Tuesday 30 June 2020

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Blackadder waxes lyrical:

And the legendary Skip gives us decorating advice:

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Raedwald proposes some new BBC sci-fi:

Quote Of The Month

The irrepressible DumbJon on the variable effects of hate speech:
"Well, hey, like I say, I'm a free speech maximalist so I'll defend the right of even obnoxious tools to spread stupid, racist conspiracy theories, but how about a bit of sauce for that goose? Any chance anyone from the MSM will ask St Raheem how all this meshes with his constant sermonising about the dangers of hate speech? If some guy shouting abuse at an overpaid celeb can provoke racist violence, how about thugs pushing deranged racist conspiracies? How about the aforementioned celeb using his media profile to push the same theories? Does that have any effect?
At all?
Nope, the same media cucks who hailed St Raheem's heroism - heroism in the sense of denouncing fat losers - have suddenly decided that hate speech doesn't exist after all."

Post Of The Month

We have a thrre-way tie this month: Fahrenheit211 on the Burnley Flyer, Tom Paine on cultural attitudes to education and Al Jahom on the potential future we face....

Lots Of Appointments In Samarra For This Family...

The toddler was one of four people, including his mother, who were shot in Energen Close, Harlesden, north-west London, on 3 June.
Detectives believe the attacker fired a handgun at a man in his late teens before shooting into a car containing the boy, his mother, another teenager, and two other children. He then fled on a motorbike.
Just more of London's enrichment? Well...
On Monday, the two-year-old boy’s grandmother, Lillian Serunkuma – who does not want to identify the child – said: “If you know the person responsible for this incident, you need to come forward and speak to the police. My grandson is two. He has never hurt anyone. The person who did this doesn’t deserve your protection or friendship.
“The gunman could clearly see that a woman and child were present in the car, and fired towards them without any regard for their safety, seriously hurting them both. My daughter has never hurt anyone and didn’t deserve to be shot multiple times protecting her child from harm.”
Does that name sound familiar? It should.

Monday 29 June 2020

Nothing Matters Anymore, It Seems...

North Devon council has been forced to apologise after it was accused of undermining the Black Lives Matter movement with a anti-dog fouling campaign.
Posters had been spotted around the North Devon area with the slogan 'Dog Fouling Matters' as part of a campaign to encourage owners to clean up after their dogs. The council defended its actions, claiming that the slogan had been invented 18 months ago, but the posters have been taken down as a result of complaints.
Of course they have. Because 'immediate and unconditional surrender' is the first move in the playbook when an Internet Karen starts squawking.

First move? No, actually, it's the only move these days...
North Devon resident Yasmin Beck said: 'Unfortunately your slogan "Dog fouling matters" uses a satirical play on words which undermines the Black Lives Matter movement.'
Not as much as they themselves are undermining it, sweetie.
'This poster gives a feel of pointing a laughing finger at the many people driving forwards for positive change. Take them down and loudly show your support.
'Let's get North Devon Council behind this movement, rather than looking as though they're snickering at it.'
What should be the response to such high-handed, arrogant and ignorant demands? It surely shouldn't be this:
A council spokesperson responded: 'North Devon Council recognises the importance of the Black Lives Matter campaign and fully supports the movement.
'We hope that the complainant will understand that there was never any intention to cause offence, and we are happy to take feedback from the public on board, so will remove these posters and raise this with the relevant team to consider for any future campaigns.'
And now you've made it even harder for other councils to stand up to these professional agitators.

Rewarding Failure...

The armed attacker who tried to rob watches worth £200,000 from two Arsenal football players has had his jail sentence cut from ten years to six.
Oh? Was a legal error made? Does he have a sob story sufficient to move the appeal judges?
Smith's barrister, Susan Meek, argued that Smith's sentence was excessive and that there had been no consideration for the fact that the robbery was an attempted one.
Mrs Justice Cheema-Grubb said that the crown court judge did not take enough account of sentencing guidelines and the court ruled that his sentence be reduced.
So because he's an incompetent criminal and didn't get away with the goods he deserves leniency?
Smith, who was out on licence for a 42-month sentence for burglary in 2017 when he tried to carry out the street robbery, pleaded guilty to the attempted robbery at Harrow Crown Court last October.
Smith was described by sentencing judge Ian Bourne QC as a prolific 'career criminal' who was well known to police.
Well, maybe he'll change his ways now. And won't target members of the judiciary to prove it. Wouldn't that be something?

Sunday 28 June 2020

Getting Into The Home Crafting Business, Morphy Richards?

,,,because if you are, some interior compartments to seperate them would help.

Oh, well, guess I'll have to keep loaves in it instead...

Disappointing Headlines....

Sadly, it doesn't appear that they'll be filling the pool with Prosecco after all....

Sunday Funnies...

Not sure No 1 is all that odd. Don't they say 'Write what you know'..?

Saturday 27 June 2020

Buggy Whip Manufacturers Hardest Hit...

The second that final spoonful goes in your mouth the waiter runs over, noisily clears the plates away and shoves a new menu under your nose, while insisting that you order the set menu immediately. That’s the experience we all have when watching films and TV on streaming platforms.
It might be yours, chum, but it's not mine! What, exactly, has your panties in a bunch?
The end credit sequence is an unsexy but still important part of the film-going experience. It can be a key moment of contemplation, to assess, absorb and reflect on everything you have just experienced. It can be a moment of musical resolve. It can be a place to see the countless hundreds of people who worked to create something from nothing (not just the famous ones). Or it can just be an excuse to look for crew members with funny names. But the current trend with virtually all the streaming services is to treat end credits as having the same artistic merit as a DFS Summer Sofa Sale ad.
They allow you to skip them. Or...not. They aren't chopping them off. You can watch them if you want.
I understand why the feature was introduced, especially in the age of the multi-episodic binge watch. And I have no problem with a lot of people wanting to skip credits...
But you clearly do, or you wouldn't be writing this, would you?
But I do have a problem with having to “opt-in” to watch something that is often an integral piece of a complete artistic vision.
You think people should be forced to opt out, then?
Some services have added options to turn these features off but they are usually hidden away and rarely fully implemented.
Oh, boo hoo! It might take a couple of clicks! Surely this can't be the most important reason?
But that isn’t my only reason for despising this trend.
I write music for movies and TV, and I know, that from a compositional point of view, the soundtrack for the end credits can be an incredibly important part of the musical arc you and the director may have tried to create over a whole film.
Figured as much...

The 'Refugees Welcome' Cult Claims More Victims...

A hero policeman who was stabbed trying to protect victims from a knifeman who attacked six people at a hotel in Glasgow yesterday is fighting for his life. David Whyte, 42, raced to the scene of the knife rampage at around 1pm.
He is thought to have been the first officer to arrive at the Park Inn Hotel on West George Street - two minutes after the attack began. Sources said he had had been stabbed repeatedly as he tried to overpower the knifeman and save other victims.
Unfortunately for him, he wasn't armed. His colleagues were though, and promptly shot the attacker dead when they arrived, the armed wing of Police Scotland clearly being better shots than the Met...

So what was the cause? Well...clearly not the knifeman being a mad murdering bastard. It must have been the west's notorious lack of generosity to these doctors and architects, surely?
The knifeman had complained that he was 'very hungry' amid 'poor conditions' in the hotel during the coronavirus crisis before embarking on a rampage.
Asylum seekers living in the Park Inn Hotel were living on less than £5-a-day before the attacker, from Sudan, 'went mad and attacked people around him'.
I wonder how much he was living on in the Sudan?
Activists have hounded Mears Group and the Home Office since at least June 4 about poor conditions in the six hotels housing 400 asylum seekers across Glasgow.
Some asylum seekers complained they were forced to share bathrooms - something that made social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic impossible and worsened mental health issues, according to activists who have accused the provider of 'lying about conditions in the hotels'.
Well, clearly, they have a point:

The Park Inn Hotel, Glasgow.

A refugee camp in the Sudan.

Though I may have got those a bit mixed up...

Friday 26 June 2020

Sometimes You Read Something That Makes You Despair Of The Human Race...

...and this is one of those things:
Two police officers have been arrested after they allegedly took a selfie with the bodies of two sisters who had been murdered. Nicole Smallman, 26, and her half-sister Bibaa Henry, 47, were found dead in Fryent Country Park in Wembley, north west London, earlier this month - two days after they were reported missing.
Scotland Yard tonight revealed two serving Metropolitan Police Constables were arrested on Monday on suspicion of misconduct in a public office. Allegations pictures had been taken at the scene and shared with a 'small number' of others emerged last week. It was later claimed the officers took a selfie with the bodies of the women and shared it on WhatsApp.
There really are no words, are there?

Perhaps this will be an additional topic of conversation in Whitehall today?
Home Secretary Priti Patel has demanded a 'full explanation' from Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick after police officers were overpowered and forced to flee a 'mini riot' after a block party in Brixton last night.
...sources close to the Home Secretary say that she is expecting to speak to Dame Cressida first thing tomorrow morning to ask for a full explanation of what happened.
Clearly, the calibre of officers isn't what it once was. But then, looking at their less-than-inspiring leader, is anyone surprised..?

Teachers Isn't Learning, Innit?

Jackie, a black British teacher at a school in south-east London which is due to reopen next month, said she felt like she was in limbo due to the lack of government advice on the specific risks the virus posed to BAME pupils and staff.
“They have not addressed it properly,” she added. “We’re not being told what the risk is. Am I more vulnerable because of my age and ethnicity? I would like to have the evidence.”
The very newspaper you're whining to about this says 'Yes'. What more do you need?

Thursday 25 June 2020

Our New First Class Citizens..?

I got an email from O2 about the reopening of their shops last week.

Amongst the usual 'social distancing' and 'wash your hands' crap that's ubiquitous now, I noticed something else:

And - three months in to the Coronavirus lockdown - I begin to wonder how much longer everyone else is to be treated as a second-class citizen? Because it's not just O2 - NHS and care workers get special dispensation in supermarkets, and even discounts in some (Morrison's for example).

I could understand the initial reason for this when panic buying set in, and we had that nurse blubbering on YouTube that she couldn't get shopping because the shelves had been emptied. But the shelves have been stocked properly for the last month and a half.

So why - now that the need is no longer there - do these concessions still persist?

Today's 'No Shit, Sherlock' Story...

People who regularly smoke cannabis are almost three times more likely to commit a violent offence as those who abstain from the drug, new research has found.
Goodness me! Who would ever have imagined it..?!?
Psychiatrist Professor Sir Robin Murray, a world-leading expert on the neurological impact of the drug, said the link between cannabis use and violence was a ‘neglected area’.
Commenting on the study’s findings, he said: ‘This is not a surprise for those of us who follow the scientific literature or see patients who heavily use cannabis.’
Or those of us who read and watch the news...

Wednesday 24 June 2020

Where's The 'Mystery', Then..?

See more: Mystery over dead pony found by jogger in Sutton
A glance at the photo of the animal tells you all you need to know about the likely owners...
A spokesperson for RSPCA, said: "This is a really sad incident and must have been very upsetting for people to see.
"Our local officer has visited to investigate and sadly it appears the pony wasn't in good bodily condition, so we're concerned about how and why they died. Sadly, it is not uncommon for the RSPCA to receive reports of dead, dying or very unwell horses dumped like rubbish.
"The country has been experiencing a 'horse crisis' for several years, with fears that the worst may still be yet to come in the event of another financial recession.
"Unfortunately the pony wasn't microchipped so we encourage anyone with any information to come forward and contact us on our inspector's appeal line number, on 0300 123 8018."
Yes, the RSPCA shamelessly uses this as an opportunity to beg for funding, leading you to believe that this poor animal belonged to Arabella High-Falutin, and was cruelly dumped so daddy could afford to buy another yacht.

Is anyone fooled? I'm not.

The Process Is The Punishment...

Earlier today sources close to the police investigation told The Telegraph that those involved could be quizzed over a racially aggravated public order offence related to the message, rather than the flight itself...
Imagine trying to argue that in court...
Despite this Hepple's employer, an engineering company in Burnley called Paradigm Precision, said they were looking into his conduct and would announce any action soon.
So he'll almost certainly lose his job. For arguing the unthinkable.

Meanwhile, in the States:

'On Monday, fifteen FBI special agents conducted numerous interviews regarding the situation at Talladega Superspeedway,' the FBI statement said. 'After a thorough review of the facts and evidence surrounding this event, we have concluded that no federal crime was committed.'
So it was all a waste of time and resources. Boy, are their faces re...

'For us in NASCAR, this is the best result we could hope for,' NASCAR president Steve Phelps said Tuesday after the FBI findings were announced, according to ESPN.
'I do want to make sure everyone understands that, if given the evidence that we had was delivered to us on late Saturday afternoon, we would do the same thing. We would have done the same investigation. It was important for us to do. There is no place in our sport for this type of racism or hatred. It's not part of who we are as a sport.'
So you'd have wasted the time of everyone involved regardless? Good grief! These people are unhinged.

Tuesday 23 June 2020

You're Being Set Up To Take The Fall...

Police intercepted the Reading terror suspect on the street just hours before he allegedly went on the rampage, the Daily Mail can reveal.
A specialist mental health team was asked to search for Khairi Saadallah after officials failed to find him during a routine check at his home last Friday.
Later that evening, just before midnight, he was found on a street in Reading, sources disclosed.
Saadallah is believed to have then been taken home to his council flat in the south of the town – and just hours later is alleged to have stabbed three men to death as they sat in a local park, Forbury Gardens.
One of no doubt hundreds of such interactions every week since the police now have to expend resourcing on the mentally ill that our 'wonderful' NHS and justice system leaves free to roam at will.

But an establishment desperate to avoid questions like 'why was he given refugee status?' and 'why wasn't he deported when he broke the law?' and 'how did he get given a council flat?' will throw them to the wolves...

Well, Is He Wrong?

Burnley football club has apologised and vowed to hand out lifetime bans after...
Football hooliganism? Nah. This is 2020. Remember?

The year everyone lost their minds.
...a plane carrying a banner reading 'White Lives Matter Burnley' was flown over the Etihad stadium ahead of the team's match with Manchester City this evening.
Just imagine that being a 'disgraceful thing'. In the UK. Just a day after a Libyan 'refugee' repaid our generosity by murdering three people...

As the organiser is quick to point out:
Jake Hepple, a Burnley local, has claimed responsibility for the stunt sharing a video of the plane to his Facebook along with a refusal to apologise.
Hepple wrote: 'I'd like to take this time to apologise .. TO ABSOLUTELY F****** NOBODY!
'It's now apparently racist to say white lives matter (the day after three white people got murdered in a park in Reading, but all we've seen on the TV is black lives matter after George Floyd got murdered) what a mad world we live in.'
Is he wrong? I don't believe so. And I very much doubt everyone agrees with the club who are so quick to abase themselves, either.
The stunt has led to outrage and has been widely condemned, with Burnley captain Ben Mee saying he was 'shamed and embarrassed'. Speaking after the match, which his side lost 5-0...
I'm no football expert, but maybe that's a sign you should have trained harder at getting the ball in the net, rather than indulging in virtuesignalling gestures to appease a mob?
...he said that the Burnley players had heard 'whispers' that something may have been planned.
He said: 'I am ashamed and embarrassed that a small number of our fans have decided to fly that around the stadium. It is not what we are about. They have missed what we are trying to achieve.'
What, exactly, are you trying to achieve? I know footballers aren't generally reckoned to be smart, but you seem utterly unable to articulate it..
'These people need to come into the 21st century and educate themselves. They don't represent what we are about, the club is about, the players are about and the majority of fans are about.
'I've heard it is a small number that have arranged this and I hope it doesn't happen again. I don't want to associate it with my club. I don't want to see this in the game. 'It is not right. We totally condemn it. These people can learn and be taught what Black Lives Matter is trying to achieve.'
All that's missing is: '...or else!' Do you think he even really knows what this movement is trying to achieve, or how his lifestyle would change if they ever achieved it?
Burnley Police tweeted: 'We are aware who was involved, so are the club!! Thank you for reporting! This will be dealt with ASAP!'
I hope the pilot's paperwork is in order, because does anyone doubt for one second that the police will devote considerable manpower and resources - far more than they will expend on any other crime in Burnley - to trying to nail him for something?

And if that's not exactly the definition of a 'mad world', I'd like to know what is...

Monday 22 June 2020

So, A Question: Little Velvet Drawstring Bag, Or Delicately Carved Wooden Box?

...where do you think Meghan keeps Harry's balls?

Surely The Key Aspect Of A 'Failed State'...

...is that it fails to protect its own citizens:
Despite his violent convictions, he is thought to have avoided deportation because of the UK policy not to deport foreign nationals to 'failed states' like Libya.
So we may wonder if it would be appropriate to describe the UK as such...
In 2018, Saadallah was granted leave to remain in the UK for five years despite the convictions for violence.
A source told the Sun: 'Saadallah was on MI5's radar for a few months last year over his aspirations to travel to Syria.
'He had a history of violence and serious mental health problems so why was he granted leave to remain at all? There are major questions to be answered.'
There are indeed. Do you think we'll get those answers?
Among his other offences, in March 2019 Saadallah spat at Judge Sophie Toms at Reading magistrates court as she sentenced him for previous offences.
He has also been convicted of possession of a bladed weapon and assaulting a police officer, which landed him an eight-month jail term. He also threatened Sainsbury's guard Mr McDonald with a broken bottle of wine when challenged for stealing it.
And in yet another twist illustrating the futile justice system in this country, he was released 16 days ago after serving less than half of his current sentence.

We've nestled a cannabis-smoking paranoid schizophrenic viper in the bosom of our state for years, all so the Open Borders fanatics and bleeding hearts can feel good about themselves.

So tell me: how are we not also a failed state?

Sunday 21 June 2020

Saturday 20 June 2020

Can I Desecrate Graves Too?

A man is exasperated after repeatedly being told he would have to pay hundreds of pounds to see a “deeply offensive” racial term removed from two gravestones.
Because the world should immediately cave in and do it for free..?
Last week, St Margaret’s Church in Rottingdean covered up the headstones to two white music hall singers who performed in blackface. It has now promised to put the memorials – both inscribed with the word “c**n” – into storage.
But it has since emerged that a man had been battling to have the offensive language erased since last April.
Joseph Letang from Telscombe Cliffs, who is of Caribbean heritage, was upset by the wording. He wrote emails to church authorities and took his complaint to the highest levels of the Church of England.
He was repeatedly told the Church could not consider changing the wording unless he paid a £296.20 fee to launch a petition in a church court.
Personally, I'd have preferred the church to say 'No, not at any price. This is someone's gravestone, and the only people who can change it are the descendants'.

But of course, they didn't. Because they too are cowards, these days.
He is astounded by the length of time it took the church to act, and that as someone hurt by the language, he should have to pay for its removal.
How was he 'hurt by the language'? Could he see these gravestones from his window? Did he have to walk past them every day?

Reader, of course not:
He heard about the inscriptions from his 24-year-old daughter, who saw the graves on a walk in the churchyard.
He didn't even see them himself....
Mr Letang said he did not intend for the headstones to be taken away.
He said replacement stones without the offensive words should be put up to remember the dead and the originals, or photos of them, should be given to a museum.
When are we going to stop abasing ourselves to this 'offence culture'? There's no end to it. And the backlash is already starting.

She Should Be Charged With Wasting Police Time...

In an initial statement to police the victim, 34, from Lees, said: 'I thought I was going to die - I didn't think the punches would stop. Peter needs help. His alcohol intake and drugs has had an effect on him and I cannot trust him no more (sic) and I am living in fear of what he will do next.
'I'm carrying his baby and there will always be a part of him in my life. I've offered him help but he's hasn't accepted any and he's getting worse. I cannot explain how scary it is. It is dangerous him being around me and it could escalate further. I don't want him in my life anymore.'
Seems fairly cut and dried to me. What changed her mind? The usual 'I can change him' that these idiots tell themselves?
At Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, Dougal of Egerton Street, Oldham, wept as he admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm.
But he was given a 12 month jail sentence, suspended for two years, after Miss Hough told prosecutors she wanted to rekindle her relationship and for Dougal to play an active part in their child's life.
Or its death?
The court heard the couple, who knew each since they were teenagers, began dating in 2017 but the relationship was stormy with police being called out on two occasions following arguments between them.
And the judge, a woman, no less (remember when we were told more women needed to be judges to 'balance things'..?) appears to have utterly disregarded that:
Sentencing Judge Tina Landale told him: 'You assaulted her when she was pregnant and despite her telling you to leave. Even after she attempted to defend herself you continued to punch her and she suffered a distressing looking injury to her face,
'The attack occurred in her own home where she should feel safe and protected. You were drunk and she was in early pregnancy. I accept you are truly remorseful and this offence is very much out of character for you.'
How so, when there's a history of it?

Friday 19 June 2020

Yet Another Nail In The Coffin...?

A teenager who knocked down and killed two people with his father's Audi has had his conviction and jail sentence for driving while disqualified quashed.
Hang on..? Surely this isn't..? Yes. It is.
Today his conviction and sentence were overturned at Reading Crown Court.
And you won't believe why....
Judge Heather Norton argued that PCSO Gary Clarke, who saw Coopey in his mother's car on October 19, 2018, may have been suffering from 'confirmation bias'.
She ruled that it would therefore be unsafe to convict Coopey on that basis.
Today, Judge Norton decided that Mr Clarke had only seen Coopey for three seconds, calling it a 'brief glimpse' and said he had expected to see the teenager.
Judge Norton said: 'It is recognition evidence from an officer who was primed to be looking for a teenage boy driving that car, who was primed if saw a teenage boy driving that car to the assumption that that boy was Max Coopey.
'There is force in the submission that this is confirmation bias. It seems to us that for two 17-year-old boys to pay £70 to insure a car, it is unlikely they would have just thrown that £70 away and had Max Coopey drive the car in any event.'
I guess the judge is ignorant of teenage boys. Especially ones who have so far escaped all punishment for persistent offending, aided and abetted by parents who both serve as police officers, and who - incredibly - set up a videoed exercise to prove their spawn's innocence! The judge threw it out of court.
'It could well be the case that they did all of that with Max Coopey at his home address and Kieran Shepherd at his home address, and Max Coopey drove to collect his friend on his way to London, but that is not how this case has been put and it would not be safe for us to make that inference.'
But it's perfectly safe to put this arrogant little shit back out on the streets with no criminal record?

Crutches Don't Kill People, People With Crutches (And Knives) Kill People...

Gavin Garraway was stabbed to death Clapham Park Road on March 29, 2019.
During the trial the court heard how at 2.36pm on 29 March 2019, Gavin was driving with his brother through the Clapham Common area before turning onto Clapham Park Road when Chiata and Panton – who were on foot - suddenly began to pursue his car.
After the car crashed into a lamppost while trying to evade the pair, Panton and Chiata approached, the latter pulling out a large knife preparing to attack.
Once at the car, Chiata stabbed Gavin three times in quick succession. "At the same time Panton used the crutch he had with him and began to hit Gavin and his car with the item.
"During the attack, his brother tried his best to defend his brother with a crutch he too had on his person," a Met spokesperson described.
One wonders how they both came to be on crutches?
On Monday evening (June 8), a spokesperson for the Met Police confirmed that 20-year-old Zion Chiata of the Patmore Estate in Wandsworth had been found guilty of murder. A second defendant, Tishaun Panton, was convicted of Gavin’s manslaughter following the first trial.
Both men will now be sentenced together on a date to be confirmed, the Met said.
Ah, just more London enrichment then.

Thursday 18 June 2020

Look Who's Back...

A woman who was spared prison for spitting at police has been jailed over another abusive incident.
Jane Challenger-Gillett spouted racist abuse at a police officer and tried to punch another when she was in custody.
Yes, a familiar name.
The 55-year-old had been a lecturer at the University of Brighton, but is understood to have left her post following a conviction in April where she spat at police and made coronavirus threats.
Not sacked. Oh, no. Clearly, being a mad drunken violent nuisance is no bar to employment here!
She appeared at Brighton Magistrates’ Court where she was ordered to serve six months in prison because of her repeated crimes.
Wonder how long she really will serve?

"I Don't Care What The Boss Says..!"

How's that going, Mr Riley? 


Wednesday 17 June 2020

"We Soaked The Taxpayer To Pay The Danegeld, Why Won't The Dane Just Go, Already?"

His campaign prompted a government U-turn that will see parents claim vouchers for about 1.3 million children in England during the summer holidays.
But he told BBC Breakfast there are "more steps that need to be taken".
Of course. Did this scintillating intellect allow us a glimpse of his wisdom by explaining just what he had in mind?

A personal stylist for every chavmum, perhaps?
"People are struggling all year around so we still need to learn more about the situation people are in and how we can help them best."
What happened to child benefit? That's still paid in the summer holidays, isn't it? How about they use it to feed the kiddies?
The support in England works out at about £15 a week per recipient, and will cost the public purse around £120m.
Jesus wept! That's a lot of schooln'ospitals, isn't it? Has anyone got any other ideas to help him out?

Well... yes, actually:

There you go Marcus! Put your money where your mouth is. Not mine. 

What Happens In Sweden, Stays In.... Oh.

A man has been charged with murder after the fatal shooting of Swedish man Flamur Beqiri in Battersea on Christmas Eve last year.
22 year old Anis Fouad Hemissi, a Swedish National, was extradited from Denmark and returned to the UK this morning (June 8) following his arrest at Copenhagen Airport on 20 January under a European Arrest Warrant.
He was charged with murder and is due to appear in court tomorrow (Tuesday, June 9).
God bless Europe, whatever would our justice system do if we just had to rely on home-grown criminals? Some lawyers could starve!

Tuesday 16 June 2020

'Rare Case' No 4873258921586

Adam Birkby, for Hoynes, said she now accepts full responsibility and wants to make “sincere apologies” to both implicated drivers and to the police.
Mr Birkby pointed to a psychiatric report which stated that her false allegations may have been an unconscious management of a depressive illness from which she suffered since a relationship break-up in 2018.
“Ultimately, it’s been a tragedy for all concerned, particularly the two men,” added Mr Birkby.
Jailing her for 20-months, Judge James Adkin said much effort went in to proving her “wicked complaint” was, “ a complete fabrication”, impacting heavily on both men suspected and on policing resources.
Yeah, it's nice you think of police resources, but if they didn't spend so much time investigating obviously nonsense cases, maybe it wouldn't cost so much?

Is That The Royal 'We'..?

The Mayor of Lewisham has added to criticism of police filmed using “excessive force” to arrest a black woman in the area.
Damien Egan said he was “shocked” by the footage, which showed six officers pinning down Kamyimsola Olatunjoye, 28, as she shouted “I can’t breathe” on May 9.
Was he shocked because, if she could speak, she clearly could breathe?

No, of course not. There's #virtuesignalling to be done!
We have been shocked by images of police using excessive force to arrest black people in Lewisham in recent weeks and we have been meeting with the police to ensure these instances are investigated, and that we receive information, by ethnicity, relating to the increase of stop and search during lockdown.”
Maybe the increase is due to the actions of those targeted, rather than the actions of those targeting them?

But maybe I'm being too harsh, maybe some racist police jumped on this poor fragile flower as she was innocently walking down the street and...

The Independent Office of Police Conduct has launched an investigation into Ms Olatunjoye’s arrest, who was charged with obstructing a drugs search.
She was travelling as a passenger in a car that failed to stop for police, Scotland Yard said.
Guess not.

Monday 15 June 2020

Another Needless Death Because The Police Aren't Using The DDA Properly?

The court heard Frankie bled to death after sustaining 54 injuries, with the most serious to his head and neck, during the attack in the early hours.
When Willis returned to the caravan in the early hours of the morning, a holidaymaker nearby heard her crying out 'my baby, my baby'.
She admitted a charge of child neglect and was jailed for two years.
Judge Simon Carr jailed Totterdell for three years, describing leaving Frankie alone with the 'extremely powerful' dog as 'the height of folly'.
Well, yes. Drug-taking chavs aren't known for their great intelligence, are they? But was this attack out of the blue?
After the incident Winston, who had previously bitten another child, was seized by police and destroyed.
It's desctibed as an 'American Bulldog cross Staffordshire bull terrier' which spells 'pitbull' to most people.
Sentencing Totterdell, Judge Linford said:'There had been incidents in the past that reinforce any dog can be dangerous. Some time before this event, he had bitten another child. The child was injured enough to require medical treatment.'
I cannot find anything about this other case. Perhaps it wasn't reported to the police by the parents or the hospital. So...were the police then unaware of this animal?

Well, no. You have to go to a Scottish newspaper to find out that police had been involved before...
On at least one occasion, Winston had escaped from Totterdell's garden and police had reminded her of her responsibilities as his owner, the court heard.
So they saw the dog? They didn't assess it as a pitbull then?

Daenerys Targaryen Could Not Be Reached For Comment...

A police force has angered officers by warning that they may face consequences if they decline to...
Arrest wrongdoers without fear or favour?

No, of course not. Remember what century you're living in.
 ...‘take the knee’ at anti-racism protests.
From whom? Their bosses? Well, no:
Hertfordshire Constabulary said those who chose not to make the solidarity gesture ‘may become the focus of the protesters’ attention’.
Ah, Hertfordshire, the scourge of suspected scrumpers, and terror of legal game shooters.

It's really no surprise, then, is it? This is the farce that lacks the balls to avoid wasting their own time on trivial complaints, after all...
The advice was issued during a recent operational briefing and points out that, when officers kneel down – joining in the symbolic stance of the Black Lives Matter movement – it ‘has a very positive reaction on the protest groups’.
And a very negative reaction from the rest of the taxpaying population, but why should they care about that?

Saturday 13 June 2020

I Guess The Only Winning Move Isn't 'Not To Play' After All...

An increasing number of prominent board game industry and community members have pulled out of an upcoming show over The Game Manufacturers Association’s (GAMA)...
Prices? Unsafe venue? Demand for contributors' first born child to sacrifice to Beelzebub to ensure success of the venture?
...continued silence over Black Lives Matter.
 Oh. *rolls eyes*
...those listed, and loads more, have withdrawn from the show over GAMA’s inability, when even the least sanctimonious corporations and sporting leagues on the planet have managed some kind of message, to make even the most basic statement of support for the Black Lives Matter protests that have been sweeping the United States since the beginning of the month.
Because no-one can fail to genuflect in front of these activists' demands, or it might make some of the others wonder why they did.
You, like some people reacting to this news in the board game scene already have, might wonder why the absence of a statement would constitute such actions.
Well, yes, most of us would, if we hadn't seen corporation after corporation cowering before the mob...
But their silence is more than silence. It’s a refusal to support some of their most important and vulnerable members, who have long had to deal with all kinds of shit just for existing in the board game space, which as you might imagine has (and is still having) more than its fair share of problems with bigoted and hateful community members.
Because it's made of of people.

And people are good, hateful, kind, funny, bitter, peaceful, aggressive, shy, and obsequious. Games reflect life, and there's bigots and haters in games just as sure as they are in life. Of all races. Not just one.

But of course, in today's climate, no corporation or venture will stand against them for long:
UPDATE 6:53am, June 11: GAMA has since released a statement on their Facebook page, cancelled Origins Online and offered to “match, dollar for dollar, any exhibitor, sponsor, advertiser, or vendor who donates the amounts they are owed for Origins Online” to a number of listed organisations.
Perhaps they never devised a game where you paid the Danegeld and found you never got rid of the Dane? They might have learned something...

Clearly, 'Unique And Amazing' Mean Different Things To Different People...

Oh, really? Well, let's see wh...


We can but hope she's not an art teacher.

Friday 12 June 2020

"Bake The Cake, Bigots!"

A Condado Tacos in Columbus, Ohio, came under scrutiny on Monday after social media posts alleged that the chain’s suburban Polaris location had filled a large food order for Ohio Highway Patrol officers in the midst of national protests highlighting police brutality.
Shop sells food, NEWS AT ELEVEN!
On Monday, at least four employees were allegedly fired by a district manager for refusing to fill the order and choosing to walkout during a shift.
And quite rightly so. When did they get to choose who they serve?
Condado Tacos is an Ohio-based Mexican restaurant chain with nearly 20 locations across the Rust Belt. Eater reached out to employees at other locations who were in direct contact with Condado Polaris workers and one worker who was involved in the the walkout. All agreed that the culture at their individual restaurants was supportive of actions being taken by demonstrators, with one employee stating that managers had offered time-off to protest and committed to bail employees out of jail if they were arrested.
Frankly, if they want to stir up trouble for themselves in this way, it's their business, But having given the inch, they shouldn't be too surprised when the ingrates they employ come back for the mile...
However, the incident has left many employees and customers uncomfortable with upper management.
Well, they can always get a job somewhere else. It's a free country.
A separate tweet from a person claiming to be an employee, @gsheamercer, went viral on Monday evening receiving more than 10,000 retweets and 61,000 likes. In the tweet, @gsheamercer writes, “today on my day off my job forced us to do a massive catering order for the columbus police department. the staff walked out and was fired. when i go in tm, myself and other are gonna demand an apology and if we don’t get it we also will walk out.
Good news for unemployed Columbus citizens needing a job then.

Well, At Least You Aren't Speaking With Your Mouth Full, Love...

I think the most depressing thing about the continuing uproar over the death of a petty criminal thousanfds of miles away has been the attention seeking from the celebutard community:

Even the cooks are getting in on it:

And then we have, err...
Elle Knox, 28, was flying on a United Airlines flight from Houston to San Francisco, where she is due to catch a flight home to Sydney on Wednesday.
But after seeing the George Floyd protests, she decided to make a stand - addressing all 300 people on her flight about 'police brutality'.
And who is this 'celebrity'? Why, she's an Australian porn star...

Thursday 11 June 2020

Mankind Cannot Bear Too Much Reality TV...

Cancel culture is like the Terminator. It just keeps coming...
The long-running TV show Cops, one of the first shows to expose an American audience to law enforcement in the field, has been cancelled by the Paramount Network after 32 seasons.
The network removed the show from its schedule amid protests sparked by the police killing of George Floyd.
I guess it won't be long before 'Police Interceptors' and other reality shows here in the UK come under fire too.
Cops, which debuted in 1989, had one of the longest runs in American television history and sparked a number of similar programs.
The show faced criticism over the years from those who said the program glorified police aggression and profited from suspects’ misfortune.
It also showed pretty accurately who it is that commits crime. Which is, I suspect, its worst failing in the eyes of progressives...
In 2013, the civil rights group Color of Change began a campaign urging Fox to not renew the show and called on advertisers to withdraw support.
In a series of tweets on Tuesday evening, the group applauded the decision to cancel the show.
“Crime TV plays a significant role in advancing distorted representations of crime, justice, race & gender within culture & #Cops led the way, pushing troubling implications for generations of viewers,” the organization said in a statement attributed to Arisha Michelle, its vice-president and chief of campaigns.
As I figured.

"But We Took A Knee! And Let You Run Riot In The Capital!"

"Why are you doing this!?"

Gosh, why indeed? It's a puzzle, isn't it? Allow me to refresh your memory a little:


The simple answer is: "Because you let them think they could get away with it..."

It's called 'consequences'. Of weak, vitruesignalling 'leadership'. Of cowering before a mob.
The Metropolitan Police Federation, which represents rank-and-file officers, said attacks on officers seem to be increasing, adding: 'Yet again this starkly shows the dangers @metpoliceuk face and the bravery they show each and every day keeping Londoners safe.'
Not all of them showed 'bravery'. I wonder if seeing their colleagues kicked to the ground gave them a twinge of guilt?

There's predictable condemnation from all those who previously sowed the wind, but will never find themselves on the streets to reap the whirlwind. But one man gets it: 
Shaun Bailey, the Conservative candidate for next year's London Mayoral elections, linked the incident to the Black Lives Matter protests, which saw police criticised for failing to take a tougher line with demonstrators. 'This is what happens when you try to appease the mob,' he tweeted. 'You lose control of the streets.'
Maybe the Police Federation needs to look a bit closer to home?

Wednesday 10 June 2020

Those Who Thought Coronavirus Was The Scariest Thing Of 2020...

...well, you ain't seen nothing yet.
All statues in Labour councils across England and Wales, and across London, will be examined for links to slavery and plantation owners, their leaders have said, as an east London authority took one down off its plinth on Tuesday evening.
No consultation. No worrying about cost at a time when the councils are supposedly crippled due to the costs of the pandemic.

Just instant capitulation to a howling mob. With the promise of more to come:
Earlier, the London mayor, Sadiq Khan, said the capital’s landmarks – including street names, the names of public buildings and plaques – would be reviewed by a commission to ensure they reflect the capital’s diversity, with a view to removing those with links to slavery after Black Lives Matter protesters tore down a statue of slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol.
I think the last word goes, as always, to Twitter.

The people cheering this on are too thick to understand history, but might just have watched TV...

But Shouldn't We Hear Daniel Radcliffe's Opinion On This..?

Keeping public toilets closed at parks and beauty spots is sexist towards women, it is claimed.
Speaking to FEMAIL, charity campaigners and medical experts warned the measure 'adversely and disproportionately affects women and girls' because they are forced to 'plan their lives and freedom around toilets' in a way that men are not.
Menstruation and a more frequent urge to urinate means women often find themselves in greater need of facilities than men.
Surely not 'women'. Surely it's 'people who menstruate'?

Shouldn't we take the advice of noted medical expert Daniel Radcliffe on this subject?

Tuesday 9 June 2020

"I never promised you a rose garden..."

St Mary’s Calne School in Wiltshire, which is ranked among the best independent schools in the country, received an outpouring of angry messages from former pupils after posting a seemingly innocuous picture of its new flower garden online.
And what's wrong with that? It's a perfectly lovely flower garden, after all...

Reader, I'm glad you asked:
Cat Roberts, 22, who is mixed-race, questioned the boarding school’s decision to share the image when it had failed to comment on the global discussion on racism sparked by the death of George Floyd.
Yes. Seriously.
She said: ‘With all that is happening in the world at the moment, I don’t think it is appropriate that you are posting your new flower garden yet are not acknowledging black lives and your black students.
‘It is truly ignorant that as a school you will not publicly stand for your black students. Racism is alive and is something myself and my friends experienced whilst studying at St Mary’s Calne.’
And did she stand up and challenge it at the time? It doesn't appear so. Instead she waited until she had a chance to castigate her school for not Tweeting about what she though they should tweet about.

Now who's the ignorant one? What sort of success has she made of her life, by the way?
...Ms Roberts, who works as a model after studying public relations at university...
Clearly, an expensive education was wasted on you, love.

Oh Oh, You're In Hot Water Now....

Welcome to today's edition of 'Social Media Managers Do The Stupidest Things' and amazingly, it's not a police farce or government agency this time:

Yes, welcome to 2020, where instead of shilling for your business, big brands now demand you pass a purity test in order to purchase their products. Which in a market overflowing with other brands of tea, is a gutsy move, don't you think?

Well, it just so happens that I'm running low and have 'tea' on the shopping list for the weekend.

Thanks, unnamed social media manager, for helping me to make the right choice instead of lazily reaching for my usual brand without thinking...

Monday 8 June 2020

"Dry your eyes mate, I know it's hard to take..."

"It's incredibly hurtful," said Broadway star Jelani Alladin.

What is..?

Would you believe, 'getting on with your life without giving these morons the attention and approbation they crave'..?

Yes. Really.

Awwww, his widdle face...!

And nor is he the only one.
"And you're telling me that you have no hesitation posting a selfie of yourself... or what you're eating for dinner, and yet you're telling me that you're afraid to say something because you might hurt other people's feelings? Or you don't know what to say? Or you don't have an audience to reach? Were you thinking those things when you posted the other photos? I don't think you were."
Yes, how dare you think you have a life that doesn't revolve around some vacuous mouthbreather hyperventilating 24/7 about the latest cause?
...as fitness influencer Trammell Logan tells CBS News, it can even be hurtful when white people post messages about #blacklivesmatter side-by-side with more frivolous content. "In your natural state of being distraught or sadness, if something extremely personal happens to you, I can't see how you can be in that state and post about it or be about it and then five minutes later like post a cocktail mix, or like you dancing. Our emotions don't necessarily work like that," Logan said.
I don't know what a 'fitness influencer' is, and reading that, I really don't want to know, because they clearly have a ticket on the 'B' Ark...
Catherine Moran Ayeni, an attorney in Texas, told CBS News that for her, worse than total silence is when people respond to a "black lives matter" post with the comment "all lives matter."
"It's a very painful kind of silence because it removes our voice," she said.
Who'd hire an attorney so stupid as to declare to a national broadcaster that she has 'no voice'?

H/T: Damian Counsell via Twitter

Pathetic, Ineffectual And Embarassing...

...that's the performance of this sorry excuse for a policeman, who is happy that his officers did 'the right thing' yesterday by standing by while people committed criminal damage in front of his very eyes:
With people like this 'man' in charge of policing, is it any wonder we are rapidly becoming a laughing stock, unable or unwilling to prevent damage and destruction of property every time some Soros-funded agitators feel like having a public tantrum?

Here, Andy Bennett, this is for you:

You're a disgrace to the uniform you wear. And nothing but a burden on the Bristol taxpayer. If you had an ounce of self-respect you'd resign.

But it's clear you haven't an ounce. So the Home Secretary should stir herself and remove you.

Saturday 6 June 2020

Doing Wonders For The Community...

...the environment and wildlife? Eh, not so much:

Lucky you're in Hartlepool and not Wales, or you'd have to arrest yourselves...

I've never understood the impulse that makes someone think 'I'll memorialise my lost loved one by choking some farmer's cattle' myself, but I know the underclass seem to love it.

And the police, particularly the 'Neighbourhood' type police, seem to love to cozy up to the underclass, don't they?

So much so they are prepared to ignore their commitments...

I'll Decide What I Need To Know, Love...

"We are not there to simply, blankly, read the news. That isn’t our job.
We are judging what viewers need to know..."
Says who? Says overpaid, arrogant autocue reader Naga Munchetty.Who clearly can't read her own job description, or perhaps didn't understand it...
"We are impartial but we’re not idiots."
The idiots are your BBC employers, who think licence payers (a dwidndling pool, and with no wonder) will put up with this forever...
Last year the 45-year-old was embroiled in a race row after she condemned President Donald Trump for telling some female politicians to ‘go back’ to where they came from.
She was found to have breached editorial guidelines by the corporation’s complaints unit, but the ruling was reversed after an outcry.
Did the country rise up as one, then? Or did her fellow progressives organise a sociial media campaign to force a craven BBC to back down?
BBC director general Tony Hall said: 'The Executive Complaints Unit ruling has sparked an important debate about racism and its interpretation.
'Racism is racism and the BBC is not impartial on the topic. There was never a finding against Naga for what she said about the President's tweet.'
Yes there was. But you cowered in the face of a whipped up mob and overturned it.

No wonder this walking mouthpiece is so arrogant. She knows she holds the Race Card, and at the BBC, that's never declined, is it?

Friday 5 June 2020

It's A Small Price To Pay, I Suppose...

Cornwall Council rented 45 caravans on the Monkey Tree Holiday Park near Newquay when the government told local authorities to house the homeless.
Gosh, what could go wr...

Oh. Right,
A shop has had several thefts, a worker had ribs broken in an alleged assault and police have also responded to numerous incidents at the holiday park.
But the caravan park said the temporary stability had helped many people.
While the (hopefully temporary) instability had harmed many. Including your own paying customers.
Pitch holders at the holiday park have reported having items including water sports kit and computer equipment stolen from their caravans and advertised for sale on local social media pages.
So, holiday park owners, was your virtuesignalling greed worth it?

Well, yes. After all, you can just take the money and wash your hands of the consequences:
A spokesman for the holiday park said: "The supervision of the occupants is solely the responsibility of Cornwall Council. We are aware of some anti-social behaviour in the Goonhavern area, but unfortunately the council or ourselves do not have any jurisdiction over the behaviour of people when they are not on the park."
How handy! All of the reward, none of the responsibility...

What about our representatives in local politics? Surely they will stick up for the hard working taxpayer?
Cornwall councillor Andrew Mitchell said: "Where laws are being broken and somebody is being physically attacked, that needs to be urgently addressed. We don't want to put up with actions like that, and smaller communities certainly shouldn't."
Some have been threatened with eviction, but Mr Mitchell said: "If they are evicted where will they go? Probably back on to the streets and at this time with covid-19 we really need to make sure everybody is protected."
By making sure some aren't.

A necessary sacrifice, Andrew? Still, I'm sure you live far enough away you know full well it's not going to affect you.

H/T: Peter Ward via email

We're All Outlaws Now...

From 15 June, bus and train commuters in England could be refused travel if they fail to comply with the measures - or face a fine.
But according to the BMA, this...
Utter nonsense, because there is 'some evidence of a benefit, but it remains fairly weak'..?
...should be extended to all areas where social distancing is not possible.
BMA council chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul also questioned why the introduction of these measures has been delayed - adding that the risk posed by coronavirus would be "much less" if the public starts wearing face coverings immediately.
Do you think we've all forgotten that when this started the medical establishment were advocating that there was no evidence of any benefit to it?
Announcing the plans, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps had said "we need to ensure every precaution is taken" as England relaxes the lockdown further, and passenger numbers start to increase once again.
The government says face coverings are "marginally beneficial as a precautionary measure".
And that's a reason to change our entire way of life and render CCTV on public transport useless?

Thursday 4 June 2020

Newspaper Scoops Ain't What They Used To Be...

'Revealed'..? Was it a secret he was previously a professional hunter, then?

The 'journalists at the 'Mail' seem to think so:
The TV presenter and safari guide had been instrumental in one of history’s ‘biggest recovery projects’ that had seen dozens of big cats relocated to an area of Mozambique ravaged by poachers.
But The Mail on Sunday has unearthed an earlier video of Carter revelling in the slaughter of elephants and lions, and eulogising about the merits of a powerful double-shot rifle.
I 'unearth' videos all the time on YouTube. By using the search function.
According to records kept by Safari Club International, a US-based organisation dedicated to protecting the right to hunt, Mr Carter has helped clients to shoot some of the world’s biggest animals. Yet quotes attributed to Mr Carter on the ICWCA’s website say: ‘I have been truly shocked to find how precarious the future of our wildlife is.’
Well, yes. But not because of trophy hunting. That saves more species than wildlife tourism.
The claims are revealed in a new book called Trophy Hunters Exposed: Inside The Big Game Industry.Its author Eduardo Goncalves, who founded the Campaign To Ban Trophy Hunting, questioned the assertion that hunting aids conservation.
So you basically read a book and then decided to look him up on YouTube. Gosh. At least Carter's job is exciting. Imagine being a 'journalist'...
Defending the shooting of big-game animals, Mr Carter said: ‘If you are killing an animal when it’s old and when its genes have already been passed on, there’s no impact to the remaining population of wildlife. That animal can be used to generate revenue and protein for the local community.
‘We need to consider the most likely way for this ecosystem to support itself. I am very pro a sustainable non-hunting method, but other times the hunting model is the only one that can work.’
He said the video was his last for Heym because of the ‘emotional reaction that precludes people from being able to understand the conservation that happens behind it’.
Which the 'Mail' has just proven exists in spades.