Tuesday, 28 August 2018

This Is Why The 'Justice System' Is An Utter Joke

Remember this story?
The teenager has been banned from keeping animals for five years and ordered to pay £500 compensation.
Pathetic. Totally predictable. And let's not stop the judge giving her learned opinion on how he's the real victim here:
In sentencing, Justice Diana Baker said domestic violence has "severely affected" his emotional wellbeing.
"You are a young man who has lived with domestic violence for a long time," she added. 
Domestic violence under the influence of alcohol that has severely affected your emotional wellbeing and ability to deal with stressful situations."
Sounds like a great family.
The £500 fine will be paid by his mother at a rate of £50 a week.
Why so low? Because they need money for booze?

And who's betting the money isn't coming straight out of benefits?
The boy will not be allowed to apply for the ban on him keeping animals to be lifted for the next three years.
However, the court heard the family would be able to keep their pet terrier.
So the ban on him owning animals is basically only on paper? What an absolute farce!
A victim impact statement from Teddy's owner Jacqueline Stevens, 71, was read to the court. She explained how she had hand-reared the Staffordshire bull terrier and kept him for nine years.
"My life has been ripped apart and has been changed forever," she said. She added that she now "dreads going to St Ives" due to the "sad associations and memories".
71 years old and robbed of her companion animal and any joy she might have on a day out. Jesus!
RSPCA inspector Jon Phipps paid tribute to the witnesses that gave evidence.
He said: "It was clear how traumatised they were, and indeed, still are about what they saw that day but without their help, this case could never have come to court and there would be no justice for Teddy."
Newsflash, moron! There hasn't been any.

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