Wednesday 30 November 2016

Post Title Of The Month

I wasn't entirely certain I shouldn't retire this award, after this month's sad news, but Tom Paine came up trumps, with this post for the future of politics:

Quote Of The Month

Tim Newman on the MSM's frothing over Trump's failure to take them on his first meeting with the incumbent:
"I can sympathise. Last time I believed that, as a blogger, I was entitled to join a multi-millionaire on his private plane I got told to fuck off as well."

Post Of The Month

Tim Worstall brutally eviscerates little Owen....

The Ages, They Are A'Changin'....

Following the attack, Det Ch Insp Gary Holmes made an appeal for witnesses to come forward.
He said: "I'd like to hear from any witnesses who saw or heard something that may help us catch the people responsible for attacking this police officer.
"At this stage we have established that the group of four youths had arrived in the area via the DLR, getting off at Bow Church Station.
“The group was made up of three males and one female. Did you see them leaving the station or in the surrounding area?"
 Shocking, terrible, youths today...
A man has been charged with the attempted murder of a police officer who was repeatedly stabbed in an alleyway outside a pub.
 Hang on! One's 'a man' now? What happened to 'youths'...?
Andrew Beadie, 20, of Claremont Road, Basildon and Janine Morris, 34 of Rainhill Way, Bow, were both charged on Sunday with attempted murder and two counts of affray.
34! Blimey! Tell me what face cream she uses, please....

Tuesday 29 November 2016

Well, There's 'Taking Care', And Then There's 'Taking Care'...

Prosecutor Crispin Aylett QC said the mother of the girl throwing the party had made significant efforts to control the event, but despite having bouncers on the door conducting searches there were weapons including knives at the house.
“She could not have taken more care: there was to be no alcohol, drugs or cigarettes”, said Mr Aylett.
“Everyone who came to the party had to know the girl personally, everyone who came through the door had to agree to be searched by the mother and her friends and relatives of hers who had offered to held.
“All the same it ended in disaster.”
Who could have predicted this? After all, if she'd done what any normal parents woiuld do, then...

Oh. Wait.
When the gatecrashers arrived, Che went outside to talk to them, unaware that a call had gone out inside the party for reinforcements.
“Within 40 minutes or so, a group of thirteen young men had set off on foot from Wembley Park heading for Kenton”, said Mr Aylett.
“They were there to sort out the youths who had been making life difficult.”
The court heard Che, a business student, pulled out a knife and charged at the group surrounding him, but he was stabbed in the chest, piercing his heart, as he tried to break free.
Wait, I thought he was an 'innocent business student'? Do they take knives to a party..?

Not The Story It First Appears To Be...

A house builder has claimed it cannot include affordable flats in an otherwise luxury complex despite promising to do so in return for planning approval.
Developer Crest Nicholson South has made an offer of £1.2 million for Brighton and Hove City Council to build cheaper housing elsewhere after claiming it cannot create them as part of a new development in Hove.
But councillors have condemned the move which they say will divide communities and create ghettoisation with less affluent residents all housed away from the richer people.
Booo! Eeeeeevil, greedy developers!

...the housebuilder contacted the council in August to say its chosen registered social landlord (RSL) Affinity Sutton had pulled out of the agreement and it could not reach an agreement with under bidder Hyde Housing.
Five other providers also turned down the chance with the Government’s decision to reduce social rents by one per cent for the next four years cited as a reason.
Heh! Seems business isn't going to stump up the cash for the government's barmy ideas.
Planning officers said they could not answer Labour councillor Lloyd Russell-Moyle’s question over why the city council could not step in and take on the management itself and that clarification was needed from housing officers.
Because then, I guess, they'd have to mix with those social tenants, rather than avoid them, let someone else have all the hassle, and boast about how well they've done in glossy council brochures...

Monday 28 November 2016

Wait, Whose 'Suffering' Matters Here..?

Officers were called just after 4.30pm on Saturday to High Street in Little Lever, Bolton, to reports that a dangerous dog was ‘out of control’. The pit bull-type dog had attacked two animals in front of their horrified owners and passers-by, some of who were injured as they tried desperately to intervene.
Officers first attempted to taser the dog, which had been caught and held down by two men, but that failed, so firearms specialists were called in to shoot it to ‘minimise its suffering’ and ‘protect the public’.
I think that might just be the wrong order, somehow...
Engineering technician Tom was left with a severe puncture wound to the hand, as well as cuts and bruises, after bravely taking on the out-of-control dog.
He also received an electric shock after being tasered through the creature.
Obviously don't watch 'Casualty' or they'd know to shout 'CLEAR!' first..
“I got up, I didn’t really have a clue what was happening because of the shock, but then I heard a gun shot, and another, and another.
“The dog was that big and aggressive it took three shots to kill it.”
Or they are crap shots. Think yourself lucky they waited until you were out of the way, this time!
A spokesman for GMP confirmed they were called to the scene just after 4.30pm, adding: “A 54-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of being the owner of a dog and allowing it to be dangerously out of control in public place and causing injury. He has been bailed until December.”
One to watch...

It's Not Just Bullets That Have Your Name On Them...

A dangerous dog faces destruction after it bit the same passing child TWICE - 12 months apart. 
The Staffordshire Bull Terrier attacked the five-year-old girl after it encountered her while she was playing in a park in July 2015. 
And - in an bizarre coincidence (sic) - the dog then attacked the same child one year later after it saw her again. This time at The Parade, Swinton Precinct, Salford , in July this year.
She'd better not break any mirrors...

Saturday 26 November 2016

An Article, Or An Advert..?

Prioritise sleep and put it high on the agenda. There’s more packed into our children’s days than ever before, and sleep is simply not recognised with adequate importance. Researchers at King’s College London have just added more evidence to the pile showing that irregular bedtimes and insufficient sleep in childhood may result in increased calorie consumption and obesity.
Oh noes! What can parents do to prevent this impending fatocalypse?
Ensure the foundations for promoting good sleep are established by supporting a consistent bedtime routine and following advice around “good sleep hygiene”. Discuss and set limits about electronic device exposure and eliminate usage in the hour leading up to sleep. Limit sensory overload and multitasking in the lead-up to bed and aim for a routine that helps the brain and body to wind down ready for sleep. Discourage any caffeinated drinks after lunchtime and make sure to follow regular sleep/wake times, even over weekends and holidays. It helps to keep your child’s body clock in a regular rhythm, making it easier to get to sleep and wake up.
Whew! We're saved!

Hang on....
Even with all of this in place, some children will still need some additional support. For younger children, this may involve behavioural programmes to help them feel confident and secure in falling asleep without an adult present.
Oh noes! Who can save us?
Jenny Stephenson is director of HappySleepers, a team of chartered child psychologists offering expert help and advice on sleep; from newborns through to teenage years.
Ah. I thought there might be a reason for this scare article...

Paul Mason Declares War On OAPs...

Numerous journalists, myself included, have done enough realtime anthropology with the smalltown racist pensioner to understand: it is modernity they dislike, and the freedom that comes with it. And we cannot let it go.
The arrogance of these old farts, daring to refuse your kind offer to flood their towns with new 'Europeans' and send yet more money to Brussels to tell them how racist and out of touch they are!

What do you suggest, Paul?
At the centre of the fightback has to be a break with neoliberal economics. Raise wages, end job insecurity, build homes and, before you do any of it, promise all of it loudly. You’d think it would be a no-brainer – until you remember how much energy Labour politicians and commentators poured into opposing such policies over the summer. But there’s more. Fromm explained the failure of the German centre-left to resist Hitler in terms of “a state of inner tiredness and resignation”. They no longer believed in their own leaders, their own ideology: “deep within themselves many had given up any hope in the effectiveness of political action”.
Yup, keep banging that drum. It'll have to work sometime, right, Paul?


Friday 25 November 2016

An Outbreak Of Mental Illness..?

Lee Stalham, 38, was at his desk preparing for a meeting when Mohammed Himedan walked into his office brandishing a kitchen knife and stabbed him repeatedly.
Disgruntled employee...?
Mr Stalham said: “I just don’t know why he did it. It was not liked we owed him money, we’d not had a disagreement. He woke up one morning, wrapped cling film around a knife and came into the office and tried to kill me.
“The whole thing doesn’t make sense, but I just have to accept that I might never know why he did it.”
How very strange. Do other papers have an answer?
Mr Himedan, who did not provide any information to the court on his motive, was detained at the scene shortly after.
The Dutch national, who the court heard did not suffer from any mental disorder or disability, had pleaded not guilty two days before the verdict.
Odd, usually some sort of defence would be offered, and thereby reported on. But I can't find any paper that's done so.

Only one report gave any mention of possible motive:
During the attack Mr Himedan shouted "you killed my dad", despite the defendant's father still being alive, jurors were told.
Curiouser and curiouser...

A Police State Administered By Essex Police?

Capital idea! What could go wrong?
Mark Flewitt, councillor responsible for public protection in Southend, is demanding a curfew is imposed in York Road after two men were left in a serious condition following a double stabbing last week.
York Road is notorious. It ought to be twinned with Mos Eisley Spaceport. And the instigator of this stabbing is probably from London. So a curfew makes no sense!

Why can't the police keep order, such that a curfew isn't necessary, anyway?
A mobile police station, which was set up to offer reassurance to concerned residents, was set alight on Saturday night.
He said details of the curfew, which would ban residents from leaving their homes during set times, will need to be finalised by Essex Police.
Mr Flewitt has asked Police and Crime Commissioner Roger Hirst to support his request.
I doubt even he's dim enough for this...! Seriously, who thinks a curfew is proportionate and reasonable?
Both men are expected to make a full recover (sic) but detectives are still hunting their attackers.
One of the victims was found outside a caravan which was raided by the drugs squad weeks earlier, leading to three arrests.
The Echo can reveal the caravan has now moved near Seaway car park, in Lucy Road, with police monitoring activity around it.
Like they were monitoring their mobile station? Well, I'm reassured, aren't you?

Thursday 24 November 2016

I, I, I, Me, Me, Me....

Recently, I was in one of my weekly surgeries giving advice to local constituents when a man who was in a state of some distress leaned down to get something out of a holdall. I began to panic.
It might be irrational, but since Jo Cox was murdered I have this feeling frequently. This week a local church called about my annual address at the Christmas carol concert. Every year I do a reading, never before have they called and asked me if they need to arrange a discreet police presence for my safety.
In reality, if I were to undergo a risk assessment every day, my threat level is probably no more than it ever was. I comfort myself that the still unbelievable tragedy was a freak incident. Yet I still cannot shake the feeling that in our country – and across the world – there is a rising tide of hate that mean events such as Jo’s murder are more likely.
Yes, that's Jess Phillips, once again making a story of a murder somehow all about her.

And whining, in a national newspaper column, that she's 'afraid to speak her mind'. Such as it is. Truly, if it wasn't for low standards, these Labour MPs would have no standards at all...

File Under 'So What'..? Oh, Wait...

Pupils at a south Essex school will no longer be able to gain a GCSE in Religious Education - after it decided to ditch the qualification.
Isn't this a good thing? They can take far more useful subjects instead.
Headteacher Ahson Mohammed was unavailable for comment, while other staff members declined to comment.
Hmmm. Does this put a new complexion on things..?

Wednesday 23 November 2016

Blaming The Wrong Policy...

Ms Jago is unable to pick up her five-year-old daughter, and the pain she constantly suffers in her neck, shoulder, wrist and thumb can only be managed with painkillers and steroid injections.
She is taking legal action against Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, and blames staff shortages caused by Government-imposed NHS cutbacks for the incident.
Well, of course! What's an ideologically-hidebound NHS worker to do..?
Ms Jago was working on the neurological ward of the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath, when she was attacked after helping a patient to the toilet.
The Uckfield mother, said: "The hospital authorities knew he was dangerous. He had held another nurse up against the wall and threatened to strangle her.
"There was one night he chased me down the ward threatening to kill me. We all submitted incident reports - there were two or three daily. This was going on for weeks, if not months.
But despite this, you decided to take him to the toilet on your own..?
"I took him to the toilet and we were chatting. Everything was fine. I was leading him back and he suddenly grabbed my arms and slammed me several times against the door. I was crying out as he lifted me by my arms so my feet were off the floor.
"I called out for help but the only other nurse on duty was on the other side of the ward and she couldn't hear my screams.
"As I was shouting out he was looking at me and repeating back my cries in parrot fashion."
It's not 'the cuts' that are at fault here - it's the policy of putting clearly mentally-deranged patients onto normal wards, slack management of risk and people ignoring the genuine threat either out of habit, or some bizarre belief that the severely mentally ill shouldn't be treated as dangerous because it 'infringes their rights', or similar crap.

I Hope I Never Find Myself In Liverpool...

...but if I do, and I need a taxi, I'll definitely use Delta!
The 57-year-old, who uses a guide dog after losing her sight to glaucoma around four years ago, says the driver offered no explanation as to why he didn’t want to take her.
She said: “He pulled up and didn’t open the door for me, but when I opened it he said ‘I’m not having the dog in here,’ when I told him it was against the law not to take me he said ‘it’s my car and I’m not having a dog in here. I don’t even let my wife’s dog in here’.”
No doubt she'll have an uphill struggle trying to get this rectified, with a measly fine imposed (should it get that far) and...

A spokesperson for Delta said: “Having just been awarded the Macular Society’s Public Transport Provider of the Year 2016 we obviously treat such matters very seriously.
“Refusal to carry an assistance dog without the relevant medical exemption is a criminal offence and completely unacceptable.
“The offending driver has subsequently been removed from our circuit and we apologise unreservedly to our customer.
“Given the extensive levels of professional training provided to each and every Delta driver a failure of this kind is inexcusable.”
More of this, please!

Tuesday 22 November 2016

No Fool Like An Old Fool...

...though the justice system comes close, sometimes:
A grandfather who was spared jail after threatening bailiffs with a toy gun told how he has no regrets over his actions.
Danny Williamson, 55, armed himself with the metal replica Colt 45 revolver when two “laughing” enforcement agents banged on his door demanding money over an alleged speeding fine.
I suppose some won't see the connection between 'spared jail' and 'given publicity' and 'no regrets', but I certainly do...
The carpenter, now of Redgrave Road, Basildon, said: “I don’t regret it because I was protecting my girlfriend’s property and my car.
“I got the gun because it is better than a knife. A knife can only cut you.
“They didn’t know the gun was an imitation, but that is the whole point. It looks realistic and would have been no use if they knew it was fake.
“They said in court they were petrified but they were both outside the house laughing on the phone.
So you contend that being threatened with a gun is a joke?
“When the armed police arrived it was frightening.”
I bet you weren't laughing then..

As Savage As Their Animals...

Ryan Thomas Edwards snapped when the female Staffordshire Bull Terrier, named Marley, refused to go over to him when he called her. The 20-year-old dragged Marley by the collar before picking her up by the head and throwing her four feet against a wall.
The court heard Zoe Edwards, the defendant’s sister, was in her bedroom with Marley at the family’s former home in Southport , on November 6 last year.
Zoe confronted her brother, who replied: “Do you want me to f****** t*** you as well?”
Ms Campbell said: “The defendant launched himself towards Zoe and punched her to the face, grabbed her by the hair and punched her to the ribs.
“Zoe’s mum came to help and the defendant released his grip, before grabbing her by the throat.” The attack left Zoe with hair missing and a sore head.
The family is clearly the sort you don't want to live next to...
The court heard Edwards had already been convicted of common assault and assault occasioning actual bodily harm for the attack on his sister, and had been sentenced to six months in prison last month.
Nick Archer, defending Edwards, told the court the family were due to move out of the house the following day, but no provisions had been made for where his client was to live.
He said: “There had been several arguments throughout the day culminating with this incident between him and his sister...
“This was clearly an impulsive act causing little or no injury to the dog, unpleasant although the incident must have been.”
The court clearly thought so:
Edwards was sentenced to 28 days in prison to run concurrently with his existing jail term.
What a waste of money and court time.

Monday 21 November 2016

Must Have Had A Death Wish...

A young father lies in intensive care fighting for life following a “devastating” car crash in which two of his close friends were killed.
Yousif Al-Mussawi, 26, from Maida Vale, was at the wheel of the BMW...
...when it veered off a dual-carriageway and hit a tree.
Damn! I knew those self-driving cars would be a menace!

What Was The Point Of Demanding Legislation...

Police were called to Faversham to reports of an unaccompanied mongrel attacking dogs at random. Officers tracked down the owner, who consented to having the animal put down by a vet.
...that no-one ever uses?
A police spokesman said today... "The owners of the injured dogs and the dog wardens at Swale Borough Council were updated.
"There will be no further police action in the matter."
Why not? The revised DDA gives you the power, why not use it?

Saturday 19 November 2016

I Can't Believe Hollywood Won't Take This Advice!

Paul Mason lays out some advice for budding scriptwriters:
...the revolt that brought Trump to power represents an ideological break with any situation the US’s myth-makers have known. From now on, even in the most inconsequential domestic drama, every character’s ethnicity matters. If they’re a black male, are they one of the 13% who voted for the Ku Klux Klan’s man, or against him. For any actor building a character in a drama set in the present, the question becomes: what does my character think about Trump, Brexit, the collapse of liberal norms in public life?
Wow! That's going to lead to some awesome films in the 2017-18 season! I bet you just can't wait, reader!
So, it is time we demand that the storytelling industry addresses the truth. A man takes charge of the US on a wave of racial and misogynist hate; he screws up the world order so badly it spirals into chaos. Down these mean streets, as Raymond Chandler put it, a man or woman must go “who is not mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid”.
Hollywood producers everywhere are looking up the percentage they'll get of straight-to-DVD sales...

If True, No Wonder We're In A Mess...

Polly holds up a family of unfortunates to berate us all with:
Theirs is an everyday story of modern family life.
The Percy family, you see, are the 'precariat'. Renters, in other words, on the private housing market.
The Percys’ £750 a month rent takes half of Rob’s earnings as a site manager at a local school. Emma knows someone in a rare council home in the area, paying just £450 a month. “That would make a very big difference to us,” she says, “but the council told us not to bother trying, as we’d never get one.”
Boo! Hiss! Eeeeeeevil Tory cuts!
When their first child was born, 14 years ago, Rob and Emma, who are now both 34, lived above a pub where Rob worked, but children weren’t allowed in staff quarters.
Wait, what..? Why'd they have one, then?
Their next home lasted just one six-month let, after which the owner took back the flat to sell it. They lived with Emma’s parents for two years, until their next child was born.
Hang on. Why do they keep having children?
Folkestone council offered emergency accommodation in a former Salvation Army hostel but, Emma recalls, “the toilet in the flat above leaked down on to us and even so it cost £800 a month”. Their next landlord raised the rent by £50 every six months, so they moved on: rents rise but pay doesn’t. In one home they had no working boiler for five months. They have been in their present home for 18 months and hope they can hold on here.
Hasn't stopped them having a third child, though. You might wonder why...

Friday 18 November 2016

It Brings A Warm Glow To Your Heart...

James Morgan, 49, of Maine Crescent, Rayleigh, was confronted by a group of up to ten youngsters just minutes after a 16-year-old pulled out in front of his car and made a rude gesture towards him.
Mr Morgan, who suffers from social anxiety, arthritis and slipped discs in his back, stuck two fingers up in return
Southend Magistrates' Court heard the teenagers surrounded him as he was parking in a disabled bay in the Websters Way car park, Rayleigh. Mr Morgan noticed the rider from the altercation had joined a larger group of youths
Stephen Sparks, prosecuting, told the court: “The rider had got off his moped and squared up to him. He said ‘leave us alone, we are a bunch of 16-year-olds.’
Strange way to get people to 'leave you alone', gather a bunch of your equally scummy pals, and follow you.

And in case you're wondering why it's Mr Morgan in the dock, well....
“Another teen then pushed Mr Morgan away from him and he states that he did this to protect his friend. 
“Mr Morgan then came back towards him and punched him on the nose, causing him a lot of pain. 
“He punched him again on the nose and they both ended up on the floor. 
“The defendant stood up and then punched him again.”
*cheers wildly*
Morgan was handed two six-week prison sentences, suspended for 12 months.
I guess the magistrates must have felt the same...

Hopefully, The First Of Many Such Orders...

Redbridge Council is seeking to ban street urination, aggressive begging and “badly organised public events” in three areas in the borough.
In a drive to tackle and reduce anti-social behaviour, the council is proposing to introduce a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) across Clementswood, Loxford and Valentines wards.
If implemented, it will be an offence for residents and visitors to participate in activities including anti-social busking, anti-social fundraising, street drinking and “loitering in an intimidating way”.
I can't wait to see how (if..?) it's applied to those of a protected species...

Thursday 17 November 2016

History Lessons Must Be Difficult At This School....

A PTA spokeswoman said the stall and its seller were not known to the organisers and the charity would ban such items from sale in the future.
She added: “A seller has contacted us to report the stall. This stall is unknown to us and as reported, would certainly be inappropriate for any car boot, school-based or not. We have never encountered this before and will be amending our website and flyers to reflect our views. I have informed the lady who raised the issue that this is the action that we would be taking.”
These offensive 'items' being...?

Guns? Pornography? Torture implements?
A woman photographed the items, which included decorative objects adorned with swastikas and German World War Two military medals




Essex Police Finally Do Their Job, And What Happens..?

Police have come in for criticism after officers were filmed “manhandling” a homeless person, as part of a crackdown on rough sleepers.
Shot by a pedestrian on Tuesday afternoon in Southend High Street, the video shows the man sitting down and drawing, before officers drag him away to be relocated.
No, not an uninterested bystander - by someone with a vested interest in encouraging these parasites!
The eyewitness, a member of the Homeless Street Hub and Soup Kitchen in Southend, described the scene as “harrowing” and the police engagement “unwarranted”.
You know what's 'unwarranted'? Having to walk Southend High Street every morning, being accosted by people begging for spare change.
The video attracted scores of sympathetic comments on Facebook, with residents announcing plans to stage a sit down protest on Saturday morning in support of the man.
Barking mad, the lot of them!

Wednesday 16 November 2016

Sentences That Just Make No Sense At All...

A vulnerable woman held a kitchen knife to her care worker’s throat...
Wait, which one's 'vulnerable' here..?!? .
..because she was enraged that the last doughnut had been eaten by a male resident in her supported accommodation, a Bradford Crown Court jury heard.
Oh, well, so long as she had a reason...
Prosecutor Nick Adlington said two psychiatrists had found that she was “under a disability” which meant she could not participate in the trial process.
Then why bother with a trial?
Recorder Hawks sentenced her to a two year supervision order, calling it “an unpleasant and terrifying incident”.
He told Longbottom: “Nothing is going to happen to you. You will be going back to the address where you live.”
What a total waste of public money.

Unsuitable Dog, Unsuitable Owner...

David Fitzgerald collapsed outside his home in Broad Lane, Norris Green next to his seemingly passive American Bulldog, Hardy.
Paramedic Ian Cowley tried to rouse the 53-year-old when the dog launched forward, bit his left arm and held on with its jaws.
Liverpool Crown Court heard he shook off the animal and fled to his ambulance, where he and a colleague took shelter.
Philip Astbury, prosecuting, said Fitzgerald came around and asked for a lift, which was refused, then head butted the vehicle.
Police were called to the incident, during which Mr Cowley suffered a small puncture wound, at around 9am on Monday, April 4 this year. Fitzgerald went to a nearby park after telling officers: “Come near me and he will f***ing kill you.”
I don't know who is worse, 'pet' or owner...
Hardy, who was let off his lead, tried to attack another dog, before Fitzgerald made his way home. He branded police “scum” and was only arrested after specialist officers with dog sticks, a fire extinguisher and electric shield entered his front garden.
No armed cops handy? Why take all that, when a shotgun would be quicker?
Fitzgerald later told police: “You won’t allow me to have a knife, you would arrest me for a gun, so I’ve got my Hardy.
“I brought him up to be protective of me. He doesn’t understand a policeman, a paramedic or a hoody.
“He doesn’t realise, but he does realise he’s got to look after me.”
Well done, you just admitted you owned and trained a weapon!
Fitzgerald, who has 16 previous convictions for 23 offences, admitted owning a dog which caused injury while dangerously out of control.
He was serving a 12-month community order for assault causing actual bodily harm and threatening behaviour.
Simon Driver, defending, said his client was unconscious during the attack and afterwards was “still labouring under whatever causes led to that unusual state”.
Mr Driver told the court: “He said he used to have a problem with alcohol but feels this is something, which is no longer a problem for him.”
Seems to be a bit of a problem, wouldn't you agree?
He said Fitzgerald accepted smoking cannabis for pain relief and received residential treatment for mental health issues, for which he was on medication.
Mr Driver urged the judge to impose a suspended prison sentence and to spare the dog, producing photos of Hardy with Fitzgerald’s three-year-old grandson.
Christ, take the child off the mother! She's clearly as deranged as her father!
Recorder Wells banned Fitzgerald from keeping dogs for life and jailed him for 16 months. The judge said he was not satisfied the dog could be safe and ordered its destruction.
Fitzgerald was escorted out of the dock after shouting: “F*** you! It’s a protective dog, not an attack dog.
“Don’t kill the dog, I don’t care what you do to me.”
That makes two of us, then.

Tuesday 15 November 2016

"This Is Your 54879th Chance!"

A drug addict with 39 convictions to his name has been given a “last chance” to turn his life around after being caught by police in a stolen BMW.
Connor Annereau, 19, of Hamstell Road, Southend, walked free from Basildon Crown Court yesterday despite admitting handling stolen goods - his 39th offence.
He was arrested three weeks before the sentencing hearing, after failing to turn up to an earlier court date.
Oh, for...!
Handing him a suspended sentence, Judge Samantha Leigh said: “Even at your young age, you have a long list of convictions for theft and driving offences.
“It takes no stretch of the imagination to see that your addiction was all consuming.
“You just wanted to get your drugs.
This really is your last chance.
 What does it take...!?

"Wait, The Rules Apply To ME As Well? Monstrous!"

Retired Bedford dog warden Coral Browne was prosecuted by her own council for failing to comply with an abatement notice to stop the dogs barking at ARAS kennels.
She says the fine has placed the centre’s future under threat – a move slammed as barking mad by supporters.
None of whom live within earshot, or would dream of doing so, I suspect!
Coral claims the complaint that prompted all the trouble came from just one or two neighbours.
So..? Is there a number you have to hit to trigger a noise abatement order?

When you were a dog warden, did you refuse to act unless that magic number had been reached?
One resident who submitted noise recordings to the council, told the T&C:”The dogs bark incessantly. It is absolute torture for all of us.
“We’ve being accused of being anti dogs but we’re all animal lovers. We don’t want the kennels closed down – we just want the barking and howling to stop.”
Good luck with that. It seems if you style yourself an 'animal rescuer' you think it defends you against having to abide by society's rules:
A Clacton dog-lover has defended the dog rescue service she operates from her Clacton town centre terrace.
Neighbours complain of barking dogs in her backyard and noting their breeds, fear they present a danger to children.
Mostly Staffies and Staffy-crosses, then, I bet.
Nicola said: “We take pressure off the local councils. We take dogs from the pound, saving councils money and the dog’s life.”
Dogs are my passion. I just don’t think the neighbours like dogs. Their complaints upset me when you are trying to do a good thing,” she said.
Can't you 'do a good thing' that's maybe a bit less of an imposition on your neighbours?

I love peacocks, but I'd never dream of having one in a residential area. Is it ok if I 'rescue' one, and tell the neighbours to put up with the noise?
Three months ago, Tendring Council and the RSPCA inspected her premises and everything was fine.
“The police are also happy the dogs are under controlled and trained,” she added.
Instead, Nicola accuses neighbours of having parties and making a noise, which “distresses the dogs” and makes them bark.
Wait, so not only do you expect the neighbours to put up with the noise your mutts make, they should live like Benedictine monks so as to not 'provoke' your misbred pack?
Peter Bruff ward councillor Andy Pemberton, who was approached about the rescue service, said: “It’s not just one complaint. There’s been quite a few.”
Tendring council communications manager Nigel Brown said: “The Council has investigated a complaint regarding this address in the past but it was unfounded. However, having received a further complaint officers will be reinvestigating.”
If you want to 'rescue' animals, buy a place in the country.

Monday 14 November 2016

If You Want To Know The Time....

...better not ask a policeman:
At the meeting it was revealed police have paid the businesswoman more than £10,000 after twice closing her premises in error
She was paid the compensation after officers closed the club early in both 2006 and 2007. 
It is understood the two early closures were not to do with crime and disorder and instead a mistake made by officers regarding the changing of the clocks.
Nor are they the only organs of the State to prove less than competent...
Mrs Newton-Turner ... also voiced her disappointment at what she described as "more than a blunder" by Ms Caulfield MP's office. A letter intended for aggrieved residents was addressed and delivered to her husband.
*rolls eyes*

Don't, Y'Know, Rush, Or Anything....

During a meeting of Hungerford Town Council on Monday night, Pcso Kelsey Johnstone referred to the incident and said: “We have been made aware of the concerns of local residents. Our enquiries are ongoing.
“The matter is being looked into.”
A spokesman for Thames Valley Police, James Williams, said: “A 32-year-old man was bitten by a dog. The victim sustained a bite to his right forearm and left thumb, and a broken finger on his right hand. No arrests have been made at this time.
“We would appeal to anyone who has information about the incident to please call the 24-hour Thames Valley Police enquiry centre on 101.”'s just another dangerous dog injuring people. I'm sure you've got FaceBook crime to solve.

Sunday 13 November 2016

We Will Remember Them...

What passing bells for these who die as cattle? 
Only the monstrous anger of the guns. 
Only the stuttering rifles' rapid rattle 
Can patter out their hasty orisons. 
No mockeries now for them; no prayers nor bells; 
Nor any voice of mourning save the choirs, 
The shrill, demented choirs of wailing shells; 
And bugles calling for them from sad shires

Wilfred Owen

Saturday 12 November 2016

So, There Is Justice To Be Found.... just have to go very, very high to reach it:
...yesterday, Court of Appeal judges criticised the decision arguing the system had failed in Mrs Kirk's case.
Lord Justice McFarlane said the process had been "mechanical" and added: "No-one at any stage of it has stood back and said 'what are we doing here? "Sending this 71-year-old lady to a six-month prison sentence in order to achieve a welfare benefit for (the elderly man)'?"
Sir James Munby, the judge who headed the appeal panel, concluded by saying: "She is to be released forthwith. The system has failed in this case."
The system hasn't failed. The individuals who pursued this case and the judges that ruled on her at the first trial have failed.

And, since there's no consequences for them, they are free to do it again. So if anything needs 'fixing', it's that.

No, 'Guardian', Once Again., You've Picked The Wrong Group To Fear...

I blame the Union Jack cushions. The problem with cushions is that they are inherently harmless and trivial. If you get upset about cushions, people will say, quite reasonably: “Why are you getting so upset? It’s only a cushion.” The harmlessness and triviality of cushions make them perversely important. They’re in our homes, on our sofas. Their innocuousness makes them a test of the very imagery and ideas we deem innocuous. And earlier this century the Union Jack became a very popular design.
*pedant hat on* It's the Union Flag. It's only the Union Jack when flying from a ship.

But why so terrified about the flag of your country?
The drive to make the flag literally huggable is terrifying. In becoming a home decor accessory, the Union Jack has been driven deep into the realm of kitsch. This should presumably delight those commentators who called for its reclamation (cushion accomplished!) but where is the liberal dividend?
Nationalism, in its least comfortable forms, is on the abundant rise everywhere we look, predictably accompanied by racism, division and hatred.
Really? I don't think it's the people who love their country's flag that we need to fear most...

...I think it's those for whom it represents something to loathe, and spit on, and set on fire, the instant they don't get their own way.

And that's true no matter what the pattern of red, white and blue it takes. And this 'Guardian' column spells it out even further:
From what I did overhear, they resented the very existence of the Republican party, and their scorn was reserved most for people who didn’t have the strength to stop this man from being even the nominee. Their banter contained the usual unfounded complaints about Republicans – we’re racists and misogynists – but also included comments about how truly weak they thought we were as people.
So I voted for Trump. I wanted to prove a point and vote against those types of people who had nothing good to say about us. But it also felt good to me to support the good people I know worked so hard in an election they were told was a losing cause from the very beginning. They fought for what’s right and treated me with a lot of respect even though I remained skeptical about our Republican nominee from the outset.
Ignore it at your peril, progressives.

Friday 11 November 2016

Following Up....

David John Mckenzie, of Broad Close, Barrow, pleaded guilty to being in charge of an out-of-control dog. The 51-year-old was walking a banned pit bull breed off its leash in Flass Meadows, Barrow, when the attack took place.
Ms Daniels and Mrs Stagg were both injured by the pit bull, and pictures of their bleeding arms and hands were shown to the court.
Bring on the excuses!
Mr Sean Harkin, defending, told the court his client and the owner of the pit bull - an elderly woman - did not know the dog was a banned breed, and had no knowledge of previous bad behaviour.
The dog has since been handed over by its owner and destroyed. Mr Harkin said: "He had no idea the dog would behave in this manner."
If you think this case seems familiar, well, it should:
Last month, McKenzie wrote to the Evening Mail in response to our coverage of the incident, insisting that the dog had shown no signs of savage behaviour prior.
And we still seem to have no explanation for why an elderly woman would need such a beast in her life...
Presiding magistrate Mr George Butler sent the case to the crown court for sentencing, believing the offence too severe be be sentenced by magistrates. Mckenzie will be sentenced at Preston Crown Court on November 25.
One to watch!

Which Came First, The Anti-Social Chicken Or The Brain-Damaged Egg..?

Dr Tim Worthley, who looks after Brighton's homeless community, said the pressure on housing in Brighton often meant that people who were vulnerable but also displayed anti-social behaviour ended up in risky environments.
He said the injury made it "impossible for him [Mr Packham] to manage in an unsupported environment," adding "Lots of care professionals were raising concerns".
But were any of them doing anything? Certainly, the family weren't...
Ex-partner Nicola Hensby, 33, told The Argus: "They failed him. They should never have let him leave the hospital. It is heartbreaking; only last night my daughter was saying, when is dad coming home?"
It's a bit rich to expect the State to care when you don't, isn't it?
In August, barman Dwayne Backer, 25, of Sydney Road, Feltham, Middlesex, was acquitted at trial over the injury to Mr Packham in Bartholomew Square last year, after claiming self-defence.
Comments are largely unsympathetic, which rather makes you wonder if this was a case where he was mad and bad...

Thursday 10 November 2016

Why Would They? They Don't Live Next To These People!

Speaking exclusively to The Argus yesterday Mr Luby said: "He was a nasty inconsiderate drunk old man, but I didn't know until all this happened that he murdered his own mother.
"I am angry that he was allowed to get out of prison and do this.
"But I'm even more angry that the housing association and the probation service didn't do anything about it.
"I complained to them so many times about this man's behaviour.
"I just hope that he has to stay in jail and serve the rest of his life sentence."
The last 'life sentence' he got didn't last too long. Why assume this one will?
Corinne Waterfield, Hyde housing association's head of housing for the south said: ... “Obviously we were shocked to hear about what happened to Mr Luby but are confident that we acted in an appropriate manner under the circumstances.” 
A spokeswoman for the National Probation Service said: ... "A full review into this case is underway. Public protection is our priority and we will carefully consider the findings in this case."
No-one will be held accountable. Call me Nostradamus.

The Usual Suspects...

Police are now hunting for the man, who is described as white and in his 30s. "Davey said he was quite scruffy – with a top and scruffy jogging bottoms on," she said.
Scruffy, with a Staffie. Typical!
A spokesman for Avon & Somerset police said: "An incident happened at about 8pm on Thursday night. It has been reported and we are looking into the matter but the owner of the dog, which was attacked, was also advised to contact the dog warden," he added.
Why do I feel that the dog warden might actually be the only one doing anything to find this man...?

Wednesday 9 November 2016

More Judges Like Kristina, Please!

...district judge Kristina Harrison slammed attempts by the defence to portray Brierly as having mental health problems.
“He is hearing voices as a result of using amphetamines,” she said. 
“I may think it is unjust (to jail him) if there was any medical evidence to say he was having mental health problems - but there is none.”
“It is an amphetamine induced psychosis which is somewhat different as it is self-inflicted.
The court heard Brierly initially denied the two charges of possessing a blade in a public place, but was convicted after a trial - before going on trial just days later for a separate offence
He was convicted of causing thousands of pounds worth of damage to cars by jumping up and down on them.
Well, I doubt his defence team park their cars in this area, so why should they care?

Yes, These Are Consequences...

...not 'disproportionate punishment'. As is the closing of your business because you're a jailbird:
Having considered mitigation and submissions on behalf of the RSPCA, which prosecuted Staniforth, Judge Tony Lancaster and a magistrate concluded her sentence was "disproportionate".
They found that little consideration had been given to the impact of immediate custody on her family life, and noted that there had been "upheaval" for her children since her incarceration.
Perhaps she should have thought about that before she decided to starve a dog to the point of death?

And Off He Went With A Trumpity-Trump...

...Trump, Trump, Trump!

He takes Ohio North Carolina and Florida, and is ahead of Clinton at this point. It's looking good so far.

And....I'd just like to leave this here.

Tuesday 8 November 2016

What A Time To Be Alive..!

A concerned animal lover has created a colourful range of stab vests for dogs after growing increasingly worried about vicious attacks.
No, not by knifemen. By other people's uncontrolled mutts...

Mind you, these days in Southend, it might be advisable for the owners to wear one too!

Safe In The State's Hands..?

Sussex's privatised ambulance service has been plunged into fresh controversy after it emerged that one company may not even have a licence to operate.
The body responsible for regulating England’s health and social care services cannot confirm whether Docklands Medical Services Ltd (DMS) are in breach of the law, The Argus can exclusively reveal. 
Caroline Lucas MP said the revelation was shocking and called for the NHS to step in to check credentials themselves but NHS commissioners insisted it was the responsibility of contract-holder Coperforma.
Yeah, you chaps just go ahead and fight it out. WE'll just pay our tax bill. Ignore us.
Hove MP Peter Kyle said: “No one can preside over this mess and seriously expect to remain in post.”
Oh, Peter..! So hopelessly naive....

Monday 7 November 2016

Because Our Safety Is All That Matters!

Geologist Richard Barrett, 62, who launched an online petition with his daughter Jo, said cyclists were now forced to use congested roads around the park.
He told the Standard: “Unfortunately cyclists are having to ride on busy roads including this well-known cycling accident blackspot which is a big concern.
“The safest way to cycle between Kingston and Teddington is through the park, there are lots of schools around it.
“Putting this ban in place is outrageous and we feel the Royal Parks has unthinkingly closed the path without any real understanding of its safety.”
What these two-wheeled narcissists fail to realise, however, is that everyone's safety needs to be considered.
The Royal Parks said the ban was introduced for safety reasons.
A spokesman said: “We took the decision to ask people to dismount their bicycles on Duke Head’s Passage Way, for 450 yards, due to it being a narrow pathway which makes it unsuitable for cycling.
But to the two-wheeled Lycra louts, no such thing exists!
“We operate a liberal cycling policy in Bushy Park and this decision was ultimately taken for the welfare of both cyclists and other park users.
You're wasting your time. They brook no compromise.
“We’re not excluding anyone from using this pathway, and we feel that walking with your bike for 10 minutes (at the most) is a very small compromise that will benefit all park users.
OUTRAGE! How very dare you!

Film Critique With The 'Guardian'..

But the whole point of Doctor Strange is that the titular protagonist enlightens himself through black magic.
Hmmm, I wonder how they picked someone so unknowledgeable about the subject material for this column?
Dave Schilling is a Guardian US writer-at-large.
Ah. It must have gone something like this:

'Guardian' editor: "Oh, gawd, another one of these bloody American comics has been made into a film. Suppose we'll have to cover it, it's got Benedict in... Who can we get?"

'Guardian' sub-editor: "We've got some Yank writers, remember?"

'Guardian' editor: "Perfect! They live there, they must read these things!"

Saturday 5 November 2016

Terrible Shortages You Probably Hadn't Noticed....

Rupa Huq in the 'Guardian':
I hate to say “I told you so” but we remainers were always sceptical when the pro-leave side promised that a vote to leave the EU would mean subcontinental chefs would be welcomed with open arms. Alas, the curry unions bought it.
The Economist has observed “The curry house is a British institution”. At the high watermark of New Labour, Robin Cook declared chicken tikka masala was the national dish.
Apparently, Rupa is terribly concerned that two curry houses close every week, which has everything to do with being unable to recruit chefs from India and Pakistan, and absolutely nothing to do with the ordinary pressures on other types of shop that close unnoticed by Rupa.

If a pizza shack falls in the high street, and Rupa doesn't hear about it, does it make a sound?
On the Today programme and elsewhere curry leaders accordingly came out for Leave, believing this was the only way to save their industry from extinction. I doubt that the curry constituency could have swung the result, but it was sorely misled
Really? Well. there's a lot of it going around, love...

Tell me again how people feel 'misled', Rupa...
Theresa May’s immigration minister declared that there are no plans to deviate from the long-stated strategy to have our own home-grown curry chefs rather than to import them. Just as Osborne said 12 months ago. No change there then.
How awful! How terrible, expecting British-born people to work in the curry house industry! What monsters!

*shrugs* *opens jar of Sharwood's curry sauce*

"Know Your Place, You Peasants!"

If the rule of law is to be upheld, it is vital that there should be an independent judiciary. This fact appears lost on Brexiter rabble-rousers. This voluble, influential political sect has unleashed gales of fury on the high court judges who ruled that only parliament has the authority to trigger article 50 of the Treaty on European Union, the legal route for Britain to leave the EU. Leading the charge are rightwing newspapers, which claim themselves to be champions of free speech and traditional British liberties. Yet since the Brexit vote they have sought to delegitimise their opponents’ views and silence them through intimidation.
Yes, that's the 'Guardian' op-ed this morning. The 'Guardian', the paper that went the extra mile to excuse the mob they helped to whip up in 2012, now criticising people who feel cheated over Brexit (but haven't done any more than express that displeasure vocally).

I'd laugh at the blatant hypocrisy, if I wasn't already so used to it...

Friday 4 November 2016

'Silly Season' Not Over Yet...

A dog walker believes his pet may have been attacked by a puma dubbed the Beast of Buckinghamshire.
Because it's dead..?
The latest incident happened after Daisy disappeared for a short while in some undergrowth. Mr Romero, from from High Wycombe said he then heard her yelping and making high pitched noises, which made him think something wasn’t quite right, so he called her and she came out limping. 
He said: “I saw two wounds, two gashes about an inch-and-a-half and an inch wide, and about three inches long.” 
He took her to the vet straightaway to be treated.
We aren't told what his vet thinks. But we do get the opinion of another vet.
Adam Maxton, a vet at Temple End Surgery, said: “It is highly unlikely that a panther has caused that. It is more likely to be a deer with antlers.”
Looking at the wounds, yes. That, or Freddy Kruger.

Yes, They Are Always 'Soft And Lovely'...

In court Miss Dine, of Rowan Court, Penrith, told Judge Chalk: "Jerry has never shown any aggression before.
"He's the softest, loveliest dog.
"I have pictures of him around kids. I'm the parent of a six year old child and I'd never let a dangerous dog near her."
...right up until the moment they attack.
Judge Chalk said that he would make a destruction order because he had seen no evidence during the hearing to convince him that Jerry was not a danger to the public.
And the typical chav owner is aghast:
After the case, Miss Dine said she would do all she could to save her dog, which originally came from a rescue centre.
She added: "I'm devastated.
"They shouldn't kill a dog without looking at other ways to deal with it. They could say that she should always be muzzled when he's outside.
"I'm going to fight it. Jerry isn't dangerous."
Really? Tell that to the newspaper's comment section:

That paints a quite different picture, doesn't it?

Thursday 3 November 2016

You'd Think They'd Value It More, Then..?

Southend has a wealth of culture that is illustrated by the worth of its heritage assets being valued at nearly £40million.
The antiques and collectables that belong to the council include the millennium clock, which was taken down after it was damaged. The clock is now in storage and there are no immediate plans for it, but the council have said they are happy to consider suitable areas within and outside of council ownership.
Ah, yes. How could I forget?
A bronze statue depicting a mythological rape had to be moved from being on display outside the courthouse in Victoria Avenue, before being moved to the Civic Square and then to the courtyard of the Palace Theatre, in Westcliff. 
Later, it was moved to the Civic Centre when it caused outrage among staff and again moved to Porters, in Southend. The controversial statue of Leda and the Swan was criticised by the public as the "rape" statue.
Ah, yes. 'The public' being the usual tiny gaggle of SJWs and VirtueSignallers. Most of the public couldn't give a stuff.

And the incompetence continues...
In 2006 Southend Council were given £390,000 by the Arts Council for an art installation - Lifelines. The 54-metre-long installation depicted a wave in a clear acrylic box fell victim to vandalism and condensation also became a problem before it was removed and put into storage.
Who'd have guessed?

Why Are 'Parents' Like This Allowed Children..?

The parents of a three-year-old girl who suffered horrific injuries in a husky attack allowed the dog to stay in their home - where it bit her again.
The toddler needed hospital treatment for a broken eye-socket, a 3cm laceration under her eyelid and a puncture wound to her chin after the family pet sank its teeth into her face.
But her parents, who cannot be named to protect the girl’s identity, allowed the husky to return to the house where it bit her again two years later.
Judge Recorder Mark Ford, passing sentence, blasted the girl’s dad for appearing “more concerned with his dog than his daughter.”
He said: “In the pre-sentence report he made a comment about his daughter being reckless as a toddler, which is completely inappropriate view to take of that matter. He seemed to express the view that his priority was his dog, rather than his daughter.”
Then why allow him to have children? The child should be removed, not the dog!
Recorder Ford ordered both parents to carry out 100 hours unpaid work each, and ordered the girl’s dad to attend a rehabilitation course with the Probation Service.
The dog was spared the death penalty, after the judge heard evidence from a canine expert which said it’s issues with “social dominance” could be addressed with training.
It's entirely possible that it's more susceptible to training than the father...

Wednesday 2 November 2016


The vignette of modern life that is the Essex policewoman's killer dog story hurls another pint of accelerant onto the PR bonfire:
A justgiving page has been set up by Mrs Labbett’s close friend, Teresa Williams, to raise funds for the funeral costs and for further care of Daniel-Jay.
She is also holding a fundraising night in Dovercourt on November 26.
I know police farces are supposed to 'reflect the community they serve', but isn't this going a bit too far?

Oh, Pull The Other One!

Primary school chef Coral Knockton was fined £65 for stopping in the box in March, although she claims that she was moving at the time.
“I know my Highway Code and I wouldn’t have gone into the box junction if I thought I was going to get stuck,” the 43-year-old said. “If that’s not a cash cow I don’t know what is – I’ve been treated totally unfairly.”
Nope! I've driven that junction lots of times, on the way to & from my mother's house to the shops, hospital, etc. Never once got a fine.

Know why? I wasn't stupid enough to enter the box junction when the exit wasn't clear!
Estate agent Helen Lines, 42, agrees and says her Heathway home is ruined by traffic chaos, adding she was fined twice in one week for being stuck in the junction last year.
“I actually hate this place – I think it’s crazy,” she said. “It used to take me five minutes to get from my house to Asda in Merrielands Crescent but since they introduced the junction it takes 40.
Go up the other way to Oxlow Lane, turn right, run down to The Bull roundabout, hang another right and go to Asda via the A13 that way.

Takes 20 mins at most.
“The council should come over here and try to cross the junction themselves – it’s shocking. Everyone moans about it all the time.”
But doesn't seem to want to do anything to avoid it...

Tuesday 1 November 2016

Coming Over Here (Again)...

...racially abusing the people our own racists won't abuse...
Peri Kasim, 38, threatened an Asda security guard in front of his nine-year-old daughter following a trip to the Dagenham store in Merrielands Crescent.
Romford Magistrates’ Court heard on Wednesday how Kasim confronted the guard while exiting the shop, after accusing him of following him.
“Did you come running to get into my face and call me a thief?” he said. “If I want to walk out I will – you can’t stop me.”
Despite the security guard trying to assure Kasim that he wasn’t targeting him and was merely observing the entrance, he hurled violent, racist abuse at him.
“I will flop you on your arse,” he said, adding: “I will do you, you black ****.”
Chris Holt, Kasim’s defence lawyer, told the court his client had started weightlifting shortly before he committed the offence on April 26.
He said that Kasim was using steroids at the time of the attack, adding his client had undergone therapy for mental health issues, including anger management. And he said Kasim believed he was being “pin-pointed” by the security guard and the supermarket’s CCTV cameras.
“The reason why Mr Kasim reacted the way he did is, first of all, because he was with his nine-year-old daughter,” Mr Holt said. “He [Mr Kasim] has recently taken up the sport of weightlifting and at the time this offence was committed he was using steroids. One of the side-effects of steroids is a difficulty to control your anger. That’s why he did what he did.”
Yes. Yes, of course it is. He's a charming fellow otherwise, isn't he?
Kasim, who is on benefits, was given credit for pleading guilty to racially aggravated intentional harassment with words and fined £160.
The magistrates also ordered him to pay £50 in compensation, a surcharge of £30 and prosecution costs of £325.
*sigh* So we, the taxpayer, are really paying it?

Coming Over Here...

...owning the dangerous dogs our own violent drunks won't own...
Mitigating, Brian Sharman said the defendant, who has three convictions for seven offences, began committing crimes when he turned to drink following the death of his father in Poland.
His crimes being..?
Prosecuting the case at Bournemouth Crown Court, Stuart Ellacott said the victim had tried to force the terrier's jaw open after it bit down on Spartacus's head. "[Mr Archdale] could hear his dog screaming in pain," Mr Ellacott said.
"He tried to force its jaws apart. He could see blood running down his dog's face.
"Mr Bakula approached and [Mr Archdale] assumed he was going to help him to get the dog off of [Spartacus].
"Instead, he felt a kick close to his groin and was pushed away from the two dogs." The victim managed to free himself and attempted to return to his dog. However, he was grabbed around the neck by Bakula, 31, and dragged away. The defendant punched Mr Archdale in the face, pushed him to the floor and sat astride him, pinning his arms to the ground with his knees. He then repeatedly punched the victim and kneed him in the face.
Three "hero" members of the public then restrained Bakula, allowing Mr Archdale to separate Ice and Spartacus. He was bitten on the thumb by the terrier after forcing its jaws open.
When he was arrested, Bakula spat at a police officer and said: "Take these cuffs off and I'll smash your ******* face against the wall."
Even better!
On April 13 of this year, Bakula burgled a house in Constitution Hill. A woman returning to the property with her grandchildren heard someone upstairs in the house, and shouted a warning.
Bakula, who fled from a first-floor window across a flat roof, was seen by the children. Mr Ellacott said the youngsters "no longer feel safe" in their home.
Feel the enrichment! Gosh, that Brexit vote was a shocker, wasn't it?
Recorder Gordon Bebb QC sentenced the defendant to 20 months in prison for the "nasty and violent" offences. Bakula has also been barred from owning a dog for five years. The dog is now in the care of the RSPCA.
Can't we deport it to Poland, along with its master?