Monday, 17 May 2021

Roll Call Of Shame...

Twenty-nine men have been charged with a string of offences - with 28 of those rape.
The allegations against the defendants stretch across a period from 2003 to 2010.
The vast majority of offending occurred in Calderdale, but some offences occurred in the Bradford District, police said.

All the flat cap and whippet type, perchance? 

Asad Ali, 37, of Brighouse, is charged with two counts of rape.
Ajmal Aziz, 39 of Halifax, is charged with three counts of rape and attempted rape.
Mohammed Jangier, 44, of Halifax, is charged with rape.
Mohammed Asif, 36, of Halifax, is charged with two counts of rape.
Harris Ahmed Butt, 37, of Halifax, is charged with two counts of rape and two counts of indecent assault.
Taukeer Butt, 36, of Halifax, is charged with three counts of rape.
Muitasim Khan, 40, of Halifax, is charged with rape.
Mohammed Hamza, 47, of Halifax, is charged with rape.
Mohsin Mir, 40, of Halifax, is charged with three counts of rape.
Javid Mir, 38, of Halifax, is charged with rape.
Haroon Saddique, 37, of Bradford, is charged with two counts of rape.
Zahir Iqbal, 41, of Halifax, is charged with two counts of rape.
Sarfraz Rabnawaz, 35, of Bradford, is charged with two counts of rape.
Wajid Addalat, 43, of Halifax, is charged with rape.
Sajid Addalat, 45, of Halifax, is charged with two counts of rape.
Nazim Hussain, 43, of Bradford, is charged with conspiracy to rape.
Nadeem Saddiqque, 43, of Sheffield, is charged with rape.
Saquab Hussain, 43, of Halifax, is charged with two counts of rape.
Sadakat Ali, 48, of Bradford, is charged with rape.
Ziarab Mohammed, 48, of Halifax, is charged with two counts of rape.
Imran Raja Yasin, 41, of Halifax, is charged with two counts of rape.
Zulfiqar Ali, 40, of Bradford, is charged with two counts of rape.
Malik Abid Qadeer, 64, of Halifax, is charged with five counts of rape.
Kamran Amin, 45, of Halifax, is charged with two counts of rape.
Mohammed Akhtar, 51, of Halifax, is charged with two counts of rape.
Ali Zulfiqar, 38, of Halifax, is charged with two counts of rape.
Shafiq Ali Rafiq, 40, of Dewsbury, is charged with two counts of rape.
Amir Shaban, 45, of Halifax, is charged with rape.
Sakeb Nazir, 36, of Halifax, is charged with two counts of rape.
What happened to Yorkshire? 

H/T: Pensievat via email

"Alexa, Define 'The Triumph Of Hope Over Expectation'..."

Yeah. That'll do. 

Amazing, isn't it, how the Met Police - so very speedy to yank an elderly Christian preacher off his pedestal when some snowflake complains that he's reading from the Bible - are absolutely invisible when disgusting antisemites drive all the way from Yorkshire to parade oh-so-slowly round the most Jewish areas of London for a few hours. 

Until the clamour on social media gets far too big for them to brush off.

Well, Patel, you're head of the Home Office. Don't keep expecting them to do their job. Make them do it.

Saturday, 15 May 2021

Maybe The Sunday Times Should Reconsider?

A student who said women were born with female genitals and claimed the difference in physical strength between men and women 'was a fact' is facing disciplinary action by her university.

You don't need to 'claim' a fact. A fact is a fact! 

Lisa Keogh, 29, who studies law at Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland, was reported to university chiefs by her classmates after she said that women were not as physically strong as men.
What sort of hellhole of woke intransigence is this place? Well, it boasts that it's a 'global hub for computing and gaming' so one wonders why she thought it was a good place to learn law.  
She told The Times: 'I thought it was a joke. I thought there was no way that the university would pursue me for utilising my legal right to freedom of speech.'

Well, on their website, they proudly boast that they are 'University of the Year for Teaching Quality' awarded by The Sunday Times Good University Guide. Maybe the Sunday Times should now reconsider the worth of that award..?

Pity Judge Emma Nott Didn't Oversee The 'Kid's Company' Trial...

Gilbert confessed she spent £28,238 on items for herself, causing her managers to question why budgets were so overstretched.
Defending Gilbert, Adam King said she needed to 'put food on the table' for her children.

...because she takes no shit from the defendant

But Judge Emma Nott said: 'This is much more than trips to Asda, she wasn't buying 20p tins of beans was she? It was for her children when it should have been for the young vulnerable adults she was looking after.'

Oh, well said! 

Judge Emma Nott said: 'Dimensions UK was your employer, a not-for-profit charity that provides essential services to vulnerable young adults with disabilities. From September 11 2015 to April 5 2019 you were stealing routinely and regularly putting your own family's needs first.
'The money should have been spent on essentials and the odd luxury for these young adults who had a background of poverty.
'Instead, you were taking your family to McDonald's, Nando's, and Pizza Hut, taking them to the cinema, Warner Brothers studios and tenpin bowling.
'You stole nearly £30,000 and all you have done since being exposed is attempt to avoid the consequences.'

A judge who isn't taken in by the usual sob story has a price beyond rubies... 

The judge blasted Gilbert for being 'full of self-pity' despite committing theft against 'the most vulnerable'.

And she still wasn't finished: 

Gilbert, from Bracknell in Berkshire, was sentenced to a two-year prison term, suspended for two years and she will have to pay back every penny of the money she stole.
'I do not care if it takes you 10 years,' the judge added.

We need more like her.  

Friday, 14 May 2021

The Customer Isn't Always Right...

Another day, another entitled snowflake bullying a company on social media...
A train operator has come under fire after it apologised over a complaint from a non-binary passenger because the conductor greeted customers by saying 'good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.'
London North Eastern Railway said in response to the complaint on Twitter that 'train managers should not be using language like this' before promising to take action.

No doubt believing that they were painting a good image of the company on social media, and failing utterly to 'read the room'. Because  

A colleague who was with Laurence at the time and is also believed to be a rail worker defended the complaint.
Jarley wrote: 'Both Laurence and I were customers of the railway - being rail staff does not absolve an operator from the duty of care or responsibility to be inclusive.
'I was sat with Laurence when this tweet was sent. Both of us are non-binary and we were both alarmed and uncomfortable by the lack of inclusion.'

You both need to grow up, then. Being 'inclusive' does not mean your particular delusions need to be catered to at all times. 

Columnist Paul Embery added: 'Utterly ridiculous. Do you have any idea how this kind of thing comes across to ordinary people?'
Another Twitter user added: 'Both WORK for the rail system... but they “won’t” listen to train announcements that don’t “apply” to them?
'This isn’t a ‘customer complaint’ from a member of the general public — it’s two transport EMPLOYEES pushing their own agenda.'

And despite that, LNER decided to double down. 

Hitting back at critics LNER confirmed that the member of staff was not going to get 'in trouble' and added: 'We're not bending over backward to accommodate any one person, we're doing our best to accommodate every person. There's the difference.'

You are making a rod for your own back, because you can never, ever 'accommodate every person'. Unless your train manager says nothing at all... 

And We Wonder Why Drugs Are Rife...

Oliver Cox has admitted being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs in Southend.
The 21-year-old was arrested and charged following police raids across the town on June 10 last year.
The raids were part of Essex Police’s crackdown on County Lines drug dealing in Southend and London. Cox admitted being involved in drug dealing from April to June that year.

Bang to rights, for once! 

Mitigating, Anthony Abell, said: “21 is very young.
“He has a very good chance to turn it around.
“He is a Christian, and he’s been studying that religion in prison.
“There is some good there in that way.”

Ha! Good luck with that old chestn... 

Judge Samantha Cohen...


...said: “You will be aware that Class A drugs are sold by organised criminal gangs and they bring with them violence and misery.
“They damage people’s lives.
“Another way the gangs work is by pressuring and coercing young people to become involved in their business and that’s what happened to you.
“You yourself were a victim of an organised crime gang who coerced you and pressured you to becoming involved in the drugs supply enterprise.”


Judge Cohen said: “You are a young man, 20 at the time and you had your 21st birthday in prison.
“Mitigation says you are a bright young man and have lost your way, and you have capacity to find it again, and a guaranteed apprenticeship.
“It’s been organised by your older brother, who is putting his neck on the line for you.
“The pre-sentenced (sic) report says you got involved in debt in the gang and you had to pay it off.
“What you should have done is speak to people, speak to the authorities and go to your parents, who plainly support and love you.”
Cox, of Clifton Avenue, Benfleet, received two years in prison suspended for two years and a two month curfew from 8pm to 5am.


Thursday, 13 May 2021

Unless You Vaporised The Thing, Surely It Still Can...?

A man mauled in the face by a "pitbull-type" dog was attacked and injured by the same animal just hours earlier, a shocked neighbour has claimed.
It is said that the 50-year-old victim had wanted the dog seized by council wardens following the earlier incident at a home in Bolton, Greater Manchester.
The man, thought to be the dog's owner, suffered life-threatening injuries to his face and arm during a prolonged attack at the property in the Bolton suburb of Breightmet just after 1pm on Thursday.
He was due to undergo surgery on Friday, a Greater Manchester Police spokesman told the Mirror.

Good, the police are involved and will be charging him with...

Wait. What? 

The spokesman said the dog was "destroyed before its breed could be determined".

Errr... it doesn't have to be alive for that, does it? 

So, How's That Campaign Going..?

You know the one, aiming to get more urban people out into the countryside, enjoying the pleasures of nature. 

Especially from the BAME 'community', without which the country is somehow barren?


Wednesday, 12 May 2021

The Owner Isn't The Only One That's Not Learning...

A Chippenham woman has been sentenced after her dog bit his third victim in two years.

Wait, what? Three times?

Ann Jefferies, 47, appeared at Swindon Magistrates’ Court having pleaded guilty earlier this year to owning a dog that caused injury whilst dangerously out of control.
The court heard that the defendant, of The Butts, had received a community protection notice in April 2018 after her Patterdale Terrier bit a person. The notice required her to muzzle the dog, named Digby, in public places. Despite that, just six months later in October 2018, Digby managed to bit (sic) another victim.

How? Simple. She didn't muzzle the beast. 

As a result, Jefferies was issued a community protection warning – again with the condition to have the pet muzzled whilst out in public places.

Wait, is it me, or...? 

Crown prosecutor Keith Ballinger said that on 25 January last year, he struck again – injuring Emily Meehan who was taking part in the Monkton Park parkrun alongside 226 other people, including many children.
Hairdresser Ms Meehan consciously gave the dog a wide birth, but it pulled away and bit her thigh. Screaming and shouting, she tried to prize the dog’s jaw from her flesh with great difficulty.

Again, no muzzle. And not since, either.

Mr Ballinger told the court that the victim says she has since seen the dog without a muzzle, stating in a statement that this made her “extremely angry”, adding that the owner has “clearly not learned [her lesson] from the incident”.

 So, is it the needle this time? Or does she have a really, really good excuse?

In an interview with police, Jefferies accepted she knew the dog didn’t like children and was asked to leave a dog training class due to persistent barking.
She also admitted she often forgets the dog’s muzzle and didn’t have it on her at the time of this attack.

That'll be 'No' then... 

Clare Gooding, defending, said the client has “taken on board the obvious issues that exist” and there have been no further incidents involving Digby.
She told the court Jefferies suffers from “thinking deficits” and can’t easily find ways around problems. But since the incident, she has been using a harness for better control and calming aromatherapy oil.

These 'thinking deficits' are clearly contagious. And the magistrates have caught them: 

Following the recommendation of the probation service, Jefferies was sentenced to a 12-month community order with 10 rehabilitation activity requirement days. She must also abide by a curfew between 8pm and 4am daily – monitored by GPS tag – for three months.
Magistrates decided against the destruction of Digby despite this incident being the third occasion of him injuring members of the public. However, a contingency destruction order was imposed – meaning if Digby is involved in any further incidents, he will be destroyed. Conditions of this order are that Jefferies must keep him muzzled and on a short lead in public.

Conditions that she's shown she won't comply with! 

Jefferies must also pay Ms Meehan compensation of £100 along with a victim surcharge of £90. No court costs were imposed.

Why not? Why is this costing the taxpayer money, and not the criminal? 

H/T: Lord 'Arry's Dad via Twitter  

OK, Who Remembers These In The Manifesto..?



Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Someone Should Go To Jail...

Disabled children in Brighton and Hove were left with unsafe, or no transport to school after council officials changed contractors in 2019.
A review into the fiasco by an independent barrister was commissioned by the city council, with a promise that the findings would be made public.

And clearly, promises were made to be broken, in Brighton... 

However, when it was due to be presented in March this year, councillors voted to kick out the press and public before deciding its contents would remain a secret.

Why? Well, that's a good question: 

The Argus can now reveal the barrister's report concluded that the council had illegally handed out contracts, broke its own rules in the process, and risked being sued by companies who missed out on the £500,000 contract.
Fearful of the council facing legal action should said companies find out they have grounds to sue, councillors decided to renege on the previous promise of publishing the document.

They know now. Let's hope they take you to the cleaners. 

Is This Scaremongering Or..?

The former head of the civil service, economist Gus O'Donnell, has now warned the UK is "facing a literacy crisis".
Lord O'Donnell, chairman of Pro Bono Economics, told the Wake Up to Money programme it was "unacceptable" that several million adults had "very poor literacy skills", calling the issue a "long-term problem".
Oh, come on! What evidence is there for this? 

*reads Twitter* 

Never mind...

Monday, 10 May 2021

'Why are they telling my children this?'

Because a 'community' that by its very nature cannot reproduce, can only recruit:
In a statement, the school said of the newsletter, written by the LGBTQ+ student society, had the intention of 'communicating safety advice to young people who may be considering risky practices ... Interest and curiosity are not necessarily fixed to a specific age group.
'Information can safeguard children seeking answers to questions they may have that they cannot find safely in isolation.'

Think this is the only school where this happens? 

"Why Are The Police So Brutal With A 16 Year Old Boy..?"

A man who shot the video told The Standard: “I was worried because he was starting to sound in agony, they removed the cuffs because he was complaining of pain and he started crying which they ignored and continued.
“I was a little worried because of how his arm was bending and they were asking him to roll over at one point while one of the officers had their bodyweight all on his legs.
“I felt their actions were over the top. I don’t believe that they helped the situation with brute force. At one point the officer had his knee over the man's crotch.
“He brought out the pepper spray after he pushed a man down who hadn’t moved. I did at one point feel like he was going to pepper spray the vicinity.”
The big meanies, picking on a poor 16 year old lad, what possible crime could he have committed? 

What sort of threat could they have faced from him?

Saturday, 8 May 2021

What's 'Difficult' About It?

Police have responded to criticisms of the way they handled an unauthorised horse and trap race on the A33, saying “ultimately these are the difficult decisions policing has to make every day”.

Eh...? People are breaking the laws of the road. You arrest 'em. What's so difficult about that? 

It shouldn't matter who they are, or why they are doing it! 

A spokesperson said: “We know there has been a lot of interest in our decision to close the A33 due to an unauthorised horse and trap racing event on the A33 this weekend. 
“This type of action is not exclusive to this event, as with any large gatherings we have seen across the country this past year, policing always has to balance whether allowing an event to happen, even if illegal, is safer than the risks of shutting it down.
“We accept that this caused some disruption to the road network, but we are doing all we can to manage the situation.
“This is an illegal sporting event, and we do not support or facilitate it...

Wait a minute, hold on... 

Whew! For a minute there I thought I'd been using that word wrong all my life! I think a few of these might come in handy in the office, eh?

...however our primary role as the police is to protect the lives and safety of those that we serve. In order to do this the decision was made to put lane closures in place on the A33 and this was done for road safety reasons only.”

Translation: "We bottled it because we knew they'd kick off and we didn't fancy a ruck.." 

And what happens when you fail to act? 

That's right. You get more of the same.

...speaking at Micheldever Parish Council's AGM, Winchester district inspector John Stribley said it is unknown whether officers will be able to prevent the dangerous sport.
"I don't yet know whether we will be stopping the event, this is now being dealt with at a higher level. When I have the answer, I will let you know. Of course in an ideal world I would like something in place to stop such disruption, but as I say that decision won't be made by me."

Let's hope it's to be made by someone with some balls and a spine, then. Maybe Priti Patel, fresh from Conservative success in the elections, would like to step in and point out who and what these morons work for? 

H/T: I R Jackson via email

But She's Not A Child, Judge...

Judge Rupert Lowe said: “From a great deal of what I’ve read about you it seems like you’re rather proud of that (criminal record).
“You like getting into the trouble and like getting the public to spend thousands and thousands of pounds on you, your friends seem to like it and that’s the way you’re living your life.
“People actually have a need for police when real crimes take place and children like you, who like to waste people’s time, make that impossible.
“You are effectively a badly behaved child.
"This is a troubled young lady who will need ongoing help and support.”
“I have no doubt your difficult background obviously plays a part in your bad childish behaviour, but what you will realise in due course is when you get past the age of 18 you are not a child anymore.
“There will come a point when you will have to become a grown up.
“I think you regarded that (Criminal Behaviour Order) as a bit of a game to play. You go round breaching it so you can get all the attention from the authorities.

So how old is this lisping little moppet? 

Using fake names, the 19-year-old made 16 bogus calls reporting women carrying weapons and self-harming in public.


Psychiatrist Dr Muzaffar Hussain told the court Williams, formerly from Medway and Kent Avenue, Canterbury, before moving to Basildon, Essex, did not suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder.
Her barrister Kerry Waite argued Williams is “a young person crying out for attention and help” who suffers “a great deal of immaturity”.

As the great Vampire Slayer once said "No, that's when you shout 'Help!' in a loud voice." 

Friday, 7 May 2021

Shouldn't These Questions Be Asked A Little Closer To Home?

Bryant's family lawyer, Michelle Martin, called for an investigation of the system and whether girls in the foster home were properly supervised.
'The whole world has placed Ma'Khia on trial based on this one incident,' Bryant's lawyer Michelle Martin said.
'But why 'aren't we looking further and figure out who were those girls?'
'How did this develop so quickly? What trauma was not being addressed within the home?' Martin said. 'I mean so many questions that have to be answered.'

Yes, indeed, and it seems you aren't asking the most important one: Why was she there in the first place? And not just her, either...

Ma'Khia's biological mother Paula Bryant, 42, told that she lost custody of Ma'Khia along with three other children four years ago.

She didn't elaborate on exactly why, I note... 

'The foster care system in Ohio failed Ma'Khia on a number of levels,' said Dot Erickson-Anderson, administrator for the advocacy group Ohio Family Care Association.
'It's a system that has been struggling for a long time with our image of what a family is.'

Yes, I'd imagine it has... 

Where Now For The Labour Party?

Labour had been defending a narrow 3,595-vote majority in a town it has held since Harold Wilson was in Downing Street nearly 60 years ago. The byelection was called after Mike Hill, the MP since 2017, stood down over sexual harassment allegations, which he denies.
Williams, a local GP and former MP for neighbouring Stockton South, has sought to convince Hartlepudlians to give Labour another chance, arguing that the party is under new leadership both locally and nationally. He told the Guardian last month that its challenge was to convince people to trust Labour.

They can do one of two things. They can double down on their arrogance and hubris, insist that the problem is with the voters, and not them, and ditch Starmer to swing even further to the left. 

Or...they can offer the voters policies that they want. Policies they can't get from the Conservatives. 

What's it to be?

Thursday, 6 May 2021

You're Asking It From The Wrong People...

In a powerful statement, his family say Ronaldo was a talented athlete who had simply gone out with a friend and never made it home.

Perhaps his choice of friend could have been better, then.  

"As a backseat passenger of his friend’s car, Ronaldo sustained serious injuries after their drive ended in a collision brought about by a police pursuit."

No, actually, brought about solely by the actions of the driver who ran a red light, then decided not to stop for police... 

"There is an investigation into Ronaldo’s death by the IOPC and as a family we hope the police officer and the driver of the car my brother was a passenger in are dealt with in accordance of the law."

Me too. I hope the driver has the book thrown at him, and the police officer is commended for doing his job in stopping this menace before he injured more people. 

You'll note there's no mention of the taxi driver and passenger who had to be cut free from the wreckage when they were hit in this 'powerful statement'. 

Maybe they don't matter? 

Not The Most Convincing Headline, 'Mail'...

Oh, a little robbery, eh? That's all? Why, let him stay!

He told the newspaper: 'I feel like I am being punished twice for a mistake I made years ago.'

'A mistake'..? You committed robbery! You didn't forget to put petrol in your car instead of diesel! 

'I take responsibility for my actions but, at the end of the day, I’ve served my time, have never reoffended and I’m not a threat to society.'

You're not an asset to it either.  

Mr Aristotles wrote a letter to the Home Office blaming institutional racism for his treatment.
When an Upper Tribunal judge ruled his status should be downgraded the court said his mention of racism 'undermined any suggestions at the appellant had come to terms with his offending'.

Yes! More of this, please! 

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Musical Interlude - May:"It's a custom we have here. This is England, you know. And this is the season for gathering flowers."

What better musical for May than this? It's Joshua Logan's 'Camelot' (another Lerner/Lowe musical adaptation), with its stunning cast - Richard Harris, Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero - and boasting an impressive list of awards, despite being a commercial failure. 

It's fair to say that none of the cast are great singers, but it almost doesn't seem to matter. None are dubbed (unlike 'My Fair Lady') and all give it their best.

This is my favourite track: 

I Think Cathryn Sutcliffe And I Have Very Different Views...

Mitigating, Cathryn Sutcliffe said: “He has accepted that he does have a sexual attraction to children.
“We all see people coming before these courts saying anything but having a sexual attraction to children.
“It means Mr Briggs can be properly rehabilitated.”
...especially on what form that 'rehabilitation' should take.
Ms Sutcliffe said that Briggs would no longer have a smart phone when released from prison, and that he would only use the internet from his nearest library

Really? But we already know how he treats court orders, don't we? 

The 50-year-old, of Tickfield Avenue, Southend, was given a sexual harm prevention order and a suspended sentence last year for identical offences.

Well, at least the justice system has learned a lesson on the futility of leniency? 

Recorder Leslie Cuthbert, sitting at Basildon Crown Court, gave Briggs a three-year community order with 60 days of rehabilitation.

*sighs* Guess not... 

It's No Surprise People Don't Wait For The Police To Act...

A car dealer has slammed thugs who smashed up his van in what is thought to be a revenge attack after a dog mauled two little girls in the same street.
Atif Kayani was left angered when he found the windows of his recovery truck, which was parked outside his Saltley dealership, smashed in on Monday evening (Feb 8).
Yes, it's this case. I wondered what - if anything - had happened to it in the meantime.
West Midlands Police has revealed they interviewed a 29-year-old man under caution on March 1 and are working with the RSPCA to find a second suspect they would like to speak to.
The dog, which is said to have escaped from a local business is still in police kennels.

The answer would appear to be 'not a lot' apaet from letting Fido soak up more taxpayer cash while it awaits the needle. 

But someone in that street knows where that dog came from... 

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

It Probably Cost A Lot More Than £300, But It's Worth It...

A taxi driver who refused to pick up an assistance dog and abandoned his passenger has had his licence revoked.

Sadly, it's only his taxi licence. Perhaps if it had been his driving licence as well, the news might spread amongst his 'community'..? 

Shamal Hussein Majid told the customer the dog could go in his boot but there would be an extra £10 cleaning fee, Wolverhampton City Council said. He also claimed he was allergic but did not have exemption paperwork and left the "vulnerable" customer, who is registered blind, at the roadside.

And despite this, he still chanced his arm at appeal. 

Mr Majid lost his appeal at Black Country Magistrates' Court on Friday.


Mr Majid was also ordered ordered to pay £300 towards the council's legal costs.

Both trials would have cost far more. But it's a start. 

H/T: Ted Treen via email

This Judge Isn't Having Any...

Passengers were left “terrified” on board, with one saying the behaviour of Nolan and his family was: “Disorderly, erratic, it was like being at the zoo.
He called his partner “f****** ugly”, a “fat b****”, and said “nobody likes you, not even your children like you,” and threatened to “smash her face in”.
At Lewes Crown Court Nolan admitted three charges of racist abuse likely to provoke violence and one count of being drunk on board an aircraft. He was jailed for 16 months over his “despicable” behaviour.

I rather suspect that if he'd been anywhere other than an airplane, the sentence would have been negligible, as it usually is. 

But it was nice to see a judge telling it like it is, for a change:

"It was claimed you have been bullied because of your cultural background. You were behaving in exactly the same way to other people.
"You were the type of passenger that all air passengers dread. Drunk, aggressive, racist, and violent."
Nolan, of Court Mead, Northolt, Ealing, claimed he has been the victim of anti-Traveller racism in the past.
He denied being a racist, and pleaded with the judge for a final reprieve, but the judge said only an immediate prison term could be justified.


Monday, 3 May 2021

Sometimes You Read A Sentence In A News Item...

...that you can't quite comprehend. So you read it again. 

And you still can't quite take it in: 

Adding to their suffering is the fact that the driver they believe to be responsible, who lives in the same village, has still not been charged over the crash.
From his conversations with police, Chris believes the woman driver is ill — whether with a pre-existing condition, or as a result of the accident, he’s not sure.
Nevertheless, he’s been told she’s been seen driving around the village, making the possibility of meeting her face-to-face an ever-present, terrible prospect.
And frightening … although she’s ‘only’ in her 70s, it is still unclear whether she was medically fit to drive on the day of the accident.

How is it possible that a state's agents, that are so attuned to the delicate sensibilities of every snowflake and whiny crybaby out there that they will manhandle an elderly man preaching the word of his religion in public, will yet allow this woman to continue driving while they drag their feet over the investigation? 

Taking The Fight To The Enemy... last!

It is understood that the government is increasingly blocking reappointments to public sector roles to bring in new individuals to organisations.

And the progressives are fighting back with all they pos...

Oh, wait. No, they aren't. They are flouncing out! 

Sir Charles Dunstone, the founder of Carphone Warehouse, reportedly resigned from the Royal Museums Greenwich board after the culture secretary, Oliver Dowden, refused to reappoint trustee Dr Aminul Hoque, an education academic at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Heh! Who knew it would be that easy?  

Following the Black Lives Matter protests last summer, Dowden threatened to cut funding to museums and galleries that removed statues associated with British colonialism. In a warning to institutions last October, Dowden wrote: “As publicly funded bodies, you should not be taking actions motivated by activism or politics. The significant support that you receive from the taxpayer is an acknowledgment of the important cultural role you play for the entire country.”

Gosh! Bare your teeth for once, and the opposition crumbles, or runs away! 

Peter Riddell said earlier this week that the government had “actively sought to appoint allies to the boards of public bodies” over the past 18 months. “This is not the first time this has happened. Such attempts tend to go in waves,” Riddell said. “What is different now is the breadth of the campaign and the close engagement of 10 Downing Street.

Isn't it nice to be on the winning side for once? 

Saturday, 1 May 2021

When Did 'Accuse' Become 'Speak Out'...?

And is it just me who feels that the use of language is being twisted deliberately here..?

does not dispute it received anonymous emails and reports of allegations via intermediaries, but said it was provided with no evidence that would allow it to investigate.

And when did a film & tv awards committee become a branch of the judiciary? Don't even get me started on the insanity of taking the finale of a drama series he was involved in off simply because he's become an 'unperson'...

Yes, Let's Make The US Like Somalia, That'll Fix Things...

Because of capitalism, racism and ableism, the darkest and poorest peoples in the United States are relegated to live precarious lives where they do what they can to survive, sometimes including breaking the law. Rather than eliminating the unjust conditions, cities and the federal government send in police to manage the inequality.
So says Derecka Purnell, a Guardian US columnist. And clearly, someone who believes there should be no consequences, ever. 
Despite the increasing convictions, the police nationwide still kill about three people a day. Just a few years ago, Minnesota convicted a cop for a murder while on duty for the first time. Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor was sentenced to about 12 years. Why didn’t all of these convictions save the thousands of people who were killed after them? Why didn’t Chauvin get the message?

Why didn't they

Why didn't any of them think 'Ooh, maybe resisting arrest or trying to kill the cops isn't such a good idea...'? 

As the nation awaited the jury verdict’s reading against Chauvin, a white cop in Columbus, Ohio killed Ma’Khia Bryant, a 15-year-old Black girl. According to Bryant’s family, the teen reportedly called the police for help because older kids were trying to assault her. Police arrived during the altercation and shot Bryant four times.

And we can all see why. It was to save the life of the girl she was about to stab.   

If we want to live, then we must continue to join, support and create social movements and protests to end policing.

So that teenage girls are free to stab others without consequence? 

Organizations like Critical Resistance, the Movement for Black Lives, Dream Defenders and various “defund the police” campaigns across the country are articulating ways to make change. We have to decide whether we have the will and imagination to join them.

It's not 'will and imagination' you're lacking. It's basic morals and common sense.

Friday, 30 April 2021

Tweet Of The Month

A bumper crop this month!

Post Title Of The Month

LegIron makes it two in a row:

Quote Of The Month

Longrider on the latest tedious example of wokeness from an institution conquered via that long, long march: 

"Britain is unusual in doing this anyway. Other nations really don’t bother. The French and Germans for example don’t get the obsession with visiting war graves. This is perhaps even more pertinent now that no one is alive who was there or involved. All of which is relevant to the point of apologising. If you go to the Menin Gate, there are long lists of the fallen – including those from the Empire. So what? Attitudes were different a century ago. It happened. To apologise for things people did and said who are now dead and cannot account for themselves now is noxious in the extreme."

Post Of The Month

Bill Sticker takes a trip around his latest home. 

Here's Hoping He Won't Be Lonely In Prison...

Mitigating, Christopher Holt, told the court Foster was lonely and a troubled teenager.
He said: “He’s a very troubled young man who committed a very serious matter which leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.”

I bet the other cons, should they get their hands on him, will show him what a 'bad taste in the mouth' really means... 

Sentencing Foster, Elizabeth Hunter, chairman of the magistrates’ bench said: “This is a very nasty offence deliberately causing suffering to this cat.
“We’ve heard the distress caused to this family.
“Clearly you have a lot of problems.
“I sentence you to 12 weeks in prison, you will be banned from keeping animals.”
He must pay £228 in costs and compensation.

It's nowhere near long enough. We all know he won't serve the full sentence. But I hope it feels like it. 

Thursday, 29 April 2021

Wednesday, 28 April 2021

The 'Justice System' Summed Up In Two Lines...

Texts on Liam Clarke's phone revealed he had sent a Valentine's Day special offer text for discounted cocaine to his customers, as well as other drug dealing messages.
The 24-year-old was caught with up to £2,500 of cocaine, but he walked free from court after a judge heard he is expecting his sixth child to be born in two months' time.

At least he's working hard at something... 

Peter White, defending, said Clarke pleaded guilty at the first opportunity and was entitled to a third reduction of any sentence as a result.
Mr White said: "He was using cocaine at the time and fell out of employment."

It was just an accident, see? Like he tripped, or something. 

He told the court Clarke was 23 at the time and had two step children and two biological children, while shortly after the offence his third biological child was born.
Mr White explained that his partner is due to give birth to Clarke's fourth biological child in June.

Breeding his own criminal empire? 

He told the court Clarke has "taken on a great deal of responsibility".

Really..? Sounds a lot more like it's the taxpayer who pays into the benefit systems that's taking all the responsibility to me... 

The judge, Recorder David O'Mahony, said: "The strongest reason for suspending it is the effect your immediate custody would have on others. I have particular regard to the reference I have read from your partner."
Speaking about the offence, the judge said: "You were selling drugs for income to support your family.
"You did have a cocaine habit yourself and some was for personal use but the majority was to sell."
"The author of the pre-sentence report says you have not used drugs since then.
"You appear to have taken some steps to deal with your addiction."
The judge said he had read references from family members who "spoke highly" of Clarke.

Well, yes, I suppose they did. So what? 

"I have taken an exceptional course. Many judges would have felt they were unable by sentencing guidelines to do it.
"What it does mean is if you commit any offence at all in the next two years you can be pretty certain you will go to prison."

Can he? I'm not so certain. 

Find These Dogs...

The 68-year-old woman had taken her cross Brittany Spaniel, Lewis, for a walk on Wednesday afternoon on a residential street in Eccleshill when the three other dogs, said to be Bull Mastiffs, pounced.
She said they came across the road in a line without making a sound before going for Lewis, a rescue dog, prompting her to scream for help as they tore into him.

And people helped, as best they could. No-one over here is armed, which would have been a big help... 

The woman attempted to kick the dogs, others on the street beeped their car horns in a bid to startle the dogs and bring a stop to the attack, while one woman grabbed a hose pipe to spray them with water.
The woman said a man then came “out of nowhere” and took the dogs away, despite people shouting for him not to leave after what had happened.

I really hope some of them had the presence of mind to use their ubiquitous smartphones to get a good image of the thug.  

Lewis, who was stood with “blood pouring all over the floor” was taken to the vets, but it wasn’t good news. His owner, who gave her name as Gwen, said: “They rang me and said I’m really sorry, he’s got 14 very deep wounds and that they’ve gone through to his oesophagus and he needs to be put to sleep.”
“I’m absolutely distraught,” she said. “No-one knows where the man in car the came from, or where he went.
“It was horrific, it was absolutely horrendous. I will never stop hearing my little dog screaming, I couldn’t get them off, I was kicking, kicking and kicking them, they wouldn’t let go.
“It will haunt me for the rest of my life.”

The police have issued an appeal. Although you'd think someone with three large killer dogs would be known in the area already, wouldn't you? 

A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: “On Wednesday, April 14, police were called to reports of an incident involving a dog that had been attacked by three uncontrolled dogs in the Eccleshill area.
“As a result of the attack, the dog unfortunately had to be put down. Officers have attended and spoke with the owner of dog to establish the circumstances of the incident.
“A crime has been recorded for allowing a dog to be dangerously out of control.
“An investigation to identify the owner of the dangerous dogs is underway and enquiries are ongoing. Anyone with any information that may assist with enquiries is asked to contact 101, quoting reference 13210186315.”

Why do I think 'enquiries are ongoing' is police code for 'We're waiting for someone to tell us who owns these things, because god forbid we have to do anything ourselves'? 

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

No, No, Bears, You're Going About This All Wrong!

Climate change is pushing polar bears to extinction, but a warming world has also created a new animal that will carry on the species' genes - 'pizzly bears.'
Paleontologist Larisa DeSantis told that polar bears are retreating inland to find food, since sea ice is melting, and are mating with grizzly bears that travel up to Alaska.
'This new type of bear is more resilient to climate change and better suited for warmer temperatures,' said DeSantis.

You shouldn't be adapting to new conditions, you should be rioting and smashing things up and demanding that the world stop doing what it's doing and listen to your demands

"Let Them Fight..."

It's Green pressue group vs....Brighton Council? 

Get the popcorn!
A campaign group say they have reported the council to the police for an alleged wildlife crime. It comes after work on the living wall in Madeira Drive, which was planted by the Victorians and is a wildlife reserve. Brighton and Hove City Council said on Monday that the Local Wildlife Site was cut on purpose in order to build a “possible” cycle lane in the road.

Better order in some more, now cycling has entered the fray! 

Conservative councillor Robert Nemeth said: "The Conservative Group is most concerned at this latest round of environmental vandalism on Madeira Drive and strongly feel that reporting to the relevant authorities is the correct course of action.
"It sadly follows the Council having to answer to the Information Commissioner’s Office for similar shoddy behaviour. It is yet another demonstration that voting Green damages the environment."


Monday, 26 April 2021

Who, Exactly, Is 'Taking The Mickey' Here..?

A motorist who "takes the mickey" out of the law has been caught flouting a driving ban - for the eighth time.

Because I'm not so sure it's the recidivist, actually, but the justice system itself

In July 2019 this newspaper reported how Darren Nicholas Derwin, of Horne Road, grinned as he learned he would not be jailed for his latest offence at the time.
He was already subject to a suspended jail sentence for theft when police caught him driving while disqualified... for the seventh time.

The police must have wondered why on earth they bothered when they rang him through the PNC, mustn't they? 

His defence counsel had suggested his client had become mixed up about the date his latest ban ended.
The judge retorted: "You’re taking the mickey – he has ignored driving bans all his life.”
Turning to Mr Derwin, he added: “I’m going to impose a prison sentence. But I’m going to suspend it” – whereupon Mr Derwin turned to a companion in the public gallery and grinned.

And why not? There are, after all, absolutely no consequences. Which encourages other scofflaws: 

As Mr Derwin left the dock there was a commotion as his companion remonstrated with the judge for imposing a fresh driving ban, telling him: “This is a joke. I’m trying to get him back on the straight and narrow and now you’ve banned him again.


Clearly, he has even fewer brain cells than the judge he's complaining about! 

In addition to the ban and suspended sentence, Mr Derwin was ordered to pay £85 costs, plus a statutory victim services surcharge of £115.
But on Monday, March 29, Mr Derwin was back in the dock at Reading Magistrates' Court. There, he admitted his eighth offence of driving while disqualified.
Yet again, the court ordered pre-sentence reports to be prepared on an 'all options' basis, including custody. Mr Derwin was meanwhile released on unconditional bail.

More 'pre-sentence reports'..? What do they think might have changed since the last one? As far as I can see, the answer's 'nothing'.  

H/T: I R Jackson via email

The Answer's Simple - Stop Volunteering...

The National Trust has ordered all of its volunteers to undergo diversity training as the organisation continues its 'woke' rebrand.
The heritage body is forcing everyone, including rangers who do not work with the public, to carry out the training as they return to work from lockdown.
It has already caused friction among volunteers and led to several resignations, with one slamming the Trust's new political 'agenda'.

Well, stop volunteering for them then! If they can't run their business without you, and have to start hiring staff instead, they'll soon change their tune. Because it'll eat into the money pot for people like the DG: 

Hilary McGrady, the trust's director general, insisted she was not woke, but accepted the timing of the report's publication was 'not brilliant in the middle of trying to deal with Covid and everything else'.

Who authorised it then, Hilary? Was it you? 

Saturday, 24 April 2021

Yes, I'm Sure The Danger Is In Arabella's Unsocialised Cockerpoo Puppy...

...and not Duwayne's trained killer pitbull

I mean, even their initial story bears that out!

Forman had seen the rottweiler before. It spent its days penned in a front garden, looking forlorn. In late October, Forman had dropped Nellie at her parents’ house after a morning walk, and was heading home to get ready for work. “I saw the owner first, standing on the edge of the pavement with the dog,” she recalls. She squeezed between the pair and some railings when the dog began to bark. “And then it just leapt up at me,” she says. “It was aiming for my face, but I put my arm up, and it took a massive chunk of it clean off. I couldn’t feel anything at first because it had taken all the nerve endings.”
Forman had joined the unfortunate ranks of Britain’s dog-bite survivors.
But not, you'll note, from the cockerpoo pup she'd bought.
Some cases grab the headlines, and cannot simply be blamed on the pandemic.
Like the one you used?
The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association estimates there are now 12 million dogs in the UK, up about 2 million in 12 months. French bulldogs and labradors have been the most popular new dogs, according to analysis of pet insurance quotes by GoCompare.

And there's an obvious difference - if next door's Frenchie goes for my ankles, I can stomp the little sod into the middle of next week. 

The Labrador might pose more of a threat, but not as much as a dog that refuses to give up the attack after being kicked by a draught horse or shot with a taser or battered by desperate bystanders... 

As pandemic puppies grow into dogs with sharp teeth, too many lack the training to walk safely into the post-lockdown world. Meanwhile, dogs that do remember a life before Covid are on edge after a topsy-turvy year and face more upheaval as lockdown restrictions are eased. “Puppies haven’t been getting the same mental stimulation they would have done,” says Dr Jenna Kiddie, the head of canine behaviour at the Dogs Trust. “They haven’t been exposed to visitors to the home in the same way or been around other dogs. So we’re very worried about how they’re going to respond. Because they will probably respond with fear, and one way a dog can cope with fear is to use aggression.”

Typically, the dog advocates are out in force. Sensing a threat to their livelihood. 

Westgarth, whose book The Happy Dog Owner is out this month, says that even dog trainers often share the commonly held view that some attacks are inevitable and associated with certain breeds – and certain types of owners.
Any breed can bite, Westgarth adds.

Yes, it can. And if the West Highland terrier a few doors down nips me, I'm probably going to A&E for stiches. Not to the mortuary. 

Bags For Life Are The New Diesel Vehicles!

Morrisons has said it will become the first UK supermarket to completely remove plastic carrier bags from its stores.
The Bradford-based grocer plans to scrap its 'bags for life' with customers instead being able to purchase reusable paper bags.

Remember when you were an ecological hazard for driving a petrol vehicle, then suddenly the exact same thing when you'd switched to diesel? Well, it's happening again... 

Paper bags, with handles, will be used instead - costing 30p and able to carry up to 35lb of shopping.
Until it rains...

But maybe they haven't worked as well as they were supposed to?
In the last year alone, Asda, Marks and Spencer, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, The Co-operative Group, Tesco and Waitrose sold more than 226 million bags. But this was 322 million (59 per cent) fewer than in 2018-2019, according to the environment department Defra.
This means the average person in England now buys just four bags a year from the main supermarket retailers, compared with 10 last year and 140 in 2014 - causing the sale of single-use plastic carrier bags to plummet by 95 per cent.

They've done exactly what they were intended to do. 

I can't help but think that there's no better reason to demand they now be scrapped than the desire of the Green fruitcakes to make us all feel bad about ourselves. 

Friday, 23 April 2021

Who Protects You From The Protectors?

A mother-of-three was attacked and killed by her "protective" American bulldogs following an argument with her daughter, an inquest has heard.

Yes, it's this case. They are just getting around to the inquest. No need to rush, right..? 

Elayne Stanley, 44, was mauled by the two dogs at her home in Widnes, Cheshire, on 24 September 2019. An inquest at Parr Hall in Warrington heard the pets had previously been owned by her partner Paul Leigh.
Court orders requiring him to take steps to keep the dogs under control were made in 2016.

And by dumping them with the girlfriend, he avoided that court order, I suppose? After all, who checks?

Jason Lennox, lead dog legislation officer for Cheshire Police, said American bulldogs were "guarding dogs" and could pick up on body language during arguments.
He said: "DJ has interpreted this as a potential problem and has tried to stop any physical contact."
Asked by Ms Smith if the dogs may have detected she was pregnant, he said: "He may well have sensed you were pregnant and may well have been trying to protect you, or trying to protect you and the baby."

If this is the man who is the person who drives policy with regards to dangerous dogs, I think I can see why Liverpool has such a problem! 

Coroner Peter Sigee said Mr Leigh had been called to give evidence but had not attended.
The inquest heard a transcript of a police interview in which he claimed he was not the owner of the dogs, although he had admitted owning them during court proceedings in 2016.
Ms Smith said she was unaware of previous incidents involving the dogs including an attack on another dog, which had to be put down, and an incident where another dog owner was injured.
She also said she did not know if her mother was aware Mr Leigh had been convicted in 2016 under the Dangerous Dogs Act.
But wait a minute! Let's refresh our memory of what this lying scumbag said at the time, shall we?
Now, Paul Leigh, Elayne's former partner, who used to own the dogs, said they had never been aggressive in his experience with them."

So...will he be charged now? Or do we have to wait another 18 months? 

It's Not Long Enough...

Paige Blake, 24, was driving in her red Ford Fiesta while chatting on the instant messaging app when she clipped Freddie Oborne's bike on the A414 dual carriageway near Hatfield House.
Mr Oborne, from Hertford who was a keen athlete who competed in cycling events and triathlons, died at the scene at around a quarter past midday on Monday April 20 last year.
Astonishingly, she actually got a prison sentence!
Blake, of Longwood Road, Hertford, pleaded guilty at St Albans crown court to causing death by dangerous driving and was jailed for two and a half years.
But wait...
Blake is likely to serve half of her sentence - 15 months - before being released on licence to serve the rest of her sentence in the community.


Judge Michael Kay QC banned her from driving for 4 years and 3 months.

It should have been a lifetime ban. 

Thursday, 22 April 2021

I'm Concerned About The Judge's Mental Health...

A dad-of-two who led police on a 90mph chase through a housing estate was spared jail because of his caring responsibilities.

Wait, what..? Who does he care for? 

Banned driver Carl Mello said he got behind the wheel of his girlfriend's Ford C-Max because he was taking medicine to his cancer-suffering mum.

At 90mph? How badly did she need it? 

The 33-year-old, of Arley Close, Beechwood, Birkenhead, is a convicted killer who once accidentally shot dead his best friend.

Oh. And since then, he's been on the straight and narrow, apart from this momentary lapse, I suppose? 

He has since been sentenced for drug dealing, domestic violence attacks, a bar brawl and stealing from people's cars and homes.


But he walked free from Liverpool Crown Court today after a judge heard he now looks after his baby, 10-year-old son, partner and mum.

And of course, social services are totally fine with this? 

Peter Wilson, defending...said a letter from the Stein Centre in Birkenhead showed Mello was trying to address his adult ADHD and that Mello was concerned about his mental health and its impact on his decision making.

I think we all should be concerned, frankly. But not about his decision making... 

Shouldn't Someone Else Be In The Dock With Her..?

The single mother-of-three bought her own home before claiming she had been made homeless and was then given a flat by her local council, a court heard.

So far, so 'ho hum'. on: 

Owoeye, 49, who is Nigerian, is thought to be the first person in London to be convicted of fraud after receiving payments while under ‘no recourse to public funds’ (NRPF) immigration status. She pocketed more than £114,000 over five years.
An immigrant with this status cannot access the mainstream benefits system, homelessness assistance from a local authority or social housing.

Then...why did a council officer approve the application? If they'd done their job right, she wouldn't have been able to do what she did.

Judge Mann praised the investigators who uncovered Owoeye’s fraudulent behaviour.

Perhaps they'd like to do some more investigation? 

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

But It Clearly Is One Rule For Some, And Another For Others, Nick...

Now I hold no brief for Adderley, a thoroughly modern Chief Con in every respect, but he's spot on here:
Speaking previously, Chief Constable Nick Adderley, said: 'It is exceptionally frustrating when we see a group of people with no regard for other people's safety, completely flouting the restrictions and having the type of funeral many people would have loved to have had but have been unable to hold, simply because they think they are above the law.
'While I of course sympathise with anyone who has lost a loved one, it cannot be one rule for some people and another rule for others, and no one is above the law.
'This is why Northamptonshire Police is seeking to issue its first £10,000 fine to the organisers of this funeral for their total disrespect of the restrictions put in place to keep us all safe.
'This may seem like a harsh course of action to some but I do not apologise whatsoever when I have seen so many painful sacrifices made throughout this pandemic by law-abiding citizens I have a duty towards.'

Very well said! So...why, when our head of State herself is restricted to 30 mourners only, is the CPS letting them off? 

But on Monday afternoon at Northampton Magistrates' Court, the case against Rooney was suddenly dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service.
Prosecutor Stella Moses said the CPS had taken the decision after a 'careful review of the case'.

Is it because the police got the law wrong? If so, we should be told. Because guess who's paying? 

The court heard Rooney, of Market Harborough, Leicestershire, had funded his own defence of the case privately and his costs will now be reimbursed through central funds.

Ain't it always the way? But if Adderley's officers blundered, it should come out of police funing, not general taxation. And if they didn't, questions need asking.

Derek Chauvin Is Already Yesterday's Chip Paper...

...or whatever the US equivalent is:

Oh no! What could the police possibly have seen when they responded that meant this happened? 

Well, luckily, their bodycam footage shows us:

It's that 'sweet, innocent 15 year old' with a whopping knife and about to kill another (black) person. What, seriously, are the police expected to do?

How about instead of protesting the police actions these people act like people, instead of like animals?

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

And She's Right...

The mother of a young man who died after he was pinned down in a citizen's arrest has branded his killer's sentence 'a joke'.

...he should have got the freedom of the city for ridding it of a menace. Instead, he found himself in the dock, and now in prison.

Stafford Crown Court heard Benjamin Hunt chased 25-year-old Christopher Walters after he had damaged a car with a hammer in Longton in May 2019.
Hunt, aged 32, then held Mr Walters by the neck, on the ground, for several minutes, using his body weight to pin him down even after Mr Walters lost consciousness.
Now Hunt, from Longton, has been jailed for 38 months in prison after admitting his manslaughter.

Clearly, his companion had even less faith in the justice system: 

Hunt's work colleague Jonathan Hassall, who was also involved in the incident, took his own life just days before he was due to go on trial for manslaughter.

But back to mommie dearest: 

The 58-year-old, from Bentilee, said: 'I'm not happy at all; it's disgusting. It's one big joke. It's disgraceful and shocking.
'If he had let my son go, the police could have found him if they had given them his description and he would have been charged with criminal damage.
'I don't feel like I've got justice for Chris' death. Everyone gets dealt a pack of cards in life, and I got the joker.
'I'm not happy with his sentence at all.'

Nor am I. You should be behind bars for giving birth to a habitual criminal... 

Have The Police Caught A Serial Killer..?

A 19-year-old man has been charged with the murder of Barnes musician William Algar.
Mr Algar, known to friends as Blaise, was found dead at an address in Nowell Road on January 3 after police were called to reports of concern for the occupant.
The 53-year-old man’s dismembered body was discovered at the property, with his arms and legs having been removed.
Emeka Dawuda-Wodu, of no fixed address, was previously charged with perverting the course of justice and appeared at Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court in March.
This week, he was charged by postal requisition with the murder of William Algar. He remains in custody.

Now, I know it's not a common name, but it rang a bell for other reasons, and a search brings up this: 

A man from Netherwood Road, W14, has become the third to be charged with a murder in Hounslow on 19 December. Emeka Dawuda-Wodu, 18 of Netherwood Road, close to West 12 Shopping Centre, was arrested on Friday, 10 January, and was charged with murder on Sunday 12 January.
The charge was brought in connection with an investigation into the murder of 35 year-old Ebrima Cham, pictured below, in Hounslow on Thursday, 19 December.
Ebrima, known to his friends as Brim, was staying with a friend in Grove Road Hounslow when he was fatally stabbed while he slept.

If it turns out to be the same man, and the age is right, questions need to be asked, don't they? 

Monday, 19 April 2021

You Used To Go To College To Expand Your Horizons, Didn't You? it seems it's just the opposite:
Fiji Willets, 18, didn't expect the topic of farming to come up when she signed up for the BTEC National Extended Diploma in Animal Management at South Gloucestershire and Stroud College.

Really? I mean, you'd think it'd be obvious from the title, if not the course outline..! 

She joined after reading it was 'great for people who love animals' - but was shocked to discover the course could see her work on a farm and possibly visit an abattoir.

Oh, well, mustn't be too judgemental, maybe she's one of those ignorant townies who... 

The teenager, whose mother used to be a veterinary nurse... 


...complained to tutors that she was suffering with anxiety over the module.

Ah, yes, 'anxiety'. It's the new 'get out of anything difficult' card. Initially, the college resisted, which is a welcome change. But eventually, were forced to surrender. 

She enlisted the help of the Vegan Society - who once called on bosses to provide workers with their own vegan shelf - to fight her corner and together they complained to both the college, as well as the Education and Skills Funding Agency.
Despite being rejected twice, their complaints were eventually heard by exam board Pearson who decided the college could offer her an alternative module while taking the BTEC qualification.

Good luck getting a job now every employer knows that if you don't fancy doing part of it, you'll scream and scream until you're sick, Fiji... 

Is It 'Cos It Is Black..?

Yes, actually. That is indeed the reason this isn't anything like 'the best evidence yet'.

There has never been a documented report of a melanistic puma. Whatever this is, it won't be one.

Saturday, 17 April 2021

A Warped View Of Diversity...

The BBC's diversity chief has claimed Idris Elba's TV detective Luther 'isn't black enough to be real' because 'he doesn't have any black friends and doesn't eat any Caribbean food'.

Yes, she's black herself. It's only surprising she didn't give an interview clutching a lump of watermelon to make her point, I suppose... 

Miranda Wayland said the hit crime drama, which won plaudits for having a strong, black lead character, was only superficially diverse and that corporation bosses are now looking to portray minority groups in a more convincing and rounded way.

Like...what? I mean, as has been pointed out by so very many people, this is almost a worse kind of racism and stereotyping than the old fashioned kind. 

...Ms Wayland told the MIPTV conference this week that to achieve true representation, TV chiefs must ensure black characters have an environment and culture built around them that is completely reflective of their background.

Well, I guess 'Crimewatch' is at least safe!