Saturday, 21 July 2018

When Your Train Fares Go Up, You'll Have Hayley Peebles To Thank For It..

The coroner stated he will be writing to Network Rail suggesting action be taken to prevent others from dying as Taiyah (Ed: chavname ahoy!) did.
Mrs Peebles said she wants to see railway stations made safer following her daughter's tragic death.
Speaking in tribute to her daughter, Mrs Peebles said: 'She was a law unto herself. She was very bubbly. She loved to be out with her friends. She loved spending time with her sisters and nieces.
'She lived every day of her life like it was the last.'
And when you get pissed - at sixteen! - and fool around on the railway line, it just might be!
While barriers have since been put up at Herne Bay station, Mrs Peebles said this is not enough and she wants stations across the country to be made safer.
She continued: 'I am just flabbergasted at the amount of deaths which have happened on the railway and nothing is done.
'It seems it does not matter how many lives they take; nothing is done.
'They are just another statistic. I am not going to let Taiyah become just another statistic.'
Newsflash, love. She already is.

Just another drunken teenager in the mortuary due to poor parenting, lousy choices and so-called friends who didn't give a monkey's for her safety, probably because they were all drunk too.
'Thousands of people have lost their lives because we still run a live rail; we are one of the only countries that runs a live rail now and other countries have overhead lines.'
And you know what? Frankly, one of the underclass frazzled to a crisp on the live rail is something I'm willing to pay to maintain it that way.

And if you asked most commuters if they were prepared to pay yet more of their hard-earned cash for season tickets so that the railways could all be converted to overhead power, they'd say 'Are you bloody mad, you pierced-lipped old bint? Maybe you should raise your kids to have common sense & not stay out all night on the razzle?'


Sgt Albert Hall said...

This 16 year old schoolgirl was known to her mother to become emotional when drunk!! Where did she get the money from Mum?

Flaxen Saxon said...

Aye, the young and the stupid. Tis a point in life that filters out the too dumb to continue. And we should be grateful. I would say she removed herself from the gene pool, but looking at the name she probably has spawned already.

JuliaM said...

"Where did she get the money from Mum?"

Good question!

"And we should be grateful. I would say she removed herself from the gene pool, but looking at the name she probably has spawned already."

They are rarely only children.