Monday 16 April 2018

Pity It's Not The Sort Of Laboratory That Carries Out Animal Testing...

...he'd make a perfect subject:
Road rage 'bully' Robert Colley walked away from court today with a suspended jail term despite committing two acts of dangerous driving on the same day in October 2016.
Longlevens labatory technician (Ed: Shouldn't that be ex-laboratory technician?) Colley, 30, of Old Cheltenham Road, assaulted one of the drivers unfortunate to incur his wrath, and caused damage to the car of his other victim.
Even his own brief couldn't really say much:
However despite being described by his own defence lawyer, Clare Fear, as “a menace, especially when driving”, Judge Ian Lawrie QC sitting at Gloucester Crown Court, imposed a suspended jail term.
Why...? Well, believe it or not....cost!
Sentencing Colley to 18 months prison suspended for two years, the judge said: “There is only one reason I haven't locked you up: it would cost far too much, when you could be do work for the community and pay compensation to the victims.
“I hope for the rest of your life, you do not act like a bully, drive like an idiot, or raise your fists to anyone.
Why shouldn't he? He's done it all his life with little real consequence!
“You have a rather unhealthy, stroppy nature,” the judge continued, and made reference to the 'fear you instilled by your irrational violent reactions'. The judge reserved any breaches of the order to himself and warned Colley that if he saw him again he will certainly send him to prison.
That'll be a great comfort to the next person he assaults, I'm sure....


Hector Drummond, Vile Novelist said...

When you're a judge, and the best you can do is 'hope'.

Fingers crossed then.

Ted Treen said...

Ordered to attend a thinking skills course...

Obviously unfair, when it's clear he lacks the required equipment.

JuliaM said...

"When you're a judge, and the best you can do is 'hope'."


"Obviously unfair, when it's clear he lacks the required equipment."

As do those who come up with these ideas.