Monday, 16 July 2018

"Run Silent, Sarge, Run Silent!"

While the Croydon MPS Twitter account referred to the park as being Melfort Park, more than one person responded on social media to point out it is actually called Thornton Heath Recreation Ground.
This included former Croydon councillor Timothy Godfrey, who tweeted: "Do you mean Thornton Heath Recreation Ground? Does this include closure of the public footpath?"
He also asked if the closure order will be invalid if police have incorrectly named the area.
Mr Godfrey has not received a response on Twitter.
Twitter. It's Kryptonite to our boys in blue, isn't it?


MTG said...

There are a number of illustrated manuals in basic Butt Finding. For semi-literate Plod, the two-handed, map-assisted method comes highly recommended.

JuliaM said...