Friday 31 August 2018

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Cosmology with @Farmageddon:

And a nice relevance here from @Holbornlolz:

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For the second month running, it's Tim Newman on a subject dear to his heart:

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Longrider on the idiot, Owen Jones:
"There is nothing wrong with limiting immigration – especially from countries where the culture is so alien to our own and people who will not integrate. Multiculturalism is merely a euphemism for ghettos and ghettos are deplorable. Come to this country? Accept its laws, culture and traditions and abide by them and integrate. Want to turn it into a facsimile of the third world shithole you just left? Well piss off back there, then. As for Islam, it is a totalitarian religious and political ideology bearing with it an incompetent, misogynistic legal code – so referring to it as fascist tends to show a greater understanding of the term than those who march through the streets calling Trump one."

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Bill Sticker on 'free' speech.

Personally, I Think Five Different Benefits Is Pretty Extravagant..

Carrie Anscombe, 38, from Moulsecoomb, Brighton, was handed a suspended sentence after a judge described her offending as unlawful and antisocial.
Anscombe was paid £58,721 in five different benefits she was not entitled to over six years.
Five. FIVE..?!?
Anscombe broke down in the dock when Judge Charles Kemp said he was not sending her to prison.
He said there was no evidence the money had been used to fund an extravagant lifestyle.
Plenty of evidence that she spent it on pies...

Thursday 30 August 2018

Stalingrad? You Should Be So Lucky!

The Mayor has ‘called in’ Greenwich Council’s decision to refuse Rockwell permission to bulldoze buildings near Hope and Anchor Lane.
A call-in means Mr Khan will now act as the planning authority, taking control away from the council.
Funny, I thought he was against allowing developers to build luxury homes in the capital?
Residents were in uproar when Rockwell proposed bulldozing buildings to build 11 blocks of flats, up to 10 storeys tall.
Residents’ groups and campaigners objected to the height, density, and affordability of the scheme, fearing it would set a precedent for future developments. Squeeze singer Glenn Tilbrook was one of many residents who appealed to councillors to throw out the plans last month, claiming it would hinder access to his studio.
I wonder how many of those residents and campaigners and luvvies enthusiastically voted for Khan in the Mayoral election? Joke's on them now!
Chairing the meeting, in which the application was unanimously refused, Cllr Sarah Merrill said: “I think this application in absolutely no way resembles the spirit of the masterplan, in terms of height, massing and design. Some of the design is resemblant of Stalingrad.”
 With the Mayor involved, it's more likely to resemble Islamabad!
The Mayor has also called in a rejected plan for Eynsham Drive in Abbey Wood, which would have a 17-storey tower built at the site of a car wash and pet hospital.
London's high rises will soon be almost as high as its knife crime stats!

I Have A Pretty Good Idea How It Happened...

In mitigation, Graham Bennett blamed the whole incident on Harse’s alcoholism.
He said: “They are well known to each other as neighbours for many years, living together without a problem in peaceful harmony, and then they both got drunk. They had been drinking most of the day.
The complainant has no idea how it happened and the defendant has no idea how it happened.
It's a mystery, truly.

Wednesday 29 August 2018

What Sort Of ‘Operational Reasons’…?

Oliver Brimson counted down from ten to victim Jason May, telling him “if you don’t get up, I’m going to kick you in the head”.
Witnesses at Ingram Crescent East in Hove described the “sickening” dull thud noise as the then 17-year-old stomped down with his shoe three times.
Mr May, 38, now requires round-the-clock-care for the rest of his life after suffering a brain haemorrhage.
Just another useless waste of oxygen.
Judge Kenneth Hamer said this revealed an “appalling and despicable attitude” after the “unprovoked” attack in October 2016.
He was convicted unanimously by a jury for causing grievous bodily harm.
Bring on the excuses!
Duncan Cooke, defending, described Brimson’s difficulty growing up in care after witnessing domestic violence as a child. He has learning difficulties and alcohol problems.
Mr Cooke said: “Knowing what is right and what is wrong is an undeveloped part of his character."
He asked for Brimson not to be considered a dangerous defendant, as an extended sentence could leave him feeling suicidal.
Yes, that would clearly be a terrible thing for society, wouldn't it?
Brimson was sent to a young offenders institution, and must serve at least two thirds of his sentence before he is considered for parole.
Police said they could not release a photograph of him for ‘operational reasons’.
Eh..? Such as...?

Put Him Down Then!

Lucy Jones, prosecuting, said: “We have applied for a temporary destruction order for the dog which the defendant has now relinquished ownership of.”
Judge Adrian Reynolds asked her: “Why only a temporary order?”
Miss Jones replied: “Because we do not believe that the dog is dangerous, just the owner.
Missed a good riposte there, Judge!

Tuesday 28 August 2018

This Is Why The 'Justice System' Is An Utter Joke

Remember this story?
The teenager has been banned from keeping animals for five years and ordered to pay £500 compensation.
Pathetic. Totally predictable. And let's not stop the judge giving her learned opinion on how he's the real victim here:
In sentencing, Justice Diana Baker said domestic violence has "severely affected" his emotional wellbeing.
"You are a young man who has lived with domestic violence for a long time," she added. 
Domestic violence under the influence of alcohol that has severely affected your emotional wellbeing and ability to deal with stressful situations."
Sounds like a great family.
The £500 fine will be paid by his mother at a rate of £50 a week.
Why so low? Because they need money for booze?

And who's betting the money isn't coming straight out of benefits?
The boy will not be allowed to apply for the ban on him keeping animals to be lifted for the next three years.
However, the court heard the family would be able to keep their pet terrier.
So the ban on him owning animals is basically only on paper? What an absolute farce!
A victim impact statement from Teddy's owner Jacqueline Stevens, 71, was read to the court. She explained how she had hand-reared the Staffordshire bull terrier and kept him for nine years.
"My life has been ripped apart and has been changed forever," she said. She added that she now "dreads going to St Ives" due to the "sad associations and memories".
71 years old and robbed of her companion animal and any joy she might have on a day out. Jesus!
RSPCA inspector Jon Phipps paid tribute to the witnesses that gave evidence.
He said: "It was clear how traumatised they were, and indeed, still are about what they saw that day but without their help, this case could never have come to court and there would be no justice for Teddy."
Newsflash, moron! There hasn't been any.

More Futile Gestures...

Salih Ozekindji, who runs Broad Street Cafe in Broad Street, failed to give proper evidence of how general waste, recycling and cooking oil are dealt with.
Council enforcement officers first visited the property in November 2017 and asked to see copies of the Waste Transfer Notes, but Ozekindji was unable to provide them.
After being given time to find evidence, Ozekindji failed to submit any evidence and in December 2017 was issued with a £300 fine - but he did not pay despite being sent multiple reminders.
Does he even exist?
The business was prosecuted for the original offence and the case was taken to Barkingside Magistrates Court on July 20. Ozekindji failed to attend and was fined £660 and ordered to pay £569 in costs, as well as a £66 victim surcharge.
He's not going to pay that either, is he? What an utter charade....

Monday 27 August 2018

What On Earth Is The Point Of Spam?

No, I don't mean the pink 'meat' that comes in cans (although that's existence baffles me too) but this stuff:

Stonyground, a regular commenter, recently asked why I have moderation on. Well, this is why. All of these escaped the inbuilt Blogger spam filter and would have been cluttering up the comment section.

And for what end? I thought the point of spam was to mention products for sale, or provide a link for people to click, yer all of these are anonymous accounts with no link back, spouting rubbish. What's the point of them?

"How Dare You Step Off The Reservation!"

Girls born to women who have undergone FGM are at a higher risk than any other girls in the country. If a woman has been cut she is likely to see it as the norm or to be in a family where FGM is accepted as a part of the culture. Placing girls on a register is not about targeting communities but actually taking a stand against one of the most horrific forms of violence against women and girls.
We need to move away from the idea that we can “talk” people out of FGM and stop trying to not offend communities.
We have never had a child-centric approach to ending FGM. We have never put the needs of the child first and now is the time to change this.
OMG! Who is this racist, sexist dinosaur?! Marshall the troops, this attack on people of colour must be resisted, what's this ghastly person's name?

Well, it's Nimco Ali. a black woman from the very 'culture' that indulges in FGM itself.



Coming from a community where 98 per cent of the women have undergone FGM, I know this too well. Many of the women who support FGM within my community do so because if they go against FGM then they will have to deal with years of pain and trauma, so for them its easier to cut than deal with the struggle. As a survivor of FGM myself, if I have a daughter she would be on this register. To those who will object to the idea of a register as heavy-handed, please understand that, to end FGM in the UK, these are the steps we have to take.
I hope London will stand with me as I and others launch a campaign to get the Home Office, the Department for Education and the NHS together to make this FGM protection register a reality.
I'd hope so too. But be prepared for an almighty backlash from the progressives and their hangers-on. If there's one thing they cannot abide, it's someone who doesn't toe the party line.

Saturday 25 August 2018

What Happened To 'In Vino, Veritas', Judge?

David Munro, defending, said: 'She was under pressures by the time of this regrettable and unfortunate incident.
'She's 42, a woman of good character, who came from very difficult beginnings.
'She has managed to carve herself two successful careers, working as the manager of a care home that was closed due to financial constraints.'
Hmmm. that bit doesn't sound very 'successful', eh?
'She is now working part-time trying to assist young people settle after they leave the care of the local authority, but it is almost certainly an occupation that's going to be lost following the hearing today.'
Really? She's a social worker. They rarely face any consequences when children in their care are murdered. I very much doubt getting bladdered and fighting outside work hours will be beyond the pale.

And the racism's of the right sort.
'This was an evening which went horribly and sadly wrong. A number of events had conspired to cause her to lose control. It was one of those nights when one thing led to another.'
One vodka led to another, and another, and...
Mr Munro explained that Khan's closest friend had died, and she was due to speak at the funeral the next day, and her mother had a congenital heart problem.
And did her pickup truck fail to start and her dog run away? If so, I think we've got the making of a great country hit song!
Sentencing Khan, Judge Cooke told her: 'I accept you were at a very low ebb. You failed at all to moderate your alcohol consumption, even though you were in charge of your own son.
'Once you were paralytic you engaged in some extremely anti-social and obnoxious behaviour.
'But to deal with this appalling night proportionally there is no requirement that you lose your liberty at all. I accept it was drink talking, not the way you generally feel about white people.'
*hollow laughter* Yeah, sure...
'You work in an enormously valuable field of social work where you have done sterling work for the community.
'I don't know what the effect on your employment will be, but I trust those who have to make the decision take account of the significant damage your career has already suffered, and that I take the view that this is entirely out of character.
'It would be a loss to the public if you were not able to continue in the field in which you have put such a lot of public service.'
Why don't you give her a fiver out of the poor box for a taxi home too?

"Malicious Communications Squad, Sonny! Get Yer Trousers On, Yer Nicked!"

A spokeswoman for Derbyshire police said: "A 44-year-old man has been arrested under the Malicious Communications Act in connection with social media posts during the aftermath of the recent fatal collision in Chellaston.
"The arrest has been made after photographs posted on Facebook on the evening of Monday August 20 caused distress to members of the public."
Really? Seems like a pretty low bar to me. But ....*shrugs*.... I guess the law is the law.

So, when are you going to turn yourselves in?

"I'm pretty distressed, 999 operator...."

Friday 24 August 2018

See, Councils? It Can Be Done....

A group of travellers has been forced to leave Purley Way playing fields less than 24 hours after setting up shop.
Croydon Council was granted new powers in July this year through a High Court injunction to help enable the removal of illegal camps.
Is this finally the end for this plague?

Well, no. Not quite. The council are in a buoyant mood about it though.
Councillor David Wood, deputy cabinet member for safer Croydon and communities, said: “This was a substantial illegal encampment and I’m glad the new powers are working well.
“This new arrangement allows officers to react quickly to incursions and help communities continue to enjoy valuable facilities.”
 However, the devil, as always, is in the detail. These are not new powers at all.
Croydon Council secured a three-month temporary injunction on Wednesday, July 18 banning anyone from occupying land or disposing of waste on 200 of the borough’s parks, open spaces, council land and 11 highways.
 The 'new powers' will cease on 18th October, and they'll be back to square one.
The council used evidence of large-scale fly-tipping and the cost of clearing it, damage to gates and barriers and a high number of incursions to secure the interim injunction order.
This means the council no longer has to attend court to obtain removal orders, which can take days to obtain, and High Court enforcement officers can be called to future sites to assist with moving people on.
But this means that other councils can apply for similar injunctions, now a precedent has been set. So it'll be interesting to see which ones do, won't it?

If It's 'So Easy'...

Dermott Lawler, mitigating, claimed she did it because it was “so easy”.
He added: “That is the frightening nature of how easily online fraud can be done. Once she did the one, it was so easy she just kept doing it.”
...then why aren't we all doing it?

Oh, wait. It's because we aren't all thieves.
The court heard Steward has Crohn’s Disease and had got into financial difficulties on disability living allowance.
Yeah, like that'll have the desired effect on the ju..

Judge Ian Graham jailed Steward for a year for multiple counts of fraud by false representation but suspended the sentence for 18 months.
She must also complete 25 days of rehabilitation activity and has a four month curfew.

Thursday 23 August 2018

*Checks Calendar*

Nope. It's not April 1st.
More people with criminal records should be made JPs to increase diversity among the judiciary, the chairman of Magistrates Association said last night.
John Bache insisted a more representative set of magistrates would make criminals feel less alienated by the system.
Why the hell should we care if criminals feel 'alienated by the system'? They're bloody criminals, that's how they should feel!
He told the Daily Telegraph: 'We all make mistakes, we all do things we shouldn't have done. But we want to increase diversity. And if we did say anyone who's done anything wrong ever isn't going to be appointed, that's no way at all to increase diversity.'
Then most people will be fine with that. What does this fabled 'diversity' ever bring us anyway?
A total of 15,000 magistrates in England and Wales deal with 95 per cent of all criminal cases. But latest MoJ figures reveal the number has plummeted in the last six years by 40 per cent.
It is thought the drastic drop is because scores of older magistrates are retiring. Magistrates must retire at the age of 70.
Which is probably what's leading to this.

OK, Yeah, I'm Convinced...

A pitbull named ‘Demon’ will be destroyed - despite claims its owner was the real danger.
Chaos erupted in court when Daniel Andrews, from South Shields, appeared to face a charge of possessing a fighting dog.
He threatened to kill a police dog in retaliation and fought security in the dock, shouting: “I’m going to f***** smash your face in!”
The outburst came after Andrews was told he would be jailed for 10 weeks as Demon - a fighting dog who he claimed he’d trained to bite - was given a destruction order.
Ah. OK. You may be right, then.
Earlier, the court heard Andrews had mental health issues, which came to the fold last November 7 when police seized Demon.
Don't they always?
Andrews’ solicitor told the court he could appeal.
He doesn't appeal much to me...

Wednesday 22 August 2018

The Fall Guy....

Judge Anne Molyneux sentenced Quartey to life with a minimum term of 26 years in prison, taking into consideration the mitigating circumstances of his youth.
So being young and foolish is mitigation now?
Quartey’s DNA was found on the car’s airbag, but throughout the investigation and trial he refused to give up the names of the other men involved in the attack.
Not that foolish then. They'll probably be joining him inside soon!

Pity It Didn't...

Judge Christopher Morgan listened to how Jason Patmore spat at, bit and attacked officers after being arrested, threatening to defecate in the police van and urinate on officers while in custody.
Patmore, 25, now of Galey Green, South Ockenden had stolen his cousin’s BMW and crashed it into a home in Barrack Street, Colchester, while he was nearly twice the legal drink drive limit and with a deadly amount of prescription and illicit drugs in his system.
Chelmsford Crown Court heard he had had 13 bottles of beer and took a significant amount of Diazepam.
It's a wonder he could see the car to get in it!
Frank O’Toole, representing Patmore, said he had “enough it could’ve killed him”.
Some would say it would have been better for society if it had. Though that wouldn't include his Honour.
Judge Morgan told Patmore yesterday there was “no justification” for his actions with Essex Police.
He added: “Your behaviour could’ve ended up in you being seriously injured or killed.”
Errr, no, the worst case scenario would have been innocent people being killed or injured.
He said: “From a very young age you were exposed to violence and alcohol and in due course, class A drugs, and much of that behaviour lies behind your offending.
“Mr O’Toole was right when he said it takes two to tango.
“It’s down to you in future as to whether you engage with those who provide you with assistance and keep on taking your medication.
“If you don’t, and resort to drink and drugs, you end up committing crimes and your prison sentences will get longer and longer, especially if you end up killing someone which seems highly likely.”
Then why not nip it in the bud now?

Tuesday 21 August 2018

You've Been Taken For A Mug, Mark...

Mark Webb, 49, who lives near the scene of the attacks in Camberwell, told the Telegraph he has raised almost £1,000 in donations and cash to buy kit for his local police teams.
Errr, why?
‘I was doing weapons sweeps with the police and they didn’t have any metal detectors or equipment that would be helpful, such as powerful torches and inspection mirrors,’ he said.
‘I created a package explaining what was going on in the local area, what was needed and that the police didn’t have the money for it.’
Mr Kemp approached local businesses, including the local Co-op which gave almost £330 to the cause.
You seem surprised that they didn't have money for vital equipment. Don't you read the newspapers, Mark? If you did, you might realise where the money all goes. And what they choose to spend it on, instead of vital kit.

'I went back in doors because I assumed nobody would get seriously hurt over a stupid belt.'

Understandable reaction. Until you realise who was involved (a 30 strong gang of black urban yoof) and the fact that sentence was proceeded with 'The knife was about 16 inches long.'!
Scotland Yard said the victims of the latest incident were between 15 and 16 years old.
 As, no doubt, were the perpetrators.
A mother-of-four who lives on the estate said she saw some of the group being arrested.
'I saw police chasing people, four officers had to grab this one boy,' she added. 'He was fighting one (officer) and three others had to get involved.'
 These are the 'children' that vocal activists demand shouldn't be Tasered.
The latest knife attack was minutes from where drill rapper Sidique 'Incognito' Kamara was stabbed to death this month and there have been four murders within a few Camberwell streets since May.
Lorraine Wooller had lived on the estate for 45 years, but moved recently because of the increased violence in Camberwell.
 It's #Khanage. And what are the police doing?

Oh. That's right. Lying.
Scotland Yard Commissioner Cressida Dick claimed violence in the capital was waning, despite 88 killings so far this year, compared with 118 in 2017.
She insisted there was far more bloodshed in major US cities, even though in February and March London overtook New York's murder rate for the first time.
Lying incompetently. Like everything else they do these days.

Monday 20 August 2018

The Progressives Won. This Is The Result.

Two male suspects were stopped driving by three plain-clothed police in Romford, London at 4.30pm yesterday.
As police went to speak to the men, they got out their vehicle and a struggle broke.
A female officer suffered a broken bone in her right hand, while a male officer has ligament damage to his hand which now requires surgery.
Do watch the video. The useless female officer waving an ASP around ineffectually, unable to restrain a poodle. The male officers unable or unwilling to go hands on, probably for fear of what might happen.

This is the modern police service the progressives wanted. And like everything else the progressives wanted (and mostly got) it's not fit for purpose.

And the public know it.
A local office worker who witnessed the drama said yesterday: 'The police told everyone to stand back while they were grappling with the guy but obviously didn't reckon on him being so strong.
'They managed to get him on the ground at first but he got to his feet swinging at the woman cop and carried on fighting after getting blasted in the face with pepper spray.
'I thought they'd managed to handcuff him after he was beaten with batons and forced into his car but he somehow broke free and ran for it.'
How embarrassing.
'He took on three police and won and a cheer went up when he got away because it looked so comical.'
Why did no-one assist, even when it was clear that the police couldn't cope?
'It's not a particularly rough (sic) around here but no one felt obliged to help the police out when they warned everyone to stand clear when it started.
I expect no-one else felt like exposing themselves to the inevitable immediate turnaround they could have exposed themselves to. And who can blame them?

Plus, the police have done themselves no favours in recent years, as Tim Newman points out, with demands on the public to fund them to tackle crime, which the bemused public them finds is going to fund hopeless cases and fripperies.

It’s A Long Way To Come For A Brawl, Isn’t It?

Police were called to Hamlet Court Road on Monday night at about 10.15pm following reports of groups of people attacking each other including an alleged masked man using a machete in the fight.
Ah, Hamlet Court Road. It used to be such a thriving area; I went there on Friday, to collect some curtains I'd ordered, and what a difference in a few years, since I was there last.

It's now entirely composed of restaurants & cafes, interspersed with closed & semi-derelict stores, and more charity shops than I've ever seen in one road.

Here and there, a faded boutique shop clings grimly on, until its last regular customer dies or moves away, and it too succumbs.
Officers arrested an 18-year-old man from Harrow at the scene, on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon.
He is currently in custody while police continue with their enquiries.
Why would someone come all the way from Harrow for a ruck in a run-down seaside town, I wonder?
One witness, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “It looked as though the fight was between two groups, there was at least one man with his face covered and a machete.
"It has got much worse in this area in the past few months, we have seen a lot of trouble especially in the evenings and through the night.
I have seen people doing drug deals in the middle of the street at all times of day, they don’t seem to care who sees them. It feels quite lawless - I don’t feel comfortable walking around the area and I think a lot of other people would agree.
“It was a beautiful area once, but there are some serious issues that really need to be addressed quickly before these incidents spiral out of control.”
Ah. Well, that explains it, I suppose.

Saturday 18 August 2018

There's A Strange Familiarity...

Jessica, Charlie and his little sister Elsie, two, were on their way back from a family day out when they stopped at the McDonald's in Hampton near Peterborough, Cambs.
He had been holding his mother's hand but she turned round after feeling his hand slip out of hers to see the girl on top of him.
A woman, believed to be the girl's mum, was telling her to stop and allegedly said 'I'm sorry, she's autistic,' according to the mother.
Well, that's OK then. If you can't prevent her attacking children, why are you taking her into places crowded with them?
Jessica said the girl was 'hitting, scratching, biting. Down his back, his bottom, his legs.' She said: 'I leaned down and I was saying 'oh no, jump up'. As I got down to lift him up, I realised the girl was shaking her head and her teeth were in his back. He was obviously hysterical.
'Charlie was still crying. I managed to pull him away slightly but it was at least 30 seconds, and she was biting him all the way down his body as I dragged him.
'She was biting, hitting, scratching him. Then I fell back myself and had Charlie on top of me because I gave one last tug.'
Jessica claims the police initially failed to investigate the incident which happened on July but have since made inquiries.
Sure, when it's too late. They should have been called by the McDonald's staff if the mother of the victim was too distraught, and the attacker detained for their arrival.
Jessica shared a post about the experience on social media, which has since been shared more than 7,000 times.
She wrote: 'I'm so angry! I'm so so very upset! How can my child go through this, and yet no one is going to be held responsible?
'What is this teaching him? Who is protecting him? I'm trying so hard to be understanding to every aspect of the situation, but it just doesn't seem right.'
She added: 'I just feel like Charlie is being failed and I just don't know what to do?!'
Have less 'understanding' and 'concern' for the attacker, and next time, draw blood, kick, punch, do whatever it takes! FFS, woman, it's your child at risk!
A Cambridgeshire police spokesperson said: 'This incident was reported to us and investigated.
'The family involved have since been identified and we are working with both families to deal appropriately with this matter taking into consideration the sensitivities and needs of the victim and girl.'
This story reads like every dangerous dog story I’ve ever read and reported on this blog: lack of concern or help from the ‘owner’, police indifference until the social media campaign, the portrayal of the attacker (by social media commenters) as somehow having been 'provoked'....

No doubt we'll soon be reading about another attack. Maybe next time the child victim won't be so fortunate to just have bites and scratches.

We Want To Get What We Pay For...

So great was the anxiety and paranoia inspired by the phantom tyre slasher that by January everyone in the village near Thirsk, North Yorkshire, seemed to be considered a suspect. Then the villagers turned detective.
In February electrician Chris Moores, 33, hid three tiny CCTV cameras in his garden shrubbery – and two weeks later the footage appeared to show a balding man in an overcoat walking his dog, and pausing to stab at the tyres of a grey Alfa Romeo.
 An inspiring, genuine community action!
They thought the police and Crown Prosecution Service would have no trouble getting a conviction for such an apparently open and shut case.
Oh, reader. You know only too well what's coming next, don't you?
They were wrong.
The prosecution of alleged tyre slasher Mr Richards has now collapsed in ignominy with the presiding magistrate accusing the police of “inexcusable” failure and declaring: “The bench has to make it clear that we are appalled at the way this case has been handled by the CPS and the police."
 Not for nothing are the CPS dubbed 'Couldn't Prosecute Satan'.
...the villagers of Carlton Miniott were furious. Confronting police officers outside court, grandfather Kevin McCarthy, 60, told them: “It’s been a balls-up from you guys from start to finish.”
Mr Moores, the man who had spent £250 on the cameras hidden in the shrubbery, told The Sun the police had seemed uninterested in the case throughout their ‘investigation’.
“We had to spoon-feed them the evidence and tell them what to do with it,” he said.
“Witnesses were lining up to give evidence but we were told they weren’t needed and information wasn’t followed up.
“It was embarrassing. All they had to do was get him charged and put before a court. They couldn’t even do that properly. The police showed no interest whatsoever. They just made a complete mess of it.”
The question has to be asked - why are we funding them?

Friday 17 August 2018

You Could Give Him Fifteen Years, He Still Won't Learn...

The court heard how Ham needed money last year to buy drugs, when he first broke into the home of a 90-year-old victim. On November 17, he entered the pensioner's bungalow during the night, while she slept. He then carried out an "untidy" search of her bedroom, before emptying the contents of her handbag, leaving the mess across the room.
Then, after a period of non-offending, Ham needed more cash for presents for his child's birthday, and raided two stores in Hythe and Thornhill, but ended up with "not much at all", despite causing £76,000 worth of damage to the Hythe One Stop with the raid and commercial loss.
This lack of swag is considered mitigation, unbelievably!
Mitigating, defence barrister Richard Onslow said: "He ended up taking part in these escapades, and got some of the takings, which was really, not much at all."
Presiding, judge Christopher Parker said that Ham's crimes were "foolish", despite hearing of Ham's troubled childhood. He told the court: "You have had a difficult start in life, but these crimes are foolish.
"There is a significant period of non offending between December and April, but then you find yourself in these positions of causing damage to these stores, resulting up to more than £70,000 worth of damage, plus commercial loss of course.
"You have to learn, and you will have time to think on that."
How much time?
Ham was given five years and ten months in prison.
Even if he were to serve all that - and we know he won't - I doubt it'd make a difference...

What Do These Incidents Have In Common?

A veteran shopkeeper in Bream, near Lydney, is mystified as to why he had a window shattered in apparent catapult attack by vandals.
Police believe a BB gun or catapult was used from Garrick House multi storey car park which shattered a pane of glass at Waitrose.
A cygnet was found dead in North Dorset after possibly being shot at with a catapult, say police. PC Rob Hammond, of Blandford Neighbourhood Policing Team, discovered the cygnet on the River Stour at Stour Meadows in Blandford on Saturday evening.
Well, none of them apparently warrant an armed response:

Nor increased police patrols.

Thursday 16 August 2018

I'm Not Sure Him 'Not Liking Dogs' Is The Reason, Somehow...

Residents in Astra Close stopped receiving post a month ago after a dog attacked a postman twice whilst he was trying to deliver letters and parcels.
Seems fair! Maybe a bit of social pressure will do the job the police obviously can't..?

Oh, but I forgot. This is Essex....
Daniel Wills, 33 from Astra Close, lives with Staffordshire Bull Terrier Blue, and says he has been having to make the trip to Hornchurch at least once a week to check if he has any post.
He said: “It’s really annoying.
“Why can’t they just find another postman who will deliver our post.
“If he doesn’t like dogs then he is doing the wrong job.”
Yeah, he probably does like dogs, but not when they are hanging onto his leg!
Another resident said: “I’ve only moved in a month ago and haven’t been to collect my post yet because it’s such an inconvenience.
“I can’t be bothered to go all the way to Hornchurch.
“I might have been sent in moving in cards or presents but I wouldn’t know because I don’t have the time to go down there.”
Well, you can't be all that keen to get post, then, can you?

Man Does Job, News At Eleven…

Rick Lamb was travelling on the 433 last week when he says a ticket inspector got on, fined a young girl and "forced" her off the bus.
Errr yes. And?
"This was despite her producing a valid (albeit low quality) child's Oyster Card," Mr Lamb said.
"Despite two other passengers offering to pay for the girl who was visibly extremely upset, the inspector angrily dismissed their grievances and threatened to call the police on the two passengers who were simply trying to help, also claiming that he would call the police if the girl in question would not leave the bus."
 That's what he's supposed to do.
But TfL’s director of compliance, policing and on-street services, Steve Burton, said the inspector was well within his rights as her card was not valid.
 Wow! Isn't it refreshing to see a company backing their employee for once? I wonder why...?

But she wasn't the only person who the inspector had his sights set on that day. Mr Lamb himself was issued with a penalty fare for producing, what TfL deemed an invalid 'gold card'.
No wonder he was backing the fare evader!
"All drivers had approved the travel card for two and half months and suddenly I'm fined under the guise that 'oh, the drivers don't look hard enough, it is invalid' and 'I'm just following orders'," he said.
Yes, Nazi Germany was terrible, they wouldn't let you get away with fare evasion, eh, Rick?

Wednesday 15 August 2018

Don't Poachers Want The Meat?

Poachers may have killed more than 20 deer, while others could still be roaming around injured, on farmland near Bewdley.
A distraught conservationist has revealed baby deer as young as three or four weeks old and a pregnant doe are among the animals which were shot at the weekend.
Initially it was reported that 15 animals had died.
But now Ed Brown, chairman of the Wyre Forest Deer Management Society, who helped recover the carcasses of 15 deer which had been shot on farmland near Kinlet, Bewdley says a gang of poachers could have “potentially killed at least 20”.
Not one carcass has been butchered. If this is 'poaching', it's a bloody strange sort of poaching!
PC Su Goddard, from West Mercia Police, wildlife officer for North Worcestershire, said: "We have launched a thorough enquiry into this incident and would appeal for anyone with information to contact us.
"At this time, we believe there is no wider risk to the public."
Strange thing to say...?

Misusing The Word ‘Vulnerable’ Again

A young father who killed an elderly woman in a high speed hit-and-run with a stolen car moments after being chased by police has been jailed for 15 years.
No, has been sentenced to that. Almost certainly won't serve it all.

Oh, and he's the real victim!
Dobson’s father described him as a “troubled young man”, and his barrister Mark Kimsey said he suffered “flashbacks”.
And so's his passenger:
McFayden also apologised to Mrs Nevins’ family. He was described as a “vulnerable young man” with learning difficulties who left school with no qualifications.
We'd be better off if they'd both killed themselves. But they just killed an innocent, and will not be adequately punished for it.

Tuesday 14 August 2018

I'm Utterly Astounded At This Story..!

No, not the spiteful actions of a so-called charity who doesn't like the idea of one of their subjects failing to follow their own desire for publicity, that's par for the course.

It's that I didn't realise there were Big Issue sellers who weren't immigrants!
Beth Thomas, Regional Manager for Wales and South West at The Big Issue, said: 'Along with other local Big Issue vendors, Andrew McGarry was invited to take part in a sell off event in Exeter on August 3 with local MP Ben Bradshaw. Andrew declined to take part.
As anyone is entitled to do with an invitation. Have you lost your dictionary, Beth?
'The sell-off experience was a great opportunity to show Ben, on a small scale, what everyday life selling the magazine on the streets is like for Big Issue vendors.
And now he has an even better idea of what it's like. And it can be summed up as 'Dance, monkey! We own you!'.

Although being Labour, he's probably on board with that....
Ms Thomas added: 'Following the sell-off taking place, Andrew informed our Distribution Team that he intended to take a week off selling The Big Issue.
He says he was told to. Who's lying?
She said: 'Since then, due to various breaches of the Vendor Agreement by Andrew, we have taken the decision that we are no longer able to supply him with the magazine.
However, we will be happy to discuss and review this decision with Andrew in the future.'
What breaches? Why were you happy for him to pose with Bradshaw before, despite these breaches?

You got it, LC!

And what of the politician?
Mr Bradshaw said: 'I very much hope that Andrew can iron out whatever differences he has with Big Issue so that he can resume his familiar pitch in Exeter.'
Mealy mouthed, twisting of a situation to make it look like the victim is the one with the (big) issue. Do you share the same hapless PR flunky as Beth, Ben? 

Why Are We Fretting About Plastic Bags And Straws...?

The owner of a surfing business has attacked the city council because 30 volunteers cleared broken glass, needles and 100 bags of rubbish from the beach after Pride.
Ah, yes. The little shindig in Brighton that Tim Newman covered last week.
Adam Chinery, who runs Brighton Watersports on Kings Road, says the group started the clean-up operation between the two piers at 9am. He claims council cleaners didn’t arrive at this part of the beach until 2.30pm.
“By the time Cityclean got here, the beach was packed with families.
“They turned up at 2.30pm with four people and then two of them went off to lunch.
“Cityclean staff were just reacting to the situation and they weren’t prepared at all.”
“We think about half a tonne of rubbish was swept out to sea at high tide.”
And the millenials fret about drinking straws and plastic bags...
A spokesman for Brighton and Hove City Council said: “I’ve been assured that Cityclean staff were indeed down between the piers clearing up on Sunday morning.
“It’s also true that volunteers and lifeguards were pitching in, and we’re extremely grateful for their efforts.
You've 'been assured', eh? By your contractors?
“We had around 200 staff out around the city clearing up and more than 100 metric tonnes of rubbish were collected.
“That’s the equivalent of 10,000 full binbags.”
Then why do you let such an event go ahead?
This year’s Pride was viewed by many as the best ever.
By whom? The sort of people that leave used needles on the beach?

Monday 13 August 2018

If There's Any Justice In This World...

A petition was signed by almost 300 people to save the life of a dog which bit a policeman making an arrest in Shrewsbury. of these idiots will be the next one savaged.
Abigail Hall, prosecuting, said: "Police received a call of disruption in Shrewsbury town centre on Pride Hill.
"This caused a crowd of bystanders, including Evans and his dog, Avril, to gather around officers attempting to arrest a female.
"While the officer was trying to make the arrest the dog bit him to which he describes as being in excruciating pain as it tried to rip the flesh from his arm.
"CCTV captured the incident and saw the dog, off the lead, then run and bite another bystander, who did not report it."
Probably too drunk to do so.
Evans admitted he was the owner of the white, mixed breed dog, and said he was knocked to the ground by the officer which then led to the dog attacking.
He has previously been given a dog control order on Avril and been found to be in possession of another dog dangerously out of control.
So he's a habitual offender? Why, then, the leniency?
Chairman of the bench Dean Firmin said: "The dog is your companion and dare I say it, your best friend.
"From what we've read on the petition, we don't believe the dog has ever been trained as a weapon, nor that it has been taught to be aggressive.
"What we will say however, is that you should have walked away from the incident and not just become another bystander. It was not your argument to get involved with.
"You've had plenty of public support on this as I can see from the comments, some of which read: 'Avril has only ever behaved as she should', 'It would be an outrage to put the dog down' and 'The dog has never been anything but friendly' - I could go on.
"You will receive an 18-month conditional discharge, which is effectively for your dog as well. If anything else were to happen regarding Avril there's no doubt she would most likely be destroyed. Nothing else can happen.
I know it's a popular - and wrong - conceit that a dog is 'allowed one bite' but two?
"You will pay compensation to the officer, as nobody should have to go through that when attempting to do their job."
You need to have a word with your fellow magistrates. Some consistency would be nice.

A Declaration Of War

Plans to introduce offences of causing death by dangerous or careless cycling have been described by cycling campaigners as “tinkering around the edges” of road safety.
Well, yes. That's what governments do, mostly. And it's the turn of the cyclists.

And frankly, it's not before time, either:
The laws are being proposed by the government after 44-year-old mother-of-two Kim Briggs was knocked over and killed by a bicycle courier in February 2016.
But the two-wheeled maniacs are an obstreperous bunch, and seen to wield a bit of political clout.

Time to get in the popcorn!

Yeah, that'll do to start with...

Saturday 11 August 2018

“The Truth? You Can’t Handle The Truth!”

Lady Gaga has apologised after she described the death of model Rick Genest, AKA Zombie Boy, as a suicide before the cause of death has been established.
So, she just plucked it out of thin air?
Montreal police initially told the media they were treating his death as a suicide, but his manager Karim Leduc told USA Today he believed it was an accident, saying: “He could have just lost balance.”
Ah. No, of course not.

So why is she apologising?

You Really Left Them No Choice But Social Media, Police Scotland....

Tayside Police Division have confirmed that a 34-year-old man has been arrested and charged with the dog’s disappearance.
A statement from the force warned locals not to “compromise the legal process” on social media.
They mean naming the man. Now, I know Scotland has its own - sometimes bizarre - laws, but once someone's charged, why is it not possible to name him?
It said: “As some of you may know already, a 34-year-old man was arrested yesterday and charged in connection with the disappearance of Pixie the pug dog in Dundee on July 16. He is to be reported to the Procurator Fiscal.
“As someone has now been charged, for legal reasons we can’t provide any further information until such time as he appears in court.
“While we are aware that the identity of this person has been distributed on social media, again we have to ask that anyone commenting here does not mention any names so as not to compromise the legal process.
“Thanks for all the help we’ve received and to the witnesses who have come forward to speak with us, it’s very much appreciated.”
If not for that 'help' (for that, read 'doing the polices' job for them) there wouldn't be any one charged....
The little dog was last seen safe on Monday afternoon at the Stobswell home of family friend Kelly Deuchar, 36.
She had been looking after the beloved pet and had left it in the care of a flatmate. The dog was later reportedly seen being roughly handled by a man in Baxter Park and carried limp through the streets of Dundee.
Pixie’s family have launched an online campaign to try to trace the 11-month-old dog but were told by Police Scotland it would be late on Thursday before an officer could speak to them — three days after she vanished.
But once the Internet got on the case, things moved pretty fast.
Police Scotland was asked last night to explain why no officer could be made available to speak to the family sooner. A spokesman said: “We can confirm that the matter has been reported to Police Scotland and enquiries are ongoing to establish the full circumstances.”
Didn't answer the question, I note...

Friday 10 August 2018

Let Me Guess, He 'Can't Work', Yes?

Clay receives disability living allowance, because of damage to his spinal chord (sic).
He seems to be quite active for someone with such a disability....
Jeremy King, prosecuting, said: “Police were called and on arrival he was outside the block of flats.
“He became abusive towards other residents, and police were concerned for his well being as he had been treated for smoke inhalation.
“The officers followed him across the road, and when they spoke to him he was shouting and swearing.
“Then suddenly he told them ‘try some of this’ to PC Trotter, he lunged over and headbutted the officer.”
Naturally, the magistrates stopped short - but only just - of giving this waste of oxygen a handout from the poor box:
Magistrate Mark Linford sentenced him to a conditional discharge for the next year, but told Clay to pay £50 in compensation to PC Trotter.
Mr Linford said: "Normally we take the offence of assaulting a police officer very seriously. You have been here before and been sent to prison for it."
"But we don't want to give you that...."
"We have looked at your record, it is unimpressive, but for the past two years it has been clean. There were distressing circumstances in this case. You snapped for a moment, but were immediately remorseful.
"So we are going right outside our sentencing guidelines. If you manage to continue your excellent work and stay out of trouble, then this assault will be wiped in a year's time.
"We are putting a lot of faith in you, as we are impressed by how you have been over the past two years."
It's easy to 'put a lot of faith' in someone, when you aren't the person that will face any consequences should it be misplaced...

They've Still Not Found That Dictionary Then...?

A supermarket was evacuated after a suspected thief threatened to jump from a balcony after being apprehended.

Eyewitnesses reported vodka and steak being stockpiled in a pram before a group of people were stopped by security guards at the Asda store in Basildon's Eastgate Shopping Centre.
It is alleged suspects began climbing over shelves throwing items on the floor and threatening to hurl glass vases at customers on Tuesday evening.
They were hardly 'apprehended', then,. were they? 

Thursday 9 August 2018

Lost From Essex Police HQ: Dictionary

Police have taken swift action against a host of recent traveller encampments in south Essex.
Oooh, 'swift action', eh? Great!
Police attended Queens Park Country Park where a ten caravan camp was removed.
However, a separate camp still remains on the site.
“We are monitoring the situation and our Gypsy and Traveller Rural Engagement Team has been liaising closely with one of the encampments.”
Why only one?
The other encampment in Queens Park was not removed at the same time as there was no evidence of the group committing a criminal offence.
A spokesman added: “The act of trespass is a civil matter and we work with landowners to try and resolve this matters (sic) as quickly as possible.”
Well, legislation to ensure this wasn't just a civil matter would help, wouldn't it?  But unaccountably, you don't seem to want that.

Maybe because then you'd have to find another excuse to not do your job...
“A teenager has since been dealt with through a community resolution, where they paid compensation and gave a verbal apology.”
*rolls eyes* Remember folks, what does leniency get you?
Another four caravans were found to have pitched up on the site yesterday afternoon. The council said it will continue to work with ECTU and police to remove the camp quickly.
That's right. More of the same.

Well, There's Your Problem Then....'s not your job to 'serve communities', but to uphold the law.
This evening the force said its Tweet was supposed to encourage impartial behaviour and encourage 'both sides of the discussion'.
There's no 'two sides' here, anymore than there's two sides to a burglary, or a case of shoplifting. As Longrider points out, there's clear evidence of criminal damage.
Debbie Davidson said: 'Just witnessed kids throwing beer bottles over the fence by the children's play area. Laughing as they smashed on the pavement and against cars parked along the road there.'
Malin Andersson said: 'I saw a child behind the wheel this morning, driving around the park.'
Another went on: 'At 9.30pm there were at least three vehicles driving at speed around the park with kids behind the wheel, also quad bikes zooming around. Combined with the bottle smashing I am feeling very unhappy.
'The police cannot do anything. Spoke with an officer tonight over water mains now being accessed by them. The park is becoming a bog land and area ruined by all the drifting of vehicles. All everyone can do is contact Elmbridge (council) with all that is witnessed.'
The police are useless. There's no will to tackle open criminality in traveller encampments, so this will continue until the powder keg explodes.

Wednesday 8 August 2018


They threw a cookie at him, which he threw back. Two of the men then came over and punched him in the head and face, until a member of the public intervened.
He left the train at Three Bridges and was treated in hospital for swelling and bruising to his face.
Ain't enrichment great?

If Compensation Is Awarded...

The families of three young boys who were injured as they played near the railway in the Black Country are to sue rail bosses.
 ...and who'd be surprised if it was, then maybe the rail company should countersue for the repair bill?
One boy was injured when he came into contact with a 25,000 volt cable, another suffered minor burns, while the third was left traumatised after witnessing it.
The families claim a "big gaping hole" in the fence had not been repaired and allowed the boys to get in and play.
The families want compensation for the "psychological trauma" the boys suffered, as well as their physical injuries.
We, the British public, should demand compensation from the parents for the aggravation reading such ghastly chutzpah causes us.
“It is well known that children, commonly teenagers, will play upon railway property, or enter to 'train surf'," Mr Hannington said. "The fact that they are not permitted to be there does not absolve the railway operator or landowner of any responsibilities to the children trespassing."
Funny. I never did as a child. 

Tuesday 7 August 2018

This Is Why Brexit Is So Popular

Mark Sheward, defending, said his client accepted the conviction but was not responsible for everything that took place. He said the married father and long distance lorry driver was the main breadwinner for his family.
He added: “His main concern is what is going to happen to them. The people who will be punished if he goes to custody will be his wife and child.
And that's his fault. No-one else's.

And he's got a bit of a cheek playing the 'dedicated family man' card in this case anyway!
Mr Amarasinghe said it was Scapau who fetched others to join the attack on Mr Vulturu at the junction of Washington Street and Southfield Street in the Arboretum. Miss Simonesc described how the men made‘rude comments’ towards her in Romanian. She tried to ignore them but they persisted so she told them her boyfriend, Mr Vulturu, was ‘coming soon’.They told her they ‘didn’t care’, stood in her way, invaded her personal space and used foul language.
When her partner arrived they set upon him in a ‘savage’, ‘sustained’ and ‘unprovoked’ attack.
Mr Amarasinghe said: “It involves punching him, putting him to the floor. They jump on him, kick him whilst he’s on the ground. The witnesses said he was stamped on several times.
“Miss Simonesc lost count of the number of times he was hit. Mr Vulturu could hear her screaming.”
When Miss Simonesc intervened she was grabbed by one of the attackers, not Scapau, and pulled away, sworn at and warned she too would be beaten up.
Yes, clearly his family is uppermost in his mind...
Judge Nicholas Cole said: “Those who kick people on the ground and stamp on their head must understand that very serious injuries can often arise.”
He told Scapau he had played a leading role in a group attack. However, he balanced this against the defendant’s lack of previous convictions and accepted the submission that the attack was ‘out of character’.
He sentenced him to 18 months in prison, suspended for 18 months, ordered him to complete 200 hours of unpaid work and pay £1,000 compensation to Mr Vulturu.
We have enough worthless scum in this country, don't we? Why on earth are we forced to give free movement to those in Europe too?

I Can Smell Something All Over This One Too...

...and it's 'free publicity':
Betty Gallacher is chairman of Bourne Out LGBT, which is organising Eastbourne Pride tomorrow.
Last week she decided to place 20 posters around the town promoting the event.
But she says 12 hours later, a member of staff from East Sussex County Council demanded they be taken down.
Ms Gallacher refused and the council removed them.
She now says: “I can smell homophobia all over this one.
“Why? Because posters put in the same place promoting a fun fair had been there for three weeks.
“Why did the council allow those posters to stay up but demanded mine come down immediately.
“When the council worker called she was rude and aggressive. I am appalled.”
Hmmm, really? A gay event, in Brighton, and the council didn't bend over immediately?

*strokes chin* The game is afoot!
A spokesman for East Sussex County Council Highways defended the action. He said: “Where signs can be placed depends on a number of factors but we do not allow them to be attached to safety railings under any circumstances as this could affect visibility and safety of pedestrians crossing the road.
“We did contact the organisers of the event to give them the opportunity to move their signs from the safety railings, which is not something we would usually do, but were left with no option but to remove them ourselves.
“We would be more than happy to discuss directly with the organisers of Eastbourne Pride alternative locations where the signs can be posted.”
Thought so!

Monday 6 August 2018

It's Time For Cressida To Go....

Court papers reveal that detectives investigating the case failed on 13 counts, including that officers failed to search for fingerprints, carry out tests on the probable murder weapon or seal the crime scene.
Did they do any police work at all? Has any action been taken against them?
No criminal charges have yet been brought in relation to the girl's death.
If not against the suspected perpetrators, then against the so-called police officers that took salaries for doing the square root of sod all.

Or the token identity politics hire that pops up every now and then to whine about how tough her job is....

But that's not even the most horrifying thing about this case.
The Sun reports they also failed to check whether 15 samples of male DNA found on the girl's underwear matched any on the national DNA database.

It's That Puzzle Wrapped In A Mystery Bound In An Enigma Again....

The number of legally held guns in Essex has increased by 20 per cent over the last decade.
Latest figures from the Home Office show there were 20,201 licensed firearms in the county, up from 15,780 in 2009. It means there are 1,121 firearms for every 100,000 people in Essex, the highest rate for the last decade. There were also a further 50,182 licensed shotguns in Essex, which are licensed separately. This is also a slight increase on a decade ago.
What could be driving it?
Gill Marshall-Andrews, chairman of the Gun Control Network, claimed society should be working towards fewer guns, and that the rise in legal firearms was difficult to explain.
Look in a mirror, then. The more people like you whinge and whine that people shouldn't have them, the more people want them.
She said: “It is becoming more difficult to get a gun licence, so I have no idea why it has gone up.
“Unless we are going to say that nobody should have a gun –and we have never said that – you should have a good reason to own a gun, and you should be a proper person.
“The guidance is stricter and the licensing regulations, if properly applied, should mean that fewer people have a gun.”
And yet, the opposite is true. It's a puzzle, eh, love?

Saturday 4 August 2018

Let's Leave It To The State....

...because they are highly trained and skilled, dedicated professionals.
At the time of the child’s death it was difficult to draw a timeline of the child’s medical history partly because a number of different IT systems were involved and Elsie was known by four different combinations of the birth and adopted name.
“No one agency or worker held all the relevant information on this child,” the review said.
In December 2015 Elsie sustained a bruise to her forehead. Scully-Hicks claimed she had fallen as she pulled herself up on a toy kitchen. An adoption review took place at the time and Elsie was seen by her social worker, an adoption social worker and an independent reviewing officer. But the presence of the bruise was not recorded.
Five days later a health professional also saw the bruise but did not share this.
The report said: “The observations and recording of the large bruise to the child’s forehead both by children’s services and health was absent. This resulted in the large bruise becoming ‘invisible’ to professionals and did not form part of building an overall picture of what was happening to the child.”
Can't chalk that one up to 'It was the computers, boss!', can you?
Lance Carver, director of social services at the Vale of Glamorgan council, accepted the findings of the report and apologised for errors in Elsie’s case.
And the people who made those errors?
Carver said no disciplinary actions had been taken against any members of staff as the report did not “indicate that it would be appropriate”.
Do you really need a report to tell you that, then? Are you not capable of judgement, like your woeful staff?

I See This...

...and immediately think of this:

Chief Insp Neil Pudney, District Commander for Southend, said:“In terms of officer numbers, over the next two to three months Southend will be welcoming 17 new officers who will join our Local Policing Teams.
“And in 2019 the borough will benefit from another extra 12 new officers as a direct result of the precept increase.
“All of these officers will hit the ground running and will enable us to continue all of our good work to fight and prevent crime, lock up criminals and keep our community here safe.”
If they prove as ineffective, corrupt and lazy as most of the Essex Farce, what use will they be?
“Southend has seen a rise in violent crime which is in line with national trends.”
Are other places around the UK seeing the same rise? If not....
“Violent crimes where weapons are carried or used tend to involve individuals who are known to each other and occur as part of an internal dispute.”
Hmmm. That sounds a bit like gang warfare to me.
“Whilst we do have gang and drug-related crime on our streets, as we do across the whole of Essex, it is a stretch too far to say there is ‘gang warfare’. Every day our specialist Operation Raptor team are out on our streets, proactively hunting down those involved in this type of crime, arresting them and putting them before the courts.
“Between January and December 2017, the South Operation Raptor team – which cover Basildon, Castle Point, Southend and Rochford – locked up drug dealers for a total of 109 years.”
Is that how long they'll serve? Or how long they were sentenced to? Because we all know there's a difference.
“That year they also seized drugs with a street value of £220,000, arrested 232 people suspected of drug and gang crime, seized £130,590 in criminal cash and took 40 weapons off the street.”
Is that all?
“We will continue to work with our partners to tackle these issues but the use and carrying of weapons, and gang and drug-related crime can only be tackled if we work together as a community to educate and prevent people entering into this type of lifestyle and ensure that people are telling us about who and where these crimes are happening so we can arrest those involved.”
Just the usual boilerplate guff they now teach senior police officers to spout when challenged..

Friday 3 August 2018

There's Really Only One Option With An Animal That's Tasted Blood....

A woman who got ‘ridiculously drunk’ and bit a police officer has been jailed after a court heard she behaved ‘like an animal’.
Bit of an exaggeration?
Icealyn McLennon, 24, was witnessed biting an off-duty female police officer then telling her ‘I can taste your blood, yum yum’ during the attack on May 17.
The police officer was trying to stop her attacking cars and houses in the street in Port Talbot where McLennon lives.

I Wonder If District Judge Diana Baker Will Regret This Leniency..?

A 14-year-old boy kicked and punched to death a family's beloved pet dog after losing his temper, a court was told.
The teenager launched the savage assault on the Staffordshire bull terrier in St Ives, Cornwall, in October of last year, reports Cornwall Live .
St Ives! Good grief! I didn't think neanderthal chavs went there.
The defendant, who can't be named, is said to have become irate after the dog, called Teddy, pinned down his own dog.
I know what you're thinking. "Well, he was just protecting his own dog!"

Not so.
District Judge Diana Baker warned the teenager would be going straight down those steps to custody if he was an adult.
So you've pretty much told him he won't be! Good going, love.
RSCPA prosecutor Kevin Withey described how the attack was witnessed by many people on a residential street, traumatising those who saw it.
And no-one intervened?
He pointed out that despite common perceptions regarding staffies, Teddy was a good natured dog and the boy’s dog the aggressor.
What a lovely family.