Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Misusing The Word ‘Vulnerable’ Again

A young father who killed an elderly woman in a high speed hit-and-run with a stolen car moments after being chased by police has been jailed for 15 years.
No, has been sentenced to that. Almost certainly won't serve it all.

Oh, and he's the real victim!
Dobson’s father described him as a “troubled young man”, and his barrister Mark Kimsey said he suffered “flashbacks”.
And so's his passenger:
McFayden also apologised to Mrs Nevins’ family. He was described as a “vulnerable young man” with learning difficulties who left school with no qualifications.
We'd be better off if they'd both killed themselves. But they just killed an innocent, and will not be adequately punished for it.


Anonymous said...

Being sentenced to 15 years means he will have half of his sentence reduced 'for good behaviour' as soon as the prison van goes through the gates. The rest of the time he will have therapy to cope with the trauma he has suffered in his early years, followed by the last 2 years in an open prison (HMP Butlins) - followed by an early release. This will allow him to repeatedly walk, or slowly drive, past the home of the victim's relatives, smiling and waving at them. When will people learn that there is little connection between the law and justice?

Greencoat said...

The drugged-up boy racer, the ‘promising young footballer’ with his zombie knife, the ‘radicalised’ Muslim with his home-made bomb. All of them as vulnerable as new-born babes.

Ditherywig said...

Vulnerable to what exactly ?

JuliaM said...

"When will people learn that there is little connection between the law and justice?"

It's not like there's little evidence, is there?

"All of them as vulnerable as new-born babes."

It really grated to hear this word so misused. And in such circumstances.

"Vulnerable to what exactly ?"

To just punishment. Luckily for him, it never comes.