Wednesday, 4 July 2018

"The dogs were not under control, and the owner disappeared as rapidly as she could..."

How utterly typical:
“We took Suzy straight to the vets. The skin was torn off her chest and she required stitches. The injuries were very nasty, and the vet was so incensed he reported what happened.”
Peter contacted the council and reported the details to the dog warden. He also contacted the police but was told it was not a police matter as the attack did not involve a person.
“It would be nice if some action could be taken, but I don’t know what the council can do now,” he said.
They could - and should - point out to the police that this is indeed covered under sections 2 and 3 of the revised DDA, so maybe they'd like to put the doughnuts down and do the job they're paid for? 
Peter added his vet bills had added up to nearly £1,000, and he and Pat had been forced to cancel a holiday following the attack.
And the chances to getting compensation from the chavette is vanishingly small. Even if she's located.
Peter Haikin, Borough of Poole’s regulatory services manager, said: “We’re very sorry to hear about this incident and can confirm that we have received some outline details of the incident. We understand the attack took place on the afternoon of Thursday, 7th June in Poole Park.
“One dog was attacked by four Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Our Environmental Health service will be investigating further and we are keen to hear from anyone with personal knowledge of the incident who can help identify the parties involved in confidence.
“We can be emailed at or telephone on 01202 271700 and request to speak to an Animal Welfare Officer.”
Why are the people of Poole paying you and the police to do the same job?

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