Monday 30 April 2018

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....and it's another tie:

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LegIron outlines Home Office 'thinking':

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Tim Newman is unusually sceptical:
"Being a journalist in Russia is not especially dangerous. Being a journalist in Russia and writing about things which concern powerful people is incredibly dangerous, bordering on suicidal.
                   Local officials said no suicide note was found but the incident was unlikely to be of a                           criminal nature.
Uh-huh. One minute he’s exposing the clandestine use of Russian mercenaries in Syria, the next he’s just fallen off a balcony. Could happen to anyone."

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DumbJon on the modern 'Conservative' Party....

Why Sentence Someone To Something They Should Be Doing Anyway?

Defending, Lee Hughes said he thought Marsden’s decision making had been affected by the death of Jennifer’s grandmother and that she expressed ‘remorse’.
He said: “Her grandmother was like a parent (to Jennifer). Her death had an effect on Jennifer as she lost the advice of a close relative.
“There have been drink and mental health issues and she does not get on with her aunt.
“The alcohol issues are now behind her.”
Because she's drunk it all...?
“The mental health issues are still alive but she did book an appointment with the mental health team today and is seeking help.”
Booked an appointment, eh? Will she actually attend?
He sentenced Marsden to a two-year community order, which will have to include 25 days with a member of the probation service, 15 days at Lancashire Women’s Centre and 10 days seeking employment.
Wait, what? Shouldn't she be continually seeking employment anyway?
She is paying nearly £30 a week, which amounts to £1,500 a year, and at the current rate it would take her seven years to repay the full amount.
So, she's not paying it, we are. And I suspect we'll never see the money.

Sunday 29 April 2018

This Blog Turns Ten Today!

Has it really been ten years? Yes. Yes, indeed it has! Cake for all!

"The cake is a lie!"

And a day off for me! Normal service will resume on Monday.

Saturday 28 April 2018

"The impression was that there was more attention and care going to the killer’s family."

The family of murdered teacher Ann McGuire are not subject to the same State fawning as the Lawrences, it has to be said:
Cornick, it seemed to Don and the family, was being treated not as a cold-hearted killer but someone to be protected and helped. There was talk of ‘rehabilitation’ and his best interests. The trial judge only allowed his name to be reported at the last minute, after reflecting on the public interest aspect and severity of the case. The family’s only consolation was that their many questions would, at least, be answered at Cornick’s trial.
Then, at the end of October 2014, they learned he was pleading guilty. This meant instead of being quizzed as to his motives and exactly what happened that day, it was just to be a one-day hearing for sentencing.
And the relieved authorities could begin to brush it under the carpet.
He noted wryly how, despite being flanked by his mother and father in court, 6ft 2in Cornick was also accompanied by a group of child protection officers.
Well, of course! To them, he represents not a waste of skin and oxygen who should be sealed in a cell far away from the rest of society for the rest of his natural life, but a continued opportunity for employment in the secure bosom of the public sector...
The proceedings, Don says, felt ‘scripted’. ‘If you were listening with your eyes closed, you couldn’t distinguish between the prosecution and the defence. The big statement from the prosecution was that normally in such dreadful cases there is some explanation for what has happened in the family background, but that didn’t apply in this case. It’s something that has been said repeatedly — that he was a good, bright boy from a good home.’
You couldn't distinguish between them because they don't work for individuals or injured parties, but for the State.
The Maguire family then learned Leeds City Council would not conduct a Serious Case Review into Ann’s death.
‘We were told that it didn’t fulfil the criteria,’ says Don. ‘But you can’t have a criteria for something that has never happened before [Philip Lawence’s killer was not a pupil at his school, and had stabbed him outside as he went to break up a fight].
‘To me, it was a penny-dropping moment — my sense was that the authorities had an agenda and it was to avoid all public scrutiny.’
Readers of this blog might wonder why it took so long for that penny to drop.

But the family are clearly people who had never before run up against this sort of thing. They had faith. And faith rarely survives contact with reality.
Incredibly, no pupils were interviewed, a decision the report justified ‘in recognition of the significant trauma and emotional impact on those involved’.
The same understanding was not extended to the family, however. When approached for interview by the inquiry’s independent adjudicator — who was accompanied by two legal representatives, although the family had not been advised to bring any of their own — they were asked to meet in the hubbub of a bar in central Leeds.
‘It was like meeting Arthur Daley at the Winchester Club in the TV series Minder,’ says Don.
‘It was atrocious. It’s difficult to believe people in charge of large organisations with serious responsibilities for people’s welfare can carry out their jobs in such a fashion.’
Sadly, it's not. It's all too easy, because there's a wealth of evidence. Only ordinary people who are not vested in the State for their employment can cut through this:
The inquest jury at least acknowledged, unlike the council review, that there had been missed opportunities to save Ann.
Don says: ‘I was beginning to give up all hope of any integrity or honesty in any public bodies. That jury renewed my faith in humanity, because with the minimum of evidence they saw that things could and should have been done better.’
This dignified family, however, refuse to indulge in anger. ‘I’m disappointed,’ says Don. ‘You live your life thinking that when something terrible happens, that at these times officialdom — even though we know it’s flawed — will do its duty. Yet it seems there is now an aversion to any kind of responsibility or accountability.’
It's not new. It's as old as time itself. Unless you have a 'victim card' to wave (and being white middle class educated English with no dysfunction, you will never have such a card), the State will steamroller you if you stand in its path.

The Court Has Lost Patience, And So Have I...

A black Labrador belonging to the owner of an 11th century castle and wedding venue bit a delivery man on the buttocks.
Robert Hay, owner of Bickleigh Castle near Tiverton, pleaded guilty to having dog Rona which was dangerously out of control injuring Mark Peters at the castle on October 7 last year.
Hmmm. That name sounds familiar....
He also admitted failing to control fellow black Labrador Doubleé who 'snapped' at the delivery man on the previous day and a third charge of breaching a dog control order made after Doubleé injured a teenage boy who was working at a wedding at the castle in 2015.
Aha! So does that one!
Sentencing will take place on May 3 with Hay facing the possibility that the dogs would be put down.
I wonder if we ever got to the bottom (heh!) of why that teenage boy needed a rabies jab? Or was it, as suggested in comments, actually a tetanus jab..?

Regardless, the man's a fool for not heeding the court's orders. If the dogs are put down, it's entirely his own fault.

H/T: Retired in comments

Friday 27 April 2018

Just Phoning It In Now...

Making his closing speech, Andrew Downey, prosecuting, said he was no longer sure what Hillin’s case was.
He said: “The defendant’s evidence in my respectful submission was as bad as I’ve heard in any court.
“I don’t really know what his case is. Certainly the forensic evidence indicates the use of an axe.
“That just so happens to be the weapon he picked up amongst all his broomsticks – a medieval-looking axe.
“The idea the sharp end of that medieval-looking axe wasn’t used or the injuries were caused by neighbours who themselves called the police is utterly preposterous.”
Tough call for the defence! But...he didn't really even try, did he?
Keith Webster, defending, said Hillin had kept dogs for some 30 years and questioned why he would want to hurt them.
He said: “They are his beloved dogs, whom he has had since they were puppies.” Mr Webster said Hillin risking his safety to separate the pets was the action of “somebody who loves his dogs”.
He said “when that didn’t work” his client “went inside and got the first thing he could and hit the dogs”.
Swing and a miss, Keith!
The presiding magistrate told Hillin: “You are unable to account for where or how these injuries occurred.
“We also find your evidence to be inconsistent, providing various explanations of how the injuries occurred.”
Hillin burst into tears as he was found guilty of the offence, crumpling in a heap in the dock. The court heard he has previous convictions for dishonesty, the last of which was in 2001.
I know, I was shocked too...
Magistrates requested a pre-sentence report and adjourned sentencing until May 21 – before remanding Hillin on unconditional bail.
Ah, the 'pre-sentence report'. What will it show, I wonder?

It's Not The Crossing That's The Issue Here....

A South Norwood woman is on a mission to make using a "dangerous junction" safer for pedestrians and drivers alike.
Katy Bowyer, of Lincoln Road, drives through the junction at Sunny Bank and Penge Road on a daily basis, and said something must be done to allow people to cross the road safely, or she fears someone may soon be seriously injured.
So...isn't there a crossing?

Why, yes. There is:

So what's the problem?
"It's a dangerous junction for both pedestrians and car users and I hate using it but I don't really have another option," she said.
"I watch parents with children trying to cross, teenagers 'wired in' to their phones, the elderly and those in mobility scooters.
"They all have that 'OMG' look about them when they go to cross."
Apart from the aforesaid teenagers, who probably never even look up....
She said the zebra crossing that currently sits along Penge Road doesn't five (sic) those crossing Sunny Bank a proper option.
Why not?
"If you drive from Portland Road up through South Norwood, you are not able to turn right at the main Norwood High Street into Penge Road, you have to turn at the junction before, Manor Road, which then becomes Sunny Bank.
"So the majority of traffic coming from Sunny Bank want to turn right at this junction. It's very difficult to get out, so cars and HGVs don't stop to allow pedestrians to cross.
"Drivers are too busy trying to go right across a main road to look out for pedestrians."
You've got plenty of time after straightening up from the turn to be able to stop at the crossing! If you're driving sensibly.

And if you're not, another crossing won't make a difference.
However a spokesman for Croydon Council said it wasn't as simple as putting in a new zebra crossing.
"The council has a limited budget for new pedestrian crossings, and priority goes to the locations across the borough that need it most each year," he said.
"Highways officers have no particular safety issues about these junctions, but if a resident wishes to request a crossing, they should contact the council direct and it will go onto a waiting list for consideration.”
Translation: "Stop wasting our time, woman! There's already a perfectly good crossing there..."

Thursday 26 April 2018

Another 'Human Right'...?

Antoinette Brown (Ed: My, what big hands you have...) was shopping at One Stop in Manor Way, Borehamwood, on April 6 when she suddenly became desperate for the toilet.
The 53-year-old, from Radlett, has ulcerative colitis, which causes inflammation of the bowel, and can lead to diarrhoea, cramps and tiredness.
After paying for her items she asked a member of staff if she could use their toilet and presented a ‘Can’t Wait’ card issued by charity Crohn’s and Colitis UK that explains the condition.
But it didn't have the desired effect....
She claims a member of staff then asked the manager, who reluctantly agreed to speak to her. She was taken to the manager’s office, where he told her: “I’m not interested. You are not using it.”
Mrs Brown replied: “Please read the card”. But the manager replied: “I’m telling you, you are not using it.”
When she told him it was against her human rights, she claims the manager then said “I don’t care, take me to court, sue me”.
She told the manager she could not stand and argue with him, and says she heard him say: “I don’t care, f*** off”.
I can actually feel some sympathy for the manager here.

I can imagine the strident tone this conversation took after the first refusal. The fact she thinks being able to demand the use of private facilities is a 'human right' tells you all you need to know.
She lodged a complaint with One Stop on the same day of the incident. Mrs Brown wants to use her experience to raise awareness of the illness.
And warn all other shops in the area just what they might be letting themselves in for..?

Was It Called 'Houdini'..?

A woman has been injured by a dog which escaped after biting its way out of a chain around its neck.
The Alsatian cross breed type dog escaped on May 18 last year before injuring Emily Ormes.
Sharon Foster, of High Road in Whaplode, near Spalding, will be sentenced next month after she admitted having a dog which was out-of-control when it injured the victim.
Should be an open and shut case.
James Gray, mitigating, asked for Foster to be sentenced straight away and said some safety measures had been taken to look after the dog.
Mr Gray told the court: "It wasn't that there weren't any safety measures, but they proved insufficient."
Well, that's something of an understatement. Not that you need to work too hard, as usual.
Judge Andrew Easteal adjourned sentence for the preparation of a probation report on Foster but told her she would not face jail.
The judge said it was a "terrible incident" for the victim but added that Foster had not previously been before the courts.
Typical lack of justice.

Wednesday 25 April 2018

I Don't Know Why She's Crying...

...she should be laughing all the way to (someone else's) bank!
Yulanda Panayiotou claimed she could not have cheated the man because she is in a wheelchair — and even attended her trial in a wheelchair.
But a detective saw her running and there was CCTV evidence of her walking around a shop which was presented to the court.
A jury took less than two hours at Snaresbrook Crown Court last Thursday to convict the trickster from Lindisfarne Avenue in Dagenham on 12 charges of fraud and two of theft of credit cards and a bank book.
Didn't anyone think 'how could she shop and garden while in a wheelchair'..? Why on earth did it take two hours?

I've done jury service at Snaresbrook, it's not because the surroundings are so luxurious you want to stretch it out a bit!
Panayiotou’s scam was to help clear the garden and do the man’s shopping as he was having health problems, the jury heard. She asked for his credit card—but didn’t give the card back, then asked for another bank card a few days later which again she didn’t return.
Panayiotou went to his home every day, helping with housework, and all the while was opening accounts in his name, including store cards, mobile phone contracts, online gambling accounts and intercepting his mail and deliveries, the prosecution said. She used his credit and debit cards until they reached their limits, around £10,500, the court heard.
And she gets to keep it too!
She was handed an 18-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, and ordered to complete 80 hours’ unpaid community work.
No order was made in court about the money she stole during the scam.
The victim was refunded from the credit card company.

Well, Clearly, You Certainly Are No Expert...

Dumped animal carcasses, believed to be scattered by a person hunting game, were found on the edge of Basildon Golf Course.
Environmental Health officers cleared the site on Wednesday morning, but reportedly a 30-square metre area was covered in animal carcasses and feathers.
What sort...?
Mr Watts has spotted smaller collections of remains in the past, but slammed this as totally unacceptable. He said: “There has been quite a large number dumped in the last few days.
“I think it must have been going on for quite a while, we have seen the odd animal remains in the past, but this is a huge amount.
“It did look like game animals, there was definitely a large deer, what looked like goats and badgers, a pheasant and lots of birds, there were feathers everywhere.
I am no expert, but I would say someone has been hunting game, looking at the carcasses I think they had already been butchered and then dumped.”
Badgers and goats...? Are they typical targets for the mighty Basildon white hunter, then?

Tuesday 24 April 2018

It's Good Of The Schools To Provide Such Easy Identification..

A gang of school kid shoplifters are being sought as part of a crackdown after there were almost 200 crimes in Southend in two months.
Southend Business Improvement District (BID) street rangers and Southend’s community policing team have launched a new initiative against thieves after 192 reports of shoplifting in the last eight weeks.
According to BID’s minutes of their latest retail crime meeting, there has been a noticeable “spike in school children and college students shoplifting”.
The schoolkids should be easy to identify. They wear their uniforms. Just like when they cause train delays by forcing the doors, which they did on my Friday homeward commute..
Temporary Insp Ian Hughes, from the community policing team, will inform his team of certain uniforms to be on the look out for.
Why not go into the schools where these 'certain uniforms' are worn, and tell the management what their little darlings are getting up to on the way home? 

Those Terrible Breadline Benefits Again....

A woman whose rottweiler left a housing officer scarred in a “horrific” attack will have her dog put down after her previous pet shared the same fate.
'Housing Officer' seems to be a job which needs danger money...
The 37-year-old dog owner, who receives £800 in benefits per month, was found guilty of being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control and causing injury after the attack on May 17 last year. She was handed a six-week prison sentence suspended for 12 months, given a 10-day rehabilitation course and was also ordered to pay £300 in compensation to Ms Moss at Lewes Crown Court yesterday.
Well. if she can afford a large hungry dog, she can afford the fines.

Sorry, what am I saying? We can afford the fines.
Stepney will also be disqualified from owning a dog for three years and an order was made for three-year-old Buddy to be put down.
Sentencing her, Judge Christine Laing said: “He went on to cause quite dreadful injury to Ms Moss’ arm. She had done nothing to provoke him to do that. You are not someone who should have ownership of a dog.
These days, they seem the only sort of people who have them...
Stepney’s previous dog was ordered to be put down after two separate incidents where it bit other dogs in 2014.
Then why was she not banned there & then?

Monday 23 April 2018

Which Part Of ‘Communal Garden’ Don’t You Understand?

Stephanie Cossington, 30, put the goalposts in the communal area of the Ashleigh flats, in Sanders Road, Canvey, for her son Charlie, ten, and daughter Grace, four.
However, Together Property Management has said the items need to be removed and will be taking action if they aren’t gone by Wednesday.
Oh oh!

Mrs Cossington (Ed: yeah, me too!) said: “The only thing that’s left out there at night are the goal posts.
“When they told me about it, I just laughed. I thought ‘really?’ It’s some plastic goal posts for children.
“He’s a ten year old boy playing by himself. He’s not hurting anybody.”
Have you tried the 'Someone else should have to pay for my lack of foresight' excuse?
“I live in a one bedroom flat with two kids. There is no room for storage. So where am I supposed to put it.
*stifles first image that springs to mind*

Well, that's not working. What about the old 'Waaah, they just hate kids!' one?
“Personally, I think they don’t like children playing outside.”
Hmm, no, still not working. How about 'What's the fuss, there's nothing stating I can't let my kids run riot!' one?
“It’s not blocking the path since it’s in the middle of the grass. It’s only held down by a few pegs.
“There’s no signs saying that they can’t play out there. So why is there a problem now?”
Nope, it's time for the Nuclear Option.
“My son has ADHD and having the goal posts there really helps him out. Usually he takes his medication before he goes to school. So, by the time he’s come home, they’ve worn off. He doesn’t play with a big group of kids so he’s out there playing football on his own to burn his energy off.”
The comments are....well, you can imagine! And in them, this little nugget:

Oh, that paints a picture, eh?

A Date For The Diary...

Today, at Teesside Magistrates' Court, Suleman Halane denied being the owner of a dog that was dangerously out of control in a public place.
The court was told that the 22-year-old's defence will not contest that the dog was dangerous – but he will deny being its owner at his trial on May 18.
This is - of course! - that story. I'll get the popcorn in.

Sunday 22 April 2018

"'Tis but time, what worth the measurement thereof..?"

Oh good lord, 'Mail', which is it?

H/T: Stephen Brown via email

"Guards, Prepare The Tower...!"

I had the misfortune of catching some of this last night. What a dire evening. Didn't we used to be good at this sort of thing?

Sunday Funnies...

Well, it's been around for a while. How come you're only just figuring this out now?

Saturday 21 April 2018

Dependency On The State Is Hereby Cancelled

Patricia Newman, 33, and her six children have moved into her mother's home - already occupied by seven other members of her family.
Patricia, whose has six children aged between 13 and one, said the benefit cap made it impossible for her to pay her rent, bills and feed the whole family.
Yes, I don't doubt it. But you know what? England's fed up of paying your rent, bills and food bill. So it's come to this.
But the children's grandmother, Dorothy, says her daughter and grandchildren desperately need their own home - as the youngsters bed down in her living room each night.
Dorothy, of Mersey Road in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, also shares her home with her two adult sons and their collective four children, over whom she has guardianship.
Easy to see where the daughter got the idea it was someone else's responsibility to feed and clothe the offspring from, isn't it?
Ms Newman says she was evicted from her social housing in Firgrove Walk - four miles from her mother's home - after she had her youngest child, and her housing benefits were reassessed. She says the government benefits calculator took into account the combined benefits that she was already receiving, and then considered the amount of money coming into the household in other forms of benefits.
This was considered enough for Patricia to be able to pay her rent, she claims.
This 'family' is entirely dependent on the taxpayer. So when the taxpayer finally decides that enough is enough, and elects someone who will recalculate that dependency, tough luck.
But Ms Newman, mother to Kian, 13, Charlie, six, Cody, five, Poppy, three, Lexi, two, and Kenny, one, said that, with just 50p a week in housing benefits, covering all her costs was impossible.
Ah, there's the crop of chav names I've been waiting for.
Ms Newman added: 'Cheltenham Borough Homes seemed to deem the eviction as me making myself voluntarily homeless - but that was not the case.
'I went to a meeting at Cheltenham Borough Council and I was waiting for them to tell me what they could do to help us.
'I waited weeks and in the end my social worker told me that the council was not going to do anything.'
Nope. Why should it?
She says her children are finding it difficult to sleep in their grandmother's living room, and she is feeling increasingly down as time goes on.
No. One. Cares.

We've had enough. The benefits tap is finally being turned off, the only thing this disastrous faux Conservative government is getting right.

It's no longer acceptable to breed indiscriminately and expect the taxpayer to foot the bill. Go ask the kids' father to support his offspring.

Wait, did I say 'father', singular? Silly me....
'My eldest son's father died when he was one, and the other children's fathers just don't bother with their kids,' she said.
'I have tried to get help from the MP and councillors, but no one seems to help us.'
You've had too much 'help' already. And look what you've done with it.

The benefits gravy train has pulled into the station and the driver's announced it's going out of service. Get yourself home some other way. 

Time To Look At Those Other Cases, Then...?

Footage from a hidden camera placed by two former policeman investigating wildlife crime for the RSPB was used in the case.
For police to place surveillance within the estate they would have had to seek formal approval but they were technically exempt from any requirements made by the charity as the RSPB is not a public body, the judge said.
It seems the RSPB is the next big charity in line (after Save The Children and the RSPCA) for a good hard look at its affairs...and it's been found wanting.
She added: 'The RSPB have effectively taken on the role of a police officer but did so without the scrutiny and oversight that comes with it.
'As soon as the RSPB have enough information to suggest the placing of a covert camera is needed to detect a crime, they should be referring the matter to the police.'
They should indeed. But they probably saw the RSPCA getting away with it and though 'Hey, I'll have some of that!'...
The RSPB told the Times that similar evidence had been accepted in other cases.
Interesting. Maybe someone ought to take another look at those, and at the judges that allowed it through...?

Friday 20 April 2018

You Punched The Wrong Worthless Bitch...

The court heard Southern had been before a court in April 2017 after the dogs mauled another man in an unrelated attack.
Prosecuting, Carl Scholz said: 'She was made subject to an order meaning the dogs had to be kept on a lead or muzzled.
'But two months later, she was exercising the dogs off the lead without a muzzle along a public footpath in Plumley. She was taking the dogs from an area away from her home and without muzzling or putting on lead.
'She was quite clearly determined to ignore the conditions imposed but didn't want neighbours recognising her. ...
Great! Typical dangerous dog owner. And the typical reaction when it all goes pear-shaped:
'The defendant did shout at this point: 'Get it off,' but she made no steps to remove the dog.
'Mr Gabbott found himself punching the dog four or five times to the head yet was unable to get the dog to let the puppy go.
He was to ask the woman for her details but she indicated that she came from Wilmslow.
Turns out going somewhere else so the neighbours don't recognise you doesn't work in the digital age:
The defendant was traced because of neighbours who recognised a plea put on Facebook by the man's daughter.
She was interviewed by police and answered no comment. She has made no efforts to offer the victim any compensation.'
Of course she didn't.
In mitigation her lawyer James Coutts said: 'This is not a case where she has not demonstrated remorse. She had not been able to go behind the courts back and seek out the complainant - but her partner did though try and reach him to offer compensation.'
It certainly is such a case.

She could have turned herself in. She could have made a full and frank declaration. She could have offered compensation via her solicitor, rather than whatever current shag she is shacked up with (if such a thing ever took place)...
'She is terrified of the prospect of a custodial sentence. One of the dogs has a very sentimental link to her due to her late brother. This perhaps gives an insight into the flawed thought process that was going through her mind - her judgement was clearly clouded.'
I very much doubt her judgement is ever unclouded. Like that of the courts.
But the judge Mr Recorder Simon Parrington told Southern: 'You took your dogs out for a walk in public in contravention of an order and they savaged another dog and a member of the public received injury. You knew the terms of the previous order but failed to abide by them.
'I am sure you didn't go out with the intention of another dog being savaged but you what did lacked common sense. Those who keep dogs must accept responsibility - especially for those dogs which cause risk of harm to others.'
Excellent! A jail term then, and the dogs put down?
At Chester Crown Court, Southern admitted owning a dog dangerously out of control causing injury and was sentenced to 12 months jail suspended for two years.
She was also ordered to pay the vets bills of £1,828 plus £750 compensation to Mr Gabbott and was banned from keeping dogs for life.
The two terriers had faced being destroyed but both will be spared under the terms of a 'Contingency Destruction Order' which gives dog owners two months to ensure their animals are micro-chipped, neutered and insured. They must also be muzzled and on a lead in public and be registered to the owner's address.
It is believed Southern has transferred ownership of the terriers to a friend.

Rocket Science Is Easy By Comparison...

Police officers are taking fresh measures to stop missile attacks on buses in the North-East.
By going out and arresting the little shits? Why, no. This is a job for the....errr....
Police community support officers (PCSOs) have been using the buses in and around Firthmoor to try and identify those responsible for throwing missiles at vehicles.
Now, in a further attempt to stop the attacks, officers have visited a number of primary schools in Darlington to educate pupils about the dangers of attacking the buses.
What dangers?

There are none, for them, if they are in primary school. They will be 'below the age of criminal responsibility', and nothing will be done if they are caught!
The warning comes after Arriva North East decided to temporarily halt services into Firthmoor after youths allegedly targeted their buses.
A few days later, they faced similar problems on the outskirts of the estate when another bus was attacked with services being re-routed.
The Northern Echo understands there have been a number of other attacks on buses in the town in recent weeks, which police are investigating.
Real police, this time?
Last week, Kevin Nicholson, independent councillor for Eastbourne, said one of the elderly residents in his ward was now too scared to go out of her house because of anti-social behaviour in the area.
“It is a good first step to have PCSOs on the buses, but the priority for the police should be finding the people responsible,” said Cllr Nicholson.
“These youngsters could be from anywhere, and they are coming to this estate to cause problems.
“It is a beautiful area – I live here because I want to live here and these kids are giving the place a bad name.
“We need more of a police presence and we need police to respond to concerns – it is not rocket science,” he added.
No indeed. But no-one tries to do rocket science by first demanding there should be no consequences for malfunctioning rockets, do they?

Thursday 19 April 2018

It Seems The Judge Wasn't As Dim As You Thought....

In mitigation, Pippa Woodrow said that her client suffered from problems expressing himself and that this led to him 'coming across as aggressive', and to escalations of violence.
Such as throwing punches, throwing furniture about and wielding a bottle, while fracturing a man's jaw in two places.
She added that during his time in custody he had engaged well with rehabilitation programmes and had bright future prospects.
Had he really...?
Sentencing, Judge Ian Pringle QC jailed him for 12 months, including a separate offence of having a mobile phone in prison.
Guess not.

I Think You'll Find It's A Hare They Chase Round The Track...

In mitigation, Mark Hudson said all dogs are dangerous. He said: “They have had the dog since it was nine months old. It has never before shown willingness or want to chase anything.
“They have taken it to public places and shows. Sadly, this is what dogs do, it’s what animals do.
"It was not attacking a human, it was attacking a cat which all of these bread (sic) of dogs are trained to do. There hasn’t been any previous complaints and the owners a good people (sic).”
Don't suppose you've been to many dog races, then, Mark...?
Magistrates’ ordered Archer, of Radcliff Road in Stamford, to pay a fine of £200, £100 compensation to the victim, £52 costs and a victim surcharge of £50.
A contingent destruction order was also imposed meaning the dog may be destroyed if it attacks again. The owner was also told the dog was not allowed out without a muzzle on.
Greyhounds have a very high prey drive. No responsible owner would take one out without a muzzle.

Still, I'm sure the £100 is enough to compensate the cat's owner for the loss of his pet and his wound, right?

If he ever sees a penny...

Wednesday 18 April 2018

Because It Just Must Be A Vast Conspiracy....

Family and friends of a Southend man who died at Chelmsford Prison are demanding that the inquest into his death is re-opened to find out answers.
An inquest ruled that Edward Tula, 20, hung himself in his single cell on June 16, 2012, while he was held in custody over an alleged assault.
An alleged assault on whom...?
He was a patient at Basildon Hospital four months before his death where he received medical assessment for complaints of paranoia and self-harm.
He was charged with assaulting another patient in the hospital.
The inquest, which lasted for four days, ruled that “imprisonment, medical history and the forthcoming trial may have been contributory factors in his death”.
However, his grief-stricken family is demanding the inquest to be re-opened as they allege that Mr Tula was murdered.
Really? You mean, it's not likely that a man with a history of mental illness killed himself?
They are furious over the irregularities of the ombudsman’s report where witnesses reported his body was found in three different locations of the prison.
Family and friends have received the support of Sir David Amess MP, social workers, a Southend police officer and a police constable.
Mr Tula’s mum, Doreen Burleigh, 43, of Southend, said: “I am going to pursue to this the end. I am not convinced about the details given to us by the prisoner ombudsman.
“I am not convinced my son died from suicide. He was a young man, only 20, and he had a whole life waiting for him.
“He was one month away from his 21st birthday.
“I am working tirelessly to get justice for my Edward. We will be heading to Chelmsford Prison next Thursday to hold a peaceful demonstration.”
Hmmm, why not blame the Russians?
Keith Martin, 59, a family friend of the family said: “We are taking our campaign worldwide. Doreen will be heading to Zimbabwe to get support for our petition, and the US for collect more signatures.”
Yeaaaah, I'm sure you'll get traction there.
Mr Tula was a music student at Southend Adult Community College. After graduation he had wanted to pursue a career in music.
Another aspiring rapper? Damn.

Oh, What A Surprise!

A woman's life was at risk after a vicious attack by her own American Bulldog on Monday.
Well, I never!
The 29-year-old dog walker had been walking the rescue animal in the afternoon with a number of others at the woods between the distillery and canal near Beardmore Street. It was around 12.37pm when the animal, which she has owned for six weeks, turned on her.
The dog, which had been on its lead, jumped on her and mauled her arms, leaving such bad injuries that the woman thought she had lost her fingers.
Good lord, it's like deja vu all over again; multiple beasts of indeterminate temperament being walked by an idiot and it all goes horribly wrong.
While the dog attacked her, another American Bulldog she had been walking jumped up and tried to protect her by biting the aggressive animal.
Aha! That's the reason for so many dogs?
The woman was then able to reach for her mobile phone and call police, who moved quickly to the incident.
But once they got there, lacked the tools. Again.
However, the dog was acting so violently, police had struggled to wrestle it from the woman who was lying on the ground. Officers with shields were then dispatched.
They were able to force the dog away from the victim and when it jumped into the back of a police van, they secured the animal and attended to the woman.
Why did no one dispatch an ARV?

Tuesday 17 April 2018

It's Not Just The Probation Service, Is It..?

Mrs Scott's family believe that the probation service has "blood on its hands" and did not act despite Mrs Scott highlighting Mellors concerning behaviour on a number of occasions.
They said the probation service was warned after he stalked the mum-of-six outside her Nursery Road home and at her new workplace, Lidl in Arnold, after their relationship ended just after Christmas.
Maybe it would have been a good idea for Mrs Scott not to start a relationship with a man just out of prison for beating and strangling his partner to death while her two young daughters slept next door..?

Not Only Did They Escape Criticism....

...they are now backslapping each other for their actions:
They are trained to run towards danger to keep us safe.
Now brave police officers in Huddersfield are among those who have been recognised for going above and beyond in the line of duty.
This year’s Kirklees District Commander’s Awards saw officers who intervened in the vicious dog attack on Huddersfield man David Ellam recognised for their bravery.
Tragically, Mr Ellam died from the injuries he sustained in the attack.
An attack that wouldn't have happened, if not for the sloth of that same police force...
Eight police officers tried their hardest to save his life, including quick-thinking Pc Jake Knight who grabbed a fire extinguisher and fought off the dog.
Pc Knight, as well as Sgt Andrew Watson, Pc Richard Nicholls, Pc Steve Nicholls, Det Sgt Pete Usher, Pc Andrew Clayton, Pc Jafar Hussain and Pc Daniel Rush managed to detain the dog.
Eight? What did they all do, grab a leg each in pairs?
The officers were recognised for their actions during the incident and the work they contributed to the criminal investigation which led to the dog’s owner, Aaron Joseph, being jailed for 10 years. 
And some would say there should have been a few others in the dock with him...

Monday 16 April 2018

Pity It's Not The Sort Of Laboratory That Carries Out Animal Testing...

...he'd make a perfect subject:
Road rage 'bully' Robert Colley walked away from court today with a suspended jail term despite committing two acts of dangerous driving on the same day in October 2016.
Longlevens labatory technician (Ed: Shouldn't that be ex-laboratory technician?) Colley, 30, of Old Cheltenham Road, assaulted one of the drivers unfortunate to incur his wrath, and caused damage to the car of his other victim.
Even his own brief couldn't really say much:
However despite being described by his own defence lawyer, Clare Fear, as “a menace, especially when driving”, Judge Ian Lawrie QC sitting at Gloucester Crown Court, imposed a suspended jail term.
Why...? Well, believe it or not....cost!
Sentencing Colley to 18 months prison suspended for two years, the judge said: “There is only one reason I haven't locked you up: it would cost far too much, when you could be do work for the community and pay compensation to the victims.
“I hope for the rest of your life, you do not act like a bully, drive like an idiot, or raise your fists to anyone.
Why shouldn't he? He's done it all his life with little real consequence!
“You have a rather unhealthy, stroppy nature,” the judge continued, and made reference to the 'fear you instilled by your irrational violent reactions'. The judge reserved any breaches of the order to himself and warned Colley that if he saw him again he will certainly send him to prison.
That'll be a great comfort to the next person he assaults, I'm sure....

Since When Was It 'A Lifestyle'...?

The barrister pleaded with the judge not to ban Graham from having another dog, saying he was habitually homeless and having a dog was an important part of his lifestyle.
Wait, what?
But Judge James Adkins told the defendant: "You asked [the victim] for money and he refused and [he] walked off towards West Walls and you followed and brought your dog with you."
The judge said the dog was used to intimidate the victim. Its bite had left the man with bruising, while he was also left struggling to see out of one eye because of the woman's punch. He needed a week off work as a result of that injury to his face.
Sounds like the bitch was even more dangerous!
Noting that Graham had 138 convictions on his criminal record, Judge Adkin added: "I do not consider you a fit and proper person to have custody of a dog."
But clearly a fit & proper person to be allowed to walk the streets and aggressively beg strangers for money?

Saturday 14 April 2018

That's Not Illegal. Yet.

No doubt it would be if this so-called 'journalist' had her way:
These men are not rapists, but they are guilty of vile misogyny.
Doesn't matter. That's not something you can be banged up for. No matter how much you harpies screech. 
This was a high-profile trial in which the woman who had accused them of rape had her bloodied knickers passed around a courtroom, in which the taxi driver who took her home told of her sobbing, and her distressed texts were also read out.
Otherwise known as 'presenting evidence in the case'. What, did you think all she'd have to do was make the accusation?

It turned out the evidence was pretty unpersuasive, too. 
The jury unanimously acquitted these men of rape. Their friends Blane McIlroy and Rory Harrison were unanimously found not guilty of indecent exposure and of perverting the course of justice. None of these men did anything illegal. Yet they are now fighting in a different court: the court of public opinion.
No, it's the court of pressure groups and feminist whackjobs opinion. The vast majority of the public couldn't care one jot. The justice system has been used, and that's an end to it.
This week a full-page advertisement has been taken out in the Belfast Telegraph by supporters of Jackson and Olding, asking that their suspension from Ulster and Ireland rugby duties be lifted.
And why not? They are not guilty. Their behaviour may be distasteful, but it does take two to tango.

Much as in the Chad Evans case, what did she think she was going back to their rooms for, tea and sandwiches with the crusts cut off, and a game of cribbage? 
To bring Jackson and Olding back on to the rugby field now, as their supporters are demanding, would appear to endorse what looks like degrading behaviour. This would hardly be the first time such a thing has happened. But how do we teach the boys who admire and emulate sportsmen to respect women if this is how their role models conduct themselves? Talking after his acquittal about the risks of mixing alcohol and sex, Ched Evans said he had been “young” and “stupid” at the time.
All participants in these cases can be said to be young and stupid. And often under the influence of various substances. 

Why should that be a mitigating factor for the goose, but a damning one for the gander?

"The war machine springs to life, opens up one eager eye..."

Well, great! Nothing like waking up on a Saturday morning to find your country has declared war.

Against a country battling ISIS-backed rebels.

On spurious grounds from known liars and fakers.

Well done, Teresa. What do you have to say for yourself?
'This persistent pattern of behaviour must be stopped...'
Hey, if you want to do that, maybe look a little closer to home..?

Friday 13 April 2018

Nope, It Still Doesn't Add Up...

...but the jury has spoken:
He was cleared of both charges by a jury after a five-day trial but was fined £500 after admitting unlawfully possessing 26 rounds of ammunition. The court heard that the ammunition was found in Rolph’s gun cabinet following his arrest in September.
And how did it get there?
Steven Dyble for Rolph said his client had inherited the ammunition from his father and it had stopped being manufactured many years ago.
And as a licensed shotgun owner - surely an ex-licensed shotgun holder now? - didn't he realise he couldn't possess it? Didn't anyone notice when they checked his gun cabinet?

Yes, far, far more questions than answers here.

In Today's 'WTAF?' News... seems that the useless DickCops said 'Well, that's done, we're now the most despised public sector workers in the UK', and the ASLEF said 'Woah, dude, hold our beer and watch this!'
Passengers are to be hit tomorrow by a District line walk-out over a Tube driver alleged to have passed three red signals in his 11 weeks driving.
We really shouldn't be surprised, actually, should we?
Nigel Holness, director of network operations at London Underground (LU), said it was “simply not safe for this employee to continue in a role as a driver”.
No-one with the slightest trace of common sense could disagree. It's not like they didn't try to bring this mouth breathing moron up to speed on 'red means STOP!', either:
After the first incident he spent three days retraining with a driver/instructor in the cab. After the second he spent five days retraining and another five on stand-down. After the third spad he was removed from driving duty.
Anywhere else, he'd have been fired. Now, I'm not saying unions are always wrong. But good grief, in this case, there's surely no possible justification for supporting this guy.

Thursday 12 April 2018


Probably more Longrider's territory, this one, but it caught my eye:
A video on social media had shown the policeman on Southend seafrant (sic) deploying the stinger to stop a motorbike who drove past while he was stopping traffic to let a group of children on bikes cross the road.
The video has caused a mass debate, with people split between whether it was a fair use of the stinger, or if it was dangerous.
Some social media users went as far as targeting the officer who deployed the stinger, sharing his social media profile.
The video can be seen here. Whether it's dangerous or not to do this to a biker, I'll leave to the experts.

What struck me though was the response.
Essex Police's Chief Superintendent Rachel Nolan has defended their actions.
"As a result of some dangerous driving, I authorised a member of my team to use a stinger device.
"His photo has been posted on Facebook and abusive comments have been made about him from individuals and Essex businesses without any moderation.
"That's unfair.
'Unfair'..? Can out police chiefs please not sound like whiny little schoolgirls?
"While I am not here to defend its use, the fact some of those involved rode up and down the pedestrian footpaths on the cliff face immediately after the deployment is indicative of the driving displayed.
"The use of the stinger was authorised and endorsed right up the chain of command."
Not on the spot, though. This officer clearly had prior authorisation - there simply wasn't time to get it as the incident unfolded, that can be seen from the video.
"We don't expect everyone to agree with police action, but we do expect that people are able to disagree politely and with respect to the private lives of officers and their families."
Sweetie, if he has a profile on Facebook it's not private. He chose to put it there. Don't start whinging that it's somehow underhand that people comment on it.

Good grief, surely there's some guidance or force policy about social media? It's their Kryptonite, after all!

The Met Police Declare UDI...

...and so they no longer police with my consent. Nor, I suspect, that of a great many other Londoners:
Statement regarding floral tributes in Hither Green:
Chief Superintendent Simon Dobinson, Lewisham Borough commander, said: “I am aware of the concerns that have been raised by residents regarding the floral tributes placed in Hither Green.
“My officers have a responsibility to provide reassurance to local residents so they can go about their daily lives...
 A responsibility you have abdicated. As many have pointed out, this comes as no surprise.
...while also respecting the wishes of family and friends to mark the loss of a loved one.
“They are not there to safeguard or facilitate the laying of floral tributes; we are liaising with the local authority who are considering appropriate management of the floral tributes.
'Appropriate', eh? I'm sure one of the neighbours will move their vehicle for the council to place a skip...
“I do not want anyone to feel intimidated or that they are not being allowed to respond in a dignified way to a tragic death.
Christ! It's like words have no meaning anymore!

The neighbours have told you they regard this as intimidation. You've blatently ignored that. There's nothing 'dignified' about this tacky chavshrine.

And the only tragedy about this death (apart from the consequences for the innocent householder) is that one of the thieving scum got away unscathed. Maybe your efforts would be better placed looking for him?
“We would urge members of the public to respect the wishes of those who choose to place flowers and other tributes in the area.
And the wishes of those whose property they are attaching them to..?
“We would also request those placing tributes or visiting the area to behave in a responsible manner so as not to disrupt the local community.
*hollow laugh*
“A small police presence remains in place in and around South Park Crescent to provide reassurance to the public.
You provide none. Not any more. You are less use than a chocolate fireguard.
“There have been no arrests. Officers will assess any potential criminal offences including any allegations that are made to police, which will be dealt with in a fair and appropriate manner on an individual basis.”
Fair enough, then. You've made it abundantly clear you no longer consider that you work to Peelian principles, but rather whatever politically correct garbage is rammed down your throats.

And the rank and file might bitch and complain and plead 'but we're not like that', but while you carry out the orders from above anyway, what's the difference?

So I can't withhold the money you take from my salary to do everything but what you are supposed to do (keep the peace, and not appease), but I can - and will - withhold any assistance you might have asked of me. 

Want information? If I have it, you won't get it.

Want help if you're being assaulted? I'll walk on by. You've made it clear you don't serve me. Why should I be concerned?

Congratulations. You've made this lifelong Tory voting, law & order hanger and flogger take the same attitude towards you as the criminal gangs in the roughest housing estate. You truly deserve the epithet 'filth'.

Wednesday 11 April 2018

Why Does No-One Dress for Anything Any More...

You know, like weddings, funerals, dinner, appearing before the UN as a country's ambassador....


And it turns out her rather eccentric dress style is the least of our problems: 


You know, I'm suddenly reminded of...someone else.


Maybe It Was A Hyphen Overdose?

A family are demanding answers after a 16-year-old mother lost her baby as a result of complications during labour.
Macey-Lou Furridge, 16, who lives in Laindon, was rushed to Basildon Hospital when she experienced pains at her grandmother’s house.
Within hours, doctors had to perform an emergency C-section and her baby, Marni-Lee, had to be put on life-support.
Ah. No mention of a grieving father, I note.

Tuesday 10 April 2018

Gosh, Say It Ain't So!

The RSPB has been accused by police and Whitehall of failing to report bird crime so it can maximise publicity.
The charity was said to have kept quiet about the poisoning of a rare marsh harrier for six months, then announced it to the media rather than calling in the police.
The RSPB’s desire to play a prominent role in the investigation of bird crime rather than leave it to police was potentially jeopardising prosecutions, officers claimed.

No matter what it's once-noble ideals, sooner or later, every big charity becomes a bloated monolith dedicated to one thing, and one thing only; its own future.

H/T: ShotFox via Twitter

"Ms Dick, Tear Down This Chavshrine!"

...furious neighbours have branded the balloons, sympathy cards and flowers dedicated to Vincent, which decorate the street outside Richard Osborn-Brooks' terrace home, a 'taunt' and an 'insult'.
Outraged Kayleigh Taylor, 26, fumed: 'It's so insensitive, so disgusting it's make my blood boil.
'To me that is nothing but an insult. It's a taunt aimed at provoking Mr Osborn-Brooks and the people who live on this street who support him.
'I think this is a sick demonstration of how proud they are of what their relative did.
And also of just how utterly useless the modern police are, when faced with a 'minority group'.

They can't protect you against burglars, but they'll arrest you when you defend yourself, and then watch while the scummy relatives piss all over your territory like feral animals.
'If those flowers and tributes were on my fence, I'd have ripped them down straight away.'
And would anyone be surprised if that action prompted the DickCops to spring into life and arrest her...?
'I can't believe the police watched someone put them up and did nothing.'
Oh, how I wish I didn't believe it, but you know what? I'm no longer surprised by anything.
'Those burglars could have broken into any of our homes that night so they'll get absolutely no sympathy from us.'
They don't need yours, they apparently have the Met's!
Bianca Ivanko said the flowers were attached to her fence this afternoon while she was asleep.
She said: 'I had no idea they were there, I don't know what we're going to do, whether to let the tributes stay up.
'I live here with my husband and family so we'll have a meeting tonight to discuss what to do.
'I saw the few cards and flowers left by the turning into the road and that I thought that's was ok but not anything more than that. This is too much.'
 Oh, FFS! Tear them down, put them in the bin!
One woman who did not want to be named said: 'That should not be there, it is someone's fence.
'It's all a bit over the top. It's out of order. The man should not have burgled the property in the first place.'
Another long term resident said: 'They have taken over the road with this but he can't move back? Doesn't seem fair. '
Remember when the police were there to ensure fairness, to keep the peace? Yeah, me too. Seems so very long ago, doesn't it?

Monday 9 April 2018

Something Doesn't Add Up....

A 78-year-old Suffolk man killed a neighbour’s dog with a shotgun and then threatened to shoot its owner, it has been alleged.
Rolfe, of Undley Road, Lakenheath, has denied affray and destroying a dog belonging to Mr Conway-Lusted on September 13 last year.
I must have missed this one!
Giving evidence, Max Kettley, Mr Conway-Lusted’s stepson, said he had been at home when he saw Coco jump through a fence into Rolph’s garden.
He said that when his stepfather had run towards Rolph and asked him if he had shot his dog, Rolph had pointed a shotgun at him and said: “I did shoot the dog and I’ll shoot you, too.
He said that during the incident Mr Conway-Lusted, who had suffered a number of heart attacks, had become unwell and an ambulance was called.
Mr Kettley found Coco’s dead body by a perimeter fence the following day.
Wait, he found the dog's body? Weren't the police called - armed police, at that?

Well, yes, they were. And he didn't have a licence for the ammo.

So, why didn't they look for - and find - the evidence that proves their case?

Remember The Conservative Party...?

...whatever happened to them?

I can't count all the ways this is likely to backfire. Seriously, are there no grownups in charge any more?

Saturday 7 April 2018

Then Maybe You Should Go Back There...?

Ms Souesh, who suffers from high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes, told The Independent: “The UK Government is good, they have helped us. But now we are refugees and have to stay on the streets. This would not happen in Syria, I don’t understand how it can happen in London.
“We are very stressed and worried about our family in Syria. My mum and dad both have cancer. And we are now homeless. We are without a house.
“All of this together puts us in a very bad situation. We are already stressed about the war, we have bad health, we are refugees.”
It's clearly not a bad situation, or you'd be on the next plane home, wouldn't you?
Michael McGowan, a local charity worker who has been supporting the family, said he had approached the council when the family was first issued the eviction notice and was told they would be housed if they were left homeless.
He continued: “But when it came to it they were told ‘you are not priority need, you can go and sleep on the streets’.
“This family has done the right thing since they’ve been here. The parents have got national insurance numbers and are trying to find work. They’ve done all they can to assist their children in getting to university.
“I feel ashamed and appalled as a British person that we can say this to people who are refugees.”
Really? I feel ashamed and appalled that this family has mooched as much as it possibly can and now wants to mooch some more, with your help.

What exactly have they contributed? He's a lawyer and 'can't find work' yet somehow can help his kids to go to university here?
The family was informed last year that they would be evicted from their rented home in Edmonton after the landlord decided to stop letting the property.
They tried to find an alternative but have been routinely turned away by landlords and letting agencies because they receive state benefits.
Heh! There's the answer. Stop claiming them, and you'll find somewhere to live.

No, I'm Not Buying It Either, Judge...

The teenager was arrested and charged with one offence of voyeurism and seven offences of making indecent photographs of children between October 2015 and November 2016.
But due to his severe learning difficulties he was subsequently deemed unfit to plead to the offences.
The jury was therefore told it was simply required to decide whether, in law, he 'did the act' as opposed to finding him guilty or not guilty.
The usual excuse. At least, this time, the judge wasn't asleep at the switch.
Sentencing was adjourned until May 4 after Judge Williams said she needed reports to assess whether a mental health treatment requirement could be attached to a supervision order.
She questioned how Herridge had been able to undertake an engineering course despite his learning difficulties, and further remarked that his filming of the girl had required 'some determination'.
Which brought the expected 'Well, it's complicated...' response from his defence:
However, Merry Van Woodenberg, defending, told the court he had 'different intelligences and different abilities', with a difficulty in retaining and communicating information, but had an assigned local authority youth worker for his educational needs.
Riiiight, sure...

And did this come up at his trial? Why, no, reader, it did not.

It came up at the trial of his brother, for killing his stepfather.
The jury was not told about Mr Payne's death or the legal proceedings that followed.
Douglas Herridge was initially charged with Mr Payne's murder, but this was dropped mid-trial after a judge ruled there was insufficient evidence to support such an offence.
Both his mother and father, David, gave evidence for the prosecution. Mrs Herridge, an NHS risk manager, described how Douglas was very protective of his brother, who was born with a heart defect.
The manslaughter trial heard the argument between mother and son on November 19 initially concerned her refusal to lend the teen money but then escalated as they discussed the indecent images on William's phone.
Jesus, what a family....

Friday 6 April 2018

That Word 'Vulnerable' Is Misused Again...

The elderly man was arrested by North Wales police, but later released with a caution.
North Wales Police's Rural Crime Unit described the man as “vulnerable and elderly” on Twitter, without revealing the name of the culprit or when and where it took place.
What did this 'vulnerable' old geezer do? Why, just caught and cut open a heron that had eaten a duckling, that's all. Because he's a bird lover, you see...



No. Me neither.
Some people responded to the Tweet by criticising the police decision to let the man off with a caution.
The heron is a protected species under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, with fines or prison sentences available for anyone killing or attempting to kill one.
But our fearless guardians of wildlife beg to differ. It's not like the Heron Ripper was a gamekeeper, or something....
North Wales Police said: “These decisions are never taken lightly and a number of factors are addressed. This was a vulnerable elderly man, who confessed voluntarily to the action with no previous convictions.”
If he'd been dressed in tweed carrying a shotgun with a Labrador at heel, I suspect they'd have gone to town.

H/T: ShootingTimes via Twitter

'Deadly Russian Nerve Agent' Claims First Lives In UK!

...albeit totally inadvertently, and due to the incompetent bungling of UK State agencies:
A cat belonging to poisoned ex-spy Sergei Skripal was put down by the government in the wake of the nerve agent attack.
The black Persian cat Nash Van Drake was found in a 'distressed state' at his home in Salisbury, the Mail can reveal.
A veterinary surgeon made a decision to euthanise the animal to 'alleviate its suffering', it was said.
Mr Skripal's two guinea pigs were also found dead in his home when a vet gained access to the property.
OMG! The State was right after all! Theresa & Boris are vindicated!

Oh. Hang on.
Sources said it was believed the guinea pigs had died due to lack of water...
A government spokesperson said: 'The property in Wiltshire was sealed as part of the police investigation.
'When a vet was able to access the property...
Ah. Now it's all clear. 
The decision to put down the cat was made by a veterinary surgeon in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act 2006, sources stressed last night.
They said the animals were disposed of appropriately.
So that no-one can examine their starved and dehydrated corpses..? What a lovely coda to this sorry tale of precipitate action and disinformation...

Please, someone, tell me why it's Russia that should concern me, and not the indifferent cruelty and shifty incompetence of the State agencies my own taxes go to fund?

Thursday 5 April 2018

Better Not Call This Midwife!

While working as a midwife for the hospital trust between June 2010 and July 2011, Miss Steel was found to have “not demonstrated the standard of knowledge, skills and abilities required to practise without supervision”.
Oh? What exactly do they mean?
Among the list of errors, in July 2010 she failed to realise a woman who had just given birth was bleeding excessively and left her unattended. In another incident, in the same month, she failed to immediately clamp and cut the umbilical cord following birth. Later that year she was found to have been unable to distinguish between the foetal heart rate and the mother’s heart rate. Miss Steel was also found to have kept poor notes, failed to carry out proper examinations, and recorded that a patient did not suffer from allergies without checking.
Ah. So, why has this taken so long?
Despite the long list of incidents, the midwife was not struck off and made subject to conditions of a practice order forcing her to inform prospective employers about her dealings with NMC. The order was made for two years before it was further extended and is due to expire in April.
The hearing heard Miss Steel, who registered as a midwife in 2009, had since struggled to find work as midwife due to the terms of the practice order, despite applying for numerous healthcare roles.
Well, thank god for that! Who on earth would employ her with that record?
Miss Steel declined to attend the hearing, despite emailing the NMC to say she “will not give up until I get a positive outcome form (sic) this situation”.
But she was warned if she did not engage with NMC she could be struck off.
Only 'could'..?

The Best Lack All Conviction....

...while the worst are certainly full of passionate intensity.

Went to get the paper this morning and every tabloid front page is running the story of the 78 year old pension who killed a burglar in self-defence of his home and his disabled wife, with a subtext of 'why the hell are the ever-useless police going to town on him?'.

Yet what are the online broadsheets worried about? Well, of course, it's rights for those who don't care about the right of others, and the safety of the bad and the mad, plus the need to support the feckless.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, the prevailing mood is of disgust at the topsy-turvey way crime is dealt with in this country:

This should worry the authorities, because the prevailing mood has usually been 'Oh, well, they have a job to do and they know what they're doing...', but increasingly, even law-abiding people are starting to look at the police as 'the enemy', to be avoided at all costs unless absolutely necessary.

Of course, we were here just yesterday, weren't we? And in comments, blogger DumbJon makes a salient point:
"Yep, and no six months on police bail, homes being turned over or being stuck with five figure legal bills either.
Surely the real mystery is how the police intend to investigate without arresting these people? After all, we've been assured that only alternatives are to either immediately write off the death as one of those things, or to arrest everyone within a country mile.
It's almost like the 'Arrest Everyone' policy was an example of lawless thuggery serving no legitimate investigatory purpose whatsoever."
The thugs in uniform with badges, or the thugs in balaclavas with screwdrivers? Increasingly, there seems very little difference. Encounters with both will fuck up your life, and your taxes go towards supporting both...