Friday, 10 December 2021

What Was She 'Dedicated' To...Apart From Selfies?

Oh, and killing herself:
Aoife Mcmanus, a “dedicated” student at the University of Brighton, died at the city’s Royal Sussex County Hospital on June 12.
The 23-year-old had been found hanging and unconscious in her bedroom by her mother Lyn in the early hours of June 4.

What was she studying? Glad you asked. To be....wait for it...a paramedic! 

While Aoife had a history of depression and anxiety, Coroner Alicia Keen recorded a conclusion of death by misadventure

Wait, what? 

A statement from Margaret Mckeon, advanced nurse practitioner at Bird in Eye Surgery in Uckfield, said Aoife was diagnosed with depression in 2015 and had self-harmed.
In 2019, she reported having “dark thoughts” and contemplated driving to Beachy Head after the break-up of a five-year relationship.

An airheaded selfie-obsessed teen with mental issues. Just the sort of person you want turning up to an incident... but back to that coroner: 

In her conclusion, Coroner Keen said she did not see anything that led her to believe Aoife intended to take her own life, although it was a likely outcome of her actions.
She said: “Aoife said she didn’t want to take her own life and she had too much to live for and that describes someone who was able to recognise the way ahead.”

I don't know how someone can be so wilfully blind to reality. Do they teach it at coroner school?


Anonymous said...

I didnt realise Birds Eye had diversified from Fish Fingers into medical treatment !!!

Anonymous said...

Merely in need of that special 'inglish' blurted by case-hardened morons. Penise and Jaded, where are you?

JuliaM said...

"I didnt realise Birds Eye had diversified from Fish Fingers into medical treatment !!!"


Anonymous said...

Surprisingly I think it likely.

As a (now ex-nurse) I worked A&E for decades and whilst most male suicides were carefully and secretly thought out, planned and carried out where no-one would find them until much later - and thus 'successful' (especially since they tended to use 'methods' that will ensure death), almost every female 'attempt' was widely telegraphed (repeatedly/incessantly) to all and sundry, slapdash in planning 'and' application, in fact the only ones who 'succeeded' seemed to do so by accident (someone didn't 'discover' them as they hoped, or they used a method they didn't really understand the implications of and it worked 'better' than they expected).

So? Mum was probably used to the incessant suicide threats, slept a little sounder than usual, and didn't walk in and save her (probably as per usual), and give her the attention she craved.

That's the real difference. Men tend to ask for help, and when it isn't forthcoming (try getting a 'man' help from the Samaritans for a joke that'll really depress you - "Sorry, we closed all the male support down to increase it for women and minorities") or fails they ... do the deed. Women? They use multiple 'attempts'(always notifying someone in advance, always near someone, and never a serious attempt using 'questionable and only work if no-one notices until much later methods') to get the attention/help/support they want.