Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Well, Clearly, You Certainly Are No Expert...

Dumped animal carcasses, believed to be scattered by a person hunting game, were found on the edge of Basildon Golf Course.
Environmental Health officers cleared the site on Wednesday morning, but reportedly a 30-square metre area was covered in animal carcasses and feathers.
What sort...?
Mr Watts has spotted smaller collections of remains in the past, but slammed this as totally unacceptable. He said: “There has been quite a large number dumped in the last few days.
“I think it must have been going on for quite a while, we have seen the odd animal remains in the past, but this is a huge amount.
“It did look like game animals, there was definitely a large deer, what looked like goats and badgers, a pheasant and lots of birds, there were feathers everywhere.
I am no expert, but I would say someone has been hunting game, looking at the carcasses I think they had already been butchered and then dumped.”
Badgers and goats...? Are they typical targets for the mighty Basildon white hunter, then?


Smoking Scot said...

Can't say a Badger's good eating, though their fur is sought after. Goats on the other hand are a food staple in a whole stack of cultures. And make a cracking good curry - as I can attest to.

If they are indeed white hunters.

So maybe wholesaling.

jack ketch said...

Are badgers Halal?

Andy said...

Get the rumour out that badgers are actually British wild boar and the badgers are safe. Get the rumour out that they are truly halal and we may have solved the bovine tb problem. Whatever you do, don't ask for your curry to be a little otter.

JuliaM said...

"Can't say a Badger's good eating..."

I believe even that nut who lives off roadkill found badger a tough option. I think it likely the 'goats' were deer.

"Whatever you do, don't ask for your curry to be a little otter."