Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Then...Whose Fault Is It?

“It’s not the NHS’ fault that they cannot carry out normal appointments.”
It's their decision, though, isn't it?

They didn't have to cancel them, they could have simply implemented the required social distancing guidelines and carried on.
The family, from Billericay, have had several routine appointments cancelled for Fraser’s condition with more set to follow, which has already had an impact on Fraser’s health.
His condition affects the muscles and heart over a long period of time and there are concerns that Fraser, who is now self-isolating for 12 weeks with his mum due to his vulnerability, will not be seen by carers until after June - leaving him susceptible to unseen heart problems.
There's people with halted cancer appointments sitting at home, worrying, too. I wonder how they feel when they hear the ridiculous clapping every Thursday?

But the government's campaign to blame a virus and its own citizens, rather than the public sector's overreaction to it, has clearly worked on this mother:
Mrs Simmonds issued an urgent appeal to those who are thinking of being outside longer than the rules or advice states.
She said: “Coronavirus has overtaken everything but there are still people with life-limiting conditions who are now going without the care and support they need.
“If this continues for an unspecified period of time, Coronavirus will have harmed many more people than just those who have contracted the virus.”
And whose fault will that be? I don't think it's the people taking two walks per day instead of one, is it?


Fahrenheit211 said...

Another entirely predictable NHS cock up. I wonder whether or not if the number of people who die or are harmed by the NHS's panic over Covid, a panic that may not have happened if the NHS had been better managed, might exceed those deaths that are directly attributable to Covid? No I also will not be joining the morons cheering the NHS every Thursday, the NHS has done too much harm to far too many members of my own family for me to be able to be able to become one with the mindless clappers.

The Jannie said...

F211 - to paraphrase Barry Humphries: Give them the clap they so richly deserve!

JuliaM said...

"Another entirely predictable NHS cock up."

Failure seems to be what they are best at. On an industrial scale.

I wonder how much the unused 'Nightingales' will cost the taxpayer in the end?

"Give them the clap they so richly deserve!"