Wednesday 30 April 2008

And the hits just keep on coming...

Remember the budget announcements back in March? Remember thinking back then 'Oooh, I'm going to be paying more for my car tax!'..?

No..? Well, that's OK. No-one else, it seems, noticed either:

"But he did not say explicitly owners of the most polluting cars registered after March 2001 would have to pay more than £400 in tax from next year."

Of course, bloggers noticed, and raised the issue with their readers. From politicians, not a peep - well, after all, that's not surprising, since the 10p tax rate also slipped by them. From the MSM, nothing.

But people are noticing now....

And what's tomorrow? An election day...?

Yes, I do believe it is. Revenge is a dish best served cold, they say.

I say 'Revenge is a dish best served at the polling station'.

Today’s Addition to the Ever Growing List of ‘Human Rights’..

“In a civilised city, access to good quality public space should be a fundamental human right.”

From the Department of ‘You couldn’t make it up’…

While the NUT calls a one day strike for 2.45%, and discontent rumbles on over the three year pay deal worth 8% for nurses,
the Government is at least considering 38% ‘pay rises’ for some within the Justice system.

Prison officers, you ask…?

Prison governors, given the size of the increase…?

Well, no.

“Instructions ordering the change were removed from the Prison Service's website late on Tuesday.
The Ministry of Justice said the new rates had been withdrawn and were now part of a ministerial review. ”

At least they didn’t have the cheek to call it a ‘cost of living increase’…

Tuesday 29 April 2008

Remind me again....

....just why we are so concerned about drivers
operating mobile phones while driving..?

"He then failed to abort the landing in time and came down on grass alongside the East Midlands runway.

The impact broke off the right landing gear, but the pilot decided to take off again."

Ah yes, that's the never-say-die attitude we expect from a pilot....!

What I want to know... did he flee the scene by forcing a car to stop, dragging the driver out, throwing him to the floor then driving to the nearest chop shop?

The beginning...

Just waiting to see if I feel like springing into the world of blogging.....