Thursday, 2 April 2020

"Please Put Me Out Of A Job!"

Something that's becoming far more evident in these sad times is that it's not just the paid government shills that want a job deciding for others how they should spend their money, or indeed their lives:
A courier has begged Brits to stop ordering 'tat' online during the coronavirus crisis, after claiming she is having to deliver more non-essential parcels than ever before.
The self-employed delivery driver, 40, recently shared an image of a pile of 120 packages she was required to take to a single housing estate in Bury, Greater Manchester.
She's getting out of the house and working, classed as a 'front line service' and....she's complaining? There's a lot of people who'd like to be in your shoes right now, love!
She claims this is far more parcels than she was delivering on a standard day before the Covid-19 lockdown and has slammed people using their time at home to go on web spending sprees.
What, exactly, are they supposed to do? They can't go to the shops, can they?
'I've delivered Superdrug packages which I'm sure are full of handwash, and educational items from places like The Works - all that is totally fair enough.'
Oh, how magnanimous of you! I didn't realise we'd elected you The Arbiter Of Value, I must have missed a memo.
'But when people are ordering clothes online, that is madness. I don't understand where they're going in this stuff anyway at the moment?' 
Probably nowhere. Perhaps they are reordering their wardrobe for when the lockdown lifts. But there's one far more important question: What the hell business is it of yours!?
'The worst thing is, I have to go back to the same homes three days later to pick up the items when people decide they want to return them anyway.
'Shoppers are not thinking about the impact they are having.'
Are you thinking about the impact you're having, unnamed delivery driver? By setting yourself up as arbiter of what other people can spend their money on?

And then, there's Danny:

Danny is an idiot. Don't be like Danny...


Anonymous said...

She will be the first to moan when she has no job when this is all over

Lord T said...

There is a lot of these self righteous twats around now due to our mickey mouse education system.

Wine to get over this over zealous clampdown with a bit of relaxation is not important. spending hundreds of pounds, possible thousands, and driving around picking up black die then driving to a lake and putting the die in there is essential.

I'm hoping this is the straw that breaks the camels back but after talking to people at work I'm not quite convinced they have the horsepower to actually look at these things logically.

Macheath said...

I have to admit to some sympathy with the driver over the collection of returned goods; while the papers are full of assertions from experts that parcels sent out from warehouses through the transit system present minimal risk to the delivery driver, there's no reference to the potential hazards of picking up a parcel from a customer's home where workplace hygiene standards do not apply.

While the customer's motives are nothing to do with a driver, you'd have to be more than human not to feel a twinge of irritation at the possibility of being exposed to someone else's germs so they can, say, take instagram snaps and then return the clothes before payment falls due (a common reason for quick returns of multiple items, according to retailers).

Doonhamer said...

I went to a supermarket on Tuesday. First time since lockdown. I was hoping to get big bags of rice,pazta,rolled oats, spuds, maybe kitchen towel.Nothing as exotic as bog roll. Nah. None. Zilch.
So I left the shop, probably under the eagle eye of a twitcher, with a jar of honey, a small bag of granola and a bottle of whisky. Better than nothing for a long walk.
I hope that these trivial, non-essential purchases were noted in the big book of self-rightiousness.

MTG 1 said...

Stripped of commonsense, this is excellent Plod/Jobsworth material.

The sort of Jobsworth to spy on a citizen sweeping leaves into a pile and invent an excuse for issuing a fixed penalty ticket for littering; clamp a hearse and coffin outside a cemetery or fine the deceased hearse passenger for the late return of a library book.

The sort of copper who bangs on a pensioner's door in the middle of the night just to bully and scold a frightened old woman about leaving her car parked on part of the grass verge outside her home, or the jaded pratt who threatened a baker with a £120 fine for criminal 'chalk' damage.

When this is all over, I hope the worst Plodscum and Jobsworths moan at having no job.

JuliaM said...

"There is a lot of these self righteous twats around now due to our mickey mouse education system."

Yes, it's almost like it was the plan all along...

"...there's no reference to the potential hazards of picking up a parcel from a customer's home where workplace hygiene standards do not apply."

That can be alleviated by PPE.