Monday, 20 April 2020

No, It Wasn't 'Different' At All...

A police chief has reminded the public to adhere to social distancing measures, after several people, including a teenage boy, were injured during...
A house party? A picnic in the park?
...a mass funeral gathering.
Chief constable Alan Pughsley said: "In general, the gatherings that have taken place and we've dispersed are people who are in effect probably irresponsible and shouldn't be doing it, and we've been dealing with those and stopping those.
"Yesterday's incident was different of course - it's a funeral and I completely appreciate the sensitivities of it.
"But in these incredibly difficult times, I'm afraid you're not allowed to have a huge gathering at a funeral.
He added: "We got to know about it very late, we dealt with it in a really sensible, pragmatic and indeed compassionate way."
He sounds almost apologetic that he's had to act, doesn't he? I wonder why...
Responding to the incident yesterday, a Kent Police spokesman said: "Kent Police was made aware of funeral arrangements due to take place at a crematorium in Sheppey Way, Bobbing. "Initial inquiries suggested a significant number of people were expected to attend the ceremony to pay their respects followed by a possible procession through the local area.
"The force received notification of the funeral the evening before it was due to take place and was therefore unable to speak with those attending to encourage them to adhere to social distancing measures."
Why didn't you just turn up mob-handed like you did when some poor woman wanted to walk her dog in the park?

Was there something special about this funeral, or the attendees, I wonder?


Fahrenheit211 said...

The original article doesn't make it clear whether the funeral goer's were Pikeys or Bikers. However what this story does show is that the police are continuing to behave like cowards when confronted with groups that might have a go back at the police. The police are far happier with the low hanging fruit of little old ladies walking their dogs or similar.

Phil Jones said...

I think they were bikers, and members of a certain motorcycle club, (MC rather than MCC)

wpc jagged said...

i found wot is safe is to ticket a limpin granny cos they as cash an you dont get no greef

JuliaM said...

"The original article doesn't make it clear whether the funeral goer's were Pikeys or Bikers."

Whichever group they were, the police have now shown their true colours with their attitude to the Manchester funeral.

"...and members of a certain motorcycle club, (MC rather than MCC)"