Tuesday, 21 August 2018

'I went back in doors because I assumed nobody would get seriously hurt over a stupid belt.'

Understandable reaction. Until you realise who was involved (a 30 strong gang of black urban yoof) and the fact that sentence was proceeded with 'The knife was about 16 inches long.'!
Scotland Yard said the victims of the latest incident were between 15 and 16 years old.
 As, no doubt, were the perpetrators.
A mother-of-four who lives on the estate said she saw some of the group being arrested.
'I saw police chasing people, four officers had to grab this one boy,' she added. 'He was fighting one (officer) and three others had to get involved.'
 These are the 'children' that vocal activists demand shouldn't be Tasered.
The latest knife attack was minutes from where drill rapper Sidique 'Incognito' Kamara was stabbed to death this month and there have been four murders within a few Camberwell streets since May.
Lorraine Wooller had lived on the estate for 45 years, but moved recently because of the increased violence in Camberwell.
 It's #Khanage. And what are the police doing?

Oh. That's right. Lying.
Scotland Yard Commissioner Cressida Dick claimed violence in the capital was waning, despite 88 killings so far this year, compared with 118 in 2017.
She insisted there was far more bloodshed in major US cities, even though in February and March London overtook New York's murder rate for the first time.
Lying incompetently. Like everything else they do these days.


jack ketch said...

'The knife was about 16 inches long.'!
yet the DM headlines it as 'a foot long'?

Now my knowledge of such things is limited and thank the Lord that our parents saw fit to ditch that archaic base 12 number system for the far more sensible metric one but even I know that a foot is 12 inches not 16.

JuliaM said...

"yet the DM headlines it as 'a foot long'?"

The copy editor got confused with the lunch he'd bought at Subway...