Tuesday, 28 August 2018

More Futile Gestures...

Salih Ozekindji, who runs Broad Street Cafe in Broad Street, failed to give proper evidence of how general waste, recycling and cooking oil are dealt with.
Council enforcement officers first visited the property in November 2017 and asked to see copies of the Waste Transfer Notes, but Ozekindji was unable to provide them.
After being given time to find evidence, Ozekindji failed to submit any evidence and in December 2017 was issued with a £300 fine - but he did not pay despite being sent multiple reminders.
Does he even exist?
The business was prosecuted for the original offence and the case was taken to Barkingside Magistrates Court on July 20. Ozekindji failed to attend and was fined £660 and ordered to pay £569 in costs, as well as a £66 victim surcharge.
He's not going to pay that either, is he? What an utter charade....


ivan said...

What are these 'Waste Transfer Notes', more paper to keep a jobsworth happy?

Here all that rubbish is handled at the dechetterie, you take everything there, cooking oil goes in the big tank ans everything else goes into skips - even domestic appliances. What they do with them is their problem not yours. I've never seen any paperwork handed out but, if they don't know you , you have to show dumping card (free from your local Mairie).

Nick said...


they are the piece of paper that "proves" a business owner did not pay a Caravan Using Nomadic Traveller to take it all away and just dump it in the nearest layby, on the basis the council will never catch them (and wouldn't be able to stop them if they did catch them,) so they put the burden of proof on you. No WTN, you get the blame for the layby full of rubbish.

Too many cases of "not my problem what that random Irish bloke did with the skip full of toxic waste I paid him to take away, no idea who he was, can't help you" I suspect. Too tempting a target for the jobsworths to pass up.

Nemisis said...

I used dechetteries in France over several years and they took what I wanted to be rid of - old tyres and wheels included FREE OF CHARGE. Makes a mockery of "EU Rules, innit"

JuliaM said...

"What are these 'Waste Transfer Notes', more paper to keep a jobsworth happy?"

In a nutshell! But as Nick points out, without them we'd be up to our armpits in flytipping.

"Makes a mockery of "EU Rules, innit""

It rather does, yes.