Wednesday 4 April 2018

Show 'Em The Whip, Mr Miller!

Police have issued 15 banning orders against professional beggars and others who are blighting Southend’s town centre and intimidating shoppers.
The criminal behaviour orders, which have been secured against 15 people, often have conditions to stop them from entering the High Street or to be seated in a position which is considered as begging. To fulfill the order, the 15 people must also engage with support services to change their habits.
John Lamb, leader of Southend Council, said that the measures were put in place following an increase in beggars moving to the town.
Well, hurrah! What prompted you to do something at last?
This week, Philip Miller, owner of Adventure Island, took to Twitter to hit out at the authority over the amount of beggars and rough sleepers.
He said: “Walked from the seafront to the Odeon twice this week. Passed beggars, homeless encampments and aggressive yobs.
“Should be renamed Southend Dire St. Time for action? Are Southend Council on holiday?”
Well done, Mr Miller! Something Southend Council can't ignore. Bad PR from a wealthy businessman.

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