Thursday 30 April 2020

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Spotted by Dave Ward, here's Richard North.

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Mark Wadsworth on an inconvenient fact:
"The finds actually remind us that there was a Roman Warm Period and a Mediæval Warm Period (referred to here as 'the Viking era'), when the pass was relatively ice-free and in regular use. They didn't magically drop stuff under the ice, they dropped stuff and the ice then formed and covered it. Which is why the oldest finds are from the RWP and most are from the MWP."

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Fahrenheit211 gives us a cautionary tale for local councils....

I Thought Sunlight Was The Best Disinfectant?

Michelle Palmer’s solicitor, Patrick Maguire, said: “It has always been our position this matter proceed in confidence. It is with regret that the Metropolitan police have decided to publicly state that a claim is being intimated.”
Why wouldn't you want this in the public domain?
In a statement issued through her lawyers, Michelle Palmer said: “It was always of paramount importance that this matter remained private out of respect for me, my daughter and Keith. I am disappointed that the Met have made it public that a claim is being brought.
“Once more I feel disappointed and let down. This is not the respectful actions I, nor Keith, would have expected from an organisation that he dedicated his life to. It continues to feel as if our wishes are of little importance.”
You're claiming that his employers were negligent. Given who his employers were, there's significant public interest in both the claim, and the outcome of court proceedings.

Wednesday 29 April 2020

"Who Are You Going To Believe..?"

"Me, or this woman who....errr....actually works there?

Following these exchanges, Cllr Tutt issued a statement questioning Ms Caulfield’s post, saying she was “either failing to keep herself informed or seeking to defend the government”.
He said: “I am frequently asked questions about the availability of PPE in East Sussex and have been doing my best to keep track of what is happening.
“Whilst I am not aware of anywhere running out locally my understanding is that stocks are dangerously low and that promises of deliveries have often failed to materialise.
“Whilst I suspect that the government is well aware of this issue, I do not believe that comments reported to have been made by Lewes MP Maria Caulfield, which suggest that there is not a problem, are helpful.
“Clearly resolving this issue must be a key priority for the government in order to protect those on the frontline of the fight against Covid-19 who are risking their own lives to protect others.”
Those people 'on the frontline' includes the MP herself. Who's a nurse.
Ms Caulfield said: “I worked the whole weekend on the ward in my hospital and we had no shortage of PPE .
“I can only share my experience from the front line. It’s a shame the Lib Dems want to play politics with this.
“I also spoke to Dr Adrian Bull as the chief executive of the East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (ESHT) locally and they also have all the PPE they need.”
I know LibDumbs are usually monumentally thick (or they wouldn't be in that party in the first place) but this is surely a new record?

Why Shouldn't They Require Medical Proof...?

The council also waited to receive medical proof of Y’s health issues, despite the fact there was strong evidence to suggest Y was suffering high levels of anxiety.
Given they are spending taxpayers money, I'd expect them to require proof!

Tuesday 28 April 2020

Not Clear Enough!

Seafront traders have lambasted Southend Council after being handed fines for parking outside their business, while facing lockdown hardship.
Business owners on Southend seafront say Southend Council should be supporting firms in the coronavirus outbreak rather then (sic) penalising them.
Paul Thompson, 46, owner of Pebbles One in Marine Parade, was fined last Sunday. He said: “The car parks and loading bays are shut so the only place to park was right outside the door, which if common sense was used shouldn’t be an issue right now.
“The parking warden came and told me I couldn’t park there and I was going to be fined.
“I called the council’s director of public places and he agreed it should be cancelled.
“It has been stopped but it’s just ridiculous.”
Well, yes! So what has the council got to say?
A council spokesman said: “To discourage visitors our parking enforcement officers are supporting police and community safety colleagues to enforce restrictions.
“We have been clear this process is not to penalise traders in these difficult times.”
It appears you're employing people who have no common sense.

"Don't Do It Again..."

"...or I'll tell you not to do it again, again!"
Mike Warren, mitigating for Holmes, told the court he was working as a self-employed handyman and that it “beggars belief” that he had made the decision to drive to his brother’s home in Rayleigh when he shouldn’t have been on the road, having already been disqualified.
Mr Warren added Holmes accepted it was “an incredibly stupid decision”.
Was it? Reader, it was not.

Because the consequences were...well, not worth a candle:
Sentencing Holmes to eight months in jail, suspended for two years, Judge Andrew Hurst said: “Instead of acting in any way responsibly you acted entirely selfishly. That footpath contained pedestrians including children.
“It is fortunate no one was killed, this could have been far more serious. You are very lucky not to be immediately going into custody.”
Holmes was also fined £250 and disqualified for another two years.
Judge Hurst added: “It was a crazy bit of driving, please don’t repeat it.”
Or what? You'll disqualify him again?

Monday 27 April 2020

When Did She Get Her Medical Degree?

Did it come in the same envelope as her gong?
Stephen Lawrence's mother will lead Labour's investigation into the disproportionate impact of coronavirus on BAME communities.
Sir Keir Starmer has tasked Baroness Doreen Lawrence, whose son Stephen was killed in a racist attack 27 years ago this week, to drill down into troubling trends emerging in the epidemic.
This is going to be a tricky one to navigate, requiring a great deal of intelligence to avoid the elephant (in the room) traps along the way. And I don't think she's demonstrated she has that...
Figures from the Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre suggests 34.5 per cent of critically ill patients were from the BAME community.
This is despite 10.8 per cent of the population being black or Asian, according to the 2011 census.
So it's either something about their cultural practices or their basic biology. It's clearly not 'racism', because a virus cannot be racist...
Labour peer Baroness Lawrence said: 'I am proud to take up this role at a critical moment for our country.
'The coronavirus pandemic has brought society together, but it has also exposed the gulf in living standards that still blights our communities.'
Wait, what?
'Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities have long been disadvantaged by the social and economic injustice which still exists in our country.
'There is a clear and tragic pattern emerging of the pandemic's impact on those communities which must be better understood.'
Given you appear to already be focussed on your usual hobbyhorse, rather than approaching it with an open mind and a willingness to look at medical evidence, this is another race-baiting charade, isn't it?

This Is Why We Don't Trust The Media...

Really? Does the new law permit this?

Reader, it does not:
The two of them had travelled all the way from Kent without insurance and a driving licence.
Existing law pertaining to the driving regulations is the seizure justification. Absolutely nothing to do with the hasty new legislation brought in for the CoronaVirus pandemic.

Gosh, what could explain this?

Saturday 25 April 2020


Jonathan Nunn London-based food writer:
The pandemic offers us an opportunity to shine a light on the less visible reaches of the restaurant ecosystem.
Oh? And what would that be, then?
There are the landlords, whose rents are so extortionate that many restaurants in city centres struggle to break even. The developers who use restaurants like magnets to attract the “right sort” of people in gentrifying areas, transforming swathes of our cities into pseudo-public spaces of boutique restaurants, pushing working-class Londoners further away from their homes. PR companies who ensure that only those establishments that can afford their services get media coverage. Private equity funds that turn restaurants into short-term investments, relentlessly cut costs (and ultimately quality), and fuel the notion that the only way to turn a profit is to rapidly expand.
Ah. Sounds a lot like a litany of the usual suspects' lists of 'enemies' of the glorious socialist revolution, doesn't it?
We, as greedy consumers, have to accept some responsibility.
Yup, the principal enemy always being the people who just won't do as their betters want them to...
Not every fish needs to be ike jime and couriered from Cornwall, or every chicken corn-fed from Fosse Meadows, but we should accept that fish and meat need to be priced higher across the board if those behind the scenes stand a chance of being paid a decent wage.
Is there anything stopping 'those behind the scenes' finding better-paid work, then? What next, a call for unionisation?
As for restaurants themselves, chef Asma Khan tells me the biggest issue is unionisation. “After this,” she says, “our priority should be to create a powerful union that is the voice of the workers, not the owners and investors.”
We are in uncharted waters: the industry has never seen this before, and all signs point to the likelihood that restaurants as we know them aren’t coming back for a while. To move forward, we must start by examining what we would like to save about the industry, giving space to the things that nourish us and our communities, and discarding what we believe doesn’t deserve to survive. After all, the real danger the restaurant industry faces isn’t annihilation – the danger is that it comes back the same as it was before.
I hope it does. Just to annoy grubby little scocialist opportunists like you...

Cookery Tips From The 'Guardian'...

Which is helpful.

So long as, despite lacking tomatoes, you have double cream, taleggio, hazelnuts, anchovies, green olives, capers and miso paste...

Friday 24 April 2020

Whoops! (Again)

Launching the scheme at the start of the month, the Ministry of Justice said the selected low-risk offenders would be electronically tagged and temporarily released on licence in stages, although they could be recalled at the first sign of concern.
It was seen as a way to avoid thousands of prisoners, many of whom share cells, from becoming infected.
What could go wro...

Oh. Right.
But the BBC said the scheme would be temporarily halted after the accidental early release of inmates from two open prisons in Gloucestershire and Derbyshire.
The Prison Service attributed blame to human error and said processes would be changed.

Clearly, Not Rigorous Enough...

A prison officer who tried to smuggle drugs and phones into a Surrey jail had been on a government-backed scheme to recruit future leaders, BBC News has learned.
Went about as well as any other government scheme, then...
Joshua Bossman-Briandt was on the Unlocked scheme set up to help prison officers become "society's leaders".
Why? Of all the people to look up to, why? 
He was jailed after admitting eight offences, including possession with intent to supply cocaine.
Unlocked said all candidates go through "rigorous" vetting checks.
Newsflash: not enough by far, clearly...

Thursday 23 April 2020

Interesting Juxtaposition....

Hmmm, think that question's been answered, then.

Well, Yes. That's The Issue, Isn't It?

Chief Inspector Dee Wells said: “We are aware of people’s concerns in this area, and we continue to work with the community and our partners, including Brighton and Hove City Council and charities, to tackle the issue of drug dealing and use.
“While circumstances may have changed in recent weeks due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, our policing approach hasn’t.”
Sadly, I believe you...
One resident said: “We are getting constant groups of intoxicated people meeting up, drinking, taking and dealing drugs on the street.
“In the last few weeks of lockdown we have seen no police officers or community support officers in the area, I’m assuming because they are busy on the beach and other areas where people are taking their daily exercise.”
Another resident said: “New Steine Gardens is a hotspot for drug dealing, drug taking and antisocial behaviour and it seems to be a prime meeting place for these activities.
“Usually we would not go in there in the summer to sit in the sun because there have been needles, bodily fluids, and human excrement on the green as well as threatening behaviour from these people if you refuse to give them money.
“They are ignoring social distancing rules.
“Officers who arrived on patrol just moved them on, there were no threats of fines, no searches or arrests. “It is an absolute joke that these people are allowed to do whatever they like.”
Meanwhile a supermarket customer in Western Road, Brighton, said: “There are huge problems with junkies. “Shop managers have said the police have not bothered to do anything about it.
“There was a group outside Sainsbury’s blocking people and hassling them in the queue, including hassling an old lady with a walking stick.
“Customers are being harassed and are frightened, meanwhile outside Waitrose they have been going up and down the queue begging people for drugs money.
“It would be really good to be able to go shopping safely without that kind of stuff going on.”
Yup, certainly looks like your approach (ignore persistent offending and target people who won't fight back instead) hasn't changed one bit, doesn't it?

Wednesday 22 April 2020

Then...Whose Fault Is It?

“It’s not the NHS’ fault that they cannot carry out normal appointments.”
It's their decision, though, isn't it?

They didn't have to cancel them, they could have simply implemented the required social distancing guidelines and carried on.
The family, from Billericay, have had several routine appointments cancelled for Fraser’s condition with more set to follow, which has already had an impact on Fraser’s health.
His condition affects the muscles and heart over a long period of time and there are concerns that Fraser, who is now self-isolating for 12 weeks with his mum due to his vulnerability, will not be seen by carers until after June - leaving him susceptible to unseen heart problems.
There's people with halted cancer appointments sitting at home, worrying, too. I wonder how they feel when they hear the ridiculous clapping every Thursday?

But the government's campaign to blame a virus and its own citizens, rather than the public sector's overreaction to it, has clearly worked on this mother:
Mrs Simmonds issued an urgent appeal to those who are thinking of being outside longer than the rules or advice states.
She said: “Coronavirus has overtaken everything but there are still people with life-limiting conditions who are now going without the care and support they need.
“If this continues for an unspecified period of time, Coronavirus will have harmed many more people than just those who have contracted the virus.”
And whose fault will that be? I don't think it's the people taking two walks per day instead of one, is it?

Clear And Concise..?

Deputy Chief Constable Sara Glen told journalists in a remote media briefing on Wednesday that the law does not allow fixed penalty notices to be issued to under-18s.
Crystal clear, right? Couldn't possibly be misunderstood?

Between March 27 and April 13, 39 of the fines were wrongly issued to children by police in England.
That's 39 times they ignored their powers. Now, we don't know that it's not because those subject to the fines claimed to be older than they actually were.

But if that was the case....wouldn't the police spokeswoman have sought to elaborate, to deflect blame?

Still, I'm sure these new guidelines will be clearly understood and not abused. Aren't you?

Tuesday 21 April 2020

We Shell Out £1.9M Of Taxpayer Money For This Bunch..?

Well, well, appears that there's so little 'Islamaphobia' around that Islamic grievance mongers 'Tell Mama' are now climbing aboard the 'what about the poor oppressed traveler community' bandwagon:

It appears their trigger is a Channel 4 programme on the suffering of those who have to put up with traveller encampments. Naturally, that's not what this bunch want to hear:

YCMIU, could you?

H/T: Fahrenheit211 via Gab

Yes, I'm Sure They'll Heed This...

Travellers will not be evicted from illegal camps on council land during the coronavirus pandemic - as long as they adhere to a strict set of rules.
They include not going to the toilet in the open, burning rubbish or driving on footpaths.
But when coronavirus is over, they can go right back to doing that?

Monday 20 April 2020

No, It Wasn't 'Different' At All...

A police chief has reminded the public to adhere to social distancing measures, after several people, including a teenage boy, were injured during...
A house party? A picnic in the park?
...a mass funeral gathering.
Chief constable Alan Pughsley said: "In general, the gatherings that have taken place and we've dispersed are people who are in effect probably irresponsible and shouldn't be doing it, and we've been dealing with those and stopping those.
"Yesterday's incident was different of course - it's a funeral and I completely appreciate the sensitivities of it.
"But in these incredibly difficult times, I'm afraid you're not allowed to have a huge gathering at a funeral.
He added: "We got to know about it very late, we dealt with it in a really sensible, pragmatic and indeed compassionate way."
He sounds almost apologetic that he's had to act, doesn't he? I wonder why...
Responding to the incident yesterday, a Kent Police spokesman said: "Kent Police was made aware of funeral arrangements due to take place at a crematorium in Sheppey Way, Bobbing. "Initial inquiries suggested a significant number of people were expected to attend the ceremony to pay their respects followed by a possible procession through the local area.
"The force received notification of the funeral the evening before it was due to take place and was therefore unable to speak with those attending to encourage them to adhere to social distancing measures."
Why didn't you just turn up mob-handed like you did when some poor woman wanted to walk her dog in the park?

Was there something special about this funeral, or the attendees, I wonder?

Who Could Have Predicted This? Pt 78924893256987412

Yeah, that's right. Everyone. As usual:

“Some are ongoing neighbour disputes and nothing to do with coronavirus. People have had pops at each other and are using this as an opportunity to try to cause more grief and get officers around to their address,” said a senior police source, who asked for their force not to be named.
This development has prompted the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) to urge the public to “exercise common sense and only report well-meaning concerns”.
We've seen how the police themselves 'exercise common sense', haven't we?
The police’s professional standards body, the College of Policing, which along with the NPCC drew up last week’s updated guidance on how to enforce the lockdown, echoed the concerns. “Deliberate false reporting, obstruction or misinformation at a time of crisis helps nobody, and risks public safety. In those cases police will use their discretion in determining whether enforcement action is appropriate,” it said.
We've seen how the police 'use their discretion', haven't we?

Saturday 18 April 2020

Don't They Have Google In Liverpool?

The victim, Judge Smith said today, still wanted to believe her boyfriend was a "good man who would become a good life partner," but eventually, she ended the relationship, realising she was in danger.
Gosh! Were there any clues to his character?
His serial domestic abuse followed similarly shocking behaviour towards other women, including when his ex-wife Laura had a kitchen knife repeatedly plunged into her at an Asda store in January 2002.
Regularly beating her through their four year marriage, he stabbed her three times in the back, one of the blows penetrating her heart and lungs, in a clear attempt to kill. By a "miracle", she survived the ferocious attack, but the unborn baby died, and McCarten, then 35, was jailed for 11 years.
Did he serve those eleven years? Reader, he did not...
The 54-year-old's latest victim was Aintree barmaid Stephanie Johnstone, who started a relationship with him in 2017, which lasted for 15 months.
Didn't she think to do some basic checks on the man she was shacking up with..!?
But his aggression began when she was hit in the face by the thug with a shoebox. He also pushed her against a wardrobe door and grabbed her throat. On another occasion, the brute assaulted her as she prepared to start an evening shift as a care worker, accusing Ms Johnstone of "speaking to someone else" and hitting her with a mobile phone so hard it left her with a head wound.
Judge Rachel Smith, who described the mum as a credible witness, not prone to any exaggeration when she gave evidence in McCarten's trial for controlling or coercive behaviour, then detailed another beating which happened as the couple returned from a "pleasant night out."McCarten, who this morning appeared via a video-link from HMP Liverpool, suddenly punched her in the face for no reason, leaving her with bruising and chipped teeth.
So she immediately called police and...

Ms Johnstone, it was heard, was terrified for the safety of her child, and sent photos of her injuries to a friend in a cry for help. But more violence followed, including threats to "slit her throat" and after a meal together at a steakhouse, McCarten shoved her into the side of his van, and then drove deliberately at her.
Yes. Of course you'd go for a night out with someone you were 'terrified of'...
The relationship faltered, but was rekindled in May 2018, when the yob again demonstrated he hadn't changed after she went shopping for underwear, this time promising to "kill her," pinching her nostrils together and holding her throat so she couldn't breathe.
Frightened, Ms Johnsone contacted a prison officer, and McCarten was recalled to custody, where he has been for the past two years.
Why was he ever released?
He was released in 2016 after Parole Board officials deemed him no longer a threat.
David Birrell, defending his client, claimed he "tried to turn things around," "working hard" on his business, and had tried to reconnect with his adult son. But he conceded: "There is very little personal mitigation in a case like this."
When even your lawyer gives up, surely it's time for the State to decide you can never be released?
McCarten was jailed for three years.
Well. Apparently not. Want to bet he won't serve them all?

Well, At Least Something Can Travel On It's Holidays....

White tailed eagles not seen in England for over 240 years have been visiting the North York Moors after making a remarkable 300 mile trip.
At least they'll be safe from overzealous policing....
Forestry England and the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation have been leading a project to reintroduce them into the country, releasing the first group on the Isle of Wight last year. Through GPS tracking they’ve been keeping an eye on the young birds as they made their first major trips around the country.
Two of them, G318 and G393 travelled up through the middle of Britain landing and roosting for a while in the the North York Moors National Park.
Now campaigners are appealing for people to keep an eye out for the special birds and if possible get more photographs of them.
Unless one shows up on my back garden bird table, that's going to be rather difficult under the current circumstances.

Friday 17 April 2020

When Is Good News Not Good News..?

In March, the number of people going to their local emergency department fell by 600,000, or 29 per cent, compared to same month last year, the lowest number of attendances since 2010.
Hurrah! The NHS is saved! All those timewasters going to A&E with minor ailments are staying away!
Medical leaders have warned sick patients not to avoid getting help from the NHS after a huge drop in the numbers of people attending A&E departments sparked fears some could die without care.
Wait, hang on! Isn't this good news then?
While the NHS has battled for years to reduce the number of people going to A&E for unnecessary reasons, the sudden fall during the coronavirus outbreak has worried officials that the pandemic could be deterring people who have genuine need and who could become sicker or even die as a result of staying away.
Make up your minds!

Next Up, Koffing To Be Removed From Pokemon Go..?

It was already weird enough this week that we got the totally-not-an-April-Fools’ reveal that the king of all Kaiju himself was making his way to Magic: The Gathering. What’s even weirder: That one of the Godzilla cards in that special set of Magic cards is about to become incredibly rare, thanks to...the novel coronavirus?
The SpaceGodzilla card in question has a title inspired by his ultimate attack from Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla...the Corona Beam.
Hmm. Yes. You can imagine why, as over a million people across the world have contracted covid-19 and deaths continue to rise, why it would be insensitive to release a Magic card with the words “Death Corona” on it.
This is on a par with the Corona beer episode, isn't it?

Thursday 16 April 2020

"It's Only Taxpayer Money" Pt 78915328794

The Anderson School in Chigwell was opened in September 2017 by charity the National Autistic Society (NAS). It said it would offer a specialist environment for 50 secondary pupils with high-functioning autism, to get GCSEs.
Councils in east London and Essex pay the NAS £42,000 a year for every pupil, rising to around £75,000 with ‘extras’ such as one-to-one teaching and therapy.
It would probably be cheaper to send them to Eton!
But up to 20 youngsters, many of whom have nowhere else to go, have been removed or pulled out by parents in two years amid a catalogue of allegations.
In November 2019 Ofsted conducted an emergency inspection and found The Anderson School was failing to meet crucial standards.
Shocker! What do the councils have to say?
A Newham Council spokeswoman said: “The council has placed one pupil at the Anderson School and we do not intend to place any more pupils there, unless concerns raised by Ofsted are addressed to their satisfaction.
“The cost for the child there is approx. £58,000. Officers have been in regular contact with the child’s parents, both by telephone and in person.”
Hmmm... so what's the issue?
Parents who spoke to the Recorder claimed police were being repeatedly called to the site to deal with disturbances.
Youngsters with autism have been able to escape into Luxborough Lane, parents said, where a bridge passes over the M11, and also to climb onto the roof of the purpose-built site. They also claimed students have also been locked in rooms for hours by allegedly untrained staff for their own safety, and abandoned on school trips, including at Fairlop Water.
Two students have attempted suicide since September 2017. In both cases their parents claimed their experiences at the school had made things worse.
Ah. One for the Charity Commission to investigate as well, I think?

I Thought The Curry Argument Was Daft, But....

Oh, if only we had some way of transporting music across borders electronically!
Immigration control has influenced, in some cases defined, British music for at least a century, industry experts and scholars say. It has done so by blocking entry to performers, whether by individual, musical genre, or nationality; or by interning, surveilling or deporting certain groups of residents deemed at different intervals to be threats or burdens to the nation. This encumbered the creative expression of musicians who were a part of those communities.
But why has the government decided to 'threaten the music you love'? Well, it's probably not the music you love at all.

This is, of course, the usual special pleading by the usual suspects:
“While it’s too early to be sure about what forms visa regulations will take, it looks likely that the Conservative government will make no exceptions for musicians”, said David Hesmondhalgh, a professor of the media industries and author of Why Music Matters. “And if that happens, it will undoubtedly bring about a drastic reduction in the diversity of music coming to Britain from continental Europe”.
Oh dear, never mind. Just as we've got the recipes now, we've got streaming music. So suck it up, buttercup.

Wednesday 15 April 2020

Just How Much 'Caring' Can She Possibly Be Doing?

Jane Challenger-Gillett breathed in and then spat at officers who attended her home in Roundhill Terrace, Brighton.
What sort of lowlife, uneducated scum wou...

The University of Brighton senior lecturer...
Well, I suppose it explains a lot about Brighton students...
...also known as Jane Challenger-Gillitt, appeared before Brighton Magistrates’ Court and admitted two offences. It was revealed she was in breach of a community order for abusing and assaulting officers who responded to a disturbance in October.
So surely that sentence should have read 'ex-senior lecturer'..?
Challenger-Gillett, 55, is a senior lecturer in computing, engineering and maths at the university.
Good grief!
But she was spared a prison sentence because she is the sole carer for a “vulnerable” partner and has been battling an alcohol problem.
It sounds as though she can't care for herself, let alone anyone else:
Previously she appeared in court in September 2018 for failing to provide a breath test when suspected of drink-driving. She also assaulted a police officer, and was given a 20-week suspended prison sentence alongside a driving ban.
Then she also appeared back in court in October for breaching a restraining order by brandishing a knife and shouting at a neighbour.
Why is she not in a mental hospital, or old fashioned 'drying out' clinic?

"Give Us More Laws To Abuse And Get Wrong!"

The police want powers to be able to enter homes and shut down parties and BBQs they deem unnecessary under lockdown laws.
Well, of course they do. Except for mosques and traveller encampments, of course..!
The Police Federation, who represent rank and file officers, believe there is a technicality in the current measures that mean they cannot enter a private property to break up a house party, unless they are allowed in by the householders.
Are they sure? Because they do seem to have problems interpreting the powers they've been given...
The Met’s mistake relates to a case involving a man arrested outside Tooting leisure centre in south-west London on 28 March. The defendant was charged with breaching the Coronavirus Act 2020 as well as with possession of class B drugs and “going equipped to steal”. He pleaded guilty to all the charges at Wimbledon magistrates court.
A force spokesman said: “It was identified this legislation had been applied incorrectly. The [coronavirus] charge and fine were subsequently set aside. The charges for possession of class B drugs and going equipped to steal were not overturned and the £200 fine stands.
“However, [he] was incorrectly charged with an offence under the Coronavirus Act 2020. This legislation only relates to ‘potentially infectious persons’, which was not applicable in these circumstances.”
 And that's the second incorrect application of the new law. That they've admitted to so far, anyway.
Despite the clamour for new lockdown powers, they are very unlikely to be green-lit by Home Secretary Priti Patel.
A Home Office source told the newspaper: 'It would be a really big step for policing in this country that is not needed at this point.
'Also police can issue the fixed penalty notice as they travel to or from the party.'
You wonder why the so-called 'professional' police farce didn't think of that, don't you?

Tuesday 14 April 2020

Not Doing Much For Social Cohesion, Is It..?

A group of Travellers have pitched up in the leafy Surrey village of Cobham despite government warnings about large public gatherings.
Police were called to the Tilt, a park just around the corner from Chelsea's football training ground.
Did they issue fines? Try to move them on? After all, they've been noticeably overzealous with essential workers and shoppers...
MailOnline has contacted Surrey Police for a statement.
We await with bated breath. I bet we really know the answer, though....

Three More Weeks...?

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab is set to tell the country on Thursday the coronavirus lockdown will last until at least May 7.
The First Secretary of State, who is deputising for Boris Johnson while the PM recovers from the deadly bug, will tell Britons they face at least three more weeks of restrictions, it was reported.
Mr Raab is expected to liaise with the leaders of the devolved countries at a Cobra meeting on Thursday, where he will ask for a UK-wide approach in setting a deadline, The Times said.
What will be left when this is all over?

Monday 13 April 2020

I'll Chip In For Some Razor Blades...

A rapist whose deportation was halted when airline passengers staged a mutiny is set to be...
Hanged? No, probably not, sadly...
...released back on to Britain's streets despite the 'real risk' he will commit further offences.
*rolls eyes* What's the excuse this time?
Judge Margaret O'Keeffe last week reluctantly granted Yaqub Ahmed 'bail in principle' because there is no prospect that he can be kicked out of the country soon.
Ahmed, who should have been deported to his native Somalia 18 months ago, is awaiting the result of a legal challenge against his removal.
Just because there's no prospect of deportation, why should he be freed onto the streets? Did some clever lawyer persuade this judge that he's no threat?

Well, no. She admits he's a threat.
Speaking at a bail hearing on Tuesday, Judge O'Keeffe warned: 'I am satisfied that there is a real risk that he would commit offences if released on bail.
'I am also satisfied that the applicant poses a risk of absconding. He failed to comply with bail conditions in the past and was caught attempting to leave the jurisdiction.'
So, what's the problem in keeping him behind bars?
However, she said the risks of him offending and absconding 'have to be balanced against the length of time that the applicant has been in detention'.
Sure, balance them. Just make sure the scales tip in the favour of the rights of innocent citizens to walk the streets...
Government guidance for immigration judges states that 'imperative considerations of public safety may be necessary to justify detention in excess of six months'.
Surely that's overwhelmingly the case here?
Miranda Butler, Ahmed's lawyer, told the tribunal his mental health 'worsened significantly as a result of his detention' and he had attempted suicide.
Well, there's an idea! Hey, Miranda, will you take a package for him?

"We don't need any tension..."

Funny, I thought they'd all decided they wanted people to report guideline-breakers..?

I wonder why they suddenly decided they don't?

H/T: Fahrenheit211 via Gab

Sunday 12 April 2020

Happy Easter Sunday...

...however you choose to celebrate this rather strange one.

Normal Bank Holiday service will resume tomorrow.

Saturday 11 April 2020

I Think It's You Who 'Doesn't Understand The Implication Of Your Actions'...

Sergeant Paul Mawson, from Consett Police, said ... “My officers and I have been working over the weekend and have engaged with people as best we can across Consett and the surrounding villages, to ensure that their journeys are necessary and that government guidelines are being followed.
“While I commend the large majority of the community for acting in a responsible manner that may save lives by slowing the rate of infections, there have been people who even when challenged, do not understand the impact of their actions.
“This is both time consuming for your local police and more importantly contributing to the burden on the NHS by not taken positive action to prevent the spread of infection.”
There follows the usual whinge about 'irresponsibility' and the breezy dismissal of people's liberty, but then, there's this:
One man thought a journey to the shop for a cauliflower was essential because he ‘always has a cauliflower with Sunday dinner’...
Hmmmm, let's have a look at those guidelines, shall we?

Is a cauliflower not food? Do you need to do some more reading, Sgt?

Don't Ever Change, 'Guardian'...

Better how? Athletes that run faster? Football matches that last more than 45 minutes?*
We may certainly miss watching our favourite spectacle, but we may not miss everything else that comes with it – most notably, what often feels like contempt for the paying consumer, and in particular those who go and watch their favourite teams and athletes, often at huge expense.
Isn't it their choice, then? I like to buy expensive tech, they like to buy expensive tickets. What's the problem?
We can view Manchester United and Manchester City’s joint gift of £100,000 to local food banks in this context. We can also note that this sum, while a generous amount, is less than the weekly wage of many of their top players.
How will it look if sport, oblivious to this suffering, continues to charge exorbitant fees for access to its events? How will it survive if it refuses to distribute its resources more fairly towards its foundations?
Ah, of course. Socialism is never too far from the surface of any 'Guardian' article, is it?

* Yes, Reader, I had to Google that!

Friday 10 April 2020

Maybe The Murderer Got The Wrong Address..?

Laura Hardman, 26, began rowing with Michael Foy, 59, after he commented on her 'rowdy' behaviour at the Cyns Tavern in Salford, Greater Manchetser.
She hurled abuse at Mr Foy and told him to 'call social services' before being ejected from the pub. Hardman later returned and bit his finger with 'incredible force'.
The tip of Mr Foy's index came off and was salvaged. But after he was rushed to hospital, doctors told the man it could not be reattached.
Hardman, from Leigh, pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm and assault. She was handed four years at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court this week.
Luckily, she was up before Judge David Stockdale QC and not the Moron of Minshull Street.
Hardman had no previous convictions. Neil Ronan, defending, said social services had no concerns about the special needs worker's capabilities.
That was presumably before she savaged a man like a scruffy Alsatian bitch. I hope?.
He told the court Hardman was suffering from anxiety after a neighbour and friend had been murdered and was remorseful over the incident.
If only the murderer had knocked on her door instead...

"Who Are You Going To Believe, Me Or Your Lying Eyes (and Ears)?"

That's Stephen Mold, the Police Fire and Crime Commissioner for Northamptonshire, trying desperately to explain away the extraordinary outburst by his Chief Constable.

The one he made on camera.

To the world's media.

As Twitter was quick to point out.

That's not a 'clumsy' message. That's a very clear message. And it was clear enough for the Home Secretary to emerge from wherever she's been hiding in the past week and slap him down firmly.

Now, people I like and follow on Twitter have said that this isn't a sign of an incompetent out of his depth, that he's a very good police leader and has improved the force.

But given that someone in his position should a) know the law, and the limitations and b) have received expensive media handling training...then questions need to be asked.

Thursday 9 April 2020

I Note They Aren't Cutting Back On Council Tax...

Council staff are being spat at, racially abused and attacked while delivering essential services amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Local Government Association (LGA) has said.
A Southend community support officer, who was enforcing the government’s social distancing guidelines, is said to be the latest victim in a series of incidents after a cyclist rode into him, breaking the officer’s leg on Thursday.
Maybe they'll actually do something about cyclists now.

Many's the time I've walked down Southend High St to see the blue uniforms all in a huddle chatting, while completely ignoring the cyclists swerving around them.
The increase of abuse comes as some councils across the UK have scaled back on certain services – including reducing bin collections, and shutting recycling centres.
And then the council moans that fly tipping is increasing...

H/T: Fahrenheit211 via Gab

Gosh, It's Almost As If Criminals Don't Obey The Law..!

...isn't it, 'Echo'?

Wednesday 8 April 2020

Because They've Proved They Can Do That...?

The briefing drawn up by the National Police Chiefs' Council urges officers to make sensible decisions and use enforcement as a last resort.
Might as well ask them to solve the Israel/Palestine situation and invents a perpetual motion machine while they are at it...
Police will be able to use force on children if they flout the coronavirus lockdown.
Guidance from the College of Policing says 'reasonable force' can be used if a youngster is believed to be 'outside of their premises without reasonable excuse'.
Officers also have the power to fine parents £60 for failing to stop a child from going out.
And with the courts scaling back their activity, that'll happen sometime next year. Maybe.
Yesterday the chairman of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners, Katy Bourne, urged forces not to be 'overzealous'.
She said: 'In order for these measures to be truly effective, the police will need to maintain public confidence.'
Nice job shutting that stable door, love, but the horse is over the horizon and galloping away rapidly.

Only In Brighton...

A charity has issued a warning about [redacted] during the coronavirus crisis.
Have a guess, go on!
A charity has issued a warning about the purity of street drugs during the coronavirus crisis.
Yup, you really couldn't make it up, could you?
Pavilions, the drug and alcohol service based in Richmond Road, Brighton, has said that due to travel restrictions, the purity of street drugs may decrease soon.
A spokesman said: “This will mean that drugs bought on the street could be a lot more dangerous, especially if you have symptoms of Covid-19.”
I was about to dig out my tiny violin, then I realised it was still far too big for this...
The charity has issued the following advice to drug users.
It said:
  • Buy only from someone you trust
  • If buying something different, do some research on it first
  • Test a small amount first
  • If drugs look unusual or smell weird, do not use them
  • If you are feeling ill, use less than usual
  • Never use alone
  • Never share equipment
  • If you feel ill call 999.
I note that what's missing from there is 'Don't take illegal drugs'...

Tuesday 7 April 2020

Only In Liverpool Pt 1785374

Weaver was locked up for eight years, including seven years for the knife attack and one for the dog incident - while the court ordered the dog be destroyed.
Pity they didn't offer a 'BOGOF' at the vets...

Darwin Isn't Socially Distancing, I See...

A 5-year-old boy is fighting for his life after a quad bike he was riding on smashed into a metal barrier in Corby, Northants last night.
The boy was on the back of the quad bike, which was being ridden by an 18-year-old in Occupation Road, at twenty five to eight in the evening.

Monday 6 April 2020

Maybe We Should Hang Rustlers Again, Then....

Passing sentence, Judge Lucking said: 'A dedicated police operation was necessary to bring this organised offending to an end.
'The sheep were stolen from seven different owners. Not all of the sheep were farm livestock, some were in fact pets.
'On one occasion two very young children were completely traumatised finding their sheep slaughtered and butchered such that they were screaming at the sight.
'There must be an element of deterrence. The general public are dependent upon farmers to produce meat for food.
'Those who farm livestock often work on small margins and simply don't have the manpower to guard their livestock day and night.'
 Particularly from yet more imported criminals from the EU...
Prior to sentence, one of the men's defence barristers urged the judge to pass as short a sentence as possible in light of the 'uncertain times in respect of coronavirus'.
 Nice try.
Robert Iordan, aged 23, and Florin Nutu, aged 36, were both jailed for four years and four months on Friday by Judge Adrienne Lucking QC, who described the inhumane killing of sheep worth around £10,000 as gruesome and distressing.
Judge Lucking also sentenced Viorel Manu to a custodial sentence of two years and 11 months after hearing that the 39-year-old father-of-nine was involved in only one albeit serious offence.
One hopes they can be immediately deported on release, since free movement within the EU won't apply now we're (supposedly) on course to leave?

Meet The New Boss....

...simultaneously very different from the old boss, and also not much better.

Saturday 4 April 2020

Supreme Traitors...

Shami Chakrabarti, the shadow attorney general, said: “Those understandably concerned about the sweeping powers that parliament has just temporarily handed to the executive to cope with the coronavirus emergency, will take some comfort from the watchful eye of the UK’s judges and the value they so obviously place on the right to life.”
Whose right to life? Why, not little Mabel down the road, desperate to get out in the fresh air but terrified of arrest.

No, perish the thought...
Elsheikh and Kotey, who were raised in Britain, are alleged to have been part of an Isis terrorist cell, some of whom were known as “the Beatles”, that is thought to have carried out 27 beheadings of US and UK citizens in Isis-held territory.
Nice to know our Supreme Court is every bit an enemy of the people as the one in the US...

Now, This Is Genuine Progress...

Every roof in the city district of Utrecht is to be “greened” with plants and mosses or have solar panels installed under plans driven by the success of a similar scheme for the municipality’s bus stops.
The “no roofs unused” policy is part of an attempt to reinvigorate biodiversity in the city and create a less stressful and happier environment, of which the construction of a so-called “vertical forest tower with 10,000 plants on its facade is set to become a leading example.
It looks amazing, like one of those sci-fi book covers about life in the future. And what a wonderful idea to make our concrete jungles less, well, concrete...
Utrecht, the fastest growing city in the Netherlands, was rated in a 2019 study by Natuur & Milieu as the most “sustainable” in the country in terms of buying green electricity, its use of environmental zones, exploitation of solar power and encouragement of cycling.
The municipality completed the installation of green roofs on its 316 bus stops last year, capturing fine particles of air pollution, storing rainwater, and providing cooling during the summer months.
The bus stops roofs are planted with sedum, a plant with small yellow flowers in the summer months, draws birds, bees and butterflies. The bus stops, fitted with bamboo benches, feature energy-efficient LED lighting and 96 of them have been outfitted with solar panels.
Bring it on, I say!

Friday 3 April 2020

A Strange Sense Of Deja Vu...

A murder investigation has been launched after a woman's body was found in a churchyard with 'multiple' injuries yesterday - just seven days after another woman was found dead on the same road.
Met Police North East Area Borough Commander Richard Tucker described the incident as 'shocking'. He added: 'I want residents to know that a team of specialist officers are working tirelessly to identify and apprehend whoever is responsible.
'I am grateful for our local community's support and assistance during this time.'
So, any link?
Met police have not linked the two murders 'at this time', according to a spokesman.
That may prove to be another mistake.

Utter Cowardice...

Police were called after reports that up to 100 mourners - including a Birmingham MP - turned up at a city cemetery for a funeral - in defiance of the coronavirus lockdown.
Officers were alerted by worried staff after a large crowd gathered at the gates of Sutton New Hall Cemetery yesterday, Wednesday, April 1.
And sprang into action, keen to ensure that the emergency legislation was followed, without fear or favour, right?
West Midlands Police confirmed it was alerted to reports of a large crowd but officers found 15 mourners in family groups observing social distance rules.
No action was taken.
Oh. So, groups of 15 are OK after all?
Only six mourners are now permitted at any funeral in the city under Covid-19 restrictions.
Imagine my surprise...

Thursday 2 April 2020

"I asked under what law did I have to close and they didn't know."

'When I got to the station they didn't know what to charge me with. On the board where they write things like "mugging" or "burglary", for me, they wrote something like 'shopkeeper'.
I was in a cell for a couple of hours before they let me leave. To be fair the officers in the station were great, it was just the ones who came to the shop.'
It would almost be funny, if it wasn't for the growing realisation that the police are not only ignorant of the law, but also that there's widespread confusion amongst those who are supposed to guide them in the interpretation of it!
The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, whose members work for councils, and are responsible for enforcing the new rules, said: 'There does seem to some confusion over what should be closed and what shouldn't. Vaping shops are self-identifying as health care and staying open.'
If there's 'confusion', what are you doing about it?
'Our people are getting in touch with businesses to ask them what grounds they are open because there seems to be a feeling the legislation is open to misinterpretation.'
All legislation is - it needs to be tested in a court of law. You know, the ones that are scaling back right now...
'We're finding quite a few businesses open when they should be closed, and closing when we catch them and saying they will stay closed and then re-opening the next day.'
They've realised the police can't be everywhere. And are, frankly, making no attempt to be where they are most needed in favour of low-hanging fruit, like they always do...
The UK vaping industry has urged the Government to exempt its outlets, claiming it would be a counterproductive move that could place a further strain on the NHS.
Since vital services like chemotherapy appointments are being postponed in these times, they have a very good point. Do they want to be overwhelmed by people with issues caused by the closure of shops they rely on?

"Please Put Me Out Of A Job!"

Something that's becoming far more evident in these sad times is that it's not just the paid government shills that want a job deciding for others how they should spend their money, or indeed their lives:
A courier has begged Brits to stop ordering 'tat' online during the coronavirus crisis, after claiming she is having to deliver more non-essential parcels than ever before.
The self-employed delivery driver, 40, recently shared an image of a pile of 120 packages she was required to take to a single housing estate in Bury, Greater Manchester.
She's getting out of the house and working, classed as a 'front line service' and....she's complaining? There's a lot of people who'd like to be in your shoes right now, love!
She claims this is far more parcels than she was delivering on a standard day before the Covid-19 lockdown and has slammed people using their time at home to go on web spending sprees.
What, exactly, are they supposed to do? They can't go to the shops, can they?
'I've delivered Superdrug packages which I'm sure are full of handwash, and educational items from places like The Works - all that is totally fair enough.'
Oh, how magnanimous of you! I didn't realise we'd elected you The Arbiter Of Value, I must have missed a memo.
'But when people are ordering clothes online, that is madness. I don't understand where they're going in this stuff anyway at the moment?' 
Probably nowhere. Perhaps they are reordering their wardrobe for when the lockdown lifts. But there's one far more important question: What the hell business is it of yours!?
'The worst thing is, I have to go back to the same homes three days later to pick up the items when people decide they want to return them anyway.
'Shoppers are not thinking about the impact they are having.'
Are you thinking about the impact you're having, unnamed delivery driver? By setting yourself up as arbiter of what other people can spend their money on?

And then, there's Danny:

Danny is an idiot. Don't be like Danny...

Wednesday 1 April 2020

Essex Police Farce Are Way Ahead Of You, Neil!

Of course, it all depends on who they are asked to challenge:
According to the resident, who was on her daily, isolated stroll when she clocked the rule-breaking group, she also saw police officers circle the congregating men.
But, to her surprise, she says they failed to take action or issue any warnings and drove away, leaving other onlookers feeling let-down.
"When I saw the police drive off, I was surprised and annoyed as this didn’t show the public that they are doing everything they can to help," she said. "They drove around the road and then just drove off without even going near them."
The only surprise here is that she was surprised...

I Don't Much Fancy These Odds... you?