Tuesday 31 May 2022

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Fahrenheit211 celebrates a departure:

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DumbJon on the modern Tory Party:
"Back to my usual point: if the cuckservatives really were all about electability, well, here's a £1,000 note lying on the ground that none of them want to pick it up. Kicking these entitled snooty prats to the kerb would do more for the Tories electoral prospects than any number of fine-tuned facebook ads and cutesy slogans. But no, they won't do it. "

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Bill Sticker on the madness of the modern world.

Better Tighten Our Belts Then...

Almost £60,000 has been spent on kennelling and vet bills for dogs seized by Dorset Police over the past three years, a freedom of information request has revealed.
The request, which was sent by the Dorset Echo, also uncovered that over the past three years a total of 36 dogs were seized of which 13 were disposed or euthanised by the force.

...and start shooting them immediately. The taxpayer can't afford anything else.  

The original freedom of information (FOI) request stated that it was unknown how many dogs were seized by Dorset Police in 2019 but later it was uncovered that figure was four. In 2020 that figure came out at 17 and then 15 for 2021.

Now imagine this multiplied by all the other forces.  

For the 2020-21 financial year the FOI also originally stated £0 was spent on kennelling and vet bills but this figure later transpired to be more than £6,000.
The figure for kennelling and vet bills in 2021 up until March 10 of the current year was more than £20,000 greater than the previous year at £27,362, compared with the approximate £6,500 in 2020-21.

Wait until the dogs bought during lockdown and never trained or socialised start hitting the streets... 

Monday 30 May 2022

I Guess It's Futile To Expect Him To Know The 9th Commandment...

Justin Welby
criticised online platforms for giving people ‘a very loud voice’ and creating colliding ‘waves’ of opinions.

The only voice should be yours, eh, Justin? 

How very dare the hoi-polloi have opinions, especially when they are about you:

And how dare people have a voice to speak out about what you are doing to destroy Christian heritage: 

You know what to do, don't you, Justin?

The utter hypocrisy of this creature posing as a man of God proves there's no god, because if there were, he'd be vaporised the next time he set foot across the threshold.

It's (Almost) Deja Vu All Over Again...

As the match's 8pm kickoff approached, reports suggested 'hundreds of fans' without tickets attempted to storm the Stade de France ahead of the match, which saw kickoff postponed by 30 minutes amid the disarray.
David Duckenfield must have choked on his cornflakes yesterday morning...
Footage posted online also appeared to show fans climbing over fences at the Stade de France and rushing up steps leading to seating areas with no attempt to stop them.

Well, they were a little busy outside, after all. Trying to stop fatalities, because they don't want to be the target of the media for the next forty years.

Besides, Liverpool's got somone else to do their whinging for them this time: 

Gary Lineker led the condemnation as he offered a scathing assessment of the security situation at the Stade de France ahead of the delayed UEFA Champions League final. Speaking to AP while queuing, a fan said: 'It's absolutely horrendous. There's a bottleneck down there and there's literally a six-foot gap for maybe 20,000 Liverpool fans to get in.
'We are absolutely being pushed from pillar to post. I have an 82-year-old father in law here. It's just madness. I'm really sorry but there are just thousands behind us.'

I expect this won't be Liverpool fans' fault either? 

Saturday 28 May 2022

When Your Race Baiting Blows Up In Your Face...

Headteacher hears the dreaded 'n' word has been deployed on social media, and explains to the culprit why it's not acceptable, even for him:
Mr Tomkins is then heard asking "And should I treat someone differently if they use the word towards you? If someone posted that and a photograph of you?".
The student tries to argue his case, telling the head "calling me it is different," to which Mr Tomkins replies: "Well, yes it is, but one should ask the question why is it different?
"Just because of your colour doesn't mean that word isn't inappropriate."

And we're off to the Offence Races! But wait... 

“The recording of what was intended as a private conversation was subsequently shared by the boy and posted more widely by other parties.
“The matter has been discussed with Kent Police who have confirmed that the headmaster has committed no offence.
"However, it is an offence to make recorded conversations public or share them online without the participant’s consent and we understand the police will be taking appropriate action in that regard.”

Sucks to be you, unnamed junior race baiter! But wait! Riding to the rescue comes...one of the usual suspects. And step aside, he's a professional:

Gurvinder Sandher, chief executive of the Kent Equality Cohesion Council, said: "From my perspective no one should in this day and age be using the n-word​ due to its problematic historical and modern-day negative connotations.
"Obviously I was not there and have not see (sic) the footage of the incident but I would hope that if this was to happen again, teachers should use the opportunity to explain fully why the use of that word/slur is completely unacceptable rather than using the word itself to make a point as it rightly causes offence."

You're a fool. That's totally not the take from this incident. Maybe look up what the words in your title actually mean... 

Is It 'Because We're Attention-Seeking Narcissists'..?

It usually is, after all...

The newspapers called us a “mob”, but I know that we were simply standing up for what is right.
It was definitely scary, but I also remember that, just before I stood up, I imagined the faces of people I have worked with who are migrants and refugees.

Which is it, love? Migrants or refugees? Or don't you know the difference?

These are the people at the real sharp end of these racist policies, and the least that we can do is passionately and repeatedly stand up to those in power who seek to persecute and scapegoat them just for seeking safety.

Actually, the people at the sharp end are, increasingly, the people being taxed to the hilt to pay for the hordes of economic migrants and the leeches - like you - who encourage them. 

How we treat people seeking refuge and how we treat the most vulnerable people in the global community says a lot about Britain. Why wouldn’t we want to live in a country that supports people to rebuild their lives and to live free from persecution and violence?

Because we can't afford it. 

As the dust settles on our action, I know that we did the right thing. No matter what the repercussions, history shows that if enough of us stand up and say, “No more”, we can make a difference.

Newsflash: There's not enough of you. And there's a hell of a lot more of us. 

Friday 27 May 2022

You Want To Know Why Law Abiding Americans Won't Give Up Their Guns?

Here's the reason:

Yes, it's the old 'when seconds count, the police are minutes away'. 

And when they do get there, they still do nothing for a while, because what counts to them far more than saving innocent lives is procedure. Did they follow it? That's what counts. 

No doubt this chap knows that all too well, and knows that if he doesn't act, it'll be too late:

And that's why people like the barber won't give up their guns. 

Not at anyone's behest, and certainly not at the behest of a President who spends his time in the company of armed men ready to protect him with their lives without hesitation. 

Gun Running? Oh, It's Just Youthful Hijinks...

Pauline said her son is not a "wayward" child. She said Mitchell was now "considered a danger" even though he has not threatened or harmed anyone.
"We found quite early on that the school is quite harsh," she said. "Whilst we appreciate that they are going to try and set a benchmark and a precedent for a brand new school, they are a little bit over the top in punishment."
OK, what did he do? Talk back to the teacher in class? Graffiti school property?
Mum Pauline said son Michael took the toy gun to McDonald's and gave it to a friend who Pauline said later "shot a couple of pellets at two pupils," BirminghamLive reports.


During a hearing - in which the school's board of governors upheld the exclusion - Pauline claimed she had provided "impeccable references" on behalf of her son. She claimed this included a worker at the local McDonald's where Mitchell gave the gun to his friend.


During a class debate over the three things pupils would take to a desert island, Pauline said her 12-year-old joked about packing a pair of scissors to "stab himself in the neck" as he would not want to be alone. She claimed a teacher misheard this remark and thought Mitchell was threatening them.

Well, that's believable. Right? 

Thursday 26 May 2022

Of All The Things We Need To 'Keep Track Of'...

...I think we can do without this, frankly!
The world is awash in a global network of people buying and selling spiders and scorpions with very little regulation or monitoring, a new study has found.
Translation: Experts in tiny field worry there’s not enough to keep them employed, drum up ‘threat’ only they can dissipate…

The Daily Devil Dog Incident...

They're like buses, but they come around even more regularly...

This is the horrifying moment a man who had bravely intervened to stop a 'berserk' dog from attacking commuters in South London is mauled by the savage animal as it turns on him.
Video filmed by locals in flats overlooking New Malden railway station in Kingston-upon-Thames shows the moment the 'irresponsible' dog owner lets go of one of her leads as it tears free from her grasp.

She doesn't let go, the beast pulls it from her hands in its eagerness to maul the man. He's very very lucky he wasn't more seriously injured. 

Officers seized the dog following the attack, and its 22-year-old owner was arrested on suspicion of being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control. She was released and remains under investigation.

Armed police should have dealt with it then and there. 

A witness told The Evening Standard: 'I had another neighbour say that these same dogs have attacked a little dog in Beverley Park in the past so this didn't seem the first incident.'
It never is, is it?
'Their owner should have them muzzled if that was true. The owner was irresponsible, it doesn't look like the dogs have any training at all.'

Au contraire, it looks like they have been trained exactly for this sort of thing... 

Wednesday 25 May 2022

No, Bei, It's Working For The Children It's Intended To Work For...

Bei had come to London alone at the age of 16, leaving her Somali-born mother at home in Italy. She went to college, studied for a BTec, got herself into university, then did a PGCE and started teaching.
The job was demanding, the hours were long and Bei was also raising a young son...

 No mention of the father, then..? Wow, what a catch, Britain, eh? Italy's gain is surely our loss here.

Schools in England have increasingly adopted so-called zero-tolerance policies, where breaches of the school’s behavioural code can result in children being taken out of class and put in a separate area where they work alone, in silence, away from their peers. Critics say isolation can be damaging, not only for a child’s education but also their emotional wellbeing.

And of course, Bei lapped up the advice of these 'experts', and began to focus on them, and not on those poor little souls in her classroom just trying to learn... 

...for Bei her school was starting to seem more like a corporation, rather than the community one she’d joined. “You just feel like, well, this is not what I signed up for. And I remember that I gave in my notice overnight, without another job to go to.”

Decision making isn't a skill she has a lot of, is it? 

She joined a Pupil Referral Unit so she could coddle the troublemakers even more, though not for long: 

There was a restructuring at the PRU and Bei left to study for a master’s in social justice and education at the Institute of Education at University College London. She has been fighting racism and social injustice in education ever since.

Well, I suppose we can't expect Border Force to stop criminals coming into the country, so it'd be a stretch to expect them to halt potential fifth columnists at the border. 

“What we have got at the moment is not working. Can we at least agree it does not work?”

Oh, it's working, Bei. Just not for the children you want it to work for. It's certainly working for the children who can now learn without violence and disruption.... 

Time To Play The Guessing Game...

...on dangerous dogs. And it's this: Which end of the lead possesses the highest IQ?
Chanel reportedly wrote on Facebook: "Today has been the worst day of my life. I have had to watch two men who I love so much take their last breath."
That's the partner of the owner of yesterday's atrocity-causing mutt. Unwisely taking to Facebook, which is exactly what one does when one suffers a family tragedy, it seems.

Two men, you say, Reader? Why, yes. The other's the dog!
"Cookie did not attack Keven, he’s a big boy and plays too rough."


I just... 

Chanel told the BBC: "So many people said what a passive dog Cookie was, but Cookie hasn't attacked Kev, it wasn't a vicious attack - it was a tragic accident."
She added: "We are all devastated, he meant so much to myself."

Again, you're left to wonder if she's talking about the father-in-law there, or her cropped-eared, musclebound 'pet'. 

Oh, sorry, did I say 'pet'? The more accurate term would probably be 'four-legged cash machine'...

Ms Fong's boyfriend, Josh Jones, is a breeder of American Bullys or XL Bullys, which are legal to own in the UK. He has been breeding the dogs for about six years, and Ms Fong said it was "his dream" to "better the breed."

Some things can't be bettered. But they can be eradicated. Time these were.  

Tuesday 24 May 2022

Bet The Breeder Wishes He'd Thought Twice Before Breeding Them...

A local resident told The Mirror that the owner of the dogs was a breeder of American Bullies, adding that the owner's father, or his partner's father, were looking after the dogs while he was away watching Wrexham AFC play at the FA Trophy final at Wembley on Sunday.

Thankfully not an innocent member of the public this time... 

The dog was euthanised by a vet at the scene while other dogs kept at the property were removed by trained dog handlers and will be kept in kennels temporarily while North Wales Police continue with their enquiries.

Stick the idiot with the bill when this is finished. 

Another local said two or three 'vicious' bulldog-type hounds were often seen fighting each other in the garden.
'They are not the type of dog you want to mess with. You would think twice before petting them.' she said.

Sadly, the people that breed these things don't think at all... 

We eradicated smallpox without a thought. When are we going to do the same with pitbull type dogs?

What's 'Reassuring' About this?

Detective Sergeant Rich Simpkins:'The public can expect to see a heightened police presence in and around Bedworth town centre to provide reassurance while our officers continue to conduct their enquiries.
'We have a man in custody and are not looking for any further suspects in connection with this incident.'
When seconds count, the police are only minutes away, but after it's all over, you'll see more of them than ever...

Monday 23 May 2022

Well, Why Not..?

A controversial measure announced on Monday will allow officers to stop and search people without reasonable grounds. Police chiefs say they did not ask ministers for such changes.

And I think we all know the answer, don't we? 

The government announced that changes to stop and search without suspicion, so-called section 60 stops, would now be made permanent.
A spokesperson for the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) told the Guardian: “While we have regular conversations with government about our powers, this was not directly asked for by the National Police Chiefs’ Council.
“It is our responsibility to ensure that we balance tackling crime with building trust and confidence in our communities, learning from instances where we have not always got the balance right.”

We've seen the way some 'communities' behave when faced with laws they think shouldn't apply to them and if you think you can 'build trust and understanding' with them, perhaps Professional Standards should check what you've been smoking... 

Compared with when David Cameron and Theresa May were in power, the current Conservative government believes police should do more stops and with fewer restrictions, citing thousands of weapons taken off the streets as a result.

Good. It's about time. 

Astonishing Coincidence!

Spotted by regular contributor i.r.jackson, who said: "Isn't it amazing how similar thoughts occur to people in different towns (with papers owned by the same group) at the same time..." 

H/T: i.r.jackson

Saturday 21 May 2022

If We Find A New Slimy Useless Parasite, We Know What To Call It Now...

Scientists should not name new species after celebrities in case they fall out of favour or are 'cancelled', an expert has said.

What's he an expert in, creepy-crawlies, or PR? 

In recent years, a millipede has been named after Taylor Swift, a moth after Donald Trump and a rubber frog after Sir David Attenborough. But Professor Robert Poulin, from the University of Otago in New Zealand, has said the trend should be avoided as it can lead to 'nomenclatural regret'.

He's an expert in parasitism, apparently, which gave me a chuckle...

What a place. It's clear it drives its students as mad as its professors... 

He also lambasted scientists who name new bugs and creatures after their girlfriends, pets, wives, husbands and friends as 'nepotism and cronyism'.
...and, he adds, if you are going to name a creature after a scientist, try to honour women scientists as much as you honour men - as most creatures named after people are named after male.


A Snippet That Sums Up The 'Guardian'...

English dish, far too much trouble to make. Foreign dish, well, it's right that it's far too much trouble...

Friday 20 May 2022

So, Why Did You Buy It Then..?

My son sat on the stairs of our home crying on Monday, and for once I had no more words. I could not justify my decision to not cook his tiny, budget pizza beyond that of making sure we practised being poorer. I didn’t feel able to cook it because it would cost too much to turn the oven on for this one small thing.
And what did you end up doing, making the kid eat it raw? Shouldn't social services be having a word?

Once, this would be something I, and no doubt many others, would have asked in the comments. But the 'Guardian' long ago decided that awkward questions should never be asked, so this article doesn't allow them, of course.
I have seen our gas and electricity charges double. We have just had our toughest winter yet as I couldn’t afford to turn on the heating. Instead, we bundled up in bed to stay warm. There is now a minimum of a third less in my shopping basket for the same money. It’s largely fresh food we are cutting back on, short shelf-life items, tiny luxuries and toiletries too, but even that won’t be enough soon.

And don't forget those pizzas that you buy but won't cook! Might as well cut those out too, unless the goal is to torment your child...

How dare those in power tell us how to spend the appallingly low budgets we receive on social security while we perform the mental gymnastics of just getting through the day on 500 calories. Crying because we know how living in this way will affect our children, how deadly poverty can be for vulnerable people and older people among us.

The person who's 'affecting children' seems to be you, actually. 

The stigma of living like this stops those suffering from speaking out.

Except you, getting a column in a major newspaper, under your own name? 

My son’s response about the tiny pizza was tears and rage at the inequality of it all. As staff at energy companies receive millions in bonuses, we can’t afford to heat a budget pizza. When I said to him that that this is why we need to speak out and help people, he told me through his rage: “I can’t help the people mummy, I am the people.”
Do those sound like the words of a 12 year old with 'additional needs and significant sensory processing issues' to you, Reader?

Or like the words ascribed to him by a political operator in the 'Guardian's' poverty porn troops? 

The Blackmailers Don't Need Your Advice...

The BBC can make more efficiency savings rather than relying on cuts to shows, the head of the public spending watchdog has suggested.

...they know that, but it's not blackmail if you're not threatening to harm things people care about, now is it? 

In response to the two-year freeze on the licence fee this year, the broadcaster’s director-general refused to rule out BBC2, BBC4 or Radio 5 Live being axed.
But speaking in front of peers yesterday, comptroller and auditor general of the National Audit Office Gareth Davies said he would ‘strongly resist’ the idea there are no efficiency savings left.
Mr Davies said the NAO’s work at the corporation showed there was ‘still duplication’ and pointed to the fact there were three teams dealing with advertising revenue from the US.

Who else is going to employ the expensively but uselessly educated graduate children of TV executives? 

Thursday 19 May 2022

I Know The Answer, Mark...

I made a mistake and because of it, on Wednesday 18 May, I will be put on a Home Office deportation flight to the country of my birth and torn apart from my five British children and my family.

Gosh, what sort of 'mistake'..? 

Did you tick the wrong box on a government form? I mean, yes, those things can be tricky... 

I came to the UK in 2000 at the age of 21. In 2017, I received a four-year sentence for growing cannabis plants.

Oh. You're a drug dealer.  

I hold my hands up, I did something wrong, I served two years of that sentence, and would never do anything like that again. I have not committed any further offences. But this government does not accept that people like me deserve a second chance. One mistake and my life and my future have been shattered for ever.

Welp, those are the rules! Why should we keep you here when we don't have to? 

I’m a parent; my two youngest children are eight and 10.

And the other three? You claim to have started growing cannabis because of a 'financial crisis' - I'm betting it wasn't child support!

If I am forced on to the plane I know my life will be at risk in the country of my birth. I will be looking over my shoulder 24/7.

Just like natives of this country have to do in certain areas, eh, Mark? 

Another Test For The Hants PCC?

Dozens of travellers have set up camp on a village green ahead of the Wickham Horse Fair.
A group of around 20 caravans appeared at Shedfield Common near Wickham yesterday afternoon. Residents said the travellers ripped up wooden posts in order to gain access to the field.
Ooh, let me guess, the cops on the ground will claim there's no evidence the travellers did it? Well, what will you do now, Donna?
Officers attended the encampment at around 4.45pm to "assess" the situation and said they are working we (sic) the landowner to find a suitable solution.

Will that include booting them off by force? Checking every caravan and car is taxed and MOT'd? Checking the welfare of every animal and ensuring all horses are numbered? 

After organisers reached an agreement with the Hampshire Constabulary, a ‘small symbolic event’ was authorised to take place last year in lieu of the cancellation.
However, residents and business owners were left frustrated as scores of travellers and their horses descended on the Hampshire village - forcing police to close multiple roads.

So, you reach an agreement, one side then blatently disregards it and....you try and reach another? What's the definition of insanity again? 

Despite the disruption, the fair has received the go-ahead for a full return, with organisers confirming it will take place on Friday, May 20 this year.

Watch this space! 

H/T: i.r.jackson via email

Wednesday 18 May 2022

How Can They Sleep At Night?

Greater Manchester Police's Professional Standards Branch has referred the incident for review by the Independent Office for Police Conduct, due to previous contact.
Yes, this is the case of the three year old boy tragically mauled to death by out of control dogs...which were already known to the police.
Hairdresser Kia Walker, who was just 17 at the time, said dogs ran out of a house and charged at her.
Ms Walker, now 19, told MailOnline: 'I didn't drop the investigation. I was told there wasn't enough evidence. 'I asked if there was anything else they could do and they said no because there wasn't enough evidence.'

The image of her wound is so horrific it has to be blurred out...but it's apparently not 'evidence'.

A relative added: 'The dogs have charged towards her and ripped her arm. She used to go walking all the time but now she doesn't. It was taken to court but then for some reason it got dropped and nothing was ever done with it.
'The incident happened on April 10 last year and another woman posted online she too had been set upon in the same spot.
She said: 'Absolutely heartbreaking. I knew this would happen one day. 'The police are useless. I was attacked by one of this man's dogs. I couldn't walk for over a month. 'The police did nothing. No further action letter I got. There were numerous times people have been bitten off different dogs up there. That poor little boy.'

Why would police not take action, or begin to take action and then drop it? 

Inside they discovered around £50,000 worth of farm and building machinery, which officers believed to be stolen, as well as two dogs that have been taken into care by the RSPCA.

Ah. I think we all know what we're dealing with here, don't we? 

GMP Assistant Chief Constable Scott Green said: 'It goes without saying that this news will have had an impact on the community. I can reassure members of the public...


...that any criminal offences identified by our enquiries in relation to this incident will be dealt with accordingly by ourselves and our criminal justice partners.

You didn't last time. Why should we believe you now

'We are aware of speculation on social media and ask that members of the public and the media refrain from engaging in speculation at this time until our investigation is complete and any subsequent criminal proceedings have concluded.'

Well, I'm speculating all I want. I'm speculating that there's some officers with very uncomfortable times ahead, and I hope they suffer a little of the blind panic that the victims of these mutts felt as they charged towards them. 

And I'll bet you anything you like that this house was marked on the police computer systems as a known dangerous spot (it was reported initial responders turn up with riot shields for protection - how would they know to do that?) yet no action was taken.

And a three year old child is now on the conscience of everyone who allowed it to be a danger for years... 

Oh, Well, If He's Sorry....

Police swooped on a car in Birmingham after the driver was heard talking on the phone about having a gun. And when Jerome Powell was arrested he had a loaded revolver around his neck.


Where was he going, to rob a bank? Shoot a rival? 

Fiona Cortese, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said that on February 16 this year police were made aware that the defendant was on his way to a probation appointment in Selly Oak.

/double facepalm 

Theresa Hunt, defending, said: "It was within a bag and the defendant was cooperative with police."

Well, yes, when they are pointing a Heckler and Koch in your face, who wouldn't be? 

She said Powell had it as a deterrent in the event there was any conflict but he did not intend to use the weapon.

Sure, sure... 

Miss Hunt said he was immature but had shown signs of maturity and was trying to live a responsible and constructive lifestyle.
"He made a terrible mistake and is extremely sorry."


Tuesday 17 May 2022

Give Them Enough Rope...

Humans are not naturally male or female, an executive from LGBT rights group Stonewall has declared.
Stonewall's Kirrin Medcalf, 24, made the comments during a discrimination case brought by a lesbian barrister against her chambers and the charity.

Yes, this case is exposing the deeply disturbing aspects of Stonewall's takeover by transgender activism. It's certainly more entertaining than the Vardey-Rooney match.

And all that had to be done was shine the light on them and let them be themselves, as they say they really want: 

Mr Medcalf caused another stir at Miss Bailey's tribunal earlier this week. It was paused to put in place his request for his mother, a 'support person' and a dog to be present while he gave evidence.
The Stonewall executive had failed to tell the court he required the special arrangements, including periodic breaks.

Of course! He (she? them?) has become used to a culture where unreasonable and laughable demands are met without question. That's the reason for the overreach here. 

Stephanie Davies-Arai, founder of Transgender Trend, a parents' group worried about the sharp rise in children wanting to change gender, said: 'We are glad Stonewall's ideas have finally been publicly exposed in court.
'We have known for a long time that this is being taught to children in schools.
'Anti-science ideas of this kind have no place in education.
'Schools involved with Stonewall, of which there are many, should end their association with the organisation now.'

They should indeed. But will they? 

Leading A Charmed Life...

Yup, it's him yet again, escaping any justice once more...
Max Coopey, 20, from Ascot, Berkshire, stood before District Judge Samuel Goozee at Reading Magistrates Court on Friday after a police search of his home address on 31 July 2019 found more than 120g of herbal cannabis and two grams of cannabis resin in his bedroom at his parents' £1million home.
A lawyer defending him said Coopey had used the drugs to 'self-medicate' in the wake of the double-fatal crash in 2018, where he hit and killed two pedestrians while driving his father's sports car.
It's 2022. How on earth has it taken so long to come to court?

Monday 16 May 2022

No, You're Wrong There, Hackney Police...

...they actually showed the arrogance and entitlement of a certain section of the ‘community’ very accurately.

Some social media accounts appear to urge people to go to the area to protest an 'immigration raid'.
Alex Marshall, president of the Independent Workers of Great Britain, wrote on Twitter: 'IMMIGRATION RAID HAPPENING NOW IN HACKNEY KINGSLAND RD/ASHWIN ST JUNCTION.
'Three people have been detained and crowds gathering to resist. If you are nearby please get down. We need people! SHARE SHARE SHARE'
Do this twat for incitement, instead of reflexively cringing in the face of manufactured outrage from the usual suspects.

Social Media Eating The MSM's Lunch Again...

A three-year-old boy has died after police believe he was attacked by a dog in Rochdale. Paramedics rushed to the scene at Carr Lane, Milnrow, shortly after 1pm on Sunday to reports the youngster had been injured.
No arrests have been made at this stage and enquiries are ongoing to establish the circumstances.

Images of the location look rather like a nice farmhouse. Not the sort of run-down urban environment where these things usually happen... 

Detective Superintendent Jamie Daniels, of GMP's Public Protection and Serious Crime Division, said: 'This is a tragic, devastating incident and our thoughts are with the family at this horrendous time. We are investigating the incident and previous incidents involving dogs at this address. '

Ah! Is that a clue? What does social media have?

Odd comment. What does this mean?

Well, well, well....

Saturday 14 May 2022


...nursery rhymes such as Baa, Baa, Black Sheep have gone woke – with the words changed to reflect a kinder attitude towards animals.
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, which parents and teachers sing to children, traditionally starts ‘Baa, baa, black sheep, have you any wool?’
But in a new version the sheep explains it’s ‘not cool’ to steal wool and refuses to provide any for the ‘pastor’, dame or little boy who lives down the lane.


Meanwhile, the line in Little Miss Muffet which tells of a girl being ‘frightened away’ by a spider has been changed to say it ‘brightened Miss Muffet’s day!

That'll go down well in DownUnderLand

Miss Muffet has also become vegan – instead of eating ‘curds and whey’, she is ‘watching the bluebirds play’.

Ready the flaming pitchforks, Reader, we march on the nurseries implimenting these ... 

Oh, wait. 

The changes to the rhymes have been made by animal rights campaigners Peta who say the traditional versions promote unfair and outdated attitudes. The rewritten rhymes, which are featured on the Peta website, are part of a trend of woke children’s literature, which includes gender-swap fairytales.

It's a publicity grab by Peta. I bet no-one's stupid enough to read these to toddlers.  

No Loss (Again)

Two men who used a tracker device to ambush a father before stabbing him to death inside his Mercedes have been found guilty of murder.

Oh no, another innocent family man killed for his c...


Mr Amofa, 33, was stabbed repeatedly as the attackers, two wearing balaclavas, demanded his car keys in an alleged bid to steal £5,000 of cannabis they mistakenly thought was in the vehicle.
The prosecution suggested the attackers believed their targets had a large consignment of cannabis in the Mercedes after the drugs were advertised on social media.


Judge Alexia Durran adjourned sentencing to a date to be fixed in June. A violent scuffle broke out in the dock as Owusu and McFoy were remanded into custody.

Why does that never seem to attract a longer sentence? 

Friday 13 May 2022

No Magic Piece Of Paper Will Change The Basic Facts...

A human rights watchdog is set to confirm that employers can limit some jobs to women only after a rape crisis centre in the UK appointed a...


Why, yes, actually! 

...transgender head.

But if only 'she' had a bit of paper, it'd be fine, presumably? 

While The Times describes as a so-called “trans-woman”, the ex-member of the leftist Scottish National Party reportedly does not possess a gender recognition certificate denoting that they are not a man.
The publication also notes that feminist campaigners have complained that there is an issue of rape crisis centres across the UK hiring “transgender” people without such certificates denoting a legal gender change.

Because apparently that would make all the difference. Is the world going utterly nuts, or am I? 

H/T: i.r.jackson via email

How Long..?!?

...the prosecutor said: 'Her responsibility for what happened was for having left her 10-month-old son in the care of someone she had been in a relationship with for only four weeks and who was smoking cannabis at the time,' she added.

Case closed, m'lud? 

The court heard Crowther has already pleaded guilty to a count of perverting the course of justice relating to the lies she told to the emergency operator, a doctor and police.
The trial, which is expected to last up to five weeks, continues.


Thursday 12 May 2022

Fight Of The Century, Ladies And Gentlemen!

In the red corner, the Race Card:

Tyran Forrest, a builder and driver from Stockwood, south Bristol, claimed some of the children – but not Antwon – were throwing mudballs at passing boats including one being paddled by the woman, who works for a car dealership.
What followed allegedly involved some pushing and shouting and ended up with Antwon being struck by the woman with a paddle, and, as Tyran Forrest said: “My son was standing there, blood pouring down his face.”
Asked why he thought Antwon rather than his white friends had been hit, Tyran Forrest said: “It seems a bit suspicious that she went for him. People can look at it how they want.”

In the blue corner, the Pussy Pass:

On 14 April a letter arrived telling the family: “The case has been reviewed and unfortunately the decision has been made to take no further action.”
It continued: “The main reason is that during interview the suspect raised a possibility for self-defence. By this we mean that the suspect admitted pushing Antwon and when pushing him she had the paddle in her hand and this contacted with his head. The suspect claimed she pushed Antwon away because he challenged her and she felt threatened by him and the surrounding group.”

Well, this is going to be interesting! We want a fair fight, no hitting below the be...

Oh, too late! 

Patricia Daley, of Black Protest Legal Support, had called for the police to look again at the case.
The ex-boxer Ashley Theophane wrote that he was not surprised by the police response.
In a statement, Avon and Somerset police said the incident was taken seriously and a woman was arrested and interviewed. It added: “A realistic prospect of a conviction was not made out from the available evidence following the investigation. Since becoming aware of the injured boy’s family’s concerns through social media, officers have been in touch with them and initiated a review.
“This review will be carried out by an experienced detective sergeant, with oversight from a senior officer. It is being monitored by the office of the police and crime commissioner and the intention is to identify appropriate independent scrutiny so that our communities can have confidence in the outcome.”
The Guardian attempted to contact the woman through her workplace but received no reply.

One to watch... 

Update: And as if by magic:

On Tuesday the force said it was treating the incident as racially motivated and appealed for more witnesses.

Looks like the Race Card has scored a knockout. Can the Pussy Pass get up off the canvas? Place your bets!

We Don't Need The Video...

...the description tells us all we need to know.
Video captured the horrifying moment a woman was stabbed and slashed by a boy with a knife during a high street brawl outside a chicken shop.

Yup, there's all the hallmarks we've come to expect... 

As a crowd of schoolchildren gather and record the distressing incident on their mobile phones, the woman hits the youngster in the face.
In retaliation, the teen pushes the woman back and proceeds to brandish a large knife - slashing her repeatedly before two other boys pull him away. Detectives confirmed a 15-year-old was arrested yesterday on suspicion of grievous bodily harm.
He remains in custody and enquiries are ongoing.

Pimlico's changed a lot, hasn't it? Do you still need a passport, I wonder? 

So, we know that...

Wait a minute! 
One mother told The Sun: 'A lady was arguing with a year 7 girl and nearly bought her to tears. 'Then she started on a year 11 and her arm got sliced. Apparently she was trying to fight this year 7 girl.'


Detective Sergeant Danielle Power of South Area Command said: 'We understand the concern that will spread through our communities in relation to this horribly violent incident and would like to reassure parents and local residents that enhanced, highly visible patrols will take place at the end of the school day to reassure pupils, their parents and the wider community.'

Ah, of course, the police swing into action after the incident... 

'We continue to work closely with the local school and to support the victim.'

I note, Danielle, you don't specify who you mean by the 'victim' here. We'll see in the next post just what a movable feast that is, these days... 

'We are aware of footage circulating on social media and ask that this is not shared further to avoid prejudicing any future legal proceedings.'

Might as well pop down to Hastings and request that the tide stop coming in while you're at it! 

Wednesday 11 May 2022

Shaming Gaia For That 40,075KM Waistline Now..?

Nine in 10 British teenagers do not eat enough vegetables, a Government-funded study suggests.

Not 10 out of 10? Must do better, teenagers! You've a reputation to uphold... 

The research also found only 30 per cent of youngsters aged between 11 and 15 ate 100g of fruit, the equivalent of a fresh apple a day.

Maybe they've taken heed of how bad fruit is for your teeth? Speaking of teeth... 

The British research comes as Danish experts published a separate study saying that dentists should check children's body mass index (BMI) when they go for check-ups in order to better track and combat childhood obesity.

You can tell this originated from Denmark and not Britain, where it's increasingly harder to get to see a dentist for treatment, never mind a checkup!

Also, have I ever seen a set of scales in my dentist's office? Reader, I don't believe I have... 

Study lead, Dr Ankita Gupta, said: 'This study suggests adolescents in the West Midlands are consuming diets which are neither healthy nor sustainable.'

Wait, what? What's 'sustainability' got to do with whether or not youngsters are porkers? 

The researchers were aiming to assess if children were eating a 'planetary health diet' that is both healthy for them and sustainable for the planet.

We have to eat less to save the planet? What the hell are we saving it for, if not us? What does the crank suggest? 

She also claims it is better for the planet with the reduction in meat consumption using less water and land and producing fewer greenhouse gases.

Ah. We've seen this argument before. It's nonsense. But it seems to be spreading. It's no longer a hidden agenda, it's right out in the open. 

Who Are You Kidding?

"I would say it is vanishingly rare for any dog to attack or to pose any danger or threat.
"It is very extreme and very abnormal. I just hope and pray that nobody else is put in danger."

WTAF? Don't you read the news, then? Can you be less aware of the increasing nature of this issue? 

Police are now investigating the incident.

Which is probably code for 'Police have tapped it into the computer and generated a report, and are now going back to trawling social media at the behest of some aggrieved identity group'... 

Tuesday 10 May 2022

I Wonder If This Applies To Ukranian Students..?

On Thursday a new survey found that 45% of UK students worry about climate change once a week or more.
Literature student Meg Watts, 22, said that she had experienced depression after being overwhelmed by the scale of problems facing the planet.

Christ, when I was 22 the only 'overwhelming' thing I faced was whether to go to the US or Europe for holiday, and whether that dreamy guy in the post room would be a hot date (Reader, he wasn't...).  

And she sought therapy after developing disordered eating when trying to cut out food packaged with plastic.


I just...

Of course, where there's snowflakes, there's an 'initiative', as the parasites scramble to such their metaphysical blood: 

The new programme was developed with mental health charity Norfolk and Waveney Mind, who realised young people were coming for counselling about their fears about climate change.

And of course, not told to go away because this was a service for people with real problems... 

Speaking to BBC News, development student Stephen Kirk, 21, said his anxieties around climate change began at school. He dug for information online about global warming and biodiversity, and became anxious and angry.
"Sometimes I feel quite alone with climate change and the emotions that I feel around it," he explained. But the climate cafe was a "safe and open space to just talk" without worrying about how others react, he said.

So it starts in schools. Close this nonsense down to protect future generations! You know it makes sense... 

H/T:Steve Ludek via Twitter

But They Are, If Anyone Doesn't See That Now...

The Labour leader said he was determined to prove no rules were broken. “The idea that I would casually break the rules is wrong. I don’t think those who are accusing me of it believe it themselves … They are trying to say all politicians are the same.”
...then the only people they are fooling are themselves

Because it's now plain as it could ever be that while police sought out elderly ladies resting on a bench while taking their 'permitted' hours exercise to slap them with a fine and undertakers seperated grieving relatives comforting each other at sparse funerals (and some of them did this because they were bitter people, it's no doubt true) under the imptression they were doing 'the right thing', it's clear those demanding it...didn't believe a word of it.
In a statement at Labour HQ, he said: “If the police decide to issue me with a FPN, I would of course do the right thing and step down … The British public deserve politicians who think the rules apply to them.”
We'll never get that. Because it's clear that if someone enters politics with that belief, it doesn't take long before they are corrupted beyond any hope of salvation.

Monday 9 May 2022

Another Avoidable Death In The Jaws Of A Known Dangerous Dog...

A woman and a teenager have pleaded guilty to being in charge of a 115lb dog called 'Beast' that mauled a schoolboy to death.

Yes, finally, they can be named. Although everyone locally knew them and their hellbeast, because - of course! - it was well-known as a dangerous animal locally: 

At Cardiff Crown Court today Salter, of Trethomas, Caerphilly, admitted being a person in charge of a dog dangerously out of control, causing injury resulting in Jack's death.
Hayden, of Penyrheol, Caerphilly, pleaded guilty to being the owner of the dog that killed Jack.
The teenager also admitted five offences of owning a dog dangerously out of control between November 4 and 7.
The court heard two of those incidents resulted in injuries to two members of the public, Michael Ball and Sian Sullivan.

And if they'd reported it, maybe, just maybe, action would have been taken and the child would still have been alive right now. 

Judge Fitton QC set a date for sentencing on June 10. He granted both bail but said: 'The likely outcome, particularly for Mr Hayden, is there will be an immediate custody.'

Only 'likely'..? 

Hayden was also told he must not upload any photos of himself with dogs online.
Salter was told not to have any contact with children under the age of 18 unless granted by social services.

Too little, too late. And why no condemnation for the parents who were seemingly unconcerned at their child visiting a house with one of these things in it? 

It's The Justice System That's Mad, Then..?

At the time psychiatrists concluded the defendant, who was told off by the judge for hugging a large doll throughout the hearing, had personality problems but no mental health issues.

Errr, maybe think again, shrinks? 

Verainer admitted the 2019 offence just before Christmas, entering court dressed in a red and green seasonal outfit, with a woollen cardigan, Santa Claus badge and red and green elf-like cap.


The convicted sex offender, who admitted the breach was given a seven-month jail term suspended for 18 months and told to carry out 20 rehabilitation days with the probation service.
The judge did not order Verrainer to pay the £1,800 costs of bringing the case to court but he extended the SHPO to 2030.

We need better psychiatrists and judges. 

Saturday 7 May 2022

A Somewhat Puzzling News Item...

PC Hayley Noyes of Sussex Police has been dismissed...

Oh, what's this one done? 

...after attending a stop and search incident at the request of PC Alice Price, who at the time was banned from wearing a police uniform, making an arrest, or dealing with members of the public.


Price, who was under investigation for serious conduct allegations at the time, detained a motorist in Felpham, Bognor, on December 31, 2019.
Noyes drove to the scene at Price’s request, failing to challenge the clear breach of restrictions and covering up her banned colleague’s actions in a subsequent report.
She also amended another officer’s incident report to minimise Price’s inclusion in the event, and provided intentionally false information in her witness statement, the Independent Office for Police Conduct stated.


I just... 

Price broke her restrictions further whilst dealing with a suspected shoplifter on January 12, 2020, for which she also failed to make a statement of her actions.

One question (well, actually, many, but go with this for now...); how did she still have access to a uniform and a warrant card if she was suspended? 

Has Hollywood played me false all these years (again)? Don't they demand you give those up when you're suspended?

You're Lucky You Haven't Experienced Real 'Hate Speech, Jessica....

Jessica Fostekew (apparently 'a comedian, actor and writer') is alarmed. She's had....wait for it...election material through her door!
It raises the practical question: are we allowed to post those opinions through a letterbox?

What, election material stating what the candidate stands for and will do if elected? Yes. Yes, we are. 

My partner and I asked the internet, via social media. A small storm ensued, so spicy that my partner deleted her tweet. It was too all-consuming. I’m, however, cracking on. The 2% saying it’s freedom of speech: surely, not when it’s hate speech?

No, 'hate speech' is banned. Obviously. Did you report this? 

Lewisham council replied, in effect, that candidates can state whatever opinions they like. Which I get. But really, with zero boundaries?

It appears so!  

There’s freedom of speech, and there’s freedom of hate speech, and there has to be some demarcation between the two. It’s the difference between shaking hands and punching.

So, what, exactly, did the candidate say? Call for gay people to be burned at the stake?

"Marriage: I pledge to cut through political correctness and simply state the truth that natural marriage between a man and a woman is the fundamental building block for a successful society, and the safest environment for raising children."


That's it? That doesn't even merit the tem 'controversial', never mind 'hate speech'.  

Friday 6 May 2022

No, She Didn't 'House Her'...

A mother has been jailed for causing the death of her 11-month-old baby daughter after she housed her in squalor and failed to seek medical treatment for her when she became ill.

...we did. The taxpayer.  

Detective Chief Inspector Madeline Ryder, the senior investigating officer, said: “This is an absolutely tragic case that resulted in the needless death of an innocent baby.
“For the vast majority of parents, to care for, protect and nurture their children is their main priority. However, Jamal was out partying just days before Nafahat’s death and had clearly placed her social life above that of the basic needs of her baby.”

Why not? She had no interest in her child because someone else was picking up the tab. Someone who had no choice but to do so. 

Me. And you. 

It's All So Predictable, Isn't It?

Mid term local elections, and what do they tell us? 

Ah, the usual - dissatisfaction with the way things are going manifesting in dissatisfaction with the majority party and (potentially) an upcoming Night of The Long Knives in a month or so. 

And let's face it, it's the Tories who have brought it on themselves...

I feel like I've been here before, somehow. Many times. Does evetyone else? 

Thursday 5 May 2022

"So I remember when we were driving, driving in your car, speed so fast it felt like I was drunk..."

A Tory Police and Crime Commissioner who pledged to crack down on speeding is caught breaking a 30mph limit...


...five times in 12 weeks.


The 52-year-old previously admitted the offences, which took place while she was campaigning to be the new PCC as well as after she was elected for the role, at a hearing back in February at Nottingham Magistrates Court.

What does she have to say for herself, then? 

Magistrates were told Henry, who is the wife of Broxtowe MP Darren Henry, had written a letter to the court saying she was 'very sorry, embarrassed and ashamed'.
Her defence solicitor Noel Philo said the letter was written on 'advice I did not give'.

Oh dear! Well, don't be too upset, Noel, she doesn't even follow her own advice, never mind anyone else's! 

On her official PCC website, Henry listed ensuring an 'effective and efficient' police response to speeding as one of her priorities.

By giving them a lot of practice, one assumes? 

In a written statement issued after the hearing, Henry said: 'I cannot comment on the ongoing case. I will be explaining the context of this matter in due course.'

Can't wait!

Though looking at her pictured entering court, I wonder if 'The pie shop was closing early, your honour!' is going to feature heavily in that 'context'... 

It Comes Around Again....

...local election time, that is. And this year, my usual polling station has moved. 

And, despite my belief that to not vote is going to be a waste of a hard-won responsibility, I find myself less enthused than ever before in my life. Once again, I'm not voting for a party, but against the others. 

I wonder if this was a sign of general apathy, and will it be repeated around the country?

Whatever, tomorrow's going to be interesting. 

Wednesday 4 May 2022

Rewatchable TV May: American Gothic

Another very sadly short-lived series, this little masterpiece debuted in 1995, and seemed to be destined to be an instant cult hit. Created by Shaun Cassidy and Sam Raimi, with a solid cast headed by the ever-dependable Gary Cole as the demonic sheriff of deep south town Trinity, it seemed a sure-fire winner.

However, as has happened so often before, CBS originally aired it in a differing sequence than the production order and omitted four episodes ("Potato Boy", "Ring of Fire", "Echo of Your Last Goodbye" and "Strangler") from its initial network broadcast. With this sort of show, it was pretty hard to recover from that sort of internal sabotage, and it was never renewed.

But it stands the test of time, and maybe one day someone will resurrect the concept: