Thursday, 30 August 2018

Stalingrad? You Should Be So Lucky!

The Mayor has ‘called in’ Greenwich Council’s decision to refuse Rockwell permission to bulldoze buildings near Hope and Anchor Lane.
A call-in means Mr Khan will now act as the planning authority, taking control away from the council.
Funny, I thought he was against allowing developers to build luxury homes in the capital?
Residents were in uproar when Rockwell proposed bulldozing buildings to build 11 blocks of flats, up to 10 storeys tall.
Residents’ groups and campaigners objected to the height, density, and affordability of the scheme, fearing it would set a precedent for future developments. Squeeze singer Glenn Tilbrook was one of many residents who appealed to councillors to throw out the plans last month, claiming it would hinder access to his studio.
I wonder how many of those residents and campaigners and luvvies enthusiastically voted for Khan in the Mayoral election? Joke's on them now!
Chairing the meeting, in which the application was unanimously refused, Cllr Sarah Merrill said: “I think this application in absolutely no way resembles the spirit of the masterplan, in terms of height, massing and design. Some of the design is resemblant of Stalingrad.”
 With the Mayor involved, it's more likely to resemble Islamabad!
The Mayor has also called in a rejected plan for Eynsham Drive in Abbey Wood, which would have a 17-storey tower built at the site of a car wash and pet hospital.
London's high rises will soon be almost as high as its knife crime stats!


English Pensioner said...

So, what is the purpose of the local council?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mr. Khan is an ardent fan of 2000AD, and sees his chance to create Megacity-One?

Sobers said...

More likely that Rockwell have made some 'charitable donations' in the right places and this is their payoff..........

JuliaM said...

"So, what is the purpose of the local council?"

To provide jobs for the otherwise unemployable?

"Perhaps Mr. Khan is an ardent fan of 2000AD, and sees his chance to create Megacity-One?"

Heh! But I suspect Sobers is bang on the money here.