Monday 9 May 2022

It's The Justice System That's Mad, Then..?

At the time psychiatrists concluded the defendant, who was told off by the judge for hugging a large doll throughout the hearing, had personality problems but no mental health issues.

Errr, maybe think again, shrinks? 

Verainer admitted the 2019 offence just before Christmas, entering court dressed in a red and green seasonal outfit, with a woollen cardigan, Santa Claus badge and red and green elf-like cap.


The convicted sex offender, who admitted the breach was given a seven-month jail term suspended for 18 months and told to carry out 20 rehabilitation days with the probation service.
The judge did not order Verrainer to pay the £1,800 costs of bringing the case to court but he extended the SHPO to 2030.

We need better psychiatrists and judges. 


Penseivat said...

More and more people, who should be locked up/euthanised/castrated with a blunt knife/add your own punishment, will try it on in court after this comedy, as they will feel they have nothing to lose. Shame we can't dig up Vlad the Impaler and use cloning technology.

Anonymous said...

I grow weary of the excuses and blatant falsehoods used to allow criminals to get away with it.

As a nurse, with extensive contact with both those with mental illness and personality disorder diagnosis, neither removes a persons conscience, understanding of right and wrong or legal and illegal (yes e.g. schizophrenia can cause ‘inappropriate’ reactions but even then they are aware of both criteria). Most with mental illness are entirely law abiding, most 'personality disorders' are criminals they want an excuse for.

It’s simply unacceptable for them to claim either is an excuse, and unbelievable the incompetence and corruption (it’s too extensive to be naivete) involved in the judiciary accepting it.

My solution? Every criminal, whether ‘mentally ill’ or not, if freed by a judge or magistrate, is to be housed not less than six months next-door to said judge/magistrate (ditto psychiatrists who release the dangerous – but they get to stay ‘in’ their homes). I predict only those they ‘actually know’ are innocent being freed rather than now when only those willing to lie through their teeth are.

JuliaM said...

" they will feel they have nothing to lose."

Because they don't, sadly!

"...most 'personality disorders' are criminals they want an excuse for."

Spot on!