where it caused a panel van to move out of the way, Mr Sandiford told the court.
But the court heard the van drove directly into the path of Mr Johnson's vehicle and collided with it, causing the moped to spin into a pole on the side of the road - killing Mr Johnson and seriously injuring his passenger.

 All I have to say on this 'tragic event'

Saturday 9 October 2021

Can Anyone In Cleveland Police Read..?

Allison, who also lives in Stockton, contacted Cleveland Police about the incident on her parent's behalf.
She said she was told by the force that the dog responsible was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the case would be closed as they don't believe the dog responsible was from a breed banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

It doesn't have to be, according to the beefed up DDA that the police whined for in order to be able to act:


Colin, who is currently in the Lake District with his wife, added: "I know what a Staffy looks like, they were not Staffies. They were white and their ears were standing up.
"I think the police could be doing more. This is the worst thing I have ever seen in my life, I never want to see it again."

 Gosh! Sure sounds like you would have been put in fear, which is covered by that beefed up DDA:

So what have the lazy incompetents at Cleveland nick got to say for themselves?

A force spokesperson said: “Our Dog Legislation Officer has spoken at length with Poppy’s owner and family and after seeing the dog, has explained that it is not a breed banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act.
"We know how distressing these dog-on-dog incidents are for people and know that owners expect that we can always take action, however officers can only make decisions on what it (sic) set out in the legislation, looking at the circumstances of the incident and an assessment of the dog said to be responsible.”

Well, there you go, I've clipped the appropriate bits out for you. Could someone read them - slowly, if necessary - to the Dog Legislation Officer, who doesn't appear to know his actual job? 

Overpaid, Overindulged And Over Here...

A teenage 'Mr Hyde' who blacked out while attacking three police officers, a nurse and a security guard and trashing a Worcester hospital cubicle has been described as...

A liability? 

...both 'vulnerable' and 'brave'.

Oh. I suppose I should have expected that, these days... 

Fergus Maxwell, defending, said: "This is a young lady who is 19 years old. This is her first encounter with the criminal justice system in the US or England. It would be fair to say she has never behaved in this manner previously."

So why is she behaving like it now? 

Brought up in Florida, he said she had a difficult relationship with her mother in the US, finished high school and 'got involved with an undesirable young man' and began using drugs, specifically heroin. She flew from Orlando to Heathrow to become part of her father's family in Droitwich but 'wasn't made to feel particularly welcome', said the solicitor.

Gosh, that's hardly surprising, is it? 

Magistrates imposed a 12 month community order to include 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days with an exclusion requirement not to attend her father's address at Woodmans Rise in Droitwich for the next six months.
Mr Shadwell, the chairman of the bench, said: "What we wanted to do was give all the parties compensation but there's a recognition you have got no money."

I'm surprised you didn't award the poor little lamb some money from the poor box to pay it... 

They also made no order for costs and did not impose the statutory victim surcharge for the same reason. The court had earlier been told that Knight was not claiming UK benefits.

Is that out of the goodness of her heart, or because she's ineligible?  

Friday 8 October 2021

The Immediacy Of Twitter...

Sometimes, it's best to wait a few minutes...

Just Another Day In The 'Nam...

This is the shocking moment a road rage brawl was caught on camera, showing a man chasing a car driver with a large spade and smashing in his back window.
The violent altercation, that is believed to have taken place in Dagenham, east London, this morning, was caught on camera and posted to social media.

Why is it 'shocking'? It's becoming quite normal these days. 

It is not yet known what sparked the road rage incident...


Thursday 7 October 2021

You Missed Something Out, Didn't You?

Speaking on behalf of his daughter, Bryant's niece, he said: 'This may have just been another black man dying in controversial circumstances but to us he was just another son, brother, father and uncle.'
And armed robber.
'Throughout Shane's life there were times where he was misunderstood.'
Like when he dragged a female member of staff away from the counter at the Co-op store and forced them to open the safe?
'He was an energetic, upbeat, imaginative and creative individual.'
Does it take a lot of creativity to rob a Co-op then?
'It is very hard for us to understand why Shane got involved in the crime at the Co-op at the time of his death.'
Because he was criminal scum.
'As a family, there was no doubt in our mind that Shane should have been arrested for his crime, he should have ended up in prison for his crime, but he should not have ended up in a coffin.'
That was his choice.

It's Not A Pick And Mix, Ian... can't choose only the bits you like:
Ian West, for Johnson, said despite the breach, the defendant had otherwise complied with the order made in May, attending all but one of 25 probation appointments.
Hmm, so, what was the breach? Oh, just a little matter of possessing equipment capable of accessing the Internet and not telling police about it.
Police visited him at his home and despite his claim that he had no internet accessing device, an X-Box was found in a bedroom.
He was taken to a police station made no comment when questioned, but his ex-partner told officers he had been contacting her by social media via a phone for months.


Recorder Simon Kealey QC told Johnson it was a “clear breach” of the order imposed only months earlier. He activated 18-moths (sic) of the suspended sentence and added six months for breaching the SHPO, making a total two-year prison sentence.
Johnson was reminded he will remain subject to the ten-year SHPO and sex offender registration.

The British Justice system doesn't like scofflaws.  

Wednesday 6 October 2021

Musical Interlude - October:"I wanted to marry her when I saw the moonlight shining on the barrel of her father's shotgun."

Another real classic here. It's 'Oklahoma' (a state I've had the great pleasure of visiting, incidentally). And it's one that probably everyone knows at least one song from, and the opener really sets the tone. 

It's the incomparable Gordon MacRae:  

"Not Fair, The Police Are Treating Us Equally!"

Criminal justice solutions that were purported to address gendered violence have only made matters worse for many women.
Says who? Well, Aviah Day, who is apparently a lecturer in criminology at Birkbeck, University of London. So she must know her stuff? 

Oh, wait, she's also 'an activist fighting gendered and state violence'.
Sadiq Khan’s response to the Sabina Nessa case has been to revive proposals to make misogyny a hate crime, but we already have laws against harassment and assault, and they have done nothing to stem gendered violence. What’s more, the additional police powers and longer sentences that promised to tackle gendered violence have backfired spectacularly – women are being criminalised by the same measures that were introduced to protect them.

Ummm, how so?  

In recent decades responses to domestic violence have favoured carceral (prison) over community solutions resulting in a rise in women being locked up.

Ah! But...surely they will only be locked up if they've done something wrong? Very wrong, since the tag 'pussy pass' exists on the blog for good reason? 

My own research has found that the increased presence of police in women’s lives has made it more likely they will be arrested, through perpetrators manipulating the system...

Eh..? How are they doing that, then? Surely she couldn't mean that men are pointing out the times they were attacked, and expecting equal justice? No! Perish the thought... 

...or police targeting women for unrelated matters such as immigration enforcement.

Ah, you mean 'doing their job'..? 

A 2018 freedom of information request found that more than half of all police forces in England and Wales have a record of arresting domestic and sexual violence survivors who have insecure immigration status.

By 'insecure immigration status', does she really mean 'women who shouldn't be in the country at all', perchance? 

Women should be allowed the right to protest against this system – a right that the “kill the bill” movement is fighting to preserve in the face of the extraordinary police powers proposed in the police, crime, sentencing and courts bill – and should fight for a transition to education and community-based solutions.

Because they've worked so well with other crimes, and with mental illness? 

Only then can we end the cycle of violence.

You'll never end the cycle of violence. It's inherent in humanity. Better you spend your time educating women to check out their partner's criminal history before shacking up with him.  

Agreeing To 'No More Issues' - Yr Doin' It Wrong!

It was agreed with family and friends they would all meet and agree there would be no more issues between the pair.
But instead the teenager got out of the car with a sword and started swinging it around and threatening victims, the court heard.

Oh, well, that didn't go as planned! 

The teenager, who can’t named as he is under 18, is on trial charged with a host of offences in connection with the incident which took place on March 25.

A 'host'..? 

“The defendant led the group to Gardener Avenue, Corringham and he got out the car with a sword and flicked it at the man and cut his chin and cheek and it was quite a serious cut.
“He was singing (sic) the sword around, described as a samurai sword.
“He also hit the man, and a woman and a girl who suffered bruising and swelling to her face.
“He was described as being irate and also rattled and threatening the three victims, while asking the man where his knife was.
“The girl suffered a barrage of punches with about five to the body and one to her face. The man got back in his car and called the police and discovered he was bleeding heavily.”

What a lovely chap! 

Tuesday 5 October 2021

They Are Deprived On Account Of They Are Depraved... paraphrase from one of my favourite movies:
The BBC sports presenter Jason Mohammad has voiced anger at a lack of government help for the Ely estate in Cardiff where he grew up, 30 years after the so-called bread riots erupted in the area.

'Bread riots'..? Were people starving in Ely, then? 

Ely remains among the most deprived areas of Wales in terms of income, employment, health and education, according to the Welsh government, which classes part of the area as suffering among the worst “deep-rooted deprivation” in Wales.

Gosh! Who knew? 

“I feel angry that the Westminster government and the Senedd government haven’t addressed the needs of these people,” Mohammad said. “They’ve cried out for help for years. Sometimes I think no one has listened.”

How have they 'cried out for help', then? 

Mackay said: “It seems cool now to ride a bike around Ely and smash a window. People are filming it on social media and people are becoming famous on LADbible and some of these platforms … The behaviours and attitudes are still in the area.”

Ah. The same way all the other rioters in history have, it seems... 

Asked about Mohammad’s view, Drakeford said that Tony Blair’s government delivered “unprecedented levels of investment in community assets and new economic opportunities for young people”.

But they clearly prefer making arses of themselves to working for a living... 

On The Contrary, Superintendent Emma Garside, It'd Be Very Helpful...

Thames Valley Police have confirmed they have dropped their investigation into a reported rape in Witney.
Extensive searches of the area and a 'thorough examination' of CCTV footage was undertaken by investigators after a woman in her twenties reported being raped in St Mary's churchyard in the early hours of Sunday morning. Police now say they are no longer investigating the case...

And are investigating her instead..? Well.... 

...and that no other investigations will be taking place.

Strange, that. If a crime has been falsely reported, shouldn't the police act? 

Superintendent Emma Garside, Local Policing Commander for Cherwell & West Oxfordshire, said: 'It would not be helpful to speculate as to the reasons of the initial report, but I would like to thank the public and local community for coming forward to support information which supported this investigation.'

Which I'm sure they'll do with the same alacrity next time. Or...will they? 

Monday 4 October 2021

Maybe The Hint Is In The 'Short Periods Of Custody', Recorder Cornell..?

A thug who publicly beat his pregnant girlfriend in the street and flogged her with an electric plug and lead has been sent on a Government programme to help him build 'better relationships'.

Yeah, it's the bloody Minshull Street Crown Court female justice cadre yet again...   

Hibbert, also of Droylsden, had a previous 12-year history of violence towards an ex-partner and loved ones and was said to have 'issues with power and control'.

You don't say..? Well, surely, female judges aren't going to stand for that sort of nonsense. 

Are they? 

In mitigation his lawyer Michael Johnson said: 'This is an extremely unattractive set of offences, committed by a man with an extremely unattractive record for violence.
'But this man has been in custody for over nine months and that’s the equivalent of an 18-month sentence. In terms of punishment, that can be advanced as already being delivered.

Well, that's not the usual excuse, is it..? Ah, but he was just warming up: 

'He has a history of violence at perhaps not the highest level, interrupted by the imposition of prison sentences, which do not seem to have any effect on changing the defendant’s behaviour. He hurts someone. He goes to prison. He comes out. He hurts someone else, and he goes back to prison. It continues. Intervention will assist him and address the issues that mostly underlie this offending.'

You think? Seems to me the problem isn't in the 'going to prison' bit, it's in the 'coming out' bit! 

Sentencing Hibbert the judge Miss Recorder Kate Cornell told him: 'These assaults took place against a background of coercion and a toxic relationship. You are a 30-year-old man with multiple convictions.
'You have a history of domestic issues with a previous partner and family. You struggle to cope with stress and do so through violence. You have issues with power and control. But you have had no intervention from probation for some years and clearly, this has not been helped by short periods of custody.'

So make the next one a longer one... 

Time To Put DEFRA Down Humanely..?

...sources at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs say some animals on the airlift were infected with Brucella canis, a bacterial infection that can cause spontaneous abortions in affected animals – and in rare cases can be passed to humans.

Well, since they are in quarantine, what should that matter? Does DEFRA usually whisper in the ear of tame journalists about the results of their tests?  

A leaked voice message obtained by The Mail on Sunday at the time revealed the behind-the-scenes bitterness over the airlift, with Mr Farthing telling a Ministry of Defence official he would ‘spend the rest of my time f****** destroying’ him if he did not secure clearance for a flight out of the country.

Ah, I see. This is revenge. But surely Pen Farthing has complied with the regulations? 

Reader, of course he has... 

Mr Farthing said: ‘The Nowzad charity has always been fully compliant with the regulations as laid out by Defra for the import of dogs from Afghanistan.
'If further testing is needed currently beyond what is normally required for entry to the UK, then our charity will be more than happy for those tests to be carried out by Defra.
‘We are happy to report the first batch of 12 dogs and two cats were given the all-clear last week. The remainder will continue with their predetermined quarantine as per Defra regulations for entry to the UK.’

So fuck you, DEFRA. You fucked with the wrong Marine. Pick on soft targets you can destroy with impunity in fut...


Saturday 2 October 2021

Another Report Into The Bleeding Obvious...

The long-awaited report argues there is no magic solution which balances the inclusion of trans women in female sport while guaranteeing competitive fairness and safety.

How long did it take for the UK sports councils to reach a conclusion everyone could see was blindingly obvious?  

As things stand, most sports follow the guidelines set by the International Olympic Committee in 2015, which permit trans women to compete in female sport if they suppress their testosterone levels below 10nmol per litre.
However, in August the IOC admitted these rules were “not fit for purpose” and would be revised in the next few months. The five sports councils across the UK go further still by stating that suppressing testosterone for 12 months “cannot guarantee fairness”.
“Rather, there appears to be a retention of physical capacity in transgender people who suppress testosterone from male levels,” it states. “Such physical differences will also impact on safety parameters in sports which are combat, collision or contact in nature.”

Yes, well, any fool can see that.  

And, for the first time, it tells sports across Britain that they will have to choose which to prioritise.

Who is betting that they'll swim against the progressive tide then? Anyone? Bueller? 

Sports are also given three potential paths they might consider. They are prioritising transgender inclusion; protecting the female category by having open and “female-only” categories; establishing new formats by adapting rules to include non-contact versions of team sports so that everyone can play.

So the choices are carry on with the wokeness, don't carry on with the wokeness, or ruin the sport entirely. Hmmm. I'm not a betting woman, luckily.  

Bad News If You're In A Slow-Moving Petrol Queue...

...and a woman walks by:

Ex-Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman has called for kerb crawlers to lose their driving licences and said following women too closely in the street should become a crime.

 Yeah, this is a real mystery, isn't it?

Shouldn't she check with Kier whether that only applies if she has a cervix, though?

Friday 1 October 2021

No Longer 'One Of Us'...

So, a new therapy for autisic children. Good thing, yes?  

What’s exciting about the findings of this study is that the therapy does successfully boost the social development of the children who receive it.
What makes this complicated, however, is that social communication skills are one of the main things measured when someone is assessed for an autism diagnosis. The fact that this therapy boosted those skills meant that children scored lower on those parts of autism assessments, which in turn meant they didn’t meet the criteria for an autism diagnosis. In fact, the study shows that this therapy reduced autism diagnosis by two-thirds.

Or, another way to look at this, 'these children are no longer held back by their affliction'. Why would that not be a positive thing? 

The main concern for us in the UK is that support only follows diagnosis. Even if the therapy allows autistic people to have a better start in life, the system will need to change to ensure support is there if and when it is needed.

Ah. As always, follow the money. And the activist's hopes of a guaranteed milk herd... 

We also have to ask what else a child may miss out on if they go on to be diagnosed with autism at a later date. For many autistic people, autism is part of their identity.

This is beginning to sound a lot like those wretched 'deaf culture' proclaimers, isn't it? 

Medical research studies such as this, for all their methodological rigour, do rub uncomfortably against the experience of being autistic. Autism is not a “preventable” condition that we can treat like other areas of medical research.

How fortunate for you, then, to have a 'cause' that will never be met..? 

Is It Really Unsafe For Cops To Arrest Women Now?

There's been a concerted effort on Twitter and other social media, abetted by the MSM, to portray all police officers as barely trustworthy. People have even suggested that resisting arrest is sensible in the light of the Wayne Couzens case!

And predictably, the Met Police are grovelling in the light of this critiscism:
The Metropolitan Police said last night that there would be no more patrols by lone plain-clothed officers in light of the methods used by Wayne Couzens to abduct Sarah Everard.
Sir Stephen House, the Met's deputy commissioner, added that warrant cards may not be enough for officers to prove their identity in future.

So, is it really unsafe for police to arrest women now? Well, maybe. But maybe not for the women: 

Two women were arrested last Sunday outside the City of Spice Indian restaurant near Dereham Road, Norwich.
The footage shows an officer kicking out at one of the women as she appeared to be helping her friend. At the same time the second woman was shouting at the officer “get off her” while also trying to allegedly grab his handcuffs.
Then a police van arrives with reinforcements and one of the officers takes a run up and kicks the woman who is standing.

Predictably, there's been howls of outrage at the fact that he's gone hands on with a female (without first declaring himself a female, or he'd be OK!) and the force has referred itself to the IOPC.  

Do we want drunken sluts to be able to grapple with police officers and resist arrest with impunity? Because it appears that's the way we're heading...