Saturday, 25 August 2018

What Happened To 'In Vino, Veritas', Judge?

David Munro, defending, said: 'She was under pressures by the time of this regrettable and unfortunate incident.
'She's 42, a woman of good character, who came from very difficult beginnings.
'She has managed to carve herself two successful careers, working as the manager of a care home that was closed due to financial constraints.'
Hmmm. that bit doesn't sound very 'successful', eh?
'She is now working part-time trying to assist young people settle after they leave the care of the local authority, but it is almost certainly an occupation that's going to be lost following the hearing today.'
Really? She's a social worker. They rarely face any consequences when children in their care are murdered. I very much doubt getting bladdered and fighting outside work hours will be beyond the pale.

And the racism's of the right sort.
'This was an evening which went horribly and sadly wrong. A number of events had conspired to cause her to lose control. It was one of those nights when one thing led to another.'
One vodka led to another, and another, and...
Mr Munro explained that Khan's closest friend had died, and she was due to speak at the funeral the next day, and her mother had a congenital heart problem.
And did her pickup truck fail to start and her dog run away? If so, I think we've got the making of a great country hit song!
Sentencing Khan, Judge Cooke told her: 'I accept you were at a very low ebb. You failed at all to moderate your alcohol consumption, even though you were in charge of your own son.
'Once you were paralytic you engaged in some extremely anti-social and obnoxious behaviour.
'But to deal with this appalling night proportionally there is no requirement that you lose your liberty at all. I accept it was drink talking, not the way you generally feel about white people.'
*hollow laughter* Yeah, sure...
'You work in an enormously valuable field of social work where you have done sterling work for the community.
'I don't know what the effect on your employment will be, but I trust those who have to make the decision take account of the significant damage your career has already suffered, and that I take the view that this is entirely out of character.
'It would be a loss to the public if you were not able to continue in the field in which you have put such a lot of public service.'
Why don't you give her a fiver out of the poor box for a taxi home too?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps if she had been truly paralytic?

JuliaM said...

"Perhaps if she had been truly paralytic?"

Keep up this behaviour and there's a good chance she will be.