Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Yes, I'm Sure They'll Heed This...

Travellers will not be evicted from illegal camps on council land during the coronavirus pandemic - as long as they adhere to a strict set of rules.
They include not going to the toilet in the open, burning rubbish or driving on footpaths.
But when coronavirus is over, they can go right back to doing that?


Robert the Biker said...

And of course the pikey scum will obey these restrictions, in the same way they are considerate of other people in normal times. The 'govmint' seems to forget that "council lands" in fact belong to the people! They are our parks and school playing grounds, and they are seldom improved by the presence of thieving vandalizing scum who think the world only exists to clear up after them.

Anonymous said...

Getting the 'right' evidence into court isn't a problem for contemporary plod, JuliaM.

I can readily envisage the likes of WC Jaded boldly marching into an unlawful encampment and threaten to fabricate offence against thieving, vagrant nomads.

“We’ll lock you up, we’ll do that, shall we. We'll make something up...public order...squaring up to police officers. Shall we do that? Who are they going to believe, us or you, eh?”

And no need for stinkin' badges, my love.

"I'll make something up. Public order. Squaring up to a police officer. Shall I do that?

Anonymous said...

No, wait...

I think the likes of WC Jaded don't have the balls to confront real thieves and villains.

All that rough stuff is reserved for kids and Grannies.

Anonymous said...

Melvin I think you are suffering from cabin fever. It might not be a full moon tonight but look out of the staring window and watch the satellites instead.

JuliaM said...

"The 'govmint' seems to forget that "council lands" in fact belong to the people!"

Indeed! ALL the people, not just a favoured identity group!